What Is A Paradox?


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    JT STAR 9 hours ago

    What I learned today is that it takes 14min to explain what a paradox is

  • M O
    M O 15 hours ago

    Went over my head!

  • Billy Nichols
    Billy Nichols 17 hours ago +1

    1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 + 1/128... will NEVER reach 1, no matter how much you try!

  • Allan Tidgwell
    Allan Tidgwell 17 hours ago

    "How could Earth have liquid water if the sun wasn't warm enough?"
    Tidal flexing and geothermal radiation... it's not really a paradox, you're only asking too specific of a question which disregards the necessary information to give an answer

  • Rishabh Jha
    Rishabh Jha 18 hours ago

    there can be several timelines like if I had killed my grandfather by going in past in another timeline I have no born.
    but this is just a hypothesis

  • Salvador Tenorio Alba

    Good Video Jesse Pinkman

  • Domihork
    Domihork Day ago

    Isn't it possible that the 3 envelopes paradox is actually falsilidical and it just needs an advance in math to prove it?

  • SkylordKA
    SkylordKA Day ago

    I wish I could write that nice...

  • Meme machineYT
    Meme machineYT Day ago +1

    The globgobgabgalab must be the grand prize

  • Steven Guaman
    Steven Guaman 2 days ago

    It be like that during a final

  • Brandon Ray
    Brandon Ray 2 days ago

    My guess is, earth's core was hotter and kept the oceans from freezing...

  • Death Art
    Death Art 2 days ago

    this sentence is false.

  • tim ovel
    tim ovel 2 days ago

    What is a paradox? Two physicians?

  • Eleftherios Daphnis
    Eleftherios Daphnis 2 days ago

    Paradox does not come from Latin. It comes for the Greek word paradoxo which is split to para and doxa.
    Para which means despite + doxa which means common knowledge.

  • Kevan Tatum
    Kevan Tatum 2 days ago

    Magic tricks are facilical paradoxes then?

  • Kevan Tatum
    Kevan Tatum 2 days ago

    So "which came first the chicken or the egg" is an example of an antimony then?

  • Sene bobo
    Sene bobo 2 days ago

    I feel so dumb after watching this.

  • Perry Dowd
    Perry Dowd 2 days ago

    Here's a paradox 🐕🐩
    and a bunny 🐰

  • LongshotRecordsTV
    LongshotRecordsTV 3 days ago

    The earth's crust was thinner back then, so the heat of the core was enough to radiate to the surface and melt the ice.

  • Directed ByElii
    Directed ByElii 3 days ago +1

    like I’m watching a stranger things episode.

  • David G
    David G 4 days ago +1

    In high school on a test I answered the question “what is a paradox?” with “what a sailor might say if asked how many docks there are in a harbour.” My teacher told me he laughed at my answer but still gave me 0 marks.

  • Nutelak2223 -SK-
    Nutelak2223 -SK- 4 days ago

    There was visible dissapointment in your eyes when you were scraping that last tape :>

  • GameMaster
    GameMaster 4 days ago

    Maybe the core and mantel kept the water unfrozen.

  • Bro Hooddk
    Bro Hooddk 4 days ago

    He sounds like hiccup from how to train your dragon

  • The Sad Musician
    The Sad Musician 4 days ago

    What if achilles runs faster?

  • Simon Wood
    Simon Wood 4 days ago


  • ruetube
    ruetube 4 days ago

    he writes like me trying to convince myself i'm ambidextrous

  • Idarknessxx
    Idarknessxx 4 days ago

    The statement below is false
    The statement above is true

  • bek flood
    bek flood 4 days ago +2

    Um I watched Doctor Who so I’ll take over from here

  • Bazza Cuda
    Bazza Cuda 4 days ago

    Para (contrary to) and dox (opinion) come from Greek, not Latin. The word paradox came to us from Latin, fully formed.
    Same goes for "dilemma".... which, incidentally, is actually a choice between two equally *undesirable* alternatives. So, dilemma does not describe the situation when deciding whether to switch envelopes. That's what we call a "difficult choice" since you could behave according to the maths and still lose 😆

  • 3dplanet100
    3dplanet100 5 days ago

    Ok, i think i just solved the "Grandfather" antinomy paradox. It is falsidical, cuz its imposible and illogical to travel in time. Time its always present. Traveling into the past is actually like saying, "in present time in past time". Get it?

  • Σπυρίδων Παναγιωτόπουλος

    Hey Kevin, love the show, but I want to make a correction. Paradox is Greek 100%, coming from para ("contrary to") and doxa ("opinion").

  • monstersince
    monstersince 5 days ago

    telling you shite to help these internet users

  • KillerBoots
    KillerBoots 5 days ago

    You remind me of Aaron Paul. Lol thought I’d just share that.

  • Trollkiller 69
    Trollkiller 69 5 days ago

    Just to let yall know, calculus 2 is the mathematics that talks about convergent series. You talk about other series too in calculus 2.

  • Richard Chandler
    Richard Chandler 5 days ago

    God said let there be light and there was light....paradox solved

  • Special Android
    Special Android 5 days ago

    antinomy should go to prison for breaking laws and confusing the hell out of everyone

  • Suprised Suprise
    Suprised Suprise 5 days ago

    The middle of the early Earth was hot. That heat kept the water in liquid state. Now the middle of the Earth is still hot.

  • Jaxson Marks
    Jaxson Marks 5 days ago

    True or false
    This sentence is false

  • 17659817265781465781

    The Monty Hall problem, I always think I understand it until I try to explain it

  • pass iton
    pass iton 5 days ago

    This vid is a pradox, it could be true, it depends how it's presented, by the rite person who understood the concept in the first place. I guess.....

  • bloo jkl45
    bloo jkl45 5 days ago

    Dude Greeks really did come up with everything

  • sweg sheephead
    sweg sheephead 6 days ago

    2:52 what if the tortoise stops

  • jerry calvert
    jerry calvert 6 days ago

    There is no such thing as a Grandfather Paradox. There is no paradox. You simply went back behind him in time and killed him, which of course in that matter would render you non existent, but only AFTER he died.
    The only mystery here that people are hung up on is the fact that they forgot about the grandson's time machine. He went behind time, in the past in order to change the future. That's not a paradox.

  • invandrarennn
    invandrarennn 6 days ago

    great to see that jesse pinkman is keeping heisenberg’s teaching legacy alive

  • The Jumpscarer
    The Jumpscarer 6 days ago

    This sentence is false

  • Aryaman -The Kid
    Aryaman -The Kid 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who observed that he writes with his left hand?

  • Zoom
    Zoom 6 days ago +3

    What I've written down is true

    What I've written above is false

  • Bob Burton
    Bob Burton 6 days ago

    They think our sun maybe twinned may answer the sun problem yet cause another in that if we aren't only measuring our suns energy but its twin too when will the twins energy go supernova and destrtoy ours. or is the way i understood it.
    I could be wrong

  • John spella
    John spella 6 days ago

    the lighting looks like a Refn film

    MAYANK TRIKHA 6 days ago

    When sun was cold, Earth's core was actually super hot.
    Surface of ocean was frozen but there were pockets of liquid water near the land in Sea. So, life budded in those dark resseces until sun warmed up. Maybe.

  • Gary M
    Gary M 6 days ago

    The fact that he’s a lefty bothers me so much. That’s my paradox

  • Piffus
    Piffus 6 days ago

    captain holt was wrong

  • Luke Pratt
    Luke Pratt 7 days ago

    Take my advice; Don’t take my advice

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott 7 days ago

    Making such topics accessible to a much younger audience as you do does a great service to the evolution of our species.

  • Big Dee
    Big Dee 7 days ago

    the 2nd on is fking wrong...the odds are the same (50/50) but you are making the rules up....dumbass. i though you are vsauce....

  • SKATE Guy Bayo
    SKATE Guy Bayo 7 days ago

    I solved the grandfather paradox

  • mickeybunts
    mickeybunts 7 days ago

    This is the smartest millennial on Earth

  • little sun shine
    little sun shine 8 days ago +1

    I think the answer is it wasn't cold enough to keep it frozen

  • rohyourboat
    rohyourboat 8 days ago

    You explained the Achilles and the Tortoise one completely wrong. The entire premise is that you put as baseline that each time Achilles moves he CLOSES THE DISTANCE BY HALF, does he ever reach the tortoise? Then you can show it as 1/2 +1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 +1/64 and so forth. You give 0 explanation at what speed Achilles moves or what distance he covers. Saying he moves "some more". Seriously....

  • Alan Robbins
    Alan Robbins 8 days ago

    God is a paradox (antinomy) He was, He is, He will be. Or is God not a paradox because He exists outside of perceivable finite time? What we observe of God is only in linear time. We see a past, we see a present, and we foresee a future (actually we're foretold a future), but since we are stuck in a linear timeline we can't measure the extents of God or of creation or of the Judgement to come _ which to God has already happened and hasn't happened yet.
    Interesting post. Thanks for the video!

  • ThePepperveggie
    ThePepperveggie 8 days ago

    Paradox is a Greek word παρα + δόξα .

  • Shady Kardz
    Shady Kardz 8 days ago

    the tortoise one is easy to be solved, in 1 meter of the tortoises movement, it makes 100m , so 1m with the tortoises speed 100m for alchallis, so, he would catch up right after the 101m mark. for example, the tortoise is 100m ahead, he moved 1 meter when alchaliss reached 100m, the tortoise moved 0.5 meters when alchalis moved 1 meter, but a tortoise takes longer to move 0.5 a meter then alchalis, the alchalis would go right past,

  • Andrzej
    Andrzej 8 days ago


  • D Mackaveli
    D Mackaveli 9 days ago +2

    Wouldn't it be common sense to think just because you say you're lying, that statement itself is truthful? Because you lied without context

  • Sarfnic Productions
    Sarfnic Productions 9 days ago +1

    Took me a long time to understand the second one, but I get it now.
    Basically there's a 66% chance that what you picked was wrong, and the other wrong one was revealed, so switching would be correct. Sadly, there's also a chance that you got the correct one, one of the two wrong ones were revealed, and you're dooming yourself.
    Hey, you get double the chance though!

  • PoochiePRO ツ
    PoochiePRO ツ 9 days ago

    The comment below is false
    The comment above is true

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma 9 days ago

    Wouldn't the geothermal heat from the Earth's churning molten core factor into why it wasn't ice?

  • Vincent Wee
    Vincent Wee 9 days ago

    There is a paradoxical effect of nature that subliminally obfuscates us to render all sorts of falsity:

  • thee abnormal minecrafter

    he has a trilemma

  • Aero Crafts
    Aero Crafts 9 days ago

    I still dont get it can someone explain me in Tagalog

  • Starafina8
    Starafina8 9 days ago

    10:10 At this very moment I wished I could have liked this video again.

  • Bernardo Patiño
    Bernardo Patiño 10 days ago

    what's the name of the song in this video?

  • dvdsimp20
    dvdsimp20 10 days ago

    This video is wrong.

  • KittenGamingStudios
    KittenGamingStudios 10 days ago

    Our teacher sometimes says, “If your talking your wrong” so if he’s wrong then that means he’s right so that’s a parodox

  • anirudh sharma
    anirudh sharma 10 days ago

    Jesse before meeting Heisenberg.

  • Michelle Powers
    Michelle Powers 10 days ago

    He knew there were 3 envelopes the whole time 😒

  • Rage Against My Hairline

    The sad thing is, five years ago I understood all of this with no problem whatsoever. Now, it takes a good couple of minutes before I get it. I predict 1000 years from now the human race will be divided into two parts: the smart part, who will be incredibly smart, much more so than us; and the dummies whose genealogy didn't exercise their brain enough. And the smart ones will eventually rationalise the genocide of the dummies. You can extrapolate the eventual outcome from that scenario if you feel like it.

  • Cerys Hembury
    Cerys Hembury 11 days ago

    Is an everything bagel a paradox? Which one would it be? An everything bagel is a bagel with literally everything. Like everything like grass, dog poop, carbon dioxide, you name it. But in order for an everything bagel to have everything, it has to have another, The everything bagel inside the everything bagel has to have another everything bagel which then has to have another everything bagel etc. etc. you get the point.

  • Jaculux
    Jaculux 11 days ago

    The 'faint young sun' paradox in my opinion should not be a paradox at all. To me it is clear that it was just something other than the sun that heated the Earth's waters, such as the Earth's core or possibly volcanic eruptions, and so on. I don't think I'd call it a paradox at all.

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt 11 days ago

    Its a trilema

  • Momentum For Gaming
    Momentum For Gaming 11 days ago

    What about when you flip a coin? Because there’s technically a 3rd way to land and that’s on its “side.” It’s nearly impossible, but it has a percentage to land on its “side.”

  • ColinHere DFR
    ColinHere DFR 11 days ago


  • Keeenna.crazy
    Keeenna.crazy 11 days ago +1


  • Rosia
    Rosia 11 days ago

    The sentence below is true
    The sentence above is false

  • Stutzinator
    Stutzinator 11 days ago

    You left handed freak

  • Aniella Noodles
    Aniella Noodles 12 days ago +1

    Isn't it "dilemna"?

  • jesus kiyoko
    jesus kiyoko 12 days ago

    Videonun çevirisi yapılırken dolar 4 tl..
    Güzel günlermiş...

  • C-Beezy
    C-Beezy 12 days ago

    I'm ignorant, but not to the fact I'm ignorant paradox

  • William Howell
    William Howell 12 days ago

    We got some rick and morty aficionados in here explaining how time travel works.

  • Sophia & Llama
    Sophia & Llama 12 days ago +1

    The brain named itself, because we use our brains to think of things.........

    I'm so confused now

  • Michele Engesser
    Michele Engesser 12 days ago

    The door thing works in math but actually it’s really just 50 50 in real life

  • vxenon67
    vxenon67 12 days ago

    Go back in time to kill yourself and you no longer exist in the future to go BACK in time to kill yourself. So therefore is impossible to kill yourself by going back in time to EVER kill yourself.

  • Mizzy Cat
    Mizzy Cat 12 days ago

    If Pinnochio says his nose will grow, what will happen? It can’t grow because that would make the statement true, and his nose only grows if he’s lying... but if it doesn’t grow that means he’s lying...

  • Awesome piglet 96
    Awesome piglet 96 12 days ago

    This sentence is false

  • Rip Me
    Rip Me 12 days ago

    I came here cuz of the Flash

  • David C.
    David C. 13 days ago +7

    Grandfather Paradox does not exist. If you go back in time your current self would disappear from your current timeline never to be seen again.
    Your past self meets your grandfather and kills him and you live out your remaining years either in the past or appear in a future that is different than the one you left which exists in a parallel timeline. You still existed in both timelines just at different times. The moment you go back in time it no longer is "your" timeline. A domino effect will occur because your atoms occupy space that was originally occupied by something else so these new atoms have an effect on objects which change the course of every object beyond that creating a new timeline.

    • bossman983
      bossman983 7 days ago +1

      That assumes that you believe in the many universes theory. If you consider time as a linear progression as many physicists and mathematicians suggest, then going back in time to kill your grandfather would produce an effect that is uncertain.

  • LOl Comenting
    LOl Comenting 13 days ago

    I tried an antimony with Siri. I results were underwhelming

  • Michael Hackett
    Michael Hackett 13 days ago

    This sentance is a paradox