Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition


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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  8 days ago +825

    Over Complicated Life Hacks | The Series: goo.gl/itjVXh
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    • kingo
      kingo 3 days ago

      Zoro my channel is tiring it 😊

    • Airlittle 2.0
      Airlittle 2.0 3 days ago

      I need an over complicated way to find the date!!!

    • Ardour Jimin
      Ardour Jimin 4 days ago

      Why would you make a chocolate keyboard key? Wouldn’t the chocolate eventually melt and why would you eat something that was on your keyboard where a bunch of bacteria and germs are?

    • ton321
      ton321 5 days ago

      Yes, you can fire them up, lighter fluid will work with a match, be quick.

    • ton321
      ton321 5 days ago

      it was intended as such, now you will appreciate it much more knowing that.

  • I
    I Hour ago

    Hot glue doesn't dry... It's a thermoplastic, it just cools down and gets solid.

  • That random Guy
    That random Guy 2 hours ago +5

    The first one.... why didn’t you just glue the sandal together

    • I
      I Hour ago +3

      That random Guy
      Because they are overcomplicatef life hacks!!!

  • douwe veenstra
    douwe veenstra 2 hours ago

    The phone case works really well actually, but the only problem is friction

  • Leah 17
    Leah 17 2 hours ago

    i stopped taking this seriously after the spoon

  • Extreme Waffles
    Extreme Waffles 3 hours ago

    one question. who is we?

    POTATOBOI 2.0 3 hours ago

    Will wax paper work with these too?

    EASYHAXSTER 3 hours ago

    Bye the way ppl, DON'T use glue gun to make knife or spune or forkes. Because glue have some v veryyyy toxic things thads not ment to be eatend.
    Glue= (30% water)( 20% ordiol) (40% glykose)(10% plastik)

  • SK 101
    SK 101 3 hours ago

    imagine wearing that hot glue slippers right when it's still hot, your feet would look like it got crushed by a waffle maker

  • Dominique Merrett
    Dominique Merrett 4 hours ago +1


  • Viewtiful Josh
    Viewtiful Josh 5 hours ago +4

    Poor Man's 3D Printer.

  • Ben menudo
    Ben menudo 5 hours ago +4

    Don't know if its a good thing this wasn't clickbate but ok

  • strawberry cream .
    strawberry cream . 6 hours ago +4

    couldn’t you just glue the strap back on the sandal rather then making a bootleg glue shoe?

    • D Mathias
      D Mathias 2 hours ago +1

      strawberry cream . But then it wouldn't be overcomplicated

    • The IGN Sparrow
      The IGN Sparrow 3 hours ago

      The shoe had a Velcro strap....

    • Alicia vomits unicorns
      Alicia vomits unicorns 4 hours ago

      strawberry cream . Lol yea overly complicated and pointless 🦄

  • Stan Darsh
    Stan Darsh 8 hours ago +20

    What’s the matter? Glue gun broke? that’s okay! Just hot glue the pieces back to- oh, wait...

  • Cail Stearns
    Cail Stearns 9 hours ago +5

    Kinda windy in this comment section, thank God I nailed down my glue gun.

  • Sun Rising Anims
    Sun Rising Anims 11 hours ago +13


  • Ashley Waters
    Ashley Waters 11 hours ago

    How would use Theses

  • Manuella Albim
    Manuella Albim 11 hours ago +6

    He could have fixed the sandal, it wasn't torn apart or smt you can't search on USclip

    • Gravios 96
      Gravios 96 8 hours ago

      L0G4N XD

    • L0G4N
      L0G4N 8 hours ago

      Manuella Albim you're dumb as door nails

    • Gravios 96
      Gravios 96 10 hours ago +1

      Manuella Albim bruh... This is over complicated​ life hack channel :v

  • SeeGreatness
    SeeGreatness 11 hours ago +2

    I stopped watching after the fly swater one

  • Ashley Waters
    Ashley Waters 11 hours ago +2

    This is stupid

    • Squid Banana
      Squid Banana 9 hours ago +1

      n o u

    • Dean and will
      Dean and will 11 hours ago +7

      Ashley Waters cuz its sarcastic and there over complicated life hacks

  • Elizabeth Flack
    Elizabeth Flack 12 hours ago +7

    Oh my god the keyboard letter that was put back on was the t and the y was replaced. I’m pretty sure the t was missing and u used the y as a mold for it. Where’d you get the letter t then? 😂

  • Vanezza T
    Vanezza T 13 hours ago +4

    They completely covered the phones flashlight with glue 🤣

    YUNG PALAC3 13 hours ago +14

    The comments are always so dead on this channel 💀

  • Ben
    Ben 14 hours ago +19

    I glued my ass cheek to the washing machine. Instructions were unclear

  • Gr8er T8er
    Gr8er T8er 14 hours ago +9

    one like = one hot glue stick saved 😓

  • zweck4629
    zweck4629 15 hours ago +12

    Ahh the hot glue gun, the poor mans 3d printer.

  • Emilie Kirkegaard Sørensen

    😂 too funny..

  • Im Unapologetic
    Im Unapologetic 15 hours ago +5

    Love the humor! Lol

  • Cxke
    Cxke 16 hours ago +6

    Can’t you use hot glue to stick it together ?

    • Leila C
      Leila C 15 hours ago +4

      Cxke r/woooosh

  • Aya Abdalla
    Aya Abdalla 16 hours ago +4

    These videos just make me angry but I watch all of them.

  • Feline Introvert
    Feline Introvert 17 hours ago +4

    But if the computor heats up wouldnt the choclate button melt and just be a mess?

    • Diana Hammond
      Diana Hammond 8 hours ago

      If your keyboard is heating up it's time to call the fire department!!

    • Altoid Bazingá
      Altoid Bazingá 10 hours ago

      The point is that this why video is actual joke 😂

    • Ben
      Ben 14 hours ago

      MTB Life unless he sit on it

    • MTB Life
      MTB Life 17 hours ago +1

      how tf does you keyboard heat up?

  • nikos nikolaou
    nikos nikolaou 19 hours ago +5

    And finaly you spend 20$ on glue

  • Sean
    Sean 19 hours ago

    ....there's a market for this?

  • Evelyn Edwards
    Evelyn Edwards 19 hours ago +14


    • lily Walker
      lily Walker 8 hours ago

      Christine the science Queen

    • Elizabeth Flack
      Elizabeth Flack 12 hours ago +1

      Evelyn Edwards 😂 we all know the holo queen

  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here] 19 hours ago +5

    ..... Was this a sarcastic parody? ...

    ....... i highly *highly* doubt it.

  • Rooj Ehemaydee
    Rooj Ehemaydee 20 hours ago +3

    I really doubt that anyone is going to actually believe that the slippers really look like $500

  • Seven-Arcadian
    Seven-Arcadian 20 hours ago +22

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: How to become a 3D printer (Budget edition)

    • Boombox
      Boombox 19 hours ago

      uvebun lol

    • uvebun
      uvebun 19 hours ago

      comedy gold

    • Boombox
      Boombox 20 hours ago +1

      *3d prints a like*

  • Heeyitsmika
    Heeyitsmika 20 hours ago +6

    I want simplynailogical to react to this.

    • Elizabeth Flack
      Elizabeth Flack 12 hours ago

      Heeyitsmika yep cuz it’s not a problem any more

  • Ján Švasta
    Ján Švasta 20 hours ago +1

    Well, ive done a hot glue phone case and it worked just well!

  • Ján Švasta
    Ján Švasta 20 hours ago +2

    Thats still better than Troom Troom 🤢

  • bella val
    bella val 22 hours ago

    How tf is the thumbnail gonna work

  • Your local Sloth
    Your local Sloth 23 hours ago +9

    I’ve seen more comments of people complaining about others not understanding the joke, rather than people not understanding the joke

  • cowgirl boots
    cowgirl boots 23 hours ago +1

    Ugliest phone case ever

  • enfortro
    enfortro Day ago +1

    Education buddy. Education.

    • MTB Life
      MTB Life 17 hours ago

      Kinda hypocritical

  • Emmalee Puetz
    Emmalee Puetz Day ago +10

    What the fuck is this xD

  • zakyhaidar123 zakyhaidar123

    A lot of people think this was real even the title already said it's a joke

  • lenathewannabetop
    lenathewannabetop Day ago +10

    What is his troom troom

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen Day ago +6

    How bored do you get

  • Kikikat
    Kikikat Day ago +20

    How can people be so stupid that they take this seriously when the video's name is "Over complicated life hacks" and at the start he even says "unconventional solutions"? Goddammit I came to watch this ONLY because I knew it was a joke from just reading the title.
    Tbh it is kinda sad though, that people would still fall for this being serious, because these kinda channels and account that produce such content seriously do exist, and that's what people are used to. So I guess that's why the joke just flew over people's heads despite how obvious it was made that this isn't to be taken seriously.

  • Slime Shrine
    Slime Shrine Day ago +9

    For the first one...
    Wouldn’t it have been easier to just *hot glue the strap back on to the sandle!??*
    Yeah ik it was a joke but still it’s a waste

  • Calvin Omar
    Calvin Omar Day ago +3

    that chocolate keyboard actually stupid

  • Jessamina Uchiha
    Jessamina Uchiha Day ago +18

    It’s not a hack unless it’s ugly

  • Marley B
    Marley B Day ago +7

    Break me off a piece of that key cap bar 😂

  • Jayson Sumner
    Jayson Sumner Day ago +3

    This sums up my life...........and life Insurance!!!!

  • Mom Mom
    Mom Mom Day ago +2

    My phone overheated and didn’t work what do I do wrong

    • Michelle Mandagie
      Michelle Mandagie 23 hours ago

      Oh boy are you actually serious

    • am I a wig??
      am I a wig?? Day ago

      Mom Mom yo you killed your phone man

    • The Xeno Gamer
      The Xeno Gamer Day ago

      He probably is saying that he put hot glue on the actual phone

    • Undertale Trash
      Undertale Trash Day ago

      pls pls pls u gotta be joking i really can’t tell

    • Mom Mom
      Mom Mom Day ago

      I didn’t know it was a joke

  • Charlotte Houle
    Charlotte Houle Day ago +6

    "Instagram machine" xD

  • Kennan JK
    Kennan JK Day ago +21

    I like how with the sandals they didn’t just glues the strap back together

  • ᄒᄒ임 보이지 않는

    Troom Troom is quaking

  • Mobile Player
    Mobile Player Day ago +3

    Btw I had to buy a new phone 😡

  • Bxby Dxll
    Bxby Dxll Day ago +11

    I know that these are jokes but goodness that first one was just too dumb and you put a lot of work into it and I feel bad.

    • Lesley Lopez
      Lesley Lopez Day ago +4

      Only if the channel somehow told us that it is over complicated

    • Mars
      Mars Day ago +3

      Bxby Dxll This is why its called Over-complicated life hacks.

    • Bxby Dxll
      Bxby Dxll Day ago +1

      Oh gosh its like it for all of them. So much useless work.

  • Mobile Player
    Mobile Player Day ago

    Ouch BURRN

  • BLU_ Ninja-
    BLU_ Ninja- Day ago +2

    Thank you USclip,Very Cool.

  • FtDLulz
    FtDLulz Day ago +14

    ... how do people not get that this is a joke?

  • some random person
    some random person Day ago +10

    Wait do people not get that this was a joke

  • TinCan Telephone
    TinCan Telephone Day ago +1

    Flippy floppy

  • Kuron :p
    Kuron :p Day ago


  • zacharias 11
    zacharias 11 Day ago +4

    The fly swatter actually looks like it can swat flies though 😂

  • Google Jacquez
    Google Jacquez Day ago

    I wasnt trying to cause drama i was messing around "bored". I dont even have a glue gun

  • D. Mac634
    D. Mac634 Day ago +2

    That phone case is the worst thing I have ever laid eyes on!

  • D. Mac634
    D. Mac634 Day ago

    All the PUNS😢😢😢😢😢

  • Ethan Shea
    Ethan Shea Day ago +4

    So how did the missing T turn into a missing Y?

  • dagrimreaper93
    dagrimreaper93 Day ago +6

    better than 3D printing

  • Tatertot 140
    Tatertot 140 Day ago +1

    He said flippy floppy XD

  • TotallyNotRockMan
    TotallyNotRockMan Day ago +1

    Thanks Kanye, Very Cool!

  • makfaan
    makfaan Day ago +5


  • Daisy Flower
    Daisy Flower Day ago +15

    Some people down here in the comments think that this is real and not a joke 😂

  • The Real Dirty Dan
    The Real Dirty Dan Day ago +7


  • lps customs
    lps customs Day ago +4

    I hope this was a joke

    • Daisy Flower
      Daisy Flower Day ago

      lps customs it is. He makes these as a joke.

  • Mg110929
    Mg110929 Day ago +12

    The thumbnail looks like the NCT lightstick

  • The most savage Bleb around

    *Instagram Machine*

  • callem_ killem
    callem_ killem Day ago

    You have disobeyed gods rules and he himself has too because it is a sin to be a gay boi but he creates man dem gay boi's.

  • callem_ killem
    callem_ killem Day ago

    I feel bad for time because I wasted part of it writing this and also flat earthers rule because you are not round and bent so 😏😌

  • callem_ killem
    callem_ killem Day ago

    Tf went on with that fly spatula boi

  • callem_ killem
    callem_ killem Day ago

    I'll report you to god boi

    • Oliver Jelinek
      Oliver Jelinek Day ago

      callem_ killem that is no god so how do you report to him

  • Tasi_ Doodles
    Tasi_ Doodles Day ago +7

    The hell
    Has a slottet

    • kimmy vera
      kimmy vera Day ago

      Tasi_ Doodles not for cavatappi pasta, the girl is most likely right, you can use the spoon to drain out excess liquid when scooping the pasta and serving a plate... 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    • Tasi_ Doodles
      Tasi_ Doodles Day ago +1

      Buzzy Martin uuhhh I have no idea.. But usually you eat the pasta with a fork. And that would get stuck in the slots right? 😂

  • FeelsTargetedMan/WilliamAxner

    The second life hack. Just put it back.

  • Magdalena Gojkovic
    Magdalena Gojkovic Day ago +8

    Why not just stick the shoe back together?😂😂

  • callem_ killem
    callem_ killem Day ago +1

    😤🌎=🔫 humanity 2100's are full of these people kill me now you instagram machines! Nnnooowww!🎩👓👕👔⌚👍👖👞🔫.

  • Leirbag c:
    Leirbag c: Day ago +8

    The missing key was originally the letter T, but when he put in the chocolate one it wad the Y that was missing. Oops, blooper 😂

    • Melanie Smith
      Melanie Smith Day ago

      Leirbag c: that makes it even more funny lmaoooo

  • Splitface
    Splitface Day ago +4

    Lol this channel is just amazing

  • Caythie O
    Caythie O Day ago +8

    I took this serious way to long 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Rik
    Rik Day ago +5

    I think that the flyswatter that he made is made from a better quality then one you buy at the shop.

  • Funky the Garbage Can

    ...or you could hot glue the strap back on.

  • SoIariix
    SoIariix Day ago +5

    In the reflection you will see a ghastly sight.. haha yea...

  • Phoebe Lorelei
    Phoebe Lorelei Day ago +4

    Instagram machine - lol dead

  • markles
    markles Day ago +17

    the sarcasm levels are increasing as the video goes on

  • Rachelia Laiman
    Rachelia Laiman Day ago +13

    is this troom troom

    • Shadow
      Shadow Day ago

      Rachelia Laiman I hope you're aware that these are a joke

    • Annette Shepherd
      Annette Shepherd Day ago

      Rachelia Laiman LoL

  • Black Berry
    Black Berry Day ago +3

    I can't tell if it's ironically or not God please help

    • Shadow
      Shadow Day ago

      Black Berry i r o n I c a l l y

    • R4pture
      R4pture Day ago +3

      Black Berry it's ironically

  • Arpad Habram
    Arpad Habram Day ago +4

    You can just use a litle blob of glue to glue it back

    • FtDLulz
      FtDLulz Day ago

      and that's why it's a joke.

    • Dana Gachas
      Dana Gachas Day ago

      Arpad Habram and thats why its useless