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  • Published on Jun 6, 2013
  • Held out as long as I could before making a Draw my Life video but then realized that the real request has been to go deeper on a personal storytelling level.
    Special thanks to those of you who watch as well as anyone who has ever told a friend about my videos; Also a very special thanks to guys like MASTER who had my back in the gaming community and people like Michelle Phan and Alphacat who believed in me regardless of how many subscribers I had. Also for my parents and the countless sacrifices they've made even though they didn't always believe in what I was doing.
    Music: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod // free mp3: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/mp3-royaltyfree/Easy%20Lemon.mp3
    All art done with deviantart muro. Tablet used: Cintiq 24
    Super Mario watch I'm wearing: www.ebay.com/itm/Takara-Tomy-Super-Mario-Digital-Watch-Collection-Volume-2-Peach-/251175669205?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3a7b3c8dd5

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 4 hours ago

    3:46 I do that daily

  • XxxSmileyxxX
    XxxSmileyxxX 4 hours ago

    I live in port of span

  • jeff wilson
    jeff wilson 9 hours ago

    i draw as well but im not as good a sWooZie is

  • Kiel Cummings
    Kiel Cummings Day ago +1

    I live in Trinidad

  • TxT Blueskeey
    TxT Blueskeey Day ago

    I live in Trinidad! 🇹🇹

  • Sans The Pianist
    Sans The Pianist 3 days ago +1

    It all started when a girl took his action figure...

  • Malique Archer
    Malique Archer 3 days ago

    Big up the Trinis🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • TheGaming Pirate
    TheGaming Pirate 4 days ago

    My guy scripted Rango brother that’s my all time favorite movie

  • ArtGenieX
    ArtGenieX 4 days ago

    Been here since 1K. Every joke still gets me 😂😂

  • Jack 812348
    Jack 812348 5 days ago

    R/swoosh (:

  • LazerBlazer
    LazerBlazer 6 days ago


  • sage super
    sage super 7 days ago +1


  • XPGamer Bruh
    XPGamer Bruh 7 days ago

    I play dead or alive5+

  • Crxsh_Cyber
    Crxsh_Cyber 10 days ago +1

    Heee heeee

  • CombatHD
    CombatHD 11 days ago

    this is lumber tycoon music lol

  • Bob Jefferson
    Bob Jefferson 11 days ago

    I go to Mexico every year maybe 3 times a year the poor part and we help them out so in the poor parts we buy soda at the store the soda there is the best and the chips are different but the soda you do not understand

  • Darian Rambally
    Darian Rambally 12 days ago

    I'm from trinidad

  • Anonymous X
    Anonymous X 13 days ago

    Cooas gon a riin everything😭😭😭😭😭🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Anime savage!
    Anime savage! 13 days ago

    Dead or alive is is a really good game

  • Electro gaming
    Electro gaming 13 days ago

    I was born in Diego Martin too...

  • Čãthęrîñę Čhãñ


  • Don S
    Don S 14 days ago

    Anyone watching 2025?

  • fearless leader xd
    fearless leader xd 14 days ago

    Big oof

  • CaliberStory
    CaliberStory 15 days ago

    You are a prodigy

  • Cycls
    Cycls 16 days ago +1

    Who else just randomly saw this video in their recommended in 2019?

  • 18Elitegamer
    18Elitegamer 16 days ago

    Yo this is that old. Damn......

  • Kolton Kollasch
    Kolton Kollasch 17 days ago

    Look where u r now good job

  • Rex Tube
    Rex Tube 17 days ago +1

    So you Basically wrote Rango?

  • Xxmr_ meep
    Xxmr_ meep 21 day ago

    Watching in 2019 and I also live in Trinidad😁

  • Isaiah Dismuke
    Isaiah Dismuke 22 days ago

    Doa4 looks like tekken 7

  • DJ Brothers Gaming
    DJ Brothers Gaming 22 days ago

    So your are saying that YOU made the script for rango?

  • Just a Bloak
    Just a Bloak 22 days ago

    So you used to be addicting to uploading? *What happened to that?*

  • Dark matter
    Dark matter 22 days ago

    I believe in you

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer 23 days ago

    Swoozie u wasn’t a mistake u were a gift from god

  • Kaiden Lands
    Kaiden Lands 23 days ago

    Why aren’t you a gaming channel

  • Flyz Nihor
    Flyz Nihor 26 days ago +2

    Whois watching this in 2020

  • Isaiah Rydell
    Isaiah Rydell 26 days ago +1

    Like me and him. Sub to him. I never get likes

  • Skully
    Skully 27 days ago


  • Frazix YTP
    Frazix YTP 28 days ago

    ✎ I can white l

  • Carrot Cake
    Carrot Cake 29 days ago

    I watch this video every time I feel down

  • DraZoX_SneaX
    DraZoX_SneaX Month ago

    This is so insane good😭

  • Jackie Kennedy
    Jackie Kennedy Month ago

    Who came here just for the lion king

  • Alex Mejia
    Alex Mejia Month ago +1

    me to i love dominos

  • Kierra Fivenson
    Kierra Fivenson Month ago +1

    Hi my dad came from Trinidad 🇹🇹 and now I really want to go because I’m half Trinidadian

  • Joaquin Grayson
    Joaquin Grayson Month ago

    6 years later....
    hes going hammmmmmmm

  • Almar Jr Castro
    Almar Jr Castro Month ago

    10-12 years damn I felt da same

  • meanci moore
    meanci moore Month ago +1

    I love you😍

  • meanci moore
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  • MoB_Sorrow
    MoB_Sorrow Month ago

    Wa diego martin... mi from siparia g

  • MoB_Sorrow
    MoB_Sorrow Month ago

    Wa gwaan mi from trinidad big up d islands derr

  • slayer grim
    slayer grim Month ago


  • juan ledezma
    juan ledezma Month ago

    2:00 you also discovered porn

  • Bennybull99
    Bennybull99 Month ago

    Soda was bad because it was pepci

  • m.o.o.
    m.o.o. Month ago

    To know that the girl that lived behind him is probably 48+ years old

    PUBG KING Month ago

    You from trinidad i from trinidad

  • Amelia Jauma
    Amelia Jauma Month ago

    I'm Caribbean too

  • Sophia Powell
    Sophia Powell Month ago

    i was an accident too

  • Xella Red
    Xella Red Month ago

    Love you swoozie.

  • Zuriel williams
    Zuriel williams Month ago

    I from trini

  • Goku Midoriya
    Goku Midoriya Month ago

    Which version of Goku was it?