Phanteks P600s - This One is Different!


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  • M One
    M One 2 days ago

    In tech news: Phantek bought a China Container ship full of mesh hampers and recycled them into "new high flow mesh"

  • M One
    M One 2 days ago

    Wondering if it's a requirement to look like you just rolled out of bed to make videos. There's a reason gamers nexus is a more trusted review source. I'm surprised Phantek sends you anything after your BS review of their Evolv X. Perfect case...90 degree GPU. LOL. I wouldn't be surprised if your left in the dust by 2020. Get with the times . And if your going to talk thermals...learn a lesson from nexus.

  • Strider Leonn
    Strider Leonn 5 days ago

    I like the case but those plastic slidey covers with no grommets and no air holes in the psu shroud to allow trapped air up into the gpu turn me off. Nitpicky? Yes. But if they changed those two things Id buy it asap

  • Elbethium
    Elbethium 7 days ago

    couldnt go for evolv x because no white option, and that forehead and chin on the front. otherwise, stellar case.

  • @pplebite
    @pplebite 7 days ago

    (ノ♥_♥)ノ $$$!!!

  • elvis elvisowski
    elvis elvisowski 9 days ago

    Review Phanteks`s case when u r sponsored by them ? Hmmmm...

  • Robin de Jong
    Robin de Jong 9 days ago

    Any word on the release date?

  • Beqa
    Beqa 9 days ago

    no RGB? :(

  • Achiever C
    Achiever C 10 days ago

    Dimitri, I'm waiting to see the new Phantek Swiffer case . . . That should be a real dust lifter. (: BTW, the price is too high $$$ for this case.

  • Matthew Grosso
    Matthew Grosso 10 days ago

    If only Phanteks can sell that front cover compatible with the P400 case!

  • wickedout2010
    wickedout2010 10 days ago

    I'll stick to my E-VOL X thank you but no thanks

  • JINXtheGamer
    JINXtheGamer 10 days ago

    No wonder it's non-scientific if you measuring in ft/m ;)

  • D1SMA1
    D1SMA1 10 days ago

    I got a p300 the other day *facepalms*

    • D1SMA1
      D1SMA1 10 days ago

      Maybe not it's $150 lmao

  • Michał Madeja
    Michał Madeja 10 days ago

    So i see cons:
    - mesh with metal is much better, material used for this "mesh" will catch dust and will be hard to clean (only water) - with water it will loose its strengh with time - its just less expennsive for them in production and they call it feature?
    - Dust filter access in 2019 with removing whole panel? Really? Its 2010 or 2019?
    - No dust filter on top (that mesh is not dust filter, it will catch dust but will also pass dust come in case)
    - No HDD cage..... I'm using Sharkon HDD vibe fixer (5.25 tray with orings) , so that not big issue for me, but to others it may be BIG issue.

    VE SACÉ 10 days ago

    I still prefer my p500 :)

  • SumRandomIndian
    SumRandomIndian 10 days ago

    Does it have the rgb strip inside like the evolv?

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 10 days ago

    Hi Mike!

  • John C
    John C 10 days ago

    What are the chances that front pannel will fit on the ol choke your fans p400?

  • Balton96
    Balton96 10 days ago

    Those extra hdd brackets are so ugly in comparison with the old ones

  • germgoatz
    germgoatz 10 days ago

    wait so no p500

  • Zeratul297
    Zeratul297 10 days ago

    its 2019 this no 4 USB on the front IO thing is getting annoying. I NEED that 4 USB on the front. sigh such a beautiful case but such a huge disappointment.

  • gradient602
    gradient602 10 days ago

    I was hoping for it to have the rgb lights like the p350x has and the luxe 2... that or at least make the P350x in all white... or maybe give me an replacement P400S front panel that breaths for my P400s... my AIO breaths like an old smoker.

  • a person
    a person 10 days ago +1

    is it just me or were there fingerprints ALL OVER that thing?

  • lonster3000
    lonster3000 10 days ago

    What kind of gnome??

  • Elemental FIRE
    Elemental FIRE 10 days ago

    I love it

  • comigex
    comigex 10 days ago

    I wonder, PSU shroud can be removed?

  • wtfitsaduck ._.
    wtfitsaduck ._. 10 days ago

    Still happy with my $500 1080 ti :)

  • Romulo Kasburgo
    Romulo Kasburgo 10 days ago

    This is a $60 feel like case...$150, yeah i'll pass

  • PowWowChicken
    PowWowChicken 10 days ago

    this is not going to cost any less than the evolve X so ppl claming that is cheaper they are lying, also VERTICAL GPU MOUNT IS FOR WATER COOLING !

  • StorybookBus03
    StorybookBus03 10 days ago

    The lights on that card are amazing! Is that the 2080 TI from the extreme ITX build which wouldn't fit?
    Also, what motherboard are you guys using in this video's build?

  • YoBoyChappii
    YoBoyChappii 11 days ago

    What's the point of having a psu shroud and cutting it to show the psu? It looks ugly. I want the shroud to cover that up not show it.

  • wOt u wOnt?
    wOt u wOnt? 11 days ago

    1:14 did they try to make a fingerprint penis? im laughin my ass off lol

  • Alpha Artax
    Alpha Artax 11 days ago

    Look cheap and ugly

  • Noah Tingen
    Noah Tingen 11 days ago

    Love your guys' videos, but your builds don't ever look like you put a lot of thought into them. Could use some aesthetic continuity.

  • GentleBen
    GentleBen 11 days ago

    C E S !

  • PrashBricks III
    PrashBricks III 11 days ago

    I was hoping it supported a dvd / cd or blu ray player.

  • Cinematography Database

    That 2080 holy crap

  • mr trump
    mr trump 11 days ago

    Need a super tower

  • Kirito 101
    Kirito 101 11 days ago

    yes lets not do the thermal tests which almost everyone out there wants and instead do a test that means nothing to the consumer....

  • Spuddy L
    Spuddy L 11 days ago

    Finally a case with IO on the front rather than the top and with a little cover to hide it. More manufactures should do this. Too bad it looks a bit plasticky.

  • Jarek Rymut
    Jarek Rymut 11 days ago

    I love this matt black. And no RBG? Yes!

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri 11 days ago

    Matte black is the new thing with the kids, the new "in" thing, kinda... Or was? Idk I'm not up to date. There's someone here in town who made every square inch of his car, rims and all, matte black. It was like a dark drip of coal driving around.

  • Unfreundlich
    Unfreundlich 11 days ago

    yeah becomming more and more a marketing channel........150 $ for what? another "thing" that holds hardware and looks like yesterday? yeah right....

  • InvetorXD
    InvetorXD 11 days ago

    yeee I like this case. It has a lot of potential and can be used by most kinds of builds!

  • Shaker.Est.84
    Shaker.Est.84 11 days ago

    I like my Evolv X more. Another good option though.

  • Hasso Sigbjoernson
    Hasso Sigbjoernson 11 days ago

    Not the prettiest case for me. But when I want to hide it under my desk, I also can get something used no matter the looks.
    For me the 2019 trend is either fully meshify like the FD meshify C or clean and bright like the NZXT H500!
    Come on Phanteks! You can do "fresher"!
    In the meantime my 17 y o Chieftec stays in order... right under my desk.

  • Mauro Tchorbadjian
    Mauro Tchorbadjian 11 days ago

    "This one is different"- Is exactly the same as the Evolv-X

  • Asponexl
    Asponexl 11 days ago

    Black is the best color xD

  • MayonnaiseOreo
    MayonnaiseOreo 11 days ago

    I generally like Phanteks cases (I have one myself) but this thing is really ugly. It looks like it has some nice features but in a PCMR type of world where aesthetics are huge, it seems odd for them to put something like this out. Hopefully they'll make some revisions to that front panel at the very least.

  • OmerTheGreatOne
    OmerTheGreatOne 11 days ago

    No noise comparison?

  • JaZz _
    JaZz _ 11 days ago +1

    I want it

  • Affan Habib
    Affan Habib 11 days ago

    Jeez, that auros card... beauty

  • Darzo
    Darzo 11 days ago

    We need more mesh cases, upgraded to an cooler master h500 from an nzxt s340 elite and my temps have dropped 10 degrees lol

  • Ibrahim Haider
    Ibrahim Haider 11 days ago +1

    If in a rush:
    Will be 149 USD, no word on release - but been waiting for this for a few months and December was expected release directly from Phanteks so probably now straight after CES
    Good interior layout (imo) - offers vertical graphics card mount
    Front cover on, tilted or off is not much of an improvement, taking mesh off is the most significant, dust filter - stock fans I believe, but Phanteks' stock ("unscientific" testing)
    Stylish and quiet with decent airflow (based on unscientific testing)

  • Ibrahim Haider
    Ibrahim Haider 11 days ago

    Using phantek stock fans for the airflow test?
    Interested in getting this case + have 140mm Noctua fans

  • Levy Roth
    Levy Roth 11 days ago +1

    Looks ugly and boring just like all the other 90% of tower cases around. it's 2019, this shit can't fly anymore.

  • Julle
    Julle 11 days ago +1

    I offer 89$ and a dead hamster

    • Julle
      Julle 10 days ago

      +DarkPa1adin buy the meshify c

    • DarkPa1adin
      DarkPa1adin 10 days ago +1

      I hope this is priced at 120-130

  • Rawdilz
    Rawdilz 11 days ago

    Don’t you mean to say cubic feet per min (cfm) ?

    • Dean Grierson
      Dean Grierson 11 days ago

      No it's not a measure of the fluids flow rate but it's speed (volumetric flow rate per unit area)

  • Lazer Brainz
    Lazer Brainz 11 days ago

    Phanteks just keeps on bringing great new stuff.

  • Lazer Brainz
    Lazer Brainz 11 days ago

    Oooooo me like! ✌️

  • Clovet Music
    Clovet Music 11 days ago

    TBH I kinda like that look

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 11 days ago

    b roll is awesome

  • ervince allen
    ervince allen 11 days ago

    Matte black everything!

  • Steven Waibel
    Steven Waibel 11 days ago

    Good job, I like the new air flow tool thing keep it up

  • Ivan Morise Atienza
    Ivan Morise Atienza 11 days ago +1

    this didnt pop in my notifs :/

  • TinUser
    TinUser 11 days ago

    almost choked on my drink when you revealed the price
    any good reason it costs that much? seemed like an average case

  • Eryk Skaliński
    Eryk Skaliński 11 days ago

    I like Phanteks because they makes their prototapes to reality (production).

  • FlippinFreds Free Form Factor

    Not a bad case. 👍

  • Oni Mashou
    Oni Mashou 11 days ago

    Phanteks you dropped the ball on this one, please do a revision of the Evolve Shift

  • Pienimusta
    Pienimusta 11 days ago


  • Fakhri Mub
    Fakhri Mub 11 days ago

    more manufacturer should embrace the full on air flow design like Meshify and PC O11 Air imo

  • Jonathan Panzarella
    Jonathan Panzarella 11 days ago

    I like Phanteks and I own the P400. I was hoping for a decent upgrade from the P400 to something in the sub $100 area. This seems like an Evolv disguised as an Eclipse series and priced that way, too.

  • ramza813
    ramza813 11 days ago

    DAMNIT!! I JUST bought the corsair 570X a week ago!!! EvolvX was in my top 5 choices. P600 has it all with THREE 140mm in the front and Type C!! I like the black aluminium too Dimitri!!

  • whiskeyy
    whiskeyy 11 days ago +1

    I have P400S and I think its pretty nice looking case but this is just incredibly ugly.

  • az zahar
    az zahar 11 days ago

    Oh wow, a phanteks case that doesnt choke airflow? Didn't know they can do if

  • djmbex
    djmbex 11 days ago

    I don't like that black and white footage. Really limiting the visualization

  • Lee Blake
    Lee Blake 11 days ago

    Best part in the build is that gpu!

  • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant

    I was really excited by this case at CES, but I've been getting note into ITX cases like the Dan A4 and Ghost S1 which make appreciate smaller cases, and would probably prefer the compact ATX version. Great case for what it is though, hopefully they address those shortfalls in the Evol X too.

  • RaptorN60
    RaptorN60 11 days ago

    I can see that your editing suffers from the ghetto setup before CES, some mistakes here and there. I'd rather watch a much higher quality video even if it means to wait longer.

  • Gripen90
    Gripen90 11 days ago

    The case without the front cover, reminds me a lot of the older Antec Elevenhundred that really was an airflow champion.

  • Dk Filchev
    Dk Filchev 11 days ago

    Dislike for using 18th century measurement units :D
    Good vid 👍🏽 🙂

  • Wario Number One
    Wario Number One 11 days ago +3

    1:20 when he says "a little bit" it makes the sound of SpongeBob's footsteps

  • Kostas Bezaitis
    Kostas Bezaitis 11 days ago +9

    The only issue with the airflow test is that IT MEANS NOTHING. Overall, i feel this is a rushed video of HC, for whatever reason.
    Pick up your pace guys.

    • M One
      M One 2 days ago +1

      +Kostas Bezaitis proves Canuck is a joke even more. Just go to gamers nexus and skip this guys junk.

    • M One
      M One 2 days ago +1

      His reviews mean nothing. His credibility went down the drain when he downright liked about the well above average thermals of the Evolv x. That's why gamers nexus is the name for enthusiasts who know gear and want real data.

    • kristoffer
      kristoffer 10 days ago

      This is just a showcase/preview of the P600S not a full review.

    • Zak Shepherd
      Zak Shepherd 10 days ago

      +Kostas Bezaitis
      Omfg, no exhaust fan would lead to hotter temps, the air inside the case would be hotter if the hot air isn't pulled out.
      Air flows important, that's why fans exist ya nut job.

    • Kostas Bezaitis
      Kostas Bezaitis 10 days ago

      +Zak Shepherd Look at you continuing to argue like a bitch. Remove your exhaust fans and keep only intake. Do you think it's gonna be cooler?

  • Rav3N
    Rav3N 11 days ago

    Димас красава

  • Shamsul Arefin
    Shamsul Arefin 11 days ago +2

    case without cable routing holes with grommet sucks. phantek should fix their evolv x too.

  • move177
    move177 11 days ago

    So where is the diffrence? A case like hundreds of others.

  • Bmok Schurke
    Bmok Schurke 11 days ago

    i woud love to see a case like this with 280 rad in the front and 2 5.25 zoll slots for BR and Fan Controller

  • freelife productions
    freelife productions 11 days ago

    the rear panel is supposed to be closed and never be seen for a while. so why the F is there an ugly flap sticking out.. useless

    • HardwareCanucks
      HardwareCanucks  11 days ago

      You can fold it in. No biggie. It's there for first time use so you understand how the panel opens.

  • DaviloX07 _
    DaviloX07 _ 11 days ago +1

    The p400 was better looking imo

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    Хорошенький комп

  • Markus Wiedner
    Markus Wiedner 11 days ago +2

    Eh, the vertical graphicscard is way to close to the sidepanel, it will choke the gpu

  • AshRut Sharma
    AshRut Sharma 11 days ago

    3:35 That scared me!

  • ümit
    ümit 11 days ago

    White one look much better. This black ones need to go full mat.
    And please god more itx and matx cases. No need this big cases anymore. Millions out there.
    Not one proper year 2018 cube itx case out there

  • keet81
    keet81 11 days ago

    I strongly advise everyone to stay well clear of Phanteks products. I bought a P400s recently to migrate my system into from an s340 Elite. Reason being, I wanted to set up push/pull radiator config. When trying to fit the motherboard to the case. The screw holes didn’t line up properly. With al the giggling and trying to get it to fit, my motherboard ended up bricked at a cost of €300 to replace. I have built several systems over the years and this is the only time I’ve ever had a problem. I contacted Phanteks directly and was completely ignored. Returned the case through Amazon. The quality of the Phanteks case in general was far lower than any NZXT case I’ve used. I went back to the s340 Elite and modified it for push/pull. I also built another system in an NZXT h500 recently. Also far superior to Phanteks. I highly recommend NZXT or anything else over Phanteks.

    • keet81
      keet81 11 days ago

      James Bosch I’m just sharing my nightmare of an experience with the case. Also the very poor customer service from them.

    • James Bosch
      James Bosch 11 days ago

      I'm more than happy with my Enthoo pro M SE. Not the same case, but I approve of Phanteks products.

  • Paul griffith
    Paul griffith 11 days ago

    I just modded the front panel of my phanteks eclipse p400 tg because of the little airflow.. I'm glad they kept the sleek look of those cases but that case branch needed better airflow big-time.

  • Coupe On The Beat
    Coupe On The Beat 11 days ago

    I have the P400 and I like the way it looks WAY more than this ugly abomination... PASS.

  • Felix Hamzah
    Felix Hamzah 11 days ago +1

    Pricing up the supposedly affordable Eclipse P series like what Nvidia did with their xx60 series. Way to go Phanteks.

  • Νοσταλγός του ογδόντα

    I am the only one who sees copys from fractal and bequiet?

  • Matthew Wang
    Matthew Wang 11 days ago

    It looks like an Evolv X had a baby with my P350X

  • Daycube
    Daycube 11 days ago

    I am not a fan of this case at all.