Everything Wrong With Big Hero 6


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  • Vanessa Carachure
    Vanessa Carachure 15 hours ago

    All you do is COMPLANE about moves

  • Keegan Lockhart
    Keegan Lockhart Day ago

    1:04 Why no talking?

  • Zacky Ducky
    Zacky Ducky Day ago

    Tbh this is one of the more forgettable Disney movie

  • Alexander Perala
    Alexander Perala 2 days ago

    When this movie came out I was in kindergarten and we watched it in class and some kid said “my favorite part was when the brother died”

  • Hayden McNamara
    Hayden McNamara 4 days ago

    1:05 audio cut.

  • Dark _Queen666
    Dark _Queen666 7 days ago

    8:23 is that? Hans? Or however you spell it?

  • Owen Chewter
    Owen Chewter 7 days ago

    This dude says the micro bots are oranary 3 minutes later can't catch up to them with the amazing microbots

  • Owen Chewter
    Owen Chewter 7 days ago

    Dude micro bots can Barely wiggle look at those things. They should win a prize

  • Porter Connick
    Porter Connick 8 days ago

    You get a sin for calling baymax hiro

  • Aaryan Veer
    Aaryan Veer 9 days ago

    He didnt ad the part whare bay max launches his hand like a rocket and his hand goes missing

  • Emilio Polanco
    Emilio Polanco 10 days ago


  • i have very big feet
    i have very big feet 10 days ago

    8:22 if a simple 13 year old can create a laser cannon like that then the crime rate in that city must be above 90%

  • Lucy Link
    Lucy Link 12 days ago +1

    Baymax is so freaking cute

  • The Cereal Guy
    The Cereal Guy 12 days ago


  • Lilith Alucard
    Lilith Alucard 12 days ago +1

    Sigh... Watching this made me go and rewatch THE IRON GIANT... I remember watching The Iron Giant in theatres when I was 11 or 12. And when the VHS came out my mother got it for me because she knew how much I liked it. I watched that movie so many times that I could literally tell you the movie word for word. But One day we moved to a new house and the movie was lost in the move... I haven't seen that movie for about 20 years until 30 minutes ago and I can gladly say I can still tell you the vast majority of the movie (There were 2 scenes I can't remember for the life of me).
    The Iron Giant = Best movie ever
    EDIT: Almost forgot the entire reason I made the comment in the first place. I wanted to say Thank you for reminding me about The Iron Giant. That literally made my day.

  • Sophie Cleveland
    Sophie Cleveland 13 days ago +1

    San Francisco + Tokyo = San Fransokyo

  • leotheyoshi 151
    leotheyoshi 151 14 days ago

    Gogo's wheel thingy's act like Captain America's shield...

  • hydro dog
    hydro dog 14 days ago

    he forgot to sin Baymax for having a rocket fist when he was meant to be a health care compainion

  • Ελισάβετ Αβραμιδου

    Stan lee 😥😭

  • RMS Aquitania fan 55
    RMS Aquitania fan 55 16 days ago +1

    Take the c out of aunt Cass and you get a guardian that doesn't care what you or she does

    JADEN AND PONCHO !!! 17 days ago

    Rest In Peace Stan Lee.

  • hello goodbye
    hello goodbye 17 days ago

    As a Japanese person, I just don't understand why Disney just makes up cities such as "San FranSokyo" when the story can take place either in Japan or San Fran. Not even a Japanese historical figure made it into the Disney Universe. Can somebody please qualify some Japanese person in a Pixar or Disney film? I mean, I can name some right now, such as Ii Naotora. Hell, she is a perfect role model for girls! Naotora can even be in the Disney Princess category as she is loved by many girls here in Japan.

  • Horse McHorseFace
    Horse McHorseFace 17 days ago

    Wait you're saying you passed up the opportunity to call it "Hero-shima"?

  • Tbone 13
    Tbone 13 17 days ago

    Rip Stan Lee

  • Mollie-Mai Knowlden
    Mollie-Mai Knowlden 18 days ago +1

    You missed the sin for when Honey Lemon meets Hiro for the first time she says his name correctly, and EVERY OTHER time in the film she says it differently. Like the voice actress that voiced her got fired after her first line in the film and then the producers got a different voice actress to take her place, and then couldn't be bothered to record the ONE line again. Seriously fucking stupid.

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster 18 days ago

    0:29 you know theres this book called "Becoming Darknes" that hitler wins WW2 with a disease that turns you into a vampire
    And in the book theres a book(i couldnt believe they did this either) that completely DESTROYS the fourth wall by describing the world as it is now

  • Ocean SampsonTaber
    Ocean SampsonTaber 18 days ago

    Is baymax able to prescribe hrt to those with gender dysphoria?

  • The Seriousface
    The Seriousface 18 days ago +1

    13:36 Hiro, was that an orgasm?

  • Juhanna Rodney
    Juhanna Rodney 19 days ago

    the part where baymax said his scanner is picking up signs...after he said it was broken. when exactly did they fixed it gain?

  • Jeebus Fisch
    Jeebus Fisch 20 days ago

    Love when your audio cuts out on the left

  • Sledge Gates
    Sledge Gates 20 days ago

    1:05 sound cuts out

  • Rach Terrell
    Rach Terrell 20 days ago

    That one part with the Stargate-looking traveling thingies sucking in stuff? I'm pretty sure that's a literal scene from a Stargate SG-1 episode

  • kayla bosman
    kayla bosman 21 day ago

    actually, scotch tape is strong. i string origami cranes and use the tape to hold them to my celing

  • Julia Van der heide
    Julia Van der heide 21 day ago

    B = Big
    H = Hound
    6 = sex

  • Gabriel Nixon
    Gabriel Nixon 22 days ago

    Wasabi's nickname is clearly because of his temperament being a hot as wasabi, the wasabi on shirt was just the clincher.

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen 22 days ago

    callahagn has big nose

  • Transformers2Fan1
    Transformers2Fan1 22 days ago

    I called that Krei couldn't be Kabuki Mask Guy the moment I saw the mask. HIS NOSE WOULDN'T HAVE FIT

  • Your Typical Animator
    Your Typical Animator 22 days ago +1

    Hiro Hamada? How about ZERO Hamada. Haha, get it? No? *grunt*

  • The Swordsman SuperManROBLOX

    **where we lost World War II**

  • Eddie Le Persown
    Eddie Le Persown 23 days ago

    Next Gen is basically the same thing

  • piggy 567
    piggy 567 23 days ago

    You know what's sad? As I watch movies I automaticly sin them in my head so when I watch this I've already guessed half of it

  • stars in the sky
    stars in the sky 23 days ago


  • Nova Abano
    Nova Abano 24 days ago

    Imagine someone showed up with a rainbow umbrella tho 😂

  • hogspuash apple
    hogspuash apple 24 days ago

    you can't tell me this move has almost the same amount of sins as sing

  • Kozplex
    Kozplex 24 days ago

    The show is worse they loose to a playdoe and Taylor Shift

  • thegreat boss
    thegreat boss 25 days ago

    12:45 how did baymax put his health chip into his rocket fist? Even hiro didn't know that and he was right in front of baymax

  • Erik Muttik
    Erik Muttik 25 days ago

    Actually -1 sin because he said "zero" but it was *1* - 10

  • How Did I Get Here?
    How Did I Get Here? 25 days ago

    1:05 can't hear it, why?

  • Low disc Space
    Low disc Space 25 days ago

    Every time I go to a funeral it rains🤔

  • Rainbow Cabinet
    Rainbow Cabinet 25 days ago +1

    I got a TikTok ad before this video. I'm counting that as 35 sins.