EVERYONE. IS. HERE! But They’re All Cartoon Characters

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
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  • Scooperz
    Scooperz 6 hours ago

    I’m upset Rocko from Rocko’s modern life isn’t in, but maybe he’ll be DLC??

  • A Bushy bush123
    A Bushy bush123 15 hours ago +1

    Fire emblem what are you doing here

  • I love Kermit 19
    I love Kermit 19 21 hour ago

    What about waLuigi

  • Brandybot
    Brandybot Day ago

    Doc maby

  • Brandybot
    Brandybot Day ago

    2:10 yes my smash ball it worked YES

  • Boy Gamers Animations

    Hey... wheres carl?

  • Boy Gamers Animations


  • Angel Franco
    Angel Franco 2 days ago

    Imagin Mario vs Cat filix

  • Charlie Young
    Charlie Young 2 days ago +1

    Honestly, I feel Optimus and Megatron should of been included.

  • Aqua Ink Animz
    Aqua Ink Animz 2 days ago

    *What wee need is a DLC*

  • Driftorz 1
    Driftorz 1 2 days ago

    I would main patrick

    KEVIN J MORGAN 3 days ago

    Felix and Mario are both #1?

  • TheoGamer GG
    TheoGamer GG 4 days ago


  • TuttoA360Gradi
    TuttoA360Gradi 4 days ago

    My eyes are bleeding.

  • Blank336 Leafy909
    Blank336 Leafy909 4 days ago

    Wait where's Nature Cat?

  • Justin Sondakh
    Justin Sondakh 5 days ago

    Oooh ben ten

  • XxDeucellDeucexX
    XxDeucellDeucexX 5 days ago


  • Alin Palacios
    Alin Palacios 6 days ago

    I am so happy you added papa pig

  • Mr Fire Tv
    Mr Fire Tv 6 days ago

    Every one is here but mario is my fav

    CAMERON DIMATULAC 7 days ago

    If this was real, Jimmy neutron would be my main😏

  • creeper Pro 124364
    creeper Pro 124364 7 days ago

    Why did you not add Ninja Turtles sometimes heroes are cartoons

  • Justin Sondakh
    Justin Sondakh 7 days ago

    I wish sans was there

  • Justin Sondakh
    Justin Sondakh 7 days ago

    Loud house?

  • Justin Sondakh
    Justin Sondakh 7 days ago

    BEN 10!!!!!

  • bheide
    bheide 8 days ago

    there are two 01 Mario and Felix The Cat

  • Iggy And the koopalings

    This is awesome!!

  • Mtn_ Deoxys
    Mtn_ Deoxys 8 days ago

    What About Ben10

  • Terri Schroeder
    Terri Schroeder 10 days ago

    Why peppa pig screw peppa pig

  • Zombies4 Evadude
    Zombies4 Evadude 10 days ago

    3:06 Sad Marco didn’t make it.

  • Zombies4 Evadude
    Zombies4 Evadude 10 days ago

    So glad Shrek and K.O/Rad/Enid made it!

  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 11 days ago +1

    Movie Sonic as dlc 2 guys

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green 11 days ago

    Scrooge is my main

  • Basicly Merc
    Basicly Merc 12 days ago

    Heres my tier list
    My childhood = S
    Good cartoons but not in my childhood = A
    Good cartoons that were jn my childhood but i never watched =B
    Modern Cartoons except ttg = C
    TTG = Not in the tierlist / projared rank

  • Gunslinger YT
    Gunslinger YT 12 days ago

    #71 Oswald
    #72 RobotJones
    #73 Kid and Kat
    #74 Invader Zim
    #75 RobotBoy

  • ruden coolboy
    ruden coolboy 12 days ago

    so Spongebob. es Mario end Patrick es luige me 100√ coret so ya

  • Dora Is cool
    Dora Is cool 14 days ago

    Where’s Dora?

  • Vasiel Themeli
    Vasiel Themeli 14 days ago

    2:58 mamma Mia!

  • bruno. 2
    bruno. 2 14 days ago


  • Zane XD
    Zane XD 14 days ago

    Joker is 71 but popuko broke joker oof

    • Zane XD
      Zane XD 14 days ago

      It’s not the roben joker oof I can not spell right

  • Leandro Plays games
    Leandro Plays games 15 days ago

    Where is naruto?

  • ErockTheMiner
    ErockTheMiner 16 days ago

    0:59 you forgot Pinkie Pie

  • Usain Bolt
    Usain Bolt 16 days ago

    I main jenny xj9

  • Reinaldo Baena
    Reinaldo Baena 16 days ago

    me gusta a los jóvenes Titanes y ko y Ben 10 gumball

  • Kimon
    Kimon 16 days ago

    Give me one like if you got sad when the last Ben 10 episode came 😢😢😢😢

  • Brandon Munter
    Brandon Munter 17 days ago

    Someone should make a animated version of this!

  • Raymond Lessard
    Raymond Lessard 17 days ago +1

    2:46 *my dreams have come true thank you*

  • Fluttershy Maniac
    Fluttershy Maniac 17 days ago

    Add Witch Spring characters.

  • Gar bozz
    Gar bozz 17 days ago

    Gumball went super saiyan

  • WinXP 2006 AUTTP AVGCP

    everyone is here

    except thomas

  • Caco Splatoon2
    Caco Splatoon2 18 days ago

    Fake smash bros

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 19 days ago

    I’m making fan made music where everyone and I mean character humans made in one video but I’m making music first for that

  • MedianEgg804310
    MedianEgg804310 19 days ago +3

    So is Marco an assist trophy then?
    Edit: Minnie Mouse could be the Echo Fighter of Mickey (maybe)

  • Abd Khlf
    Abd Khlf 19 days ago

    i like it

  • Alex Whelan
    Alex Whelan 19 days ago

    Where is Tom and jerry

  • Alex Whelan
    Alex Whelan 19 days ago

    Timmy Turner is an echo fighter of ness

  • Justin Michaud
    Justin Michaud 20 days ago

    Miles Morales as Joker

  • Sans McCloud
    Sans McCloud 21 day ago +2

    Clyde is an Assist Trophy

  • Mr Barrington
    Mr Barrington 21 day ago

    Me:They put the Warner Sibs as assists,yet they put a f*cking shitty plank on there?I didnt waited my entire childhood only to spit me in the face.I didnt played the game,but for that reason,it sucks socks.
    Me on the inside:Gosh,Plank is the best characther ever.

  • Springdude 11
    Springdude 11 22 days ago +1

    Some of this doesn't make sense.

  • Bendy is better than cuphead Lol

    Every cartoon is here

  • adalberto martinez
    adalberto martinez 22 days ago

    Me: YES!
    My bud: What?
    Me: She is here!
    My bud: Who?
    Me: Jenny.
    My bud: Who is that?
    Me: (shows my buddy my tablet)
    My bud: Oooooooohhhh.....
    Me: What?
    My bud: You have a crush on someone.
    Me: Wha.....no I don't! (blushes)
    My bud: (gasps) Okay, you're blushing now? Oooooohhh.....you are busted!
    Me: I'm ruined.
    Thanks so much for reading this. And......yes..........I do have a crush on her -_-
    Who do you have a crush on that is not real?
    I just wanna know :) pls

  • adalberto martinez
    adalberto martinez 22 days ago


    • adalberto martinez
      adalberto martinez 22 days ago +1

      McLoadGaming should make this a game
      Who do you think should make this a game?

    • adalberto martinez
      adalberto martinez 22 days ago +1

      I will call McLoadGames
      Who do you think should make this game?

  • adalberto martinez
    adalberto martinez 22 days ago

    Super Cartoon Brawl Ultimate

  • adalberto martinez
    adalberto martinez 22 days ago

    Add Sonic at least
    He is also a cartoon character
    Why is Mario here
    Oh yeah
    Don't forget Mega Man
    Comments for any Nintendo characters in their own cartoons

  • Games around My iPad
    Games around My iPad 23 days ago

    No Barney? :(

  • sansypapy 's
    sansypapy 's 23 days ago

    And Popeye

  • Jake Sciongay
    Jake Sciongay 23 days ago


  • Bethany T. Narwhal
    Bethany T. Narwhal 23 days ago +1

    But wait where is wander
    Oh there he is cut from the parody because he's innocent

  • Shadow Fan is Back Again

    Welcome to WatchMoju.com top 10 Amine battles.


  • Brett Schminke
    Brett Schminke 24 days ago


  • LeAnne Sharkey
    LeAnne Sharkey 24 days ago

    Only 4 i don't know

  • Bluejack 22
    Bluejack 22 25 days ago +1

    Obviously Joker from Batman will be the first dlc to be reveal and for his neutral special he wields a Gun.

  • Bluejack 22
    Bluejack 22 25 days ago

    Mario is a cartoon character?

  • KirbyMaster
    KirbyMaster 25 days ago

    Heh, SpongeBob is 24.

  • Paula Campos
    Paula Campos 26 days ago

    Ssssssssssoooooooo fffffffffaaaaaaaaack

  • Chip Channel
    Chip Channel 27 days ago

    If this was real (I can only wish) I would buy it and main Gumball straight away (although would wand Darwin and Anias as DLC and squidward too)

  • Shay thinks shrek should be in call of duty

    Ummm actually MaRiO iSnT aNiMaTeD

  • Watercolor Kirby
    Watercolor Kirby 27 days ago

    I main Popuko.

  • Oswaldo Noe López Flores

    Ojalá exista un juego así algún día aún que sea fan game

  • GoldDropper
    GoldDropper 28 days ago +3

    You missed:
    Nyu (echo fighter)
    Stanford (Echo)
    Nico Nico Nee girl
    American dad
    Curious George

  • Cesar Zambrano
    Cesar Zambrano 29 days ago

    La iniciativa cartoon

  • Jonatan Samuel Cabrera Segundo

    02 Mickey Mouse
    03 Bugs Bunny

  • Noob Cookie
    Noob Cookie Month ago

    Wait it says Felix the cat and Mario are 1
    So who is it?

  • StenZebstrika 1954
    StenZebstrika 1954 Month ago

    Bro they are two characters that they are number 1
    They are Mario and Felix The Cat

  • Kourosh Daneshi
    Kourosh Daneshi Month ago

    That's less than half of them...

  • Ammar _hf2005
    Ammar _hf2005 Month ago

    if cartoon network had a smash game
    01 Gumball
    02 Richad
    03 Finn
    04 Princess bubblegum
    04 young Princess bubblegum
    05 Jake
    06 Gwen
    07 Ben
    08 Pikachu
    09 Darwin
    10 K.O
    11 Nicole
    12 Jigglypuff
    13 Anais
    13 Magic Anais
    14 Ice King
    15 Dexter and dee dee
    16 Fairy Penny
    17 Penny
    01 Knight Gumball
    08 Pichu
    20 Kevin
    21 Tobais
    21 Knight Tobais
    22 Firnn
    23 R.O.B
    24 Sonic
    24 Metal Sonic
    25 Tails
    26 Dr.Eggman
    27 Mario
    27 Luigi
    28 Enid
    29 Rad
    30 Mr.Garr
    31-33 Ash \ Red
    05 Cake
    10 T.K.O
    36 Knuckles
    37 Amy
    38 Shadow
    39 Lucario
    i think that enogh

  • Lilia Barberena
    Lilia Barberena Month ago

    Los titanes nada mal

  • Gaming Jesse
    Gaming Jesse Month ago +2

    Holy there is Steve and blue

  • Zach Brianheart
    Zach Brianheart Month ago

    Johnny bravo

  • AcidMonkeyKart
    AcidMonkeyKart Month ago +1

    No Courage? Damn that messed up

  • Gamenimations M
    Gamenimations M Month ago +2

    Joke aside this is actually a good idea for a game...

  • Karla Vega
    Karla Vega Month ago +1

    & Tom an Jerry?

  • Kourosh Daneshi
    Kourosh Daneshi Month ago

    Donkey is my most favorite assist trophy...

  • Julia Innes
    Julia Innes Month ago

    Why did I find this video so epic

  • Iam 2458
    Iam 2458 Month ago

    I awkwardly kinda want this to be a reality

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes Month ago

    The Apocalypse is upon us. 🕛

  • FUNImationAndThePPGSFTWJigglypuffFTL

    i played this vid with melee's theme

  • Kourosh Daneshi
    Kourosh Daneshi Month ago

    So many of my favorite cartoon are spirits, and I want them to be playable characters...

  • Kourosh Daneshi
    Kourosh Daneshi Month ago

    Where is Clarence and we bare bears are spirits aren't they....

  • Kourosh Daneshi
    Kourosh Daneshi Month ago

    Weres Scooby Doo and Shaggy?