RiceGum Is Caught Snitching (Mystery Box Part 2)

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Watch Part 1 here:
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  • sleepy sheepys
    sleepy sheepys 4 hours ago +1

    I love those Amazon codes b/c none of them were really

  • Bylatt
    Bylatt 5 hours ago

    Its funny that those Amazon codes were old.

  • The man is no one.
    The man is no one. 8 hours ago

    I guess i have to fly to America to kill Ricegum and paul brothers.

  • yolo squad
    yolo squad 2 days ago +1

    Whats with guava juice? Can some1 tell me please

  • the mean bean
    the mean bean 2 days ago

    What did you expect there the exact same personality ricegum plus Jake equals ¿Same?

  • Kev Doe
    Kev Doe 2 days ago

    Love the Undertaker music

  • Ludboy Jolly
    Ludboy Jolly 2 days ago

    Lol love this vid♥️

  • Saulkeeper
    Saulkeeper 2 days ago

    Best video on youtube by far

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man 2 days ago

    Around 9:50: "Sure your development was arrested..." Dope little play on words

  • ETEᖇᑎITᗩE
    ETEᖇᑎITᗩE 3 days ago

    Ricegum is one of the most unlikeable people on this planet, really doesn't deserve all the money he has

  • weeabooman
    weeabooman 4 days ago

    ricegum be acting like 6ix9ine snitching out people 2 reduce his sentence

  • Travis Kobus
    Travis Kobus 5 days ago +2

    ricegum snitched to reduce his sentence like 6ix9ine

  • MyAwesomeLife
    MyAwesomeLife 7 days ago

    Okay the nose sprays killed me 😂😂

  • Joshua Moran
    Joshua Moran 7 days ago

    Nice hiding his side

  • Eduardo Ortega
    Eduardo Ortega 7 days ago

    Ur cringey af

  • Akib Shaikh
    Akib Shaikh 8 days ago

    1:11 ROFL 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Luke Ainscough
    Luke Ainscough 8 days ago +1

    It's called whataboutism. Most politicians do it all the time, it's just a substitute for the lack of a logical argument.

  • Haylee Mattes
    Haylee Mattes 8 days ago

    Rice Gumby looks like a slightly more fucked up version of Di Lung from Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Hayden green
    Hayden green 9 days ago +1

    is ricegum ok?

  • Jack Rotten
    Jack Rotten 9 days ago

    RiceGum and Jake Paul need to just stop.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 9 days ago +1

    Ricegum is the kid who gets caught smoking by his parents and goes “but mom! kids at my school are doing coke and acid and no one cares about that!!”

  • Zain
    Zain 9 days ago

    Real life loot boxes wtf?

  • Derp Dragon
    Derp Dragon 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • Beepbeepdidi
    Beepbeepdidi 9 days ago


  • G U C C I Gang
    G U C C I Gang 9 days ago

    The gift codes were used b4 he gave it out XD

  • Close to halfway decent memes Flips

    Do your eyebrows wanna fight or somethin

  • 2Einhard2Melarky9
    2Einhard2Melarky9 10 days ago

    gift cards didn't work.... SCAM!!!11!1

  • Matthew
    Matthew 10 days ago

    2019, the year of the snitch

  • GreyMatter00Duh
    GreyMatter00Duh 11 days ago

    I'm mad. You can't claim to be a rapper and then be a huge informant when the rap community has a huge stigma against sn- Oh wait. Most rappers are snitches...

  • Mari Kurokawa
    Mari Kurokawa 12 days ago +1

    Where is my $200 girlfriend mystery box

  • sir isaac newton
    sir isaac newton 12 days ago

    rice nose shaped like an upside down strawberry

  • marty гоблин
    marty гоблин 13 days ago +1

    lol ricegums entire vid is just using bandwagon and straw man to defend his actions

  • Marcus Jarrell
    Marcus Jarrell 13 days ago

    "Everyone else does it. Why am I the only one getting in trouble?"
    Words of a crook.

  • Destination Tomorrow
    Destination Tomorrow 13 days ago

    And now I'm just $ 249,999,985 short

  • MXTT
    MXTT 13 days ago

    It literally looks the exact same as the csgo gambling sites

  • Moses Lobb
    Moses Lobb 13 days ago

    Snitches are the WORST thing on the planet. Like come on your a sad/scared person if you wanna snitch on people!!

  • anec nhoj
    anec nhoj 14 days ago

    Time to deflect the blame

  • Veronica Anna Haddad
    Veronica Anna Haddad 14 days ago

    Sounds like a 6 yr old defending himself. “But all my friends are doing it” snitch ass!

  • Intergadiea 88
    Intergadiea 88 15 days ago

    This is why you get ban in roblox if you say yes

  • DrunkFatAlien
    DrunkFatAlien 15 days ago +1

    the police in ricegums vid is ian the content cop

  • The Flame On Fire!!!
    The Flame On Fire!!! 15 days ago

    Pake Jaul does Cacoine! 👃💨⛄⛷🏔 And GiceRum drops Demis! 🤑💰💲

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 16 days ago

    Ricegum is so stupid it triggers me.

  • Lauren Ross
    Lauren Ross 16 days ago

    I'd never heard of the other youtubers but I have heard of ricegum & jakepaul so............ his entire argument is invalid to me lol

  • bob barley
    bob barley 16 days ago

    1:12 those yelps bro got to me man

  • Jawn B
    Jawn B 17 days ago +1

    That’s the Content Cop in the background of Rice’s video

  • K politis
    K politis 17 days ago +5

    the 13k dislikes are jake paulers and RiceGums...?...

  • YT thundergod
    YT thundergod 18 days ago

    I 'AM 45 YR'S old and I DONT CARE

  • Johnny Encinias Financial Freedom

    wow so cool i love your videos do one one me lol!

  • I27T I84
    I27T I84 18 days ago

    He seems like he's only a kid, too
    I would go after whoever is targeting these over-grown simpletons (XTC)

  • Maria Tsoha
    Maria Tsoha 18 days ago

    RiceGum? More like RiceScam

  • Kujirudo
    Kujirudo 18 days ago

    Typical example of "whataboutism". Saying your problem doesn't matter because there are other examples of this problem as well, trying to divert the conversation towards them instead of to you.

  • God Is dead
    God Is dead 19 days ago

    I’m sad

    • God Is dead
      God Is dead 19 days ago

      We live in a world with rice gum and the Paul brothers

  • Allison Castle
    Allison Castle 19 days ago

    “Got kid fans” his intelligence is astounding

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 19 days ago

    I like that naruto music in the back

  • Fruitty Pun
    Fruitty Pun 20 days ago

    Why does Ethan looks so pale here?

  • Dirk van der Velden
    Dirk van der Velden 20 days ago

    Its like killing a person: of one does it and gets punished, then you should get the same treatment. You did the same thing

  • kittykatBflat
    kittykatBflat 20 days ago

    Go look at the subreddit no one is getting items that they “won” it’s a scam.

  • BC Dozier
    BC Dozier 20 days ago +1

    I like guava juice, because he doesn’t make fake videos like dickgum aka rice Gumby.

  • sixstringedthing
    sixstringedthing 20 days ago

    "What was I supposed to do bro ... NOT take the money?!!?"

  • Geo rge
    Geo rge 21 day ago

    this is ethan back near his best after a while i think

  • Nortli
    Nortli 21 day ago

    ahahha hes like a little kid in elementry scgool. ''But everybody else does it!!''

  • Nortli
    Nortli 21 day ago

    ahaah i heard that ricegum played a naruto song in the vid? anyone heard it, its like the one that plays in emotional moments in part 1

  • fist_with_a_beard
    fist_with_a_beard 22 days ago

    Hearing Ricegum talk is like if cancer cells could talk they would sound pretty similar.

  • My bad eyesight
    My bad eyesight 24 days ago

    yo Im just looking at old vids and saw this one. 69 is basically rice gum both have no talent and both snitches

  • George l
    George l 24 days ago

    *Nazi on trail*
    So why did you murder those innocent people?
    Nazi: Well the other Nazis did it, so you should let me go.

  • NickNackPadyWak
    NickNackPadyWak 24 days ago

    “I’ve got older kids fans, younger kids fans, this guys has all kids fans.”
    I swear I am still wrapping my head around that one.

  • Metaphorical Muffin
    Metaphorical Muffin 24 days ago +7

    In a way it's even worse that Ricegumby knows the harm of the videos he puts up, he basically admits that they're a horrible influence on children, but still does it out of greed and money "because everyone else does it"
    Jake Paul is actually just lacking the intellect to think for himself and make decisions using common sense lmao

  • Alex Tewnion
    Alex Tewnion 25 days ago


  • AquaDump Entertainment

    Captain Hazel Hank Murphy said it best when he said "Snitchin' is bitchin'."

  • Andrew
    Andrew 26 days ago

    jake was lowkey makiong fun of the mystery box thing... he lost a shit load of money

  • Plebeian Media
    Plebeian Media 26 days ago

    I only occasionally come to h3 to get seemingly unbiased news on the current ecelebs my siblings are watching this shit is all so pathetic

  • DbzFan2021
    DbzFan2021 27 days ago

    Gumby, taking the Whataboutism out of politics.

  • NC Aråb
    NC Aråb 28 days ago

    Guava Juice is apart of the illuminati and has a 2 percent greater chance than all the mortals to beat shaggy

  • Cien Almas
    Cien Almas 28 days ago

    I won the lambo guys

  • Hex: Shirtless David
    Hex: Shirtless David 28 days ago +1

    RiceGum is the worst type of person. People like him need to be forcefully removed from the internet.

  • Bog Saggot
    Bog Saggot 29 days ago

    What happen to "snitches" getting "stitches"

  • diecast jam
    diecast jam 29 days ago

    Why do you keep giving this guy the oxygen of publicity, I wouldn't even know about Ricegum if it wasn't iDubbbz, imagine that what a double edged sword, I loved Ian's video on Ricegum, but I had to pay for that enjoyment by now knowing about the Gumoid, but you guys keep talking about him, and you know the old saying there is no such thing as bad publicity...but I actually know why you guys talk about him, cos he has like 10m subs and is a big utoober, so you know if you feature him in your videos you will get a lot of views from it, he is a big draw.

  • Lareg Man
    Lareg Man 29 days ago

    What a magnificent shirt you are wearing, Ethan.

  • Matt Sheppeck
    Matt Sheppeck Month ago

    I hate rice gum

  • Muddy miko
    Muddy miko Month ago

    Rice gum is so uncomfortable to listen to & watch.

  • Realez TheBeast
    Realez TheBeast Month ago +2

    Ricegum be the kind of guy to go at the principals office
    and tell them they forgot to schedule a temporary teacher in your class

  • Todd Schultz
    Todd Schultz Month ago

    I’m younger then rice and I already know what I do I on me and not on others

  • The James channel
    The James channel Month ago +1

    3:48-whoop whoop

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores Month ago +1

    2 words BETTER HELP

  • Jackson D'Albini
    Jackson D'Albini Month ago

    Yo my grandma had the same keyboard in the back

  • Mr. FilthyCookeez
    Mr. FilthyCookeez Month ago

    Ricegum sounds like a wanna be NigaHiga. Just the way he talks

  • Cosmic Roasters
    Cosmic Roasters Month ago +1

    Hey fellow Ethan/Hila Kleiners! I have a picture of a MASSAGE sign in a PAPA JOHN'S window. Can someone with a reddit account help me out and post a twitter link and message for me on the h3h3productions reddit? I tried creating an account to post, but can't actually post anything for a week since it's a new account. If you can help me out let me know, and I'll send you the message/link to post on reddit. I'll also mail the person who helps some COSMIC ROASTERS' coffee if they want it. My goal is to get the picture/tweet seen before Valentines Day. Thanks!!

    ELROBO ON YO MOM Month ago

    Order Chinese now

  • Beau Wolf
    Beau Wolf Month ago

    Every time you hear RiceScum talk its about money, money and oh , just Gambling to Kids for MONEY.

  • Jedi by Knight
    Jedi by Knight Month ago

    Aight but you snitchin the snitch

  • Sam Mercedes
    Sam Mercedes Month ago

    "you're a grown up. I think."

    JACKSHMACK101 Month ago

    i kinda got rice gums angle for a second then it fell apart.

  • Pancake
    Pancake Month ago +1

    *selling drugs* My friends were selling drugs too so, why can’t I do it, huh. John, James, Jacob and Luke sells drugs but I can’t?!?!?
    *police officer writes down their names*

  • 45shfifty
    45shfifty Month ago

    I had never heard of ricegum, nor Jake Paul until the idubbbz content cop.