What Is A Paradox?


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  • Jack Prehoda
    Jack Prehoda 6 hours ago

    the young son paradox is easy the molten core is slowly condenseing and the molten core was close enough to the surface to melt the ice.

  • adam allen
    adam allen 17 hours ago

    Vsauce Giovanni rabisi here

  • Bargain Barons
    Bargain Barons Day ago

    *CORRECTION* Pair-a-Docks refers to a set of Dr. martin shoes... and you spelled it wrong... HAAAAHahahahahaha *JUST KIDDING!!!*

  • MateFace
    MateFace Day ago +1

    4:50 Got a fortnite ad at the bottom, great

  • Bibit 10
    Bibit 10 Day ago

    Snake, what have you done? You changed the future!! You've created a time paradox!

  • Kayla Karnage
    Kayla Karnage Day ago

    It's like 3 am and I've reached this part of USclip. Though I understood the video, my head hurts now. Thank you lol.

  • NuclearNooberGoober

    It's the glob.

  • Grimkei
    Grimkei 2 days ago

    I think... Nevermind you broke all thought process, i quit thinking

  • Like a lime
    Like a lime 2 days ago

    Wait they did this on MYTHBUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krool : gaming and blogging

    You forgot the green house effect that traps heat in the atmosphere

  • Alahna
    Alahna 3 days ago

    My reaction to this video: huh

  • Wolfchacer
    Wolfchacer 3 days ago

    Grandfather Paradox only works if you are remaining in the exact same timeline. However even in that same timeline you'd be protected if you did kill your grandfather from blinking into nothingness, as you are there and not in the future. Once you returned however no one there will know or have known you it will be as though you never existed to them but you will still be there.

  • Cameron Perez
    Cameron Perez 3 days ago

    Around 12:20, couldn't it have beem the Earth's internal heat or Gravity making bits of Ice grind against each other causing some amount of heat?

  • Blue 913
    Blue 913 3 days ago

    Not true, not false?
    That creates a veridical paradox lol.

  • That1guy
    That1guy 3 days ago


  • Spencer Evans
    Spencer Evans 3 days ago

    The solution to the faint sun paradox:
    Genesis 1:1

  • Ashlyn Archuleta
    Ashlyn Archuleta 3 days ago

    If a person tells you to NOT take advise from anyone would you take their advise?

  • Ashlyn Archuleta
    Ashlyn Archuleta 3 days ago

    If there was a set that contained every single set ever would that set contain itself?

  • Majed Kassar
    Majed Kassar 3 days ago

    Globgoabgalab are you serious

  • Dave E.
    Dave E. 3 days ago

    I don't think the sun example is a paradox

  • Dilraj Hassan
    Dilraj Hassan 3 days ago

    I don't know much but wast the earth hot in its earlier days when it was formed? Then the earth was colling down and on the other hand the sun was getting hotter? kinda coming to an equilibrium. If this was the case then wasn't it natural for the earth to have liquid oceans? again, i don't know much.. Tbh i know less than average people does :'D

  • FFgamesftw
    FFgamesftw 3 days ago

    the only issue with the gameshow paradox is it takes the assumption that the host removes a choice based on what you choose. If the gameshow was always going to remove X even if you picked X than you'd actually be truly 50-50. Pick Z they remove X, Pick Y they remove X or Pick X they remove X. Which in this case assuming that your odds have improved would be wrong. Although I've never seen a gameshow remove the choice you just picked.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 3 days ago

      I don't know why you would have an issue with a math problem that has rules. The host knows where the prize is and must reveal a losing one from one of the two you didn't pick. Switching in that case has a 2/3 chance of winning. Without the rules of the host knowing where the prize is and he randomly opens one of the two you didn't pick results in a 1/2 chance of winning by either staying or switching. Because of rules to math problems we are able to determine what the correct results are.

  • Marshall Skates
    Marshall Skates 3 days ago

    Why this guy sound like hiccup from how to train your dragon

  • Rod Z
    Rod Z 3 days ago

    I start zoning out when I fall behind in lectures-I zoned out in this one as well.

  • Shaqatk Roy
    Shaqatk Roy 3 days ago

    Bootleg rambo YAY

  • R Q
    R Q 3 days ago

    This guys needs to get laid, and fast - !

  • Unfounded Whisper
    Unfounded Whisper 3 days ago


  • Andrew Arceneaux
    Andrew Arceneaux 3 days ago

    Can God create a rock so hard he can't break it?

  • robby13851
    robby13851 4 days ago

    "Paradox" is Greek: pará means something like "related to yet distinct from" (think paranormal, paralegal, parallel, paraphrase) DOX is teaching or established knowledge, opinion. (Think doctrine, heterodoxy, doctor [PhD, not MD]) It is related to digit (the finger of the professor as he/she "points out" the thing being taught.

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 4 days ago

    "im lying" the most common paradox because if i say that i am lying and i am lying then i would be telling the truth about me lying

  • Zane S
    Zane S 4 days ago

    This statement is false

  • david cordoba cubides

    You change the price xD I notice

  • Graham Lang
    Graham Lang 4 days ago +1

    Antinomy also know as a oxymoron.

  • Stick Dude
    Stick Dude 4 days ago

    New mission: Refuse this mission

  • Raz The Gun
    Raz The Gun 4 days ago

    Those who made a "few" strategy games

  • TehRoblox God
    TehRoblox God 4 days ago

    the next sentence is true
    the last sentence is false

  • 3rdiKkupar Lyngdoh. T

    What is the distance between man n god?

  • Sheghostly
    Sheghostly 4 days ago

    Imho the big bang theory is an antimony because an object at rest will stay at rest.

  • Jaf IO Tutorials
    Jaf IO Tutorials 4 days ago +1

    I don't get it. If you chose one and it is wrong the other two have a 50 50 chance.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 4 days ago

      I'm not at all surprised.

    • Jaf IO Tutorials
      Jaf IO Tutorials 4 days ago +1

      I just opened 4 doors and neither of them had goats behind them.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 4 days ago

      Then you don't have a clue of understanding probability. There's a 2/3 chance of picking the door with a goat. The host must reveal one so the probability of him picking a goat is 1. Switching wins when both you and the host pick a door with a goat. So the chances of both of you picking a goat is 2/3x1=2/3.

    • Jaf IO Tutorials
      Jaf IO Tutorials 4 days ago

      No clue what that means

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 4 days ago

      The host knows where the prize is and must reveal a losing one. So the chances of winning by switching is the product of the probabilities of both you and the host picking a wrong one, 2/3x1=2/3.

  • Michael DeMarco
    Michael DeMarco 4 days ago

    this statement is false

  • Dzio's dZynes
    Dzio's dZynes 4 days ago

    Paradox is a greek word, not latin.

  • PrinceLettuce
    PrinceLettuce 4 days ago

    Wouldn't the paradox fall apart if the host didn't know what was behind the doors?

  • Andy D
    Andy D 5 days ago

    Who's still lost?

  • Robert Gift
    Robert Gift 5 days ago

    Trilema Paradoxæ
    Why I wanto bring a bomb on my airplane. The chance of two bombs being on the same aircraft ismaller than just one.
    So by bringing one, which I will not detonate, I increase my probability of a safe trip.

  • new shOt
    new shOt 5 days ago

    U really don't need a calculus to figure out if Alchillius win a match against Toroise ... u only need physics...
    Know the man's acceleration n distance in between n the animal acceleration..

  • First Name Last Name

    This mad my brain hurt

  • Gigi janeau
    Gigi janeau 5 days ago

    So like using double negatives in sentence

  • Emperor Buttman
    Emperor Buttman 5 days ago

    Zeno was right about the tortoise race, he just didn't take his thought experiment to the right conclusion. There are also infinite points between the tip of Achilles' nose and the end of his buttocks so he's one infinity moving through another infinity, same goes for the tortoise. Achilles, the tortoise, and their race track, still have finite size relative to each other, regardless of whether you're multiplying by a factor of 5, 100, or ∞... So even with this premise there is no problem with suggesting Achilles will catch up.
    Interestingly, it is also logically impossible that Achilles will ever touch the tortoise no matter how much closer he gets, which is also physically true given that there is always space in between the smallest particles which make up, say, a block of cheese and a knife, even when the knife is inside the block of cheese.

  • Biggles Bear
    Biggles Bear 5 days ago

    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  • the night hAunter war/russian/aidan/doctor/doyle

    this guy actually copied vsause.

  • Eli B. Moss
    Eli B. Moss 5 days ago

    in reference to the last given antimony of the Faint young star, would to core of the earth not regulate the temperature just enough to give liquid water? and if so could there not have been both? a layer of ice one the surface but liquid beneath due to the core temperature of the earth? I do know that the core temperature was very different then than it is now, but ti still makes logical sense to me.

  • JJokerMoreau
    JJokerMoreau 5 days ago

    This thing just makes zero damn sense. Adding infinite numbers is impossible (sorry mate). And distance isn't infinite, especially in the tortoise example. Yes, it was never under dispute that there are an INFINITE number of ways to describe the distance between two points, or that there's an infinite number of points between... well. Two points. But that has no relevance on a FINITE distance. Better yet, how can something that is finite, be infinite in the first place? Likely, because there's an infinite number of ways to DESCRIBE the distance, even if the distance is, clearly, finite and set.
    TL;DR - Math playing some semantics here yo.

  • The Curse
    The Curse 5 days ago

    why does he have so many weird stuff

  • Carlos Moran
    Carlos Moran 5 days ago

    I died after he couldn’t get the tape off the card sooo funny

  • Joseph Eastman
    Joseph Eastman 5 days ago

    perpetual motion is the next veridical

  • robert moore
    robert moore 6 days ago

    Monty Hall still doesn't make sense to me. Either way you can only walk away with one envelope which would truly give you a 50% chance of picking the right one out of the 2 thats left

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 5 days ago

      Switching wins when both you and the host pick a wrong envelope. The chances of you picking one is 2/3 and for the host it's 1. So the chances of winning by switching is 2/3x1=2/3. If you picked envelope 1 and the prize is in 3 he reveals 2. If the prize is in 2 he reveals 3. So you win by switching if the prize is in either 2 or 3.

  • Annika Hung
    Annika Hung 6 days ago

    my brain hurts now..

  • Jessicat
    Jessicat 6 days ago

    What if pinocchio said "my nose will grow now". If it grows, he's telling the truth, but he has to lie In order for it to grow. If it doesn't, he's lying, so it will, but then he'd be telling the truth...

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight 6 days ago

    Isn’t this 1:1 copied by vsauce?

  • Crispy Memes
    Crispy Memes 6 days ago +1


  • Trish like fish
    Trish like fish 6 days ago +1

    my 2 braincell hurt

  • Misako Wu
    Misako Wu 6 days ago

    I love thinking about this stuff! It blows my mind up! Especially the liar one! It's beautiful!

  • Yungeez TV
    Yungeez TV 6 days ago

    1:24 - "WHAT IS A PARADOX!!!!!!"

  • Ganesha k s
    Ganesha k s 6 days ago

    Why the Daredevil background music??

  • nivia Maeva Trindade

    Wait a minute... you are telling me that... No no no let's start it again: a paradox is ...

  • nivia Maeva Trindade

    Wait a minute... you are telling me that... No no no let's start it again: a paradox is ...

  • nivia Maeva Trindade

    Wait a minute... you are telling me that... No no no let's start it again: a paradox is ...

  • Jamie The Heavenly Jam

    I thought of a paradox for elementary kids. "It's opposite day"

  • a real
    a real 7 days ago

    10:33 somebody will be triggered with that tape

  • Joe
    Joe 7 days ago

    What is a TIME PARADOX?

  • DrQuin
    DrQuin 7 days ago

    If time travel to the past is possible, would it require all particles and waves in the universe to reverse their trajectory or just the local area where time is being reversed? If its the latter, how would we account for any particles that have traveled beyond the field of influence that would have interacted with the objects during its time period.

  • Najeeb Yusuf Lawal
    Najeeb Yusuf Lawal 8 days ago

    Life changing

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 8 days ago

    A pair a docs is a couple of them.

  • J V
    J V 8 days ago +1

    The two ducks that are friends with the geese on the porch

  • BKnight7z
    BKnight7z 8 days ago

    i dont really see how it makes a difference though because effectively the 2nd choice is being made whether you switch or decide to keep. it isnt only being made if you decide to switch it. if the two remaining had an equal chance at the beginning anyway how is the swap relevant at all? this idea makes sense because if having chose the opposite of the final two originally you would be in the same exact situation regardless of which way you believe already logically.

    • BKnight7z
      BKnight7z 8 days ago

      Klaus 74 you don’t seem to understand what I’m saying. The choice is still in effect and doesn’t make a difference if you actually switch or not. You’re still making the decision. Just because one envelope is now guarenteed wrong from the other two doesn’t mean that it is guarenteed to have a correct pairing also. And just because the envelope you switch your original choice with from that group of two is from that group doesn’t make it any more relevant to the odds making of this entire event. Rather the 66% becomes immediately irrelevant as soon as the loser is opened and doesn’t become relevant until retroactively the winner is revealed. Yes at that point the winner could have been from the 66% group or not but in making that decision it didn’t matter if you switched or not because you still made that “50%” decision when it was presented. You should always make the decision not always make the switch is what I’m saying

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 8 days ago

      You seem very confused. With a 2/3 chance of picking a wrong envelope then there is a 2/3 chance the revealed one is the second one. So there's a 2/3 chance of winning by switching. With a 1/3 chance of picking the correct envelope then there is a 1/3 chance the revealed envelope is the first wrong one. So there's a 1/3 chance that the second wrong one is available to switch with.

    • BKnight7z
      BKnight7z 8 days ago

      i.e. the problem being that the probability is relative to you the chooser but it cannot also be applied equally to the envelopes at each step themselves as they have no stake in the equation. from my perspective this paradox seems to do this and thus i think it may not be as valid as everyone thinks. essentially the concept needs a "chooser" to be validated therefore it is not conceptual in nature

  • BKnight7z
    BKnight7z 8 days ago

    what he should have said is effecitvely you are getting retroactively the decision to choose and be given 2 options at the beginning choice and having those 2 face off as a pair towards the one additional choice.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 7 days ago

      If you pick envelope #1 and the prize is in #2, he will reveal #3. And if the prize is in #3 he will reveal #2. So you will win by switching if the prize is in EITHER #2 or #3 and you can only win by staying if the prize is in #1.

  • Jonathan 69
    Jonathan 69 8 days ago

    Growing up is finally starting to understand what he’s saying

  • Thomas Hummer
    Thomas Hummer 9 days ago +3

    I have a paradox
    Two people are named yu and mi
    Yu says you are mi, but I am yu, so who are we?

  • Scott Pittendrigh
    Scott Pittendrigh 9 days ago

    A paradox is just the mispronunciation of the phrase "pair of duck." It's two ducks.

  • mikasa ackerman
    mikasa ackerman 9 days ago

    I'm left-handed too

  • Unoriginal Username
    Unoriginal Username 10 days ago

    1:24 *My brain at 3 AM*

  • Mark Shuford
    Mark Shuford 10 days ago

    Even being familiar with the Monty Hall problem I have to say VSauce made it so much more clear with the pie chart. I've not seen that approach before.
    As to "PhDs said she was wrong". PhDs in what discipline? Underwater basket-weaving? It'd be good if all PhDs had a minors-in-Math level of mathematics... but we know this is not the case. We differentiate between BA and BS and MA and MS... we need PhDA and PhDS, or some such, to warn folks as to who can be trusted on technology matters.

  • JusticeLeagueTv
    JusticeLeagueTv 10 days ago

    Using words i dont understand to explain a words i don't understand

  • i dont smoke i succ
    i dont smoke i succ 10 days ago

    i got lost

  • xdragon 01
    xdragon 01 10 days ago

    One thing you get wrong , luck can't be proven mathematically so the % in odds doesn't mean anything .

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 9 days ago

      In the MHP they are a 1/3 chance of winning the car by staying, and a 2/3 chance of winning the car by switching. There cannot be any other probabilities.

    • xdragon 01
      xdragon 01 9 days ago

      +Klaus 74 Like the true odds could be 1% to 99% or 50%-50% they could be anything.

    • xdragon 01
      xdragon 01 9 days ago

      +Klaus 74 Yes .I don't say it doesn't exist though.There is a difference

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 9 days ago

      You said luck can't be proven mathematically and now you are saying that 'luck' can't even be spotted....lol.

    • xdragon 01
      xdragon 01 9 days ago

      +Klaus 74 You can't know "how" lucky you where since there is no application to a type that allows us to know which odds are considered luck or not .

  • The Dank Lord Of The Sith

    I am lying
    Couldn’t it mean you are lying about lying so therefore you are telling the truth when you say you are lying because you’re lying when you say you’re lying

  • Simon Ghoul
    Simon Ghoul 10 days ago

    Actually, paradox "a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

    You literally gave the wrong definition to paradox and then defined it in the video with a 10+ minutes explanation

  • Magda M
    Magda M 10 days ago

    12:34 or earth core melt the ice...(: ???
    EDIT:tho thinks this teory is good,thanks (:

  • King's Fine Woodworking

    Positively the worst explanation of paradoxes I could possibly imagine. Unfortunately, I can't give 2 thumbs down.

  • Hollow Fall
    Hollow Fall 11 days ago

    the turtle paradox makes sense when you realize that instead of continuously moving, the turtle is actually taking steps and then stopping, so there's a point when Achilles moves but the turtle doesn't.

  • Ukelele Screamo
    Ukelele Screamo 11 days ago

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  • finch elo
    finch elo 11 days ago

    i watched this my head hurts then my period cramps came


    • finch elo
      finch elo 7 days ago

      +NightStorm i actually understood it. the best example would be "It's opposite day".

    • NightStorm
      NightStorm 11 days ago +1

      finch elo so if I traveled to the future and had my future self to tell me everything that happens in life and I go back in time to the moment I left and changed Those choices wouldn’t that create a paradox since the future changed my future self would of told what happened because that timeline doesn’t exist anymore?

  • Andria Wang
    Andria Wang 11 days ago

    I know that this isn't the purpose of the Achille's paradox, but still, I think of the distance as proportional, so when Achilles runs like 100 meters, the tortoise could only travel about 10 meters, so Achilles could easily overtake the tortoise. Can anyone help me understand why this isn't right?

    • Andria Wang
      Andria Wang 11 days ago

      +Klaus 74 Oh. Okay. The way it was explained led me to believe that it was a paradox for us to solve, and it didn't seem like a hard paradox.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 11 days ago

      The turtle created a paradox for Achilles alone and not us as readers of the story. Achilles wasn't nearly as smart as the turtle and was fooled by his shelled friend into believing he wouldn't catch up with him, given that he would have a slight head start. So he then refused to race him even though he originally asked for one.

  • Boyls
    Boyls 11 days ago

    u n v e l o w p

  • Ellie Bellie
    Ellie Bellie 12 days ago

    My paradox:
    Let's say two people are in an argument. Person A and Person B.
    Person A claims: There is no such thing as a false opinion
    Person B claims: There is such thing as a false opinion
    Both people are arguing over which one is correct.
    Person A says there is no such thing as a false opinion (which counters Person B's opinion), so they're technically stating their opinion, which seems false to the other person because in an argument there are (typically) two opposite sides.
    So person A is saying that there is no such thing as a false opinion, but [Person B's] opinion is false based on [Person A's] view.

  • Silent Sahara
    Silent Sahara 12 days ago

    vsauce vids makes the brain exercise. i think my brain has buffed up a little. vsauce = brain gym

  • Pipin06
    Pipin06 12 days ago

    This comment is a lie. Btw tommorow is Saturday

  • dracko rose
    dracko rose 12 days ago +1

    Yo I ain’t gonna lie when I fully understand what paradox meant in the end I just notice he had color blue and red, one good one bad like if you get it

  • Show Me Your Moves
    Show Me Your Moves 12 days ago

    Layton: This reminds me of a puzzle

  • Marjan Josifoski
    Marjan Josifoski 12 days ago

    3 people went to buy beer, they each had 10 cents and beer cost 25 cents, cashier can't give equal change to that 3 people so he give 1 cent each to that 3 people znd 2 cents keep for him self, so basically that 3 people paid 9 cent each for the beer which is 9×3=27 and that 2 cents that cashier keep is 29 cents there is the god damn cent

    • Marjan Josifoski
      Marjan Josifoski 10 days ago

      +Klaus 74 i know the answer but it was real struggle years ago, most people can't find the answer

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 12 days ago

      They each spent 9 cents for a total of 27 cents. 2 went for a tip and 25 went for the beer. You subtract the 2 from the 27 to account for the price of the beer, and not add the 2 to the 27.