Fingerlings Polly the Panda CAKE!! | How To Cake It

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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    This week on Step by Step we have a NEW family member to introduce to you all! Mickey has made a BEAUTIFUL Mermaid Sweets table- be sure to head over there to check it out and welcome her to the CAKEMUNITY!

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    Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favorite things! Basically, I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet!
    This Polly Fingerlings cake is made from 6.5lbs of my Ultimate Vanilla Cake dyed yellow, purple, and teal, stacked with Italian Meringue Buttercream! To create her head and limbs, I used Rice Krisipies and the perfect shade of pink fondant. Last, I added a little glitter glue and cotton candy hair! Polly is ready to play! Check out the full recipe here:
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    Editor: Orhan Sumen
    Cinematographer: Jeremy Kohm
    Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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  • How To Cake It
    How To Cake It  3 months ago +228

    Hey there #NotificationSquad! 😎😎 Guess what’s in??🤔 A NEW FINGERLING!! 😊😍 I had so much fun with the unBEARably cute Polly for this cake! 🐼💕 Who's your favourite Fingerling? 👇🏽👇🏽

    • Arisleida Damian
      Arisleida Damian 11 days ago

      Checkout my comment

    • wero0019
      wero0019 Month ago

      I loved it 🎂🎂🎂🐒🐵🙉💖💖💖

    • wero0019
      wero0019 Month ago

      How To Cake It 🎂🎂🎂

    • emma george
      emma george 2 months ago

      You should do a video with man about cake comment if You agree

    • Mary Smith
      Mary Smith 2 months ago

      I miss the crumbcoat and chill dance

  • Alina Jimenez
    Alina Jimenez 5 days ago

    I love birthdays

  • SpazKat 1
    SpazKat 1 8 days ago

    I’m really hoping that cake she teased is a giant hoho cupcake. 😁

  • Hunter Giles
    Hunter Giles 8 days ago

    i had so much fun watching you observe on nailed it by the way awesome job

  • Lori Tabor
    Lori Tabor 14 days ago

    Poly is so fit Sushi Train at a gym?

  • Lori Tabor
    Lori Tabor 14 days ago

    So cute I love it I'm jealous

  • Kalese Goodwin
    Kalese Goodwin 24 days ago

    You should make a DocMcstuffins cake!!!

  • Awesome gamer Kawaii
    Awesome gamer Kawaii 25 days ago

    I have a Polly

  • Clementine Florence

    I read Fingering Polly the Panda lmaooo

  • Chasarah Dawson
    Chasarah Dawson Month ago

    Me L-O-V-E her personality

  • Awesome_Tween 2004
    Awesome_Tween 2004 Month ago

    It looks like Mardi Gras cake lol

  • Susana Fehr
    Susana Fehr Month ago

    there is a dinosaur fingerling 4 actually new ones ☺😊😇

  • hilina thomas
    hilina thomas Month ago

    I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! # best baker

  • Wendy's World
    Wendy's World Month ago

    Welcome all new cakers to the cakemunity!

  • erika rosiles
    erika rosiles Month ago +1

    Genial woooooooooh

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    lizz quinn Month ago

    Quick Wip

  • Julia Maliha
    Julia Maliha Month ago

    Make the next dragon and unicorn i guess...Please make ittt!

  • Warren Sakisat
    Warren Sakisat Month ago

    Every time she makes a weird shape cake like this I always wonder “how do they cut that thing?”

  • Courtney Lawrence
    Courtney Lawrence Month ago

    I think it's a hostess cake

  • Arisleida Damian
    Arisleida Damian Month ago +1

    I love itl. Please., make a cancer ribbon. My husband is a prostate cancer suvirvor. He is 72 yeara old. Cheers w/ how to cake it!.

  • Skylar Smith-Noland

    yolonda face cake! yolonda face cake! make your face out of Cake!

  • Goldy Kohn
    Goldy Kohn 2 months ago

    It’s a hostess cupcake

  • Fluffy Cuddly
    Fluffy Cuddly 2 months ago

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    TAMARA BOLDENUFF 2 months ago


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    😋SophiaYT😋 2 months ago

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  • Rylee Damron
    Rylee Damron 2 months ago

    I know what the cake from the sneak peak was!!! It was a giant chocolate hostess cupcake

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    patrice cameron 2 months ago

    tasty cake

  • Mr Bread
    Mr Bread 2 months ago

    Symmetrical cakes are best cakes

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    Eliranpaul King 2 months ago +1

    ידיד ג חסיד ס חד ר גיחגגמ החסמס כמאהבה ד ביג ב מיהר גמחגכהד כח

  • Lovenia Warren
    Lovenia Warren 2 months ago


  • julianne curtis
    julianne curtis 2 months ago

    What do u do with all these cakes😂

  • Mia Russ
    Mia Russ 2 months ago

    It is a hostess cupcake comment if you

  • Llama_girl06 Lovelife
    Llama_girl06 Lovelife 2 months ago +1

    I think it’s going to be a massive tea cake 🍰

  • Ciana 236
    Ciana 236 2 months ago

    14:17 Yo: “Once you’re happy with her eyeballs, go ahead and glue them onto her head”
    Mom: * walks in at the exact moment yo says that *
    Also Mom: “ What in the actual hell are you watching
    Me: Starts crying laughing

  • julia sheehan?
    julia sheehan? 2 months ago +4

    Her: This is polly!
    Me: This is sponsored!

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    Flower 101 2 months ago

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  • Chansa Mulemfwe
    Chansa Mulemfwe 2 months ago

    I think why polly talks is when you say love 👌

  • Sarah Ann Ly
    Sarah Ann Ly 2 months ago

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    Can you make an xxxtentacion cake? That would be so awesome to learn how to make

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    Jocelyn! You're back! I have missed you!

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    Thea 2 months ago

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    Kori Skene 3 months ago

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    cassidy Richmond 3 months ago

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    Mike Williamson 3 months ago


  • Mike Williamson
    Mike Williamson 3 months ago

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    Gacha Unicorn 3 months ago

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    Adleigh Ross 3 months ago

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    Logan Nix 3 months ago

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  • Gabrielle Mc Barnett
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    fedupwithusernames 3 months ago

    What is the deal with these finger things? They're so ugly...

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    Melanie Aguiar 3 months ago

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    catie_mwah 3 months ago

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    Lisa Velez 3 months ago

    Ok! My son and I always love you cake videos because you are genius!! But I have to make this comment... I LOVE the gray strands growing in your hair!! Very sophisticated and can’t wait to see more.. my hair is curly too and I am choosing let my grays grow in... I digress, I’m sorry... but had to mention!! 💕💕💕
    We love you and your cake genius!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽👋🏽

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    Shelby Alejandrino 3 months ago

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    Monkeyface805 Sky 3 months ago

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