Can't Believe 13 Year Old Master's Savage Trash Talk to Carlini!

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
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    Kids these days are picking up Carlini's trash talk!!!
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Comments • 739

  • Santiago Claure
    Santiago Claure Hour ago

    Duuude this kid is trash in chess and he thinks hes a master because he plays fast if i was him in that same mach I would of won it easily

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 days ago

    chess is becoming lame because of all that dumb kids playing like gandmasters... very disturbing. For a very long time we thought it was a serious and intelligent discipline, in fact it's just a kids game...

  • Jolly James
    Jolly James 2 days ago

    On the amazon page for the chess pieces he linked in the description, I noticed the seller wrote an interesting insight that seems to contradict the video:

    Did you know that playing board games can teach important social skills like verbal communication, being patient, sharing, taking turns and enjoying interactions with others?"

    Carlini needs to find some new pieces.

  • Late Night Thinker
    Late Night Thinker 2 days ago

    Never understood trashtalking in chess. It's supposed to be more of gentleman's game. I mean, tennis is also a gentleman's game but you never hear trashtalking there (unless you're kyrgios)

  • Rhadaze
    Rhadaze 6 days ago

    what a little jerk, I'd happily kick sand in his face

  • David Melikidze
    David Melikidze 7 days ago +2

    that kids deserves a punch in the face because of no respect toward elders

  • Russell Jacobsen
    Russell Jacobsen 12 days ago

    froinds its a german thing

  • demonhead鬼
    demonhead鬼 12 days ago

    Which one is carlini?

  • timmy turner
    timmy turner 14 days ago

    an occasion in which "those meddling kids" would be an appropriate response.

  • D.J. Hoskins
    D.J. Hoskins 14 days ago

    I could just see Carlini breaking up inside. lol

  • no no
    no no 15 days ago

    i dont think a bunch of toxic asshole kids will help making chess great again xD

  • Robert Santos
    Robert Santos 15 days ago


  • Damon Smith
    Damon Smith 15 days ago

    Construdelate. I'm writing that down.

  • cobycracker
    cobycracker 15 days ago

    Thats guy is a retard?

  • Lfe_Time_Humor
    Lfe_Time_Humor 16 days ago

    Bro I wanted to slap the shit out of that Asian kid and idc if i got arrested for it, or is worth my life. HE JUST WON'T SHIT UP.

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li 16 days ago

    who is this clown.. grown ass man making up words and keeps saying its a thing. pedophile is a thing

  • Zeki Agac
    Zeki Agac 18 days ago

    4:19 unfortunate blunder

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 19 days ago

    Amazing concentration... great game. Fun wrap up.

  • Il be waiting Hahaha
    Il be waiting Hahaha 20 days ago

    The kid is the most annoying lil runt

  • Fran K
    Fran K 21 day ago +1


  • a1ien
    a1ien 21 day ago

    "Its a thing"-Carlini

  • Al Povazh
    Al Povazh 21 day ago

    Damming or whatever by Bb8 at 4:22 was a damn wrong move by White. White just gave it away. Carlini’s look said he knew it immediately. Qf3 was much better for White

  • Doctor Emmett L. Brown

    Hate kids

  • Joshua TheAwesome
    Joshua TheAwesome 22 days ago +1

    This is the cringiest trash talk I’ve ever seen.

  • Kaine Joyes
    Kaine Joyes 22 days ago +3

    Great trash talking, good to see this skill being taught and practiced - helps develop youngster into robust men. This sounds like a relaxed competitive game between respectful peers what a great environment, to learn and develop skills that you can use in every part of your life: focus, tenacity and self confidence. 👍🏻

  • B L A N K
    B L A N K 22 days ago +2

    The black pieces are paied actors

  • Leonard Vu
    Leonard Vu 22 days ago

    It's my friend Robert Shlyakhtenko, one of the top u14 year olds with a USCF over 2300, they're just bantering, Robert likes trash talking people. Guy in blue astro shirt is Alex Wang, they are amicable with each other, why is everyone insulting Robert? They're just putting on a show as said, and it's very entertaining. They're just trash talking each other, Robert is a very talented junior that plays for the San Diego Surfers. Geez, stop insulting him and calling him autistic, saying that he throws ADHD tantrums, and other stuff. I agree the kids were kind of annoying but they're all top junior chessplayers that are pretty talented. He just is sarcastic a lot, but he isn't such a good chessplayer for nothing! Props to both of them for fighting hard and putting on a show.

    • Leonard Vu
      Leonard Vu 22 days ago

      Also when Robert plays OTB, he's very serious, like anyone would, he just likes trash talking everyone in blitz. He's one of the best 13 year olds in the world, 100 points better than Derek (or Sijing before he changed his name) who played Carlini in a different video. (Derek still hates me for beating him in OTB blitz when he was winning but blundered his queen) He used to beat me in chess a lot when we both were ok at chess, but then I never got to play him after that. He's a piano prodigy too.

    • Leonard Vu
      Leonard Vu 22 days ago

      Who? Guy in blue jacket is Alex Wang.@The Chosen One

    • The Chosen One
      The Chosen One 22 days ago

      wait nuts is the background kid?

  • Герман Тимашев

    That little brat just is annoying!!! Both the background and the 13 year old one, like, poor old man is trying to normally play but the kid playing with him is just abusing him

  • jack scenic
    jack scenic 22 days ago

    That's children talking you goof, not trash talk.

  • Banana
    Banana 23 days ago

    The only reason Carlini was losing because of Children

  • Luke Jhagtiani
    Luke Jhagtiani 23 days ago

    Kids these days don't have any manners.

  • FaZe_TraK _
    FaZe_TraK _ 23 days ago


  • Tarz
    Tarz 23 days ago +39

    I think that old man handled these kids pretty damn well, with all their smart mouth I don't know how he juggled them and still kept playing.

    • Austin Tay
      Austin Tay 21 day ago +1

      Because that's what he does. Carlini is a notorious chess trash talker.

  • k1 blitz
    k1 blitz 24 days ago +1

    God kids theses days need a good slap across the face 👋 if i ever talked like this to my elders id get a punch in the face when i was younger. Tops to the older man good job with not KO that lil guy haha. An all put aside good work to the kid aswell

  • CaptainWhitebeard
    CaptainWhitebeard 25 days ago

    Fun Fact: It's not a German thing :D never heard of "Freinds" before :D.

    • CaptainWhitebeard
      CaptainWhitebeard 24 days ago

      @DarthKiller456123 Good Point!

    • DarthKiller456123
      DarthKiller456123 24 days ago +1

      Maybe he means "Freinde" like a mixed word of Freund(Friend) and Feind(Enemy)

  • Philip West
    Philip West 25 days ago

    I'm not sure that teaching 11-year-olds to trash talk is the right way to go about this. The trash talk amongst adults is sometimes cringe-worthy, but usually good-natured, but kids don't have the nuance to understand the difference.

  • Uatemydoodle
    Uatemydoodle 25 days ago +1

    Holy shit... The fucking autism/ADHD needs to be slapped the fuck out of these idiots.

  • markbo1957
    markbo1957 25 days ago

    Wins Worst Combover
    Accept the fact you are a bald “trailer-hitch”

  • LobsterProductions
    LobsterProductions 25 days ago +3

    Kids are stupid, especially smart kids. Smart kids are stupid. It's a thing, give them a break.

  • hoppuss44
    hoppuss44 25 days ago

    This was dreadful; the kid was massively disrespectful and throwing his hands all about the board like a psychopath - I bet he has epic ADHD tantrums at home when mommy tells him it's time to get off the Xbox! Bobby Fischer he ain't.

  • Yusuf Ahmed
    Yusuf Ahmed 26 days ago +7

    Who hates the trash talking kid, like literally! I feel like teaching him a serious lesson lol...

  • Paula Tristan
    Paula Tristan 26 days ago

    Also, the kid in the red shirt . Calm down and RELAX Lil dude, the chess pieces aren't going any where ! You're snatchin and grabbin like a thief lol ... Reeelaaax it's just chess, you're not out to win a million bucks, and the next time you guys film may i make a suggestion ?? When you have an adult playing chess against children " show the kids some "RESPECT" toward an elder because their mouths were just running it and that was uncalled for from a kid. The kid in red shirt looked so hyped up I thought he was gonna lose it !🤔

  • Paula Tristan
    Paula Tristan 26 days ago

    The child in the blue hoodie go sit down across the room ! Irritating for him to stand there breathing over the chess game " talking and talking" 🙄 so rude go sit down and keep quiet PLEASE 😬

  • Mr.Pandaa Gaming
    Mr.Pandaa Gaming 26 days ago

    I swear that retarded kid in the background needs to shut up

  • Crimson Black
    Crimson Black 26 days ago +66

    these kids really wouldnt last in a mw2 lobby lmao

  • Dxrk .mp4
    Dxrk .mp4 27 days ago

    They are so toxic

  • frankyDawg K
    frankyDawg K 27 days ago

    Fuck these little shits! So rude... carlini talks but hes not an asshole but everyone think its ok to be a nasty lil fuck to him. He is a great player and lets it roll off his back to help the kids with their game
    But sadly they dont deserve it

  • eUsahawan Shah Alam
    eUsahawan Shah Alam 27 days ago

    Nowadays, the kids are rude to folks

  • freerunbg1
    freerunbg1 28 days ago

    His parents are scumbags

  • Edwin Animations
    Edwin Animations 28 days ago

    that kid is a fucking wierdo, why is this shit in my recommended, he looks like a crackhead. all these motherfuckers are chess addicts, idk man, it just seems really wierd to me

  • ivan serrano
    ivan serrano 28 days ago

    The kid in blue need to get punched in the face so he can legit talk shit. At this point its annoying.

  • KillerBee
    KillerBee 28 days ago

    He wasnt trash talking he was being mean in a different way y'know, it's a thing

  • Ulf Knudsen
    Ulf Knudsen 29 days ago

    The kid in the background need a kick in the face.

  • Marshall Stevie98
    Marshall Stevie98 29 days ago

    Hahahahah....a rude kids

  • Try Me
    Try Me 29 days ago +2

    Carlini is a great guy.

  • SeniorEggWhites
    SeniorEggWhites 29 days ago

    that kid is such a douche.

  • Petra Rovanski
    Petra Rovanski 29 days ago

    weirdest shit I've ever seen in chess... only in america

  • Paul Caswell
    Paul Caswell 29 days ago

    Going back 100 years, wasn't it Alakhin who deliberately blew cigarette smoke into the faces of opponents who didn't smoke??? Lack of manners in a totally different form.

  • Elixir
    Elixir Month ago

    Is this what it's like watching two autists fight?

  • Michael Maloney
    Michael Maloney Month ago

    This was probably the cringiest trash talking I've ever heard in my life. If ya can't trash talk,,,

    Don't :D

    • Michael Maloney
      Michael Maloney 27 days ago

      @Different lol I wouldn't trashtalk... I just find it annoying. I play competitive games so I've been there. When ppl try to trash talk me I let them exhaust their efforts then calmly look up and ask if they're done, or if they're ready to shut up lol. Focus on the game imho :P

    • Different
      Different 27 days ago

      try playing chess while you trash talk and you dd end up trash talking like that.

  • Diamond Eyez
    Diamond Eyez Month ago

    Bunch of annoying fucking kids and a legend.

  • Loganrithm-YouTube
    Loganrithm-YouTube Month ago +35

    The kid is a jerk. Very disrespectful, especially with his first remark.

    • Vindictive Tool
      Vindictive Tool 4 days ago

      The kid is like the future Nate from that episode of House MD

  • TheHerpLord
    TheHerpLord Month ago

    "i-im good"

  • Brad H
    Brad H Month ago

    I would have lost 30 moves ago lol

  • Jordun Petersen
    Jordun Petersen Month ago +4

    Carlini obviously let him win

  • eggmancorp
    eggmancorp Month ago

    Wow that hovering kid was so annoying. Who talks this much at someone else's game? No manners.

  • Dovakiin seventeen
    Dovakiin seventeen Month ago

    That little Asian kid needs to shut the fuck up.
    Fucking spectator

  • Everilliem
    Everilliem Month ago

    Both those kids were garbage, need to shut up, and need a slap in the face

  • Blue Gray
    Blue Gray Month ago

    This kid is a major cunt

  • Cosmic Landscape
    Cosmic Landscape Month ago +1

    Kids good arrogant and aggressive at chess are so fucking scary

  • Qasim A
    Qasim A Month ago

    At 8:44 he says he's winning when he's not...xD

    • Qasim A
      Qasim A Month ago

      @Jonas I'm talking about that moment only.

    • Jonas
      Jonas Month ago

      He was behind on time, but he did WIN on time. So how is his statement wrong? 🤔

  • Ezado
    Ezado Month ago +6

    *I T ' S A T H I N G*

  • K Music
    K Music Month ago

    Don't know where is the charm or joy in watching brats trash talk elders 👎

  • xilus
    xilus Month ago +5

    Is that a young Alexander Pichushkin or just another prospect in the making?

  • Might B Fire
    Might B Fire Month ago

    Savage Trash Talk? This kid is a living clone of Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. Not good. Get off the chess table kid and go outside.

  • alés
    alés Month ago

    omg... its joe rogan from the future behind the kid

  • Selene
    Selene Month ago +1

    They were having fun. Seems like they knew each other.

  • Jesse Greaves
    Jesse Greaves Month ago

    yeah, the older guy definitely would have won the game. The kid just played the time at the end there, but because the kid had 2 pawns and the older guy had 1 pawn and 1 knight, he definitely would have won. i feel like the timer really takes away from chess as a whole (within reason). Obviously, if there was 0 time pressure, games could theoretically last FOREVER, by chess is about strategy and well thought out moves, NOT SPEED.

  • Nolan Movick
    Nolan Movick Month ago

    Y they bullying him

  • Connor Rauser
    Connor Rauser Month ago +4

    Recently I have gotten into chess and it’s now one of my favourite pastimes

    • B. Olmstead
      B. Olmstead Month ago

      It's the most underrated game in the world. I've been playing casually for about 5 years, it doesn't show, but I love it.

  • I'm Rory is that better now Rory

    When U have to fight, fight dont talk.
    - Tuco

  • Pegglez
    Pegglez Month ago


  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Month ago

    They sound like what happens when you get two iPhones to talk to each other

  • RoundPiano
    RoundPiano Month ago

    Huge "His face says so much" text in front of his face. Is this ironic?

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +1

    in 1:15 why didn't that pawn in c6 take that pawn in d5 ?

  • Jussi West
    Jussi West Month ago +6

    9:09 😂😂😂😂 agreed

  • Jussi West
    Jussi West Month ago +18

    Manners and politeness and respect of elders, parents have failed.

    • Mirage Breaker
      Mirage Breaker 29 days ago +3

      @British Wrath that's what I was thinking. Kids shouldn't learn to respect someone just because that person is older. Both, the kids and the adult are probably just kidding.

    • British Wrath
      British Wrath Month ago +1

      No, that's a dangerous idea, some people deserve no respect.
      The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
      Being passive only gets you so far.

    • art에반
      art에반 Month ago

      Mag12012001 read the other half of the comment

    • Heartless ‘
      Heartless ‘ Month ago

      maybe 🤔

    • Mag12012001
      Mag12012001 Month ago +2

      Respecting evrybody and not only elders.

  • James Wha
    James Wha Month ago

    9:10 was that a racist comment

  • BountyHuntertheAvaricous

    That trash talk gave me cancer.

  • PnF Kris
    PnF Kris Month ago

    Hold up did no one else catch what happened at 8:31 ....

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 Month ago

    autistic little fucker

  • sin7ent
    sin7ent Month ago

    That spastic kid is annoying

  • Joshua Whitfield
    Joshua Whitfield Month ago

    Can y’all disrespectful ass kids shut up during a chess match😂

  • Swiftor lilko
    Swiftor lilko Month ago

    these kids are stupid asf lmao

  • LuiBei1994
    LuiBei1994 Month ago

    Whoever are the parents of the younger child should be steralized. The unintelligent and annoying commentary is ridiculous rude and cringy. The red shirt is fine cus they are having fun.

  • David
    David Month ago

    "frends its a german thing" me as german excuse me WTF!!??

    • Slippery John
      Slippery John Month ago

      As a german I am shaking my head that you didn't get it

    • wazzobazzo
      wazzobazzo Month ago

      Well first you shake hands with Austria then expand into Sudetenland and Poland and make people happy. It's a German thing.

  • Edvín Alejandrés
    Edvín Alejandrés Month ago

    "It's a thing"

  • xch
    xch Month ago

    *_IT'S A THING_*

  • This Is The End Of Pineapples

    It was at 10:48 that i realised there was a computer/ record of events that happened.... RIGHT ABOVE THEM... I didn't see it for the whole 10 mins of the video..... WTF

    • SebbeF
      SebbeF Month ago

      Same for me haha, creepy. Although I think we're just organic in the way we rather watch the physical board.

    • This Is The End Of Pineapples
      This Is The End Of Pineapples Month ago

      @OmegaTofu Yeah so weird how that works

    • OmegaTofu
      OmegaTofu Month ago

      I didn't knew until you told me.

  • kevin mapu
    kevin mapu Month ago

    The kid by standing needs to shut the fcuk up!!🤨😜