15 Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of!

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • Top things you didn’t know the purpose of! These are the everyday items and things you didn’t know the use for!

    #14. “Pen Cap”-- You have definitely noticed the tiny hole in the top of a cap and may have used it to try and make a whistle or pretended it was a tiny spyglass. Most people believe this hole has something to do with preventing a pen from drying-out but this is not the case. The hole in the pen cap actually serves as a safety feature. In the event that a small child swallows one, the hole allows air to pass through and reduces the risk of suffocation.

    #13. “Measuring Tape Tools”-- The modern measuring tape machine is a handy invention that most construction workers and contractors can’t live without, but even some of the most skilled workers might not know it has two incredible yet simple features. First there is the serrated edge on the metal end of the tape. This was put into the design so that if you desired you could put a minor scratch or indentation into the surface you are measuring, in order to give you a marker to make further measurements or designs off of. The other feature is right next to the serrated edge. You may have noticed the small hole that is commonly located in the metal tip. So what’s the purpose of this? Well this is so that if you are measuring something from a point where a nail or screw is you can hook the tape onto the nail and hold the tape in place.

    #12. “The Quarter’s Edge”-- You probably have spied the hundreds of tiny grooves that mark the outside edge of a quarter but not thought twice about it having a purpose. But these tiny ridges actually once served an important function and no it’s not just so magician’s can get a better grip during coin tricks. Up until recently, historically speaking, the cost of the metals in a coin reflected the coins value so many people took to shaving the edges off of the coins and then used the rest of the coin to purchase items as if the coin still had full value. They would then save up their shavings and melted them together to create new coins or just sell the chunks. In order to combat this, coin minters started putting these ridges on their coins so that retailers could tell whether the coins had been shaved. This practice, though not necessary today, is carried on for the sake of tradition and aesthetic. So why don’t nickels have them? Because no one cares about nickels.

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  • Weitna Carpitcher
    Weitna Carpitcher 22 minutes ago

    The shopping cart one confuses me. What loops are you talking about? The ones you demonstrate are incapable to holding anything. I know. I've tried. I work in a store

  • Weitna Carpitcher
    Weitna Carpitcher 23 minutes ago

    Nickels is money, too, guys.

  • Kenneth John Lebumfacil
    Kenneth John Lebumfacil 37 minutes ago

    Wasted time hahaha

  • Kenneth John Lebumfacil
    Kenneth John Lebumfacil 47 minutes ago

    We call that tiny pocket "bulsa de relos", so we know what it's for

  • Jen Bo
    Jen Bo 2 hours ago

    Gusset is such an ugly word hahaaa

  • Chrstphre Campbell
    Chrstphre Campbell 2 hours ago

    you never really demonstrated or properly explained 7 !

  • Margo Sparkle
    Margo Sparkle 2 hours ago

    In soda and beer cans the first pop tops - pu;; tabs - came off when you pulled them. That resulted in huge litter and, I guess, waste of metal. Then they designed the pull tab that opens the can but remains connected to the can. Now I see the use of holding a straw as you have shown. But I don't drink canned drinks with a straw. Or, why couldn't you use a straw without that circle straw holder?

  • legend4ya
    legend4ya 3 hours ago

    It's 2018 and we still talking about these 🤦‍♂️

  • Aemelia Svitoris
    Aemelia Svitoris 3 hours ago

    4:48 who gets that much salsa?!

  • Matthew Hopkins
    Matthew Hopkins 5 hours ago

    Calling BS on the ring pull, the ring pull on drinks cans used to come completely off the can along with the tear shaped tab.
    People would tear the ring off and just throw it on the ground, aside from the obvious litter issue the edge of the torn off tab could also be sharp so to prevent litter and people from cutting themselves accidentally they came up with the modern design where the ring remains attached and the tab folds into the can..

  • Random Video
    Random Video 6 hours ago

    I use Trump as a wall to protect my self from tornado

  • Different Wonder
    Different Wonder 7 hours ago

    The pill bottle thing is actually exclusive to Walgreens. I don’t think any other pharmacy has a top that actually flips like that. They just use a different kind of lid.

  • Max Thyme
    Max Thyme 8 hours ago

    Thought the panty gusset was to hold those little vibrators?

  • Rinato Potato
    Rinato Potato 10 hours ago +1

    The different ridges in the coins is for blind people so that the can differencite the coin value

  • Johnric Dimaandal
    Johnric Dimaandal 12 hours ago

    Click baited

  • Matt Cyprian
    Matt Cyprian 13 hours ago

    grocery carts were invented before the plastic sack and he never shows it. 7/5.

  • PBDan 147
    PBDan 147 14 hours ago

    Dude the lady with the soda can was really unsettling

  • LT Patart
    LT Patart 15 hours ago

    Surprising yes, I have gotten clothes

  • Uncle Heavy
    Uncle Heavy 15 hours ago

    "15 things unobservant idiots didn't know about everyday items".

  • STEEZpiiirates47 47
    STEEZpiiirates47 47 16 hours ago

    A girl told me one time that the pantie gusset was for holding a condom........shes gross.

  • Karlee Joy
    Karlee Joy 16 hours ago

    3:08 thats what she said

  • RockytheKidd 009
    RockytheKidd 009 16 hours ago

    Normies- oh I didn’t know that that’s cool!
    Everyone else in the world- uh who gives a flying fuck

  • Bruce Bywaters
    Bruce Bywaters 17 hours ago

    But straws are banned.

  • Clay Smith
    Clay Smith 18 hours ago

    Bob bb. B. H h, v KGB bh HH brother hung b. HH HH gbb b hbhh h b h. Hot. B hibiijgijgijgij hg John love JohnLoar j g I. .jn,

  • Soccer_mac
    Soccer_mac 18 hours ago +1

    0:02 Tuque, 3:06 Pop.

  • Parent of Twins
    Parent of Twins 18 hours ago

    The gas gauge thing only works after sometime in the 90's. Can't remember exactly when.

  • Nick Burris
    Nick Burris 19 hours ago

    I use the not for rectal use stickers i bought on amazon intended for creams I put it on books all over my school

  • Kilr Debario
    Kilr Debario 20 hours ago

    haven't learned shit! illustrations don't show what youre saying and sure more than half the shit you say is fake

  • Firegod24
    Firegod24 20 hours ago

    Fuck you video stealer

  • frenat
    frenat 20 hours ago

    mentions the loops on shopping carts then shows multiple carts without and not a single picture of it being used.
    Mentions the extra lacing holes on Converse shoes but not a single picture of them in use.
    Mentions how ketchup and fast food containers can be unfolded but not a single picture of it being done.

  • Henry O'Toole
    Henry O'Toole 21 hour ago

    Why would you go to all the effort to put together an eleven minute video, narrate it, and post it.....without even watching it first to see if it makes any sense and that the narration matches up with the visuals?!? And they don't have a relative to test-view this before uploading it to millions....you know, to avoid the embarrassment of coming off as complete idiots, in the event that the video turns out to be a train wreck?
    Just a thought.
    (Actually, I think I put more thought into this comment than they did in their video.)

  • ffstew
    ffstew Day ago

    Kind a hard to understand what was said & quite perplexing about the shopping cart.

  • Thefinalkill
    Thefinalkill Day ago

    Who doesn't know about pen cap

  • American lies
    American lies Day ago



    I put my rubbers in my small jeans pocket. Emphasis on the small......

  • Stephen AF
    Stephen AF Day ago +1

    I remember I put my phone in my tiny jeans’ pocket and I forgot I could’ve saved a lot of time by using the huge pocket

  • scott sheffield
    scott sheffield Day ago

    you forgot to mention the fact that the metal bit on the end of the tape measure slides on pins, this is so that whether you are taking the measurement by pulling from the edge, or pushing towards it the measurement is the same length

  • JTR
    JTR Day ago

    I actually knew a handful of these. With the soda tab one, I just drink my soda can without a straw like an adult. I only know one person (adult) that drinks soda cans with a straw and I relentlessly make fun of him for it.

  • First Table
    First Table Day ago


  • My Name
    My Name Day ago

    The ball on the hat is not a Pom Pom as that is a gun the correct term is Pom Pon. Stupid

  • Zagariz
    Zagariz Day ago

    *Because no one cares about nickles* HARSHHHH.

  • xAbominationx
    xAbominationx Day ago

    The unsecured panty gusset is very helpful for transwomen. I'll let you work that out on your own.

  • Tapirus Sbrabous

    '15 things you didn't know that makes absolutely no difference to know of".

  • DI LOO
    DI LOO Day ago

    Please Always bring a bag with you when you shop so...you don,t need to buy PLASTIC bags !!! And keep mother Earth clean !!!! Love to you all

  • Adeola Obayan
    Adeola Obayan Day ago

    I was hoping they would say something about the ribbons that hang on the insides of the sleeves of clothing.

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush Day ago +1

    (5:40) I owned a Ford, and that arrow was put on the "low fuel" warning and not on the permanent painted fuel icon. That kinda ruined it. - However, I've only driven cars with the cap on the right side, which makes it easier to stop closer to the pump and still get out of the left side. I would prefer to have the cap on the opposite side of the driver seat.

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush Day ago +1

    (3:20) But was it really designed to be a straw holder?

    TRX VLOGGER Day ago

    Hole in a soda can is actually NOT for a straw...... also hole in pen cap is not so "Incase you choke on it" hole in the pen... it funny how people believe this shit.

  • Mark H
    Mark H Day ago

    This video was pure shit.

  • Harl Windwolf
    Harl Windwolf Day ago


  • Little _Kitkat_
    Little _Kitkat_ Day ago +1

    Wow.... poor nickel

  • VlogingWithMusika Mikea

    why do shopping carts have holes?!?!?

  • David Parrish
    David Parrish Day ago

    Steel barrel pens can be used as a self defense stabbing weapon I carry one every day for both purposes( writing and improvised weapon)

  • rambo2021
    rambo2021 Day ago

    The comments section of this video is much more interesting than the actual video.

  • rambo2021
    rambo2021 Day ago

    Anybody got a picture of a gold rush era pocket watch small enough to fit into that pocket? No? I didn't think so.

  • Sneaky Rabbit
    Sneaky Rabbit Day ago

    I always cut the fluffy ball off the top of hats LMAO

  • Steve Aloisi - one moment's solace

    i clicked away from this video after the very first item. If the little pocket and a fob watch aren't an obvious connection to make, and is enough for it to land on this list,.. then I don't see myself being wowed in the next 10 mins

  • djustinfowler
    djustinfowler Day ago

    #7 is lame...if you don't know what the arrow is for, you're wasting time breathing. #6 could have used an example...but I'm pretty sure ya'll have no clue how it's done. #3...I don't know anyone who has ever asked for a paper plate when getting Chinese takeout.

  • Hugh Jaanus
    Hugh Jaanus Day ago

    @ 6:16 "Venillation"? English lessons.

  • Hugh Jaanus
    Hugh Jaanus Day ago

    @ 3:25 I was wondering why my straw kept falling out of the can. DUUH. It's for grip and saves metal not being solid.
    Who uses a straw to drink from a can apart from disabled people?

  • [ ]
    [ ] Day ago

    "I got a hat to cover the ol' bean" that's why we call it a beanie. Its a hat that takes the shape of the "ol' bean" its in fact a beanie hat. Might not be true but its a much better explanation than trying to convince people that buttons look like beans. By that logic a bean should be saucer shaped and its not.

  • Rick Colson
    Rick Colson Day ago

    I though the panty gusset was a pocket to carry a bag of cocaine into a club.

  • joe selzer
    joe selzer Day ago

    use the pocket in the girl's underwear to slip in a wireless remote control vibrator she in for a ride lol

  • Chloe O'Shaughnessy

    I use my phone for games even though it’s intended for calls, and messages

  • Yellor
    Yellor Day ago

    “Bright ideas”

  • N0diggityN0doubt
    N0diggityN0doubt 2 days ago

    straws are illegal

  • Sam Muhic
    Sam Muhic 2 days ago

    This is dumb.......... The groves are for blind people and knowing what coin they haveeeee!!!! You just ran out of ideas

  • otter rivers
    otter rivers 2 days ago

    Show pictures of what you're talking about at least.

  • Harry Potter lover
    Harry Potter lover 2 days ago

    I can just imagine a guy asking a girl do you put money in the Little pocket in your underwear lol and I forgot the name of it

  • moniquee
    moniquee 2 days ago

    Almost 11 minutes that i wont ever be getting back.

  • Vineet Patel
    Vineet Patel 2 days ago


  • Nathan Kenny
    Nathan Kenny 2 days ago

    Dumbest video

  • Bailie Nicholson
    Bailie Nicholson 2 days ago

    Yes,because no one cares about nickels but we do care about pennys

  • dambigfoot
    dambigfoot 2 days ago

    England was one of the first to put ridges on coins because Jewish merchant people would shave them down. This is why Jews were expelled from England in 1290. Also where the phrase ''Don't Jew me'' came from because Jews would find creative ways to scam.

  • Jamie Reed
    Jamie Reed 2 days ago

    What the fuck is a “beanie” that is tuque.

  • Jimins Abs
    Jimins Abs 2 days ago

    “Because no one cares about nickels”
    Me: welp that’s hurtful

  • Perry Fogelman
    Perry Fogelman 2 days ago

    It's a pic pocket.

  • Lacrirozi Lucifer Rose

    The panty pockets can hold drugs if they're not completely sewn lol

  • Kweie
    Kweie 3 days ago

    oh i only know about those panty holes because of hentai...

  • Nothing
    Nothing 3 days ago

    Most of us already know most or all of these

  • nodda tellayu
    nodda tellayu 3 days ago

    Yeah, you did a poor job explaining extra holes on sneakers, and I seem to recall another reason for extra fabric swatches (oh good, someone else knew in the comments).
    IF you are going to make lists like this one, partial explanations and guesses do little to inform
    your audience to their true purpose. Your presentations, however, are easier to tolerate than the 'Brightside'
    channles puckish scripting and pretentious voice over narratives.

  • B S
    B S 3 days ago

    I've always been told the edge of coins are the way they are for blind people, allowing them to identify different coins if the size wasnt obvious enough

  • Christoffer Jeffers
    Christoffer Jeffers 3 days ago

    nr 2 is wrong by the way

  • rachel chyann
    rachel chyann 3 days ago

    Ima try the ketchup cup thing

  • Purple Dabs
    Purple Dabs 3 days ago

    half are common sense and half are plane wrong...

  • Reeder Star
    Reeder Star 3 days ago

    Oh! the pocket was for tampons

  • apophasis
    apophasis 3 days ago

    Is this only trending because it's so ridiculous?

  • Amy Herrmann
    Amy Herrmann 3 days ago

    As others have no doubt stated, #1 is ridiculous. Only a man would think you could hold a tampon in your panties. Seriously?

  • hedi louati
    hedi louati 3 days ago

    its a touque

  • Crocheting Canuck
    Crocheting Canuck 3 days ago

    I have never seen an item of clothing come with an extra swatch of fabric. Buttons yes, but not fabric.

  • I'm Just Here Bro
    I'm Just Here Bro 3 days ago

    No examples

  • Moonwalking Maria
    Moonwalking Maria 4 days ago

    Uhhh... I use a mini massaging vibration tool for back pains to masturbate.....

  • Tovenaar ac con
    Tovenaar ac con 4 days ago

    i already use the kethcup folds

  • newjerseybt
    newjerseybt 4 days ago

    The last place you want to put a gold pocket watch is that tiny pants pocket. Let me tell you from personal experience that gold bends easily enough to dimple the case when squatting.

  • Kathy W
    Kathy W 4 days ago

    Number 7 petrol side indicator. Well in my car it is on the opposite side which always confuses me.

  • Eyclipse
    Eyclipse 4 days ago

    I use a dildo as a key chain

  • Butch Adriatic
    Butch Adriatic 4 days ago

    For the curious, shopping basket is another common U.S. term. While a traditional hand basket meaning definitely stays in play too, a "shopping bin" or even "shopping tub" (solid sided) would be an alternate for a hand basket.

  • Butch Adriatic
    Butch Adriatic 4 days ago +2

    Some of these supposed "designed to" lines are just convenient coincidence. E.g., The straw in can tab trick predates that type of tab and so few folks use a straw I cry B.S. anyhow .... The hole really is just a result of reinforcing the tab for strength using the least metal possible...i e., a cost cutter.

    Converse vents are not even the same eyelets. They are smaller and without flanges to spread the load, nor is the area reinforced with canvas for strength. I have a hard time buying your "fact" without an offical company statement that they are for alternate lacings.
    Try an unvented copy and lie to me there is no difference ;-) . They likely actually came into use with early widespread sales of a famous high grip tennis shoe. No cloth, 100% rubber made by Firestone, they needed venting badly and are the earliest venting outside of Italian shoes I've noticed.
    Also, none of your videos finish fyi. They all refresh at the ad; reloading. Cheating the counters facts too? Almost needless to point out I have yet to finish one and will avoid the rest.

  • MyLechatnoir
    MyLechatnoir 4 days ago

    French Sailors still have pom poms on their caps but wore hackles on their hats, which were traditionally made of feathers, during the napoleonic period. They still do today on ceremony dress uniforms. British and commonwealth armies also wear them as part of their uniform dress code. It's a regimental designation.

  • greatest ever
    greatest ever 4 days ago

    I knew like most this stuff.