$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet


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  • Misa Showz
    Misa Showz 8 minutes ago

    3:36 omg she's so pretty omgggg I would adopt her if I could

  • VS Knives
    VS Knives 18 minutes ago

    We have him listed for $100k but until someone buys him he is "priceless "

  • makayla 1101
    makayla 1101 42 minutes ago

    This video tittle pisses me if royally, because a $17 pet WTF every pet is worth so much more than the tittle or you will ever be. Pets are amazing and $17 pet is more that $17 quadrillion than anyone will ever be, OK? OK.

  • Judith Molina
    Judith Molina 44 minutes ago


  • Mason Smith
    Mason Smith Hour ago

    Are you really judging animals by how much there worth that's just not wright

  • Alex Hartbarger
    Alex Hartbarger Hour ago

    Aww boxy brown

  • jemjey Dayao
    jemjey Dayao Hour ago


  • unregistered
    unregistered Hour ago

    I GREW UP IN TERREBONNE! My dad started and owned the hardware store there growing up!

  • Mikey 101234
    Mikey 101234 2 hours ago

    When watching this video a ad came up about this show

  • trey geary
    trey geary 2 hours ago

    This Camparing beautiful lives. If this was a human would you do that.like “oh the rich person is better?” Seriously buzzfeed this is messed up. I wish could yell and curse in your faces

  • Alex Wesker
    Alex Wesker 2 hours ago

    omg the kitty at the beginning was soooo cute! and fluffy. :3

  • bridgidthepirate
    bridgidthepirate 2 hours ago

    I'm actually terrified of pigs so I'm going to stick to my emotional support cat Captain Salem.

  • Slot Machines In The Laundromat

    Next up: $10 wife and $10,000 wife

  • Gucci Xan
    Gucci Xan 2 hours ago +1

    do not click read more




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    just stop now u think


    ur choice

    it was you

    I said don t

    rip finger


    idk why

    Is this enough?

    ok wow lets just take it slow

    almost there

    you can do it

    yes u frickn made it

  • Doggie days Diy for all

    U can not put a pet for a price

  • Benjamin Thomas
    Benjamin Thomas 2 hours ago


  • Pi
    Pi 2 hours ago

    To be honest I would adopt any dogs after my puppy death...

  • Andrew 07
    Andrew 07 2 hours ago

    $17 Dollars. You realize pets are mammals too. They’re like humans. You can’t put a price on them. They are all worth something. And that something can’t be buyable.

  • Austin Bruun
    Austin Bruun 2 hours ago

    the asian dude never had any 4 legged pets cause he ate em all...

  • Arun Siddarth
    Arun Siddarth 3 hours ago

    Pets are priceless. Adopt please

  • Sean Pupp
    Sean Pupp 3 hours ago


  • Mimi Blix
    Mimi Blix 3 hours ago

    My children

  • adam huffman
    adam huffman 3 hours ago +1

    its not right to buy a animal its like slave trade human are animals to they catch random animals in the habitats just let them be

  • - Otterkoru -
    - Otterkoru - 3 hours ago

    The video stopped to play *" BOAT FACTS "*

  • - Otterkoru -
    - Otterkoru - 3 hours ago

    Backoff she will do anything to protect *HER* man

  • Keira Bierdemann
    Keira Bierdemann 3 hours ago

    10:38 biggest eyes ever

  • Lilia Hana
    Lilia Hana 3 hours ago

    Lenox looks like my dog

  • Emilio MEGAGAMER
    Emilio MEGAGAMER 4 hours ago

    His playing in the back. Guess the game?? fortnite !! Duhh!!

  • Jiggelnaut
    Jiggelnaut 4 hours ago

    eww shes lesb dislike please hang urself

  • Emo Nemo
    Emo Nemo 4 hours ago

    5:33 Her face must be like >30% plastic

  • Lil fire
    Lil fire 4 hours ago

    its all asian

  • iRowan
    iRowan 5 hours ago +1

    They said trying and their asain xDDD

  • Tigerz Gaming
    Tigerz Gaming 5 hours ago +1

    Laying with my dogs while watching

  • weeb jones
    weeb jones 5 hours ago

    0:05 i thought this man said niggy

  • Ellie Ye
    Ellie Ye 5 hours ago

    dat alpaca costs more than me 🤣

  • Imania Powers
    Imania Powers 5 hours ago


  • william bogen
    william bogen 5 hours ago

    anyone else wondering why they dident call it a pignik?

  • TAEsthetic
    TAEsthetic 5 hours ago


  • sabrina emery
    sabrina emery 6 hours ago

    How can u compare pets with prices?

  • Angan Samadder
    Angan Samadder 6 hours ago

    I got an ad for worth it while watching worth it. Great.

  • BOB the goat
    BOB the goat 6 hours ago

    Lamas are so cute 😍😍

  • Jayson Sims
    Jayson Sims 6 hours ago

    niki loks like the girl from bobs burgers

  • Derik Markonchi
    Derik Markonchi 6 hours ago +1

    I thought this was a food video in China.

  • Miky Dawn
    Miky Dawn 6 hours ago

    You would think the last pet would be a lion maybe a tiger heck even an elephant or giraffe.

  • Ya_lovely_potatoe_Alicia ‘3’

    Only 25$¿......

  • 6ix God
    6ix God 6 hours ago

    "we have him listed as 100000 dollars, but he's priceless to us"

  • Richard Ng
    Richard Ng 6 hours ago

    wow a 100,000$ rug

  • Mackenzie Cobb
    Mackenzie Cobb 6 hours ago

    This video really annoyed me.
    1. She says “adopt don’t shop” 3 seconds after showing a cutaway to her munchkin cat? Which are from breeders and almost never available from rescue? Maybe her cat is a rare exception but I’m just confused on that.
    2. Mini pigs ARE NOT A THING EITHER and the breeder also failed to mention that pigs can be stubborn and even aggressive if not spayed/neutered. They also don’t typically live well with cats or dogs.
    3. There are tons and tons of pigs available in rescue because of people going to breeders just like her and getting a pig that is not mini nor anything like a dog, and then they give them up because they can’t handle it

  • Funxion
    Funxion 6 hours ago


  • Hannah Kline
    Hannah Kline 7 hours ago

    penis episode!! please!!!

  • Razer Fanboy
    Razer Fanboy 7 hours ago

    Id say racing horses and exotic and tropical pets are the most expensive

  • Zucc me Now
    Zucc me Now 7 hours ago

    0:50 cuz u ate them all

  • Anthony Dinh
    Anthony Dinh 8 hours ago

    30$ Furniture VS 10,000$ Furniture

  • DrAndrewGamer TheGreat

    Steven’s add showed up during the vid

  • stilltypical
    stilltypical 8 hours ago

    Oregon is soo Niccee

  • Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

    A guard pig! Dying.

  • Briana Munoz
    Briana Munoz 8 hours ago

    Damn just$17...

  • Tig Allen
    Tig Allen 8 hours ago

    I've never seen a bully breed with a strip of long terrier wirehair on the back. That baby is a unique butterfly! I'd just sit there ruffling her hair all day. LOL

  • Shams Arif
    Shams Arif 9 hours ago +1

    May god bless animallovers

  • Ricardo Kuis
    Ricardo Kuis 9 hours ago

    We love Adam :)

  • thick lauryn
    thick lauryn 9 hours ago

    $100,000 pet

    KONG. (Logan Paul’s pet lmfao)

  • lonecourierjoeyV2
    lonecourierjoeyV2 9 hours ago

    alpacas are adorable wtf

  • TheAmazingMrMcFlyy
    TheAmazingMrMcFlyy 9 hours ago

    Dude, Mini 🐷 💕💕💕💕

  • ocb2011
    ocb2011 9 hours ago

    I want a mini pig named Chris P. Bacon

  • Anoniem Mens
    Anoniem Mens 9 hours ago

    She looks like the girl from "the dumpling empire" and *S* *A* *R* *A*

  • Homero Medina
    Homero Medina 10 hours ago

    I love alpacas, they're very loving animals. No wonder they're Jackie Chan's favorite animal

  • Butt Mash
    Butt Mash 10 hours ago


  • gnotgnot
    gnotgnot 10 hours ago

    why do the Alexes in the back look so dead

  • Lewis Martin
    Lewis Martin 10 hours ago

    0:25 we arent trying the pets there is 3 chinese people its obviously a lie

  • Mrs B inTennessee
    Mrs B inTennessee 10 hours ago

    I fell in love with....THE BOTH OF YOU!! U guys are great together! I've seen your other stuff but you're great together! Hope to see more!

  • leozar69
    leozar69 10 hours ago

    If i had a pet pig, i'd call it Bacon. Or Crispy.
    lol Name's Bacon, Crispy Bacon. X)

  • Christina Titus
    Christina Titus 10 hours ago

    Sees how much that alpaca is turns and looks at my alpaca...

  • saul costello
    saul costello 11 hours ago

    u can't pay for love u can get a dog for a pin and he can love u but u can get a dog for a car but they might not love u

  • Theturtleowl
    Theturtleowl 11 hours ago

    I have to say, the price of the animal does not make it more fun in my opinion. Why spend so much on the purchase of your pet?

  • Spinxkins
    Spinxkins 11 hours ago

    Try $17 Human vs. $100,000 Human next, idiots

  • evangoob Grant
    evangoob Grant 11 hours ago

    I need a pig asap

  • Johnny Cook
    Johnny Cook 11 hours ago

    yet they'll still eat pigs

  • yasuo main
    yasuo main 11 hours ago

    Only baindead person can buy pet for 100k

  • Carol
    Carol 11 hours ago

    Omg the alpacas! So cool!

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
    FoxyPirateFox9054 11 hours ago

    All pets are priceless
    All pets are worth it 👍
    I just saw a BF ad

  • Alfredo Venturina
    Alfredo Venturina 11 hours ago

    The most majestic alpacca on the pla-

  • London Hughes
    London Hughes 11 hours ago

    8:58 my friend was pre-T and would meow at his cat and she would meow back. After T his cat tried her best to meow lower to match him

  • Vixx Celacea
    Vixx Celacea 11 hours ago

    The cats face at 0:16 " I will find you ... ᵃⁿᵈ ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ᵏᶦˡˡ ʸᵒᵘ" xD
    Pigs are insanely smart, smart as a toddler human. I adore dogs and cats, but pigs are objectively smarter than both (not that any level of intelligence should ever bar a creature from love and care) but due to this, it surprises me that we eat pig considering they very much suffer no different if not more so than a dog or cat.
    Pigs are actually very fastidious and clean. They aren't dirty in the slightest. They roll in mud merely to cool off, but they don't like being in garbage or feces at all. I would totally get a dog, cat and pig.

  • Payge
    Payge 11 hours ago

    wait isnt worth it two guys? and the cameraman changed??

  • Luksona2002
    Luksona2002 11 hours ago

    3 Asians going to see dogs and cats. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 95blckfirebird1
    95blckfirebird1 12 hours ago

    Had to stop watching the video after 2 minutes because I couldn't take anymore of these self-absorbed people. So disgusting

  • Orgha Roy
    Orgha Roy 12 hours ago

    $25 for the dog? the price must be higher -_-

  • Ugandan Player
    Ugandan Player 12 hours ago

    Buzzfeed be like : (the 17 is cuter)
    Hey guys so the 100000 pet is so cuteeeeeee

  • Laura Vaino
    Laura Vaino 12 hours ago

    I looooove animals i have 1 dog 1 cat and 2 tšintšillas idont know if i wrote this right but 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • sanshoryu
    sanshoryu 12 hours ago

    Steven doesn't seem to be as into this as he is into the food.

  • Ann
    Ann 13 hours ago

    Although some people are unhappy that you made this video, and I do understand where they’re coming from, I am really happy that you chose to feature a no-kill shelter. It’s so important to show people that shelter animals are just as cute and loveable as others! So thank you for doing that.

  • Will Lectar
    Will Lectar 13 hours ago


  • Jacob Burks
    Jacob Burks 13 hours ago

    That cat was like, "Don't fucking touch me. I don't know you."

  • Reese Rainey
    Reese Rainey 13 hours ago

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE

    CUPINDOGLOVER Doggo 14 hours ago

    Lol in the car ride
    The guy in that back is just like

  • Flareon Films
    Flareon Films 14 hours ago

    Wait, this isn't Jacksfilms

  • gacha lovers
    gacha lovers 14 hours ago

    Dog: maybe 😐
    Pig: No No No worm inside pig

  • Tala Shakshir
    Tala Shakshir 15 hours ago

    i ship them

  • Waqq
    Waqq 15 hours ago

    Two Asians talking about which Animal is more Worth it .... sounds like a great Dinner!