We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
    See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
    #FootPads #StickOnShoes
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  • Austin Riley
    Austin Riley 11 hours ago

    I'm not taking my sneakers off, I am sneakers o'toole

  • Nostalgic Life
    Nostalgic Life 11 hours ago

    Good luck finding the right size for people with wide feet and a second toe longer than their big toe

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs 12 hours ago

    Her feet are Money money money!!! 🤑🤑🤑

  • Holzer
    Holzer 12 hours ago

    That little crease on her heel in the thumbnail 🤤

  • Mashfi Ashraf
    Mashfi Ashraf 13 hours ago

    are they one time use??😕😕😕

  • cherry blossom
    cherry blossom 13 hours ago

    people: want less waste. determined to create more of a safer environment.
    also people: *_“hey we should probably make disposable soles that could replace shoes although it’s a one-use type of thing!”_*

    -dont you think that’s unnecessa- *_“why not? it’ll bring more money in”_*

  • IlllIlllI Barcode
    IlllIlllI Barcode 13 hours ago +1

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  • James austin
    James austin 14 hours ago

    Until someone steps on you lol

  • Jordan Lopez
    Jordan Lopez 14 hours ago

    They would work good in the snow

  • Jeffrey Salvador
    Jeffrey Salvador 14 hours ago

    They should really cover all over your toes. They still need to work on that design. Better to have more material than less. Btw Alex you are pretty

  • billistics
    billistics 15 hours ago

    This woman needs a baby.

  • Kevin Tan
    Kevin Tan 15 hours ago

    Not gonna protect your toes. Vibrams work well in near barefoot applications

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D 15 hours ago

    These are so dumb... I don’t get it...

  • jay gonzales
    jay gonzales 15 hours ago

    Nooo. You can only get these if you're a hot chick. Only dudes with feet fetishes want to see feet😂☠

  • Elaine Chan
    Elaine Chan 15 hours ago

    4:43, it peeled off at the toes, doesn't work so well now does it?

  • Ashley Y
    Ashley Y 15 hours ago +1


  • ItSeann
    ItSeann 15 hours ago

    Im a black man my toes are horrendous I can’t wear these

  • Sydney Pierre-Saint
    Sydney Pierre-Saint 15 hours ago

    It was over for me when I saw her get on the subway.....nasty asf

  • Bre F
    Bre F 15 hours ago

    I would be grossed out if I had to step in a public bathroom. And what about glass?

  • Sl4yerkid
    Sl4yerkid 16 hours ago +1

    I know people in high school called you fat, but damn, you need to gain some weight. That is genuinely unhealthy.

  • Sl4yerkid
    Sl4yerkid 16 hours ago +1

    Give me one reason to use these?
    -one time use.
    -looks terrible.
    -feet exposed = smelly?
    -not usable in any wet or rocky environment (for long).

  • Sl4yerkid
    Sl4yerkid 16 hours ago

    The answer is no.

  • bubbagiznits
    bubbagiznits 16 hours ago

    i have a way to make the bottoms of her feet sticky without using adhesive lol

  • J L
    J L 18 hours ago

    They can’t replace shoes because the would waste even more.

  • Cynthia M.
    Cynthia M. 19 hours ago

    Comes in black. Perfect for that funeral you're going to attend.

  • Peter Liljebladh
    Peter Liljebladh 19 hours ago

    What's next? A minimalistic condom replacement that you use inside the penis?

  • follow me
    follow me 20 hours ago +1

    She cute and her feet are sexy there I said it 😍🖕

  • Dominica Witt
    Dominica Witt 20 hours ago

    Honestly I have really bad nerve damage that makes shoes painful to wear, these would be really handy during bad flare ups. Need to do some more research.

  • Fall1ngN1nja
    Fall1ngN1nja 21 hour ago

    The last thing we need is more plastic shit like this.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 21 hour ago

    I scream in pain and time someone says Legos

  • Stephani Kupisz
    Stephani Kupisz 21 hour ago

    Notice at the beach it came off her big toe and she played it off and didn't say anything about it

  • Dairy Q
    Dairy Q 22 hours ago

    people with a foot fetish be like lets watch that again lol

  • TheiLame
    TheiLame 23 hours ago

    What if someone steps on your toe?

  • lunatrics
    lunatrics 23 hours ago

    Jeps another throw away object. Just what we need.

  • JBone XC
    JBone XC Day ago

    It’s LEGO not Legos or Lego’s.

  • Scorpac
    Scorpac Day ago

    Just go barefoot and if not, get a pair of decent shoes instead of using those throw away feed sole condoms which pollute our planet even more

  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis Day ago

    flip flops are still a dollar tho. be hard to trump flippies

  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis Day ago

    she is beautiful with and without haters. yall just salty cuz she is ACTUALLY healthy haha. perfect skin crystal clear energy.

  • noayRL43
    noayRL43 Day ago

    i'd like to see her tied down on table and tickled tortured by dogs licking her feet soles

  • sk8catatonik
    sk8catatonik Day ago

    Im guessing theyre not reusable. Are they biodegradable?

  • Giri R S
    Giri R S Day ago

    Can we use this in home

  • Gyet Wright
    Gyet Wright Day ago

    Somebody get this hoe a sandwich

  • micah vargas
    micah vargas Day ago

    She sounds like Jojo Siwa

  • Wolf Girl 12042303
    Wolf Girl 12042303 Day ago +1

    4:44 you can see it falling off

  • Shannie 90
    Shannie 90 Day ago

    Wouldn’t it get pretty expensive if u wanted to wear them every day ?

  • ABritishOrc
    ABritishOrc Day ago

    Look at that poor woman, can't afford shoes and has holes in her jeans....
    one like, one prayer. in Dog we trust.

  • Sarik Shaikh-Upadhye

    Another niche (no one asked for) filled by single use plastics! One small barefoot step for man... One huge step closer to the end of our species.

  • Charity
    Charity Day ago

    I'd only wear these to the beach. One time use is horrible. I don't even like those flops they give at the nail salon.

  • ilovefootball09
    ilovefootball09 Day ago +1

    Ads are getting smarter

  • Champagne Papi
    Champagne Papi Day ago

    bruh my feet is wide asf, what the hell am i gonna do with these

    • TheiLame
      TheiLame 23 hours ago

      You can buy them, throw them away and waste nature. So you can be like everyone else. :)

  • No, You.
    No, You. Day ago

    My OCD :(

  • theguy13
    theguy13 Day ago

    its all fun and games until you have to use the restroom

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    People with a foot fetish are gonna love this

  • Rattle -the- Stars

    I feel like shoes are supposed to protect your feet from things like stubbing/breaking a toe... how would these help?🤔 oh wait.. they wouldn’t

  • Little Miss Bea
    Little Miss Bea Day ago

    The only reason I would get these is for homeless people

  • Ran Foula
    Ran Foula Day ago

    Well it sure isn't helping Land fills with their 1 time use!

  • locochavez95
    locochavez95 Day ago

    Bad for the environment, they should really ban one time use product like this, that aren't biodegradable or harmful to the environment to manufacture.

  • kryp nit
    kryp nit Day ago

    Waste of money n time.

  • Mckenzie Wright
    Mckenzie Wright Day ago

    I don’t. I don’t want frostbite. However for For a situation where you want to wear flip-flops but cannot see where this would be a very useful thing. For instance running through the woods at a camp at Alaska you don’t want to wear flip-flops because they’ll probably fall off and you’ll get your feet cut up like a dick this amount. This could be an alternative for that.

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Day ago

    I have weird demented toes, so that’s not gonna fit my feet...😂😂😂

  • Ronni Hatcher
    Ronni Hatcher Day ago

    Never get these! Waste! So much waste! I would just go barefoot at the beach or sandals everywhere else. Sandals give a barefoot enough feel already. I mean really? Haven't we moved past idiocy to realize when something is pointless and wasteful like this stuff!

  • Darrel Amodo
    Darrel Amodo Day ago

    Can anyone explain why does alot of people walk around barefoot outside but wear footwear in their own household? (I come from a place where you must remove footwear when you enter any household.)

  • Rajveer singh
    Rajveer singh Day ago +1

    I need shoes to make me look taller haha

  • FB I
    FB I Day ago

    Should've tried stepping over broken pieces of glass

  • wait what is this send help

    it would be cool if they were reusable.

  • gacha Bella
    gacha Bella Day ago

    Imagine just scrolling down the comments and you see someone with a creepy foot fetish saying in the comments “ hmmm yummY”

  • Kevin Guzman
    Kevin Guzman Day ago


  • C M
    C M Day ago

    thats garbage

  • balaji rajendren

    Just go barefoot all the time your feet will adapt and you'll have this paddings naturally 😊

  • miree79
    miree79 Day ago +1

    This would be something for around the house but outside.. Idk. 🤔

  • Jegeno ,
    Jegeno , Day ago

    But it doesnt protect you from sharp stones or alltogether sharp objects

  • Stupid Face
    Stupid Face Day ago

    what is gpoing on

  • arhad 00
    arhad 00 Day ago

    It's not reusable 😒

  • john cameron
    john cameron Day ago

    What about the cost?

  • Occlusion
    Occlusion Day ago

    These are going for 7 dollars a peice right now but normal price is $15 even at 7 dollars for a one day use max is so ridiculous, you can have a 30 dollar pair of shoes and have thoes last you for at least 6 months

  • Fuzzyhobo
    Fuzzyhobo Day ago

    This is just and add. At the beach they were totally falling off and unfeeling

  • Spuzva Rahil
    Spuzva Rahil Day ago

    One needle on the floor and you get aids hehe

  • Ashley S.
    Ashley S. Day ago

    She sounds like jojo siwa

  • MadC Beats
    MadC Beats Day ago

    “Are you barefoot at work? No!” Actually I’m at home in bed. Are you at home in bed? No! I win

  • OpolisBayInc
    OpolisBayInc Day ago

    Foot Porn

  • shocklett
    shocklett Day ago

    Make on for a face

  • mackjeez
    mackjeez Day ago

    Here's an idea.....sandals or..or.....flip flops....this is a very dumb idea for a product and I would probably guess this is for the San Fran crowd that buys anything that is overly priced and weird.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel Day ago

    She’s trying to make out like these can replace shoes. In shoes you can walk over glass and other sharp things, I don’t want to put these to the test over glass even if the they were cut proof

  • Maria Portillo
    Maria Portillo Day ago

    Hashtag ad

  • Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Music when she hits the streets

  • Annie Yu
    Annie Yu Day ago +1

    Now let's test these over broken glass bottles!

  • Roxanna Barragan

    3:00 the woman is like "excuse me ma'am but WHAT ARE THOSE!"😂😂💀💀

  • Surreal Taylor
    Surreal Taylor Day ago

    I like it!!!

  • Happytrigger 15
    Happytrigger 15 Day ago

    Im so inspired she took the first step for humanity and second step for the U.S as she claims the tittle of first women walking on the lego's.
    (with out pain)

  • the real legend
    the real legend Day ago

    Ever tried mowing the lawn, but step on a rusty nail? I'd like it try to stop that.

  • Adrian Gutierrez

    Her voice sounds like the girl from bolt

  • 0 0
    0 0 Day ago

    id smash

  • IDon'tHaveAYouTubeChannel, IJustWantToComment

    I wouldn't be able to spread out my little toes so no

  • review sr
    review sr Day ago

    Im kinda happy u just made me remember legos

  • Deb Know
    Deb Know Day ago

    And the stickiness would run out

  • Deb Know
    Deb Know Day ago

    What about walking in stores and work

  • Siddharth U
    Siddharth U Day ago

    You know you could just walk bare feet.....just saying.

  • uwu
    uwu Day ago +1

    if they're only a one-time use then there's no point in getting them??

  • Drifting Raven
    Drifting Raven Day ago

    Who tf says “stuck toes”?