Can't Believe 13 Year Old Master's Savage Trash Talk to Carlini!

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
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    Kids these days are picking up Carlini's trash talk!!!
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Comments • 782

  • Esa Mudani
    Esa Mudani 2 days ago

    This kid is so cocky and have no respect at all for elderly people

  • Adam Bell
    Adam Bell 4 days ago

    , , , happened on the way to the Coliseum.

  • volumelow
    volumelow 4 days ago +1

    Kids like this is the reason why bullying exists.

  • Borderlands808
    Borderlands808 4 days ago

    Carlini likes to make up his own words. Lol

  • Noel Diaz
    Noel Diaz 5 days ago

    please change the intro, its getting boring and anoying

  • Jason Myers
    Jason Myers 6 days ago

    kid stop,,, it is not a free country.

  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya 9 days ago

    Most retarded game I've seen (including the players)...

  • Mardig Bidanian
    Mardig Bidanian 9 days ago

    The Scandinavian opening /defense is a flawed opening . French and Sicilian are better responses to e4

  • Noble1200
    Noble1200 9 days ago

    Bruh these kids r so fucking annoying and the trash talk was weak

  • Lei
    Lei 11 days ago

    The red kid is on something strong

  • REi REi
    REi REi 11 days ago

    I want to smack that kid's face

  • Jo S
    Jo S 11 days ago +2

    “How do you have the pride to trash talk when you lost?” 😂

  • brownshoeT2
    brownshoeT2 11 days ago

    Why are most of the videos with Carlini?

  • Ethan Schlosser
    Ethan Schlosser 12 days ago

    Push ponds not drugs

  • Raven Mathison
    Raven Mathison 12 days ago

    This kid in the red is just plain annoying

  • Herkules arnalv
    Herkules arnalv 12 days ago

    hes 13 and hes like 70, hello

  • AutisticMongolian
    AutisticMongolian 13 days ago

    It's a thing

  • jojo onthebeat
    jojo onthebeat 13 days ago

    Please do more videos like this ???

  • Hyperion Gaming
    Hyperion Gaming 13 days ago +1

    Chess community lookin hella toxic

  • Nicholas Decker
    Nicholas Decker 13 days ago

    Man the kid missed a lot in the endgame. But good game

  • Sawy
    Sawy 13 days ago

    Lol I play better then tham

  • Christian Nikolov
    Christian Nikolov 13 days ago

    7:00 bishop check?

  • Bruno Lahoud
    Bruno Lahoud 14 days ago

    Who won the game?

  • Peyton Rains
    Peyton Rains 14 days ago

    It's a thing.

  • Teri Schiech
    Teri Schiech 15 days ago

    I love this club. They should be all over the world. You guys are great with the kids. Respect.

  • A pro sniper 1
    A pro sniper 1 15 days ago

    Kids distracting this was a troll

  • 4spect
    4spect 15 days ago

    Where have i seen the guy in the red?

    WWZ- BONES- 16 days ago

    this is how many times he said it’s a thing

  • Carlos Martel
    Carlos Martel 16 days ago

    these kids just think being rude is funny, these kids should be illegal

  • TheChrisodip
    TheChrisodip 16 days ago

    trash talk is garbage ESPECIALLY when it's from people not playing

  • funny 1.0
    funny 1.0 17 days ago

    Dude it's fake the old man could of won easly at the end

    • Justin Ng
      Justin Ng 16 days ago

      funny 1.0 he ran out of time

  • Mob Barley
    Mob Barley 17 days ago

    4.00 this is how Connor McGregor tap

  • Jay - Wheezy
    Jay - Wheezy 17 days ago

    It’s always the kids with mental problems that are always smart smh

  • Faker Assassin
    Faker Assassin 19 days ago

    2:47 Lol funniest reply ever

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 20 days ago

    Can someone tell that kid to calm down jesus christ

  • jackscourage
    jackscourage 28 days ago

    is there a carlini soundboard?

  • Aki Srbija
    Aki Srbija Month ago

    US national masters arent that good most of the time. The best player in our club is an FM (2360 FIDE) and he would beat 20 out of 20 USCF masters in a simul

  • Liel
    Liel Month ago

    Why didn't black get the white knight at 1:56?

  • Victor Araoz
    Victor Araoz Month ago

    he gave up his rook and didn't even noticed.

  • Charles Hurst
    Charles Hurst Month ago

    I learned to play in prison 13 years ago. If someone sat down and was interrupted like that kid on the side, he would have got slapped. Also, I would not allow someone to trash talk me. That's not chess, that's basketball or some other dumb sport. Keep your mouth shut, respect the table and the game.

  • David Zhurbinsky
    David Zhurbinsky Month ago +1

    Whats funny is that this is one of my really good friends and I just randomly stumbled upon this vid lmao

  • kim burley
    kim burley Month ago

    ive known carl since 1972. the plumber park days. he didnt want to play me cause id stomp him. i was in 12th grade. id love to go stomp him some more. we are both from the same trash talk school.

  • Kush Minister
    Kush Minister Month ago

    thats the type of kid to lose his shit and shoot up a school

  • Vladimir Janjanin
    Vladimir Janjanin Month ago

    old guy sitting by them looks like he wants to kill himself

  • Spruce Mouthman
    Spruce Mouthman Month ago

    Carlini has got to let his hair go already. He's holding onto that thing for dear life.

  • RaphaelManalo
    RaphaelManalo Month ago

    Jesus old dude was so f pathetic.. Embarassing

  • Lazy Panda
    Lazy Panda Month ago

    that freaking kid in the background! so annoying he wont shut up they are legit playing blitz

  • Monk Kenyon
    Monk Kenyon Month ago

    Looks like he could be 10 or 30.

  • iam Yavee
    iam Yavee Month ago

    Act dumb in front of your opponent.and Play smart

  • c me
    c me Month ago

    Now THAT'S one helluva comb over!

  • Basically Yes
    Basically Yes Month ago +1

    That kid probably plays fortnite

  • Roberto Cruz II
    Roberto Cruz II Month ago

    spectators should keep their mouth shut. the talk should be amongst the players.

  • Killer-Bee
    Killer-Bee Month ago +1

    the title : can't believe 13 year old master's savage trash talk to carlini
    the Kid :13 year old
    the video : 13 minutes +46 seconds
    the master? : 46 year old?!

  • Saimps
    Saimps Month ago

    The kids so cringe

  • Barbi Bimbo
    Barbi Bimbo 2 months ago

    @5:41 why didnt carlini take the rook? Oh I see.. he was in check

  • Tyler Brooks
    Tyler Brooks 2 months ago

    the kid in the red shirt is a shit head lol

  • Camroc Ian
    Camroc Ian 2 months ago

    This comes across as so patronising.

  • spectrum 90
    spectrum 90 2 months ago

    I want to see shark vs this kid

  • Shawn Luo
    Shawn Luo 2 months ago

    is this the same robert that goes to La chess club?

  • David Khakhiashvili
    David Khakhiashvili 2 months ago

    It have been 5 months and that kid on background is still so confused