I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • So it turns out that when you return something to Amazon, instead of restocking it, they auction it off in giant liquidation palettes - where you can get thousands of dollars of stuff for a few hundred dollars!! It feels kind of like an abandoned storage unit except all online - so I bought one and unboxed it all to see if it was really as good of a deal as it looks! The Internet Made Me Buy It - but after seeing this, would you?
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    I got my box here! www.liquidation.com/
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +17884

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf

    • Halle Ollington
      Halle Ollington 3 months ago

      Hay im Australian

    • Julie Whitaker
      Julie Whitaker 4 months ago

      500th reply:)

    • LoveAddict69
      LoveAddict69 4 months ago

      Jeffree Starr has over 14 million subscribers. Byeeee.

    • Elle B
      Elle B 4 months ago

      I’m really late but I just had to comment because it was 500, and I have a thing for numbers like that.

  • Suck Mytoes
    Suck Mytoes 33 minutes ago


  • Danny Brink
    Danny Brink Hour ago

    A single 15lb weight does NOT cost $42 dollars, wtf? It’s literally, less than $20 dollars for 2 weights...

  • Hiya Madison
    Hiya Madison 3 hours ago

    Can I take those syringes from you? (Jk lol they would make a good Halloween decoration tho)

  • Sunny W
    Sunny W 4 hours ago

    Safiya Nygaard because of your video, I took a chance to bid on an auction from liquidation.com I need your HELP! I got majorly scammed on an auction. Can I message you for help please?

  • Brighton Grice
    Brighton Grice 7 hours ago

    Any USC fans offended by the clemson shirt shown in one of the listings?

  • briella thompson
    briella thompson 10 hours ago

    Wohoo I live in Indiana😊😂😂

  • Hope Springs-A-Turtle
    Hope Springs-A-Turtle 17 hours ago

    The shipping cost was ridiculous. I’m really spoiled by Amazon’s free shipping. Good video.

  • edwin pitono
    edwin pitono 21 hour ago

    like your accent and humour! :D

  • Claudia Tilbury
    Claudia Tilbury Day ago

    I just noticed this I've watched this a tone of times and I just now noticed when she goes to type in liquidation she put an S instead of an L am I the only one who noticed that?

  • daddyjohn2007
    daddyjohn2007 2 days ago


  • Tara Jones
    Tara Jones 2 days ago

    13:10 I need to know what she bleeped

    • Apatite Facet 24XJ
      Apatite Facet 24XJ Day ago

      I can sorta read lips. I Know she said Inserted and I'm Pretty sure she said Ass Clitoris and or Penis

  • M.D. Rofarm
    M.D. Rofarm 3 days ago

    You are so funny! Loved your comments and testing of the products. Also, all my kids names start with the letter S and I was looking for "S" names for grandkids if I ever have any. Will put Safiya on the list! I like the name. Have you bought any tools or stuff from Lowe's? I would look for Victoria Secret returns or something from the huge people clothing store. Bet you'd have fun with that! Beware of the curly hairs!

  • Fozia Iqbal
    Fozia Iqbal 3 days ago

    U should buy a wish mystery box

  • rmas32
    rmas32 3 days ago +1

    Hmmm. I guess it’s cheaper for a trillion dollar company to do this with returns over restocking and reselling it.

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson 4 days ago

    Play at 1.25x speed. You're welcome.

  • Panda_Corns_x ._.
    Panda_Corns_x ._. 4 days ago

    Omg saf you said my name!!! (Btw it’s Morgan)

  • 枫漠
    枫漠 4 days ago

    Hello, I am a seller of Amazon. After reading your video, I really want to cooperate with you. This is the link of my product: amzn.to/2BrmO4R, if you think you can, please contact me: li2979019 @gmail.com

  • vacationboyvideos
    vacationboyvideos 4 days ago

    Does Tyler have his own channel? 😍

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers 4 days ago

    The mustache is the moneymaker.

  • D S
    D S 5 days ago

    I think she just loves to talk talk talk

  • Anna Devlin
    Anna Devlin 5 days ago

    In the first list I saw a hYdRoFLaSk skskkskskskskskskkskskskskskskksks and I oop

  • Otis Martin
    Otis Martin 5 days ago

    Why would you buy thing's you don't need?

  • Stephanie Leeth
    Stephanie Leeth 5 days ago +1

    I can’t believe I watched this whole video lol very entertaining.

  • MixkibsoReal U. Hozfke

    3x-4x you can't wear that either 🤦🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️

  • chad017
    chad017 6 days ago

    *0:33** What!?*

    SANDY 6 days ago

    Dees nutz.
    Lmfao I just died. 😭😂😂
    Omg your sense of humor is awesome! New subscriber!! ♡

  • Nicole Weiler
    Nicole Weiler 7 days ago

    Also,if you want to get rid of one of those water flossers, send it my way. My daughter just got braces and has been BEGGING for one of those.

  • Nicole Weiler
    Nicole Weiler 7 days ago

    Those Flawless hair removers are actually AMAZING. I use the brow one for myself and my daughters. My older daughter also uses the Flawless leg hair remover. But seriously, the brow one is the best $15 I’ve ever spent.

  • Elmedin Cancar
    Elmedin Cancar 9 days ago

    She sounds like Danny Mullen.

  • UwU OwO Rawr
    UwU OwO Rawr 9 days ago

    That thing that goes on your finger is for when you cut your finger put a bandage and put that little thing on top and it holds it in place

  • CherryAppetite
    CherryAppetite 9 days ago

    Secrets to Youthful skin

  • Maria
    Maria 9 days ago

    I’m forever going to assume battery boxes like the leg massager thing, do not work. Because I’ve ordered two of those for a costume, and none of them worked, so if you SEE THAT BOX, GET YOUR MONEY BACK

  • Scratch Itch
    Scratch Itch 9 days ago

    The middle scale is the accurate one but most people return it because they can't face the truth.

  • Scratch Itch
    Scratch Itch 9 days ago

    Have Tyler punch you first. After that the epilator won't hurt (as much).

  • Elmore
    Elmore 9 days ago +1

    The person who replased the stove gap cover with syringes is funny

  • corissa holbrook
    corissa holbrook 9 days ago

    I also spit my milk out, while I was eating my cereal!!!! Hahaaa
    U are hilarioussss

  • corissa holbrook
    corissa holbrook 9 days ago

    Fucking hilaaarouuuusss

  • Kyle Chesser
    Kyle Chesser 10 days ago

    Learn how to check for colon cancer he never got to go to the doctor then does he

  • Kyle Chesser
    Kyle Chesser 10 days ago

    Man do you own a real pair of shoes or all of them just some b******* looking things that you slide your foot through that have no soul and have to be bad on your feet and your back for not having no kind of padding for the soul of your foot

  • Emily Rapisarda-Dery
    Emily Rapisarda-Dery 10 days ago

    I might try this! Just for fun!

  • unicornloveiscute
    unicornloveiscute 10 days ago


  • Rebecca Gomez
    Rebecca Gomez 11 days ago

    too many DINGS

  • social anxiety
    social anxiety 12 days ago +2

    Dang whoever bought my returned goat coats (literal coats for goats) is probably very confused

    CHRIS STARKILLER 12 days ago

    what do you got against LUBE :P

  • North of the Rio Grande

    Over edit much?

  • Professor Rimjob Chichester The 19th

    Boring crap video of something that happened in real life. Loser with no talent

  • terry W
    terry W 13 days ago

    Hope you enjoyed your time in OZ? (Australia) Your Winter, our Summer.

  • Digital Smooth
    Digital Smooth 13 days ago +3

    i bought a few liquidations from that site The first one (high-end childrens clothing) was good - total cost was about $140 with shipping. All the others i bought from them (childrens and womens clothing) was moldy smelling. I had to return two of them.

  • Sailaja kl
    Sailaja kl 13 days ago

    I actually have that suspicious looking hair remover and it works pretty well!!

  • PixelDust
    PixelDust 13 days ago +1

    12:44 I have one of those, and that's to use for unibrows, mustaches, beards (Like, on girls, cause they can get those) etc

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 14 days ago

    The finger condoms r used in resturant or any other public kitchens. If you cut yourself. Bandaid and finger condom good to go. Food and blood not good.

  • marie moore
    marie moore 14 days ago

    Can you get these if you live in the UK?

  • Lyla Mountainfire
    Lyla Mountainfire 14 days ago +1

    I have this "weird hair remover" (the one you thought it was a vibrator) and it's actually really good! Its for your baby hair on your face if you have a tiny women's beard or just dark baby hair and you don't like it.

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART 14 days ago

    which seemed pretty *straight* forward

  • Kieara Clark
    Kieara Clark 14 days ago

    I want her to do one more

  • Katie Morris
    Katie Morris 14 days ago


  • Honcho Wholesale
    Honcho Wholesale 16 days ago +2

    You kind of have a voice that sounds like it is meant for radio.

  • Honcho Wholesale
    Honcho Wholesale 16 days ago

    you could buy customer returns, or you could buy shelf pulls and get NWT items. -honchowholesale

  • Mandi Tv
    Mandi Tv 16 days ago

    Skip to 9:31 to see what's in the boxes