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  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Become a master of video enterprise with... a calculator. Yes. Play Pontoon! And Speed Way! And Brain Drain! And do some sums! Then replace 5 AA batteries.
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  • Ti Pi
    Ti Pi 2 days ago

    ζ + δ = ζ y? Wow! What a calculator!

  • Beez1717 Beez1717
    Beez1717 Beez1717 3 days ago

    It's so sad that this calculator and it's shite games are better than most mobile games designed to suck all of your cash down the drain for a bad game.

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 8 days ago

    So what does it do actually the games look a bit boring ha ha ha ha

  • Despair
    Despair 9 days ago

    This is so depressing. Why is this garbage even made. There's a poor kid somewhere who got this as a birthday present and that thought won't let me sleep tonight

  • Fracture
    Fracture 12 days ago

    So, what's *really* your opinion of micro-transactions?

  • The Right Ladder
    The Right Ladder 14 days ago

    I thought Speedway looked pretty good

  • Ian Livesey
    Ian Livesey 15 days ago

    But can you write BOOBS on it?

  • the_muteKi
    the_muteKi 16 days ago

    Video ended followed by an ad for the Harry Potter phone game which I think is a hilarious juxtaposition

  • Daichi Maru
    Daichi Maru 16 days ago

    send it to The 8-Bit Guy and let him restore it!!! ^^

  • Pasta Man64
    Pasta Man64 17 days ago

    I've a pong console from these guys, the Videomaster Colourscore. I got it from my dad, who had gotten it as a Christmas present around the time it had been released. He said he gave it to me since then he knows it'll be taken good care of. My dad and I play on it occasionally, and it's a fun lil' console.

  • oorcinus
    oorcinus 17 days ago

    That doesn’t look like a vacuum display, it seems like the old bubble LED one. Oddly, you can find the 3-digit modules (calculators used 3-digit clustering) pop up on ebay nowadays, NOS.

    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 18 days ago

    who stays on an Ace and a 7?😕

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 19 days ago

    5 AAs? When I was a boy, our videogames ran on gasoline and had 1x1 pixel screens

  • Eve-nly Day
    Eve-nly Day 19 days ago

    $1 Brickgame is better.

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds 21 day ago

    Rubbish 😂

  • Transcendent Cthulhu

    Pak-jack. Probably illegal gay porn, from Pakistan.

  • avengedguy
    avengedguy 21 day ago +1

    Shit....this makes Tiger games look good.

  • Pat McDonald
    Pat McDonald 22 days ago

    Seem to recall the same people doing a pong clone. Very cheap, quite cheerful.

  • Burns My Britches
    Burns My Britches 24 days ago

    1.2 million subscribers with videos like this!? Wow!!!

  • John w
    John w 26 days ago

    I remember growing up in the 90's and playing my dads old handheld soccer game that was just like that.

  • chimpedable
    chimpedable 26 days ago +1

    Oh boy you know you cheap when you get some IKEA batteries

  • it'sMe TheHerpes
    it'sMe TheHerpes 27 days ago

    an escaped bear roaming freely on the street, is no laughing matter. it's quite deadly

  • culwin
    culwin 28 days ago +1

    I got the high score in calculator.

  • trekadam30
    trekadam30 28 days ago

    That Pontoon game seemed to play more like Baccarat, instead of Blackjack, because the jack(?) it got wasn't added to its final hand score (10's & face cards are worth 0 in Baccarat, however, the biggest score you can achieve is supposed to be only 9). Maybe it was a weird hybrid of the two games, hence the strange title of the game itself.

  • PetertheBrewer
    PetertheBrewer 28 days ago

    But will it run Doom?

  • Stephen Cresswell
    Stephen Cresswell 28 days ago

    11+7=17. 🤣

  • Glasses&Mouthplates
    Glasses&Mouthplates 28 days ago

    This is the type of gadget that makes you wished you get the actual Mastermind board game, or a regular calculator instead for Christmas.

  • ドロドロ
    ドロドロ 29 days ago +7

    i am the operator with my pocket calculator
    *bweep bwoop BWOOOM*

    • John Burns
      John Burns 16 days ago +1

      by pressing down the special key, it plays a little melody
      *cue the terrifying noises this machine makes*

  • Alex Rekzu
    Alex Rekzu 29 days ago


  • Bassless Loser
    Bassless Loser Month ago

    I forgot you existed for a solid year

  • Andrew Ballard
    Andrew Ballard Month ago

    reminiscent of a Psion organiser 1 >_

  • Khron's Cave
    Khron's Cave Month ago

    Vacuum display? The redness would rather indicate a bubble-LED display, perhaps?

  • n0ka
    n0ka Month ago

    A potato would be more fun than this

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon Month ago

    (7:40) - Soft 18. Not 17.

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt Month ago

    Those look like Ikea batteries, but I could be wrong :P

  • ser_Moist
    ser_Moist Month ago +1

    "called blackjack these days"...
    yes, these recent days

  • mihaelkyeah ksjn
    mihaelkyeah ksjn Month ago

    *2 1 ?!?!?!*

  • johneygd
    johneygd Month ago

    That’s interesting, and i bet once gompai yoko saw an man playing with this calculator during a train trip,he came up with the idea of a game & watch series handheld, haha.

  • nensondubois
    nensondubois Month ago

    I feel like this was probably a prop used on Star Trek.

  • Nesu Kak
    Nesu Kak Month ago

    Which just exist to suck your money like a demonic ba[Headspace ad]sterd.

  • Jernau Morat Gurgeh

    wtf youtube unsubbed me from you

  • Yes Indeed
    Yes Indeed Month ago

    Calculator is a game...for when you’ve completed a maths test 15 minutes before the end of the exam.

  • RockYeahh
    RockYeahh Month ago

    Another acton packed video.

  • Wim Widdershins
    Wim Widdershins Month ago +2

    Heh. I would've loved this back in school. Speedway was better than expected.

  • TheKeilanm
    TheKeilanm Month ago

    Brother has an old Gillette watch that uses a similar display

  • MissAshley42
    MissAshley42 Month ago +9

    "Calculator's not a game." Maybe not the way _you_ play it.

  • Lunakit
    Lunakit Month ago

    Win ALL the money!! As long as there are no nines in it....

  • Brian M
    Brian M Month ago

    Say, I remember this guy. Didn't he fight Darth Vader or something?

  • Robert Osswald
    Robert Osswald Month ago

    bubble display

  • Paul Drake
    Paul Drake Month ago +2

    Send it to Big Clive, he will fix the 9 button and while he's at it will probably replace the display with warm white LEDs.

  • thehappylittlefox aka benji

    Yay More Tat from Shatters Anus

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff Month ago +6

    Ad right before the end credits?
    Who are you, Larry Jr. Bundi?

  • JediBhuddist
    JediBhuddist Month ago

    I Like it.! Should be simple enough to fix.
    Reminds me of my Casio Watch Number-Invaders 1981

  • Ryan Wequ
    Ryan Wequ Month ago

    Hey! Vacuum screens are cool.

  • Aerin Ravage
    Aerin Ravage Month ago +5

    *tries to add 59 and 2* ” No we can't because the nine doesn't work. On the plus side...”
    Uh huh... I see what you did there.

  • parody 404
    parody 404 Month ago

    It's basically the handlink all has in season 1 to 2 of quantum leap
    You should cosplay as al with it lol
    Get big Clive to gut it out and put in a 480nm blue laser in and keep the display working rewire calc mode to fire the blue laser to cheat at pool and snooker 🎱

  • parody 404
    parody 404 Month ago

    You could pretend your Al from quantum leap with his handheld device

  • rockapartie
    rockapartie Month ago

    Stuart, why don't you use rechargeable batteries?

  • mark morris
    mark morris Month ago

    You can spell boobs with numbers, that’s a game lol

  • TimeToSlashZoom
    TimeToSlashZoom Month ago

    Can it run Doom?

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson Month ago

    Lol anyone who played the dreadfull hoverscooter level fom Battletoads knows that the dodging is easy in speedway.

  • Theodore Relic
    Theodore Relic Month ago

    Have to say, when the school started allowing us to have calculators in math class (would have been around 1977, when I was in 9th Grade), I would have loved this device. Sadly, I think much of the class decided their favorite pastime using them was probably typing in 58008 or 7734 :)

  • georgef551
    georgef551 Month ago

    Those are old-fashioned LEDs. I had an (American) Football game that almost is similar to the racing game there.

  • Kobalt
    Kobalt Month ago

    Brain Drain is a great album.

  • Gilbert Munn
    Gilbert Munn Month ago

    Where did you get that because I want to get it

  • Wolfebane42
    Wolfebane42 Month ago

    I'm uncomfortable with how hard it was for me not to try and ACTUALLY Dr. Ashen about what the gambler's fallacy is... I don't want to be that person...

    • Wolfebane42
      Wolfebane42 Month ago

      For those wondering, the Gambler's Fallacy has to do with the fact random distribution is not bound to the probability curve... or is that the Gambler's Delusion? Are they different things? If they're different things I'm gonna look like such a butt.

  • 1955Melman
    1955Melman Month ago

    like a DEMONIC BAS(ad plays)

  • timg2727
    timg2727 Month ago

    The people of the past were desperate for every last crumb of entertainment they could get, weren't they?

  • Th3lonef0x
    Th3lonef0x Month ago

    This thing looks like the flight recorder from Alien 3.

  • Alexander Rewijk
    Alexander Rewijk Month ago

    we had a merlin.

  • Michael Weis
    Michael Weis Month ago

    Glad I missed that one...then and now!

  • Core Dream Studios
    Core Dream Studios Month ago

    Those missing segments are probably the ribbon cable or wire harness coming off the board and/or the display, fixable I think.

  • Im An Asshole
    Im An Asshole Month ago

    Not the GAME Enterprise, the space shooter, which is indeed rubbish.
    Don’t you love puns where the reader has to know about ancient games to get the joke?

  • Howie
    Howie Month ago +1

    I'm sure Spock had one of these!😉

  • Paul Potter
    Paul Potter Month ago

    That's rather impressive for the time, with Speedway being especially clever considering the limitations of the display. It would be really nice to get it working properly. I'm going to see if I can get one of these for my calculator and other tech collection.

  • Camera Obscura
    Camera Obscura Month ago

    Why would a LED display get broken? LCD always break, but LED?

    • danimayb
      danimayb Month ago

      cathode degrade? these old panels are PDP tech after all

  • Jason Birch
    Jason Birch Month ago

    Yeah...thanks QUANG... 😀

  • Feather Wait
    Feather Wait Month ago

    Did anyone else get an ad in the middle of Stuart savagely saying the word 'bastard'?

  • The LeftTechcat
    The LeftTechcat Month ago

    but can it run crysis

  • MinusNoir
    MinusNoir Month ago

    I suppose we'll have to replace the device before the 5 AA batteries.

  • Paul Gascoigne
    Paul Gascoigne Month ago

    Well today I at least learned not to take Ashens to Vegas with me.

  • Numbingbird
    Numbingbird Month ago

    "Hey videomaster whats 9 + 10?"
    *Videomaster:* "21"
    "You stupid"

  • Nellyfish
    Nellyfish Month ago

    I try not to do that with my mobile games 😘

  • Phil Shary
    Phil Shary Month ago +6

    This is the Ashens I subscribed to 12 years ago! Love the tech content!

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson Month ago

    anybody else get a strategically placed ad that covered up the curse at the end?

  • Velocity 502
    Velocity 502 Month ago

    Review of an Arduboy?

  • Greg S
    Greg S Month ago

    Stuart, if there's anyone that could fix that display and buttons to 100% functional again, it's Fran's Lab. You ought to head over to her channel and see if she wants to take a look.

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    Try n get hold of a 80s Psion organiser, they were ace

  • Gadgetboy
    Gadgetboy Month ago

    Send it to big clive!

  • TheOstNZ
    TheOstNZ Month ago

    Did everyone in the 80s know someone at school with the boxing game calculator?

  • Asobi tech
    Asobi tech Month ago

    You're welcome Stuart.

  • qwerty keyboard
    qwerty keyboard Month ago

    I want one!

  • The Tyrant
    The Tyrant Month ago

    Yeah but can it run DOOM?

  • Gilmoriël
    Gilmoriël Month ago

    "...more gameplay than a lot of mobile games, which just exist to suck all your cash like a demo... [INTERRUPTED BY ADD FOR MOBILE GAME] ...nic bastard"

  • Tylonfoxx
    Tylonfoxx Month ago

    Speedway is basically a prehistoric version of Subway Surfers :P

  • Arnie Nonymous
    Arnie Nonymous Month ago

    Well, that was crap.

  • Lee Designer
    Lee Designer Month ago

    Not great? It’s utter pants.

  • bananamunchkin94
    bananamunchkin94 Month ago

    "ㅂㅂ8e888888" says the broken calculator portable game system. "Yeeeesss......." Says Mr. Ashen(s).

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Month ago

    I want one.

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston Month ago

    Yes, quite.