RiceGum Is Caught Snitching (Mystery Box Part 2)


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  • Toool
    Toool Hour ago

    "there's nothing I can really d--" *pop pop, pop, pop*
    Maybe if he gave a shit about his fans he'd put them to be easily copy pasted in the description,
    but nah like ethan pointed out, this' literally just $$$ a trigger $$ for you to $$ pay attention $$ elsewhere.
    I wouldn't be surprised if he did the deal knowing it was a scam, thinking he could weasel some "i've changed" credits with his fanbase whom obviously aren't old enough to have heard "i will change" thousands of times befo..

  • Mecanotech
    Mecanotech 2 hours ago

    This vid makes me happy

  • Viserion Targaryen
    Viserion Targaryen 3 hours ago +1

    Snitches get snitches.

  • Cira Wright
    Cira Wright 4 hours ago


  • Cronyx Lumin
    Cronyx Lumin 6 hours ago

    I love this guy

  • Luca Placitelli
    Luca Placitelli 6 hours ago


  • 罗辑
    罗辑 7 hours ago

    Ricegum already showed that he has no moral and ethic.

  • Raytruth
    Raytruth 7 hours ago

    Gosh, this guy is even stupidest then the blond one.

  • Lama Gaming
    Lama Gaming 8 hours ago


  • Ulf Heitzmann
    Ulf Heitzmann 12 hours ago

    Well, do not even know what to say. JakePaul and Ricegum hit a new low.
    Hopefully one day USclip will have actual content creators on the top instead of Social media drama queens who are the Kardashians of USclip. I really hope he will lose a lot of subscribers.

  • steelie blue420
    steelie blue420 13 hours ago

    The hipocriscy is real

  • Andyoats
    Andyoats 14 hours ago

    RiceGum flaps his RiceGums very quickly, bet enunciates very poorly. It's hard to make out what he says sometimes.

  • Noah Lantz
    Noah Lantz 14 hours ago

    Dad looks like he just woke up lol

  • Tian Hao Wang
    Tian Hao Wang 15 hours ago

    Ricegum is so freaking guilty if he's friends jump off a bridge he probably would do it too.

  • Hannah rose
    Hannah rose 16 hours ago

    Yes I love it!🖤

  • the epic adventurer
    the epic adventurer 16 hours ago

    Yr gonna get a lifetime full of pain

  • IWasBrokeNowImNot
    IWasBrokeNowImNot 16 hours ago

    Get money..

    RobSKIDDY 16 hours ago

    Lol. The best reaction after ur sniff. Miss the cough bro

  • DeeJamiee
    DeeJamiee 17 hours ago

    This is the second video I’ve watched of yours (part 1 being the first). Really impressed by your channel. Entertaining and with morals. Subbed and ready to start the binge

  • Luna Xz
    Luna Xz 18 hours ago +1

    Your The Snitch

  • Sean Timson
    Sean Timson 18 hours ago

    Hi everyone,
    I'm just wondering that although Ricegum and Jake, according to Ethan, did something illegally and unethically, why have there not any courses of action taken to tackle the problems? It's been a long time already. It's just so sad.

  • Sean Timson
    Sean Timson 18 hours ago


  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy 22 hours ago

    He is definitely a grass. We don’t like wining informers. Or people who pass blame

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy 22 hours ago

    If a bunch of people make a mistake or do stupid stuff it still doesn’t make it right. Hitler had an idea so the people who followed him obviously didn’t do wrong going on rice gums logic.

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy 22 hours ago

    Rice gum is a kid he never got past that 11 years old mentality

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy 22 hours ago

    Your channel is excellent.

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy 22 hours ago

    Lol the police are protecting him. He’s a police nark too maybe? Maybe that’s how he got his equipment to start his channel a few years ago? Lol

  • MoonbearDiedHere
    MoonbearDiedHere 22 hours ago


  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy 22 hours ago

    Nothing worse than grasses ☮️

  • Just a Random Gamer
    Just a Random Gamer 23 hours ago

    I hate the the fact that ricegum uses undertakers theme in his videos.xD

  • lieshorriblelies

    Not to snitch or nothing, but... 99% sure RackaRacka did one of these promo mystery box videos... and it's gone now too, but one of their followers did a OH HEY WE'RE JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON LETS SEE IF WE WIN SOMETHING and name dropped them and said watch their video and it's still up. So... LOL?

  • ryanhayn
    ryanhayn Day ago

    You're forgetting the fact that kids don't have credit cards. If they gamble it's the parents' fault for being bad parents and letting them use their card on scam websites.

  • Jaymansalem 0nesze1os

    He obviously watched asapscience diss

  • ForgeAvid
    ForgeAvid Day ago

    Guess ethan did not know that the codes were fake at the making of this video. Thats a shame. Would have love to see what he had to say on that

  • referencestopenguins

    Ricegum looooooves acting like he doesn't know who these big youtubers are. "Tmartn and Syndicate-or whatever" loool

  • Natalie Torres
    Natalie Torres Day ago

    It’s bc no one likes ricegum

  • Troy
    Troy Day ago

    Listening to Ricegum's high pitched spastic whining is the worst part of the video. I'm with ya, I'm on the same page but it's hard to watch this whole video with just how annoying he is

  • Flare Guy
    Flare Guy Day ago

    Ethan is a hypocrite snitch

  • Wagglenak
    Wagglenak Day ago

    Guava Juice gon' slime you up boi

  • poisenbery
    poisenbery Day ago

    Not to defend ricegum or w/e, but I think his entire point is that he thought it was ok because he saw other people, which BIGGER FAN BASES, doing the exact same thing, months ago, and having no backlash or outcry.
    The dude doesn't seem like the thinking type, so it might be possible that he didn't consider that what he was doing was actually gambling.
    I legitimately understand his gripes with being called out. It actually doesn't really make sense to me either.
    The other people who did it DID have more subscribers in a few cases, and it happened MONTHS before he did his video....why would he have any reason to think it's a bad thing when other, more popular people have done it and nobody said it was bad?

    The company basically made Video Game loot boxes IRL things...from a gamer's perspective, I see it as that.
    I do not believe that this guy possesses the intellect to make the link between gambling and mystery boxes.
    I do not believe that he thought that what he was doing was wrong, and I think he assumed it was ok because of the obvious trend of other people doing it.

    GRANTED.....if you are a big personality and there is community backlash, you DON'T MAKE AN EXCUSE VIDEO YOU MAKE AN APOLOGY so that's where he fucked up, but I still completely understand what he is saying.
    If these other youtubers got called out for the mystery box thing, then yes, if he made a mystery box video, he deserves all the hatred.
    But the problem is, bigger channels did the exact same thing and nobody had a problem with it....so why is it a problem all of a sudden now that Jake Paul and RiceGum are doing it???
    Is it because we all WANT a reason to hate them and we finally have something????? Is it because we don't want them trending on youtube anymore and we want a big controversy that everyone can get behind to bring them down???

    I have 0 reason to defend either jake or rice, but you're legit brigading against 2 people that we know you dislike, ethan.
    The more I think about it, the more I see that Rice is being picked on here.

  • jupiter 111
    jupiter 111 Day ago

    hi H3 what's the piano piece playing at the end of your video? it sounds lovely

  • Synthia17
    Synthia17 Day ago

    Weren't those giftcard codes already used?

  • J.O.E. SUAVE
    J.O.E. SUAVE Day ago

    Damn. H3H3 really out here

  • Tonag Shawr
    Tonag Shawr Day ago +1

    @h3h3productions I never knew you were so smart. I’m impressed. You’re representing all the daddies daddy

  • Shekinah Davis
    Shekinah Davis Day ago

    Sorry doesn't mean anything. People lost money. Lots of money. Smh not accepted.

  • Jazzy 303
    Jazzy 303 Day ago

    I used to love rice gum but I hate him now
    1st he was mean to guava juice
    2nd he promotes gambling
    3rd my parents hate him

  • Matthew9203
    Matthew9203 Day ago +1

    Idk y snitching has a negative connotation, if rice apologized more his point woulda been more valid. But snitching isn’t rly that bad, if someone else is in the wrong and not being acknowledged they deserve to be called out as well but u should also take responsibility.

    • Chester Ratilla
      Chester Ratilla 22 hours ago

      This type of snitching is terrible since you try to deflect the sins you made

  • Catherine 5
    Catherine 5 Day ago

    “So I peddled some narcotics through a day care....Mother Goose club posted a sing-a-long about kindness on Monday and NO ONE cared!” 👶🏻

  • Guy With Knife
    Guy With Knife Day ago

    ok outro song please
    if you say darude sandstorm you r a stinky butthole

  • imjustsaying tho


  • Uberkist
    Uberkist Day ago

    This is incredibly similar to the OSRS youtuber "A Friend" who got banned from the game for promoting gambling websites.

  • Pete Jamerson
    Pete Jamerson Day ago

    i learned in i believe grade 2 not to be a tattle tale

  • Ciaran Patrick
    Ciaran Patrick Day ago

    I don’t think Jake Paul really liked the video, but idk

  • Prasad Kamat
    Prasad Kamat Day ago

    Please obliterate him for his next reaction video where he insults your gal

  • tig ol bitties
    tig ol bitties Day ago

    snitch police in the driveway

  • w07v3r3dux
    w07v3r3dux Day ago

    H3 you rock plz keep up the awesome work . You are brilliant .

  • Log Man Comments

    3:20 If my dad was anyone else on the planet, I'd say "man, I wish you were *my* dad Ethan."
    But that just isnt true rn.
    And I hope your kid feels the same way.

  • Frank Siciliano
    Frank Siciliano Day ago

    RiceGum has entered the chat
    GuavaJuice has entered the chat
    RiceGum disappeared
    Slime with odd haircut entered the chat

  • Daquan Fudge
    Daquan Fudge Day ago

    RiceGum basically said that he scammed people wow....
    It looks to be an affiliate program with a decent comp plan that looks like a scam.
    RiceGum's math prolly looked like this:
    If 20,000 people sign up for the site and spend at least $100 a pop. Mystery Brand pays 10% on $2,000,000 which would pay $200,000 to RaceGum as an affiliate.
    Still not worth throwing your fan base out the window and the risking USclip ban or litigation, plus you fucking snitched lol. Somebody is going to hurt that guy....

  • Jésus Christian


  • There are many usernames but this one is mine.

    Why does a guy on USclip have to responsible for someone else's children?

  • Jacob Devaney
    Jacob Devaney Day ago

    I feel like people are de-evolving every year lol

  • Aryan Raj
    Aryan Raj 2 days ago

    Your sarcasm has cured my cancer.

  • Jackson Ward
    Jackson Ward 2 days ago

    I killed my whole famaly.... but someone else did it too so.... Im fine

  • Intrepid H
    Intrepid H 2 days ago

    But kids aint got credit cards dan

  • Camila Kissesxox msp

    I like the first one 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 he is the best

  • GXF Andre
    GXF Andre 2 days ago

    Thumbs up for using The Undertaker theme!

  • EndLord
    EndLord 2 days ago

    DanTDM Has 10MIL More subs than ricegum and he never promoted gambling.

  • tanner penski
    tanner penski 2 days ago

    pewdiepie has 81 million subscribers, but in the end subscribers mean nothing, Does take skill for someone to go to a channel and hit subscribe. Considering he averages 6 million views per video which is turn means pewdiepie gets views from 7% of his subscribers. Goes to show that a lot of times people subscribe for no reason and dont even watch the videos. H3H3 actually gets close to full subscriber views making him more desired in that sense

  • Trash On Saturn
    Trash On Saturn 2 days ago

    Is Ricegum gonna grow up or disappear anytime soon??..

  • mechaart
    mechaart 2 days ago

    Rice be ratting every accomplice in on the scam out..... He be snitchin be telllin, Be squeaking everyone involved out... he be snitching snitchin he be snitchin.

  • TheLonelyMoon
    TheLonelyMoon 2 days ago

    i cuss on USclip so I got more mature audience. and that guy makes more creative slime videos so he has 10 yro kids. perfect argument

  • john lennon is my dad

    ETHAN please react to the new video he made on you guys i cant stop cringing😂

  • l3ioWorm Live
    l3ioWorm Live 2 days ago

    Apparently I had to resubscribe to your channel buddy wtf haha

  • SethRichHitSquad CometPingPomgPizzais#1

    Rice gum is that kid that gets caught with half a gram of weed, and just starts snitching on everyone that he can think of.

  • Loud Hippo Studios
    Loud Hippo Studios 2 days ago

    It is actually hilarious how blatantly awful Ricegum is. His arguments he uses to defend himself are like a little kid blaming his baby brother for breaking a window with a baseball, except his little brother doesn't even exist, and the baseball bat is in his own hand!

  • Will Monnoyer
    Will Monnoyer 2 days ago

    Society is destroyed... i dont ever watch any other youtubers i just like to find out about how terrible they all are through here

  • The Test Dumby
    The Test Dumby 2 days ago

    Those codes were months old

  • Snowie May
    Snowie May 2 days ago

    Rice gum is a disgrace to Asians. When the hell did Asian get that low?

  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia 2 days ago


  • Am. H
    Am. H 2 days ago

    Anyone that subscribes to and watch Jake Paul and RiceGum as a FAN should be declared brain-dead and mentally disabled. Period.

  • Dicky Pratama
    Dicky Pratama 2 days ago

    i like that backsound undertaker

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera 2 days ago

    Does anyone know if those Amazon codes even worked 😂

  • Bryce Krispiez
    Bryce Krispiez 2 days ago

    Does USclip just ignore these videos orrr

  • Weatherr TV
    Weatherr TV 2 days ago

    I actually got a casino ad on this video

  • challenger vs challenger

    One thing to point out that rice gum is here for the money and not anything else and tries to rip off others

  • Budr Meqdadi
    Budr Meqdadi 2 days ago

    This man is one of the few voices of sanity on a platform dominated by insane and downright manipulative people.
    The one thing that I will always respect most about Ethan is that he is always true to himself and others. Too many people become corrupt when they gain power. As long as people like Ethan exist, positions of influence may yet go to people that truly deserve them.

  • lil chino310
    lil chino310 2 days ago

    Rice gum sounds like he has a stuffy nose. So fucking annoying lol and jake Paul tries too hard to make it seem like the back lashes isn’t bothering him but he’s just making it worse

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali 2 days ago

    RiceGum? More like RiceScum.

  • The President of Memes

    Lets listen to the wise words of Ethan pyrocyincal is the real cancer of youtube

  • max banda
    max banda 2 days ago


  • Railgun Jones
    Railgun Jones 2 days ago

    I will say that ethan is blind to sarcasm

  • Harold Hicks
    Harold Hicks 2 days ago

    "Your a grown up, I think" lmfao

  • Harold Hicks
    Harold Hicks 2 days ago

    Did anyone elae drink to each time he said man??? My friends got alcholo posioning

  • D-no
    D-no 2 days ago

    Flamed lol

  • butsmash
    butsmash 2 days ago

    He doesn't wanna look like a bitch, but then he makes a fuckin video where he is nothing BUT a BEEEEEEETCH hahahahaa

  • christidopher brouse

    Thank you Ethan for fighting the good fight

  • D R
    D R 2 days ago

    dude, you snitched first lol

  • sublockdown
    sublockdown 2 days ago

    Not to mention those amazon codes where already redeemed months before the video.

  • Nyet
    Nyet 2 days ago +1

    Hehe u hair is grey