Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)


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  • AcroEdits
    AcroEdits 9 hours ago

    2:11 2:29

  • Greenyvilanboy
    Greenyvilanboy 18 hours ago

    I heard Bar the whole time and
    I saw one Circle... am i Super Human!??

  • chriz gardner
    chriz gardner Day ago


  • chriz gardner
    chriz gardner Day ago

    i hear fart

  • Ankit Udawant
    Ankit Udawant 2 days ago

    Shepherd illusion didn't work on me?

  • Marie Rog
    Marie Rog 2 days ago


  • Lily Dody
    Lily Dody 2 days ago

    Dude this is the copycat version of the vid I just watched. Like literally the exact SAME thing 🙄

  • Laura An
    Laura An 2 days ago

    The first guy did do different thing look at his lips

  • mickey-chan  .
    mickey-chan . 3 days ago


  • Many Videos Of Very Awesome WolfGirl

    My ears are no more good

  • goosiemal
    goosiemal 4 days ago

    I heard those tones as ascending then descending for the last 3

  • Firestar - FlamedKiller

    I heard Far on the first, and Car on the second

  • Ashfly
    Ashfly 4 days ago

    every note was ascending

  • katelyn lagos
    katelyn lagos 4 days ago

    The circle things was the only thing that was easy I thought it flashed twice

  • Caring Storm
    Caring Storm 5 days ago

    Nope, don't trust them lol

    JAYANT KALGHATGI 5 days ago

    1 high low 2low high 3 low high 4high low

  • Mr. Cringe
    Mr. Cringe 6 days ago

    High low for all

  • Toon Zelda
    Toon Zelda 6 days ago

    2:09, here guys

  • Jasmine Chandler
    Jasmine Chandler 7 days ago

    1st one was high to low

  • Jasmine Chandler
    Jasmine Chandler 7 days ago

    I got it write yas

  • Jasmine Chandler
    Jasmine Chandler 7 days ago

    I only heard bar

  • Chanto Gamer
    Chanto Gamer 7 days ago

    The one on the right hand side was showing his touunngge

  • RJ Cabrido
    RJ Cabrido 8 days ago


  • ZackInTheBox
    ZackInTheBox 8 days ago

    All ascending... right?

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez 8 days ago

    I have a question I heard bar while I was reading and not looking at the screen and when I did look at the screen I heard FAR which was pretty unique.

  • Christian De Leon
    Christian De Leon 9 days ago

    #1 high to low
    #2 low to high
    #3 high to low

  • GCcrankum
    GCcrankum 9 days ago

    Nom. 1 to 3 are ascending and Nom. 4 is descending.... I think?

  • CoolBoyAdryan
    CoolBoyAdryan 9 days ago

    I looked away when he said far and I heard bar

  • Arctic Salt CZ X Kyle Broflovski :3

    I didnt trust my ears anymore bc of that i had inflammation of the ear, and it hurt like hell, and since then, on one can't hear properly
    Rip my english bc im Czech

  • Loneliness Eric
    Loneliness Eric 10 days ago

    The pattern exist in frequencies, the percentages and balance

  • Loneliness Eric
    Loneliness Eric 10 days ago

    “Do you hear from low to high or from high to low?”
    Me: Um... I feel like is either or neither though 😂

  • Omega
    Omega 10 days ago +1

    The first illusion has two different clips. When he says bar, the lips touch. When he says far, the bottom lip goes behind the teeth.

    • EternityShack
      EternityShack 2 days ago

      You clearly don’t understand the illusion.

  • Huda Mukri
    Huda Mukri 10 days ago

    Yea i still trust my ears lol!

  • Sammy GG
    Sammy GG 11 days ago

    xD look at 0:42 and pause you Can see the other man marks the F Sound NOT the B Sound look for yourself

  • Brody King
    Brody King 11 days ago

    2:10 2:27

  • Natalycortez
    Natalycortez 12 days ago


  • Stella Rastegar
    Stella Rastegar 12 days ago

    Das ur eyes

  • galaxy star
    galaxy star 13 days ago

    1 is low to high 2 is low to high

  • Maeboo
    Maeboo 13 days ago

    I wasn’t tricked on the first one or the second

  • SaltyPickle
    SaltyPickle 13 days ago

    anyone coming from 2018

  • Desiiop
    Desiiop 13 days ago

    1:26 I can choose between sounds from high to low and low to night just by thinking about the which one I will use

  • Geo Dude
    Geo Dude 16 days ago

    2:10 - 2:22

  • zaka mammen
    zaka mammen 16 days ago

    I heard bfar.

  • TheNubWithAHat
    TheNubWithAHat 17 days ago

    The stairs with the tune didnt work on me

  • JLqueen's Skits
    JLqueen's Skits 17 days ago

    When I was looking at him I heard far far far but when I wasn't I still heard bar bar bar

  • RubenPlaysYT
    RubenPlaysYT 17 days ago

    hell yeah; its my body

  • Youtuber27
    Youtuber27 18 days ago

    I still hear bar

  • marie houlahan
    marie houlahan 18 days ago

    N.a. dat fake WITH the part of him saying far his front teeth scrape of his lips making the f sound but they say it is da same

    It's pretty easy ta see

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 19 days ago

    The second one is actually far. You can see his lip going behind his front teeth in the second one wich makes the f sound.

  • Thomas Dawson
    Thomas Dawson 19 days ago

    I heard “bar bar bar” on both clips 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Avatar Dude
    Avatar Dude 20 days ago

    Ascending ascending ascending descending

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 20 days ago

    Is the Tritone paradox the reason some people hear Yanny and some hear Laurel

  • Light -Has powers/Nice sometimes

    2:17 so you can check it again. And 2:28

  • Light -Has powers/Nice sometimes

    The first one I was thinking about far then I heard far I thought about the word bar and then I heard bar. Your mind helps you hear what you want to hear. Life for Awesome but wierd...

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 21 day ago

    Shepard tone didn't work. I heard same thing

  • Dino Chan
    Dino Chan 21 day ago

    02:10-02:22 I just 're heard the clip as the same

  • Yuwei Ma
    Yuwei Ma 21 day ago

    1 Low to high
    2 low to high
    3 high to low
    4 high to low

  • Jingyi Bai
    Jingyi Bai 21 day ago

    #1 High to low
    #2 Low to high
    #3 High to low
    #4 Low to high

  • Shuting Yang
    Shuting Yang 21 day ago

    #1 low to high, #2 low to high, #3 low to high, #4 high to low

    • Yuting Dong
      Yuting Dong 21 day ago

      low to high, low to high,steady,steady

  • Xuemeng Geng
    Xuemeng Geng 21 day ago

    I heard the voice: 'ascending , descending, descending, descending', what about you????

    • Xuelan Zhang
      Xuelan Zhang 21 day ago

      ball climbing stairs voice always up.! up! up!

    • Xuelan Zhang
      Xuelan Zhang 21 day ago

      I heard the voice is different ascending ascending ascending descending

    • Xuemeng Geng
      Xuemeng Geng 21 day ago

      I heard the voice:'ascending,descending,ascending,ascending'

    • Le Tang
      Le Tang 21 day ago

      I heard voice that all high to low

  • 吳家帆
    吳家帆 21 day ago

    Well, I heard #1 #2 ascending, #3 #4 descending.

  • Nab Fofana
    Nab Fofana 21 day ago

    i think is low to high and high to low

    • Nab Fofana
      Nab Fofana 21 day ago

      I am her friend too, I think both of them are high to low

    • Nab Fofana
      Nab Fofana 21 day ago

      I am her friend and I think #1 low high #2 high low

  • Clodagh Danillo
    Clodagh Danillo 22 days ago

    1- low - high
    2- high - low
    3- low - high
    4- high - low

  • Eddie Robbins
    Eddie Robbins 22 days ago

    All low high

  • Lotso Botso
    Lotso Botso 23 days ago

    Original yanny or laurel

  • Gamer Hammy
    Gamer Hammy 23 days ago


  • EllaGrace Edwards
    EllaGrace Edwards 23 days ago

    My ears don’t like being outsmarted ffs

  • lukas semaska
    lukas semaska 23 days ago

    They are saying difrent thinks

  • Itz Ahnafy
    Itz Ahnafy 24 days ago


  • Platinum
    Platinum 24 days ago

    Low to high and I heard the bad thing and I saw the circle flash once... I’m weird I guess

  • Team Cookie
    Team Cookie 24 days ago

    that one that goes high-low/vice-versa i can hear both?!?

  • Dankest Decahedron
    Dankest Decahedron 24 days ago


  • Tania Mitchell
    Tania Mitchell 24 days ago


  • Ghhgg Vhhfu
    Ghhgg Vhhfu 25 days ago

    2:10 2:22

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 25 days ago

    It is getting higher

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 25 days ago

    2:10 2:15

  • Will McClelland
    Will McClelland 25 days ago

    So if you are blind you hear different.

  • Model RC
    Model RC 25 days ago

    The bar bar bar and far far far thing is incorrect he curls his lips to say far and curls his lips to say bar

  • NinjaKingWolf Gaming
    NinjaKingWolf Gaming 25 days ago

    The Shepard tone illusion did not work for me cause when I start it back over it doesn’t seem as if the red ball is going even more higher it just seems as if the ball is all the way back at the beginning and it’s starting over

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat 26 days ago

    The bar and far is different he's mouth word a them

  • A lost banana
    A lost banana 26 days ago


  • Mystical Kitty AJ
    Mystical Kitty AJ 26 days ago

    Before I watch this no I can't my ear screwed up my jaw and everything I open the left part of my mouth it hurts super bad and it hurts to swallow (that's what she said) so no I don't trust my ears.

  • Nazir Ahmad Khan
    Nazir Ahmad Khan 26 days ago

    0:45 we can see the difference

    • ᅚ
       24 days ago

      but close your eyes and you will always hear bar, the second video makes you think he said far when he really didn't

  • Sac - An entirely inconspicuous one.

    they're all ascending

  • Mad Kat
    Mad Kat 26 days ago

    All 4 descended

  • Matthew Mok
    Matthew Mok 27 days ago

    wait how tf did the circle flash twice
    Am I special?!?!
    dun dun dun

  • kpop snatched my wig
    kpop snatched my wig 27 days ago

    If you cover the mouths you hear far only

  • Sarmila Kumal
    Sarmila Kumal 27 days ago

    Pause at 0:55 or 0:54 the mouth so its fake

  • Colette Halper
    Colette Halper 27 days ago

    2:10 - 2:22

  • Tracy Cusick
    Tracy Cusick 27 days ago


  • Robert Melton
    Robert Melton 27 days ago

    These are one of the reasons why i subbed to you.

  • CutieQT ASM
    CutieQT ASM 27 days ago

    If Greg wasn't saying far then how come his lips were make the movement you make when you say the letter f? (His front teeth were going over his bottom lip)

  • Vix TheNormalGuy
    Vix TheNormalGuy 27 days ago

    I quess it cause of the bottom lip im at 0:38 its probably gona say it

  • Melinda Virosteck
    Melinda Virosteck 27 days ago

    Like with the lani Laurel thing. I could hear both depending on which word I was looking at

  • Ashley Peppa Pig
    Ashley Peppa Pig 27 days ago

    1:40 not for meh

  • Ashley Peppa Pig
    Ashley Peppa Pig 27 days ago

    1:05 i saw it onece