Irish People Try Maltese Snacks

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • MERCH MADNESS: - Irish People trying some interesting Maltese snacks...did they enjoy?
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    We managed to acquire a variety of snacks and drinks from the lovely land of Malta. Well done us. So what better way to celebrate this acquisition, than sitting down our resident Irish People to see what they made of them?
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Comments • 943

  • Jade Galea
    Jade Galea 2 days ago

    I am happy to say I'm Maltese!!

  • shelania grech
    shelania grech 2 days ago

    I'm so happy you did this video I'm Maltese btw ahhh qabàtuni il guh🤣

  • Fabis
    Fabis 2 days ago +1


  • Savion Grech
    Savion Grech 5 days ago

    As a Maltese citizen Im offended

  • JackGaming 11
    JackGaming 11 6 days ago

    Im maltese too!Nice vid,no twistess?Thats offencef

  • Dylan Borg
    Dylan Borg 9 days ago

    Sad, that they did not like Kinnie :) Its our best soft drink and it was invented in Malta by a Farsons (teh company making both Kinnie and Cisk) employee!

  • Outdoor Artists
    Outdoor Artists 9 days ago

    There is a tiger because the design of the crisps looks like the stripes of a tiger

  • Kyle Gauci
    Kyle Gauci 10 days ago

    im maltese

  • iEnVy Night
    iEnVy Night 14 days ago

    Im maltese

  • Thomas Farrugia
    Thomas Farrugia 16 days ago +1

    I'm from Malta!

  • Semira Abela
    Semira Abela 16 days ago


  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez 17 days ago

    It is a fuckingng island . Look at an atlas damn it .

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez 17 days ago

    It is a fuckingng island . Look at an atlas damn it .

  • Doreen Psaila
    Doreen Psaila 19 days ago +1

    Im From THE MALTESE GANG!!!!!!!!

  • the boy town te street
    the boy town te street 20 days ago +1

    I'm from malta!!

  • Lara Sultana
    Lara Sultana 20 days ago

    No twistees...? :(

  • Miguel Parnis
    Miguel Parnis 26 days ago

    Dont you dare offend kinnie like that ever again (I dont like it either)

  • Titan Uranus
    Titan Uranus 27 days ago

    No Maltesers?

  • Nó Nàmé
    Nó Nàmé Month ago

    Taste a lot of floors have ya?

  • jimbelter2
    jimbelter2 Month ago

    MC: "Well slap my dick. That's lovely". She never cases to amaze me with her comments. She's a real character. Imagine what she's like when she's drunk😮. She'd have the entire bar rolling on the floor.

  • Martina G
    Martina G Month ago

    I’m Maltese and Irish ❤️❤️

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon Month ago +2

    "Top of the morning... Prick" Gotta love MC!

  • Youtuber Trump
    Youtuber Trump Month ago +1

    MC is hilarious

  • Tom Mcgarthwaite
    Tom Mcgarthwaite Month ago

    Funny videos

  • Hueborn
    Hueborn Month ago

    I think American and Ireland have something in common. I always notice American reaction videos are done by the most pretentious up their ass fucking inner city multicultural douche bags. I wonder if the average Irish person sees these videos and thinks the same thing. As an American watching American reaction videos I understand this sorta ding bat over exaggerated, "OMG this is the best/worst thing ever." I mean you made sure that half the fucking cast is gay? Interesting I didn't know half of Ireland packed shit, noted. Might want to work on those demographics. Oh wait, the chief demographic is half wit pretentious pseudo intellectuals back slapping, making Trump Jokes, and Pushing LGBT trash.

    Had fun watching the channel for awhile. I can't support useful idiots however. Unsub.waves

  • Hueborn
    Hueborn Month ago

    The half black Irish woman who doesn't drink looks and sounds like brainwashed University progressive trash.

  • Ryley Borg
    Ryley Borg Month ago

    I'm from Malta and my name is Ryley

  • luke tabone
    luke tabone Month ago

    alla cause they are stripped nigga

  • luke tabone
    luke tabone Month ago +1

    foxx ommok alla kinnie is good liba

  • Xavier Muscat cassar

    Why you offending my country you pot of gold snatchers

  • Alessandro G
    Alessandro G Month ago

    Calling Kinnie disgusting is offensive.

  • Matthew Thurston
    Matthew Thurston Month ago

    Where tf is the galetti?

  • Luke The Best
    Luke The Best Month ago +1

    me too

  • Butters The Bean
    Butters The Bean Month ago

    I'm Maltese and American. All my life I thought my parents just ruined me. But i realised i was blessed to have experienced different culture. Love my island where I was born! Malta ❤
    They could have chose better food that represents the island tho 😂
    Also had a Maltese terrier who I loved but sadly passed away not too long ago at the age of 18 🙏

  • Mia Cassar
    Mia Cassar Month ago

    I'm so sad rn I'm half Maltese. How can y not like kinnie??!!! It's my favvvvv!!!

  • Zorpia1995
    Zorpia1995 Month ago

    You should have tried twistees !!
    There are so many other snack you must try.. do a second one :P
    qaghaq tal-ghasel

    All so good

  • walter zahra
    walter zahra Month ago

    Yay I am maltese

  • Lance Black
    Lance Black Month ago

    Hi from Malta!

  • wayne azzopardi Carhello

    Subscribed since you mentioned us in your video 😂

  • Anna Jacobsen
    Anna Jacobsen Month ago

    i’m maltese and i can’t believe you didn’t give them twistees 😫😫 they’re the best ❤️❤️

  • Greta Bonnici
    Greta Bonnici Month ago

    Give me a shout

  • Greta Bonnici
    Greta Bonnici Month ago

    I live in malta hello

  • Nicole Muscat
    Nicole Muscat Month ago

    why are you saying it like we cant do anything disrespectful !!

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Month ago

    MC just breaking in the middle of a terrible analogy. So many different floors.

  • DONUT238
    DONUT238 Month ago

    Finally someone tries Maltese snacks but there are so many more Maltese snacks and dishes to try!

  • Chael Laus
    Chael Laus Month ago

    I am moltese

  • Victoria Grech
    Victoria Grech Month ago


  • Victoria Grech
    Victoria Grech Month ago

    Kinnerton is my favourite drink

  • Victoria Grech
    Victoria Grech Month ago

    I am from malta and I'm offended.

  • Keziah The queen
    Keziah The queen Month ago

    Greetings from Malta ❤️❤️

  • Il-Prim Mintoff
    Il-Prim Mintoff Month ago

    Dude they said Cisk and Kinnie taste like piss , Irish people don't have taste.

  • Sir Mace
    Sir Mace Month ago

    Top of the morning, :P

    1) It's 'Chisk'
    2) Did you even cool your drinks? Drink Kinnie with ice, it's actually hot here :P
    Fun video, I like Bacos the most too

  • rebecca spiteri
    rebecca spiteri Month ago

    You cannot make a video of this sort without pastizzi or twistees!

  • mollayoyo
    mollayoyo Month ago

    No Twistees? I'm personally offended.

  • Panzer shreck
    Panzer shreck Month ago

    You forgot Pompoms, Tastees, Beehive Bakery Caramels, Twistees, Tastees, Cisk Excel and Cisk Chill

  • crackmalta
    crackmalta Month ago

    Mix in Rum with Kinnie and that stuff is the bomb (Source: I'm Maltese)

  • Secretly Brave
    Secretly Brave Month ago

    is the "what do you mix this with?" girl from Derry?

  • Secretly Brave
    Secretly Brave Month ago

    hahaha hello from a Maltese chap!

  • Lamaa leech
    Lamaa leech Month ago +4

    Kinnie in my country is like so popular, you should try kinnie with vodka😉

  • Clayvin Cassar
    Clayvin Cassar Month ago

    Im maltese

    JPXIBI Month ago

    Soooooooo happppppy you did this I’m from Malta 🇲🇹

  • noob
    noob Month ago

    I'm Maltese, who is Maltese also?

  • Pro Beast
    Pro Beast Month ago

    I'm Maltese let me say something ghalxiex ma kontux ferhanin blikel taghna

    IRONOMEGA 123 2 months ago +1

    I'm maltese and i love you did this video

    IRONOMEGA 123 2 months ago

    I am maltese

  • Pxsitive Molly
    Pxsitive Molly 2 months ago

    as a fellow maltese person i lowkey hate most of the foods here 😂😂

  • Martina Bugeja
    Martina Bugeja 2 months ago +1

    Im Maltese it is beautiful

  • Lindsay Aquilina
    Lindsay Aquilina 2 months ago

    You didn't try Twistees 😅

  • NightCore Love
    NightCore Love 2 months ago

    Aaah i'm maltese!! :) nice video

  • Christine Gauci
    Christine Gauci 2 months ago

    I am a fellow Malteser! I love your channel

  • Claude Brincat
    Claude Brincat 2 months ago

    hope you like our food

  • The Cool Benjamin
    The Cool Benjamin 2 months ago

    Cisk is pronounced as chi-sk

  • The Cool Benjamin
    The Cool Benjamin 2 months ago

    I’m Maltese so happy you did this video. for us Kinnie is the best and won many rewards ❤️

  • Hollery 2
    Hollery 2 2 months ago


  • Kii lns
    Kii lns 2 months ago

    I'm Maltese thx for this vid

  • ilayda bonnici
    ilayda bonnici 2 months ago +1


    DESERT VALLEY DOGG 2 months ago

    6:10! Bacon Fries!!!
    🍟🐷👍- fock, I tink I'm in love 💘!!!

  • Terry Westbrook-Lienert

    "Nice Hiss"...classic😊

  • Denzel Calleja
    Denzel Calleja 2 months ago +1

    Im maltase🇲🇹 Viva Malta

  • Sharon Martin
    Sharon Martin 2 months ago

    I'm half Irish and half Maltese....

  • Kyle Bonello
    Kyle Bonello 2 months ago


  • Miriam Briffa
    Miriam Briffa 2 months ago

    I live in malta

  • James micallef grimaud
    James micallef grimaud 2 months ago

    Im Maltese and i loved the video but there are other amazing Maltese snacks worth trying. My personal favourites apart from the backos are the french fries, party time and twistees - twistees are maltese to the bone. They even come in a number of different flavours

    DESERT VALLEY DOGG 3 months ago +1

    5:40! my new ringtone!

  • rebecca Cobarrubias
    rebecca Cobarrubias 3 months ago

    the irish people are obsessed with potatoes!!!

  • Tinegia Mizzi
    Tinegia Mizzi 3 months ago

    No malteser are not from malta

  • Ryan Buhagiar
    Ryan Buhagiar 3 months ago

    Fejnom I'll pastizzi u gbejniet ras ?!!

  • Jam S
    Jam S 3 months ago

    There are so much more snacks 😂😂😂

  • SSV
    SSV 3 months ago

    You should have tasted Twistees.. Kinnie is the best drink ever.

  • Alex Scicluna
    Alex Scicluna 3 months ago +1

    Im from malta

  • EirikurDC
    EirikurDC 3 months ago +1

    MCluvs2laugh cracks me up so much. I want to be her friend. I feel like it would involve mild abuse on a regular basis and a mixture of absurdity and surprise. She seems a load of fun to drink with.

  • Giulia Muscat
    Giulia Muscat 3 months ago

    I'm from malta and kinnie is delicious

  • PrincessLoveBug
    PrincessLoveBug 3 months ago

    HOOOOOOLY SHIT!!! He said NICE HISS!!!! Steve1989 would be proud

  • vwrocco17
    vwrocco17 3 months ago

    I love when mc talks racy

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart 3 months ago

    top of the morning ya prick! In heading for the t-shirt store right now

  • JadedGrey
    JadedGrey 3 months ago

    so they tried dog snacks? thats weird

  • robyn
    robyn 3 months ago +1

    how can you do a maltese snack video without twistees?

  • robyn
    robyn 3 months ago +1

    i’m irish and maltese hahahah

  • Joedy Spiteri
    Joedy Spiteri 3 months ago

    It takes a while to get used to the after taste of kinnie 😂♥️

  • Skram Amme
    Skram Amme 3 months ago

    I reckon this lot would love a Violet Crumble or a box of BBQ Shapes.
    Aussie lollies too, columbines, red skins and fruit tingles.