Alien: Covenant (2017) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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Comments • 6 627

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  3 months ago +1077

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    • Mr.Swaggins
      Mr.Swaggins 15 days ago

      It should be a chest buster because it would've taken a few million years not 90 years

    • Buil Dinit
      Buil Dinit 20 days ago

      talk 2 much

    • TzL Monkie37
      TzL Monkie37 28 days ago

      I love your channel like 👇🏻 if you agree

    • Jack Morgan
      Jack Morgan 2 months ago +1

      Dead Meat 0:27 they aren’t xenomorphs they’re protomorphs

    • Corey James Hill
      Corey James Hill 2 months ago

      His can cells protomorph a xenomorph

  • keyman 452
    keyman 452 5 hours ago

    What if it's a different type of Facehugger

  • D O O D
    D O O D 7 hours ago

    I don't want your shit voiceovers I've come here to watch certain points of a movie not listen to some idiot

    Xo_STRIKER 10 hours ago

    They ain't xenomorphs, they're protomorphs.

  • NeoDeXeno
    NeoDeXeno 16 hours ago

    Something i just noticed Chris's chest burst wound and Loews look different, maybe an actual chestburster form came out of Loew but it's shown as an easter egg.
    I might be looking too much into this but who knows 😕

  • Cyborg—fizz 12
    Cyborg—fizz 12 17 hours ago

    Did anyone else get disturbed by that ending?

  • no one
    no one 23 hours ago

    These aliens just look like the whiteheads off of re: 2 remake.

  • Petreu
    Petreu Day ago

    weren't predators using facehuggers during the existence of maya civilisation? aka 2000years prior to this movie...plotholeeees

  • That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    Wait...why would they bring a make gay coupled?
    Isn’t their job to repopulate?
    And you know, that’s not really how repopulation works

  • LoowheezeBreeze
    LoowheezeBreeze Day ago

    16:10 What's the significance of the face in the side of the mountain?

  • xswifscoutx bravo
    xswifscoutx bravo Day ago +1

    future masterbation??? hah

  • John Evans
    John Evans Day ago

    My son loves your video

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Day ago

    Wait what? There was a gay couple on this crew? That doesn’t make much sense tbh since they’re trying to colonize a new planet.

  • Claudette Main P4ND4

    Apparently Shaw actually died in the book or script by David. She was already dying from being infected of that black goo, and once she and David made it to the Engineers Homeworld, he snapped her neck as she saw them. I suppose they left it offscreen/changed to the discovery of her corpse to make it more impactful that it being seen in the flashback when David released the vase infection. Since then he was using her body for the further experiments which is why she was found like that in Covenant. I actually would have preferred that they kept her death but instead made it more climactic with adding the flashback when Daniels came across her body, but casually transitioning between the body and the flashback but also with her death.

  • Hazzard157
    Hazzard157 2 days ago

    16:47 I'm sorry but... 'Tis a minimorph.

  • Bennett Chan
    Bennett Chan 2 days ago +1

    James: 17:26
    Alien 3:Am I a joke to you?

  • Angelo James Mordini
    Angelo James Mordini 2 days ago +1

    I think it is a “protomorph” bc of the way it comes out of the chest. And it’s body looks slightly different from Xeno. Which is a better thought since the disappointment of the fully formed chest burster. There’s hope for a true xenomorph

  • Angelo James Mordini
    Angelo James Mordini 2 days ago +1

    I just don’t like how the mushroom spores is how a neomorph is made. It’s to far from the facehuggers

  • Nathan Osborne
    Nathan Osborne 2 days ago

    its confirmed to be a protomorph

  • Blight
    Blight 2 days ago +1

    Definitely would pipe a xenomorph

  • Zoe vashti
    Zoe vashti 2 days ago

    My uncle showed me this movie, and I immediately fell in love with it

    • Zoe vashti
      Zoe vashti 2 days ago

      @Paul Hanke lol, me and him are horror fanatics

    • Paul Hanke
      Paul Hanke 2 days ago

      With your uncle?

  • Ethan E
    Ethan E 3 days ago

    So what the the hell happened to the deacon

  • Carlo Martin Parmisana

    Would love to wait for your kill count on the next alien movie haha

  • Carlos Keifer Delos Reyes

    That xenomorph is a protomorph

  • Matt H
    Matt H 3 days ago

    This is Xeno country!!!

  • taki buristabol
    taki buristabol 4 days ago

    Wait, why does he say "the universes first xenomorph victim"

    • taki buristabol
      taki buristabol 2 days ago

      @TheWateryMan i figured everything out thank you, i was confused because the xenomorphs appeared in the AVP movies which occured on 2003 on wards in the story, and covenant is supposed to be in year 2100 plus, i realised david was not the one who created the xenos but just worked on existing specimens. The directors of the movie messed it all up for us.

    • TheWateryMan
      TheWateryMan 2 days ago

      taki buristabol this moive is a prequel

  • yellowmarble08 _
    yellowmarble08 _ 4 days ago

    Remember, if it's a planet. Don't shortcut.

  • AKN
    AKN 4 days ago +3

    One of the chestbursts come out to look like sonic

  • BlueBerry Bery
    BlueBerry Bery 4 days ago +6

    The chestburster is actually a protomorph, a prototype of the original classic alien 👽

  • Norman Moar
    Norman Moar 4 days ago

    Can i please purchase one of those Predator's or Aliens toys you have?

  • Matt Hanson
    Matt Hanson 4 days ago +1

    I've honestly avoided cinema for a while cos CG is always dreadful. I swear I'm CG blind

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy 5 days ago +4

    I absolutely love this movie, but I'm unfortunately in the minority

  • Mr.Q Who are you?
    Mr.Q Who are you? 5 days ago +1

    So Xenomorphs were made in the future then how were they fighting predators in Egyptian times

  • Riverpaw 323
    Riverpaw 323 5 days ago +1

    During the Cargo lift Zeno face off(s) play The Incredibles music

    KILLER DESTROYER 5 days ago +1

    Why does this get views

  • Gabe knotts
    Gabe knotts 5 days ago

    What’s is the canister?

  • GROGNAK _56
    GROGNAK _56 5 days ago

    If you have sex with yourself from the past is it considered gay or jerking it

  • Beltran Edits
    Beltran Edits 5 days ago

    Obviously, you sir have more humor and personal commentary towards these movies than actual professional criticism. By the way, I thought this would be a kill count, not your personal take and extras.

    SPUDDLY BUDDLYS 5 days ago

    Despicable me kill count

  • Manbatgaming
    Manbatgaming 5 days ago

    Im just gonna guess that lv-426 is the colanist planet the covenent was heading to and david raised the embryos into queens and releast them there

  • Theo Belsten
    Theo Belsten 5 days ago +2

    4:57 sounds like zoidberg

  • Traveling Outdoorsman

    first time i saw that scene 6:40 scared the shit out of me haha

  • M E
    M E 6 days ago

    Just wached it yesterday

  • Ark Project
    Ark Project 6 days ago +2

    My emotion in this film when seeing:
    First Xeno egg: *Happy face* yes, first Xenomorph. Yes!!!
    First Face Hugger:*Hope and joy over 10000*.
    First Chest Buster..? Mini Xenomorph...?: *Destruction of All Hope and Joy:100000* What?

  • Billy Hensley
    Billy Hensley 6 days ago

    So this is the prequel of ALL the alien films

  • Ninjabeast5150
    Ninjabeast5150 6 days ago

    hey umm this is the most kills this channel has in kill counts
    those millions of people were kills since they are humans

  • Bryce Harper The Fan

    Backpack bytes

  • Sanic24 Gaming and more

    People call it a proto morph because it is like the prototype of a xenomorph and it is the last creature similar to a xenomorph that we we see before the original alien movie i think so that xenomorph we see crushed by the crane is that tiny fully formed xenomorph but it grew up

    So basically all i am trying to say is the tiny fully formed xenomorph is called a proto morph

  • Lana Onos
    Lana Onos 7 days ago +1

    Maybe the eggs are made of the Shaw her eggs in the uterus? And that is why their wasnt before but after experimenting with her eggs and the black stuff

  • Jesus Ibarra
    Jesus Ibarra 7 days ago

    We got preddy fight now we have droidy fight

  • corrosion1 YT
    corrosion1 YT 7 days ago

    What type of organism would you prefer to make you it's host
    I'd say sybiote aka what venom is

  • Carter Scovill
    Carter Scovill 7 days ago

    love this video but completely disagree with your opinion that the aliens in this movie being different from the aliens in the other movies is a bad thing, I like that they're doing their own thing by not just making the new (old) aliens not only look different but have a entirely different life cycle as well. the movies are showing the progression of the aliens from something unrecognizable to the iconic alien we know and love, the directors doing something different isn't bad in this case it's creative and interesting.

  • Ferenc Palcsi
    Ferenc Palcsi 7 days ago

    I have a question. How David was seen with Brown hair when in the Prometheus film and when he's cutting his hair down we see his hair color was Blonde?

  • Arjun Unnikrishnan
    Arjun Unnikrishnan 7 days ago +1

    Undoubtedly. UNDOUBTEDLY. Not undoubtebly.

  • Hard FREEDOM
    Hard FREEDOM 8 days ago

    Moral of the story

    Never invite them to enter

  • Amio Sarker
    Amio Sarker 9 days ago

    It's a protomorph !!!!!

  • Electrizer101
    Electrizer101 9 days ago +1

    Neomorphs? You mean fetus aliens?

  • cyberdemon 10130
    cyberdemon 10130 9 days ago

    This is important Which john denver song

  • Josh Waldorf
    Josh Waldorf 9 days ago

    So David was the real creator of the Xenomorph.

  • Fluffy Hotler
    Fluffy Hotler 10 days ago +5

    I like the mini xeno (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)
    And let me have my Protomprphs I like seeing diffrient versions of my beloved xeno's

  • Salty Stick
    Salty Stick 10 days ago

    Everyone keeps giving Ridley Scott crap by saying that he made the first Alien movie.

    Are y'all forgetting that he _directed_ it and not _wrote_ it?
    That role goes to Dan O'Bannon.

  • HadeeHD
    HadeeHD 10 days ago +1

    6:24 His Husband?
    Is his name Husband? Hopefully.

  • Reeces Piece
    Reeces Piece 10 days ago

    The Neomorph was awesome...

  • Nicholas L
    Nicholas L 10 days ago +5

    The neomorphs probably come out depending on how the “spores” enter

    • I am a lit Bean
      I am a lit Bean 9 days ago +1

      Nicholas L but one went in his ear and came out his back and the other one went in his nose

  • Caroline OMahoney
    Caroline OMahoney 10 days ago +1

    13:05 that is a queen chest burster

  • Mathew Johns
    Mathew Johns 10 days ago

    Wait is this halo

  • Razgriz6464
    Razgriz6464 10 days ago

    'I'm kicking my own ass"

  • Dr Falcon
    Dr Falcon 10 days ago

    So, is there gonna be another one that explains the ship that the first xenomorph in the 1979 film, or is it just unknown

  • Sverrir Hvassauga
    Sverrir Hvassauga 11 days ago +1

    So Lope and the other guy are married eh? I mean that's cool I guess... But did anyone else notice how grossly counterproductive it is to include a pair of gay guys on a COLONIZATION MISSION??? Forget adopting, you're on an alien planet, WHO LOOKED AT THAT AND THOUGHT,"Mmm yep, makes sense, the logic doesn't matter so long as we hit our diversity quota."
    Seriously, I'm fine with gay representation in film, I just saw Rocketman and LOVED it. But this... This was not the place to do it because it just doesn't make any sense. At. All.

  • Derpy Spirit
    Derpy Spirit 11 days ago

    when the xenomorph
    popped out of the guy, James went crazy but however i saw a chest burster before it did its fast molting, i have a reason to believe that only the first xenomorphs (all the eggs in the room with the face huggers that leads to the first xenomorphs) can molt unbelievably fast into small xenomorphs

  • TSS_Thunder
    TSS_Thunder 11 days ago

    Why David...

  • Abiageal Hopper-Tracy
    Abiageal Hopper-Tracy 11 days ago +1

    13:10 IT LOOKS SO CUTE

  • tube Minecrafter
    tube Minecrafter 12 days ago

    16:10 mountain face

  • Samuel Rivas
    Samuel Rivas 12 days ago

    Do the movie Dracula untold

  • WarfareLegend
    WarfareLegend 13 days ago +4

    Ridley Scott himself addmitted that this was not meant to be a Xenomorph

  • Raphael Burger
    Raphael Burger 13 days ago

    Wow, these neomorphs are so undecided, they always come out somehow

  • Call Me Astaire
    Call Me Astaire 13 days ago +8

    "And 16 felony charges"

  • Ryan Poulin
    Ryan Poulin 13 days ago

    Answer me please what is the next movie to this ill be watching my notifications lol

    ツBIELJOAOツDALIKE 13 days ago

    This is PREDATOR? 5:53

  • Vlego Creations
    Vlego Creations 13 days ago

    I wonder if he will ever run out of movis

  • Eli Shreves
    Eli Shreves 13 days ago


  • Eli Shreves
    Eli Shreves 13 days ago

    At my old school we never infect humans thro there eras holes

  • Stefan Joeres
    Stefan Joeres 13 days ago +4

    You didn't go for the "Fasskicking" pun to describe the Droid fight.

  • Adyan Ali Lishan
    Adyan Ali Lishan 14 days ago

    Dude can you pls not say bad words

  • Rodney Hoffman
    Rodney Hoffman 14 days ago

    150 kills in this franchise

  • MrCrispy
    MrCrispy 14 days ago

    Why is the little xenomorph out the chest actually super cute

  • Greenley Ramirez
    Greenley Ramirez 14 days ago +1

    Why is there a face in the mountain at 16:10

  • Bmx Forever
    Bmx Forever 15 days ago

    It is that tiny xenomorph fully grown it was an egg sack and a plant infected by black goop

  • Jennie Ma Cruz
    Jennie Ma Cruz 15 days ago

    You should do Godzilla kill counts

  • Judo Chop Master
    Judo Chop Master 15 days ago

    14:09 That face tho

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty 15 days ago

    Hey Smollett was that a Magamorph?

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty 15 days ago +1

    The best James Franco he has played in...#FirstKill

  • RK900 Conan
    RK900 Conan 15 days ago +2

    "David the first human hating android"
    Detroit Become Human: *Am I a joke to you?*

    • LilyCanadian
      LilyCanadian 13 days ago

      i get its a joke but this movie came out in 2017 and D:BH was 2018

  • felicity humphries
    felicity humphries 15 days ago

    Did you know that 2 plus 47 is 49 not 48

  • King Of Monster
    King Of Monster 15 days ago

    You talk to much

  • Cooper Ochsenbein
    Cooper Ochsenbein 15 days ago

    I have a theory on the proto/xenomorph and it’s that the xenomorph started more organic and biological but because it is the perfect organism it becomes more technological and advanced which is why the xenomorph physiology changes between alien and aliens and because it evolved so rapidly one of its fatal flaws is the face hugger embryo implanted, takes longer to be implanted and comes out less developed as the classic chestburster

  • Xavier Draws
    Xavier Draws 15 days ago

    I like to think that those weird tiny Xenomorphs would evole into the classic chestburster

  • Shars art
    Shars art 16 days ago

    Hey James i like Neomorphs. Fight me.

  • jack canox
    jack canox 16 days ago

    This movie is trashgarbage

  • floweyball 2 nope
    floweyball 2 nope 16 days ago

    kill count: tf2 meet the team
    no srly