FIRST DRIVE: Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E! Will Ken Block be Allowed to Hoon it?

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Ford invited me out to test out their all-new Electric Ford Mustang Mach E, and give my feedback on one of the very first hand-built prototypes. So why not try and hoon it too - for research and development of course. Stoked that this was my first EVER drive in an electric vehicle!
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Comments • 5 417

  • Ken Block
    Ken Block  16 days ago +5179

    Who thinks I should build a Gymkhana car with the Ford Mustang Mach E?

    • Trance Bynature
      Trance Bynature Day ago

      Go for it kenith

    • DespizedICON
      DespizedICON 13 days ago

      yes and make 2... one electric and the second with a combustion engine conversion. Or maybe just a loudspeaker with engine noise to make you feel more at home.

    • Colin Saxtorph windelev
      Colin Saxtorph windelev 13 days ago

      yes but only if you put a v12, v8 or v10

    • m i g g s v h s
      m i g g s v h s 15 days ago +1

      Yes let's watch the world burn

    • Cuddy
      Cuddy 15 days ago +1

      Do it !!

  • KTMs 1
    KTMs 1 9 hours ago

    Dude I want one!!!

  • Tricky Rook50313
    Tricky Rook50313 11 hours ago

    I don't like to be honest. But looks good don't get me wrong. Just wish they didn't make it a suv

  • Jayda Sherratt
    Jayda Sherratt 12 hours ago

    Obviously Ken is not a fan of electric vehicles... Thats GREAT news! Dont waste your time building an E-hoonigan. Electric vehicles loose too many of the senses. Who wants to just hear tires burning?🤷🏼‍♂️

  • gitit giitit
    gitit giitit 12 hours ago

    Were they afraid to call it a pinto. Because it's a pinto

  • phil Tran
    phil Tran Day ago

    Ford fucked up

  • Chris Orr
    Chris Orr Day ago

    Someone start a petition to not call it a mustang. Theres still time before production to pull the horse logo off it

  • Trance Bynature
    Trance Bynature Day ago

    Go for it kenith,build an electric gymkhana car

  • HakalaRKJ
    HakalaRKJ Day ago

    They really should add some kind of "engine" noise from speakers or just keep things at least hybrid. Really dangerous those almost silent cars in the city and also every real driver just wants to hear that motor/exhaust roar while driving like they stole the damn thing

  • Knarf Knarf
    Knarf Knarf 2 days ago

    i like this A LOT. So youre telling me that i can have a mustang that seats a family and is ecofriendly? i want this. badly. Wouldve been cooler as a Station Wagon like that Cadillac CTS-V but this is cool too.

  • k r
    k r 2 days ago

    Three of these abominations exist?
    With all the advantages electric power has to offer ford chose to dishonor its iconic pony cars legacy rather than leading the charge into the future upon the wild majestic stallion whose bloodline has fueled the soul for over half a century. Even the camaro had to be put out to pasture due to having to run so hard to try and keep up for so long. Mopars horse dropped out long before that and is now a beast of burden for the whole family. Sad to imagine there is an era begining in which children will be getting out of dads mustang without the compulsion to mimic the thrust holding in the seat or just turning back to admire their fathers magnificent steed daydreaming of the day it might be passed to him. Guess it will save the walls in their room though not having to support a poster of that nag. Way to step up and remove the temptation of teens and the still wild at heart adults to be anything but plain ol practical. ForOdinaryRegularDriver.

  • Over the edge
    Over the edge 2 days ago

    This is NOT, a Mustang.

  • troynov1965
    troynov1965 2 days ago

    I dont know WTF Hoon means ( I do not speak gibberish) but the only way to help that POS is drive it off a cliff.

  • Bill Kerr
    Bill Kerr 2 days ago

    Silly to have Ken drive a car but not let him do what he does. Glad to see "Unbridled" mode though :-)

  • Adam Stump
    Adam Stump 2 days ago

    i think going electric is the dumbest idea ever

  • Nick Contreras
    Nick Contreras 2 days ago

    If we complain enough maybe they will change it like they changed how sonic looked in the new movie😂

  • Joshua Hittinger
    Joshua Hittinger 2 days ago

    Probably the most underwhelming video to date my dude. 😂

  • morphman21
    morphman21 2 days ago +1

    Emma sounds like she's from across the pond. Is that true?

  • morphman21
    morphman21 2 days ago

    Ben colins the legend aka THE STIG.

  • Vincent Vigil
    Vincent Vigil 3 days ago

    Ken, Blink twice if you being help hostage to review this car.

  • Vincent Vigil
    Vincent Vigil 3 days ago

    Why did they invite Ken Block out to review the car if he can't do Ken Block things in the vehicle. I was fully expecting some skids the whole video.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 days ago

    The new mustang is an SUV. Whoever made that decision will be looked back on for a century as the cause of Ford's downfall.

  • william pankratz
    william pankratz 3 days ago

    you need to get out of the Ford and try out the Tesla S, it could Hoon by deleting the traction control
    I doubt Ford will catch up in five years

  • junior SVG
    junior SVG 3 days ago

    The backup camera should be on the top of the screen rather than the bottom.

  • TnStrikerGamer
    TnStrikerGamer 3 days ago

    Doesn’t even look like a fucking Mustang. It’s a fucking sedan.

  • OscarDabbs
    OscarDabbs 3 days ago

    It looks okay i guess

  • Tim Kuitems
    Tim Kuitems 4 days ago

    I enjoyed to the end, not exactly sure why. Ken and Emma were entertaining. Ken started his contribution/drama. It's Friday but Hoonday is coming! E-stang Gymkhana will be a silent movie, but we know it will be good! Can't wait! Car looks sharp. Good move to use the Mustang badge. This is a big deal, and that names gives immediate recognition. Maybe Lindsay Wagner will come back for a commercial or two. Like I said, this one is a big deal!

  • Josh H
    Josh H 4 days ago

    me watching the marketing reveal video " Thank god, we'll make up for the name, and cringy reveal by KB drifting it around DDC showing it can actually be sweet" *Sunday drives*.....

  • EJ Wall
    EJ Wall 4 days ago

    He tried

  • James Peckham
    James Peckham 4 days ago

    What a pussy she was. Don't they wanna sell those things?

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania 4 days ago

    Gotta see you hone on it !!

  • diygarage
    diygarage 4 days ago

    So y'all expect us to want to buy a "mustang" that you wouldn't let Ken Hoon in?

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 4 days ago

    Why would they invite him and then not let him hoon it

  • Alex DeCaro
    Alex DeCaro 4 days ago +1

    Should’ve been called the Ford GalaxE

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson 4 days ago

    looks like a new rx8

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 4 days ago

    The Mach E is Ford’s indirect answer to the Jeep Trackhawk.

  • Lar Scholtz
    Lar Scholtz 4 days ago

    No a real car has a petrol engine and make some good nois 🙈

  • Osu4life
    Osu4life 4 days ago

    This is the biggest hunk of shit

  • Steven Cast
    Steven Cast 5 days ago

    will you let the man drive the damn car !

  • Mariusz Chrobak
    Mariusz Chrobak 5 days ago

    "no tire squel" f... I would rather go to home!

  • M92 QUAD
    M92 QUAD 5 days ago


  • M92 QUAD
    M92 QUAD 5 days ago

    Why the hell are they calling this a Mustang...
    Just say hey we have a cool fast electric SUV the Mach E it also happens to have Mustang taillights

  • M. Hafiz Ishak
    M. Hafiz Ishak 5 days ago

    Ben Collins was Top Gear's the Stig for 8 years??

  • soul conjecture
    soul conjecture 5 days ago

    Made in Mexico with parts from China. 'Muricuh!

  • nascargamer1999
    nascargamer1999 5 days ago

    Now if they made a fast rear wheel drive electric coupe and called it a mustang Mach e I don’t think people would be upset

  • Jovatech Tuning
    Jovatech Tuning 5 days ago

    Purists are suffering a heart attack and a stroke

  • yeyis05
    yeyis05 5 days ago

    Ford MOCK-r-E
    What a joke Ford. Ford knows its prototype is not even close to production ready nor reliable enough to hold up to punishment of Ken Block. Wasted my time watching this video. My Ford Transit Van will be the last Ford I buy. Loved the RS and ST but not in production any longer. Tesla looks like ist my next option awd performance! Would loved to see a AWD Focus RS 😍 😍 😍 then I might reconsider.

  • John Slumbers
    John Slumbers 5 days ago

    My vacuum cleaner just broke. I can lend you the bits for the new Gymkhana car if you want?

  • mark warren
    mark warren 5 days ago

    You don't put kb in a vehicle if you don't want it beat on.

  • Clyde Drexler
    Clyde Drexler 5 days ago

    I want this car only to call it Mr Mackie and put a South Park sticker on it

  • bob simons
    bob simons 5 days ago

    i already have a RAV4

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    This is like having a putting a bottle in front of an alcoholic and telling him not to drink it having ken block test drive itnand not allow him to hoon it and drive it like a soccer mom

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    "oh emmmmmma" hahahhaha

  • Carlos Eduardo Pessotto

    Not a Mustang, its a pony. They call drift guy to tame it....only Ford.....

  • Skyler
    Skyler 6 days ago

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  • piripro piripeep
    piripro piripeep 6 days ago

    Is this a video about a slower guy who won a chance to drive an EV for the first time? I don't get it, cuz it might as well have been a GD Nissan Leaf he was driving. What a waste of time

  • E D D
    E D D 6 days ago

    This ain't a mustang, cybertruck ain't a truck 🤷🏽‍♂️ but sheesh it's just a name, half of us can't even afford them shits anyway

  • David Alvarez
    David Alvarez 6 days ago

    It’s not a mustang!!

  • Johnny5
    Johnny5 6 days ago

    What a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, re-interpretation of the Mustang brand.

  • Daryl Bain
    Daryl Bain 6 days ago

    Before you do that try other performance EVs, eg. Tesla or Cayan.