Found A Hidden Abandoned Case In Hi5 Studios!

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • I had NO Idea this was hidden upstairs!
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    I wonder what other secret hidden things we can find at the studio... This is getting creepy, an abandoned filing cabinet?. I feel like we're getting one step closer to finding what those keys go to, hopefully, a safe! If you enjoy these vlogs, consider subscribing for more videos! I like to show the behind the scenes perspective when vlogging around the office. Hopefully, you can get a better sense of the amazing team we have here at Hi5 Studios!
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  • Caleb Chikoski Hartman

    I think kevin was stalling

  • dink snot
    dink snot 5 hours ago

    Lol weed brownies

  • Sarah Emery
    Sarah Emery 4 days ago

    That Key Sentry Key Does Go To A Fireproof Safe! I have one in my room and the key too it says Sentry with like a fire little thing next to the logo.

  • Gaming with Zac Mak
    Gaming with Zac Mak 4 days ago

    I saw a car or van number

  • Simple chef
    Simple chef 6 days ago

    What is the next video to this series

  • Raven's Hunt
    Raven's Hunt 7 days ago

    oohh connor said bad word

  • Bryce Wilson
    Bryce Wilson 8 days ago

    Dont cut ur beard plz

  • Eleanor Chan
    Eleanor Chan 8 days ago

    Mitchell in a tie!!

  • ronnie taylor
    ronnie taylor 9 days ago

    I love Tanner. He's such a fun, silly guy. How can I send him some fanmail?

  • Inaya mulla
    Inaya mulla 11 days ago

    In team edge they had this stranger thiangs escape room in which they had a 863 as an answer if I'm not wrong

  • Hunger Food
    Hunger Food 11 days ago

    When Mathias went to Aaron, Aaron seemed a bit, high

  • Kora Rorabaugh
    Kora Rorabaugh 11 days ago

    When Kevin's phone vibrated i thought it was mine 😂

  • Jordan Lowe
    Jordan Lowe 11 days ago


  • DarkMasterC21 -
    DarkMasterC21 - 12 days ago

    I'm a big fan Matt

  • DarkMasterC21 -
    DarkMasterC21 - 12 days ago +1

    The gmc plate number is 6j60552 . Way to go Matt . Jk like the comment if you see it too. 5:16 then pause.

  • Kelley Richardson
    Kelley Richardson 13 days ago

    Team edge had a semetry safe on 6 ways to break a safe so ask team edge bobby

  • Silver Fall
    Silver Fall 13 days ago +2

    5:09 you can see the license plate number.

  • Liltater Hayden
    Liltater Hayden 14 days ago

    I know the comic and I'm 11

  • Max George
    Max George 16 days ago +1

    Connor cused in the vidoe

  • Ashley Kerwood
    Ashley Kerwood 16 days ago

    Do u mean dilbert

  • Sam Sanders
    Sam Sanders 18 days ago

    I have never heard Conner Cursed

  • Dianty Widodo
    Dianty Widodo 19 days ago

    Matt say a bad word

  • Diamond Phoenix
    Diamond Phoenix 20 days ago

    5:09 accidentally showing a license plate to a truck

  • Connie Montgomery
    Connie Montgomery 23 days ago

    What is high5 studio az nd GG

  • Connie Montgomery
    Connie Montgomery 23 days ago +1

    I'm a new subscriber kind of 🤥anyway...what do you do besides you tube to have such a big studio. Just curious

  • Frank Filthy
    Frank Filthy 23 days ago

    That was him being called by the FBI

  • Dubs 30Fan
    Dubs 30Fan 25 days ago

    You can’t deny cement you goofball!

  • Duane Amezola
    Duane Amezola 29 days ago

    Chuck Norris

  • Allie Jones
    Allie Jones 29 days ago


  • mr crepper 1000
    mr crepper 1000 Month ago +1

    I m watching 2019☺

    GO GAME OR HOME Month ago


  • Sierra Patton
    Sierra Patton Month ago

    Dilbert is the comic you were thinking of.

  • Dc Teddyboy
    Dc Teddyboy Month ago

    863 is the code for the safe and the key is to unlock the safe.

  • LLLucas LL
    LLLucas LL Month ago +1

    6:35 is so funny

  • Vivid whomper07
    Vivid whomper07 Month ago

    My name is Conor

  • furz kolio
    furz kolio Month ago

    The haunted orange base warehouse

  • DinoDragon Gaming
    DinoDragon Gaming Month ago +2

    I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE KID FRIENDLY................... (conner come on )

  • Green Studios
    Green Studios Month ago


  • Stephanie Alberty
    Stephanie Alberty Month ago

    Yeah does Mitch looks like Nick the Fox from Zootopia lol.

  • Lil Squid
    Lil Squid Month ago

    Making my way down town walking fast du du du do demonitized

  • solarman dan
    solarman dan Month ago

    I fill like thisis set up

  • sharky075 Bauer
    sharky075 Bauer Month ago

    it is a case a kase key becuse the safe also has codes with keys on them...

  • Kyle Frink
    Kyle Frink Month ago

    Matt need to rost every one in the stuid


    At 7:58 I love how tanner is just sitting on the couch then he just takes a moment to think if he should move

  • Lps._.Angel
    Lps._.Angel Month ago


  • Jordan Barley
    Jordan Barley Month ago +1

    You can easily see the Mario kart

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez 2 months ago

    You showed us the thing that was down there it was a goatcart

  • Nic Ludwikowski
    Nic Ludwikowski 2 months ago

    Conner said a swear in the video

  • Lillianna Friday
    Lillianna Friday 2 months ago

    Grandpa’s got it” ConnerXD

  • The Legendary Panda Gamer

    Ain’t no problem.
    Ain’t no bang.
    But a chicken wang.

  • The Legendary Panda Gamer

    Ain’t no problem.
    Ain’t no bang.
    But a chicken wang.

  • The Legendary Panda Gamer

    Ain’t no problem.
    Ain’t no bang.
    But a chicken wang.

  • Aaliah Velasquez
    Aaliah Velasquez 2 months ago

    Where is jfred

  • Glenn Inwood
    Glenn Inwood 2 months ago

    Your shows a fucking litur

  • Claude Barnum
    Claude Barnum 2 months ago

    Comic strip is Dilbert.

  • Kaka Jacobi
    Kaka Jacobi 2 months ago

    It’s dilbert

  • Jhorie Reyes
    Jhorie Reyes 2 months ago

    I saw the black van plate at the back FGB008. sorry......

  • BlackVeilSiren
    BlackVeilSiren 2 months ago

    Dude, I'm young but I really wanna get a job like this with video editing and all that when I'm done with school. I wanna get into that and sadly they don't have the resources right now to teach us that at my school, but I wish I could get an opportunity to do a shadow job at a place like this! Hit me up dudes!!

  • Golden drift
    Golden drift 2 months ago

    That's weird how the guy got a phone call as soon as you start talkin about the key

  • Nincat the Queen of Unicorns

    Is this real?

  • KittenLover
    KittenLover 2 months ago

    1:40 I'm watching this 6:38 PM PST and it says 863 except out of order... WAHTTT?!?!

  • Laura Hackbarth
    Laura Hackbarth 2 months ago

    keven is a lot of help

  • Just Jade
    Just Jade 2 months ago

    10:14 I was literally thinking of the exact same song and then they sung it and I was just blessed omg love them x

  • XxLilTrashbagxX Ayy
    XxLilTrashbagxX Ayy 2 months ago

    You messed up at 5:09

  • TRANSPLANT fishing T.V. Loki

    It's Dilbert lol

  • Taylor Buckley
    Taylor Buckley 2 months ago

    Kevin got serious

  • Brandon Moon
    Brandon Moon 2 months ago

    Bad parking job

  • kk stamm
    kk stamm 2 months ago

    ima ima sounds like amna amna

  • Mari Andrade
    Mari Andrade 2 months ago

    Did anyone see surge

  • melanie zirixa
    melanie zirixa 3 months ago

    The comic strip was Dilbert.

  • ItzJustDenny
    ItzJustDenny 3 months ago

    2:28 got me dead 😂😂 Deu rmemblr.

  • lucafnan ahmad
    lucafnan ahmad 3 months ago

    11:31 we saw the mario cart

  • jumping jellybeans
    jumping jellybeans 3 months ago

    I am reading a book and there is somebody in the book ned Matthias spelles exactly like that and his description is a glumpse warrior,who is very qcompetitive.

  • Gabby The Roach
    Gabby The Roach 3 months ago

    *reads title of video* no you didn't.

  • Sofia Achtner
    Sofia Achtner 3 months ago

    open it

  • ARIEL B.
    ARIEL B. 3 months ago

    Watch 5:20 in the video look at bottom lift corner see the plate number

  • Mason Pollock
    Mason Pollock 3 months ago +2

    Just open it already, it's already been in two videos, I'm dying to see what's inside

  • Richard Yanez
    Richard Yanez 3 months ago

    You should Suprise Michael with a new car

    KIERSTEN SARAZIN 3 months ago

    When tanner was on the couch I just imagined him saying “draw me like one of your French girls”😂

    KIERSTEN SARAZIN 3 months ago

    Conner when your wearing sweatshirt you look like a chipmunk

  • Jeanette Gardner
    Jeanette Gardner 3 months ago

    11:54 ain’t no thang like chicken wang!

  • It's Omar Music
    It's Omar Music 3 months ago

    Tanner= Blond Santa

  • Grey Wolsenbein
    Grey Wolsenbein 3 months ago

    Throwing this out there if it hasn't been solved a ts5 key is for a cash safe and it's a cheap brand too

  • GalaxyKatGamez101
    GalaxyKatGamez101 3 months ago

    Glad I had my headphones around my parents when Connor cussed

  • Johny Cruz
    Johny Cruz 3 months ago

    0x10 is still 0 7:33

  • Anime Lover Shihan
    Anime Lover Shihan 3 months ago

    That ballon is not falling and that is very weird why was the ballon not falling

  • mudbug212
    mudbug212 3 months ago

    the comic strip is Dilbert

  • Fnaf pro
    Fnaf pro 3 months ago


  • RAM Delivery
    RAM Delivery 4 months ago

    is it just me or is Kevin acting weird he keeps leaving when you guys are about to do something to the file cabinet 🗄 it seems like he’s trying to not get. Caught bye any body

  • TriSquad Gaming & More
    TriSquad Gaming & More 4 months ago

    9:57 is that a safe?

  • Sonya McClary
    Sonya McClary 4 months ago

    I think you're thinking of Dilbert.

  • ThatGuyGlenn
    ThatGuyGlenn 4 months ago

    Woods plz

  • Sammytime99
    Sammytime99 4 months ago

    i believe michal

  • M e l l o Y u n i
    M e l l o Y u n i 4 months ago

    This was posted 3 days after my birthday

  • Charlie Kingsley
    Charlie Kingsley 4 months ago

    Did Conor call Matt grandpa?

  • Ellie Dunn
    Ellie Dunn 4 months ago +3

    "Im technically REKT, right?" Haha!!!

  • Jacob Kramer
    Jacob Kramer 4 months ago

    I have to say I love your hi5 family. I'm super jealous that you guys can get along so well no matter what. That is something that you cant pretend. Hats off to you as an amazing CEO matt!

  • You'll never Know my name

    Am I the only one who thinks Kevin acts more like the boss then Matt.... the actual boss???😂😂

  • Little_Dragonwolf_studios

    You should've called a lockpicker....

  • Daddy Fafa
    Daddy Fafa 4 months ago +1

    lol just started a discord server hit this link if you wanna join @t