TYT vs Ben Shapiro

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Music: www.purple-planet.com
    In this video I discuss the recent TYT video about Beto O'Rourke's policy & their reaction to some of the reaction
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  • Rayan Agarm
    Rayan Agarm 4 days ago

    Rabbit hole?

  • Daniel Manning
    Daniel Manning 5 days ago

    I love how the far left in The Young Turks they always just assumed that that religious people hate gays trans queers whatever just because we don't agree with that lifestyle doesn't mean we hate you. It just means we don't shove dongs in our bungholes. Chunk yogurt is so blind and ignorant.

  • LabTech
    LabTech 5 days ago

    TYT does this all the time: smear someone repeatedly in their videos who got one over on them in the real world, outside their bubble. Shapiro decimated Cenk in their debate; Cenk COULD use that as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person, but instead he nurses a massive inferiority complex that his ego won't let him acknowledge. Making videos like this, that paint him in the worst possible way and from which their remaining viewers will just absorb passively with no critical thought, are how they get back at such people.
    I mean, for months/years after Sam Harris made Cenk look like the ignorant fool he was in that infamous 3 hour 'debate', Cenk took every opportunity to slander him.

  • Warren R
    Warren R 8 days ago +1

    Cenk Uygur is a moron. Just because a law is passed, does not guarantee it's a moral law.
    The first amendment protects religions from government thus it is their right to have tax exemption.

  • Warren R
    Warren R 8 days ago +1

    If you violate our rights, it is our obligation, our duty as Americans, to defend ourselves. With lethal force if necessary.

  • Warren R
    Warren R 8 days ago +1

    Black trans women are black men...

  • Bethelgues
    Bethelgues 8 days ago

    I dont believe "religions" should be tax exempted period. (I dont care what they belive.

  • Matt Fischer
    Matt Fischer 8 days ago

    Religious institutions still dont deserve tax breaks.

  • S Allen
    S Allen 8 days ago +1

    Who is the enormous black gay guy on the Young Turds? I didn't know the word "understand" has three syllables. Are these people serious or retarded? They are fucking mental. Does the stupid racist bitch know that the Democrats put the Jim Crow laws into place? It said, Swastika Barbie, and that's not fucking racist? Good god, thank you for giving me a brain, so I am not a Democrat or a liberal. It's so awful to want money you earn? Mindless fucking fools, just fools.

  • Hob Nob
    Hob Nob 8 days ago

    Frank? Wtf 😅

  • Calico Red
    Calico Red 9 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is cenk one of those people that you want to Just give the biggest wedgie to...atomic perhaps..? Ihtg!!!

  • RageDaug
    RageDaug 12 days ago

    The Left always was and still is the side pushing Jim Crow style laws. Were Cenk around in the 50's and 60's, he would have mocked anyone in the civil rights movement opposing the Jim Crow laws. "That's the law of the land and the will of the people!"
    Cenk...once again proving he is striving to be on the wrong side of history.

  • Derek Juarez
    Derek Juarez 13 days ago

    TYT is a joke and Ana Kasparian is the worst part. Her grandparents are probably rolling in there graves knowing there granddaughter works for a news group called THE YOUNG TURKS, after the group who commited a genocide against the Armenian people. A genocide which they escaped from to come to America.

  • Repo ManND
    Repo ManND 13 days ago

    I so badly wish we on the right could all come together and push a few true stories but change the people in those stories to or from liberals/leftists.. push these stories for a month straight, for example "mike pence admits on video to bribing the Ukrainian government with taxpayer funded aide to protect his son" and let all these leftist propaganda pushing idiots react to it.

  • punching down
    punching down 13 days ago

    shapiros a neocon..hes no better than tyt

  • Melanie
    Melanie 13 days ago

    only ad hom attacks against the woman in the video. I expected more something a little bit better from this group. fyi, Ben Shapiro would leave the country.

  • Ekansteprac
    Ekansteprac 13 days ago

    11:35 - I'm sorry, but that hair is fucking ridiculous.....I'm not sure what she's going for but she looks like a freaking black palm tree.....

  • Veronica Arviso
    Veronica Arviso 13 days ago

    How does that lady sleep at night?

  • Elite GamingWolf
    Elite GamingWolf 15 days ago

    that black chick is so dumb her brain flew out her head thats why her hair is like that.

  • TYT Takes it Up the Ass
    TYT Takes it Up the Ass 18 days ago +1


  • af dadE
    af dadE 19 days ago

    🤣 anyone remember when the tyt Bernie employee literally gunned down Republicans because they didnt like where the country was going?
    Pepperidge farm remembers

    • af dadE
      af dadE 13 days ago

      @Derek White that's the one

    • Derek White
      Derek White 13 days ago

      The softball game?

  • MrCmonster13
    MrCmonster13 26 days ago

    TYT is a joke. how people watch that show seriously blows my mind lol
    great video as usual

  • The Conservative Christian

    They don’t even understand.....(“crap what was my next line in the script since I don’t understand what I’m saying? OH YEAH!”) the constitution (“PHEW! crisis averted”).

  • RexNunc
    RexNunc 26 days ago

    When will Cenk die in a horrific, dismembering, flaming, excruciatingly painful, steel wrenching bus crash ?

  • Sis Homot
    Sis Homot 27 days ago

    She had a bad hair day combined PMS, give her a break guys.

  • Dilldow Schwagginz
    Dilldow Schwagginz 28 days ago

    I'm just here for the creepy ass Bunny head

  • J'Dinkaledge Morgoon
    J'Dinkaledge Morgoon 28 days ago

    but, why the fuck are churches tax exempt and I'm tax-magnetic?

  • Johan Kassing
    Johan Kassing 29 days ago

    TYT still exists? I never see them in my stream anymore, I thought they killed themselves out of left progressive selfhate?

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter 29 days ago

    Swear to God i can't stand nappy headed people

  • Mark Robertson
    Mark Robertson 29 days ago

    10:46 you say precedent when the correct word is precedence. it's a common mistake

  • Lazydrifter
    Lazydrifter Month ago

    Who listens to anything that parade float says?

  • Wooksley
    Wooksley Month ago

    The issue itself that Shapiro is talking about is kinda complicated though. I don’t think that your religious freedom should extend into being able to brainwash or abuse your kids, your kids are not your property and they have their own rights. It’s kinda hard to balance. Should Muslim parents be able to raise their kids in accordance with sharia law (i.e. provide no actual education for your daughter, make her wear a hijab and force her to marry someone you like)? Hell, maybe you should be able to perform perform fgm because that’s what your religion dictates. Idk, this whole topic is complicated as hell. You don’t want the government to dictate how you raise your kids, but at the same time you don’t want kids to be abused by crazy religious lunatics.

  • Jimi Dee
    Jimi Dee Month ago

    "Fragile Frank"? A bit rich coming from Fat fck frizzy Freddie.

  • Dudeist Preist
    Dudeist Preist Month ago

    Why not some play on breaking Benjamin? Fragile frank is just, stupid. His name isnt frank is it?

  • Kalle Kivelä
    Kalle Kivelä Month ago

    Oh i thought it was a mop

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson Month ago

    TYT dont want the right to defend themselves plain and simple

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson Month ago

    The left wont even debate whom they slander, weak cowards

  • 14zer0zer0
    14zer0zer0 Month ago

    I think they would have a better argument if they just wanted to drop tax exemption _across the board_ instead of *just* for institutions that don't support same-sex marriage. But like you said, that couldn't even get past the Supreme Court.

  • Chana Raveh
    Chana Raveh Month ago

    Your response to the Ben Shapiro fragile frank comment made me laugh

  • modular_kellogs
    modular_kellogs Month ago +1

    Burrito place doesnt make hamburgers, gotta get government to make laws saying i can get whatever i want.

  • TheTyrial86
    TheTyrial86 Month ago

    Why don't all of the youtube creators that are like you just create business together and just dominate everyone. Because we need a justice league of truth.

  • jay castro
    jay castro Month ago

    He should be named Sharprio cause he’s a sharp man

  • NEMO 74
    NEMO 74 Month ago

    I hate liberals so much! I want to be in the front row on judgement day! The wrath of God is gonna be so satisfying

  • vespacheck
    vespacheck Month ago

    Willing to bet chunk wouldn't support the exact same policy being applied to Islam. The telltale is him only using the word church. They never think about the outcome of their policies. They only think it will be applied to the right.

  • darttoyou1
    darttoyou1 Month ago

    An apologist...

  • Charles Quiros
    Charles Quiros Month ago

    Damnit. TYT, wtf happened.

  • D C
    D C Month ago

    Some people prefer TYT, some other people prefer The Hitler Youth channel. We all have our pick of genocide inspired news channels.

  • Epyrian
    Epyrian Month ago

    Such ugly people. Christ. :(

  • Epyrian
    Epyrian Month ago

    Man, I can't believe that just a decade ago, I used to love the Young Turks. They are such a joke now. Such intense cringe.

  • Epyrian
    Epyrian Month ago

    7:93 This dude's hair and... everything is a joke. Damn. He looks like a JRPG villain.

  • That One Gamer
    That One Gamer Month ago

    “Ben Shapiro is the biggest joke to me.”
    Ben: So you have chosen death

  • Jared Glass
    Jared Glass Month ago

    Hey, Nice Wolfram & Hart shirt

  • Steven Toth
    Steven Toth Month ago

    Is that a man or woman?
    I honestly can’t tell.
    I heard the voice and thought, yeah that’s a man.
    Saw the face and thought...well damn, I can’t tell. 😂

  • Steven Toth
    Steven Toth Month ago

    Leftist are just the fucking worst.
    This shit has got to stop.

  • Jeff Salas
    Jeff Salas Month ago

    the very name the young turks is synonymous with a genocide and cenk try's to gloss over it like illan omar

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis Month ago

    Their name itself is a insult and a slap to the face...

  • Misty Webb
    Misty Webb Month ago

    These clowns be trippin'. Seriously though. Screw TYT.

  • Bob Harvey
    Bob Harvey Month ago

    First things first.....it is NOT a woman.....It is a dude dressed up like a chick.

  • DayX127
    DayX127 Month ago

    I gotta say, I really love your videos! I hope you get more views and subcribers soon! You definetly deserve it!

  • Prometheus Prometheus

    Does not seem crazy. TyT and Robert Francis are crazy. But I like Anna’s boobies.