The Vanishing of Flight 370

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • On the 8th of March, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished during a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China. The case has since grown into one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history. In this video, I examine the findings of the official investigation and explore some of the leading theories.
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  • Uzair Ezidy
    Uzair Ezidy 2 hours ago

    I love how he tells the story

    PGCN RCTT 5 hours ago

    Let thinking
    Vietnam independent day is 2/9 on virgo sign in astrology
    Malaysia indepemdent day is 31/8 in virgo too
    Why this is happen in phu quoc the island between vietnam and malaysia?
    And think deeply the attack 11/9 in usa is virgo too
    And the time this happen is 8/3 the sign of pisces
    Virgo is the enemy of pices in astrology
    I think you know who is the killer
    Virgo is the time astrology come from august 23 to setember 22

    PGCN RCTT 5 hours ago

    I suggest you the independent day of
    Malaysia, singapore, vietnam and the relation country
    After that search the birthday of this country leader
    And compare to when this accident happen
    After that learn sth about astrology
    You must see the devil in the dark who control it

    PGCN RCTT 5 hours ago

    The devil who kill people in this plane must paid the cost for his crime
    God bless your soul
    It is not the end it is only begining

    PGCN RCTT 5 hours ago

    Very easy all the plane have been terroist
    The high standing man( may be in goverment) in malaysia have been paid by the military general of some terroist
    I am sure that in mh370 have a vip person ( like bin laden or vladimir lenin)
    So the crazy military general try to kill this vip ( because have been paid)
    All we do is search all the people in mh370
    Very the same with vietnam doan thi huong kill kim jong nam( kim jong un brother)
    But huong only kill 1 person
    In this case they kill a plane
    Must be very rich peoplr
    Let search who is the richest in 2014 but poorer in 2017-2018( doan thi huong case)
    Must be the relation

    PGCN RCTT 5 hours ago

    I dont want to say much but
    I am in vietnam
    In 2013 i have first xxx( too late) in viet nam they call young boy have xxx with older woman is pilot flying plane
    In 2014 my parent ( some one called they not my parent) try to kick my out of my home
    I try to go to china( i live in hanoi)
    But the information not secret, by the crazy way my parent know my plan, they take me to military hospital( called 103 hospital in vietnam) try to use energy shock to kill me( why?)
    If viet nam show they want to help you in mh370
    So they take the accident
    And if russia show they donr want to help
    So russia is very worried about it ( look russia plane)

  • Howe Trinh
    Howe Trinh 6 hours ago

    US deep state took over the control and autopilot flight to Diego Garcia US military base. Any other version is a distraction.

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis 6 hours ago

    They probably hit a black hole..who knows!!!

  • Aroder
    Aroder 6 hours ago

    maybe it was aliens...

    *runs away*

  • LOLONO62
    LOLONO62 6 hours ago

    this is just a pilot suicide,,no surprises

  • k a y l e e
    k a y l e e 7 hours ago

    watching this made me feel profoundly uncomfortable and by the end straight up nauseous.

  • Arcel Glenn Mayrena
    Arcel Glenn Mayrena 8 hours ago

    To all the people convinced that the pilot did it, let me posit you this: If he were planning to kill himself out of depression, why did he do it in such a manner that other people will die?
    Was he in such a state of depression this time that the thought of killing 200+ passengers didn't cross his mind at all for the 20+ hours he got to think silently in the cockpit?
    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but do episodes even last that long? He should have already snapped out of it, or crashed the plane almost immediately if he were in an episode, right?
    I think there was either something extremely premeditated going on, or a couple of accidents and human errors took place.
    Bottom line is, don't be closed to the idea that he might be innocent. Rest in peace to all the dead persons on that flight, and peace to their loved ones.

  • Ame-Chan
    Ame-Chan 8 hours ago +1

    The background music is so calming.

  • Natalia Kroplewski
    Natalia Kroplewski 9 hours ago

    This is what we finna find in area 51

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb 9 hours ago

    Sri Lanka Christians?

  • Maddie Rose
    Maddie Rose 9 hours ago

    There were possible 20-30 people onboard and yet there seems to be 500 comments saying they knew someone on board.. hmm

  • Carlos Venucci
    Carlos Venucci 9 hours ago +1

    Maybe there was an error on height which led to a pressure problem inside the cabines from the pilots and maybe also the passengers. Perhaps both pilots dropped out, but one somehow managed to correct the altitude again. The one who managed that was the pilot who had trained the flight route before in his flight simulator, and since he isn't fully in his state of mind because of a lack of oxygen, he remembered the trained flight route and thought that this was the correct route. And since all others were blacked out, he was the one in charge of the plane, so they flight this route. But of course the fuel didn't last that long, they crashed in the ocean.

    (my english isn't that good, i know. but hopefully you understand my theory to this case :) )

  • PurpleHaze
    PurpleHaze 10 hours ago

    The thought of looking at where you grew up mere minutes before your death is a chilling thought

  • Brendan Powell
    Brendan Powell 10 hours ago

    These are some of the highest quality videos on USclip. Keep on man.

  • Noah Campbell
    Noah Campbell 11 hours ago

    I’m gonna find this plane

  • cin can
    cin can 11 hours ago

    They hide MH370 underground somewhere in the desert.

  • Chase3
    Chase3 12 hours ago +1

    Were bought a find it in Area 51

  • Ubaid Khan
    Ubaid Khan 12 hours ago

    This guy makes things sound so dramatic it sounds better than those successful thriller movies!!

  • Looney Cubes
    Looney Cubes 14 hours ago

    He could talk about my grandma's knitting and I would be scared

  • Gina Bayer
    Gina Bayer 15 hours ago

    I've been wondering what happened. This is a really bizarre story. Did the pilots attempt to steal the plane and ran out of fuel?

  • GS Switch 17
    GS Switch 17 16 hours ago +1

    What are all the song used called?

  • James Valt
    James Valt 16 hours ago

    ufo all the way.

  • vinc dagd
    vinc dagd 16 hours ago

    Me: Rothschilds enemy in the plane. Could’ve boarded an american flight. Heroicly saved americans and took a malaysian flight instead. Knowing he’s russian-air-dead!

  • David Daimari
    David Daimari 17 hours ago

    It's hidden in Area 51.

  • Johnathan Perryman
    Johnathan Perryman 17 hours ago

    I smell coverup all over this. Govt’s need human bodies for experiments. Over 200 Souls on a plane flying over a remote area. No fuselage or bodies found, Only small pieces of debris near land areas. C’Mon!!

  • spabs
    spabs 18 hours ago +1

    I’ve heard some speak upon the idea that as a result of a troubled pilot, he intentionally crashed the plane. Instead of it being a highly violent crash - descending into the water at unspeakable speeds, the pilot swooped low, or high, in order for the passengers to pass out quickly.
    Not too sure on how, or what altitude they passed out at - or if it even happened at all, it’s just a theory.

  • Amina Jarra Eze
    Amina Jarra Eze 19 hours ago +1

    *Me thinking it’s the mafia*

  • White Ink
    White Ink 19 hours ago

    Wow, what a great video!

  • Gopal Poudel
    Gopal Poudel 20 hours ago

    Anyone heard something sound was heard from plane at 2:18🤔

  • alan headrick
    alan headrick 22 hours ago

    This story has many odd pieces of information that point in different directions. None of the pieces make sense. If he turned over his home island he knew where he was at that time. No calls makes me think the passengers were out cold. If there was a fire, or small bomb someone would have called or tired to call. No rafts were found so the plane must have hit hard. Rather than attempting a water landing. Someday they will find it.

  • Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness

    Does the audio keep cutting out on this video for anyone else? Mine does, but just seems to be for this one video, after checking wifi , speed test, and restart. Cuts out every 5 seconds, but the video runs smooth. Driving me crazy.

  • Mustafa Halik
    Mustafa Halik 23 hours ago +1

    The single biggest thing that stands out is that they found an almost identical flight path on the captain's flight sim on his home PC. Which also ended in the middle of the Indian ocean. The only mystery is the location of the plane. It was definitely deliberate by the captain

  • Myles Garcia
    Myles Garcia 23 hours ago

    So far, what a great "documentary." And GREAT graphics.

  • Rosé Last name
    Rosé Last name Day ago +1

    Me: has a flight tomorrow
    Also me: let's watch this video

  • Derick Mungai
    Derick Mungai Day ago


  • Be Lieve
    Be Lieve Day ago

    Wait until 2 years from now when MAS370 lands without incident in Beijing and the passengers didn't experience any loss of time but are 8 years younger than they should be.

  • ManIn Suit
    ManIn Suit Day ago

    and u publish this on my bday a few months ago...

  • Sarin Karmacharya

    Do top 10 facts chernobyl

  • wu the maurine
    wu the maurine Day ago

    A hijacking went wrong

  • gmrb79s
    gmrb79s Day ago

    were are seeing one side of the tortilla... suspicion and doubts... well what about maybe fighting to retain control of aircraft and losing vital cockpit information and flying back towards land and missing a fair approach (without guidance remote or system) ...and then realizing that they are fuckd... Isnt this possible too? What if the pilot turned because there was a real problem with the aircraft? well never know.

  • bp
    bp Day ago

    It's mind boggling in this day and age a commercial airplane can just go missing...

  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please Day ago

    Wy aren't they searching Area 51 for MH370

  • Rutexas
    Rutexas Day ago

    The globalists are having fun hatching out their diversionary concoctions, as a dumbed down world eat this bs national enquire type entertainment news, as they busily slap tatoos on their asses.

  • Rutexas
    Rutexas Day ago

    I have a friend who was on that flight, he was working for DARPA and was testing a stealth device for commercial airliners.

  • istra70
    istra70 Day ago

    And the second Malaysian plane brought down in Ukraine ??? This things do not happen by chance or coincidence.....
    Poor explanations , poor research - nothing new what media already showed us ....

  • OwO
    OwO Day ago

    I swear, this channel made better content than NatGeo on a certain level. The way he started,peaked and ended his videos is just too good. They keep you interested throughout the whole thing.

  • Anita Giurgeu
    Anita Giurgeu Day ago

    I'm watching this when I have a flight next week. Oops

  • Bijan Moradi
    Bijan Moradi Day ago

    Most likely scenario is actually a fire. Would explain the transponder shutting off, lack of responses and crew incapacitation. If the airframe was compromised then the pressure change might have extinguished the fire, allowing the plane to continue on long after the pilots were incapacitated.

  • Redirect Alljunk

    dawg it was the fire nation, they've attacked again!!!!

  • MateoRide
    MateoRide Day ago

    Thx for making me get anxious
    I am flying next week or the week after oh god I’m so scared

  • Himun
    Himun Day ago +2

    The vanishing of MH370 and MH117 accident happened within a year. And this really makes MAS become really down today,

  • Amanda Sura
    Amanda Sura Day ago +1

    It was a hijacking. Those transmitter were manually turned off. Wake up!

  • alfa156c
    alfa156c Day ago

    meine theorie schon immer : eine strahlenwaffe , als waffentest an etwas Fliegendem, getestet/vorgeführt! Es werden nicht viel trümmer gefunden werden , wie bei 9/11 ! Das meiste ist sicherlich schon in der Luft verdampft - als erstes ging ein Teil der Kominikation flöten , dann merkten sie die Strahlung und das flugzeug löste sich langsam auf , sie versuchten zu entkommen .....zu spät !

    ein Deep state Angriff - da es auch noch ein Flug nach China war , macht es es irgendwie plausibler!

  • thë gãçhå ðëmøñ

    things i want to know before i die:
    What happened to Madeline McCann
    what happened to flight 370
    Why 9/11 happened

    • Morning Glory
      Morning Glory Day ago

      Eh, the only thing I wanna know if where is Maura Murray

  • buckshot 452
    buckshot 452 Day ago

    oh thats just great, i have 2 flights today

  • Artful Dodger
    Artful Dodger Day ago

    Russian scum murderers

  • Ethan O'Dell
    Ethan O'Dell Day ago +1

    -Bikini Bottom- Beijing

  • lazy eye
    lazy eye Day ago

    It's easy to make something disappear and not's to pretend it took off...
    Find out who were working in that area at the time.who fell out with who..
    I'm talking about countries here,operatives from countries..
    Wake up people.. research

  • Tracey Byrne
    Tracey Byrne Day ago

    No mention of the 18 top scientist from IBM and the chip they were to patent. Rothchild patent it a few weeks later????????????? Diego Garcia military air base god help them.

  • Prince Cooper
    Prince Cooper Day ago

    only one iphone detected? i mean there are many passengers in there like??? wheres the logic unless someone had a gun....

  • Liz H
    Liz H Day ago

    So the police can take my cell phone and trace where I have been but a gigantic airliner can just disappear?

  • - syfqfrhnn
    - syfqfrhnn Day ago

    my mom ALMOST booked us family for a flight to beijing. her instinct sensed something bad gonna happen. guess that her instinct was right.

  • marc Stoodley
    marc Stoodley Day ago

    where the pilots muslim if so THINK ABOUT IT

  • Ric Rovey
    Ric Rovey Day ago

    Flight 370 was hijacked by the Boing Uninterruptible auto-pilot and flew into Diego Garcia where everyone was found to be dead 📴 already. The plane was disposed with over the Ukraine less than four months later

  • Pronet 12
    Pronet 12 Day ago +6

    Plot twist

    The plane was teleported to area 51

    • dirty_paint
      dirty_paint Day ago

      Pronet 12 once we raid, we will find the truth 👀