We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
    See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
    #FootPads #StickOnShoes
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Comments • 17 613

  • Taylor Livy
    Taylor Livy Day ago

    They still get your feet wet in grass because they don’t have sides
    - Useless

  • aepp !
    aepp ! Day ago

    jojo siwa not yelling

  • aepp !
    aepp ! Day ago

    but why

  • ѕιи
    ѕιи Day ago

    Makes it even worse when you step on bugs accidentally and they crunch. Yikes

  • tryhard
    tryhard Day ago

    I will say it so much more than this but LEGOS IS NOT A WORD FOR MULTIPLE PIEES OF LRGO

  • Alyson Dias
    Alyson Dias 2 days ago

    that would smell nasty by the end of the day.

  • Smohk Th4t
    Smohk Th4t 2 days ago

    Did you know if you don't wear shoes long enough your feet will toughen up? In other words you actually don't need shoes. You just need to toughen up.

  • Urban Modz
    Urban Modz 3 days ago

    2:08 this made me cringe

  • 23chicco
    23chicco 4 days ago

    incredible feets

  • Chris Cosey
    Chris Cosey 4 days ago

    How good is the adhesive is saw one part where I think at the beach the blue one it came off the big toe when She wiped the sand off the feet. So like electro therapy pads type of adhesive

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 4 days ago

    In 1 year '' Introducing The Nike Air Jordan foot pads''

  • stitch004
    stitch004 5 days ago

    what sick idiot walks around a city street barefoot

  • Trickzter Animations
    Trickzter Animations 5 days ago +1

    yeah nah

  • Koibitø
    Koibitø 6 days ago

    what exactly is the point of these?

  • Cc Silva
    Cc Silva 8 days ago

    As a child I got in trouble for this because I even remember kids trying to make this in the 80s so how is this any different 😒remember 80s here how is this any different and kids trying to make this😒

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 8 days ago

    Wow this woman has beautiful feet, that's all I wanted to see!

  • SepticSpring
    SepticSpring 9 days ago

    Make them feet coloured and walking on legos

  • Bro Ski
    Bro Ski 9 days ago


  • Lawrence Lawine
    Lawrence Lawine 11 days ago


  • ktdybrjkftdbx
    ktdybrjkftdbx 11 days ago

    Beautiful soles👅😍👅

  • uberwayz
    uberwayz 11 days ago

    Thing is you would have to buy new ones for every day

  • lipstickprincess1
    lipstickprincess1 12 days ago

    Ya, that will stop a rusty nail in its tracks😂

  • Eric Örnhag
    Eric Örnhag 12 days ago

    Can you use them several times?

  • Antonio López
    Antonio López 13 days ago

    Beauty face, beauty feet... How beautiful you are! Like

  • Dedede63
    Dedede63 13 days ago

    well these shoes won't fit me cause my feet are weirdly shaped. Also she has feet that fit perfectly into the standard mold. ridiculous.

  • Alex Jean Postrado
    Alex Jean Postrado 13 days ago

    nope. nooope. single-use, trash after a day or less. no no

  • KatzProductions
    KatzProductions 14 days ago


  • Nation des Nordens
    Nation des Nordens 14 days ago

    She have yummy feet

  • dialiadialia
    dialiadialia 14 days ago

    * pervert fetish guy just entered the chat*

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 14 days ago

    If they did replace shoes I still wouldn’t wear em

  • Politically Incorrect
    Politically Incorrect 14 days ago

    Pretty sure they don't work efficiently but let me watch the video anyways...
    Definitely doesn't work efficiently..

  • Selina P
    Selina P 14 days ago +1

    She’s trying to hard to sell these... they don’t fit the toes or the whole heel.... see the clip at the beach, it was coming off... a trendy thing but won’t be main stream.... maybe good for some places, but I won’t buy them....

  • small bean the doodle
    small bean the doodle 15 days ago

    The question is.. what do you do once you make both shoes dirty?

  • iskrem2 /
    iskrem2 / 15 days ago

    - Do they protect you from stab your toe?
    Insider: - ¿No?
    - Well, then they are useless :)

  • sathusan
    sathusan 15 days ago

    lmao what about warmth

  • Wahid Scherzad
    Wahid Scherzad 15 days ago

    Stick-On Foot Pads x Offwhite im waiting

  • Qwertsum 2
    Qwertsum 2 15 days ago

    F E E T

  • Pooja Shankar
    Pooja Shankar 15 days ago

    Definitely not in India 😂

  • TSK 14
    TSK 14 15 days ago

    Completely of the topic but I love her raspy voice.😄😄

  • squishy world
    squishy world 15 days ago

    *tetanus has entered the chat*
    *tetanus is typing...*
    *sandals have entered the chat*
    *TETNuS HAs lEfT ThE chAT*

  • • s o l
    • s o l 15 days ago

    this is something taehyung would definitely use

  • BeInG HaPpY Is My PoWeR

    What if it's raining? So that only means it CANNOT replace shoes

  • NeradaBanana
    NeradaBanana 15 days ago

    my arches hurt just looking at this

  • fedoanuja
    fedoanuja 15 days ago

    This is good for kids who keep losing shoes 😂 and

  • a elkasir
    a elkasir 15 days ago

    Lego only hurts when you don't expect it.

  • Hayley Marse
    Hayley Marse 15 days ago

    I think they have their place but they definitely shouldn’t be something people he regularly

  • Good Old Fashion Lover boy

    I think they’re best for the beach, cause they’re not as uncomfortable as sandals but still don’t buy them.

  • savage clan
    savage clan 15 days ago

    *Stubs toe*

  • MandemUkBanter *
    MandemUkBanter * 15 days ago

    What about people with ......


  • Rebecca Slack
    Rebecca Slack 16 days ago +1

    Welcome to episode 2 of

  • M҉A҉R҉ツ
    M҉A҉R҉ツ 16 days ago

    There is this thing called Sandles

  • The Jellyfish Jam
    The Jellyfish Jam 16 days ago +1

    Anyone with a foot fetish is probably creaming right now.

  • OP jrfalko
    OP jrfalko 16 days ago +1

    Mommy long neck?

  • Henri ツ
    Henri ツ 16 days ago

    *Walks in dog poop*

  • Taylor Zou
    Taylor Zou 16 days ago

    Think of how stupid u would look tho

  • Sachkico R
    Sachkico R 16 days ago

    Lego ouch !! Dirty sidewalk, yuck!!

  • Sachkico R
    Sachkico R 16 days ago

    Good for the beach, not good for everyday use. You still could drop something on your foot. You ever see the signs at businesses no shoes no short no business,just pointing that out.

  • Random owl
    Random owl 16 days ago +4

    *foot fetish has entered the chat*

  • Hectic Erectic
    Hectic Erectic 16 days ago

    But, can u walk on water??

  • Just lailah
    Just lailah 16 days ago +1

    I’m thinking of cloudy with a chance of meatballs spray on shoes..

  • Lia -san
    Lia -san 16 days ago +1

    I'd rather wear my usual flip flops

  • Reaperdragon Jr
    Reaperdragon Jr 16 days ago +1

    Mmm... patas

  • Just Another Gacha
    Just Another Gacha 16 days ago

    Yeah but what about sharp things?

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 16 days ago

    You gonna be in so much pain if u stub ur toe

  • Nectosis
    Nectosis 16 days ago

    What Did Dan Schneider Make These

    NO NAME 16 days ago

    *Steps on a spiky stick*
    *Yoshi Island Plays*

  • Odd Gal
    Odd Gal 16 days ago

    Wait, so you only use it once?

  • Anushree Rathod
    Anushree Rathod 16 days ago +1

    2:54 the moment we all have been waiting for

  • Chans big toe
    Chans big toe 16 days ago

    Bruhh I don’t want people looking at my ugly ass feet

  • Prerana MP
    Prerana MP 16 days ago +1


  • Leon Coahran
    Leon Coahran 16 days ago

    Why would you wear them to the beach?

  • Hello Bye
    Hello Bye 16 days ago

    It’s fine to not wearing shoes (barefoot) in New Zealand tho 😂

  • Kenneth Vo
    Kenneth Vo 16 days ago +4

    Imagine stubbing your toe, those pads won’t protect those

  • Noah Durling
    Noah Durling 16 days ago

    Rusty nails have entered the chat

  • Spooky Wierdo
    Spooky Wierdo 16 days ago

    Good luck playing sports that involve kicking a ball

  • Morgan Okos
    Morgan Okos 16 days ago

    4:45.5 The big toe fell off Lmao

  • Elyus Gonzalez
    Elyus Gonzalez 16 days ago +1

    ok but y’all ain’t talking about how she sounds like Emma chamberlain

  • Boi ¡
    Boi ¡ 16 days ago +1

    Lil dicky has left the chat

  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams 16 days ago

    Yeah try going hiking or walk on some rocks. Kmsl

  • The dead one abbie clapped

    Nah I don't want people seeing my ugly ass feet

  • Queen Mercy
    Queen Mercy 17 days ago

    She has long toes smh......all good until someone high heel comes crashing into your delicate skin and bones.

  • WhiteWolfXCIII
    WhiteWolfXCIII 17 days ago

    Soft porn for feet lovers, thanks.

  • Elly Pro
    Elly Pro 17 days ago

    What are thooooooooose

  • FurkantheMCexcpert
    FurkantheMCexcpert 17 days ago +1

    I would blaze the kids in my school in a race with those

  • Elisa's Lyfe
    Elisa's Lyfe 17 days ago

    *i hate my feet though*

  • • Delirium •
    • Delirium • 17 days ago +1

    What the...

  • Elxza
    Elxza 17 days ago

    These sticky things are gonna be liked for the wrong reasons-

  • V35P1CK
    V35P1CK 17 days ago

    The presenter is an annoying wank stain

  • Splendid Dwarf
    Splendid Dwarf 17 days ago

    She looks like a homeless without a shoe

  • Faruq Spahic
    Faruq Spahic 17 days ago

    you know cause globar warming and shit is harmless

  • Fred Weasley
    Fred Weasley 17 days ago

    “So I was on my friend, the internet”
    My life in a nutshell.

  • polaroid_ people
    polaroid_ people 17 days ago +6

    Them: lets have an alternative to being barefoot /shoes
    Flint Lockwood: *am I a JOKE to you???*

  • Miles -
    Miles - 17 days ago

    They look stupid

  • Always Crist
    Always Crist 17 days ago

    Foot fetish aproves 👍 100%

  • Minecraft Station
    Minecraft Station 17 days ago

    Some broken glass on the road: I'm gonna end this man's entire career

  • Ghost 123
    Ghost 123 17 days ago

    This is pure littering.... just buy flip flops!😁

  • Keity Kasevali
    Keity Kasevali 17 days ago

    on sand this come off

  • Spidey I Think
    Spidey I Think 17 days ago

    thats cool.

  • klint lirio
    klint lirio 17 days ago

    Thumbstacks has entered the chat

  • Ronja van der Eijk
    Ronja van der Eijk 17 days ago

    Me be like: