EVERYONE. IS. HERE! But They’re All Cartoon Characters


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  • Jerry Sebalu
    Jerry Sebalu 2 hours ago

    I hope my dream is coming true! :)

  • lucas gamer t
    lucas gamer t 12 hours ago

    Meu muito perfeito junta as coisas que eu AMO SMASH I CARTOONS menos o ultimo e o rick

  • Bonnie gamer 64
    Bonnie gamer 64 17 hours ago

    Dlc fighters:
    Eric cartman,Ms.incredible,squidward,sandy cheeks,Donald duck

  • Nameless Creature
    Nameless Creature 19 hours ago +1

    If I had to extend this trailer, I would include the following:
    72 Pipimi (PTE)
    73 Tulip (infinity train)
    74 Nick (Nick)
    75 Sheldon (Sheldon)
    02e Donald Duck
    03e *Big Chungus*
    04e Duck Dodgers
    60e Batman
    11e Mandark (Dexter's lab)
    15e Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
    28e professor Utonium (PPG)
    24e Squidward (Spongebob)
    27e Donkey (Shrek)
    38e Teen Ben
    26e Chloe (FOP)
    17e Bliss (PPG)

  • Maximiliano Catalán
    Maximiliano Catalán 23 hours ago


  • Ethan Aloysius
    Ethan Aloysius Day ago

    Yo I’m maiming peppa pig

  • stuff !
    stuff ! Day ago

    Can I make your dream a reality

  • Cat Gamer 5
    Cat Gamer 5 2 days ago +1

    2:19 mi parte favorita

  • TheHypergod Himself
    TheHypergod Himself 2 days ago +1

    DLC Fighters:
    Scooby Doo
    Inspector Gadget
    The Grinch
    Fred Flintstone
    And the free DLC Fighter is...

  • Guido TH pivot animations

    goku is not a cartoon hes an anime character just saying

  • Cat Gamer 5
    Cat Gamer 5 2 days ago +2

    1:02 la parte de las chicas super poderosas va justo con la cansion

  • mike crack2
    mike crack2 2 days ago

    Wtf good video wow

  • Lucas Roby
    Lucas Roby 3 days ago

    Someone should make this into a game

  • SuperMarioDani SMD
    SuperMarioDani SMD 3 days ago

    But what about lazy town characters

  • duck duck
    duck duck 3 days ago


  • Marcos Ramirez
    Marcos Ramirez 3 days ago +1

    Characters Not Mentioned Are Either
    Assist Trophies
    Or Upcoming DLC

  • Denzell Barrantes
    Denzell Barrantes 3 days ago

    Sadly some are going to be spirits

  • Terminaitor Colina Di Giorgio

    A la mierda

  • Asa Titi
    Asa Titi 4 days ago

    I don't know if I want this to be a game or not but I'll just say I don't want this to be a game because the ugly face on Patrick and all that thing

  • Beiter Pinnock
    Beiter Pinnock 4 days ago


  • Dont Ask Why
    Dont Ask Why 5 days ago

    You forgot about South Park. That’s a cartoon right???

    Also no shaggy cmon you can do better than that

  • Patrick Nettler
    Patrick Nettler 5 days ago

    I like goku

  • my penis
    my penis 5 days ago

    Somebody make this a real mod

  • Teresa Harper
    Teresa Harper 5 days ago

    I will kill for this to be a real game with the cartoons

  • HLK
    HLK 5 days ago

    No BC?

    (Big chungus)

  • Creator Kid
    Creator Kid 5 days ago

    - Dtoons' All Stars
    - Dtoons' All Stars: Tournament
    - Dtoons' Universe War
    - Dtoons' All Stars: Deluxe
    - Dtoons' Universe War: Light and Dark

  • Omega 1
    Omega 1 6 days ago

    My Version

    Baron Drax
    Meat Sweats
    Repo Mantis
    Hypno Potomus
    Warren Stone
    Kim Possible
    Ron Stoppable
    Dr Drakken
    Ben Tennyson
    The Power Rangers (2017)
    All of the characters from Justice League Action
    Randy Cunningham
    All of the super smash bros characters
    Mystery inc
    Mickey Mouse
    Donald Duck
    The Davenports (Lab rats)
    All of the Skylanders
    All of the OVERWATCH characters
    All of the Pokémon

  • SuperMarioSullivan UK

    Winnie the Pooh as an Echo Fighter of Mickey, that would be hilarious!

  • Raed za
    Raed za 9 days ago

    Mario as himself
    SpongeBob as samus
    Dexter as Kirby
    Mickey mouse as bowser
    Woody and Buzz lightyear as link
    Patrick as donkey kong
    Ed and Edd as Fox mc cloud
    Eddy as falco
    Finn and jake as marth
    Jenny Xj9 as zelda
    Danny Phantom as sheik
    Steven universe as villager
    Amethyst as meta knight
    Pearl and granet as mewto
    Twilight sparkle and her Friends as Sonic the hedgehog
    The powerpuffgirls (sharing the role) as Princess peach
    samurai jack as Pikachu
    Mac and bloo as ice climbers
    Ben ten as inkling boy
    jimmy neutron as inkling girl
    Chowder as captain Falcon
    Kim possible as Wii fit trainer and zero suit samus
    Lalzo as squirtle
    numbah 1 as ivysaur
    Mr salt as squirtle
    Stan as Pokémon trainer
    Ryu as himself
    Timmy turner as ganondorf
    Morcedai and rigby as ike
    Peppa pig as Isabelle
    Gumball as cloud
    Goku as snake
    Dee Dee as jiggly puff
    Phineas ferb and perry as roy
    Steve as olimar
    Blue as diddy kong
    Flap jack and c knuckles as lucario
    Homer as lucina
    Bart as Robin
    Garfield as bayonetta
    Bugs bunny as mr game and watch
    Felix the cat as greninja
    Shrek as docter Mario
    Peter Griffin corrin
    Slinky dog as Duck Hunt
    Fix it Felix as R O B
    Rick and morty(sharing the role) as bowser jr
    Monkey as toon link
    Dash parr as Young link
    Daffy Duck as king dedede Jailbreak and hi 5 as rosalina and luma
    Ko as mii brawler
    Enid as mii gunner
    Rad as sword fighter
    Mr Incredible as Wario
    Scrooge mcduck as pac man
    Teen titans (sharing the role) as shulk
    Lincoln loud as wolf o donnell
    Star butterfly as mega man
    Popuku as Yoshi
    Sulley as incineroar
    Wreck it Ralph as little Mac
    Donald Duck as Luigi
    Grim the reaper as piranha plant
    Marco Diaz as Lucas
    Dipper as ness
    Mable as female Pokémon trainer

  • Jean Rich
    Jean Rich 9 days ago


  • Game And Sky Bro
    Game And Sky Bro 9 days ago

    Everyone is here, except Shaggy
    Press Zoinks for respect

  • Hanging on Edges
    Hanging on Edges 10 days ago

    No Miraculous, no Naruto, no Ninja Turtles, no Transformers, no Avatar?

  • Yesenia Martin
    Yesenia Martin 10 days ago

    I wish this was real

  • Grifinn Fielder
    Grifinn Fielder 10 days ago

    LOL Timmys Mr Game and Watch

  • VansTheMan
    VansTheMan 11 days ago

    Wow not even on here. Waluigi will get his day.

  • Charley
    Charley 11 days ago

    Well, I'm maining Jimmy Neutron

  • Oswald the lucky rabbit

    Bugs and daffy don't deserve to be in this I am

  • 6666 66666
    6666 66666 12 days ago +1

    You forgot shaggy

  • Jordan Violante
    Jordan Violante 13 days ago

    i would main shaggy

  • Jomar Quinones
    Jomar Quinones 13 days ago

    That's fake! 😡

  • adrian chavez
    adrian chavez 13 days ago


  • adrian chavez
    adrian chavez 13 days ago

    Hahahahaha peppa

  • Bro Latias
    Bro Latias 14 days ago

    eh I would probably get it

  • Fan of Transformers, Anime and other Stuff

    I wouldn't mind this actually being a real thing. I'll play the hell out of it

  • Eli- Playz *no vids*
    Eli- Playz *no vids* 14 days ago

    I think spongebob should be one of the main characters

  • Yeremi Ayala
    Yeremi Ayala 14 days ago

    Top 10 Characteers that never will be in super smash bros ultimate
    1 Steve and blue
    2 mickey mouse
    3 garfield
    4 Peppa pig
    5 Bugs Bunny
    6 Felix The Cat
    7 Daffy Duck
    8 My little ponny
    9 Woody
    10 Buzz Lightyear

  • Blu Kirby
    Blu Kirby 15 days ago

    One problem...

  • Roxo: the devil’s assistant

    Well, at least there’s popuko

  • Roxo: the devil’s assistant

    Why did you have to add the teen titans?

  • ブーケメタル
    ブーケメタル 16 days ago

    00 Mario
    01 Felix The Cat
    02 Michey Mouse
    03 Bugs Bunny
    04 Daffy Duck
    05 Garfield
    06 Scrooge McDuck
    07 Bart Simpson
    08 Homer Simpson
    09 Woody
    10 Buzz Lightyear
    11 Dee Dee
    12 Dexter
    13 Monkey
    14 Steve & Blue
    *15 Goku*
    16 Johnny Bravo
    17/18/19 The Powerpuff Girls
    20/21/22 Ed,Edd,n' Eddy
    23 Peter Griffen
    24 SpongeBob
    25 Patrick
    26 Timmy Tunner
    27 Shrek
    28 Samurai Jack
    29 Jimmy Neutron
    30 Kim Possible
    31 Numbah 1
    32 Jenny (XJ9)
    33 Danny Phantom
    34 Peppa Pig
    35 Mac & Bloo
    36 Mr.Incredible
    37 Lazio
    38 Ben Tennyson
    39 Phineas And Ferb
    40 Agent P
    41 Chowder
    42 C.K'nuckles
    43 Flapjack
    44 Finn & Jake
    45 Mordecal & Rigby
    46 Twillight Sparkle
    48 Applejack
    49 Rainbow Dash
    50 Rarity
    51 Fluttershy
    52 Gumball
    53 Dipper & Mable
    54 Stan
    55 Ryu?
    56/57/58/59/60 Teen Titans
    61 Garnet
    62 Amethyst
    63 Pearl
    64 Steven Universe
    65 Rick And Morty
    66 Star Butterfly
    67 Lincoin Loud
    68 KO
    69 Enid
    70 Rad
    71 Popuko
    72 Pipimi

    • Nameless Creature
      Nameless Creature 19 hours ago

      73 Tulip (infinity train)
      74 Nick (Nick)
      75 Sheldon (Sheldon)
      2e Donald Duck
      3e *Big Chungus*
      4e Duck Dodgers
      11e Mandark (Dexter's lab)
      15e Vegeta (DBZ)
      28e professor Utonium (PPG)
      24e Squidward (Spongebob)
      27e Donkey (Shrek)
      38e Teen Ben
      26e Chloe (FOP)
      17e Bliss (PPG)

  • Alondria McCoy
    Alondria McCoy 16 days ago

    0:48 jenny 0:53 danny

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez 16 days ago +1

    1:53 NANI!!!

  • Officer animaniacs fan Revival

    What about yakko wakko and dot

  • Officer animaniacs fan Revival

    Omfg 1:28 syncs so well

  • Double Aura
    Double Aura 16 days ago

    And you know, I think someone is probably gonna make a ROM hack of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with all those characters.

  • Kevin Lall
    Kevin Lall 17 days ago

    Be should all be there should all be cared this day should all be characters of spies brothers are all strong

  • YOSHI mega 360640000000 exe

    50% of the Cartoon characters were not in this video and not every one was here!

  • Brennan Moore
    Brennan Moore 17 days ago

    2:56 oh look it’s the teen titans I want to die

  • Claudio El Tigre
    Claudio El Tigre 18 days ago

    its...its beautifull

  • Ma Cristina Bautista
    Ma Cristina Bautista 18 days ago

    you forgot we bare bears
    plese make ice bear a number 6 man

  • Klffsj
    Klffsj 18 days ago

    I can't help but think that Felix the Cat should be replaced by Cat Noir.

  • Thunder The Electro Bolt

    Bugs bunny
    More like


  • Santiago and bunny boy
    Santiago and bunny boy 19 days ago +1

    1:43 peppa pig on cartoon character

  • freddy gamer 2000
    freddy gamer 2000 20 days ago

    I feel like Shrek would be over powered

  • DaSwagyKirby
    DaSwagyKirby 21 day ago +5

    I can't believe Squidward is still an assist trophy 😤

  • David Romero
    David Romero 21 day ago

    The name of my Super Smash Bros game will be called TV Smash Movies.

  • David Romero
    David Romero 21 day ago

    If you want me to comment the move set and Final Smash for Star Butterfly, Po, and Rapunzel. I'd be happy to.

  • David Romero
    David Romero 21 day ago

    You're in luck Mart8ndo, I'm deciding to make my very own Super Smash Bros game. It'll have fighters from Movies, TV Shows, and Cartoons. These are the 8 fighters I already agree with and 4 more fighters as well:
    1) Mickey Mouse
    2) Spongebob Squarepants
    3) Sid the Sloth
    4) Star Butterfly
    5) Robin from Teen Titans Go
    6) Rapunzel from Tangeled the Series
    7) Po from Kung Fu Panda
    8) Twillight Sparkle
    9) Martin Kratt
    10) Chris Kratt
    11) Gumball Watterson
    12) Darwin Watterson
    But I know I'm gonna need more than that. But I need help for what fighters to put and what there move set should be and there Final Smash. I already know what Po, Star, and Rapunzel's move set and Final Smash. I need help for Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, Sid the Sloth, Twillight Sparkle, Martin Kratt, and Chris Kratt. For Robin I need help for what his up special should be, because I got nothing. For Gumball I need help for what his side special and down special should be. For Darwin I need help for what his side special, up special, down special, and his Final Smash. Can you and the others help me please, I'm really struggling, and I need some people's help for more fighters. Everyone, feel free to comment me the name of your favorite Movie, Tv Show, and Cartoon characters and tell me what there move set and Final Smash should be please. So please help me!!! I'm begging you Please!

    • Nameless Creature
      Nameless Creature 19 hours ago

      Tom and Jerry, Arthur, Phineas and Ferb
      When does this game come out?

  • MARIOBROS241 pro
    MARIOBROS241 pro 21 day ago

    in the minute 1:34 you put *mable*

  • atikan apai
    atikan apai 22 days ago

    Despicable Gru DLC!!!! Super Smash Bros

  • Angel Laparra
    Angel Laparra 23 days ago


  • manuel blanco
    manuel blanco 23 days ago

    characters dlc
    1.Johnny Test
    4.Jake Long

  • J J
    J J 23 days ago

    Raven is my main. She's a complete badass. Although Ben is actually one of the strongest people in this entire roster second to shrek.

  • Cheerful White
    Cheerful White 24 days ago

    I'll main Edd. He's 21.

  • Tater Gamer10
    Tater Gamer10 24 days ago

    Johnny Test?

  • PhilCubeOFA
    PhilCubeOFA 25 days ago


  • Olga Cabrera
    Olga Cabrera 25 days ago

    Make the intro of spirits with cartoon characters please!

  • Nyangamer9000
    Nyangamer9000 26 days ago

    Cartoon smash? Why not Zoidberg?

  • Marcus Martinez
    Marcus Martinez 26 days ago

    Super toon bros

  • Mike Padilla
    Mike Padilla 26 days ago


  • Wyatt Saum
    Wyatt Saum 27 days ago

    Here is a move if this was a real smash Lincolns final smash should summon his sister in a stampede

  • End Game
    End Game 27 days ago

    You should have put more echo

  • Mr Kezo
    Mr Kezo 27 days ago


  • The Pyro
    The Pyro 27 days ago

    This is freaking awesomely perfect

  • roto fiery
    roto fiery 27 days ago

    Better than crossover nexus

  • Diegpe 123
    Diegpe 123 27 days ago


  • kevin jevil br
    kevin jevil br 27 days ago

    Pipimi no???

  • sonic gamer
    sonic gamer 27 days ago

    Goku debe ser en num 1

  • nico gamer yolo crack
    nico gamer yolo crack 27 days ago

    Tom and jerry please

  • Mariopro520
    Mariopro520 27 days ago

    Menuda mierda

  • James Clifford Dalogdog

    Dairanto X Sengoku Battle Warriors 2: Alpha Revolution - M.U.G.E.N. 2025. The Ultra, Ultimate crossover of the current millennium (2000 - 2999) (7th Seal of Revelation)!!!

  • AndyGamer2
    AndyGamer2 28 days ago

    i have a slash bros on twitter! #SlashBros

  • TreyTheEpic
    TreyTheEpic 28 days ago

    I also want to see the danger rangers in smash bros

  • Cheerful White
    Cheerful White 28 days ago

    delete unidentified ryu and mario

  • Никита Максимов

    And bobs in cartoon this is bob

  • ramon Lozano diaz Lozano Sandoval

    All cartoons wit Mario

  • MandoCat 80
    MandoCat 80 28 days ago +1


  • Brandy omlg
    Brandy omlg 28 days ago

    Porque sale goku que asco

  • ProGamer HD
    ProGamer HD 28 days ago

    Fake its Fake

  • ErockTheMiner
    ErockTheMiner 28 days ago

    Twilight Sparkle :D