still breathing | lofi hiphop & chillstep mix

  • Published on Sep 4, 2017
  • lofi hiphop and chillstep in one mix... i just decided to try something "new". let me know what you think in the comments!
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    0:00 Kupla - Fell in love in a dream
    2:18 Kisnou - Tale of The Winter Souls
    5:19 Poolz - Without You
    8:34 Enzella - Cobalt
    12:06 Shinigami - Sprites
    14:35 Kisnou - At Dusk (Ft. Paolo Vista)
    17:40 Kupla - Emerald
    19:55 Owsey - I'll Remain Under Our Antique Sky
    25:53 Whithe - Mistakes
    29:28 Kupla - Still Breathing
    Picture by 3hil(Azika)
    Instagram: _thatbandit?hl=en
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  • Arctic Empire
    Arctic Empire  2 years ago +176

    just a short mix I put together and wanted to share with you... remember to like, comment and share :D

    • The Chow Collection
      The Chow Collection 7 months ago

      I keep coming back to this, thanks for making it!

    • lozt rootz pinguin low life cram
      lozt rootz pinguin low life cram Year ago

      hey arctic you lifted up a huge crowd n myself aspecially too.
      would love a next lofi mix too...take you'r time that will make it special like this one.

    • ghost vibez
      ghost vibez Year ago

      This is a really good mix. It made me take a "half nap" thank you. I've had sleep paralysis for a while now and listening to this when I go to bed has stopped it. At least for now. Love you Arctic! --ghost

    • NAVER조개똥
      NAVER조개똥 Year ago


  • Emiline Douglas
    Emiline Douglas 7 days ago

    Anyone else notice the Spongebob poke noise in the lilo an stitch portion

  • Emiline Douglas
    Emiline Douglas 7 days ago

    This saved my life

  • Allanzo
    Allanzo 18 days ago +1

    What your going through won't last forever.
    You'll realize that your

    Still breathing 💕

  • smuglife64 gaming
    smuglife64 gaming 2 months ago

    can this be in my yt intro i will . cridt you

  • Blue_Wednesday
    Blue_Wednesday 3 months ago +1

    After a long day of people, running around, cleaning, fighting and stressing I’m just glad I’m
    _still breathing_

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M 4 months ago +1

    The picture is cool! 😌💕

  • Iktomi
    Iktomi 7 months ago

    I have an essay due tomorrow and I didn’t do shit

  • Jarek [Zapzap]
    Jarek [Zapzap] 7 months ago

    This is good stuff

  • Tomis Meme
    Tomis Meme 8 months ago +1

    On my way to McDonalds

  • Genneth_12215
    Genneth_12215 8 months ago

    Anyone wanna talk about depression and how real it is.. especially social anxiety that was uh.. caused by trauma?

  • Hasse Mees
    Hasse Mees 9 months ago

    This mix has pulled me through a lot already

  • Logan L
    Logan L 9 months ago

    Great job mate

  • Queen of Cards
    Queen of Cards 9 months ago

    Of all the mix-tapes that i ever played ( and those are i lot) this is the freaking best one yet!!

  • Mahanoor Khan
    Mahanoor Khan 9 months ago

    I’m crying omg this is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in my life

  • silverace08
    silverace08 10 months ago +2

    when the nights get colder, and your lifes gettin run over, listen steady to the rhythm of my beats, listen steady to the rhythm of my beats - cause the minds gettin older, as the lines get bolder, still there is not the time to weep, gotta stay alive and play the keep - take a breath in heavy n deep as the thoughts grow dreary weary n meek, there is no more time to sleep, there is no more time to sleep - so let the melody seep in slowly, driftin in silently we be ghostin, to the realm of your paper dreams, motions of a life lonely pourin in stream, im only holding on gently, no attempt at no false gentry, grasping tightly at the edges of the seams, dont know where reality is been

    • Gøners_Shadøw
      Gøners_Shadøw 7 months ago


  • sazuke8991
    sazuke8991 10 months ago

    i noticed that at around 24:00 its Zanarkand theme FFx

  • SingularMinds
    SingularMinds 10 months ago

    Arctic Empire- King of the USclip chill session

  • Nimuë Deschacht
    Nimuë Deschacht 10 months ago

    Best one I've heard so far, and trust me, I've heard hundreds.. the consistency of good songs is soooo good >

  • samus7694
    samus7694 Year ago

    sing on brothers

  • samus7694
    samus7694 Year ago

    I got an epiphany before hearing this song, and this is the result.

  • SiLLyDIED ¿?
    SiLLyDIED ¿? Year ago

    I had a lot to deal with today, and this helped me out a lot and made me peaceful and chill

  • hi ngo
    hi ngo Year ago

    thank you so much

  • N Nepo
    N Nepo Year ago

    Uhhhhh this is soo gooood

  • Gabriele Belahsene

    i wanna die, nobody love me for real

  • Kat C
    Kat C Year ago +2

    I guess I’ll be that person and say that that guys voice sounds extremely romantic when he says “your perfect” on 25:20😭

  • G Hitt
    G Hitt Year ago


  • Tangled Tunes
    Tangled Tunes Year ago

    All of your songs are really excellent! Time to get back in the studio and make some more myself! 💘😯💚😳💚⭐️

  • Victor Hugo Callejon

    Final Fantasy X? To Zanarkand? 24 min

  • Zane
    Zane Year ago

    21:40 ffx zanarkand tune? lol

  • Didgit
    Didgit Year ago

    I was listening to a lot of lofi and I was hoping you'd do a mix of it ('cos you're good at mixing..). Thanks!

  • Moll Choi
    Moll Choi Year ago +2

    10:40 - 11:10 ... Gosh

  • Hafsa Usman
    Hafsa Usman Year ago

    I did cry while listening to this

  • K_tothe_A_Y
    K_tothe_A_Y Year ago +1

    this shit is so pretty

  • B r i s a_ A z u l

    😄 me encanta ! Wow

  • ニコル
    ニコル Year ago

    *Drinking cold La Croix whilst looking outside~*

    • ニコル
      ニコル 5 months ago

      *late night procrastination on a Monday night*

  • frankperr004
    frankperr004 Year ago

    Wait this isn’t Green Day...

  • Andrew Chang
    Andrew Chang Year ago

    more of this please

  • Jessica Knott
    Jessica Knott Year ago

    This is beautiful!

  • Queen of Cards
    Queen of Cards Year ago

    I love this!! it's perfectly mixed!! i feel sooo peaceful. You're mix is payed in Belgium ;)

  • Nyree Brown
    Nyree Brown Year ago

    I absolutely love this mix. It's the best type of music that I needed to keep me focused while studying for finals.

  • animefolyfe
    animefolyfe Year ago

    16:09 is where my jam starts. wooooo get goosebumps every time.

  • larissa merlo
    larissa merlo Year ago

    This is helping me cry, which is such a relief for my mind. I have social anxiety and it's good to know that I'm still breathing. Thanks

  • Groovy Rose
    Groovy Rose Year ago

    Depression sucks it seems I can't get rid of it I'm in high school now 11th grade been trying to battle it since 7th grade from 2014-2018 4 fucking years and I still feel empty can't believe I'm even writing this here oh btw make fun of this if you want I'm just trying to find someone who care about feelings tired of this society full of people with no morality wish the world was better man how bad I want to end it all right now but I will remain strong sad to say I'm about to get high and draw or just write whatever comes to mind and who ever is sad out there just know I'm right here with you :)

    • lozt rootz pinguin low life cram
      lozt rootz pinguin low life cram Year ago

      Groovy Rose
      Hey #Groovy Rose.
      I'll feel with you ^.^/
      i don't can describe it but myself feel often the same way. The disunderstanding by our frozen heart society keeps me down too,mostly i'll try keep my mask on n show the world the love i'll wish for all and only some reactions off kindness give me inner peace. Only animals any kind, nature itself, meditation some herbs, good veggie food, smoothies special friends my dog and the believing in the deep balance and love from the universe keeps me stay alive. Try too meditate you will find answers in your deep concsiousness cause we are connect with the universe. Peace exists i'll prey 4 u ... pinguin ... thank you 4 sharing big hug ^.^/

  • SilverMoon
    SilverMoon Year ago

    Did I hear "To Zanakan" melody at 21:48?

  • Anezka890
    Anezka890 Year ago

    Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand theme by Nobuo Uematsu at minute 22:46 ^^

  • Nhi Trần Tuyết

    always have to face to face with stress, this mix helps me a lot to not to forget that I'm still alive, still breathing, and existing!
    Thank you!

  • Glenn VDS
    Glenn VDS Year ago

    I liked every song in this mix (rarely happens in general, often happens when from Arctic Empire)

  • LiL Ghohst gamer
    LiL Ghohst gamer Year ago

    I like your music😎😍✌

  • Lulu
    Lulu Year ago +1

    2:18 it sounds it... 2:34 oh! Yes please! 3:07 OH SHIT! FUCK IT!

  • Yahphey Porter
    Yahphey Porter Year ago


    • GroovyBearTV
      GroovyBearTV Year ago +1

      Hello Yahphey,can you listen to my latest lo-fi instrumental,thanks 😇

  • Bogdan Shvets
    Bogdan Shvets Year ago

    25,55 что за трэк? шазам не находит ((( *What track plays?* спасибо!

  • Willow
    Willow Year ago

    this is such a great mix

  • DatBoiYamirami
    DatBoiYamirami Year ago

    Sprites has some sounds from (I think) the "confused" sound effect and the "ice beam" sound effect from the Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games! Not to mention the awesome Lilo & Stitch reference. Nice mix, bro!

  • Natterex
    Natterex Year ago +2

    Cant stop listening to this

  • Erindale
    Erindale Year ago

    transcendental, big ups to the artists

  • Wokenn
    Wokenn Year ago

    great mix, loved it ;)

  • Rain Bow
    Rain Bow Year ago


  • RJ Nation
    RJ Nation Year ago

    the first beat got me in my feelings .

  • Sam Ledbetter
    Sam Ledbetter Year ago

    honestly one of the best chillstep mixes i've heard in a while, love the title and background. all together a beautiful piece, thanks for sharing!