Growing Up Asian

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • The Nightcore Channel
    The Nightcore Channel 11 hours ago

    You forgot one thing: Asian parents never apologize :v

  • Anime Fangirl445
    Anime Fangirl445 11 hours ago

    *Jmoms place* 😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣

  • TheGabrielChannel
    TheGabrielChannel 11 hours ago

    So relatable

  • Sonia Pankhania
    Sonia Pankhania 12 hours ago

    Kumon yassssssssssss

  • The Double Helix
    The Double Helix 12 hours ago

    I can relate.

  • ItzDaAWM
    ItzDaAWM 15 hours ago

    I get a dollar everyday when i am existing.

  • Rosaé Slays
    Rosaé Slays 16 hours ago

    Thats my issue, I'm South Korean and my white schoolmates keep saying "ooo Kim Jun Un is your president! You're like his daughter now EW!" I'm like bitch i will kill all of you I'M FROM THE SOUTH NOT NORTH

  • Moose Click Baiting
    Moose Click Baiting 17 hours ago


  • kuroo
    kuroo 18 hours ago

    2:15 same dude
    7:02 up until I was in high school so around 14 and then it stopped
    Never get bullied because I stays in my hometown but I used to get casted aside in my class or anywhere. People just don't like me I guess.

  • Shakira Chey
    Shakira Chey 18 hours ago

    I'm Asian and I can't do arithmetic math for shit, yet give me a calculator and I'll do algebra, geometry and calc in 0.5 seconds

  • Waifu Olivia
    Waifu Olivia 20 hours ago


  • S. Animations
    S. Animations 20 hours ago

    In finland theres no shoes or slippers in da house

  • Scream J
    Scream J 21 hour ago

    *I am Asian,i go to art school.*

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan 21 hour ago

    You are Asian! An Asian male meaning that you are at the bottom on the sexually desirability scale of any other male! Unless another Asian women dates you its the lonely single life for you as only a poor desperate woman from any other race opts to an Asian man. You have other things to worry about!

  • Phantom Paradox
    Phantom Paradox 22 hours ago

    B L O O D M O N E Y

  • Golden taco104
    Golden taco104 22 hours ago

    Im an asian so i relate to this

  • DaZapow
    DaZapow 22 hours ago

    4:19 lol Claire's face

  • A Carrot
    A Carrot 22 hours ago

    So the bird's nest is best food, you cook it in water then put some condensed milk on it. I could eat tons of that shit.

  • A Carrot
    A Carrot 22 hours ago

    Wait, you get paid to pluck white hairs from your parents? I DIDN'T GET PAID A SINGLE CENT, I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!

  • Nigga Hobbs
    Nigga Hobbs 23 hours ago

    Only white people got allowance 😂😂

  • ToastToGo
    ToastToGo 23 hours ago

    Love your stuff.

  • Irene
    Irene Day ago

    Dominic, Teach me Tagalog, I want to learn

    KASPAR C. Day ago

    I'm a Filipino but grade doesn't matter to my parents. I'm an achiever but whenever I fail some quizzes or exams, they just let me do my thing. They never scolded me for getting 0 in a hundred item quiz.

  • Johnny Dinh
    Johnny Dinh Day ago

    As a Asian never say huh or what when someone older talks to you and you don’t expect it and I’m like huhhh and my family yells at me

  • RG Kiwi
    RG Kiwi Day ago

    12:07 I’m dead oml

  • Janbert Guerrero

    In philippines, you dont even wear slippers inside

  • JimmyJamyShamy
    JimmyJamyShamy Day ago

    There was this joke my friends told me (they’re Asian too) it was like Chinese Japanese and then look what my parents done to me and he pulled one up one eye and pulled down the other and it was dumb funny

  • SkyBurger Productions

    I'm white, but my parents make us take off our shoes.

    America is broken

  • Epic Nikki
    Epic Nikki Day ago

    I am the smartest person in my Classes, I'm Indian. My friend said "OMG ur so smart! And ur Asian! Are you Chinese!!! " I'm like "wut"

  • noob banana
    noob banana Day ago

    Picking up white hair... DUDE THATS MY JOB UNTIL NOW!!! HEHEHEHE

  • Lunar_ Eclipsia
    Lunar_ Eclipsia Day ago

    11:01 That’s actually a game here in the philippines😂😂

  • AssasinGames
    AssasinGames Day ago

    Most of the kids in my school are Asian but when I come across some racist people (mostly WHITE PEOPLE), Holy cannoli eating ravioli moly.
    “What, you be Japanese, Chinese, or vietnese? man, you got some weird NEES

  • AssasinGames
    AssasinGames Day ago

    *BllOOd MooNNeyYi*

  • AssasinGames
    AssasinGames Day ago

    All of my Asian friends be like “Wanna play tomorrow? Nah, kumon.

  • Not So Boy Genius

    4:17 The fact that Claire touched her face was PRICELESS

  • PotaattiPoika
    PotaattiPoika Day ago

    Why u need slippers, have u guys heard of socks XD. In europe we always take our shoes off when we come inside of some ones house.

  • Lemeow
    Lemeow Day ago

    Just a story i want to share...
    I am Vietnamese( locate below Chinese).
    One day on the school bus on the way back home. A kid( black) ask me where i came from, and i say that i was a Vietnamese.
    The kid: Where are you came from?
    Me: Vietnam.
    The kid: How do you say hi in Vietnamese?
    Me: 'Xin chao'
    The kid: 'Ni hao'?
    Me: * I just want to slap her right away, i almost swear at the same time.
    Me: *sit there din't say any thing back to her.
    Then after a day later... She were sitting at the sit right behind me with another girl and i kind of freaking scare.
    Me: *look out the window for a long time until i realize that my hair being pulled, so i turn around, and the 2 girls just look at me.
    The kid: Hi.
    Me: *silent and turn back.
    The girls is keep pulling hair and i told them to stop, and then they just whisper some thing( it too loud on the bus so i couldn't hear anything ).
    Then i just sitting there waiting to get home( actually escape from the 2 girls) then i just realize that the girl who upset me last time is filming me.
    The kid: Hey!
    Me: * almost crying i was... scare (TT_TT )
    I want to tell every body about this but i scare of being bullying by those girl, they are the 'bad' kid in the class... lucky that i don't have any class with them.

  • Kpop and Animu Fan

    I’m Vietnamese but people always ask me “are you Chinese or Japanese “
    Someone also said I kinda look Filipino

  • Geeks and sneaks

    I’m Arabic u should see us

  • Wassa BB
    Wassa BB Day ago +1

    7:49 LUL

  • S Senpai
    S Senpai Day ago

    pls part 2

  • Mason Doyle
    Mason Doyle Day ago


  • Carina Macorncan

    I totally understand. You should tell the story about superstition from our Asian culture. One of mines is my mom would said if we sleep in the middle and we are bad, we will get eat by a lion. Lol I would believe it.

  • Reagan Butrum
    Reagan Butrum Day ago

    I'm white and I don't even wear shoes in the house, I don't do allowances either, I did chores without getting paid

  • Amber Deirdre
    Amber Deirdre Day ago

    simutin mo yan kundi ikaw maghuhugas ng pinggan

  • Richard Dun
    Richard Dun Day ago

    thats funny my mom made me do thats nose thing also but we black

  • kkwatevs
    kkwatevs Day ago

    totally not asian at all but related anyway LOL
    but really though. who the fuck wears shoes in their home

  • Isabelle Mellody

    I am in the U.K.

  • Ximeña Quetzalli

    Lol good thing I'm Mexican

  • Spikey Sings
    Spikey Sings Day ago

    Growing up Asian?
    You can't get anything
    Even if you really want
    You can't get anything

  • Sayori
    Sayori Day ago

    My favorite episode ♡

  • Bouncy Banana
    Bouncy Banana Day ago

    why does she sound divine?

  • Sunshine E.
    Sunshine E. Day ago


  • Michael 2018
    Michael 2018 Day ago


  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen Day ago

    It was Chinese, Japanese
    , Vietnamese LOOK AT THESE! People yell at u

  • dark gamer
    dark gamer Day ago

    Lol alam mo ang tagalog haha japanrse ako at pilipino din

  • GalaxyBlueCat 123

    Growing up asian..
    Me: takes of shoes and walks on bare feet

  • The Gamer Of Godz

    There only 10 Asians throughout my school ;-;

  • NatalieOutlet Fan page

    Is he on the phone

  • blue berry45
    blue berry45 Day ago

    What is allowance? I was allowed to live there.

  • Thai Saechao
    Thai Saechao Day ago

    I was born in 2009

  • magpie -
    magpie - Day ago

    No shoes in the house, not even slippers

  • ZaynakuGaming
    ZaynakuGaming Day ago

    When i was a kid i gained 1000 pesos a week/20$ per week

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 2 days ago

    OMG.I love that anamashin

  • Ghena Kafyyah
    Ghena Kafyyah 2 days ago

    5th watching still make me laugh

  • 77 kosumik
    77 kosumik 2 days ago

    i'm asian but actually i live in russia and it's very relatable to me & my family, lol.
    also, i think that every russian parents punish their children with hits, that's sad.

  • Michell M.
    Michell M. 2 days ago

    I take my shoes off and put on slippers indoors and I even have bath slippers ; I don't leave a speck of food on my plate ; I never got allowance unless I did chores ; My mom wears my clothes and yes she buys clothes that she would also like to wear but she says they're for me...but they're more her style than mine...; I had an insane amount of after school tutors up until college ; ....BUT I'M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ASIAN !! !..also the plastic bag drawer was a thing..still is ..and I'm still not Asian

  • Thedeadlyone z
    Thedeadlyone z 2 days ago

    LOL at 10:23 my class has 27 students the ratio of girl to boy is 8:1 lol

  • Ailsa Marrufo
    Ailsa Marrufo 2 days ago

    Yooo I enjoyed this video, I think u should do this more, if u can lol..

  • Mysti Kong
    Mysti Kong 2 days ago

    I swear to god my grandma could curve shots when throwing shoes, you could literally have run around a corner and she could hit you with the slipper. One time, she downed some poor dude who tried to steal her friend's purse by throwing her shoe at him. To this day, despite the fact that she has to use a walker and is half blind, my dad, uncle, cousins, brother, and I flinch when she uses a warning tone. She could be miles away and I'll still refuse to leave so much as a grain of rice on my plate should a shoe come flying at me.
    I love my grandma but she is the scariest person I know...

  • i love kpop
    i love kpop 2 days ago

    I also do white hair to get me some money

  • Color’d Pastels
    Color’d Pastels 2 days ago

    im fillipino too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tenley Tenley
    Tenley Tenley 2 days ago

    My family is polish and everything you said happens to you with your family happens to mine so even though I ain’t Asian I relate

  • dab dab dab awesome
    dab dab dab awesome 2 days ago

    I’m not Asian but I’m Brazilian and I’m just like asians

  • Galaxy Blue
    Galaxy Blue 2 days ago

    Me *as an Asian*
    Its not called "eating" if there is no rice in it
    No shoes or flip-flops inside the house
    If I want something, my parents would say "I will buy you one, if you got the first rank in class"
    Bad grades, you're grounded for the rest of your life
    "Oh look at Susan, shes really smart, and she always got A+, why can't *YOU* be like her"

  • Florina Flower
    Florina Flower 2 days ago

    Jom, "Dom without the D". Everytime I hear that name I can remember that part 😂

  • vkook is real
    vkook is real 2 days ago

    So painfully true.

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy 2 days ago

    Can you speak fillipino

  • Jyoti Mehta
    Jyoti Mehta 2 days ago

    My grandmother actually liked her white hair picked. She did'nt pay me or anything but it was kinda fun picking her hair as a kid, now that I think about it.

    AVIATION LOVER 2 days ago +2

    Do you have Filipino blood?

  • Jiliane Caile
    Jiliane Caile 2 days ago +1

    Omg.... I also tutored in Kumon

  • Lian Marie Adan
    Lian Marie Adan 2 days ago +1


  • lolcraftergaming YT
    lolcraftergaming YT 2 days ago +1

    Oh, mah gud TAGALOG!!!

  • Haemi Lee
    Haemi Lee 2 days ago +1

    Yo that song Chinese Japanese dirty knees- I like grew up listening to that lol

  • Noodles 21
    Noodles 21 3 days ago +1

    I’m Mexican and I can relate to half of this. Mostly the one where you finish your food and your mom/grandma thinks you want more so they give you more

    • Noodles 21
      Noodles 21 3 days ago

      Literally we can relate to Asians, African Americans cuz we have so much in common

  • Hannah Le
    Hannah Le 3 days ago +1

    I'm already laughing at the beginning of how relatable this is

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L 3 days ago +1

    I love birds nest spit ya just drink it it has some jelly in it

  • HyperCottonCandy
    HyperCottonCandy 3 days ago +1

    I’m Korean

  • Bleach
    Bleach 3 days ago


  • ChrisSkitz
    ChrisSkitz 3 days ago

    Is this loss 4:13

  • ItsTotallyCoconut
    ItsTotallyCoconut 3 days ago

    growing up polish:
    get used to people saying your name wrong

  • Aaliyah Lopez [The_Potato_With_POTENTIAL!!!]BTS IS

    Ya'll should do more of these.. I'm rolling on the fucking floor rn 😂😂😂😂

  • Sunday3pm
    Sunday3pm 3 days ago

    ‘You can cash that in later!’ Hahhahaha im dead right there

  • LillianSue Saenz
    LillianSue Saenz 3 days ago

    soooo relatable i have a Korean mom and i am part Korean

  • Monster Mash
    Monster Mash 3 days ago

    I get 40 a month for choires

  • Kandy
    Kandy 3 days ago

    Dirty knees


  • Kandy
    Kandy 3 days ago

    me when my friends come over for dinner and they bring diet coke instead of normal coke

  • NULL
    NULL 3 days ago

    I hate whenever I’m really sick and I stay home... Especially on the day they explain the important stuff. Then it’s just like “IS THAT A B? YOU SKIPPED A DAY TO BE FAILING ME?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  • DragonGamer 67
    DragonGamer 67 3 days ago

    I'm Chinese also so I get everything in this video.