I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 months ago +15268

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf

    • Thykker
      Thykker Day ago

      anyone know if there is a site like this for Canadian Residents?

    • Kuro Sparda
      Kuro Sparda 2 days ago

      how abt u buy my 600 clothes and acessories for 600 usd with limited rare models of shoes and stuff and best pants in the world? 99.80 percent brand new. DM @lojadakuro if interested. XD also kinder egg toys from 30 years ago, some are rare. I can send those too XD

    • JamieTheBoii
      JamieTheBoii 3 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard Hi >:3

    • Ahsim Mohsen
      Ahsim Mohsen 4 days ago

      U have friends :o

    • Montana Patterson
      Montana Patterson 4 days ago


  • YumeOw
    YumeOw 9 hours ago

    11:52 this is what the
    gynecologist uses when he makes an "Ultrasonic picture" (is that a real word? xD)

  • Sophie Sampson
    Sophie Sampson 12 hours ago

    Save the finger cots for if you ever cut yourself cooking! They're great for holding band aids on fingers.

  • Sydney-Paige Hernandez
    Sydney-Paige Hernandez 13 hours ago

    The medical finger condoms are used (at least in my experience) if you have a cut, so you don’t lose a bandaid, or under a glove

  • sydney 12366
    sydney 12366 19 hours ago

    That's not true about amazon not selling their returns. I bought a wallet and had some women's credit card in it. I'm assuming the women who bought and returned it.

  • Stephanie Watkins
    Stephanie Watkins 20 hours ago

    I can’t help but think these videos could literally be half as short...I enjoy your content but please, get to the point faster! X

  • Dragon Gamer YT
    Dragon Gamer YT 21 hour ago


  • kc Clair
    kc Clair 22 hours ago

    PART 2

  • Kristen225
    Kristen225 22 hours ago

    LOL I saw a hairy leg going into that sock and my first thought was DAMN Safiya, shave your legs! Then it hit me that was Tyler.. hahahahaha

  • Kristen225
    Kristen225 22 hours ago

    love the new intro

  • metroteacher
    metroteacher Day ago

    Fascinating! I never knew about this!

  • Sweetpea Gauthier

    looked like a complete waste or 500 bucks

  • Sharalee Insley
    Sharalee Insley Day ago

    You crack me up. I've always wondered what is done with Amazon's returns. My opinion, after watching is it would be worth a try.

  • Blessedpb
    Blessedpb Day ago

    I have so much to do today and YET....I find myself sitting here watching this video instead of attending to my neglected chores. The "cute-factor" just had me sucked in!! Thanks for the smiles! p

  • Stefanie Taylor
    Stefanie Taylor Day ago

    I have those headphones - they are adjustable!

  • mpiette4486
    mpiette4486 Day ago

    Omg this is fantastic!

  • ObiWanShinobi1
    ObiWanShinobi1 Day ago

    Put the finger condoms over the barrel of your firearms to keep dust and debris out - shoot right through them. ;-)

  • Saph's Container Garden

    Loved this! Hilarious and informative as well! 😂

  • Lara Sulieman
    Lara Sulieman Day ago

    The second hair remover was at my local grocery store lol.

  • 1_Creative_Poodle

    I loved this video

  • PoopDan
    PoopDan Day ago

    My fiancee sent me here. She loves Safiya's videos and I can see why - very cute and very entertaining!

  • Audrey’s World

    Omg you are so funny! Luv watching your videos. More pls :)

  • Rebecca Hopkins
    Rebecca Hopkins Day ago

    That “flawless” purse sized hair remover is AWESOME. I have it and keep it in my purse for those little brow and lip hair emergencies that happen in my car as I pull into a parking lot for a meeting 👍😉you know, those really inconvenient moments to have a stray and wild little disobedient hair in a tricky place 🤣really enjoy your videos. Thank you for doing them!

  • Ziska Khan
    Ziska Khan Day ago

    Urrgh , is life so starved of excitement???

  • ThatGirlJade
    ThatGirlJade Day ago

    this is like an online Dirt Cheap

  • Vividly Dreaming

    *my singular face*

  • Rachel Short
    Rachel Short Day ago

    I have that flawless hair remover. I’ve used it once so far. Seems to work pretty well and doesn’t hurt at all.

  • Ambitiousgirl Bowden


  • Mallory Jenkins
    Mallory Jenkins Day ago

    WHYYYYYY did you tell me about this.....

  • onefatstratcat
    onefatstratcat Day ago

    Used vibrators are a hard sell

  • Tyler Borham
    Tyler Borham Day ago

    sick of that bing sound every five seconds

  • Tali Santiago
    Tali Santiago Day ago

    I don’t what I liked most. The content or her talking. Laughed from beginning to end. Thanks

  • Brian Warren
    Brian Warren Day ago

    Yo! Those Andis T-outliers though!!!!!!!

  • Kishin Ratwani
    Kishin Ratwani Day ago

    holy crap why make any of ur videos

  • mariah curl
    mariah curl Day ago

    hey I know where the warehouse is that that shipped from! xD

  • Destinee082
    Destinee082 Day ago

    I think she meant Santanic instead of Satanic LOL

  • Brooke Vargas
    Brooke Vargas Day ago


  • J Roy
    J Roy Day ago

    $500.00 hell fkng Noooooo

  • Emu
    Emu Day ago

    Every time I watch a new Safiya video: WTH I didn't know you could find all of that on the Internet.

  • Ruby Cherie Coaching

    is there an australian version ahahahaha

  • Dylan Cash
    Dylan Cash Day ago


  • Janice M
    Janice M Day ago

    You guys are hilarious! TFS!

  • Ashley Woedy
    Ashley Woedy Day ago

    why did i waste 21 min of my life

  • lizard of_odds
    lizard of_odds Day ago

    Somebody let their health go.

  • lizard of_odds
    lizard of_odds Day ago

    "i let my mustache grow wild as the Austrailian bush"

  • Dan Maduff
    Dan Maduff Day ago

    You're really funny in an adorable way.

  • JackieOVlogs
    JackieOVlogs Day ago

    Anyone wanna help a little channel grow a bit? (Plz like my vids and subs)

  • Elle The pug
    Elle The pug Day ago

    Can I have the memory foam
    I like making squishys
    Never mind I comment halfway through now I don’t want it

  • Lucy Juliet
    Lucy Juliet Day ago

    That "lipstick" hair remover was on Natalie's Outlet. Do you know that channel?

  • Carl Schleicher
    Carl Schleicher Day ago

    Cute and interesting video. I'm gonna look into this a little closer and see if I can get anything worth while, just No personal items that might have pubic hair. Thank you this was very informative.

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  • Archita Mondal
    Archita Mondal Day ago

    Omg you are so funny and adorable... You got me to like you just like that...

  • Lady B
    Lady B Day ago

    Great review...I never laugh so hard. You guys are so funny and should maybe do these review as a show. Thanks for the info

  • Kalea Loper
    Kalea Loper Day ago

    Do u sale any of these things

  • Fagner Macedo
    Fagner Macedo Day ago

    I did not knew that a finger condom was a thing. Now I want some

  • Gretchen
    Gretchen 2 days ago


  • Alexandra Ramos
    Alexandra Ramos 2 days ago

    I love the fact that you remind me of Lilith from cheers and Frasier ❤️

  • L Justice
    L Justice 2 days ago

    *These Nuts* 😂😂😂😂

  • mister robert
    mister robert 2 days ago


  • Walter Bennetsen
    Walter Bennetsen 2 days ago

    What a freak, are you a Shakespearean actor

  • Lakelover597
    Lakelover597 2 days ago

    this chick has the most annoying voice I've ever heard

  • Aseel Fight and care by Ramiz Altaf

    She is so cute. Lol
    Lucky you mate

  • Katie Ohara
    Katie Ohara 2 days ago

    I use those eyeglass wipes. They work well!

  • Jenn Johnson
    Jenn Johnson 2 days ago

    My old roomate is in the Andrew Christian hoodie...how funny.

  • Scott Richey
    Scott Richey 2 days ago

    Did you just right click to open a new tab? Press the mouse scroll button. Wait, can mac do that?

  • EmmaBean
    EmmaBean 2 days ago

    I wonder if the sock applicator is strong enough for compression socks? I have an AVM on my heel, so trying to put my compression sock is actually kinda painful?? it would be neat if i didn't have to touch my heel at all in the process of getting dressed lol

  • Roberto Garcia Rodriguez

    I love your sarcasm lol

  • freesixteen
    freesixteen 2 days ago

    Now, this is a awful posture to put the boxes down. You should work on this

  • My Little Cora
    My Little Cora 2 days ago

    This makes the random boxes at the flea market make some sense. Super fun video! Thanks for making it kid-safe to watch mom and I were cracking up.

  • Crypto Zjak
    Crypto Zjak 2 days ago

    At least it's not some stupid dark web box with body parts.

  • s_gucci_sport_s gucci

    Sounds like someone was hairy

  • Rosi Garmendia
    Rosi Garmendia 2 days ago

    I'm laughing so hard I'm about to get an asthma attack!!🤣🤣

  • blahblah jumpswing
    blahblah jumpswing 2 days ago

    great for churches and donations! fun too.

  • Anna & Zoe
    Anna & Zoe 2 days ago +2

    Can you return the returns

  • Beyond Berlin
    Beyond Berlin 2 days ago

    You should test Earwax Candeling!!

  • Danielle Alexander
    Danielle Alexander 2 days ago +5

    Lol...she didn’t know what the curling irons & crimpers were. Hot dogs...smh 😂

  • Horse Girl
    Horse Girl 2 days ago

    Can’t get enough of saf 😂❤️❤️

  • choosing a name is too much pressure

    you’re like a female markiplier hahahha (just regarding your voice and facial expressions)

  • Dani Dreams
    Dani Dreams 2 days ago

    Finger cots are for cuts on your finger to keep the bandaids from getting wet when you do dishes or go swimming

  • jcrafthouse
    jcrafthouse 2 days ago

    I just bought a box of coffee. And seaweed.

  • Clementine Green
    Clementine Green 2 days ago

    did you try to put the batterys in a different way

  • Donna van Schaik
    Donna van Schaik 2 days ago

    Never watched your channel before, the title had me intrigued. Well, I can say I really enjoyed this video and I'm going to subscribe just to see what else you have made videos of. I am sure they are as much of a hoot as this one was.

  • Anonymous bub
    Anonymous bub 2 days ago

    We have the same suspicious hair removal thing.

  • hummingfrog
    hummingfrog 2 days ago

    Hey, that's the brand of lens wipes I've been buying off Amazon for years. They're great! They don't cost much on a per-use basis, and they really get my glasses clean. (A lot of companies make lens wipes, but I get a kick out of using a fancy schmancy brand like Zeiss).

  • Daniel Laba
    Daniel Laba 2 days ago

    I bought that coconut lotion at Wallmart

  • Chelii Marie
    Chelii Marie 3 days ago

    9:00 You Welcome....

  • yeemo trash
    yeemo trash 3 days ago +3


  • Ben Tabor
    Ben Tabor 3 days ago

    I actually have that wedge pillow and it's great to sit on if you have no ass like me lol

  • Linda Glickstein
    Linda Glickstein 3 days ago

    You went right past the easiest and most painless hair removal item. The Flawless is great and you had right there in front of you.

  • Muggins The Jinx
    Muggins The Jinx 3 days ago

    Deez Nutz 🥜🥜

  • veronica diaz
    veronica diaz 3 days ago

    your hilarious lol love your video

  • Sylvia Ramirez
    Sylvia Ramirez 3 days ago

    Loved your unboxing

  • Calvin 911 kicks
    Calvin 911 kicks 3 days ago

    How or where do you resale your items???

  • Millie Cruz
    Millie Cruz 3 days ago

    It's mostly garbage. I'm sorry you wasted so much money. Thanks for warning us.

  • Kevin Kauffman
    Kevin Kauffman 3 days ago

    God this chick is annoying. You're trying to hard. Do less. Stop trying to talk like a game show host.

  • عالم سمسمة
    عالم سمسمة 3 days ago

    Use the Braun apilator on your legs and arms

  • sharon Steward
    sharon Steward 3 days ago

    Hi, the object that looked like a large lipstick is a facial hair remover, thinking of getting one myself, if you tried it let me know the results, thanks. 😀

  • Dan
    Dan 3 days ago

    Instead.....take this money and buy as many shares of an index fund as you can. Then fagetaboutit.

  • Mobbo J
    Mobbo J 3 days ago

    Dont use that lotion

  • Airiayana Sullivan
    Airiayana Sullivan 3 days ago

    Did you just spend $700 to buy a buncha junk that you will never use just to make a USclip video?