EA E3 2018 Press Conference Review | Complete Trash and a Total Failure

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Battlefield 5 Battle Royale announced, Anthem release date announced and a whole lot of cringe perfectly describes the EA Play 2018 Press Conference this year at E3. The conference was complete and utter trash. Let me know your thoughts on the conference and what was your favorite thing shown?
    Thank you guys for watching. Please leave any constructive criticism, negative or positive, and suggestions in the comments below.
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  • Dr. Tenma
    Dr. Tenma 3 months ago

    WARFRAME 2.0
    Cetus Remaster 0:23
    Archwings dive 3:32
    Konzu Re 14:29
    Cinematic invation in space ship Warframe 12:50

  • ReiGnJuste
    ReiGnJuste 3 months ago +1

    anthem will be warframed just like destiny 2.
    anthem will be junk just like destiny

  • kito kisaragi
    kito kisaragi 6 months ago

    Why does e3 have to start with the worst.

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 9 months ago

    Whats that game playing in the background it looks cool!

  • mike scout
    mike scout 9 months ago

    EA is trash...hopefully with what's his nuts gone the company can recover.

  • Máté Karnóczi
    Máté Karnóczi 9 months ago

    EA Butchered, Abused, Desecrated The Memory Of the C&C Games ( is not the Firt time already did it with Red alert 3 its a dont desere to be caled .....it was a pace of Dogsihit) it was not egnoth fot them drive westwood to brakruptcy and buyed them out.

  • G Toyadha Tagya B
    G Toyadha Tagya B 10 months ago

    Hmm, if you think it's a "complete" trash and "total" failure, should've stayed true to your word and smack them with 1/10 total score dude.
    4 is just, near "okay" don't you think?

  • Maria Guadalupe
    Maria Guadalupe 10 months ago

    Am more triggered to see how they are defiling C&C's grave at this point.......i cant bare to watch how they brought back any reminder of its existance and turned it into a cashgrab that can only be described as movile....such a shameful display.!!!!

  • roben mage
    roben mage 11 months ago

    11:26 "OMG is he gonna say sea of thieves 2 ?? Nope he didn't" thats me watching

  • Tritriumchannel
    Tritriumchannel 11 months ago

    Ofc EA brings battle royal.
    Thats what all these companies like EA do.
    Just jump on the creativity and innovation of others and cash in.
    None of these companies make interesting games. And i dont get why anyone expects them to come with anything original in the first place.
    The only thing theyre interested in making are safe investment products for investors.
    Believe me, theres nothing more annoying then to have investors involved when making a game.
    They all want a say in everything, because its their money ofc, but it always ends up with large scale interference and boring, bland, generic, flavour of the month games.
    Games that are completely forgettable and add nothing of value to the market. I know for a fact that that is what happens.
    But hey, they sell in the millions because mom & pop gotta buy something for the kids and they saw this ad on TV!

  • uusrikas
    uusrikas 11 months ago

    anthem sjw again :D female caracter

  • Cygnus Hyoga
    Cygnus Hyoga 11 months ago +1


  • xitoroman
    xitoroman 11 months ago

    MAN your videos are GREAT, but it has ads like every fucking minute and cuts off the pace.. Cmom dude why so many ads, thats so anooyibg

  • Ioganstone
    Ioganstone 11 months ago

    Bethesda > Sony > EA > Ubisoft

  • Para Helio
    Para Helio 11 months ago

    that moment when ea doesn't make skate 4.

  • Ultra_Fine_Point
    Ultra_Fine_Point 11 months ago

    Agreed! This was so boring and cringe. I hated watching every moment of the conference.

  • Spaghettiio Assassin
    Spaghettiio Assassin 11 months ago

    The big silver trophy Is for the wold cup which is this year. That’s why it was a “big deal”

  • mAcroFaze
    mAcroFaze 11 months ago

    It's always hilarious to see just how completely out of touch EA are with gamers.
    "Gotta make dat money!!"... Just shut the fuck up...

  • Michael RegeditX
    Michael RegeditX 11 months ago

    i am so disappointed of bf 5

  • C0nV1ct3D F3L0n
    C0nV1ct3D F3L0n 11 months ago

    xbox brought their A game. if you didn't like their showcases then you didn't like all the games , including the multiplats. which means you disliked cyberpunk 2077, forza H4, 3 gears games , fallout 76 , session, dying light 2, just cause 4 , devil may cry 5, halo infinite, cup head dlc, that dope dragonball z fighting game (sorry couldn't remember the game name).
    18 exclusives shown . 50 games .
    if ps4 doesn't show 18+ exclusives and a total of 50+ games then they lost. Microsoft showed out. you be a fool or a serious fanboy hater to say otherwise.
    plus ea only good game was Anthem. it actually looks like a beefed up iron-man destiny actually done right. how can anyone complain about a game done right. I'm glad I'm a gamer on all platforms and enjoy a slew of games.

  • Carlos Doria
    Carlos Doria 11 months ago

    LoL, EA has so many game development divisions. It's expected they talk about many things, with most likely little time about most anticipated games. Always expect better presentation from smaller companies.

  • Hamman Samuel
    Hamman Samuel 11 months ago

    You do know there are sports fans right? Just because you don't care about it doesn't make it boring for everyone

    DEERHUNTERCOPE 11 months ago

    ...please clap.... 😂😂😂😂 poor jeb

  • Jared Miller
    Jared Miller 11 months ago

    dude if ea did not have sports games they would have been bankrupted by now

  • Mr. Safari
    Mr. Safari 11 months ago

    Bro what you talkin about EA totally won E3

  • Bruno Gorga
    Bruno Gorga 11 months ago

    So u like sports lol

  • kylermckim
    kylermckim 11 months ago

    In regards to fifa , you shouldn’t run your mouth about something you have no clue about.

  • Muy Salado
    Muy Salado 11 months ago

    The fucking intro😂😂

  • Nick Diciurcio
    Nick Diciurcio 11 months ago

    Ea scumbags keep giving up your money and they will keep stealing it

  • Nick Diciurcio
    Nick Diciurcio 11 months ago

    I will never purchase another EA game as long as I live let’s just put it that way I’m sorry I don’t just get fuckedd up the ass and then ask for more over and over like most idiot fanboys good video

  • Sonic Skychaser
    Sonic Skychaser 11 months ago

    We all know it was trash. Also add the fact that Anthem is going to be a fucking Online Only game, EA has once again gone full EA.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 11 months ago

    What’s cringy (other than the EA stuff), is that you forced me to watch 5 ads

  • Ghostrider3421
    Ghostrider3421 11 months ago

    I wish the creators put there mind as gamers and not money.

  • John Sinchi
    John Sinchi 11 months ago

    The trophy is call the champion league... for fifa fans its really good beacuse they finally have it for this year fifa game im sort of excited but the major issue for me is the game wont be broken like fifa 18 did when it came out for a few months

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 11 months ago

    I totally agree with you about EA and Disney star wars canon movie shit.

  • Zombieeatyounow
    Zombieeatyounow 11 months ago

    EA: FUCK you pay us money and like it.
    Fans: Whaaaa?
    EA: MONEY!

  • Lloyd Chambers
    Lloyd Chambers 11 months ago

    Good job, thank you for doing this , you are right to me it was a waste of air time. It will not take much to top EA lol.

  • Shay Usu
    Shay Usu 11 months ago

    Press conference?
    You mean talk show right?

  • Pricefield x
    Pricefield x 11 months ago

    general grievous was such an under rated character he was always my favorite in all of star wars

  • hector R.
    hector R. 11 months ago

    Lmfaoo please clap. I think it was more sadder than that lol

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 11 months ago

    Looks like we're never getting a new dead space :(

  • slayar223
    slayar223 11 months ago

    how can you be hyped for anthem? it looks so lame and slow and generic and dejavue i dont get why people hype it

  • EQOAnostalgia
    EQOAnostalgia 11 months ago

    No Garden Warfare 3? No fucks given by me.


  • Epidemic - illen spree
    Epidemic - illen spree 11 months ago

    Man, anthem looks like it could be something so sick! Game looks amazing. And honestly I think BFV is gunna be dope, I like the new gameplay changes and grande operations looks so sick! Yea it does look similar to BF1 but I expected that. I love BF1 and have been getting back into it after a long time away from it.

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 11 months ago

    This moron is saying that streaming services and game pass type services are interesting and cool ???? Fu.. off!!!!

  • Pod
    Pod 11 months ago

    When your key selling points are something a game doesn't have, chances are you don't have a good product.

  • IamBradBos
    IamBradBos 11 months ago

    I want Republic Commando 2

  • Tasdiq Bashar
    Tasdiq Bashar 11 months ago

    You're really fucking ignorant for not knowing the Champions League Trophy. It's 20 times as famous as the Superbowl and almost equivalent to the World Cup. Please don't talk about stuff you don't know, that trophy represents everything about Soccer

  • verison9.5
    verison9.5 11 months ago


  • Mozokuni
    Mozokuni 11 months ago

    EA focused on soccer this year because I heard on ESPN that they are thinking about making it a real sport. It could happen soon, maybe even this year.

  • Alita Battle Angel
    Alita Battle Angel 11 months ago

    Anthem was the ONLY good thing they announced.

  • Andre Lemos
    Andre Lemos 11 months ago

    another Destiny 2 angry fan boy, i play destiny 2 and Anthem CRUSHED my hype for forsaken dlc, man fuk that dlc and destiny 2

  • USAID 343
    USAID 343 11 months ago

    5/10 i watched

  • Felipe Pérez
    Felipe Pérez 11 months ago

    Why even hold a conference if it's gonna suck this bad

  • Satguy 141
    Satguy 141 11 months ago +2

    Players need to understand something about online games I keep saying, why should the gaming industry change? you keep buying their games. This industry will never ever change until you make them, how? take away their power take away there money. You have the power over them use it, you buy the game all the DLC's all the addon's. You love the game but you stop playing for a while because a new game caught you eye and another and another a few years go by. One day you want to play that game again, but you can't things change you can't pay for XBOX live or your internet goes down for a week or the servers are no longer online. That game you spent all that money on that game you can't play when you want because it's an online game is now junk, stop buying games that requires you to be online, our multiplayer games that haven't got a good single player element with it. Change the game companies or things never get bettery.

  • Milher Méndez
    Milher Méndez 11 months ago

    Wait WHAT!!?? DO YOU HAVE SJW-Disney's EA StarWars Battlefront II !!!?
    What HUGE hypocrite you are man....
    Telling everyone in the video about Battlefield V how is important to fight back with your wallet what is wrong in this industry...
    And YOU have THE MOST cancerous game EVEN not only for the SJW Regressive Left indoctrination garbage of SJW-Disney's... But for the Microtransaction predatory actions of EA...

    Your a damn fanboy, and for that you are a hypocrite, a moron, and worst YOU are part of the cancer of this industry you imbecile!...
    Vete al infierno de una vez maldito mamaguevo!.

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 11 months ago

    The only things that interested me was that they will allow Madden on PC, Vince Zampella, and Anthem. The rest was utter shit. Even then, they didn't provide anything on Anthem that I didn't already know besides the release date. I have a feeling that this is the end of BioWare, which sucks because I really want a new Dragon Age

  • AmericanGamer21
    AmericanGamer21 11 months ago


  • Obakeng Masike
    Obakeng Masike 11 months ago

    I don't give a flying fuck about fifa you're not alone

  • Daniel Fawcett
    Daniel Fawcett 11 months ago

    At least you get EA out of the way first.

  • Richard Booth
    Richard Booth 11 months ago

    The trophy in the FIFA part is the champions league trophy, formerly called the European cup. It's the most prestigious trophy in the sport maybe even more prestigious in this modern era than the World Cup. Oh it's called football not soccer, just check out what part of the body is used to play the ball if your unsure 😊 . OK I'm English but just giving you info with a bit of a troll. Great video though keep up the good work

  • Braeden Babin
    Braeden Babin 11 months ago

    So hyped for BF V.

  • Da Chop Up
    Da Chop Up 11 months ago

    EA conference was lame lol

  • Precaseptica
    Precaseptica 11 months ago

    To your many many points on why they did this or that, I suppose you could copy paste your own reasoning for making something 20 mins long about things you didnt care for. To make money.

  • Ghost Knight
    Ghost Knight 11 months ago

    I've seen that opinion about FIFA on several YT channels (mostly canadians and americans it seems) and the general clueless-ness, but you guys are wrong - there's a reason football (aka soccer) is the #1 sport in the world, and there's a reason EA sell between 20-30M copies of the game every year. You might not care and you might even not realize that "silver cup" is the european champions cup, the most important trophy in club football, so having it there was cool for us fans. There are many people who wait for EA Play and the following events for every info on the next FIFA title, EA knows that too and that's why it's there every year.

  • Alfredo di Nuzzo
    Alfredo di Nuzzo 11 months ago

    Bro, that trophy is the fucking Champions League. I get that you are a american and think that the world is the US, but come on, get a grip. Your Superbowl, in terms of media attention, revenue and importance is nothing compared to the Champions League

  • Juan C. Lucena
    Juan C. Lucena 11 months ago

    This conference pretty much killed any hopes I had for Anthem with that dull presentation of the "game play"

  • Josh
    Josh 11 months ago

    No wonder, EA means Extremely Awful.

  • Rick M
    Rick M 11 months ago +1

    Battlefield doesn't need Battle Royal to sell copies. Totally and utterly pointless.

  • superjam18
    superjam18 11 months ago

    I guess most gamers don't care about sports games

  • Galva Tron
    Galva Tron 11 months ago

    thats the champions league throphy, dont disrespect

    LIQUID LIQUID 11 months ago

    No new info on Anthem? Yo my man do you have A.D.D or what?

  • Fluffski2006
    Fluffski2006 11 months ago +21

    Just a long shareholders conference with some game trailers thrown in! Rubbish....

  • Shiki Ren
    Shiki Ren 11 months ago

    It boggles my mind that they actually brought that madden nfl champ or whatever out, one who IN THE VIDEO REEL ignored an offered handshake and said "I hate losing more than I love winning". Ever heard of fucking sportsmanship?! God, that was awful.
    And seeing C&C butchered like that...oh god.

  • hancmd16
    hancmd16 11 months ago

    EA. Eternally Aggravating.

  • hancmd16
    hancmd16 11 months ago

    I am unmoved by Anthem. Being made by 'Bioware' is right because Anthem is wearing the skin of better games. Anthem is also ironic as a name because it is singing EA's anthem: flashy but still boring as fuck.
    Command and Conquer mobile game. What can be said? A grand and energized game reduced and abused to fit on a mobile platform.
    Sea of Solitude? Could be interesting. One game with feeling drowning in a sea of corporate bullshit. SoS might be used to showcase that EA has a 'heart'. No. No they don't.

  • Hanzo
    Hanzo 11 months ago

    oh looky it's Yeb!

  • Corey Marshall
    Corey Marshall 11 months ago

    Anthem will either be delayed, heavily downgraded, or a launch title for the p25/xbox2. Probably all three.

  • Velin Nedelchev
    Velin Nedelchev 11 months ago

    It is called football netflix moron.

  • kiIl-chan
    kiIl-chan 11 months ago

    anthem looks like an OP multiplayer shooting gallery with so much wasted space. oh and what's the point of flashy moves when enemies can't even fly or aim properly?

  • Toothpaste Juice
    Toothpaste Juice 11 months ago

    SOS was a refreshing thing to me, but tbh I watched it for SKATE 4 info. Yeah I'm one of those guys.

  • alejandro a
    alejandro a 11 months ago

    Of course this fucking geek doesn't know what the Champions League trophy is....

    • alejandro a
      alejandro a 11 months ago +1

      Griffin Gaming I agree, that's why I like football (NFL) better. By the way, awesome intro with Jeb Bush, that was so funny!! And nice video on battlefield 5, couldn't agree more. Sorry for the comment before, keep up the good work mate.

    • Griffin Gaming
      Griffin Gaming  11 months ago +2

      Never watched soccer in my life. No need to watch men throw themselves to the ground pretending to be hurt.

  • Patrick Musson
    Patrick Musson 11 months ago

    Did anyone mention the controversy with the woman with the prosthetic arm fighting in WWII??? Maybe EA doesn't think there is anything wrong with that...

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 11 months ago

    The funny part is that, when they announced BFV Battle Royal, there's handfull of people in the conference Boo-ing.
    Its pretty hilarious.

  • Joey
    Joey 11 months ago

    Griffin you just dont know how to Chase Dat Monay

  • Gastrodonical
    Gastrodonical 11 months ago


  • James Powlett
    James Powlett 11 months ago

    Battlefield 5 is a trash , I hate battle royal

  • Azhrei2000
    Azhrei2000 11 months ago

    C&C 4 sucked so bad I didnt' finish it... at least I don't think I did. I watched the movie version on youtube. Then instead of somehow continuing the story in a console/pc release (like halo wars) as good as C&C 3 and PREVIOUS games... EA puts C&C in mobile SHIT? First they fuck up Andromeda, then both Battlefronts... now C&C.... your'e on a roll EA, don't stop. As of now EA's C&C reveal vid has 15,000 dislikes already... lol... and 900 likes. I'm this close to never looking at anything with their name even ASSOCIATED with it. btw, I don't care about sports. I was dozing off during half of that conference.

  • Pizentu DeWind
    Pizentu DeWind 11 months ago +11

    This is my 15th or so video of EA E3 review and I have to say the opening "Please Clap" was the best opening Ive seen and summed this conference up perfectly.

    • Attack Helicopter ́
      Attack Helicopter ́ 11 months ago +1

      memes dont need to be intelligent or difficult, they need to be on point, and that was on point!

  • Robitussin
    Robitussin 11 months ago +5


    ROTTEN RICKY 11 months ago

    lol They might as well have had Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters show off there games. =P Tomorrow we hopefully may see CyberPunk2077 as XBoX press briefing.

  • CyborgParrot
    CyborgParrot 11 months ago +1

    Why the fuck hasn't EA died yet...

  • TheRobbiHood
    TheRobbiHood 11 months ago

    Im totally fine with Anthem. No micro and a beta will come for sure. So we all can make a final desition.

  • Rippingthosecheeks Hey
    Rippingthosecheeks Hey 11 months ago +1

    EA is shit I’m not even getting Fifa this year, they haven’t done anything since like 2014, they’re making a big deal out of it because it’s the champions league trophy biggest trophy in the world except for the World Cup, anyhow think I’ll be back at PES for once but yea don’t think I’m even getting any EA products for the first time ever tbh.

  • Trashar Liberali
    Trashar Liberali 11 months ago

    One more EA timed exclusive.watch tomorrow 4 it.well today,I havent gone to sleep yet

    IM UH BOXER 11 months ago +1

    Press Conference was great to me, come to my channel for a positive experience. I'll be streaming E3 live having fun starting Monday.

  • MisterNightfish
    MisterNightfish 11 months ago

    You and I don't give a shit about sports games, but it seems to be a huge market. People buy it year after year and they spend so much money on in game transactions. So I have to assume a lot of people care a lot.
    P.S.: What is a "pro mobile gamer"?

  • Neil Mollison
    Neil Mollison 11 months ago

    I mean I am no fan of fifa....... But this is a typical moronic yank comment...
    'no one cares about the biggest sports game of the biggest sport on the planet. I mea we don't really play it so it must be trash'
    Open your eyes to the rest of the world dude. How about you don't descend to stereotype

    • Trashar Liberali
      Trashar Liberali 11 months ago

      Neil Mollison there was no argument

    • Neil Mollison
      Neil Mollison 11 months ago

      Trashar Liberali...... Definitely lost the argument when you resort to name calling. 👍

    • Trashar Liberali
      Trashar Liberali 11 months ago

      Neil Mollison you sound like a filthy casual kid.

    • Neil Mollison
      Neil Mollison 11 months ago

      Trashar Liberali so your opinion nothing official. Got it.

    • Trashar Liberali
      Trashar Liberali 11 months ago

      Neil Mollison it's called being a gamer for 20 years.when you get older you will know how the gaming world works as well.casuals usually like sport and shooters,hard core gamers find them boring because they are mind numbing

  • holamoco17
    holamoco17 11 months ago

    There were lots of slow claps and golf claps from the audience. The host, who was annoying btw, tried her best to hype up EVERYTHING and tried to make the audience to go nuts every time 😂

  • Krešimir Mandić
    Krešimir Mandić 11 months ago

    EA is pathetic.
    At least I am glad that we made them dumb down on loot boxes bullshit as it shows that our efforts are not in vain and it will reflect on the rest of the industry as well. However we are far from a healthy consumer environment and we probably will never have it as long as greedy companies like EA, Activision & co exist.