Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • Tasty Chefs Alexis and Alix compete to turn Kaylanee's drawing into delicious, real-world desserts. Who will unravel under pressure?
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Comments • 3 354

  • Reshuu_ san
    Reshuu_ san 10 hours ago

    The kids face at the end of the video ...lmao

  • Heavenly Nocturne
    Heavenly Nocturne 11 hours ago +1

    This is what I know about mummies they live in the desert and the dead.
    Well said 😂

  • Random Girls Random Girls

    I love tasty! I watch it almost everyday!!!

  • Sippin on Straight caffeine

    Bitchy little kid

  • Mateo the Legend
    Mateo the Legend 15 hours ago

    A magical dish vs rice krispies

  • Mateo the Legend
    Mateo the Legend 15 hours ago

    And mummies rest inside a sarcophagus

  • julianna davila-luna
    julianna davila-luna 16 hours ago

    Alexis literally gave Alex the dirtiest looks when she was making her dish

  • M’s Life
    M’s Life 16 hours ago

    Omg I just realized how similar their names are lol.

  • Riqwe Rrgp
    Riqwe Rrgp 17 hours ago

    Hey I’m the 2,243,001 view

  • Cloak and Dagger
    Cloak and Dagger 17 hours ago

    Lol when u from Britain and u thought they were talking about about a mum

  • Melina Sandrock
    Melina Sandrock 17 hours ago

    14:53 xD

  • iiJlxio
    iiJlxio 18 hours ago

    who else loves alixs voice?

  • Sunny Gacha
    Sunny Gacha 18 hours ago

    Alix is always in the mood for bad jokes! 😂 (some of them are good though)

  • izumi mei
    izumi mei 20 hours ago

    I love Alix so much she's so positive and bubbly

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought 20 hours ago

    Why don't you put RIe in every video? Don't you want views?

  • ZitaYuseo
    ZitaYuseo 21 hour ago

    Oh my god...I read MOMMY all along!

  • my life as Pia
    my life as Pia 21 hour ago +1

    1 like = 1 prayer for that person who has to wash all those dishes

  • GamerGirl1224
    GamerGirl1224 23 hours ago

    That kid was a little rude. In my opinion

  • Neko Gacha
    Neko Gacha Day ago

    I thought she meant like the parent mum and I was like MUMS DON’T EAT STICKS WHO RAISED YOU?!?!? Then I was like *oh* when they started talking about Egypt.

  • Polly Atanasova
    Polly Atanasova Day ago

    Alexis - it is gonna be imaginative!
    Later Alexis - I went big, it's imaginative... This may not look like Kaylanee s drawing, but I hope she really likes it!
    Kaylanee - Oh my. This is huge!... and then the eyes, I just see eyes everywhere!... I feel like everything is made out of Krispie treats! ... It's like mushy. And marshmallows melted. The marshmallows are not my favorite!
    Alexis - Can't win everything. Alix deserves it. Hers was amazing. (imaginative)

  • Aaron Salveson
    Aaron Salveson Day ago

    If you want to be on this show give a like¡

  • Aaron Salveson
    Aaron Salveson Day ago

    Could I be on this show I would love it if I could because I love too draw and I love too cook and eat

  • Sama Abdo
    Sama Abdo Day ago

    Why does Alexis kinda look like the chef version of Dua Lipa?

  • RainyBlox
    RainyBlox Day ago

    Me: Make me some eggs

  • Saphira Tamaki
    Saphira Tamaki Day ago

    She will not notice that there are no llama tears? You are making a kids drawing. Something the kid made up herself and is proud of. Do you really think she won't notice if something is missing?

  • Bby_Joshie🌈💗😂

    I’m confused, it this like the first time this kid has ever been outside?

  • sup it's Leah
    sup it's Leah Day ago

    Is anybody going to talk about alix not putting cupcake wrappers in her cupcake tray

  • evil kitten 2010

    Chocolate bark looks like dog poo

  • Kayla Carithers
    Kayla Carithers Day ago +1

    I cant believe she said it had no flavor 😂

  • Jada the Gamer
    Jada the Gamer Day ago


  • fake and real people

    Alix looks like tana mongeu

  • Puppy Power
    Puppy Power Day ago

    I want to be on this show

  • Xtra_ Xinnamon
    Xtra_ Xinnamon Day ago +1

    I know she's a kid but I felt like she was way too picky and pointing out the little things.

  • Xenia Did That
    Xenia Did That Day ago

    Well this here is more cyan...
    Well hello Gordon freakin Ramsay!..

  • lavapepsi703
    lavapepsi703 Day ago +2

    alexis really comes across as stuck up

  • CandySlime Maker

    Omg that little girl was wooo mean like if u agree

  • Luna Kitty Hi Matthew see my channel now

    If I was on this show:
    Them: "What do mummies eat?"

    Me: "Nothing.... they're dead, remember?"

  • Megan Allen
    Megan Allen Day ago +1

    “They LIVE in the desert, and are DEAD.” I’m confused...

  • The Eevee Cauldron

    I feel that on this show has messed up rice crispy treats multiple times. Anyway, good job chefs.

  • Rewan Elkhooly
    Rewan Elkhooly Day ago

    Alix's laugh reminds me of Emilia Clark's laugh it's so cute 😂❤️

  • Samantha Martinez

    Is it just me or did they forget the scorpion 🦂

  • Elif Saatci
    Elif Saatci Day ago

    I think it was meant to be a *steak* . A crying llama while getting eaten by a mummy 😅

  • Jai-lyn
    Jai-lyn Day ago

    That little girl too picky💀😭

  • Cassidy Taylor
    Cassidy Taylor Day ago

    She's even judging the colour! 😂

  • Jerry Fox
    Jerry Fox Day ago


  • AJ
    AJ Day ago +2

    Dude Yona is cooler than this kid Yona is 9!! This kid is so cringy and bad at art Yona can talk clearly and knows advanced words 8 year olds dont even do

    (Well thats how 9 year old girls are 😒)

  • Videoclipuri cu Stefania Gabriela

    I bet they choose that kid cause shes soooooooooooooooo sassy

    L3GEND YT Day ago

    I really wish ppl would tell children that mummys are people that once had lives and they are not evil or creepy.

  • Alexandra Fallshaw
    Alexandra Fallshaw 2 days ago +2

    The editing on this one is really good

  • potaeto chips
    potaeto chips 2 days ago

    kid : *doesn't want to swallow the food*
    me who is not allowed to eat today : omyghad

  • Two Toned
    Two Toned 2 days ago

    Lol Lama eyes & Lama tears

  • CubeNeko
    CubeNeko 2 days ago +3

    Kid: This is not Cyan
    Alix: idk what Cyan is
    *its literally the llama tears you did but its just the kid failed her color chart*

  • the sport taught human 4

    i thought she said dick

  • T3mmi3 ._.
    T3mmi3 ._. 2 days ago

    I wish these chefs would take more creative liberty than just escaping the challenge by making cookies, Rice Krispies or like sweets and try savory more often.

    • ur dream
      ur dream 18 hours ago

      Kids usually prefer sweet treats, desserts etc. over savory foods so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Fardau Meesters
    Fardau Meesters 2 days ago

    Omg i just discovered she wasnt talking about mummies as in Moms. But about like dead old wrapped up people!

  • Ken Hasanudin
    Ken Hasanudin 2 days ago

    "here's what i know about mummies, they live in the dessert and are dead" sounds like a life

  • Ellen Cookie
    Ellen Cookie 2 days ago

    Do you think we can make your “MUMMY’S” dish?

  • Maddie Milliman
    Maddie Milliman 2 days ago

    I hate how the thumbnail gives away the winner. I want to be surprised....

  • Skipper Sam
    Skipper Sam 2 days ago

    i love alix's

  • Natalie Carson
    Natalie Carson 2 days ago

    Rice crispy is to simple the other person was really creative with it

  • time rise
    time rise 2 days ago

    12:20 that thumb looks weird in that angle

  • My name is Bob
    My name is Bob 2 days ago

    0:11 Adolf Hitler meets Hermann Göring and Erwin Rommel in the Reichstag, circa 1942 colorized.

  • Michelle Chang
    Michelle Chang 2 days ago

    the girl litterally judged the color of the dip lmao

  • Doggy Mustache
    Doggy Mustache 2 days ago +2

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Girl: tHeY lIvE iN tHe DeSeRt AnD tHeYrE dEaD

  • Skipper Sam
    Skipper Sam 2 days ago

    now i don't know who to go for!!! you put my two favorite chefs against each other. hmm alix?

  • Britney Aguirre
    Britney Aguirre 2 days ago

    The girl was so mean

  • Inna Pilat
    Inna Pilat 2 days ago

    Alix is always the team I'm on

  • Inna Pilat
    Inna Pilat 2 days ago

    Team Alix

  • Aleira’s world
    Aleira’s world 2 days ago


  • rachael white
    rachael white 2 days ago

    Why does this kid talk like she’s 3

  • Luke aka Razzo
    Luke aka Razzo 2 days ago

    These themes for this season look fun! In the background I see mummies, robots, witches, aliens, fairies, and mermaids.

  • Ramya Kaja
    Ramya Kaja 2 days ago +2

    Alexis: SO, what else is on the plate?
    Kid: Sticks
    Alexis: mmmhmm ok Sticks
    Alex: Sticks like...?
    Both: *could you explain that further please*
    Kid: now moving on, so this is the main meal

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez 2 days ago

    Lmao. It’s was like nailed it. That one person who gave up and just started using rice cereal treatments for everything

  • Fabiya Fabi
    Fabiya Fabi 2 days ago

    Allix sound is very good

  • Christine Ela Sabijon

    "They LIVE in the dessert and they're DEAD."

  • Priscillia Pandinata

    What do you want in your dish?
    Kid: lamma eyes, tears, and death

  • Kate yee yee
    Kate yee yee 2 days ago

    i hate that little bitch

  • Idiot on the internet.

    The only kid i’ve liked in all of these

  • Daniela Radashkevich

    "They live in the desert and they're dead." They're dead. How do the LIVE in the desert?

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 days ago

    tHiS iS nOt CyAn

  • Skyler Brothers
    Skyler Brothers 2 days ago

    Oreo truffles yummm

  • Kara Beegle
    Kara Beegle 2 days ago

    Alexis face in the thumbnail dude

  • Gian kyle Salagsag
    Gian kyle Salagsag 2 days ago

    Mummies don’t go to graves they go in sarchofaguses

  • AlwaysSienna
    AlwaysSienna 2 days ago

    Bruh these kids are lucky

  • xjeAmm
    xjeAmm 2 days ago

    This whole time I thought she was drawing a dish for her Mom (Mummy) and I was so confused as to why she would feed her mom sticks and lama eyes.

  • Tiba Jaafar
    Tiba Jaafar 3 days ago +1

    I love these vids

  • My Bias Is BTS
    My Bias Is BTS 3 days ago

    Troubles with truffles

  • Ratu Hani
    Ratu Hani 3 days ago

    Alexis is my mood

  • Its Tumbie
    Its Tumbie 3 days ago

    Rice crispies are such a cop out

  • malatr alals
    malatr alals 3 days ago

    love u guys sooo much

  • malatr alals
    malatr alals 3 days ago

    please please let me do a cooking competition im turning 12 on june30 2019 so 13 days thats my birthday wish + dream, I just hope it comes true

  • Sphire Saph
    Sphire Saph 3 days ago

    Dat girl could go to hell for all I care. She was so rude and a bich

  • Parker Sorensen
    Parker Sorensen 3 days ago

    If I did this challenge I would have no mercy, I would want like a mummy that is interactive because like when they had to bury the body, they had to take the organs out, so I would want like an interactive surgical procedure you have to go through to taste everything. At the end I would say that you can’t make it. If Tasty is seeing this, someone please make it and upload it to Tasty.

  • Morgan Kay
    Morgan Kay 3 days ago

    I’d LOVE to see a under the sea theme. Mermaids, marine, etc.

  • mellovee Herrera
    mellovee Herrera 3 days ago

    she is really picky

  • Keeley Allen
    Keeley Allen 3 days ago

    Alexis' literally was nothing near even looking like what the kid wanted, and it probably just all tasted the same, no wonder she lost.

  • Ally xx
    Ally xx 3 days ago

    First i thought she talked bout "MOMMYs"

  • Ilea J
    Ilea J 3 days ago

    It seems like they don't like each other or something. I can feel tension from the chef on the right🤭🤭 👉👉👉

  • radjadjadja
    radjadjadja 3 days ago +13

    *IS NOT.*
    *C Y A N.*

  • Briaun Bolden
    Briaun Bolden 3 days ago

    Ali’s made Oreo balls if only she added a coat of chocolate or dip it in chocolate