Linda Lind & 2KTV All-Star Draft + Sim: RAD vs Ronnie2K - NBA 2KTV S4. Ep.18

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • This week on NBA 2KTV: we sit down with recording artist Linda Lind and chat about her contributions to 2K18. Then, it’s Rachel versus Ronnie in our own All-Star draft! See which team takes the win. Plus, MyTEAM tips, the latest players to reach 98 Overall & your Top Plays of the Month!
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    ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+
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  • Not Ivan
    Not Ivan Year ago

    Can you guys bring back the parks in the next 2k

  • Priscilla Golden
    Priscilla Golden Year ago +1

    Your game sucks I’m never gonna play it again until it gets fixed this is the worst 2k game in the history of 2k💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Bryan Ho
    Bryan Ho Year ago

    We need a new classic team - trail blazers with Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge, pls!

  • Yung Spazzo
    Yung Spazzo Year ago

    I have a clip for 2kTv please check it out

  • Emilio Gurule
    Emilio Gurule Year ago

    Can we get a good game and Linda Lind=😍

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    what happened to the new episode, is everything ok?

  • HotFireJay Sterling


  • Dingani Kapumba
    Dingani Kapumba Year ago

    you should make 2k19 psvita ora demo, pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaas

  • King NBA 2K17
    King NBA 2K17 Year ago +1

    Bring back 1 minute quarters in mycareer.

  • Jayy Irving
    Jayy Irving Year ago +1

    Fix ur game Ronnie2gay

  • CEL_Ares
    CEL_Ares Year ago +1

    I'm 85 and can't even shoot should've bought nba live

  • CEL_Ares
    CEL_Ares Year ago

    This game is trash as shit

  • _its Hunter
    _its Hunter Year ago


  • King_Lil_ C
    King_Lil_ C Year ago +2

    Even Racheal saw that it was trash, Respect ✊🏾 😊

  • MidNighT XeeroZ
    MidNighT XeeroZ Year ago

    How do u do that

  • XxObitoKillerxX
    XxObitoKillerxX Year ago

    Can we get fuck ronnie

  • Q02
    Q02 Year ago +1

    How in the world did u guys not pick Victor?

  • dee essex
    dee essex Year ago +1

    2k update the damn roster

  • Yxung Gemini
    Yxung Gemini Year ago +1

    You guys need too make the sliders better on god, it doesn't make sense that im a slashing archetype missing layups, or a sharp or playmaker missing mids or open threes this CONSISTENTLY, smfh

  • lethalfatality
    lethalfatality Year ago

    Rad so salty 😂

  • Michael Lui
    Michael Lui Year ago +1

    Finally Rachel on the sticks again in 2k. How fitting she picks KD first

    • lethalfatality
      lethalfatality Year ago

      Michael Lui they picked and simmed are u high

  • Jael Cadiang
    Jael Cadiang Year ago +3


  • JrRanks
    JrRanks Year ago +4

    ray allen also has hall of fame terrible release

    M1LWAUK33 BUCK Year ago +1

    Lmfao I def posted better plays than these this month... come on #2ktv

  • Holin Fret
    Holin Fret Year ago

    did anyone else masturbate to this

  • MYsports
    MYsports Year ago


  • sergeant_ _owen
    sergeant_ _owen Year ago +1

    Why not Victor Oladipo

  • Morgan
    Morgan Year ago +1


  • ShakeDown2012
    ShakeDown2012 Year ago +9

    11:58 "I know what everyone is talking about on Twitter Now" 👀

  • Crossover Prod.
    Crossover Prod. Year ago +3

    Haha Rachel! She really knows it’s a bad game 11:58

  • The Citizens Tv
    The Citizens Tv Year ago +6

    Now Ronnie why you sitting there watching all of the mistakes and bad animations and stupid wide open blown lay ups you need to figure out a strategy to fix it 👏👌 and while your at it figure out a way to fix the fact that my myplayer is a 87 overall with a 80+ 3 overall and 90 lay up overall and I blow wide open lay ups. MAKE YOUR GAME CONSISTENT OR YOU WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS!!!! I won't hesitate to go back to FIFA 👌

  • Roberto Cordani
    Roberto Cordani Year ago +1

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago +1

    aww these videos don’t seem to last long enough to me lol, i watch them then it’s over, i might watch it again, beautiful blue dress Rachel

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    another great video, plz fix the rest if the bugs in 2k18, can y’all give us more things to do in the neighborhood, can y’all update and build a one vs one court and 2v2 court in my neighborhood, better luck next time Rachel, i would love to see her pickup the controller and play live gameplay on youtube

  • Kevin Matthew
    Kevin Matthew Year ago +3

    I'll perform for u RAD 💦💦💦

  • will helm
    will helm Year ago +1

    Jordan neck is too long in NBA 2k18. Mj looked better in NBA 2k17

  • Kyle Stanley
    Kyle Stanley Year ago

    2k has turned to shit. How about you stop trying to expand with pop culture and fix the awful parts of your game.

  • AJ DarKnight
    AJ DarKnight Year ago +1

    These picks were already booked because u can see the head shapes on the blank pics

    • The Miguelodon
      The Miguelodon Year ago +1

      Ajay M Or they just added the graphic of the player silhouettes *after* they did a live draft?

  • Lebron’s Lakers

    Those two are both idiots

  • Mon
    Mon Year ago +5

    nba 2k can we get mascots and new park please

  • MYsports
    MYsports Year ago

    Team Rad!

  • Lebron’s Lakers
    Lebron’s Lakers Year ago +2

    Game is more money hungry than ever driven by micro transactions sad excuse of a game , the don’t listen to the community and get away having this trash ass game

  • Andrew Olivas
    Andrew Olivas Year ago

    Bro you could see Jimmy butlers hair at 6:05 #scripted

    • Lil Car Crash
      Lil Car Crash Year ago +1

      My guy they edited it in *after* the live draft dumbass

  • Overated-_ Allout
    Overated-_ Allout Year ago +2

    I love 2k18

    • Shaneghoul
      Shaneghoul Year ago +1

      As long as he knows his opinion is wrong

    • Avoid Demar
      Avoid Demar Year ago

      Hayden logan he’s not an idiot for having an opinion

    • Shaneghoul
      Shaneghoul Year ago

      Said no one ever

    • Hayden logan
      Hayden logan Year ago +1

      xv snipez vx your an idiot

  • Nick Rye
    Nick Rye Year ago +2

    Hush is the best song in NBA2K18 !!!! Love you Linda Lind

  • Backbreaker Football League

    Y'all game buggy af. My custom league keep freezing.

    KING ICE Year ago +1

    basketball game for the PlayStation Vita 2K sports make one already everybody want this

    • Deano Robinson
      Deano Robinson Year ago

      KING ICE for the Vita? The handheld Sony no longer admit that it even exists. Good luck with that!

  • Juix Cyborg
    Juix Cyborg Year ago


  • Shabba
    Shabba Year ago

    White womenz

  • Sarqo
    Sarqo Year ago +10

    Fortnite took over 2k

  • Righteous1
    Righteous1 Year ago +2

    Rachel only picked offensive players that's why she lost lol. Ronnie had both good offensive and defensive players.

  • LikeMikeSIKE
    LikeMikeSIKE Year ago +7

    Hot lesbian sex.

  • division100
    division100 Year ago +5

    2K18 died quicker than 2K17

    • Jayveli
      Jayveli Year ago +1

      That’s bc they only got one park

    • Sarqo
      Sarqo Year ago +1

      division100 fr

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer Year ago +2

    Team rad was better then team Ronnie.

    ZAY DAVIS Year ago


  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris Year ago

    Fuck 2k. Y'all got money hungry a couple years ago and the game has been trash ever since

  • Prince Dark Skin
    Prince Dark Skin Year ago +1

    2k is amazing

  • boi
    boi Year ago +2

    2k sucks that's all i can say

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer Year ago +2

    I love your 2ktv.

  • YbHot
    YbHot Year ago +6

    *Y’all game trash as hell this year*

  • DeRozan MVP
    DeRozan MVP Year ago

    Wtf was this all star draft...?

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong Year ago +4

    Rachel looks amazing

  • m10Grizzly
    m10Grizzly Year ago +1

    both of they ass slim fine!!


    Game is ass

  • Mamba824
    Mamba824 Year ago +1

    Brooo Ronnie seriously said that kawhi was second in last years mvp tace

  • Power DF
    Power DF Year ago +10

    Can we get a new park - power

    • LikeMikeSIKE
      LikeMikeSIKE Year ago

      Why you leave a signature on your comment like we can't already see your name under it 😂

    • DarK KasH
      DarK KasH Year ago

      Power DF yes Power Dedicated Forever thts why he popping everywhere on yt..P.S follow my twitter KashGotGame

  • Stamer 5204
    Stamer 5204 Year ago +2

    Is it just me or is is ironic that she was singing it on the raptors court

  • 44444
    44444 Year ago +2

    Wow~The national song singer interview that’s awsome

  • D Glock
    D Glock Year ago +5

    Ooooooh. So that's her!

  • Soopa Mario
    Soopa Mario Year ago +1

    Awesome episode. Much love 2K fam

  • Official Tre 24
    Official Tre 24 Year ago


  • Zack Skills
    Zack Skills Year ago

    Second pin this

  • fresh30616
    fresh30616 Year ago


  • ThatBoyRjay _
    ThatBoyRjay _ Year ago


  • Hugo Gr
    Hugo Gr Year ago