Growing Up Asian


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  • spencer brings terrible content

    Oooooooh herro dont have b

  • X Leshens
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    You gotta do more of these 4 people collaborations

  • Mario Sigala
    Mario Sigala 3 hours ago

    VPN are a great way to secure your privacy and get banned from Fortnite

  • Anxious Loser
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    Lol im asian

  • Evelyn Sorianosos
    Evelyn Sorianosos 4 hours ago

    There's already 233k likes

    BOLPS STUPID SHIT 4 hours ago

    i think i can relate to Jomm, i mean if he is Jomm.

  • Mikkel Baarts Mortensen

    i get about 15 dollars a week, tho i help my mom like take the trash and stuff u know. but i dont get money when i do it its just like soing it sometimes so guess im helping too

  • GreenYzPlayz
    GreenYzPlayz 4 hours ago


    SIR MEOWS A LOTTM 4 hours ago +1

    My first of the NordVPN logo was an Asian kid with a blue hair; but it was just a mountain.

    SIR MEOWS A LOTTM 4 hours ago +1

    Even though I am Asian; I NEVER EVER got bullied here in Canada for BEING Asian. I was bullied for something else...

  • Koo Juice
    Koo Juice 4 hours ago

    They would never let me put my leg up at the table or move my leg really fast ._.

  • SirTickleTots
    SirTickleTots 5 hours ago

    YOOOOOOOOOO I saw that stickpage animation back in 2009 cool shit

  • Pu3aisya
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    "Randy, Randy let down ur hair !"
    "I can't, my mom bowl cut me !"

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  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee 5 hours ago

    3:06 THAT IS NOT TRUE! It is more like Claire’s definition

  • Of Course I Draw
    Of Course I Draw 5 hours ago

    D O Y O U H A V E A N E N G L I S H N A M E

  • Atomoshark
    Atomoshark 6 hours ago

    Lol good to hear about u peoples experience i find a lot in common

  • JaMichael M. Carter
    JaMichael M. Carter 6 hours ago

    I guess the girl with the black and blonde hair is Claire alter ego.

  • MoonLichtGirl816
    MoonLichtGirl816 6 hours ago

    That shoe trowing story happend to me to

  • Steller Star Studios
    Steller Star Studios 6 hours ago

    Haha, 10/10.

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    Digital Pickaxe 7 hours ago

    You got a girlfriend? How many?? 😂😂

  • Lone Survivor
    Lone Survivor 7 hours ago

    Yo Domics, what style of tae kwon doe did you do, and what was the studio name? i did tae kwon doe for a while and im kinda curious about your experience

  • thatStudleyKid
    thatStudleyKid 7 hours ago

    Growing up Indian is this on a whole new level

  • Mr.L
    Mr.L 7 hours ago

    USclip icon is in color but animation isn't.... Unsubbed

  • John Colo
    John Colo 7 hours ago

    I take off my shoes almost all the time when I go to a family member's or friends house, and I'm not even Asian

  • Sam Playz
    Sam Playz 7 hours ago

    11:00 i never thought that was an insult we sing that every month
    (In the philipines)

  • Dried Kale
    Dried Kale 7 hours ago

    I’m Filipino
    Me: I’m Asian
    Friend: Oh cool! Are you Japanese?
    Friend:... what kind of -nese are you?!

  • VampireEmily1234
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    I’m Chinese and MY CHINESE SUCKS well not really, my parents doesn’t know English and I know both Chinese and English fluently. I only have trouble translating, like, I’m too lazy to so whenever my parents say WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Me be like BOI I DONT KNOW SO STAP BOTHERING ME YOU BEACH jk I didn’t say beach

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    Rosabella Playz_626 8 hours ago

    Best story VID ever

  • قطبي_ kotbau
    قطبي_ kotbau 8 hours ago

    I was watching some of your videos and you have say that you was moved from philpn i dont know how to write it but you said that you have moved to sadiua arabia
    So if i tell you something with Arabic language you well understand it right idont know if you gonna remember but her it.s اهلا انا كنت اتابعك من فتره ليسة بي كبيره لاكن اعجبتي مقاطع الفيديو التي تقوم بي انشائها سلامي من مصر love from egypt 👋😃

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    When they tell me to call my parents I do the same thing😂😂only I'm spanish

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    Are u filipino 🇵🇭

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    GrumpyCat 9 hours ago

    You sound so bored LOL and I’m that person that gets the allowance a week for existing I $40 a week

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    I get allowance for existing.... 💴🙄

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  • JavinJoseph Wilson
    JavinJoseph Wilson 10 hours ago

    I am half american and filipino

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    Cringey Waifus 10 hours ago

    Filipino team here we go!!!! :-)

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    How to be a Filipino ohh wait I'm already a Filipino😂
    *Pure blood Filipino*

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis 11 hours ago

    I’m the smartest kid in my elementary school and I have this crush on this girl in our school she is also really smart how should I tell her?

  • Krystoff Dizon
    Krystoff Dizon 12 hours ago

    Kamusta Dominic kung pinoy ka I translate mo ito

  • Frederick Kurup
    Frederick Kurup 12 hours ago

    LilyPichu -take notes-

  • Kcin Namrekca
    Kcin Namrekca 12 hours ago

    U should do more of these episodes

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  • Mary Yell
    Mary Yell 13 hours ago

    The accuracy of this video

  • Obsidian Plays
    Obsidian Plays 14 hours ago

    This guy is claming your art as his own... I just wanted you to know, I hate when art is taken.

  • Andy 123
    Andy 123 14 hours ago

    My mom is Asian too and I have the same with everything bro

  • Solid State Of Water
    Solid State Of Water 14 hours ago

    So Chinese exchange students have arrived in my school. I’ve had around 17 jokes about me now

  • Alisa Subillaga
    Alisa Subillaga 14 hours ago

    *John:* Dude, Gabe, what's wrong? Did something happen?
    *Gabe:* Dude I just got you out of class!
    *John:* oH *phffff

  • æsthëtïç_ mëmê
    æsthëtïç_ mëmê 14 hours ago

    Does anyone else just have that Buddha statue in your house and there’s just like a 20 or 100 dollar bill taped to it.

  • Sonija Li
    Sonija Li 14 hours ago

    your second sylable is EH! 12:07

  • _*_ TheBR110
    _*_ TheBR110 15 hours ago

    13:47 What the F is "Anroid"?
    learn how to spell, Dominic...

  • JAMstands
    JAMstands 15 hours ago

    Dope or Nope reviewed that bird soup thing

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 15 hours ago

    XD african families think allowances are not real

  • OHMY yehet
    OHMY yehet 15 hours ago

    *stupid tall ass beautiful Koreans*

  • 박돌발번역
    박돌발번역 15 hours ago

    I remember my mom threw out all my arts when I was 8... :*(

  • 박돌발번역
    박돌발번역 16 hours ago

    Lmao so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gene Stringfellow
    Gene Stringfellow 16 hours ago

    12:27 AND HIS NAME IS rock lee

    (From naruto)

  • caca1237148
    caca1237148 17 hours ago

    I get raised like this but I’m Mexican

  • Lance Manuel
    Lance Manuel 17 hours ago

    This is so relatable

  • Momen Munir
    Momen Munir 17 hours ago

    Parents refuse I find someone to love they tell "you don't need anyone" I'm like "I do, I don't wanna be lonely, I want to find someone early so I don't waste my time at Starbucks or whatever trying to find someone".. and I'm not even asian!!
    Well.. I'm middle eastern.. does that count?

  • lol random
    lol random 17 hours ago

    I'm not Asian but my parents don't believe in alounces

  • Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip 17 hours ago

    This video is so relatable 😂😂😂😂

  • Dima Eichmann
    Dima Eichmann 18 hours ago

    Кто от просто озвучка лайк

  • JonnyRebs
    JonnyRebs 18 hours ago

    i try nofapping for some days now but your intro sound TRIGGERS me xd

  • Solemn Eternity
    Solemn Eternity 18 hours ago

    Are you muslim

  • LlamaLlama
    LlamaLlama 19 hours ago

    My sis is an artist and I'm Asian

    BTS ADDICTED 19 hours ago +1


  • GamerBoy Coffee
    GamerBoy Coffee 19 hours ago

    Lol I went to my friends house and I was taking my shoes off and he like nah Bro just come upstairs

  • Crusto Noodles
    Crusto Noodles 19 hours ago

    Wait at 29 seconds in the video comics is holding hands with Claire are they couple or I don’t now

  • Haunting_scares101
    Haunting_scares101 19 hours ago

    Can you colab with Evan and me weird things!?

  • Sam Playz
    Sam Playz 19 hours ago

    EYY im filipino too

    Filipino rin ako

  • D3vCl0p3d OFFICIAL
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    K.O 7:01

  • Whoever's reading this is gay

    I'm asian

  • Anime lister
    Anime lister 20 hours ago

    Nigga Anime for lifeee

  • Magic Loaf
    Magic Loaf 20 hours ago

    Try growing up black, with black parents. I wasn’t allowed to drink the milk from the cereal bowl unless I was only eating one bowl of cereal. If I wanted another serving I had to keep the milk

  • Joseph Mackie
    Joseph Mackie 20 hours ago

    lol it's not pak or park, i'd say it's more like something between bag and bak, afterall the ㅂ in 박 is a B

  • Dea Stewart
    Dea Stewart 20 hours ago

    is it bad i just caught up on all ur videos from last year like overnight. then went to check and realized i’ve watched ALL ur videos.

  • M249 Ultra
    M249 Ultra 20 hours ago

    where are you coming from

  • FliciaPlayz
    FliciaPlayz 20 hours ago

    im chinese......

  • Savannah Cortes
    Savannah Cortes 20 hours ago

    I love the growing up *insert race here* videos because I'm mixed so it's like I'm growing up different ways every week

  • Fat Ducky
    Fat Ducky 21 hour ago +1

    " I don't want my son to be your friend anymore he is currently doing very very bad in school. Please stay away and don't talk to him."

  • ARWEN Uy
    ARWEN Uy 21 hour ago

    I am a Chinese Filipino and I an relate soooooo much! My parents forced e into kumon also :/

  • Y_T Electro_spaz
    Y_T Electro_spaz 21 hour ago

    So true, I had no allowance, because when I had no money, my mum gives me 100 dollars

  • Phi Tran
    Phi Tran 21 hour ago +1

    I take 2 hours to eat😂

    13 ELEMENTS 21 hour ago

    The joke is my dad is Chinese and my mom is Japanese I am both

  • Scarlet Masked
    Scarlet Masked 21 hour ago

    Is his name pronounced "pa-nganiban" or pang-aniban?

  • Scorpion N
    Scorpion N 21 hour ago

    Are u Vietnamese or are u from Japan or china

  • Robin Casey
    Robin Casey 22 hours ago

    Omg yassss my mom says I can't have a boyfriend yeah my friends can get a boyfriend but I can't >:(

  • TheTeaTV
    TheTeaTV 22 hours ago

    *clap* *clap* MEME REVIEW

  • My Angela Espiritu
    My Angela Espiritu 22 hours ago

    Jmom's place more like my'friendsPlace

  • gshypssy
    gshypssy 22 hours ago

    That was surprisingly funny and entertaining, you should make more of just chill vibe group chat with your friends. 👍👍

  • Becky Seo
    Becky Seo 23 hours ago

    this is so good

  • JCDokiDoki Lit Club
    JCDokiDoki Lit Club 23 hours ago

    The face on the thumbnail tho! 🤣

  • DarkVoyager
    DarkVoyager 23 hours ago

    9:19 same!😂🤙

  • Setsuna F. Seiei
    Setsuna F. Seiei 23 hours ago

    *i do kumon too :D*

  • DiamondJacket
    DiamondJacket 23 hours ago

    For some reason, I remember that there was a video about you visiting your friend in...somewhere in North Canada or smtg and you went out canoeing or something to do with a boat and there was a big storm so the boat operator didn't recommend going but you asked again later so you got to go out and you lost stuff...I don't remember.

  • Kaylee Plays
    Kaylee Plays 23 hours ago

    What kind of video games do you play Domic?

  • DiamondJacket
    DiamondJacket 23 hours ago

    Me before watching this: "Surely this won't be a video making fun of and emphasising Asian stereotypes. Surely it won't need a sponsor since it's basically a hypothetical episode." I was wrong.

  • Paris Marie620
    Paris Marie620 Day ago

    Dom it was chinese japanese boom boom paw its a game in the philippines

  • Georgina Vlog
    Georgina Vlog Day ago

    "i just put my grandpa's number cuz he doesnt know how to speak english"thats why we need a asian grandpa😂