The Vanishing of Flight 370

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • On the 8th of March, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished during a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China. The case has since grown into one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history. In this video, I examine the findings of the official investigation and explore some of the leading theories.
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  • Th3Hav0c PZ5
    Th3Hav0c PZ5 2 hours ago

    I find it stupid that the plane had roles Royce and roles did not track the plane by tracking the engines

  • Nytrex _YT
    Nytrex _YT 8 hours ago

    1:15 what is that person doing on a picture with the pilot which is blured?

  • Sifat Hasan Rimon
    Sifat Hasan Rimon 11 hours ago +1

    I don't know why it crashed ? And where is the plane ? I think one of them are responsible for this incident . : -
    1 . Societies : - Illuminati / Freemasonry / Secret Societies
    2 . Unidentifiable Objects : - Alien / Jinn
    3 . Country : - USA / Israel / France / Australia / China
    Or maybe crashed somewhere in Indian Ocean or Antarctica or USA Naval Base .
    What do you think about it ?

  • Mitsuki The Sage
    Mitsuki The Sage 18 hours ago

    if they found 3 parts that conformed it was 370 then my theory is that it probably crashed and they sink down all the way which everyone dies

  • billuvill
    billuvill 23 hours ago

    Such a great story. I believe everything was going smoothly, some shit happened and they took a dive into an ocean. School of fish got scared at first, but than realized, shit god brought us food. Hopefully future generations will dig it up once Indian ocean ceases to exist.

  • sean leiker
    sean leiker Day ago

    What's crazy is that the Ethiopian hijacker WAS given asylum in Switzerland. Just got to make it here, lol.

  • Jonas S
    Jonas S Day ago +1

    What about the possibility that someone, a passenger could've hijacked the plane? And that passenger happens to be a pilot?

  • derkiegaming NL
    derkiegaming NL Day ago

    Wait a second.. Indonesian radar don't they know more? Or don't they have any military radars there? Or am i just dumb and they don't have military radars.

  • Zafyra
    Zafyra Day ago

    Ok idk if it could work but there has got to be someone on the plane who was using their phone, had mobile data on and was contacting a family member.

  • Skyrim and Skulduggery Pleasant

    If a fire had broken out, then how would the plane have gone on for miles upon miles before different potential parts ended up across different countries in Africa which where miles apart, especially when the plane was the theorised to have gone down somewhere in the Indian Ocean. I’m sorry, but that, to me sounds like some strange stuff was going on and not just some accident. What happened, at least in my opinion, could not have been an accident.
    I mean, how does 1 potential part of a plane end up in Madagascar and another in South Africa when the plane should have gone down in the Indian Ocean?

  • Maffmatix
    Maffmatix Day ago

    The fact that the altitude information showed such drastic fluctuations, and therefor they decided that the info was just wrong, is also interesting. Could something have took control of the plane to make it's altitude change so intensely?

  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery Day ago

    The Jews hijacked it,planning on using it to nuke Damascus.

  • Studsy_14
    Studsy_14 2 days ago

    aliens man.

  • Rohan
    Rohan 2 days ago

    It will also be revealed one day....

  • Lewis Mcnamara
    Lewis Mcnamara 2 days ago

    No people it's Lewis buying a Cardiff city shirt,tan only bought cardiff to spy on Lewis,the roulette system and more,he's like abramovich the other spy who chats at sea on his yatch.

  • Peyton Phipps
    Peyton Phipps 2 days ago +1

    I was about to click on the play button and heard plane outside lmaoooo

  • HateRiP
    HateRiP 2 days ago

    Such a Soothing voice... And best editing and best narration very less people are there on USclip like him

  • Akashveer Singh
    Akashveer Singh 2 days ago

    Pissing ma pants to bed

  • Gage Lawson
    Gage Lawson 3 days ago +2

    Isn’t it crazy how the people on the flight on the only ones that know what happened

    • naskol
      naskol 23 hours ago

      Gage Lawson when we die we will too know what really happened on that flight

  • Just Human
    Just Human 3 days ago +1

    Malaysian airlines was targeted. Follow the money.

  • Auxft YT
    Auxft YT 3 days ago +5

    this is just scary when you think about all the possibilities

  • germans1
    germans1 3 days ago

    Flaparon sounds like that friends episode where phebe says there is something wrong with the flanges.

  • beep boop
    beep boop 3 days ago

    Probs went to the same place as that pencil I dropped 34 years ago and still cant find

  • vastaxx
    vastaxx 3 days ago

    I used be a frequent flyer with MAS for business trips on my previous job. In fact the night the flight went missing, I have few of my colleagues flying on the same night with MAS. The next morning I woke up hearing the news, I straight away reached them. It wasn't their flight and its a different flight to Beijing. They felt so lucky. Also I'm pretty sure they might have seen some of the ill fated passengers back in KLIA before boarding the flight. It was really a depressing moment for MAS passengers and whole Malaysians.

  • Zabi
    Zabi 3 days ago

    I believe they had an electric failure, causing the transponders to deactivate. The cabin then went through depressurization. However, the pilots managed to get some sort of oxygen, attempting to gain control, until they made the final turn in the Indian Ocean. At that point the oxygen most likely had run out.

  • Hearth
    Hearth 3 days ago

    Bruh they in bikini bottom

  • Peanut Buzzard
    Peanut Buzzard 3 days ago

    No sources are cited. This video could be completely fabricated. No way to confirm anything.

    • SwissMarksman
      SwissMarksman 2 days ago

      And what the fuck is your point? That they got abducted by Green People? That some Delta-Force operator hijacked the plane & laned on Diego Garcia? That this plane had to get taken down because of some Rothschild bullshit?

  • Yu-Kai Ni
    Yu-Kai Ni 3 days ago

    "shit i left the kettle on"

  • Midnight Austin
    Midnight Austin 3 days ago +1

    it is manually turn off, terrorist is on board

  • applejacks971
    applejacks971 3 days ago

    9:53... 18 of the recovered items were categorized, but only 3 pieces confirmed?
    Can't they just ask all the airlines flying 777's if ANY of their planes are missing these pieces? This seems pretty logical, as these pieces would HAVE to be replaced to make their planes airworthy. FFS, how hard can it be? Make a phone call, done.
    If no one is missing parts, then there's your plane. Pretty simple people, ez pz

  • Simply The Best
    Simply The Best 4 days ago +1

    Sketchy looking men with fake passports, the planes transponders were likely manually turned off, and it’s almost certain that it crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. I have news for you guys, it’s not a mystery anymore

  • Vitor Bueno
    Vitor Bueno 4 days ago

    Man, I can't just go on without saying. Every fucking time I watch any video of your channel, I get simply mind-blown. This particular video makes me cum. You're a fucking monster. Your edition is second to none.

  • MathTurd
    MathTurd 4 days ago

    U guys couldve traced where the plane crashed by knowing where the parts were found

  • Horváth Zétény
    Horváth Zétény 4 days ago

    The problem with it is that we have a small amount of evidence for everything, and everyone just takes one thing and says that that's why it happenned

  • Michelle c
    Michelle c 4 days ago

    You would think if they were going down the3y would have radioed an SOS!

  • Jameson Sahariah
    Jameson Sahariah 4 days ago +1

    I really strongly feel the Disappearing of Flight M370 was planned.

  • Honest Bee
    Honest Bee 4 days ago

    I am sorry it's too odd that if something went wrong they didnt alert anyone. It's weird that everything would go wrong at the same time.

  • Xendrius
    Xendrius 4 days ago +2

    Makes you realize how easy it was for CIA to hijack the 9/11 planes and make them disappear.

  • Eddie
    Eddie 4 days ago +1

    That's why we need to put live camera in the airplane

  • J Boy
    J Boy 4 days ago

    What if what if what if

  • tAmEz ZoDiAc
    tAmEz ZoDiAc 4 days ago

    Remember it like it was yesterday

  • Boris Sheen
    Boris Sheen 5 days ago

    people are saying suicide now.

  • Adam Blumstein
    Adam Blumstein 5 days ago +1

    I was on that flight and I’m still waiting to be found.

  • Magnitude_ 9_Quake
    Magnitude_ 9_Quake 5 days ago

    Makes me not want to fly over an ocean ever again.

  • avianraptor2
    avianraptor2 5 days ago

    Why does nobody seem to realize that MH370 and MH17 were the same fucking plane? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 5 days ago

    it crashed because it ran out of fuel....why did it go off course and wasn't able to communicate for hours before crashing?

  • likaboss7654
    likaboss7654 5 days ago +7

    Why would pilots be given the ability to disable their transponders?

  • Splashiz
    Splashiz 5 days ago +11

    It’s scary knowing that someone in the world might know what happened to mh370

  • Willow and Picasso
    Willow and Picasso 5 days ago +1

    If we ever see that plane agin we should say RiSe AnD ShInE

  • X-90
    X-90 5 days ago +1

    September is not a good month to fly in

  • Alan Doyle
    Alan Doyle 5 days ago

    Mate, this upload is more thoroughly researched and presented better than any mainstream news or tv company. Well done!!
    I’d not heard about the French researchers and Christmas Island. That makes perfect sense in a non-conspiracy world.
    Even if the wreckage is found, well never know the truth. RIP to those on that flight.

  • Scott Doty
    Scott Doty 5 days ago +1

    didn't Sarah Palin solve this for us, I believe she said they just kept flying upward towards heaven.

  • Siva Prasad
    Siva Prasad 5 days ago

    This is the best unprejudiced video of the MH370 I have seen so far..

  • infinite memes
    infinite memes 5 days ago

    When you think about it the plane must have been hijacked. What if the co-pilot and the 2 men with the fake passports were working together to take control of the aircraft? While far fetched it could be a possibility as the one man could disable the trackers and the co-pilot did still have experience with the plane so he could probably fly it. The final view of the main pilots home island could have been a little favor if you can call it that to let the pilot see his home one last time. With the cargo of batteries for potential Terrorism that could be useful as when investigated I could just be seen as a tragic accident. So while far fetched this theory is a possibility

  • Terrel Green
    Terrel Green 6 days ago

    If the pilot and or copilot were Muslims that would explain it all.

    NARKOHAMPON TV 6 days ago +1

    CLEAR PROOF THE EARTH IS NOT A BALL 💯 factual Statement

    NARKOHAMPON TV 6 days ago +1

    Remember when Falo mention Malaysia back in the year 2000 wow

  • Tania Gerzina
    Tania Gerzina 6 days ago

    V. B

  • Tippi
    Tippi 6 days ago

    i will forever believe flight 370 entered another dimension

  • classic gamer
    classic gamer 6 days ago

    Guess they just went home