Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)


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  • Alex Gaming :3
    Alex Gaming :3 2 hours ago


  • Leonel Andre Santos

    I heared far on both

  • Carlos Parra
    Carlos Parra 2 days ago


  • Sam alaimo
    Sam alaimo 2 days ago

    The Bar clips are different. In the first clip you can see he is not passing his teeth over his lips in the second clip you can see his teeth passing over his lips indicating he is making the FR sound.

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 4 days ago

    Frick both my ears and brain are lying to me now... WHO CAN I TRUST?

  • SeñorMoon세뇰문
    SeñorMoon세뇰문 5 days ago

    My mother tongue is Korean which dose not have “F” sound, I heard “Bar” and “Bar”. It dose not work for me even I saw his mouth.

  • Partygamesstuff
    Partygamesstuff 6 days ago

    I my ears didn’t get tricked

  • Temmie gaming and memes

    I hear bar both times

  • Vlad Haiducu
    Vlad Haiducu 8 days ago

    I saw the one circle

  • Forever Shanyah
    Forever Shanyah 8 days ago

    He did change what he said

  • Jessica LoveGood
    Jessica LoveGood 8 days ago +1

    I'm literally terrified by the tones that seem to be ascending.. like, as soon as I start to listen to it I start to have panic attacks

  • xPrO_AssassinZzx
    xPrO_AssassinZzx 9 days ago

    pause it at 0:39 the audio and video did change you liar

  • xPrO_AssassinZzx
    xPrO_AssassinZzx 9 days ago

    If you look at his teeth the first time it isn't touching his lips then the second time he is so you can just tell he's saying two different words

  • Raju P.nair
    Raju P.nair 9 days ago

    2:10 to 2:22

  • Fionn Dargan
    Fionn Dargan 10 days ago

    Lads look at when he compares the first two sounds bar and far , he says they are the same clip but how come the right face puts his bottom lip back to pronounce an f and the left guy doesn’t is it just me ?!?!?!

  • Frida Jiménez
    Frida Jiménez 11 days ago

    The climbing tone part was weird for me. It was like the opposite. Where the second one ended the first one started, so weird

  • Frida Jiménez
    Frida Jiménez 11 days ago

    I’m scared

  • Bitten4Robloc
    Bitten4Robloc 11 days ago

    Watch his lips in the beginning

  • LegendDragon04 // PilotPikachu

    Actually on Bar and Far
    His lips curled inwards into the mouth meaning he made the f sound. On bar he didn’t do that. The problem isn’t my hearing, but the movement of the lips according to your speech.

  • Vlada Sturza
    Vlada Sturza 12 days ago

    High low high low high low

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 13 days ago

    The Shepard tone illusion didn't work for me...

  • Zach 363
    Zach 363 13 days ago


    SHADOWSLAYER0809 YT 13 days ago +1

    The first one fake

  • Gman193 Blair
    Gman193 Blair 13 days ago

    Up for all 4.

  • halil efe acay
    halil efe acay 13 days ago

    i gues im imune to the shepard tone illusion

  • halil efe acay
    halil efe acay 13 days ago

    i replayed it 10 times and its the same lol

  • Lisa Simpson
    Lisa Simpson 13 days ago

    Why in the first one you lied (pause then hit 0:40)

  • Bigfan Of Most things
    Bigfan Of Most things 14 days ago

    Brainstorm and green needle

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 14 days ago

    Now I can’t even trust my own body parts....WHAT THE HELL MAN?!

  • Terrificten
    Terrificten 14 days ago +1

    I do trust my ears... I was able to identify that it was a double tone....

  • Jawanbowden 24
    Jawanbowden 24 15 days ago

    The full time

  • Jawanbowden 24
    Jawanbowden 24 15 days ago

    I hear high to low for Tritons paradox

  • Tanner Russell
    Tanner Russell 15 days ago +1

    Ascending on #1
    Descending on #2, #3, and #4
    What did you hear?

  • Annunzio Mantovani
    Annunzio Mantovani 15 days ago

    Participate in creating the first affordable hearing aid !
    Please share this with all of your friends and get the world listening again !

  • Ayaz Hashmi
    Ayaz Hashmi 15 days ago

    Well these illusions did not work for me

  • Pretty Default
    Pretty Default 16 days ago


  • EpicPpl 1
    EpicPpl 1 16 days ago

    im immune to the last one

  • Kiwiwatermelon 07
    Kiwiwatermelon 07 17 days ago

    Up up up down for the sounds

    DANGWAFFLES (AJ) 18 days ago

    I only saw one

  • MrDeag
    MrDeag 19 days ago

    Lies he was saying far look at the mouth

  • GirlWhoDoodles
    GirlWhoDoodles 19 days ago

    I didn't see the circle?

  • Saff1xo
    Saff1xo 19 days ago

    I am really weird-I don’t hear yanny or laurel :/

  • Tonette Giron
    Tonette Giron 20 days ago

    2:10 2:22

  • JD x Scorpion
    JD x Scorpion 20 days ago +1

    High to low on all except 4

  • Devin Dockery
    Devin Dockery 20 days ago

    The second time his lip goes under his teeth

  • Ishita Gupta
    Ishita Gupta 20 days ago

    Yes i trust my 👂

  • David Cartagena
    David Cartagena 21 day ago

    circle was obvios in my opinion

  • Carnita Jacobs
    Carnita Jacobs 21 day ago

    *pause!!* 0:41 #exposed

  • fluffy panda101
    fluffy panda101 21 day ago

    On the first one look at his lips one of them says bar and the seconds one says far look at the lips moving its not a trick

  • Maks The skaM
    Maks The skaM 21 day ago

    They did not trick me

  • Breeze Wind
    Breeze Wind 21 day ago

    0:42 he is lying see that in the first one his teath dont stick out making it sonund like he is saying bar and in the second one his teeth do stick out making it sound like he is saying far

  • Ann3840977

    2:10 Best Song Yet

  • anonymous
    anonymous 22 days ago


  • Student .316
    Student .316 22 days ago

    First two ascending then the second two descending

  • Atombomb Games
    Atombomb Games 23 days ago


    • Atombomb Games
      Atombomb Games 23 days ago

      It does not keep the effect up, the sudden break seems to break the effect as well

  • Atombomb Games
    Atombomb Games 23 days ago

    (I did not look further into the video) You heard far because your brain sees lip movement and sees "OH HES SAYING FAR! HAH EARS!" But if you remove the video, you hear bar

  • Mark & Company
    Mark & Company 23 days ago

    2:10 to 2:22

  • chingmui Kwok
    chingmui Kwok 23 days ago +1

    when I didn't look at the screen,I could control my ears.Try It!!!

  • WimpyWater _
    WimpyWater _ 24 days ago

    For the high low one, if you think low to high, that's what you hear, but if you think high to low, that's what you hear

  • ragnaros the firelord
    ragnaros the firelord 24 days ago

    1# descending 2# descending 3#descending 4# descending

  • สมสมร มังคละวิรัช

    For the high to low/ low to high part here's what i heard
    1 low to high
    2 high to low
    3 low to high
    4 low to high

  • GamerCreep80
    GamerCreep80 25 days ago


  • Davey Boj Ng
    Davey Boj Ng 25 days ago

    I dident

  • Rocio Cuevas
    Rocio Cuevas 26 days ago

    How come children can hear higher frequencies?

  • user 101
    user 101 26 days ago

    I heard bar 1st and 2nd par

  • S37792
    S37792 26 days ago

    the first video his mouth was moving differently then the second one b/c on the second one his teeth touches his lips.

  • lol 399900-roblox and more

    #4 low high

  • Judah Nowlan
    Judah Nowlan 27 days ago

    1. ascending
    2. descending
    3. ascending

  • Ducky RMX
    Ducky RMX 27 days ago

    0:39 the dude was wrong. you see, the image on the left had his lips together, however on the image on the right, his bottom lip was BEHIND his teeth, to make an 'F' sound

  • EkToPLzZM
    EkToPLzZM 27 days ago


  • Mick T
    Mick T 28 days ago

    Look at the lips hes saying two different things

  • Random Person
    Random Person 28 days ago

    Its all accending to me

  • xx Aésthétic Røses xx

    This is why I have trust issues.

  • Jenny Fisher
    Jenny Fisher 29 days ago

    2:10 2:22 here

  • Sorito Jangz
    Sorito Jangz 29 days ago

    I hear both acending and desensing

  • Icy Animator
    Icy Animator Month ago


  • star Koka
    star Koka Month ago

    On the first one with bar bar bar his lips day other wise you lied because he puts his teeth to his lips making f sound saying far

  • jon nuanez
    jon nuanez Month ago

    I'm from Boston. I heard "baah" and "faah". Now lemme go paahk my caah.

  • Luke Willis
    Luke Willis Month ago


  • Samantha Mitchell
    Samantha Mitchell Month ago

    In the first video of far and bar, they are diffrent to me. When the show the video side by side, on the left side, his lips are going on the backside of his teeth which makes an f sound, on the other one his lips don't go behind.
    This is just what it looks like to me🤗

  • Sophia DEEN
    Sophia DEEN Month ago

    Ascending ascending ascending descending. And I saw the thing blink once

  • Titanic
    Titanic Month ago

    0:23 THEORY:
    Notice how Greg's mouth is moving differently; it's how your mouth moves when you say an 'F' sound. So your brain takes that in and concludes that Greg is saying 'Far'.

  • UNmasked [YT]
    UNmasked [YT] Month ago

    1. Ascending
    2. Ascending
    3. Ascending
    4. Descending

  • Jaro Jani
    Jaro Jani Month ago

    ii hear both bar bar bar

  • majisticcat
    majisticcat Month ago


  • Shewolf Carr
    Shewolf Carr Month ago

    Both the first videos are different

  • Delirious XD
    Delirious XD Month ago +1

    why is gregs front teeth out when he said far not bar or am I just crazy sorry for bad English 😬✌️

  • Venus Yeah that’s it

    Low high

  • Luke Willis
    Luke Willis Month ago

    1,2,3 acsending
    4 descending

  • Batman Will
    Batman Will Month ago


  • Nyla Nicoline
    Nyla Nicoline Month ago

    High low
    Low high

  • Butterek
    Butterek Month ago



  • Rhino6092
    Rhino6092 Month ago

    EXCELLENT video!!! I’ve been a huge fan of the BLR videos ever since I discovered them and cannot get enough of them. So of course, I decided to try and make one myself since, obviously, it couldn’t be that hard…. WRONG! Yes, those videos are hilarious, and after watching this video and learning about the science behind why they seem so spot-on, I’m an even bigger fan of not only the videos but how amazing/weird our brains really are. Thanks for posting this!!!

  • Ralsei Gamer
    Ralsei Gamer Month ago

    Him: Ascending or Decending?

  • Ralsei Gamer
    Ralsei Gamer Month ago


  • Lotsu 999
    Lotsu 999 Month ago

    High - low

  • Lotsu 999
    Lotsu 999 Month ago

    High - low

  • EL-9不滅の少年

    0:25 ok if I don’t look it sound like bar but when I look it sound like far and bar at the same time 🤔