15 Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of!

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • Top things you didn’t know the purpose of! These are the everyday items and things you didn’t know the use for!

    #14. “Pen Cap”-- You have definitely noticed the tiny hole in the top of a cap and may have used it to try and make a whistle or pretended it was a tiny spyglass. Most people believe this hole has something to do with preventing a pen from drying-out but this is not the case. The hole in the pen cap actually serves as a safety feature. In the event that a small child swallows one, the hole allows air to pass through and reduces the risk of suffocation.

    #13. “Measuring Tape Tools”-- The modern measuring tape machine is a handy invention that most construction workers and contractors can’t live without, but even some of the most skilled workers might not know it has two incredible yet simple features. First there is the serrated edge on the metal end of the tape. This was put into the design so that if you desired you could put a minor scratch or indentation into the surface you are measuring, in order to give you a marker to make further measurements or designs off of. The other feature is right next to the serrated edge. You may have noticed the small hole that is commonly located in the metal tip. So what’s the purpose of this? Well this is so that if you are measuring something from a point where a nail or screw is you can hook the tape onto the nail and hold the tape in place.

    #12. “The Quarter’s Edge”-- You probably have spied the hundreds of tiny grooves that mark the outside edge of a quarter but not thought twice about it having a purpose. But these tiny ridges actually once served an important function and no it’s not just so magician’s can get a better grip during coin tricks. Up until recently, historically speaking, the cost of the metals in a coin reflected the coins value so many people took to shaving the edges off of the coins and then used the rest of the coin to purchase items as if the coin still had full value. They would then save up their shavings and melted them together to create new coins or just sell the chunks. In order to combat this, coin minters started putting these ridges on their coins so that retailers could tell whether the coins had been shaved. This practice, though not necessary today, is carried on for the sake of tradition and aesthetic. So why don’t nickels have them? Because no one cares about nickels.

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  • SunFlowur
    SunFlowur 10 hours ago

    That pom pom one should be comment sense

  • rla1000
    rla1000 13 hours ago

    10:10 And I always thought that was a hand warmer.

  • Thomas Murdock
    Thomas Murdock 18 hours ago

    I do not understand how this video received any kind of dislikes. This is probably the most accurate video of it's kind that I have seen yet.

  • Sunni Boi
    Sunni Boi 19 hours ago

    I use the pocket in the panties to tuck my tiny man part in. It leaves me nice a smooth and eliminates my tiny bulge when I wear leggings or yoga pants. FYI: VICTORIA SECRETS does have the pocket.

  • Shane Tolle
    Shane Tolle 19 hours ago

    The tone and inflection of this guy's voice irritated me.

  • alijaho
    alijaho 20 hours ago

    after watching this video i have decided that i will now use my gusset for tampon storage

  • Shock Diamond
    Shock Diamond 21 hour ago

    Every rape your finger under the nail with those bloody rivets when you put your hand in your pocket? I fooking hate those things.

  • Jaybird
    Jaybird 22 hours ago

    I use a penis pump at the grocery store to convert 8-pack hotdogs into 8-pack keilbasa...

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life 22 hours ago

    The little pocket is to put your bag of weed coke or wat ever drug you use..we all did it thats our drug stash compartment.👍😂

    • Thug Life
      Thug Life 13 hours ago

      +Navneet Ajith its open aint nothing here fake officers who ever led u to a bag of weed is taken u for a ride

    • Navneet Ajith
      Navneet Ajith 13 hours ago

      FBI open up

  • Kaveon Foggy
    Kaveon Foggy 22 hours ago

    Nobody cares about nickels LMAO

  • Seth Deininger
    Seth Deininger 23 hours ago

    Number 15, burger king foot lettuce

  • Tei H
    Tei H Day ago

    Nobody drinks a soda with their lips sealed shut 😄

  • Wendy Genre
    Wendy Genre Day ago

    I'm not sure all of these are true. I mean, yes they work that way, but I am not sure about some of them being intended all along.

  • HomeValue Glass
    HomeValue Glass Day ago

    The hole in the pen cap is super cool, probably prevented a lot of child deaths over the years.

  • Master and Servant


  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith Day ago

    The guy narrating this seems to lead a sad, miserable life.

  • ĶH AÑ
    ĶH AÑ Day ago


  • Starkey Family Fixing and Rigging Up

    I subscribed, this was great to watch

  • BlackWeeeb
    BlackWeeeb Day ago +1

    I use my door knob to pleasure my ass but that could be the intended use of it 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • FactThat
    FactThat Day ago +1

    At 3:20 I bet the designer of the Can didn't even realized or thought about the hole holding the straw. They made the hole simply for extra grip that's all.

    DAKSH NIKHIL Day ago +2

    can u do a video on the purpose of donald trump as president?

  • Jupiter Skies
    Jupiter Skies Day ago +1

    Added for the purposes of hygiene. And what exactly, no details? This channel is wack and I am wacktose intolerant.

  • Rick Sabian
    Rick Sabian Day ago

    I'm convinced you made up half of this shit.

  • Davis danko
    Davis danko Day ago

    i was sent $9,000 from microfamilyhackers,wordpress,com am thankful

  • Green Archery
    Green Archery Day ago


  • DaughterofEve
    DaughterofEve Day ago

    #9 - I always figured that's where the tip of your nose goes when you drink from it!

  • brandon jones
    brandon jones Day ago

    So they talk about all these things, but are too lazy to picture an unfolded ketchup cup or laced converse? Poor quality video imo

  • edjo487
    edjo487 Day ago

    The grocery cart loops is poorly described. What kind of bags and what are you talking about? Spend some time on taking a photo of it in use rather than using pics from the public domain that do not relate to your claims. This is a shame as I am sure your description confused more than informed. Sorry, jmo.

  • joyr36
    joyr36 Day ago

    I thought the pom pom on the toboggin was there to aid in pulling the toboggin off. That's what I use it for.

  • Thee Fashion Freak
    Thee Fashion Freak Day ago +1

    I Already Knew 7 & 11 😩

  • James Schroeder
    James Schroeder Day ago

    dude's voice and the words they choose are downright nauseating. referring to a soda as a "sweet treat" made me throw up in my mouth a bit. Also, why do they assume we don't know half this shit?

  • David K
    David K Day ago

    Allows children to safely swallow large, sharp plastic pieces?! Holy Cap! Good God!
    I don't claim to be a genius because I'm not, but I *DID* put my pocket watch in my watch pocket when I used to wear jeans. It was almost second nature. For some reason.
    And the end of a tape measure, totally missed - the rivets are "loose" by just the same distance as the holding tab, just so we can easily measure inside and outside distances... but that never works because the sliding rivet feature changes as you use the tape, so hammer those down to the interior position. Serated edges on the tape were put there by the AMA or "the medical workers lobby" so doctors could charge us for the stitches in our thumbs.
    The hole in the pop top tab provides the mechanical strength necessary to press open the can top. Do you think anyone cares if you use a straw or not? Wait! I can't drink this! I don't have a straw!
    Why did coins, and do coins, have ridged edges existing in countries that didn't even HAVE coins prior to the industrial age? Well, harrumph! Tradition! From other countries! On the other side of the planet! Certainly nothing else!
    Grocery packers KNOW - after packing tens of thousands of bags of groceries, that they risk being beaten to death if they crush everyone's eggs and bread loaves. Grocery hangers in the grocery carts? Well that's just so clever that my CARS have them in the back!
    The gas gauge arrow?! Seriously!? Who would design a car that has the fill cap on the other side of the driver? Nobody would do that - would they? If they cannot master that, how are they going to master internal combustion? Wait, never mind.
    Please let us know how we use the two "extra" lacing holes on Converse B-Ball shoes for laces when that means choking the crap out of our metatarsals with twine. Yes, that ultra-secure lacing is worth cutting the tops of our feet to ribbons.
    Pill bottle tops!? I want the name and address of the person that made this video.
    Paper margins SPECIFICALLY designed for mice, and not tatters due to wetting, wear, or thumbing, or anything else? Really? Paper companies cared SO MUCH for us that they GAVE us extra free paper!
    I want to see *anyone* unfold a pleated paper "ketchup cup", with ketchup in it, into a more capable flat ketchup "disk." Meanwhile, most of us realize that it's very easy to turn inexpensive paper into inexpensive cups as long as we PLEAT THE SIDES!
    "Chinese paper plates"?!?!?!?! You mean there was already a way to turn inexpensive paper board into boxes WITHOUT FOLDING IT?!?!?!
    Of course, Vikings had so much surplus wool and cotton (in the pre-industrial north atlantic) that they just tied a giant blob of that on top of the cap for the hell of it.
    Of course, the panty gusset, adding 30% more material for a TAMPON THAT WILL BE INVENTED 2 HUNDRED YEARS LATER - of course!
    Yep, we're all just a bunch of idiots who love lying to each other. Thanks for the education.
    Cars that run on water... The "free" market... Alien autopsies... Trickle down economics... God Bless America....
    Wait! I get it! This is pro-industrialist propaganda at the same time we're being fooled into thinking climate change is a lib....er...al.... .....

  • Smurph
    Smurph 2 days ago

    Just because a straw fits in the hole in a can tab doesn't mean straws had any impact whatsoever on the engineering of that tab.
    And also, why did so many of the shopping carts you showed NOT have a place to hang bags?

  • therabbithat
    therabbithat 2 days ago

    things you didn't know the purpose of. do they have a purpose? I don't know let's find out

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 2 days ago

    I thought the little pocket is where u keep ur dope.

  • Mountain Rat
    Mountain Rat 2 days ago

    You definitely could have avoided the whole "what I might of thought it was" spill. Just get to the MF point.

  • CapShin
    CapShin 2 days ago

    Is the handy hole one about the can or girl?

  • nicholas sully
    nicholas sully 2 days ago

    Things of which you didn't know the purpose*

    • David K
      David K Day ago

      Grammar queen. Er, king.

  • Suicidal kermit
    Suicidal kermit 2 days ago

    What am i doing with my life...

  • jane Doe
    jane Doe 2 days ago

    I couldn't kick myself

  • Road Toad
    Road Toad 2 days ago

    "Panty Gussett" is my new go-to put down and also a great name for a band. I want to see someone go full retard on their converse shoes and use the vents as lace holes, spill the takeout by de-engineering the box, turn a perfectly good cup into a useless tiny paper plate, then sit down and mash their stored tampon into their giny.

  • James McGeachy
    James McGeachy 2 days ago

    All wrong.

  • Southmead Lad
    Southmead Lad 2 days ago

    I use my old condoms for keeping sausages in.

  • Amy Nelson
    Amy Nelson 2 days ago

    I knew about the ink pen, Chinese food,soda can, and watch pocket, but I didn't know about the other stuff.

    • David K
      David K Day ago

      That's it. We're doomed.

  • Heather Elliott
    Heather Elliott 2 days ago

    This hole video is crap 💩

  • Heather Elliott
    Heather Elliott 2 days ago

    There is no way a pocket watch would fit into the tiny pocket of the jeans 👖 and the lid on a pen if a child swallowed that the hole is so tiny that they wouldn’t get air through that an anyway, the pen lid would end up sideways a server chocking hazzard

    • David K
      David K Day ago

      So many things these days are server chocking hazzards. Best to stay indoors. In a giant zip-loc bag.

  • Frying Brains
    Frying Brains 2 days ago

    ahhh.. Just don't bother..

    IKNOK 2 days ago

    This voice is aggravating

    • David K
      David K Day ago


  • Kef103
    Kef103 2 days ago

    That’s not true I saw a lady who used her gusset for her ketchup .

  • WildPikachulvl666 appeared

    this dick @ question the end cuz i use it ways never thought! #cheese grinder

  • Andrew Rapp
    Andrew Rapp 2 days ago

    I freakin hate millenials for making up stupid crap.

  • Yogi Demis
    Yogi Demis 2 days ago

    Same video different channel. Why can't people find their own material than take it from others who done it first.

  • Jhunified With Love
    Jhunified With Love 2 days ago

    U should have shown the shoe lace in those 2 holes...

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu 3 days ago

    if its a book of poetry it isnt precious

  • Dracoster
    Dracoster 3 days ago

    All of these are just wrong.

  • Cheryl Manuel
    Cheryl Manuel 3 days ago +1

    Click bait

  • Gert Finkelhoffer
    Gert Finkelhoffer 3 days ago

    How about listing ALL of them below the video? I do not want to watch the video!

    • Gert Finkelhoffer
      Gert Finkelhoffer Day ago

      I came upon this video at Fark.com & just by reading the comments they didn't put very much WORK into it!

    • David K
      David K Day ago

      Someone put work into this! How DARE you question the truth!

  • Leanne Watts
    Leanne Watts 3 days ago

    Very informative. I only have one suggestion... When you tell what the other use is, show an example! I myself was curious as to *how* you would lace a shoe differently. You didn't even show the paper condiment holders spread out! You did, however, show the straw in the can tab.

  • emanandchill
    emanandchill 3 days ago

    Thumbnail: 10:08

  • ieattoastforbreakfast sup

    You probably should've put probably in the title Gus I knew 9 from this

  • Steve Luvender
    Steve Luvender 3 days ago

    really dipping deep into the stock footage

  • Tion Davis
    Tion Davis 3 days ago

    Convers for basketball my feet are going be dying how I know I typed it not the best for basketball

  • empty windex bottle
    empty windex bottle 3 days ago

    hole in the can thing is so dumb no it's not for holding a straw if it where it would be round and not oval

  • stroppi dawg
    stroppi dawg 3 days ago

    The ketchup and Chinese food containers comment about they fold out to be a saucer or plate. This is bunkum. It’s not WHY they are made that way it is the HOW. Take a flat piece of card or paper and turn t into a container by folding it. .

  • JaidenStylez
    JaidenStylez 3 days ago +38

    How do I always end up laying in bed watching these videos when i should be sleeping ??

  • Trenady Chrisy
    Trenady Chrisy 3 days ago

    Wow 😮

  • Sub-Urban Entertainment

    This video takes way to long
    Stop making videos 10 minutes long just to make ad revenue

  • Pete in canada #
    Pete in canada # 3 days ago

    Knitted cap hahahah

  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike 3 days ago

    No. 11: handy hole in a pull tab: well, not anymore...since in some places if you use a straw or even seen with one, you'll be arrested on the spot....Take San Francisco; plastic straws are banned and you can be fined for having one, yet they give out millions of free syringes for drug addicts and they litter the streets.....Social Justice run amok.....

  • Paula Cornelison
    Paula Cornelison 3 days ago

    There are paper water cups that are pleated, just like catsup cups. After drinking water I would unfold them and get another cup for more water. Unlike metal or plastic, many paper products are folded to give the paper shape and strength. As for the pull tabs, the tabs used to be removed entirely when the can was opened. Back in the 1960's the tabs were changed for environmental reasons. The straw holder bit has never been part of the ads.

  • Aaron Poisel
    Aaron Poisel 3 days ago +1

    What's the purpose of a penis?

  • Ultra DaSilva
    Ultra DaSilva 3 days ago

    That was some no shit Sherlock stuff

  • Danny Hill
    Danny Hill 3 days ago

    Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.... i masturbate with baby oil whilst sticking a carrot up my ass!!!!

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro 3 days ago

    None of this is useful anymore and nobody gives a rats ass.

  • Leader success !
    Leader success ! 3 days ago

    I use my socks as a wallet because I have too much $$$$$$$$

  • WhoDatBoi WhoHimIs
    WhoDatBoi WhoHimIs 3 days ago

    How bout I come down there an kick yer ass boy

  • PoweredbyNoob
    PoweredbyNoob 4 days ago

    I already know my lose change goes in my panties pocket, doesn't everyone.

  • Brian Bray
    Brian Bray 4 days ago

    Why is the construction worker making a mark at the end of the board at 1:38? It’s not like he’s going to cut there. And what’s the purpose of seeing an astronaut shave at 2:36? Weird.

  • technicalterry3
    technicalterry3 4 days ago

    no sadly George, not just you. me too. yawn. and ultra tedium to be interrupted 3 (three, yup count 'em!) times with random specious ads

  • Brandon Withnell
    Brandon Withnell 4 days ago

    i think this is mistaken "actual purpose" for pointless life hacks, im guessing most of these are false

  • Andy Dawson
    Andy Dawson 4 days ago

    Miners had expensive pocket watches did they 🤔

  • MvF JET
    MvF JET 4 days ago

    Stupid ass video.

  • fred fact
    fred fact 4 days ago

    I used to use my panty gusset to store my pocket watch! Thank you this video. Now maybe people will stop moving away from me when I check the time on the bus.

  • Pistal666
    Pistal666 4 days ago

    Well that was shit......

  • Izzy's Travel Diaries
    Izzy's Travel Diaries 4 days ago +1

    In Europe we don't have people who bag your stuff. Also, I never got extra fabric with my clothing. I've also never seen a car with that arrow thing by the sign.

  • coheeddavist
    coheeddavist 4 days ago +1

    Everyone clicked this for the pink panties. But nobody will admit that

    BLITZBURGH BILLY 4 days ago +1

    COMMERALS 🤔 ? .....

  • kamran bartley
    kamran bartley 4 days ago

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  • yorkjake
    yorkjake 4 days ago

    The hole in the tab of a soda can is NOT to hold a straw. It has the hole punched in it and then the edge rolled to give it strength so you have leverage. If you want to stick your straw in it, go ahead, but it wasn't designed for that.

  • lokesh meena
    lokesh meena 4 days ago

    Oh..Why did I waste my time in this stupid?😟😤😰🤔😥😭

  • KiwiPokerPlayer
    KiwiPokerPlayer 4 days ago

    Holes in pen caps aren't to prevent choking, that's a myth. They're so the cap can be easily put on and taken off.

  • Kate Williams
    Kate Williams 4 days ago

    3:08 She’s really LOVING that RedBull.
    Soda Porn

  • Jeffrey Vanden Boom
    Jeffrey Vanden Boom 4 days ago

    We all know the panty gusset is to hold drugs lol

  • Warrendoe
    Warrendoe 4 days ago

    Sorry but some of this is nonsense.

  • Daniel Gurga
    Daniel Gurga 4 days ago

    Less expensive women's underwear,😂

  • N.A.M.A.
    N.A.M.A. 4 days ago

    This is the dumbest shit I ever sat through

  • Dmitrii
    Dmitrii 4 days ago

    8:45 What porno is this? My friend needs to know.

  • The Wierd Mans Ghouls

    tiny pockets are for lighters

  • shauntrae washington

    No u not probably not. I like this