1000lbs of OOBLECK in moving truck!


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  • Jaidyn let's Play
    Jaidyn let's Play 16 minutes ago


  • kormika Channel
    kormika Channel 35 minutes ago

    Penske truck

  • Kaylee Krings
    Kaylee Krings 5 hours ago

    I love how they dont clickbait. Btw that was not sarcasm

  • Leonie Krec
    Leonie Krec 6 hours ago

    Did she broke her arm?

  • pjotter boeters
    pjotter boeters 7 hours ago

    Trailer park boys I saw layhe drunk xD

  • Slime Queen
    Slime Queen 7 hours ago

    you guys are ugly

  • karlee no
    karlee no 8 hours ago


  • Kristy Watson
    Kristy Watson 10 hours ago +1

    Do a truck filed with makeup sponges

  • Maureen Singh
    Maureen Singh 16 hours ago

    You should do slime in the truck

  • Zach Cummings
    Zach Cummings 16 hours ago

    Do oobleck and orbies in the truck

  • MASErann
    MASErann 17 hours ago

    ....46?.... 46 degrees.... that ana average day for me wth?

  • Brenna Agen
    Brenna Agen 17 hours ago

    4:18 was the best🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Monica  Williams
    Monica Williams 18 hours ago

    That looks really really hard to make and I have been watching you since 2014

  • Adrianna Williamson
    Adrianna Williamson 18 hours ago

    Mix corn starch with water it makes that

  • Rebecca Bolstridge
    Rebecca Bolstridge 20 hours ago

    46 degrees is cold try -6 degrees

  • super girl
    super girl 21 hour ago

    12:38 i think she broke her iPhone and ARM 😢😔

  • Julian Navo
    Julian Navo 23 hours ago

    Another Jake Paul youtuber.

  • Lakyn Wessel
    Lakyn Wessel 23 hours ago

    Him singing She Looks So Perfect is a concept

  • Nina Broach
    Nina Broach Day ago

    Tik tok

  • Nina Broach
    Nina Broach Day ago

    Drags is on Tim tok

  • Manda Elizabeth
    Manda Elizabeth Day ago

    At 4:53 the powder has gotten to their heads 😂😂😂🧡🧡

  • Fix It
    Fix It Day ago

    is this eggs??

  • Elena Talingo
    Elena Talingo Day ago

    Orbeez with oobleck

  • Joana Bittencourt

    What’s the name of the intro song? Thx

  • vala draws stuff

    ummm you said sleep less XD

  • lily briceland
    lily briceland Day ago

    U need to do popcorn in a truck moving plz.😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • ThE DuNgEoN cLuB
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  • ThE DuNgEoN cLuB
    ThE DuNgEoN cLuB Day ago +1

    I love you Corey and I love you Capron very much but it all started with the first vid

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore Day ago

    Next time you use oobleck, make it an intense orange, because in Undertale, orange attacks mean move through them without stopping. On oobleck, you can't stop moving on them OR ELSE! Same with orange attacks.

  • Zahli. Maie
    Zahli. Maie Day ago

    Anyone else notice that he’s wearing Newcastle (AUS) Knights Shorts. They’re an australian footy team!!

  • Max Eats ass
    Max Eats ass Day ago


  • king korey
    king korey 2 days ago +3

    Fill a truck with silly string

  • nicolecmerkel
    nicolecmerkel 2 days ago

    do it in slime

  • June Elise
    June Elise 2 days ago

    12:39-40 is the best part of this whole video

  • de tester
    de tester 2 days ago


  • Makayla Davidson
    Makayla Davidson 2 days ago

    Capron and Patricia are really cute together

  • Sala Tv
    Sala Tv 2 days ago

    *like* please

  • April Loves Toast
    April Loves Toast 2 days ago

    Intro- I love u.-Panthurr

  • Belinda Dymock
    Belinda Dymock 2 days ago

    Fun I bros suck

  • Megan Payne
    Megan Payne 2 days ago +8

    Am I the only one who wonders who cleans the moving truck out 😂

  • Felicity Yetter
    Felicity Yetter 2 days ago

    Do popcorn 🍿 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿😀😀😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Kyra Briant
    Kyra Briant 2 days ago

    12:28 ur welcome 😂

  • Jack Goodall
    Jack Goodall 2 days ago

    When they say it’s very cold but you live in North Dakota

  • angelina hernandez
    angelina hernandez 2 days ago

    is that their moving truck? that would be soooo bad if it wasnt skskskss

  • Brookst Random
    Brookst Random 2 days ago

    I will bye food!
    With money!

  • Dino Gee
    Dino Gee 2 days ago

    Step one: Turn your playback speed to 0.25
    Step two: Go to 5:29
    your welcome.

  • River Meme
    River Meme 2 days ago

    not offense or anything but i had an inch of cornstarch on my porch yesterday

  • TacoLady 13
    TacoLady 13 2 days ago

    It’s cool but at the same time I feel sorry for the people that gotta clean that stuff

  • Brennan Ranweiler
    Brennan Ranweiler 2 days ago

    Make a FNIA visual novel series

  • larry larents
    larry larents 2 days ago

    the guy singing slsp by 5sos had me done💀

  • dirty homeless guy
    dirty homeless guy 2 days ago

    yall gonna die one day and have to explain it to the cops

  • J V M
    J V M 2 days ago

    can i get a reply from you guys

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith 2 days ago

    Ceavion this is miracle can we go out

  • marvins felix
    marvins felix 2 days ago

    #Capron doing a backflip in the Truck😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂insane editing😂😂keep it up bros✌

  • Billie Eyelash
    Billie Eyelash 2 days ago

    january 3019??

  • Brianna Williamson
    Brianna Williamson 2 days ago



    Love u guys !



  • Rachell Bwr
    Rachell Bwr 2 days ago

    Coming onto your channel like ‘ohhhhhh its davids bitches’

  • Dogsfunworld Ana Ramos
    Dogsfunworld Ana Ramos 3 days ago +1

    H̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮s̤̮t̤̮o̤̮n̤̮ w̤̮e̤̮ h̤̮a̤̮v̤̮e̤̮ a̤̮ p̤̮r̤̮o̤̮m̤̮e̤̮l̤̮m̤̮

  • Muscleweenos
    Muscleweenos 3 days ago

    Fill a moving truck with water and make a wave

  • J00P3K
    J00P3K 3 days ago

    Now make pool in it.. :p

  • Nycholeee Roseee
    Nycholeee Roseee 3 days ago


  • has nae
    has nae 3 days ago

    Waste waste waste

  • Rubba Bubba
    Rubba Bubba 3 days ago

    Is that even leagle. But cool

  • PugCraft Plays
    PugCraft Plays 3 days ago +1

    Did you not think about how dangerous that is???? Great video though 😁

  • Dirty Ninja
    Dirty Ninja 3 days ago

    Funk bros they have no balls to heart this

  • TrustMyCarrys YT
    TrustMyCarrys YT 3 days ago

    Legit he never got hit in the nuts 🥜 he went for it the pulled his hand back lololololololololololololololololololololol

  • Aj King
    Aj King 3 days ago

    Wait he said play hard but dont you need to work hard? Plz leave a like if u agree

  • red panda
    red panda 3 days ago

    12:28 looks like he reached for her a$🤬 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chloe Marie
    Chloe Marie 3 days ago


  • HypeGhost_YT
    HypeGhost_YT 3 days ago

    Oobleck and orbes?

  • Everything is Cute and awesome

    Blowing up the pool would of been easier

  • stella gamer
    stella gamer 3 days ago

    I subscribed and turn on my notification Bell

  • stella gamer
    stella gamer 3 days ago

    #funk fam

  • J E
    J E 3 days ago


  • Samantha Vanzura
    Samantha Vanzura 3 days ago

    how do you clean that

  • Gamingwith A and A
    Gamingwith A and A 3 days ago

    3:46 wrong too

  • Gamingwith A and A
    Gamingwith A and A 3 days ago

    3:09 looks wrong

  • Phay Group
    Phay Group 3 days ago

    Can you fill a truck with new year resolution.... jk fill it with slime please!

  • Delaney Ness
    Delaney Ness 3 days ago

    When you see this you just say “NOPE”

  • Ruby Waller
    Ruby Waller 3 days ago


  • 24zaffiroj
    24zaffiroj 3 days ago

    I can't smile more because my favorite cat died earlier today:'(

  • Virusapfel 6
    Virusapfel 6 4 days ago

    Those masks really fit u guys looking good.

  • Darkest Night
    Darkest Night 4 days ago

    1:14 5sos❤️

  • FlukDude20
    FlukDude20 4 days ago

    4:18 Is so hilarious

  • he he man
    he he man 4 days ago

    i like trains
    Edit i like turtles

  • he he man
    he he man 4 days ago


  • july night star
    july night star 4 days ago

    you are very polluted by nature

  • chelsea Preston
    chelsea Preston 4 days ago

    At 12:27 I died

  • Jonathan Hurtig
    Jonathan Hurtig 4 days ago

    All the boys is In love with the Girl😅

  • sade allen
    sade allen 4 days ago

    U should do an experiment to see if oobleck can stop a bullet

  • Naser Uka
    Naser Uka 4 days ago

    How is this guy not evicted

  • Rumors
    Rumors 4 days ago

    1 like for a prayer to revive the 📱

  • Bԍɼɼqoɻԍʁƨ Wɑϝɼɑcĸ

    Each video you get even stupider :|

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 4 days ago

    I dare y'all to fill you're pool with oblek like a actual pool

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 4 days ago

    Wait y'all are David's btchs? Wow how did I not know that

  • Evan M-D
    Evan M-D 4 days ago

    That is helllo cool

  • Helina Webster
    Helina Webster 4 days ago

    46° is not freezing yesterday it was like 9° where I live

  • Darksiosa 1200
    Darksiosa 1200 4 days ago

    you need more watar on that truck