Everything Wrong With Big Hero 6

  • Published on Apr 7, 2015
  • Even lovable animated superhero movies have sins. And believe it or not, this is one of the most requested movies we haven't done yet. So here we are to rain on Big Hero 6.
    Jeremy wrote a book: theablesbook.com
    Thursday, Romance sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?
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Comments • 20 719

  • Anime Amie
    Anime Amie 2 days ago

    I loved big hero 6!! I watched it at school recently because the head teacher let us!!!!

  • it's Willis
    it's Willis 2 days ago +1

    Another sin is that this kid is older than 13 and looks like a 10 year old

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence 2 days ago

    Couple more sins. When Hiro and Baymax go into the teleporter, it screams Ant-Man going subatomic. First thing I thought of. Secondly, same scene, why didn't Hiro just poke a small hole in Baymax and let him fart his way out? There's your albeit slow propulsion. You know the transporter would have shut down only after they got out anyway because of writing.

  • Insane Editor
    Insane Editor 3 days ago

    You allways say "wrong"can i ask you what is the 《TRUE》!!!!!!

  • Kaylee Rules and likes to Game

    I think we should be happy for Hiro...the kid graduated before 15

  • 3 minute of gameplay kind of not kidding

    100 sins is it really that easy to switch a drive on baymax

  • Theplushieboi923
    Theplushieboi923 3 days ago

    The likes are from the logan fans

  • Emanuel Rivera
    Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago

    Sin 9: Where did your audio go, Jeremy?

  • Ismail Bilal
    Ismail Bilal 4 days ago

    Hey why don’t you do a video bout planes movie
    Sure that’ll get at least 3.5 million sins

  • Lordsnufflbutt3
    Lordsnufflbutt3 5 days ago +1

    1:04 you forgot to import your voice audio recording in this part of the video.

  • Bluecreeper24567
    Bluecreeper24567 6 days ago

    5:22 not even mentioning the fact the cop was playing solitaire in the future im pretty sure that game would be dead by now

  • RedwingThe9
    RedwingThe9 6 days ago

    The police was playing solitaire
    -1 sin
    Movie called “big hero 6” has no 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or 7
    +99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 sins

  • suddenly gamers
    suddenly gamers 7 days ago

    I'm a pineapple 🍍 🍍

  • Nrock1000
    Nrock1000 8 days ago

    Nothing... Nothing at all

  • CPCoulterTweedles
    CPCoulterTweedles 8 days ago

    Stan Lee getting to be a superhero deserves a point reduction. RIP

  • CPCoulterTweedles
    CPCoulterTweedles 8 days ago

    Points off for having a badass robot in a Disney movie? They do realize that Baymax was still a character in the original comics, right? And his red suit is similar to his Action Mecha suit from the comic books, only red and less angular.

  • Layah Fricker
    Layah Fricker 8 days ago

    (Not really I have never played it 😅)

  • Nic B
    Nic B 8 days ago

    8:27 yeah while playing fortnite

  • Lillian Hunt
    Lillian Hunt 9 days ago

    No big hero six is perfect. Try and change my mind I dare you.

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago

      No one is trying to change your mind... CinemaSins has said plenty of times in its descriptions that the sins only determine how good or bad a movie is if you let them.
      Keep loving the movie. It's a respectable opinion. I'd debate, but there's no point. Your validity is worth celebrating.

  • Icey x
    Icey x 10 days ago

    Why dont i see SuperLuigilogan in these comments

  • ranger red
    ranger red 10 days ago

    Bamax pulls the lolipops from his butt

  • ecstatic fanboy
    ecstatic fanboy 11 days ago +1

    this guy needs to watch some gane theory

  • Anne Stafford
    Anne Stafford 11 days ago

    Biggest sin of all: Tadashi was not the villian

  • Utter Grain
    Utter Grain 12 days ago

    My science teacher’s name is Callaghan

  • Lamps are Sick
    Lamps are Sick 12 days ago

    1000000000000000000 sins because it exists

  • boykingkilla
    boykingkilla 13 days ago

    Just think, in Big Hero 6-2, Tadashi comes back as a major or minor player... How the fuck did he survive that fire? I'm already taking a sin off for that.

  • Mario Luigi
    Mario Luigi 13 days ago

    0:53 why did he not count the fact that Hiro was 13 and ALREADY graduated high school

    • Mario Luigi
      Mario Luigi 3 days ago

      Emanuel Rivera thank you

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago +1

      Because it's possible, especially in a world in which San Fransokyo exists.

  • DragonBoy15 and snakehunter

    Someone made a drone (like a nanobot) is controlled with the mind so...

  • VirtualBoy cz/en
    VirtualBoy cz/en 14 days ago

    1:05 sound cut off or is it just me??

  • TheQuackinator
    TheQuackinator 15 days ago

    Movie predicts Pokémon Go

  • riolu Kid
    riolu Kid 15 days ago

    Sining stan lee cameos is like throwing a unicorn in he because it was to amazing and beautiful

  • Kitten Lord2000
    Kitten Lord2000 15 days ago

    i watched this so long ago but the sentence freaks me out to this day

  • Rory Lane
    Rory Lane 15 days ago

    Do everything wrong with cinema sins

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago

      Already did. Sinning you for not looking it up first.

  • rainbow 6 clips
    rainbow 6 clips 15 days ago

    Hate this movie so in my opinion every thing about the movie is a sin

  • LUCAzade
    LUCAzade 16 days ago

    3:40 ok, but why did you sin that?

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago

      Because the movie really skates over the death of a loved one, even though Disney goes to extensive lengths to appropriately express mourning.

  • Eric Beilmann
    Eric Beilmann 17 days ago +1

    If Callahan said he was satisfied with his care would that have stopped evil Baymax?

  • Ghastly Thot
    Ghastly Thot 18 days ago

    Looking back on this I realised it has the same plot as Into the Spider Verse. Sony knows how to make good films... Either get Marvel to do it or just steal the plot of other movies

  • chance nguyen luong
    chance nguyen luong 18 days ago

    8:55 lol

  • ParanoidsSyndrome _
    ParanoidsSyndrome _ 19 days ago

    I am satisfied with my hair cliché

  • Matthew Kendall
    Matthew Kendall 20 days ago

    At 8:23 the statue he broke was Hans from the movie frozen

  • Chloe Choinski-Tucker
    Chloe Choinski-Tucker 20 days ago

    I was really hoping at the end of the movie they where gunna take off a sin for the movie actually "rolling the credits" after the name of the movie is mentioned

  • My Other Channel
    My Other Channel 20 days ago

    if they make a sequel... big hero six 6 2?

  • Samuel Scholer
    Samuel Scholer 20 days ago +1

    9:17 (Cough) Ant man and The Wasp (Cough)

  • CatLady 5001
    CatLady 5001 20 days ago


  • M4gm4F0x
    M4gm4F0x 21 day ago +1

    5:11 also defibrillators dont help with that

  • darkgriefer !
    darkgriefer ! 21 day ago

    1:04 🤐

  • AJ Mesama AJ
    AJ Mesama AJ 21 day ago

    Cinemasins and cinema wins!

  • Nolan Peters
    Nolan Peters 22 days ago +3

    Sinning a Stan Lee cameo? *Ding*

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago

      Sinning the sinning of a Stan Lee cameo? Ding

  • Grett Plicky
    Grett Plicky 22 days ago

    Hans at 8:23

  • Venla Laine
    Venla Laine 23 days ago

    Rip Stan Lee

  • David Dodge
    David Dodge 24 days ago +1

    A kid I went to high school with was nicknamed "Toast" for years because he dared to bring toast to school one morning. So, yes, someone could be nicknamed "Wasabi."

  • David Perez
    David Perez 24 days ago

    Sin 22,watch GAME THEROY

  • Tristan Cactus
    Tristan Cactus 25 days ago

    You forgot to voice for that line..

  • Brady Loftus
    Brady Loftus 25 days ago

    Bay max looks like the off-brand vision

  • Ash- Greninja123
    Ash- Greninja123 25 days ago

    This movie was okay.

    • Emanuel Rivera
      Emanuel Rivera 4 days ago

      What a perfect opinion. Way to literally have the most reasonable mindset in this whole comment section.
      You deserve a sin off.

  • Jaylin Wou
    Jaylin Wou 25 days ago +2

    Thank you for making this video, Sour Cream And Onion Dressing!

  • Jackson Ross
    Jackson Ross 26 days ago +2

    u should do one about the movie "Apollo 13"

    also, at 7:15, i didn't notice that the portrait looked a lot like Stan Lee.

  • Dancing Line Noob
    Dancing Line Noob 26 days ago +1

    There should have been the option about beating I’m not a robot

  • Pubg mobile gaming And others

    Who is really the bad guy?

  • Charkit
    Charkit 26 days ago

    Nothing is wrong with this masterpiece.

  • TheDeadManZone12349
    TheDeadManZone12349 26 days ago

    And then all of a sudden weird creatures shows up with some weird kid with spikey hair and a giant key with a talking dog with a shield and a duck with a wand.

  • Omega Cyclops
    Omega Cyclops 27 days ago +2

    2:10 nobody knows where it came from...

  • MrCreepz
    MrCreepz 28 days ago +1

    For some reason slowing down the speed all the way made it funny at like 8:22

  • Finn Farrell
    Finn Farrell 28 days ago +2

    Bamax smashes through pillars like hulk in Avengers


  • A.Guyeee
    A.Guyeee 28 days ago


    Just Me... Ok

  • Get Shwifty
    Get Shwifty 28 days ago +2

    Sour Cream and Onion Dressing is a long nickname... Let's go with Scaod. (Scoud)

  • Donnell Smith II
    Donnell Smith II 28 days ago


  • loukas_prm 1
    loukas_prm 1 29 days ago

    8:22 hand from froxen

  • Carter Collins
    Carter Collins 29 days ago

    Everything wrong with big hero six
    "This entire movie"
    Video ends

  • luke moorhead
    luke moorhead 29 days ago

    9:08 cinemasins cliche cliche

  • Winter Stone
    Winter Stone Month ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the after credits scene

  • Queen Bawse
    Queen Bawse Month ago

    Next video
    everything wrong with a grown man reviewing a kids show

  • dxmpster
    dxmpster Month ago

    this is the only movie that does not deserve to be on this channel

  • Alexander Elderhorst

    6:27 uuuuhhh her voice is different from the EU (Australia) version... why?

  • Shooting star
    Shooting star Month ago

    Me: * eats an apple like normal*
    Cinamasins : what ass hole
    Cinamasins: ass holes eat apples
    Me:????? Tf???

  • Shooting star
    Shooting star Month ago

    I love your videos but I think half of the time he is just saying what s going on in the scene then sining the shit out of it example "tadashi runs in fire to save someone " *cinamasins *: this ass hole just ran in the fire ten sins !!!

  • Mr meme Dougherty
    Mr meme Dougherty Month ago

    Baymax apparently did not have another while "sacrificing" himself. Oh wait, he did? Hero could've easily grabbed his hand and pulled him

  • Zhifei Xu
    Zhifei Xu Month ago

    1:04 not recorded?

  • JokerBoyGames
    JokerBoyGames Month ago +2

    What about the "Villian walks away from hero assuming their dead when they aren't really dead" cliche. 7:08

  • Genaro Del Piano
    Genaro Del Piano Month ago

    In the movie theater of my country, no one laught about this joke, and for me it was like animal abuse. 5:34

  • Genaro Del Piano
    Genaro Del Piano Month ago

    4:48 hhha ha ha ha!

  • Genaro Del Piano
    Genaro Del Piano Month ago

    The kids now don't know the names of the streets, or the places were they are going; wich is...normal, bad, but normal. 1:20

  • Sridhar Poguluru
    Sridhar Poguluru Month ago +3

    Sin for the movie:
    Isn't this why they make people sign waivers?

  • sneeky Gamer772
    sneeky Gamer772 Month ago

    also add another sin seeing as the fact that on 10:52 he plugged in something that wasn't USB... yet has the same logo 4 it? also on 10:55 there is an Apple magic mouse 1 (or 2) and magic keyboard 1 set

  • Basil Baz
    Basil Baz Month ago +1

    Stan Lee is a dead man.

  • Shubhdeep Gill
    Shubhdeep Gill Month ago

    They made fun of Wasabi and gave him that nickname because he is normally so clean and neat

  • Salty Egg
    Salty Egg Month ago

    I cried when bay max died lmao

  • Mr. Not good at anything

    6:12 that’s the Bay not the ocean

  • Abe Trojans
    Abe Trojans Month ago

    Rip in the chat for Stanley

  • Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins Month ago +4

    5:02 add another sin. You don’t use defibrillators for a heart attack.

  • Ogre Egg
    Ogre Egg Month ago

    I'm so dirty minded, 13:36 sounds like someone's having sex with a robot

  • Meagan Greene
    Meagan Greene Month ago

    5:34 Lol 😂😂😂

  • Dani devil
    Dani devil Month ago

    Some of the differences of the characters of this movie from the original comics
    Fred had a goddamn spirit dragon
    Baymax appeared more like a mafia member,could transform into a dragon and had the memories of hiro's dead father
    Go-go could turn manipulate friction to turn into a fireball
    Honey lemon could literally pull out anything from her power purse and I mean literally anything
    And Wasabi had some light weapons that could knockout people, even if it was lodged deeply in someone's cranium
    These are not all the differences and I may have gotten some things wrong, if I did, please correct me

  • ourWorld Lucy
    ourWorld Lucy Month ago

    I think this is the only sin video that uses its own movie audio for the outtake.

  • Dan Kotarski
    Dan Kotarski Month ago

    Cant we all agree that Big Hero 6 actually sucks in general?

    • RK Zion
      RK Zion Month ago

      No, not really. It has a lot of sins and idiotic logic but it would be a very boring movie without it. In my opinion, it's actually a fantastic movie.

  • Ollie Fortnite And Stuff

    Is it just me or are my headphones broken that the narrator voice just cuts out but not the "bing"

  • faraam
    faraam Month ago

    Nah I know I'm late, but this movie's inspiration is pretty fucking weird, not gonna lie.

  • Joran van den berg
    Joran van den berg Month ago +1

    What's the moral of the story?
    Wear the same underpants for 4 days

  • Blue Melon
    Blue Melon Month ago +1

    Hi I live at Philanada
    I've visited Canppines before, I'm actually a Philanadian

  • ZELDAmasterLink
    ZELDAmasterLink Month ago

    In the movie at 52:25 you forgot that the Mockingjay from The hunger games is on the piece of paper.