The Crew 2 - Lamborghini Egoista Customization & Gameplay (Hotshots Update)

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • An early preview of the Lamborghini Egoista Hypercar class from the upcoming Hotshots Update coming out on 24th April! Showing the customization, interior and a quick gameplay against a Bugatti Divo. Played with keyboard.
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    0:25 - Lamborghini Egoista Exterior and Interior Overview
    1:38 - Customization
    3:42 - Vanity items featuring tire colours and smoke
    4:34 - Freeroam in Los Angeles
    6:43 - White Rocks Hills Street Race vs Bugatti Divo
    #TheCrew2 #ISAD #LamborghiniEgoista #HotshotsUpdate
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  • Mads Svender XD
    Mads Svender XD 11 days ago

    They should add this to forza horizon 4

  • Albert James
    Albert James 19 days ago +1

    Ive never seen this car before is it real or only in a game

    • Mythic cadelex
      Mythic cadelex 15 days ago

      Albert James real but it鈥檚 not out yet

  • olen wilson
    olen wilson 27 days ago

    This is the new GTA 6

  • YT_ SnugLife
    YT_ SnugLife Month ago

  • dev yeet
    dev yeet Month ago

    How u can get so many money and cc but ur level 32?

  • iphone iphone
    iphone iphone Month ago


  • Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    Fh4: ads Lamborghini Sian
    Me: these are confusing times

  • Krist贸f Nagy
    Krist贸f Nagy Month ago


  • Tanner Drummond
    Tanner Drummond Month ago

    It looks like a star ship

  • Eero K盲pa
    Eero K盲pa Month ago

    Why u flex?

  • BoltingCrown337
    BoltingCrown337 2 months ago

    interior look like a batmobile.

  • jaisu dhaliwal
    jaisu dhaliwal 2 months ago

    Pick the neon tires next time on the egowista

  • cauan_202002
    cauan_202002 2 months ago

    How did you get that much money was it legit or you bought with real money or hacks ?, I am interested if it鈥檚 real money or hacks

  • Fazy Faaz
    Fazy Faaz 3 months ago

    Foolish drive

  • Sabina Rusz贸
    Sabina Rusz贸 3 months ago

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays 3 months ago

    Que ego铆smo kkkkkkkkkkk

  • Tiger Wang
    Tiger Wang 3 months ago


  • creator Space
    creator Space 3 months ago
    We made it well.

  • Leila Carrasco Gonzalez

    pasame el juego porfavor

  • NeXoSs-_X
    NeXoSs-_X 4 months ago

    Can you do a best pro settings video for this car ?

  • Archie Wilson
    Archie Wilson 5 months ago


  • Calvin Tran
    Calvin Tran 5 months ago +2

    The Bugatti divo is faster

  • Fluffy Rabbit
    Fluffy Rabbit 5 months ago +1

    how do you make the insane 515 kmh setup for it?

  • Syed Syclone
    Syed Syclone 5 months ago

    That was a close race..

  • What game to play ?
    What game to play ? 5 months ago

    Your name is really true

    • What game to play ?
      What game to play ? 5 months ago

      IsuckAtDriving im sorry but im happy that you are honest
      Im not that good either
      But you crashed quite a few times

    • IsuckAtDriving
      IsuckAtDriving  5 months ago


  • Viktor
    Viktor 5 months ago

    3 words: *COME TO PAPA!!!!*

  • Yvng_gxmini x
    Yvng_gxmini x 5 months ago

    My question is... How much is it

  • Jeff Gestopa
    Jeff Gestopa 6 months ago


  • Shamari Miller
    Shamari Miller 6 months ago +2

    The Egoista is literally a Hotwheel made into a concept car

  • Perry 481
    Perry 481 6 months ago

    What鈥檚 your tuning for this car?

  • nesesito aire pls
    nesesito aire pls 6 months ago +1

    1:41 need for speed music garage

  • Anis Nisou
    Anis Nisou 6 months ago


  • mAxxyyPyRR0 7
    mAxxyyPyRR0 7 6 months ago

    icon 32 with 10mln? how you do?

    • 407juan
      407juan 6 months ago

      modded account the devs gave him and other youtubers to do gameplays of the game

  • Shawayne Stewart
    Shawayne Stewart 6 months ago

    Sounds pretty good

    DIVYARAJ SINH JADEJA 6 months ago

    if you made it red and black that make this car killer

    THOMAS THE ENGINE 6 months ago


  • Smiler Entertainment
    Smiler Entertainment 6 months ago

    Wait how did you get a new house

    • Victor_Alex_228
      Victor_Alex_228 6 months ago

      the second house in LA is only for season pass holders

  • Revin Ravenza Diaz Abdilla

    1:39 Saki Kaskas - Callista

  • Just MLG Freddy
    Just MLG Freddy 6 months ago

    4;49 how did you got that other house im just in icon 108 so how you get it.

    • Victor_Alex_228
      Victor_Alex_228 6 months ago

      the second house in LA is only for season pass holders

  • Matthew Paradinha
    Matthew Paradinha 6 months ago

    That song playing in your garage when you're customizing your car is totally ripped off from the 1999 Need For Speed - High Stakes game.

    • ShadowFox
      ShadowFox 5 months ago

      @Matthew Paradinha no songs played when ur customizing ur car in the crew 2 isuckatdriving just played it when hes customizing it so we dont feel bored
      Also rip the composer of the music though :(

    • Matthew Paradinha
      Matthew Paradinha 6 months ago

      Saki Kaskas - Callista was the original.

  • Sweep
    Sweep 6 months ago

    I now regret uninstalling this game

  • Thomas Bullik
    Thomas Bullik 6 months ago

    thats one ugly car

  • :D :D
    :D :D 6 months ago +1

    *Ego* ista?

  • michaelbooster2
    michaelbooster2 6 months ago

    how much is it?

  • Zephyr-
    Zephyr- 6 months ago

    even Gran Turismo havent got this yet...

  • 鍚嶅墠銇c仸浣?
    鍚嶅墠銇c仸浣? 6 months ago


  • Will Santos
    Will Santos 6 months ago

    this game is ridiculous, it had to be Ubisoft haha

  • M贸nica Zapata
    M贸nica Zapata 6 months ago

    Escape 馃榿馃槷馃槷馃槺馃槺

  • Buritt Sueraresu
    Buritt Sueraresu 6 months ago

    wow how to get 8mill crew credit?

    • 407juan
      407juan 6 months ago

      modded account

  • J H
    J H 6 months ago

    Have the graphics gotten better? No?..... Still not buying it.

    • 407juan
      407juan 6 months ago

      the graphics are hella good in max, almost 4k wacha talking about

  • mateu_creatorul
    mateu_creatorul 6 months ago

    This car is shit

  • Dog of Wisdom
    Dog of Wisdom 6 months ago

    Hands down the most hideous Lambo ever. Might be somewhat tolerable if you could at least get rid of the orange windows.

  • F1 razer
    F1 razer 6 months ago

    When did Lamborghini start making Hot Wheels?

  • Adly Hakim
    Adly Hakim 6 months ago +1

    Damn, PARAGLEIBER in the Bugatti Divo was actually another youtuber. No wonder he is going so fast

  • savagesnyper007
    savagesnyper007 6 months ago +2

    Yessssssss, I've been thinking why they don't have that car in the game but now it's here馃槂馃槶

  • Twiligh48
    Twiligh48 6 months ago

    what good car do you ever think to bring a video of forza horizon 3 with a steering wheel gamers?

  • Ivan Bishop
    Ivan Bishop 6 months ago +1

    If I can customize this to look like the mach 6 from Speed Racer I'm buying this game..

  • Monish Avvaru
    Monish Avvaru 6 months ago +1


  • Remorse
    Remorse 6 months ago

    I have that as hot wheels lol

  • Raami Kala
    Raami Kala 6 months ago +2

    I dare say TC2 is worse than FH4 when it comes to car sounds. I have both these games and I can't bear to play TC2 anymore solely on the engine noises and the annoying POP backfire that every car makes with the same sound file..this is ludicrous! great vid though ISAD!