Eating At The WORST Reviewed Breakfast Restaurant In My City (Los Angeles)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • we found it. its time to show you the WORST 1 STAR breakfast restaurant in my whole city.
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    Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
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    Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series

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  • C Bug
    C Bug 2 hours ago

    The Denny’s where I live kicks total ass 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • anon 2000
    anon 2000 3 hours ago

    "now it's denny's, 4 in the morning spoil your appetite" - kanye west

  • Madison Doerich (Student)

    Where my family lives the Denny’s is REALLY GOOD!!!

  • Jaydi’s World
    Jaydi’s World 4 hours ago

    The lady said don’t take pictures of me in Spanish 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Avianna Rodriguez
    Avianna Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    It’s 3:07am and I just CACKLED when brennen pulled out that muffin i-

  • Sjvw Avocado
    Sjvw Avocado 10 hours ago

    I am dead ass SO EMBARRASSED BC i never knew that this Denny’s is the one I always go to and never had a problem but now I found out it has a 1 star mfing rating and it disgusts me now 🤢

  • mrTabascohot
    mrTabascohot 15 hours ago

    So you know you don't eat the fat on the steak right?

  • Jordan Tye
    Jordan Tye 15 hours ago

    You should come to Toronto we have some pretty custy restaurants

  • Jessica Emes
    Jessica Emes 15 hours ago

    anyone catch jakes giggle right at the end when they walked out LMAOOO that sent me

  • Malaiya King
    Malaiya King 22 hours ago

    moons over my hammy tho that’s what’s good

  • Dee Savage
    Dee Savage 22 hours ago +1

    Y’all expect to much you was complaining about the bacon that was supposedly “to crunchy” your just saying stuff for film

  • Ozukum Aolong
    Ozukum Aolong Day ago

    I would eat all of that. 😍

  • trash 04
    trash 04 Day ago

    the ending was very unexpected. I'm crying

  • Midnightwolf Gaming

    Dirty butt hole poop

  • Midnightwolf Gaming

    The woman said”don’t take photos of me” in Spanish 😂

  • Maria Villalobos
    Maria Villalobos Day ago +1

    The funniest thing was when Brennen got an old muffin instead of the red ball🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Danira Torres
    Danira Torres Day ago

    The lady said dont take a picture of me and u said did she just cast a spell on us Hahahaha Lol

  • iiSuNFloWerxxX eDiTs

    Stuff on the sandwhich was a moth flying insect GROSS!!!

  • dusty sansy
    dusty sansy Day ago

    0:48 I thought that fly was real for a second and almost had a panic attack XD

  • Shadowpikachu543

    *N O M E T O M O F O T O*

  • Whitney Pollan
    Whitney Pollan Day ago

    8:11 dirty butthole poop

  • thetruthinwords bananagirlq

    Welp, that's Alabama food for ya. We get by with it and ya get use to it. Lmao.

  • ayegood boom
    ayegood boom Day ago

    The one dennys by me is good bit that dennys is ewwww

  • Abby Lopez
    Abby Lopez Day ago +1

    Bitch that muffin had me gasping for air!!😂😂😂

  • Iyana Nunally
    Iyana Nunally Day ago +1

    Dang Denny's is great for everyone where I live.

  • SubToPewdiepie UnsubFromT-Series


  • xXMediaTrix
    xXMediaTrix 2 days ago

    Alright I know for a fact that you guys where over exaggerating like that egg looked completely normal how do you want your egg to look like what the fuck?

  • Tee Kay
    Tee Kay 2 days ago

    Aside from the steak (who the f ever orders steak at brekky by the way?) the food looked totally fine to me. Actually makes me want to go out now for the same cuisine. Come on guys.....really? Bitchfest 101.

  • Carolinas SweetTea
    Carolinas SweetTea 2 days ago

    Hi brennen & Jake! Y’all were better than me on that steak bacon and sausage because that all would’ve been sent right back to the kitchen! And I mean right back!!! Damn Denny’s yall just ain’t gone make it! Every Denny’s I know of is not doing that well at all! It’s sad because this place used to be great back when I was a kid and it’s sad how they have went downhill like this! I work at Waffle House and I’ll tell you all that every fast food place and food establishment has its pros and cons it’s perks and plugs I promise you! I use to date a Mexican and he threw his poop 💩 paper in the trash because they don’t have flushable toilets in the part of Mexico he was from and he told me that is why he done that but I put a stop to that shit immediately!!!! That’s gross as fuck!!! And the smell is horrible!!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤮 anywhoo can y’all do me a favor and do a Wafflehouse review? Please andnit would be even better if you would come to one I work at🤝😺😺😺 email me Carolinassweettea IG or

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 2 days ago +1

    *Dirty Butthole poop*

  • Chase Steinbruegge
    Chase Steinbruegge 2 days ago

    I like his hoody

  • Tru Doan
    Tru Doan 2 days ago

    Dirty but hole poop

  • Tru Doan
    Tru Doan 2 days ago +1

    (4:28) *Brennen*:did she just cast a spell on us *Me*:dying 😂🤣😂

  • KirstieLeigh MakeUp
    KirstieLeigh MakeUp 2 days ago +1

    That steak 100% looks like pork...

  • B3reNìcė Gô
    B3reNìcė Gô 2 days ago

    There at Denny’s

  • Jayden Salas
    Jayden Salas 2 days ago

    At my Denny's its a 5 star and 4 star

  • miranda Gonzalez
    miranda Gonzalez 2 days ago

    If I ever complain how they complain my mom would of told me if ur paying u could complain

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez 2 days ago

    She said don’t take a picture 🤣🤣🤣

  • Crystal Homan
    Crystal Homan 2 days ago

    If u guys ate the food as soon as it came out it wouldn't be half bad to be honest.

  • lil_ Trin vids
    lil_ Trin vids 2 days ago

    Hey brennen I know you probably won't see this but if I see something gross I say disgrossting because its gross and disgusting at the same time

  • playstation addictionz

    Dirty butt hole poop

  • Nicholas Bradford
    Nicholas Bradford 3 days ago

    In ur city you mean England is my city

  • Torrah Dawson
    Torrah Dawson 3 days ago

    She said not to take her picture

  • Shout out to Sean Ranklin

    "Looks like a traphouse" You both clearly do not know how a trap house looks like.

  • Beloved Del Priore
    Beloved Del Priore 3 days ago

    DiD sHe CaSt A sPeLl On uS?!?!?

    I think so

  • Șlendăr men
    Șlendăr men 3 days ago

    That on da toast was a fricking moth wing

  • Lindsey Hendricks
    Lindsey Hendricks 3 days ago

    At least, when I worked at my local Denny’s, the dishwashers didn’t just dip the dishes in 3 different liquids. You’d spray it down, put it on a almost pallet like thing, run it through a conveyer belt dishwasher, then stack them. What happened a lot when I work there, was on a busy day the waitresses would come back for cups if they ran out and sometimes would accidentally grab out of the dirty stack. Not excusing it bc it was fucking disgusting and I will never eat at Denny’s after working st one, just clearing the air a little bit

  • Catty12345 I love cats
    Catty12345 I love cats 3 days ago +2

    “Dirty Buthole poop”

  • Outlawed
    Outlawed 3 days ago

    that looks like a piece of shit

  • Melgenia Roque
    Melgenia Roque 3 days ago

    Dirty buthole poop

  • Buildaholic _
    Buildaholic _ 3 days ago

    Did she just cast a spell on us

  • Vaxeen
    Vaxeen 4 days ago +1


  • Beto Vargas
    Beto Vargas 4 days ago

    Ur not very nice u didn’t stop the ppl that were going in to the restaurant

  • x-Apollo-x
    x-Apollo-x 4 days ago

    Its FUCKING RAW!!!

  • Grayson Good
    Grayson Good 4 days ago

    Dirty butthole poop

  • Heba Shehayber
    Heba Shehayber 4 days ago +2

    The freakin steak 😳🤢🤮🤒🥴

  • akalil sahidan
    akalil sahidan 4 days ago

    Poor girl,he working all alone

  • 1- VersePrincess
    1- VersePrincess 4 days ago

    That's my Denny's. That is the Denny's I used to go to I loved it when I went there every Saturday but since we have no time we dont go. I dont believe that it's that bad. I need to go there.

  • Lorna Mitchell
    Lorna Mitchell 4 days ago

    Your brother needs to wear gloves in the restroom lol his safety

  • Joaquin the king
    Joaquin the king 4 days ago

    No she didn't put a spell on you she said no take a picture of me

  • Jake Golovacha
    Jake Golovacha 4 days ago

    I like my bacon crunchy but not to crunchy

  • Ferrari Allen
    Ferrari Allen 5 days ago

    Your bill was 666 😅😂

  • Alexis Close
    Alexis Close 5 days ago

    That meat was still Mooing😂🐄

  • Stargazing Products
    Stargazing Products 5 days ago

    Dirty butthole poop 😂😂 😂

  • TYB_Memin25
    TYB_Memin25 5 days ago

    Yoooo that’s crazy I went to the same exact Denny’s and sat right where you sat 😂😂

  • Bryan Turcios
    Bryan Turcios 5 days ago

    At 4:26 she said don’t take pictures of me

  • July0791
    July0791 5 days ago +1

    Who can’t cook breakfast tho like how do you really mess that crap up

  • Fantoms Squad
    Fantoms Squad 5 days ago

    1:48 omg that happened to me before but it was with the cola cup and the lipstick was faded but I immediately asked for a new soda

  • Tatianna Brown
    Tatianna Brown 5 days ago +3

    You guys should try The Serving Spoon in Inglewood . its my favorite 😍😍😍

  • x Unique x
    x Unique x 5 days ago

    I've been to a Denny's before and when I went the service was great and the food was amazing, the only thing was that my aunt burger has a hair in it, but the employees politely gave us another for free. However, we didn't buy breakfast.

  • SiriusfromOrion
    SiriusfromOrion 5 days ago

    Brennan: ' I'm not going to complain to these people about the food,i I don't want anyone here to lose their job over this review', 1.2 million views of this video, I'm sure no one found out.

  • Tricia Lata
    Tricia Lata 5 days ago

    i feel like they see it’s one star and especially jake overreacts about it

  • izzy Maxey
    izzy Maxey 5 days ago +1

    Dirty butthole poop? 💩 💩💩

  • Alexandra Ramirez
    Alexandra Ramirez 5 days ago

    How can a Denny’s be dead every Denny’s is always full 🥴

  • hannah bates
    hannah bates 5 days ago


  • Its_Elisha chamberlain

    Dirty butthole poop

  • Amari's Life
    Amari's Life 6 days ago

    Dirty Butthole poop💀

  • Rachel Musick
    Rachel Musick 6 days ago

    36:66 "that's not a bad sign" says Brennan. Me: 666 oh yeah that's totally not a bad sign

  • Not a YouTuber
    Not a YouTuber 6 days ago

    That on ur toast. Is a moth.

  • Rhino Ryan
    Rhino Ryan 6 days ago

    Denny's is so good, that certain one is just poorly managed and run

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 6 days ago

    17:47 Brennen's Toy Review , made me cry my left eye is leaking tears

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 6 days ago

    4:19 I love your guy's kreepy creeps

  • Peyton Trummell
    Peyton Trummell 6 days ago

    Guys cmon everything looked bad but the eggs I don’t see what wrong with then

  • Annaliese Callaway
    Annaliese Callaway 6 days ago

    come to san antonio and go to jims!!! best pancakes and you can’t go wrong with their food

  • Gemma Reed
    Gemma Reed 6 days ago

    Brennan: there was a fly in my hashbrown
    Fly: *flys across screen* and I oop.....

  • John Hawkins
    John Hawkins 6 days ago

    that sausage looks like E.T’s fingers

  • Alex Razo
    Alex Razo 6 days ago

    Butt hole poop

  • Lord Sacha
    Lord Sacha 6 days ago

    Brendon you don’t have qualification to talk about meat. Even gordon ramsay pan fried his steak. The problem is not that they dont have grills its the meat quality. Cooking your meat rare will not cause harm if the meat is properly handled.

  • GG Gamingofc
    GG Gamingofc 6 days ago

    Denys anywhere in my state is perfection aka hella good lol

  • Jonathan Esquivas
    Jonathan Esquivas 6 days ago +2

    All meat from chain restaurants are frozen

  • jayden ripy
    jayden ripy 6 days ago

    But hole poop

  • Mezsjuarez
    Mezsjuarez 6 days ago

    U should go to Fort Wayne Indiana there’s this place called Coney Island it’s a hotdog place it’s 4.7 stars it’s so good

  • Brandy McDuffard
    Brandy McDuffard 6 days ago

    This place needs to be shut down!!

  • Spice YT
    Spice YT 6 days ago

    Denny’s at my state is 😍🔥👌🏻

  • AraBelLA ClOuT
    AraBelLA ClOuT 6 days ago

    dirty butthole poop 💀

  • The Art Yeti
    The Art Yeti 6 days ago

    Are you guys brothers?

  • Shalyn Keeler
    Shalyn Keeler 7 days ago

    8:49 pretty sure that sound was edited in

  • Emerald Angel
    Emerald Angel 7 days ago +4

    Lady: Nomamotovoto
    Brennen: Did she just cast a spell on us???
    *Denny's catches on fire*

  • Hayleigh Jones
    Hayleigh Jones 7 days ago

    How do people get blood on things? Easy! People hate to wear band-aids. I don't know why. At my old job an older lady came through the drive-thru and when I went to go take her money I got blood on my hand. Turns out she was bleeding from a scrape on her palm from moving branches in her yard. She apologized profusely, but obviously it still made me feel sick. This isn't the only time a customer was bleeding and got blood on the money. People suck, seriously.

  • Kate Lazarit
    Kate Lazarit 7 days ago