Black and British A Forgotten History Season 1 Episode 1 First Encounters

  • Published on Nov 25, 2016

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  • niki wiki
    niki wiki Month ago

    Then you can’t sat White South African!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  • ?????????
    ????????? Month ago

    All these people are sub Saharan African why are they claiming North African history, I don’t get it

  • ?????????
    ????????? Month ago

    I’m so sick off this bbc crap stop trying to steal Europe’s history and culture

  • Arif
    Arif Month ago +2

    .... the question is asked how the black gergeions disappear ? at the time Britain was exporting slavesLol .....🙂👌🏾🤔👀 they... "intermarried & became white" 👀👀👀, oke if you say so .

    • courtney riley
      courtney riley 28 days ago

      That's how you get blonde white girls like me with black genes. Intermarriage. White on the outside and black on the inside.

    • Arif
      Arif Month ago

      niki wiki whatever you want it to be

    • niki wiki
      niki wiki Month ago +1

      Arif What are GERGEIONS?

  • Eric Boateng
    Eric Boateng Month ago +2

    Proudly Ghanaian 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🇬🇭

  • paul hoey
    paul hoey Month ago

    It's a bbc programme so must be true.

    • paul hoey
      paul hoey Month ago +1

      Arif was being sarcastic bbc horse shite.

    • Arif
      Arif Month ago

      paul hoey lol, you're either a gullible fool, or consdic ironic genius. One of the two

  • Adrian Swaby
    Adrian Swaby 2 months ago

    Elm Park Fish Monger

  • Floss Horace
    Floss Horace 5 months ago

    I loved this program.
    It was extremely interesting... TV at its best.
    David Olusoga is always excellent in what he does.

  • PoB
    PoB 5 months ago +2

    He mentions how Henry VIII divorced his first wife the whole of England was excommunicated which had dire consequences for England’s wealth and how England suddenly had the wealth to get involved in trading with Africa.
    What he doesn't mention is to get that wealth Henry VIII's stole stole Irish wealth and carried out concerted attacks to make the Irish accept Henry VIII’s Surrender and Regrant program. He then gain greater wealth through the his dissolution of the monasteries.

    Without such combined wealth, England couldn’t have begun trading with Africa in the late 16th Century and eventually get involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Whilst the resultant Industrial Revolution and advances in engineering, technological, etc. would never have happened.

    In 1649 Cromwell begins his "Irish Solution". In the space of one year Ireland lost a third of its population. Those not butchered by the New Model Army were shipped as laves to the West Indies. Even when Charles II came to power the Irish were stilled being shipped as slaves.
    In 1660 there were an estimated 12,000 transported Irish Catholic men, women and children in the West Indies and 8,000 in Barbado, all of whom are derided by the Negro slave population and branded as “White Slaves”, “Black Irish” and eventually nicknamed “Red Legs” (the equivalent of the American term “white trash”).
    Such was the demand for labour within England’s colonies that mass kidnappings within Ireland cause a pamphlet to be published in which English soldiers are accused of abducting any Irish people they could in order to sell them to Barbados for profit, stating that:

    "It was the usual practice with Colonel Strubber, Governor of Galway, and other commanders in the said country, to take people out of their beds at night and sell them for slaves to the Indies, and by computations sold out of the said country about a thousand souls,"

    which are supported by other accounts such as:

    "Even young Irish peasants were hunted down as men hunt down game, and were forcibly put aboard ship, and sold to plantations in Barbados."

    In 1661 Prince Rupert (the nephew of Charles I, former King of England) announced his ambition to increase England’s wealth by making it the world’s leading slave trading nation. He then uses the Royal families wealth to start such as the East India Company.Thus making the Royal family a major player within the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

    The Penal Laws caused the Irish to treated as 3rd class citizens and subjected to racism, bigotry, ridicule, intolerance, oppression, debasement and dehumanisation which lasted until the 1990's. Whilst during 1840s Middle Class Liberals tried to bring about the genocide of the entire Irish people.
    Look deeper and to where the money came? You'll find that Britain's isn't derived from African slavery. But rather it derived from stolen Irish and Church wealth which was used by the Royal Family to sh!t on the powerless Black Africans.
    Those of African descent have a right to be angry. But they shouldn't blame an entire race for the wrongs of the few. Equally whilst programs such as these are needed to show the suffering of the Blacks, there should also be one to show the suffering faced the Gypsies, Irish, Jews and Slavs.
    Because there are whites who've had the same dirty end of the stick and the claim that whites have never suffered racism, slavery, invasion, attempted, genocide is a lie.
    But as someone who's white and of Irish descent, if you don't know about or acknowledge my pain and suffering, why should I care about yours?

    • Douglas Meyer
      Douglas Meyer Month ago

      Very level headed comment. I agree with you. They do have the right to be angry but we need to remember who did what and all of the people who suffered.

  • Jita'ame suluma
    Jita'ame suluma 5 months ago

    i am sixth generation descended from a slave half balck half native american , i am british

    • Jita'ame suluma
      Jita'ame suluma 5 months ago

      i know , but by dna , it was forgotten , i can not say if the forgetting was deliberately, racism was such a thing , even post my birth in 1962

    • Jita'ame suluma
      Jita'ame suluma 5 months ago

      oh my family come from both staffordshire and nottinghamshire

    • Jita'ame suluma
      Jita'ame suluma 5 months ago

      i think i descend from Francis Barber , i have barber in my family line

  • We Wuz Kangz
    We Wuz Kangz 5 months ago

    North Africans, the Moors & Numidians & Carthigians & Amazigh & Egyptians/Kemites were not negroid blacks but tanned Mediterraneans just like they are today. Hannibal Barca & Severus Septimus & Tutankamun etc, were not blacks like those from West Africa. FACT!!!. We wuz kangz n sheeeeiit!!!!!!! Dass riiitee!!! Get Woke-andan!!!!

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern 5 months ago +3

    Never mind these racists, and people who want to tell you a different part of history, and try to tell you your wrong... Your doing a good job mate. Hopefully, we can tell history as it was, without having to blatantly mention color, and everyone would know about our diverse history. Also, we need to give Africa, the respect it's due, and stop being silent when they're successful. Give Africa credit, for being the cradle of humanity, the original architects and artists.
    Anyone who disagrees with the last statement, should look at Tutekarmuns burrial mask, see that nose, and tell me he wasn't balck. Then consider that it took over 2 thousand years for Europe to make a buliding taller than the great pyramids.

    • courtney riley
      courtney riley 28 days ago

      Africa doesn't need a pat on the back when they " do good " what kind of colonial, patriarchal kind of bullshit is that? Less ignorance and intolerance in Africa towards its own people is what is needed. Come on man. Read about policies,issues, and ignorant beliefs the people and government have in different African nations first. They make a lot of problems for themselves. Look into the issues please.

  • ThePertinent1
    ThePertinent1 7 months ago


  • Hadlow Escobar - King serf

    White Nigerian

    • hotties3v3n
      hotties3v3n 5 months ago

      Be quiet. Please and thank you.

  • Hadlow Escobar - King serf

    Its like saying black European no such thing

  • Hadlow Escobar - King serf

    No such thing as black British

    • food forthought1
      food forthought1 3 months ago

      Hadlow Escobar - King serf black Duke of florence, allesandro de medecini!! Go google black Duke of florence!!!

      Go tell the whites in American that there is no such thing as a white America, (keep in mind that america is a native Indian land ) .

      So go tell all whites and blacks that they cannot hold a USA passport, go tell all the IMMIGRANTS in America that there is no such thing as a Mexican American, or black American, or Asian american !! Many of them are born USA citizens , no one could ever strip them of that status , not you, not ice , not the president !! They are born on USA soil , their parents may be the ones who immigrated, but once those kids were born on USA soil , they have a USA birth certificate!!!

      So any blacks , asians , Mexican, Chinese, etc etc, any of those people who are born in england is a British citizen !! Period , you nor the queen could never deport them , they only deported those early islanders who were the parents of many of those early British blacks !!

      Britian invaded the globe , stole people from their lands , enslaved them , brought many to england , the west indies ( whom most were British citizens because Britain owned the CARRIBBEAN islands , along with France, and Portugal at times owned some nations !!

      Double STANDARD!!!
      You are sick in your brains !!!

      British simply means someone born in Britain, it is not a bliodu race you fool !!

      English is a language you fool , not a race !! American is a state of being from the place (america ) it is not a language lol, English is simply a language, British is someon born in Britain, are they ethnic to Britain, no , they were viking, and all sorts of raiders who claimed that location , the Irish would say otherwise lol.

      God made the earth ,

      Blacks in south Africa could say there are no such thing as a white south African right ??after all they came by boat and met black Africans on their CONTINENT!!! They took it for themselves, jailed Mandela, tortured blacks in their own land , they put up signs saying whites only , they found out mapungupwe was an ancient place that had people who were melting gold etc, they banned all western archeological groups from entering south Africa to the location of mapungupwe!! They then skewed the facts (by FALSELY dating that site to only 200 years , simply to justify that they landed in south Africa same time the zulus came from the north , thus trying to say they have rights to south Africa just like the blacks lol )
      The facts is that mapungupwe is dated to 1000 years A.D, LONG BEFORE ANY EUROPEANS LANDED IN THE CAPE OF SOUTH AFRICA!!



    • food forthought1
      food forthought1 3 months ago

      Leonard Jeffries allesandro de medecini was a black Duke of florence , fact !!!!

      One of the queen of England adopted a black girl that was given as a gift to her from a captain that returned from Africa, the girl was given as a gift from a local king, the queen sent her to school , her pics are in one of the albums of the queen , one of the earlier queens ,(not Elizabeth) ,

      Also there was a black trumpeter who played in the kings band, early 15th century , he wrote the king about him not getting the same pay as the European trumpeters, the king gave him his raise , blacks been in Britain for a very long time, all whites came from blacks !! Out of Africa, go argue with the geneticists!!

    • Leonard Jeffries
      Leonard Jeffries 3 months ago

      Look up the black nobility and look up the definition of some of the cities mean and where the names came from

    • food forthought1
      food forthought1 3 months ago

      Hadlow Escobar - King serf search allesandro de medecini!! Black Duke of Europe, France!!

      Know facts !! All man came from Africans so for Africans to reach Europe, they would of still been black !! Blacks left out of Africa and populated the earth, DNA from the Chinese geneticist who tested many subjects in China, their DNA showed African ancestors !!

      There are many skewed and lost information out there !!

      Black Africans also invented many things in england and north America!!

    • food forthought1
      food forthought1 3 months ago

      Hadlow Escobar - King serf then there are no such thing as white Americans also , right?? After all America was all native Indians!! Oh. What is British, Ireland, Baltic, roman , phoenician, Carthage, , minus Ireland, the Roman empire predates england lol, when england invaded the CARRIBBEAN islands and stole Africans from Africa, they took them to the islands under the British empires rule , after slaves were freed , they became citizens of england , is it then ok to say that there is such a thing as a white south African ??? After all , many live in south Africa after landing in south Africa, on the CONTINENT of Africa!!!!!

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin 8 months ago +1

    Africans were in Europe long before the Romans. What on earth is a Black African, is that the opposite of a white Caucasian, or perhaps two twins.

    • PoB
      PoB 5 months ago

      The first Homosapians to settle in Europe were dark skinned if not Black. But that was around 12,000 years ago. They procreated with Neanderthals and became White - DNA proves this. DNA also shows that the present day Irish are descended from those who first settled Ireland around 10,000 years ago.
      But if they procreated with Neanderthals who were white, then the original inhabitants of Europe were White.
      Since Africa is a continent those in Northern Africa are of more Olive skinned whilst Black Africans = Sub Saharan Africans.

  • Rex Durrett
    Rex Durrett 9 months ago

    The 3 kings history is so poorly presented, you say that Christianity and Islam were in some sort of struggle for influence of the African king ....but wait WE'RE AT THE BIRTH OF CHRIST!!!!!!!

    • PoB
      PoB 5 months ago

      Actually they were 3 kings from the East.
      And East of what is now Israel is the Middle East and the Asia.

  • xrayfish2020
    xrayfish2020 9 months ago

    Just to confirm-

  • Lee Ab
    Lee Ab 9 months ago

    Black British pride

  • John Buckley
    John Buckley 10 months ago +9

    Yet more bollocks .

    • hotties3v3n
      hotties3v3n 5 months ago

      Awww. The truth is bitter eh? Lmao

    • Lord Taharqa
      Lord Taharqa 9 months ago +6

      you were raised on believing bullock so you can't tell the difference . so go read a book and find out for yourself

  • Christopher Stewart
    Christopher Stewart 10 months ago +6

    THIS is funnier than shiite, mates, thank you all for some real knee slapping FUN.

  • Carol P.
    Carol P. 10 months ago +6

    The Black Picts and Black Scots did not come as Roman Soldiers. They migrated to Scotia (Ireland) before the Romans tried to conquer this area. Learn true history and stop putting the White European as the center of World History! There is such thing as a Black European; history just wants you to think that Europe has always been a White Continent! All false history. Remember, it's the "victor" that gets to write and influence "their" history!The African has an incredible history too; it's been stolen or hidden! No such thing as "Roman Black History!" It's African Migration History to the European continent! And Briton has not always been Roman!!!!!!

    • Jack Duncan
      Jack Duncan 2 months ago

      Evidence? You know you can just as easily blackwash history too you hypocrite.

    • Grand Master Crusader
      Grand Master Crusader 5 months ago

      Maybe because Europe was not a black continent Afrocentric retard focus on Africa instead of stealing European history.

    • Napoleom Bonaparte
      Napoleom Bonaparte 6 months ago

      Carol P. Shut up, the Europeans are white. Blacks that immigrated there are residents not natives...
      There was a black samurai, are you going to shame Japan for not talking about the black Japanese? Stfu

  • Sid Morgan
    Sid Morgan Year ago

    If you are a decendant of slaves in Britain YOU ARE A CHILD OF ISRAEL, research -NEGROLAND, THE EMMANUEL BOWEN COLONIAL MAPS showing where the slaved were taken from was inhabited by THE TRIBE OF JUDAH (the actual Jews), THE SLAVE COAST WICH WAS TRULY THE KINGDOM OF JUDAH, IGBO PEOPLE, BOOKS-SHIPS THAT SAILED FROM JUDAH, BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU, THE HEBREWISMS OF WEST AFRICA, FROM HEBREWS TO NEGROS. THE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AND ALL AROUND YOU IF YOU SEEK IT! Claim your Heritage IF YOU WANT IT. then read these scriptures in the Bible Genesis 15:12-15,Acts 7:6 , Deutoronomy 28 :1-68. Lastly watch the Documentary WHITED OUT on USclip. Shalom

  • Clancer
    Clancer Year ago +8

    north africans are not black, north africans would be insulted about this appropriation. gadaffi was not black.

    • hotties3v3n
      hotties3v3n 5 months ago

      Gadaffi, God bless his soul, was not a native African. Bright one. -_-

    • YL Parker
      YL Parker 9 months ago

      Ghaddafi himself said he was African.

    • Lord Taharqa
      Lord Taharqa 9 months ago +1

      Actually the original North African were black they are mulattoes now , and Gadaffi proudly called him self a African and helped many black countries in his time.there are whole Ethnicities that are mixed now
      almost a races of mullattoes ,what Arabs call "Muwallid". The Arabs are one of them. and remember Arab is not a race it is a culture.i have seen jet black Arabs and of all other colors. A desert people would be originally black. The Arabs are light today because of the arrival of lighter tribes the northern steppes .And see a lot of North African look light because of immigrants from ancient times at different periods .Even blonde haired barbarians called vandals came into North Africa 435 ad after sacking Rome that is. And if you don't study history , you just assume anything from what you see in the people there today.See the curly hair on Gadaffi head he a mixed one and was proud of it. also anyone can be Arab if they speak Arab but to be Arabian you must be from the tribes of Arabia.

    • Michelle Gilder
      Michelle Gilder Year ago +1

      Clancer ...... did you watch the documentary at all? ...... the colour of our skin may be deceiving....

    • alphonso slay
      alphonso slay Year ago

      They are not Caucasians , they want to rid the region of whites.

  • TheTrebulator
    TheTrebulator Year ago +1

    I love Cedric's response to his knowledge that his great great great great grandfather was a blackman, a slave .

  • Eva Finn
    Eva Finn Year ago +1

    Why are they no traces of these black British people? you need to read book number 4 and 6 by Lee Cummings. They are not Africans they are Hebrews, black Hebrews like King James of Scotland. Lee Cumming also found that all Europe was swarthy=black. Read Benjamin Franklin last paragraph

    • Tonejack
      Tonejack 11 months ago

      Thank you for this. I have been searching for this for a while now and this is the first one I found that is complete . Swarthy= dark skin Tawny=brown tinged with yellow

  • otteyful
    otteyful Year ago +14

    I have been waiting for a documentary like this for a very long time. I was curious to know what happened to the early black settlers in Britain, and what happened to their descendants. They should do DNA testing in the communities that those early black settlers lived. I personally believe that there is strong black genetic make up in the British Royal Family, apart from Queen Charlotte. Probably Henry the VIII trumpeter marry into the royal family. From what I understand, there were some black people in high position in England in the early centuries who intermarry into the upper class. We would be shock to know who some of these people are!

    • Marcydalmatian
      Marcydalmatian 16 days ago

      You are right about Queen Charlotte being a Black Royal, some people back then described her as Mulatto, the term used for biracial people at the time, but there's other Royals of color. King Charles, one of Prince Harry's ancestors is thought to be Black, he was 6'2 with Black hair, brown skin and dark brown eyes. His cousin, Louis XIV also had a daughter who was possibly half Black. Had she been officially recognized as his daughter, France might've had a Black queen! DNA tests conducted in 2007 and 2014 showed quite a few UK citizens have African blood. Some of the UK's first residents migrated from Africa thousands of years ago. Some eye witness reports from ancient times described the people as having tan or brown skin, tall in stature, curly black hair and brown eyes in addition to incredible strength. Definitely the description of some Africans and Black people walking around today.

    • Napoleom Bonaparte
      Napoleom Bonaparte 6 months ago

      otteyful queen charlotte hardly was black and didn't even identify as black. Afro centrics are reaching