Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • iPhone X is finally here. This is the unboxing and... second impressions.
    iPhone X First Impressions:
    Video Gear I use:
    Intro Track: Disarm by Alltta
    Phone provided by Apple for video/review.
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  • haribabu g
    haribabu g 11 hours ago

    iphone fans like here

  • haribabu g
    haribabu g 11 hours ago

    my phone is iphone xs max

  • MuscleX101
    MuscleX101 12 hours ago

    iPhone XS Max came too soon

  • Tiffany Robinson
    Tiffany Robinson 22 hours ago

    Hey honey how y’all

  • Crispy Noodles
    Crispy Noodles Day ago

    This is the first time watching u and WOW I was expecting an Indian accent lol

  • Maciej Komajda
    Maciej Komajda Day ago +1


  • MC
    MC 2 days ago

    This phone single-handedly caused the notch craze

  • granto ,
    granto , 3 days ago

    02:43 must be awesome to know dwayne johnson

  • Md. Masum
    Md. Masum 4 days ago


  • Rowan dempsey
    Rowan dempsey 4 days ago +1

    When i was watching a Samsung s10 add came up

  • M Cyrus
    M Cyrus 5 days ago

    It's the first time than I prefer the white one than the black

  • voisart
    voisart 5 days ago

    Diggin that deadmau5 T-Shirt!

  • cjj 1501
    cjj 1501 5 days ago

    I watched this in my iPhone x

  • Vincent Lin
    Vincent Lin 5 days ago +4

    iPhone X is here, 7 plus will get price drop, 6s will be like even cheaper, 6 will be hella cheap, that means I can FINALLY buy the iPhone 5s :D

  • Muhammad SaqlainAli Badshah

    NYC phone

  • johndyel ps
    johndyel ps 7 days ago

    I want one so bad😩

  • Panda 730S
    Panda 730S 8 days ago

    0:55 No surprises? Of course you say that. Forgot the easter egg? Apple include wired earphones with a wireless phone..

  • mac james
    mac james 8 days ago

    shit phone

  • Ilhan Tele
    Ilhan Tele 8 days ago

    Such a waste of money

    • Ilhan Tele
      Ilhan Tele Day ago

      +Daniel P overrated. Over priced. No headphone jack. No sd card slot. Waste of money

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P Day ago

      Ilhan Tele ?

  • David Amora
    David Amora 8 days ago

    X is roman numeral! God! People are so dumb!

  • Methsara Muditha Saram

    😂🤭😏🤫 ❤️ S10 ❤️

  • Joshua Beltran
    Joshua Beltran 9 days ago

    IPhone x😍

  • Juan Mena
    Juan Mena 9 days ago

    Ur being watched watchout cuz iphone x has face scanner

  • Marc Rafik
    Marc Rafik 9 days ago +10

    Why I’m i watching unboxing of iPhone X on my XS

  • Josh Awesom
    Josh Awesom 10 days ago +1

    no airpods? does iphone xr have them?

    • Fran
      Fran 8 days ago

      Josh Awesom WTF,every iphone include airpods in box

  • Chin
    Chin 11 days ago

    XS is so much prettier

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 11 days ago +3

    *When you get more views than subscribers*

  • The Keshone show
    The Keshone show 13 days ago +3

    5:01 why was i looking at the chicken instead of his face 😂😂

  • EzECr1s 3O5
    EzECr1s 3O5 13 days ago

    The iPhone X is just an overpriced and overrated piece of shit, the Huaweii Mate 20 and the Samsung S10 are way better

  • Patel Jigar
    Patel Jigar 13 days ago

    I like the way u introducing the iphone x

  • Daniel Loh
    Daniel Loh 13 days ago

    I m Mr Daniel I like to use iPhone X but me I can saving money how I can the pay money to buying saving experience so much

  • Absølete One
    Absølete One 13 days ago

    Mark ass brownlee. Will smith ruined you its old but just cuz..

  • Ryan Seely
    Ryan Seely 14 days ago

    Every ten seconds he breathes

  • Hunter Cooke
    Hunter Cooke 15 days ago

    mr marquez why did you change your name

  • ohlooktheres travboii
    ohlooktheres travboii 16 days ago

    _is this what u wanted_

    KHALIL ET 16 days ago +1

    Samsung galaxy s10 is my dream phone... but it's just dream please let my dream come true

  • Hans Blitzkrieg
    Hans Blitzkrieg 17 days ago

    Buy a Note 9

  • Jennifer Escareño
    Jennifer Escareño 18 days ago

    You hace adraw for iphone X

  • dude b
    dude b 18 days ago +7

    Why am I watching a an unboxing from 2017 on an xr?

    • hi
      hi 6 days ago +1

      dude b because x is better than xr

  • Saerd Ibrahiem
    Saerd Ibrahiem 21 day ago

    Always cool

  • Oh klahoma
    Oh klahoma 21 day ago

    The notch looks absolutely hideous honestly

  • Boring Mations
    Boring Mations 21 day ago +1

    It’s rewind time

  • Hao Huynh
    Hao Huynh 22 days ago +3

    I’m from the future, the iPhone is now half price used

  • Debasish Dutta
    Debasish Dutta 22 days ago +6

    The phone that started the notch revolution

  • Rachel Carvalho
    Rachel Carvalho 24 days ago

    I felt like I got stabbed the second you put the phone face down ( 0:45 )

  • L
    L 24 days ago

    Stupid to power off, just should say hey siri

  • Shan Iqbal Adviser
    Shan Iqbal Adviser 25 days ago +2

    I Notice this guy always support google pixel why

  • Sister swag satanic salamanda

    The iPhone X is gone❌

  • Kai Thiering
    Kai Thiering 27 days ago +1

    Pls pls can I get that iPhone X pls pls pls

  • Believed Gaming
    Believed Gaming 27 days ago +4

    Watching this so I feel good about having an iPhone X instead of the s10

  • Ahmed Tahsin
    Ahmed Tahsin 27 days ago +1

    Anybody after Samsung Galaxy SX( i.e S10 ) launch💎

  • Sunshine Hyuck
    Sunshine Hyuck 27 days ago +1

    his voice suits the chicken animoji tho

  • Sujal Chevli
    Sujal Chevli 28 days ago

    Pixel's front facing camera is much better than Iphone X's front facing camera

  • Jigar Kariya
    Jigar Kariya 28 days ago

    Your fash is monkey

  • ForMy Hobby
    ForMy Hobby 28 days ago +1

    After S10 ?

  • Saivion
    Saivion 29 days ago

    I wanna kill myself 😔

  • Brawl Stars Daryl Loh
    Brawl Stars Daryl Loh Month ago +1

    Can I have one?Thank you!

  • Awakened Bahamut
    Awakened Bahamut Month ago

    You can press the power button five times in a row to power off.

  • ThisKiddotolitto !!

    Dwayne johnson

  • hustlaz2k
    hustlaz2k Month ago

    welcome to nokia club loser! even underdog like mivo topped u now loser!

  • Sam Howie Nivera
    Sam Howie Nivera Month ago


  • pErRo ElEGaNtE
    pErRo ElEGaNtE Month ago

    Is amazing that phone

  • H M
    H M Month ago

    Happy Halloween

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley Month ago

    Apple is just a name people buy a £1000 phone when it’s only got about £350 - £400 hardware in it. Apple sheep just follow the apple on a stick. Apple DONT make their phones too last they are slowly slowing down their phones over a 2 year time line making you buy a new iPhone.

  • Dhruv Sachdeva
    Dhruv Sachdeva Month ago

    2:42 Oh you got a message from "The Rock" 😂

  • Saivion
    Saivion Month ago

    This made me want to kill myself. Dont @ me.

  • Dakkar nadir
    Dakkar nadir Month ago +1

    So i have a get brand new phone.......

  • Aryeh Tausk
    Aryeh Tausk Month ago

    *A phone that explodes*

  • Packard N
    Packard N Month ago +1

    So I'm gonna be very honest, I'm pretty poor and I can't afford iPhone so I'm washing cars till I have enough money for the best IPhone and a pair of AirPods. Call me broke or a pleb if you want but I'm working.

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      Don't by it. Just by a better phones and safe 500€. The X is underpowered and looks outdated.

  • Ognjen Asanin
    Ognjen Asanin Month ago

    This iphone is trash

  • Ora Julia
    Ora Julia Month ago

    Why was this discontinued by apple?

  • Upakul Patowary
    Upakul Patowary Month ago

    USA ka technical guruji

    • Krishna JV
      Krishna JV Month ago

      Technical guruji is the mkbhd of India maybe, or better don't compare, mkbhd is way better

  • TRaptersYT
    TRaptersYT Month ago

    How do u turn off the phone fully bc u didn't explain it properly

  • youplus test
    youplus test Month ago

    Very good

  • youplus test
    youplus test Month ago

    Very good

  • MohanKumar K N
    MohanKumar K N Month ago

    Very good

  • Jan Dude
    Jan Dude Month ago

    Giveaway please

  • Ashmith Kumar Dhawan
    Ashmith Kumar Dhawan Month ago +11

    iPhone X- birth of a notch

    • Necmo Gaming
      Necmo Gaming 13 days ago

      G deherkar we are Americans. We never came to India.

    • Tejas Kulkarni
      Tejas Kulkarni 20 days ago +1

      Necmo Gamer you have half knowledge kid

    • Necmo Gaming
      Necmo Gaming 20 days ago

      Tejas Kulkarni I have iPhone XR. Also I don’t like Indians. They are rapey, smelly as curry, pees on road

    • Tejas Kulkarni
      Tejas Kulkarni 20 days ago

      Necmo Gamer even I am Indian and i own X so you know my opinion about notches

    • Tejas Kulkarni
      Tejas Kulkarni 20 days ago

      Drawde yeah bro i am typing on my iPhone X lol

  • Mason Duncan
    Mason Duncan Month ago

    Well over 1 year later it's fair to say...

    Nobody says "The X"

  • Juan Garcia Guerra
    Juan Garcia Guerra Month ago

    They already stopped selling them on their site...

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Month ago

    These types of videos are so satisfying

  • Roncel Joy Dela Cruz

    Give me iPhone plssssaaa

  • Dr Whoa
    Dr Whoa Month ago

    Watching this on my samsung j2 core!!!

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Dwayne Johnson??? On his CONTACTS

  • Roy Martin Tandberg

    2:42 It's the Rock!

  • Julian .O
    Julian .O Month ago +1


  • Ayan Berdek
    Ayan Berdek Month ago +1

    Man you look like chad wick (Black panther) 👍😊

  • Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan Month ago

    Got this for my birthday 🎁

  • Abdullah G
    Abdullah G Month ago +1


  • Theo Productions
    Theo Productions Month ago +32

    That Dwayne Johnson message tho

    2019 btw

  • ان الساعة حق

    Add me in pubg my name:jawadsdaher

  • Sponge Pepe
    Sponge Pepe Month ago

    It's 2019 and i'd rather iphone 6 then anything lmao

    b3HAVIOR iSSU3Z Month ago

    Guys should I get this one or the iphone 8?

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan Month ago

    iPhone X camera is preety bad

  • Yahya Khaled
    Yahya Khaled Month ago


  • King With A Capital K

    Can you do a review on the Audio Technica AT-LP120 or 60?

  • King With A Capital K
    King With A Capital K Month ago +149

    0:41-0:47 The only reason I watch iPhone Unboxings

  • snailpop snailpop
    snailpop snailpop Month ago +1

    Samsung all the way!!

    • Cyka CheekiBreeki
      Cyka CheekiBreeki Month ago

      Samsung is becoming apple. I switched to Xiaomi for this year and love it.

  • Iffa Shafiq000
    Iffa Shafiq000 Month ago

    Its back side was not that much good 😏

  • Minhaz Hridoy
    Minhaz Hridoy Month ago