What Is A Paradox?

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
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    Zeno’s Paradoxes, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: plato.stanford.edu/entries/paradox-zeno/
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    “Game Show Problem” by Marilyn vos Savant, Parade Magazine, 1990: marilynvossavant.com/game-show-problem/
    “Solution to the Grandfather Paradox” by minutephysics: usclip.net/video/XayNKY944lY/video.html
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  • Jason Scott Smathers
    Jason Scott Smathers 3 hours ago

    A Paradox is an intersection of multiple factors where we assign a singular name. The singular tern creates mind farts when trying to understand an intersection

  • Luísa Silva
    Luísa Silva 7 hours ago

    If im lying im not telling the true

  • Antigoat l
    Antigoat l 9 hours ago

    Wait time paradox isn't real?

  • FunGuy Spored
    FunGuy Spored 21 hour ago

    What come first, the chicken or the egg??

  • Broman Clusterfield

    One million dollars or the Gabgogabglab?

  • 3cool2beans1
    3cool2beans1 Day ago

    In my opinion. A man should strive after God. Whether true or not believe in a higher power other than yourselves and your teachers in life. A pursuit to find God and then explore His understanding. Or just choose to spend hundereds of thousands of dollars at a college that is still learning extremely slowly itself, just to have a job or status. You will never see some of your work in this life come to fruition or an absolute answer for some of you.
    I am giving you a thought in your busy mind to pursue the Lord and His intelligent ways that baffle the wise of this chunk of dirt called Earth. It's called the Gospel 1st Corinthians 15 1-4.
    The Bible explained everything in this world in a time line so maybe if your truly honest in your study maybe you should give it a chance?
    Maybe that's all I need to say to get you curious or maybe the big bang theory is just a lie, told to get your trillion dollar debt as students to hold your future in slavery to the banking system.
    It's amazing how history explained the story of how we evolved into destroying ourselves though sin and suppression of the truth. The conclusion is not good before good gets here.
    I better go to bed before I start preaching and say something smart....

    • 3cool2beans1
      3cool2beans1 Day ago

      🎥 How to Get Saved - USclip
      🎥 How to Know You're Saved - USclip

  • bhgtree
    bhgtree Day ago

    The PhD's that were wrong are paraDocs. :)

  • Βασiλης Φιλιππiδης

    To be honest paradox comes from the greek "para" which among others means "against" and "doxa" among others means "logic"

  • Fatboy Vladimir
    Fatboy Vladimir Day ago

    Well explain this Kevin how did I know you were going to say "Vsauce! Kevin here" when the video finished buffering, huh? How Kevin?

  • Zohayr Asym
    Zohayr Asym Day ago

    i have my olvls in 2 weeks, why am i here?

  • Shim
    Shim Day ago

    Paradox = "I always lie."

  • Luther Stark
    Luther Stark 2 days ago

    Anthem is a good example of a paradox. It's a game that, if you play it, you get banned from it.

  • AdrianMaster
    AdrianMaster 3 days ago +2

    I see Paradox as this for example:
    So you realise that in the future something bad is going to happen, so you do everything to avoid it and you succeeded, which, isn't possible?
    You knew the future was bad but the outcome was still different.
    I think a Paradox has something to do with Time and Space, Quantum Physics, Space Laws or just something that isn't Possible.

  • Daniel Böhme
    Daniel Böhme 3 days ago +1

    This is unsatifying cuz he is left handed!

  • CloroxBleach Daily
    CloroxBleach Daily 3 days ago +1

    School is a paradox

  • Lana Lobotomy
    Lana Lobotomy 3 days ago

    That shirt is rolling on ecstasy... gettin all confused but feeling amused and lovin’ it

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 4 days ago

    But if you don't change, your chance of winning becomes 66% for the same reason as if you originally chose the other option

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 4 days ago

      The total probability must equal 1. If there is a 2/3 chance of winning by staying and by switching then there is a 1/3 chance the prize is in both envelopes.

  • I have too much Fandoms

    I chose y anyway jsjsjs

  • CC - 3802
    CC - 3802 4 days ago

    So the bootstrap paradox is an antinomy?

  • Chocolate Thunder
    Chocolate Thunder 5 days ago

    *trust me when I say this, trust no one*

  • Amoxyl
    Amoxyl 5 days ago


  • Ringer Arnos
    Ringer Arnos 5 days ago

    Multilemma lmao

  • cli de
    cli de 5 days ago +2

    My head is aching

  • Caolán ÓChearnaigh

    Here's a paradox for you: A guy walks up to 2 old men. He says, "I have some advice for you." One of the old men says, "We're not going to follow your advice!" The guy says, "Then I advise you to NOT follow my advice!" How can you figure this one out?

    • DogsDreamToo
      DogsDreamToo 5 days ago

      the other old man says "we are too old for this"

  • Franco Perez
    Franco Perez 7 days ago

    The background of the light intrigues me

  • Alain
    Alain 8 days ago +3

    Someone else feeling smart, watching this video?

  • 『 』
    『 』 8 days ago

    I dont understand the monty hall problem if we know from when we enter the game show he going to remove a wrong option no matter if we choose the right or wrong door isnt that the same as having 2 options from the start. Since you have no way of knowing whether he picked a a door to remove randomly or if he picked a the other incorrect door.
    it was never a 1/3 chance to win because we know he had to remove a incorrect choice no matter what you picked. So at the start of the game when there was 3 doors it was still a 50/50 chance since we know an incorrect choice is getting removed.
    Edit: i know its statistically correct to improve your chances but that only applies because we initially think its a 1/3 chance when it never was

    • 『 』
      『 』 8 days ago

      +Klaus 74 just because i cant stress this enough i agree that switching gives a 2/3 chance of winning

    • 『 』
      『 』 8 days ago

      +Klaus 74 did you not read my previous comment u explicitly stated that switching gives BETTER odds the whole point im trying to make is that safe bet is not always the correct bet when dealing with gambles in where if 1 is choice right the other is wrong

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 8 days ago

      First, it can't be 50/50 because it's impossible for the host to have a 1/2 chance of leaving a goat to switch with. And secondly, since this is a conditional probability problem the new information is that he WILL open a non-prize door, so before the reveal we know the probabilities of all three doors and where one of them is.

    • 『 』
      『 』 8 days ago

      +Klaus 74 it seems i didnt explain properly i know statistically switching gives you better odds but only because we initially a 1/3 in chance by temoving a wrong choice we now have a 66% chance if we since we are picking 2 doors 1 that he revealed and 1 that we dont know. What im trying to point out is that its all because we believe that the higher chance outcome is gonna be the outcome that comes true which is not the case.
      Edit: probabilty gets more accurate when tested multiple times if only tested once as an individual your probably going to only enter that gameshow once in your lifetime if we are talking about contestants winning then yes switching is best for the contestant but not the individial

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 8 days ago

      So if you started with 2 doors and you know the host will add one with a goat after your guess, would you have a 1/3 chance of having picked the correct door? Not a chance.

  • debolina biswas
    debolina biswas 8 days ago +7

    I didn't get anything ,even though it's interesting

  • James Morris
    James Morris 9 days ago

    Which paradox does socialism as a system that can work long term in government fall under? Not Utopian socialism but real world socialism in which creating wealth is not rewarded and sharing wealth is mandatory. To put it another way, how do you know a paradox is Falsidical before we know there is a solution?

  • Norrabal the unknown
    Norrabal the unknown 9 days ago +1

    What if I advise you to not follow my adivice?

  • Willow Johnson
    Willow Johnson 9 days ago

    Is water wet like if yes comment if no

  • Crypted z
    Crypted z 9 days ago

    The example of the antimony where earth has water when the sun wasn’t hot enough. Couldn’t that be answered by saying the earths core could have heated the ice enough to melt it? Or is that not possible? Let me know

  • shrek is bae
    shrek is bae 9 days ago +3

    the bottom line is telling the truth
    the top line is telling a lie

    • shrek is bae
      shrek is bae 4 days ago

      Crypted z ?

    • Crypted z
      Crypted z 9 days ago

      Luna Cookie to understand that I had to read it backwards. Like the bottom first and the top second.

  • Denzohd
    Denzohd 9 days ago +7

    Lovely video - and yes I'm late to the party.

  • Eric Green
    Eric Green 9 days ago

    If u killed ur grandfather back in time it would be just like if someone else killed him u just wouldn’t exist . When u kill him u were never born and that timeline ends there. The paradox’s problem
    Is a timeline issue

  • Darian Porterfield
    Darian Porterfield 10 days ago

    Ah a lefty

  • Cougalie
    Cougalie 10 days ago

    "arnvelope".... sorry i had to

  • Dying Inside
    Dying Inside 10 days ago

    I don’t haven a long enough attention span for thisss😫

  • JustABaller
    JustABaller 11 days ago +3

    PARADOX : Can Jesus create something so sour that even he can't eat it?
    If you say yes: That means Jesus can't do something
    If you say no : Yet again, that means Jesus can't do something

  • XxTheRedstoneTorchxX
    XxTheRedstoneTorchxX 11 days ago

    nah. All I have to do is spin a top in order to see if I'm in the real world.

  • Guriqbal Singh
    Guriqbal Singh 11 days ago

    Your written is beautiful

  • Moonlicious
    Moonlicious 11 days ago +4

    A mother slapped her daughter because she was drunk. Who was drunk?

    • Audacious 0909
      Audacious 0909 10 days ago +1

      It has a million answers but let's concentrate on two given aspects of information, daughter and mother. So boils down to 2 answers. Neglecting the condition of "she" is someone else than both, mother and daughter. Depending upon the condition who you are and who you consider "she" is,
      3. Unimaginable amount of individualistic person's.
      4. Infinity people added up to one.
      5. A limit of person who is underdeveloped, to be considered reaching full.
      6. ....
      I can go on about these answers for infinity.
      Btw question is too damn simple.

  • djnico17
    djnico17 11 days ago +3

    Hmm what if your grandfathers dna was extracted from his body after u killed him and then ur father was genetically made in a lab with said dna. What is a paradox today can be completetly understandable in the future, but what do i know its 6am and im drunk lol.

  • Kinglink Reviews
    Kinglink Reviews 11 days ago

    "Parade magazine columnist" You could have said Marilyn vos Savant, the person known for having the highest IQ, which we could talk about, but I think she's famous enough to use her name in the video.
    Also Quine was quite a clever person able to know about the tape thing so long ago.

  • Yeti Man
    Yeti Man 11 days ago +4

    My favorite paradox is saying the phrase "it's opposite day"

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 11 days ago +1

    You know what a paradox is?
    Define irony.

  • Ben Costello
    Ben Costello 12 days ago

    The Monty Hall paradox explanation is the best explanation I have ever seen for this problem.

  • Drasjic
    Drasjic 12 days ago

    So if i completely believe in God and completely believe in Science, is that a paradox???

  • Phader
    Phader 12 days ago

    The monty hall paradox is wrong, and I would prove it too, but I must go do my laundry

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 12 days ago

      The only thing you can prove is that you don't understand probability.

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson 12 days ago


  • Dejan
    Dejan 12 days ago +1

    Here is how you can save 15 munutes of your life:
    Google "paradox definition"

  • Crown.
    Crown. 12 days ago +7

    Logic is not logical as it is only a limitation of our thoughts to close in the universe in something comprehensible

  • Late Night Cereal
    Late Night Cereal 12 days ago

    "We'll gi'ta later"

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 12 days ago +5

    I really enjoyed your character in Breaking Bad

  • Cosmi Kitty
    Cosmi Kitty 12 days ago

    My brain just imploded and created a Big Bang
    Just a regular saturday afternoon

  • Milo Ramos
    Milo Ramos 12 days ago

    Battle nations song

  • Deonta Williams
    Deonta Williams 13 days ago

    So high right now found this and forgot I had the bowl in my hand lol good video

  • Kade Brown
    Kade Brown 13 days ago


  • loloboy430
    loloboy430 14 days ago

    10:28 epic fail

  • eitanoid os
    eitanoid os 14 days ago +9

    So if you disagree with someone you can call their idea a paradox

  • Bobbythefish_gaming
    Bobbythefish_gaming 14 days ago

    2:20 that’s not accurate I could easily catch up to the tortoise just run fast and don’t stop

  • Binayak Kunwor
    Binayak Kunwor 14 days ago

    I understand grandfather paradox but no that two paradox

  • D Lip Sing
    D Lip Sing 14 days ago

    wow you are left handed like me.

  • Bunneo Q
    Bunneo Q 15 days ago

    This sentence is false

  • Amirreza Moeini Yegane
    Amirreza Moeini Yegane 15 days ago +2

    what a video... gj dude, i really enjoyed watching this
    the background music was amazing too
    thumbs up

  • Quinn Stephenson
    Quinn Stephenson 15 days ago +2

    For the Veridical Paradox, I saw on a Netflix Series "Brain Games" about how to always switch the envelope/door, only a few weeks ago. Both of these channels/platforms are similar in explanation. I just figured I could point that out lol

  • Cole Barrett
    Cole Barrett 15 days ago

    my mind just blew up:)

  • Shreesha DR
    Shreesha DR 15 days ago +1

    Wait I thought 3 envelopes make a trilemma or something like that

  • Koivu Gaming
    Koivu Gaming 16 days ago +1

    Sunshine lol

    You got ligma

  • ErnestVSmith
    ErnestVSmith 16 days ago

    I think I have a paradox in my apartment because everything is always changed and I live alone? Sometimes stuff dissapears?

    • ScreamToASigh
      ScreamToASigh 14 days ago

      You should read 14 by Peter Clines... And hope the same thing isn't happening in your flat.

  • Mike Aplin
    Mike Aplin 16 days ago

    nap time...uh oh... paradox... zzz

  • Supreme Salsa
    Supreme Salsa 17 days ago

    what if you teleported into a wall

  • Azaduur
    Azaduur 17 days ago

    You wouldve costed me one million dollars just now. Our already shaky friendship would be flushed along with aforementioned one million dollars.

  • Kevin Lorenzo
    Kevin Lorenzo 17 days ago

    This is a paradox.

  • ShadowEdg3
    ShadowEdg3 18 days ago

    My dream is to have no dream

  • Flotorious
    Flotorious 18 days ago +1

    Just change the word to trilemma and we have no paradox, video end.

  • Riley McKee
    Riley McKee 18 days ago

    U being left handing makes me feel odd

  • Morgause Etiler
    Morgause Etiler 18 days ago

    my chose %33.33 (Y) im winner :D nothing change just look and chose :D

  • Ruby Kular
    Ruby Kular 18 days ago

    :::::: .....: ../:.....: :::.:: .: .:.::::.... :....

  • rune
    rune 18 days ago


  • Cyttro
    Cyttro 18 days ago

    I knew this already :)

  • Shawn Briggs
    Shawn Briggs 18 days ago

    How is example 3 not a 50/50 chance? From the vantage point of one scenario, that being only two remaining envelopes, it is a 50/50 chance. When there are 3 envelopes it is a different scenario. The whole switch aspect is an illusion if you only consider the odds based on the original 3 envelop scenario.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 18 days ago

      That's right. A 2/3 chance the host has a right/wrong set of envelopes because there's a 2/3 chance the contestant picked a losing one. The host is forced to reveal the other losing one so he still has the prize 2/3 of the time.

    • Shawn Briggs
      Shawn Briggs 18 days ago

      +Klaus 74 So we are considering the odds that the host has of having the correct envelope? If that is the case, I think you helped make it click. Thanks!

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 18 days ago

      If you have a 1/3 chance of picking the right envelope then there's a 1/3 chance that the host has two wrong envelopes. Do you think there is a 1/2 chance he can leave one of them to switch with?

  • Bree Lovexoxo
    Bree Lovexoxo 18 days ago


  • ToastedPIZZA
    ToastedPIZZA 19 days ago

    Guys the achilles and tortoise paradox is incorrect. He said that for every 100 meters achilles runs, the tortoise walks 1 meter. Then, right after, he said achilles ran another 1 meter to get to 101 meter, but the tortoise moved another meter. The tortoise should not have moved one meter when he ran 100 meters and also move one meter if he only ran one meter himself. So actually he would catch up to the tortoise easily.

  • Ronan Clark
    Ronan Clark 19 days ago

    A paradox is when Pinnochio says "My nose will now grow"

  • Clinton Oguchukwu
    Clinton Oguchukwu 19 days ago +2

    Solving the liars' paradox:
    -You are the liar saying "I'm lying" and you know that you're telling the truth
    --> In that case, you're not lying
    -->because you know that, in fact,you're not lying during that moment

    • Spencer Blackwell
      Spencer Blackwell 3 days ago

      Clinton Oguchukwu thats the point you aren’t lying but you say your lying which would be a lie

  • Sloppy Studios
    Sloppy Studios 19 days ago

    you dont know how many people have gotten angry with me because i have tried to explain the monty hall problem, including a teacher

  • Harley Me
    Harley Me 19 days ago

    mm..best desribed by time.. say, you go back in time and kill your double... the Paradcx is HOW. if you killed yourself in the past, how could you have went back in time to kill yourself, your already dead.

  • Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould

    If you do this in reality it'll always be 50/50

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 19 days ago

      Don't be silly. Take three pieces of paper, two marked 'lose', one marked 'win'. Place them randomly face down and move one to the side. That is your first guess. Turn all of them over. If the 'win' is among the two you didn't pick that's a win by switching because the host has to leave it for you after revealing the other one.

    • Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould
      Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould 19 days ago

      I will debate any mathematician in this...
      1. Put down 2 envelopes then pick..
      2. The already picked envelope irrelevant bc the problem reset and never existed in the first place

  • Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould

    Totally not true..bc after the blob was revealed..the problem resets...it becomes 50/50.. Its a basic logic problem

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 19 days ago

      Lol....so if we both pick the same envelope and agree upon staying with it, I would have a 1/3 chance of having the right one if it was opened immediately and you would have a 1/2 chance if you waited for the reveal first. Hilarious!!!!

    • Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould
      Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould 19 days ago

      +Klaus 74 SMH....OMG you need to use your listening and reasoning skills bc you obviously have none. After it was revealed he/she was able to repick..the key word is repick. It now erases the 1st rd of picking when there were 3 choices. Now 1 was eliminated. Thus leaving only 2 Choices..you can never have a 1/3 chance with only 2 Choices. Ever! its 1st grade math.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 19 days ago

      Do you have a reading disability??? It is IMPOSSIBLE for the host to even create a 1/2 chance for himself!!! Let alone for the contestant!.

  • Pre kill115
    Pre kill115 19 days ago

    What happens if you feed chicken a chicken

  • Pre kill115
    Pre kill115 19 days ago

    A paradox is like an unresolve problems

  • Retar Joe
    Retar Joe 19 days ago

    So in the Monty Hall paradox, it is only correct to switch, if YOU know, that the HOST knows where the prize is.
    If the host didn't know where the prize was, and you know he didn't know, and opened a door at random to reveal a dud, there would be a 50% chance at winning regardless if you switched or not.
    If the host did know where the prize was, and you didn't know he knew, it would be the same as the host not knowing (from your perspective), and there would be a 50% chance at winning regardless if you switched or not.
    If the host did know where the prize was, and you know he knows, there would be a 66.6% chance at winning by switching.

    Certain conditions is required for the Monty Hall paradox to take effect.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 19 days ago

      Thank you for your reply and I'm relieved that all is understood. You really are a good sport!!

    • Retar Joe
      Retar Joe 19 days ago

      ​+Klaus 74 You are absolutely right, I completely misunderstood your statement. I was trying to argue something else besides your point.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 19 days ago

      I understand exactly what you are saying. You are the one that keeps bringing up the variants and I'm correcting them as we go along. Again, the probability is determined by the knowledge of the host, and not by the lack of knowledge by the contestant. There is NOT a 1/2 chance of winning by staying if we don't know whether or not the host deliberately or randomly reveals a non-prize, it is EITHER 1/3 or 1/2. That is why we should always switch if we don't know because those chances are either 1/2 or 2/3.

    • Retar Joe
      Retar Joe 19 days ago

      +Klaus 74 No, it is not. I would explain it to you again, but I already did in my previous comments.
      I can simplify it to you - your math is correct, granted that we act within the rules of the Monty Hall Paradox, rules here is that we know that the host will reveal a dud and give us the chance to switch.
      If we don't know that the host knows, we are not acting within the rules of the Monty Hall Paradox, and the whole system changes.
      I strongly suggest you look up the paradox as well as the possible host behaviors in unspecified problems, as there is a difference - and I don't think you understand the point I'm trying to make.

    • Klaus 74
      Klaus 74 19 days ago

      You said in your first comment that there must be a 50/50 chance of winning by staying if we don't know about the host's knowledge. That is simply not true. The chances are either 1/3 or 1/2, and the switching chances are either 1/2 or 2/3. The probability is determined by the knowledge of the host and not by the lack of knowledge by the contestant.

  • Iwillpoundyourbooty Andlynchyou

    What would you rather have: 1 million dollars or a globglogabgalab?🧐

  • Joseph Giacobine
    Joseph Giacobine 19 days ago

    The classic paradox of
    "Can an almighty being make something to heavy for even it to lift"
    Is based on a definition having two contradictory premises
    1. An almighty being can make anything including an object that takes away it's power. If not then it's not ALL powerful
    2. If an object exists which can take away it's power then it never was ALmighty. Just "really"mighty.
    Thus if 1 not 2 if 2 then not 1. And of course if something isn't both its not Almighty. The idea defeats itself.
    The world can have either immovable objects or irresistible forces not both. (Which one it has i do not know)