When Kobe Bryant Put His MASK ON! BEST Career Highlights & Plays by MASKED Mamba!

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by Kobe Bryant wearing a mask!
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Comments • 392

  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights  Month ago +49

    Masked Kyrie Highlights > usclip.net/video/hhGy15nnS4U/video.html

  • Rybrown Jerry
    Rybrown Jerry Day ago

    8:31 wow...
    I mean the voice lol

  • Katrina Dela Cruz
    Katrina Dela Cruz 5 days ago

    The disrespect for kobe is the dumbess thing ever! Its not about stats,misses. Its about on what he did on the court! Kobe 🐐 period.

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores 19 days ago

    This why advanced analytics is a joke watch the highlights vs Memphis around the 2 minute mark every one of those shots are clutch but because advanced analytics definition of clutch doesnt apply to those shots it some how isnt clutch because analytics says so anyone with 2 eyes can see how clutch these buckets are but because it's not happening at the buzzer it's not it's not clutch

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores 19 days ago

    Bitch ass wade mad he got broken off in an all star game had to break the homies nose

  • A random Kid
    A random Kid 21 day ago

    Oh so he DOES pass

  • Víctor Gámez
    Víctor Gámez 24 days ago

    Beautiful to watch

  • Rokesh Gurung
    Rokesh Gurung 26 days ago

    Mamba on Batman mode🙌🙌

  • JB
    JB 26 days ago

    What are with all these mask compilations? The basketball isn't better just because someone's wearing a mask.

  • GoatBoy
    GoatBoy 27 days ago

    0:43 i think someone see creeper

  • inanew tongue
    inanew tongue 27 days ago

    how quickly they forget

  • Yung King
    Yung King 28 days ago

    Omg 11:49

  • Kelsey Mcfarley
    Kelsey Mcfarley 28 days ago +1

    talkin bout jr kobe the same 4:15 lol

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside 29 days ago

    7:10 if you look closely his whole teammate are ready to go back on defense guess whose out hustling the whole enemy team?

  • Jason 97
    Jason 97 Month ago

    kobe can pass too!

  • Kevin Rosales
    Kevin Rosales Month ago

    After KD, Kobe is the best scorer in NBA history, idc what people say about his percentages and missed shots, when it comes down to offensive skill set and arsenal, Kobe was above any other player ever. He not only took MJ's moves and perfected them, but he took pieces of game from Dirk, Magic, and other legends to have the most polished skills and ability to score.

  • Donald West
    Donald West Month ago +1

    Man. I miss the days when they would air all the games on KCAL 9 and FS West.

  • Solo Davinci
    Solo Davinci Month ago +1

    LeBron doesn't move or make shots like THIS!! Come on yall STOP

  • Solo Davinci
    Solo Davinci Month ago

    35 haters more coming near you 😆

  • Yo girl Side nigga
    Yo girl Side nigga Month ago

    Hes just so smooth.....

  • big Hube
    big Hube Month ago +1

    LeBron knew he was the best player in the league once Kobe went down with the Achilles injury, prior to that Lebron was very timid when they brought this topic because he knew he wasn't better than the Mamba...

  • terry lee
    terry lee Month ago +1

    Every time I watching Bean's games is like appreciating fine arts.

  • Rocky Doggy
    Rocky Doggy Month ago +1

    The Masked Mamba

  • Marc Young
    Marc Young Month ago +3

    Kobe is the best, legend
    To me he is the best NBA player ever
    He is right. I rank all time
    Kobe first
    Jordan second
    Lebron third

  • Joel Quinio
    Joel Quinio Month ago +1

    Kobe Bryant GOAT!!!

  • Mike S. Jr
    Mike S. Jr Month ago

    Only 2 people can beat him 1 on1 . Jordan & D🌹

  • B-Mint1994
    B-Mint1994 Month ago

    Kobe looking like MF DOOM with that mask on

  • Sushilim
    Sushilim Month ago

    And after that breakout season Bynum had, he was traded, no other vet guided him and his career was over. Good try by Indiana though.

  • stevieooo
    stevieooo Month ago +1

    KOBE is MJ with a 3 pt jumpshot

  • Diego
    Diego Month ago

    Who tf is 13 on the wolves cause fuck I feel bad for him

  • Chris Telson
    Chris Telson Month ago

    No one cared who I was until I put on the mask ~BANE

  • jr pel
    jr pel Month ago


  • DeMar Aldridge
    DeMar Aldridge Month ago

    3:37 What a clear shot!!

  • Mike Ma
    Mike Ma Month ago


  • GoodNight Robicheaux

    Yo Bean! 🏆5x🐍🐐

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Month ago


  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith Month ago


  • MR. Vegeta
    MR. Vegeta Month ago +1

    This right here this feeling, the feeling of Hope.. no matter if we’re down by 20 , just knowing it will be Ok as long as Kobe had the Ball .. that is what no other player in the league gives us , that is what we feel is missing since he left , Hope and Believing in one Man

  • Wilden Germain
    Wilden Germain Month ago

    That move at 8:35 🤧🐍

  • kane jr
    kane jr Month ago

    Kobe Kobe Kobe

  • thug8200
    thug8200 Month ago


  • Francis_ Sy
    Francis_ Sy Month ago +1

    Kobe’s footwork is so otherwordly godsend, better than Jordan to be honest! If he’s playing in this era then he could possibly score 100!

  • Francis_ Sy
    Francis_ Sy Month ago

    Damn I missed him!

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    I will hate playing him in horse it ain’t shot he can’t make 😂

  • CellGeist
    CellGeist Month ago +1

    Damn, I miss this guy playing. His footwork, the skills, and mentality was just too crazy. The way he moved on the court was silky smooth. Happy birthday Kobe!!!

  • Macniffuco MacMusic
    Macniffuco MacMusic Month ago +1

    Lebron who.....shit Kobe is the last breed in the NBA .Kobe was destroying fools in the game like Tupac was destroying suckas in the Rap Game.

    • Judah Mourneth
      Judah Mourneth Month ago

      Benjamin Franklin I was responding to a comment. A comment where lebron was brought up.

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin Month ago

      Judah Mourneth you just said this convo is about Kobe but your actions show you riding Lebron LMAOLOLOLOL

    • Macniffuco MacMusic
      Macniffuco MacMusic Month ago

      @Judah Mourneth true that

    • Judah Mourneth
      Judah Mourneth Month ago +1

      Macniffuco MacMusic because they really don’t have an argument for Kobe when it comes to lebron

    • Macniffuco MacMusic
      Macniffuco MacMusic Month ago

      @Judah Mourneth where KD fits in this situation...lol that guy is on some good dope

  • T.H.E.O.R.Y.
    T.H.E.O.R.Y. Month ago +2

    The thumbnail is unbelievable. Good job to you all at House of Highlights.

  • John Minx
    John Minx Month ago +1

    kobe was the nba's killer!!!!!period!

  • Natanael Miller
    Natanael Miller Month ago

    9:15 camera fake!

  • Max Kuiper
    Max Kuiper Month ago

    5:32, against kobe, defending harden from the side, let's say it, Rubio defense wack

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin Month ago

      Max Kuiper That’s because if you play Kobe towards his non dominant that an easy two dribble pull up mid range jumper for him

  • TheBestFighter
    TheBestFighter Month ago +8

    Happy Birthday to the greatest Laker of all time. KOBE BRYANT

  • beastbuilder
    beastbuilder Month ago +2

    this man was just not normal, being crazy about being successful made him one of the best players

  • Alex Panferov
    Alex Panferov Month ago +1

    Happy birthday, Kobe!

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen Month ago +2

    Miss Kobe maxing out the shooting sliders in the clutch and being THAT guy you want to shoot near the end

  • Irene Montana
    Irene Montana Month ago


  • Ama Jang
    Ama Jang Month ago

    Boy is his style is pretty

  • Tony W
    Tony W Month ago +3

    Do a "When Kyrie's shirt gets untucked" vid.

  • Beth Thomas
    Beth Thomas Month ago +2

    The BEST IN THE WORLD Kobe ❤️💯

  • MK Channel15
    MK Channel15 Month ago +9

    i think kobe is the smoothest player ever,he makes everything so effortless and is a joy to watch

  • Hani ali
    Hani ali Month ago +3

    its impossible to play like that in nba 2k19 on hall of fame difficulty except when you you have the takeover mode.. I guess kobe was on takeover mode almost his whole career..