Please give this poor woman some eyes. (YIAY #475)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • TimeTravel_Bean
    TimeTravel_Bean 2 minutes ago

    There’s this skit channel called ColeyDoesThings. She’s really funny, and once I checked her sub count, I was surprised. She does have about 200k, but she’s really cool and yeah.

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris 6 minutes ago


  • alik
    alik 34 minutes ago


  • Adam Salmi
    Adam Salmi 39 minutes ago

    The Family Review Show #CreatorAwards

  • Sobea Rey
    Sobea Rey 41 minute ago

    I nominate myself!!

  • *Usernamee*Denx*
    *Usernamee*Denx* 43 minutes ago

    My friend * * Ender * * for the best animation.

  • Not Peruna
    Not Peruna 51 minute ago

    Copy cat

  • MetAllicaA Aa
    MetAllicaA Aa 54 minutes ago +1

    #CreatorAwards of the best editors on youtube!
    Check him out!

  • ZnvikXP
    ZnvikXP Hour ago

    Two weeks ago i asked you*

  • Kim Jisoo
    Kim Jisoo Hour ago


  • FrancisVids YT
    FrancisVids YT 2 hours ago

    Avengers: endgame is now the top grossing!!!

  • llVelixll Playz
    llVelixll Playz 2 hours ago

    Lol me I’m unknown.

  • Anderson Martinez
    Anderson Martinez 2 hours ago

    Lwiay is better LIKE IF YOU AGRRE

  • Anderson Martinez
    Anderson Martinez 2 hours ago

    Stop fuckin. Coping the best youtuber pewdiepie

  • Cing Lun Mang
    Cing Lun Mang 2 hours ago

    I have already commented on one of your video's in 2017 and it was really funny. You are a great youtuber and deserve's more than this but for now you are already making great content.

  • Carter Gauthier
    Carter Gauthier 2 hours ago

    Pewdiepie is better, FAKE

  • Popo_Kix
    Popo_Kix 2 hours ago

    Stop stealing content from pewdiepie

  • Jack Walleshauser
    Jack Walleshauser 2 hours ago

    #Creator reward jaiden animation

  • yusra ali
    yusra ali 2 hours ago

    Click4taz she amazing 🤗🤗

  • Haewan
    Haewan 3 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards CaryKH, who graduated from Stanford this year!

    • Haewan
      Haewan 3 hours ago

      OK, so he has over 400,000 subscribers, but STILL, he deserves the award.

    REXET 3 hours ago

    what about real facts that are so unbelievable

  • DatCorgiBe Dank
    DatCorgiBe Dank 3 hours ago

    A closer look

  • BTS Kpop destroyed my Life

    Bitch shut the fuck up

  • gamefriends
    gamefriends 3 hours ago


  • Gamer kat
    Gamer kat 3 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Derek Gerard
    He does good food challenge videos

  • F9 animations
    F9 animations 3 hours ago

    Me. Obviously

  • Holyfatherofchim
    Holyfatherofchim 3 hours ago

    #creatorawards Annoying Orange

  • Xerogic
    Xerogic 3 hours ago

    Copy pewdiepie idiot

  • Blueberry Blackjack
    Blueberry Blackjack 3 hours ago +5

    #CreatorAwards - *GeminiTay* (the *Bob Ross* of minecraft but has less than 100,000 subscribers )

  • Rohail Rizwan
    Rohail Rizwan 4 hours ago

    Creater rewards : there's a good channel called fearless

  • V W
    V W 4 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards Best skits- Dan and Riya

  • Senpai Moshi
    Senpai Moshi 4 hours ago


  • Jace JH
    Jace JH 4 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards Maybe ChadWildClay He Does Ninja Sort Of Videos And There Dumb As Hell And Really Fake But Ya

  • ats1always
    ats1always 5 hours ago +1

    #creatorawrds Theodd1sout

  • Beat box Gaming
    Beat box Gaming 5 hours ago

    Endgame beat avatar

  • Matty 10
    Matty 10 5 hours ago

    When are you gonna do #YIAYcats

  • Levi Criner
    Levi Criner 5 hours ago

    I'm watching optimus

  • King Bob
    King Bob 5 hours ago +1

    You piece of trash

  • Asroaming
    Asroaming 6 hours ago

    In all seriousness, Every Think is highly under-appreciated.

  • ButteredBreadSlice
    ButteredBreadSlice 6 hours ago

    #CreatirAwards Rusty Cage.

  • mega nope
    mega nope 6 hours ago


    SuperMega. Not that 670-something thousand subs is a small audience, but I think they deserve a good boost.

    • mega nope
      mega nope 6 hours ago

      As far as categories go, there’s a video titled something along the lines of “what makes supermega great” by a smaller channel that dives into how their editing and comedic styles go hand in hand into making the big good content

  • gold coin
    gold coin 7 hours ago

    For fake facts if you fake having a sezire you have a 47.77% chance of acculty having a sezire

  • Beaderdashツ
    Beaderdashツ 7 hours ago

    Jacksfilms and Beaderdash
    i need friends

  • User 28o2
    User 28o2 7 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Gold Shaw Farm makes some content that deserves more subs than what he currently has.

  • Ansin King
    Ansin King 7 hours ago

    There's a new guy on USclip with great content

  • the spring fan
    the spring fan 7 hours ago

    Why not?

  • Goni Kassif
    Goni Kassif 8 hours ago

    Dead Sound makes great animation, and David Jewell is just... I can't describe David Jewell

  • Eric Patton
    Eric Patton 8 hours ago


    This cute lil fella

  • AA AA
    AA AA 8 hours ago +1


  • Poodro Fartman
    Poodro Fartman 9 hours ago

    Theres a channel out there *Captain Disillusion* and should get an award for the most viral videos debunked

  • theroyalguardian
    theroyalguardian 10 hours ago


  • theroyalguardian
    theroyalguardian 10 hours ago

    What’s a award

  • Coop Gensler
    Coop Gensler 10 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards T series

  • Coop Gensler
    Coop Gensler 10 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards - Sunless Kahn -

  • Paul Leow
    Paul Leow 11 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Stoned Gremlin Productions is brilliant

  • Austin Moon
    Austin Moon 11 hours ago

    Jordan Cunningham

  • Arda_V3LLOq_Akkaya
    Arda_V3LLOq_Akkaya 11 hours ago


  • Anatastia
    Anatastia 11 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards WillOnAWhim is a creator with pretty cool edits. Even though he’s a beauty type USclipr, the content he makes is pretty solid and awesome!

  • xxrandomly
    xxrandomly 12 hours ago


  • Electricwater99
    Electricwater99 12 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards YuB

  • Ilovegolf84
    Ilovegolf84 12 hours ago


  • Pikachudardis
    Pikachudardis 13 hours ago

    Jacksfilms for biggest forehead award

  • The Viking
    The Viking 13 hours ago

    2:44 i quess she is now billie hellish

  • Sofie Delidow
    Sofie Delidow 13 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Sam O'Nella Academy

  • Eva Markhus
    Eva Markhus 13 hours ago

    Hoffman academy for learning, it actually helped me learn to play piano

  • Stephanie Macias
    Stephanie Macias 13 hours ago

    I love watching Kennedy Walsh she's hilarious

  • Ashley Melville
    Ashley Melville 13 hours ago +1

    Stolen idea from pewds
    Edit:he made yiay from lwiay

  • Vincent Roberts
    Vincent Roberts 13 hours ago +3

    #CreatorAwards they are very cool their USclip channel is called Vincent Roberts

  • super suCC
    super suCC 13 hours ago

    YIAY to jump off a fucking bridge you copying fucking ogre

  • Kiwi Beaver
    Kiwi Beaver 13 hours ago

    #creatorawards there is this guy named GradeAUnderA he's a really funny animator.

  • DolphinDog
    DolphinDog 14 hours ago

    No offense, but your upload schedule is about as consistent and Steven Universe's

  • arandeep_singh_ Gill
    arandeep_singh_ Gill 15 hours ago +1


  • Lisa Maynes
    Lisa Maynes 15 hours ago

    dude y u guys actully watch this look at the dates pewdie pie didn't rip of him he ripped of pewds jacks uploaded the first episode like 2 days after pewds

  • CobDot Drop
    CobDot Drop 16 hours ago +1

    You only became popular because you copied pewdiepie

  • England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

    What billie elish already has eyes

  • HardFatDeath
    HardFatDeath 16 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards Me.

    Wait, i didn't get featured. FFFFUUUU-

  • SirEEf
    SirEEf 16 hours ago


    I´d like to nominate the following YT-Channels:

    Ceave Gaming
    Basically Homeless
    Jarvis Johnson
    Daniel Thrasher
    Zeo [German]
    Gaffi [German]
    HerrBergmann [German]

    (No particular order)

  • time to talk2007
    time to talk2007 16 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Jacksfilms I suggest ChipFlake she’s a really good animation channel doing great work

  • alpitu21 Gaming
    alpitu21 Gaming 17 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards Plainrock124

  • alpitu21 Gaming
    alpitu21 Gaming 17 hours ago +1


    For all of you idiots: Two weeks ago i asked you
    For kids: 2 wa iay
    2 whay ay
    2 white eyes

  • Dominic P.
    Dominic P. 17 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Feature history

  • Chiki_yt
    Chiki_yt 17 hours ago

    #creatorawards a person named mayo they do Mario stuff with really good edits

  • Rama Bhargav
    Rama Bhargav 17 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Joana Ceddia

  • Rama Bhargav
    Rama Bhargav 17 hours ago +1

    #CreatorAwards A small Minecraft youtuber called PewDiePie

  • Max& Cheese
    Max& Cheese 17 hours ago

    It kind of looks like Billie Eilish (sorry if I spelled it wrong :C)

  • Bug Aboo
    Bug Aboo 17 hours ago

    I dunno, anyone other than you

  • jonasplayz1973
    jonasplayz1973 17 hours ago

    Fuckin stop copyin pewdiepie

  • Crafty Penguin
    Crafty Penguin 17 hours ago

    #creatorawards chickensans

  • AsH VeRa
    AsH VeRa 17 hours ago

    Jack: today’s spons-
    Me: *exits video*

  • Kishi-Chan
    Kishi-Chan 18 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards spyker and paradox

  • Ion Radu
    Ion Radu 18 hours ago

    There's this cool minecraft channel called James Charles and he does awesome tournaments.

  • Amara Berry
    Amara Berry 18 hours ago

    #Creatorawards ReignBot is a pretty cool channel, featuring conspiracy type videos along with in depth explanations of weird or odd videos her subscribers send in.

  • RAZOR 10999
    RAZOR 10999 19 hours ago

    It's 2019 and this mf is still copying pewds content

  • Potato
    Potato 19 hours ago +1

    I watch Half-Asleep Chris, an awesome animator/blogger who needs more attention!

  • Jimpycoo
    Jimpycoo 20 hours ago

    Bluesdank for best beanie award

  • Boss Gaming
    Boss Gaming 20 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards See there’s this channel called jacksanerd not sure if you now about it but I think it’s pretty cool

  • дебил какой-то

    YIAI-LWIAY LWIAY better than YIAI

  • cotton candies
    cotton candies 20 hours ago

    Commenting 😂😂 Who did this on all of jack's videos.

  • The Weird Doggo
    The Weird Doggo 21 hour ago

    Best forehead award
    Winner= Jacksfilms