18-core iMac Pro Review: Not a Trap!


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  8 months ago +5355

    USclip is taking its damn time processing this one

    • juxt 417
      juxt 417 14 days ago

      Rocket league ftw. I am a level 114 legend that can't stop playing dropshot.

    • zolongOne
      zolongOne Month ago

      What's your internet speed by the way?

    • How-To APPL
      How-To APPL 3 months ago

      Its pretty big for 4k. Also depending on how you export it. 2GBs to 22GBs is not a surprise.

    • Nilex
      Nilex 3 months ago +1

      Nice specs and render times and all that, but what is the size of the video for example?

    • How-To APPL
      How-To APPL 3 months ago

      415 JPX lol ehh

  • born to sing
    born to sing 4 days ago

    Bro give a thing of u r review

  • James Crypto Bull
    James Crypto Bull 6 days ago

    Nice review :-)

  • FoxIII
    FoxIII 7 days ago

    When will the modular pro be avail?

  • David Robitaille
    David Robitaille 8 days ago

    Let's see how many versions of Mac OS it gets

  • V P
    V P 9 days ago

    I’m on a budget of 1400 and can’t decide between 2017 Mac Pro (no touch bar) or 2018 MacBook Air

  • lukx_ 2006
    lukx_ 2006 10 days ago

    This vs Core i9 9900k, 2 RTX 2080 ti SLI, 128GB 3200MHZ DDR4 PC

  • Srinivasan Kanniwadi
    Srinivasan Kanniwadi 11 days ago

    Just out of curiosity, what do you do for living? where do you work?

  • Ron Khumalo
    Ron Khumalo 13 days ago

    13K for a desktop

  • Minhaj Shahriar
    Minhaj Shahriar 15 days ago

    get a logitech craft keyboard

  • Aceofspades_9909 AISSA

    I have a 11 year old imac 🖥 it cant really run games but watching YT on it is just fine but its on its last leg

  • username
    username 15 days ago

    did you say 13K or 30K ?

  • Globetrotter 4FR
    Globetrotter 4FR 16 days ago

    1:41 See the ghost with the necklace on the left behind the Screen? Damn....freaked me out!

  • Enzo Scape
    Enzo Scape 17 days ago

    Niggah that is so overpriced piece of sh**.

  • Armond Luckey
    Armond Luckey 17 days ago

    Just how casually you said $13,000 🤯

  • HablemosdeMTG
    HablemosdeMTG 20 days ago

    Honestly....$13000. That's more than my anual wage (argentina). On the other side, that iMac can be an awesome product but for a few. Is like buying a rolex watch. I bet that you can go away with a PC for half of the price for the same horsepower. Either way....i'm currently with a 2500k @4.3ghz, a GTX 970 and 12gb of ram. In after effects I may need more computing power to be satisfied....but my PC never bottlenecked my work, at least doing 1080p. What bottlenecks my work is TIME (but not for render, I can render all night long while i'm sleeping if needed and do the previews in 1/4th of the resolution), time to think about my videos and writing scripts. This iMAC PRO is a product for Millonaries.

  • Mike Ock
    Mike Ock 20 days ago

    Holy shit. A computer that costs as much as a decent used car. I had no idea they went up to the 5 digit zone base hardware alone.

  • Kaleb Vu
    Kaleb Vu 21 day ago

    bruh fix yo eyebrows pls

  • Kaos 911
    Kaos 911 23 days ago

    You spent $13K on a computer but not $13 on a cut & shape up? Bruh!

  • Sid Karpe
    Sid Karpe 24 days ago

    When you say Mac Pro , does that mean MacBook or iMac

  • David Meelind
    David Meelind 26 days ago +1

    Most people can't afford it. Can buy a decent second hand car, pay you rent and food for a year and still have change to buy an i7 Windows 10 pc and samung S9. Don't think i'll be buying one, couldn't afford one.
    Enjoy your reviews by the way 😀

  • Oleg Churakov
    Oleg Churakov 27 days ago

    Thanks, Marques for nice review & helpful advise

  • Abhishek shah
    Abhishek shah 29 days ago

    spends 13k on a computer. "I like it". no shit marques.

  • Made With Love Projects

    Don't like the space grey, don't like the built in speakers, like the ports, like the silent fan, performance is ok, but rendering is still not real time...

  • Michell Joseph
    Michell Joseph Month ago

    MKBHD has money, he can afford it, for me a Mack book air is quite fine

  • Patricio Cabrera
    Patricio Cabrera Month ago

    Where do you get your computer wallpapers?

  • Mark Holmes
    Mark Holmes Month ago +31

    It is hilarious to read the comments of people here who claim to be able to build a PC gaming machine for much less. Those of us who do buy a MAC, pro or not, don't buy them to play games. We buy them because they they work consistently, and flawlessly when we need them too. Our professional lives depend on that consistency.

    • EggyRepublic
      EggyRepublic 5 days ago

      +Pavel Urusov Value is about dividing performance by price. An iMac Pro costs $5000, but just by switching out the server CPU for a superseding AMD TR, and by adding an additional GPU for $700, you are basically doubling the performance for an increase in price of 14%.

    • Pavel Urusov
      Pavel Urusov 8 days ago

      EggyRepublic Will you be able to build a PC with an 18-core Xeon, 128GB of ECC RAM and 4TB of extremely fast PCIe storage for less? Maybe. But if you consider the whole package, iMac Pro would still be a better value (unlike Apple's current laptop lineup which is kind of screwed up).

    • EggyRepublic
      EggyRepublic 9 days ago

      "Gaming" doesn't always necessarily mean actually for gaming, it has became a generic term for "high performance".

      Just replace it with 'workstation" if it helps. Both workstation and gaming use GPU very heavily and the CPU fairly heavily.

  • Gaming WithLittle
    Gaming WithLittle Month ago

    Still rocking the mid 2011 21.5inch iMac

  • Santosh P.S.S.
    Santosh P.S.S. Month ago +1

    The intro is incredible. The music is just perfect 👌!

  • JuEon Kim
    JuEon Kim Month ago

    Ik this is overpriced but seeing these kids comparing it to a gaming pc makes me cringe.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Month ago

    How many pornhub tabs can you have running at once?

  • chris miller
    chris miller Month ago

    What happen to your hackintosh

  • Kiki Purchases
    Kiki Purchases Month ago

    Can someone tell me if I am a huge FCPX user, is it worth to buy this 5K or some older version is enough? Seems every video I watch, it seems like this is just hyped up

  • Israel Amor
    Israel Amor Month ago

    you are so awesome bro! mwah!

  • will Philip
    will Philip Month ago

    I don't get how port placement is a legitimate complaint. Where does everyone think theyre going to stick ports on a thin all in one desktop? Just use a USB hub. It would look nicer anyhow without cables hanging down. And it's not like that would be unaffordable for someone buying this computer.

  • kaltron krasniqi
    kaltron krasniqi Month ago

    6:32 that reverse speed tho 😂

  • Derek Jonez
    Derek Jonez Month ago

    The upgrade prices are a trap. The difference is cost between a Vega 56 and Vega 64 is between $100-$200, not $600!

    HTHAMMACK1 Month ago

    LOL! People say the Surface Studio is expensive. It better give me a blow job at the end of the day for $13000.

  • Ryan Harrison
    Ryan Harrison Month ago

    Lol u got as much ram on ur computer as storage on mine😂

  • Nelson Cabico Jr
    Nelson Cabico Jr Month ago

    I wish i could afford this beast. It will totally help me save more time...

  • Azwan R.
    Azwan R. Month ago

    I think it would take a year and a half of working for me to afford this

  • Wet Dreams
    Wet Dreams Month ago

    Damn that is a *Big Mac*

  • Arif P
    Arif P Month ago

    give me imac pro pls..

  • Munish Perke
    Munish Perke Month ago

    I'm planning to buy 20 of these for my company's video editing department, all maxed out, I hope I'm planning a good thing.

  • ayanforever
    ayanforever 2 months ago +1

    2:31 they are simply screwing with the customers!

  • KingOfGames
    KingOfGames 2 months ago

    Damn everyone getting salty that someone gave his honest opinion on a product. If he wasn’t happy with it we’d hear about it. If you pay $13000 for something and it disappoints you then you’d be pretty upset.

  • tywan diggs
    tywan diggs 2 months ago

    Talk English man lol

  • Lyokokiller - World of Tanks Blitz

    Wonder how it’ll do with games.

  • iEdit Projects
    iEdit Projects 2 months ago

    I'm currently exporting a 5 camera 4K multi-cam project on a late 2015 iMac 5K with 32gigs of Ram. The total length of the project is 2hrs and 4mins. Needless to say I'm seeing the limitations of my machine and its time to upgrade. 6hrs and counting and I'm at 69%. Good grief!!!!

  • Sahil Sonar
    Sahil Sonar 2 months ago

    Only the mice !!! People use Mouse so Apple Mice is worst !! For PRO that's the only issur

  • papinbala
    papinbala 2 months ago

    why do you even bother with 8k raw files if you will end up with 4k in the end. why not shoot 4k instead of 8k?

  • William Ormset
    William Ormset 2 months ago

    where can i find the background he is using

  • Nicholas Cherry
    Nicholas Cherry 2 months ago

    That screen makes me cringe.. Please make your 13k custom pc build please. I'd like to see how bad that will shit on this $13k trap.

  • max rose
    max rose 2 months ago

    Thank you for the recommendations on what to upgrade, answered many of my questions. You're the man!

  • What do u want
    What do u want 2 months ago

    Did you review the new iPad? Or did I just miss it?

  • MisterZ3r0
    MisterZ3r0 3 months ago

    13,000 is an absurd amount of money to pay for a computer. And this isn't subjective. You are objectively dumb if you pay that much for a desktop computer even at the highest spec offered. LOL

  • Vinnie Chu
    Vinnie Chu 3 months ago

    Was about to pick one of these up the other day but in California they charge a $6 electronics recycling fee, which I felt was over the top, so I decided not to get it.

  • Suban Mukhopadhyay
    Suban Mukhopadhyay 3 months ago

    Yeah the only thing people do in computers is video editing...what about the engineering softwares for structural analysis, fluid dynamics etc...does apple support all the softwares?

  • AbsolutelyPants
    AbsolutelyPants 3 months ago

    wow, 13k. could build a computer so so much better for half the cost. but it is cool

  • Alejandro Juarez-Rea
    Alejandro Juarez-Rea 3 months ago

    13k for a computer? What the hell man.

  • Nick Lemen
    Nick Lemen 3 months ago

    That camera is a strange weak point for a company that prides itself on high-quality phone cameras.

  • Panther God
    Panther God 3 months ago

    The doom is near

  • Frankie Worth
    Frankie Worth 3 months ago

    I'm not a fan of their phones but I'm seriously looking to get the desktop because I create websites and photoshop and want a smooth experience. Is there a desktop that compares to the Mac?

  • Robert Xavier
    Robert Xavier 3 months ago

    Would appreciate Infra Red images of the back of the iMac, during:
    Multi-Tab Browsing
    4K Viewing
    Image Editing
    3D Modeling
    & Video Editing
    to know if there are any hot spots on the case that could be externally cooled?
    to help keep chip temps from exceeding 89°c?
    to help the system perform better & last longer?

    PRO PLAYER 3 months ago

    Why is this guy so popular his way of talking is just below avarage, Oh new youtube algorythm loosers to the top successful people to the bottom.

  • mougabo
    mougabo 3 months ago

    nice video man, just one question. Why would you spend the money on the 4TB internal storage when you have next to it your pegasus external storage?

  • art is dead
    art is dead 3 months ago +1

    I hate i Mac

    • ARS
      ARS 11 days ago

      Why do you hate it?

  • Arnab Majumdar
    Arnab Majumdar 3 months ago

    Big fan of MKBHD, but I feel like these videos should be on medium-highly priced products, not completely insane products that 99.99% of users will not or cannot afford. it's maybe a conflict on the channel that between the red camera, fancy cinematography etc that it's actually starting to conflict with why we've flocked to him for advice in the first place.

  • Az The Drummer
    Az The Drummer 3 months ago

    Tbh if I made a lot Money If my USclip I would invest in this

  • Jojo Dude
    Jojo Dude 3 months ago

    where can I get these wallpapers

  • spoder men
    spoder men 3 months ago

    this thing cost 13.000 dollars and yet doesn't even have a 120hz Display in 2018? honestly wtf is wrong with people?????

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris 3 months ago

    Say what you will about Apple but this iMac Pro is an engineering masterpiece. Apple looks to be back on it’s A game with this.

  • GamerX705
    GamerX705 3 months ago

    MKBHD is chill

  • Gaming & TechIL
    Gaming & TechIL 3 months ago

    The only IMAC you can game on.... and i am not so sure..

  • HilaKleiner
    HilaKleiner 3 months ago

    It was confirmed that this Mac is actually completely a trap.

  • Pie Studios
    Pie Studios 3 months ago

    Of course it's not a trap, it doesn't have a gender.

  • Stenny Thomas
    Stenny Thomas 3 months ago

    Finally. A machine that I can comfortably play solitaire on.

  • Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha 3 months ago

    MKBHD is surely the best tech youtuber. I surely love him.
    with love from India.

  • Brielle Shepard
    Brielle Shepard 3 months ago

    Is it just me or did his voice get deeper all of a sudden? 🤔

  • Galactico br
    Galactico br 3 months ago


  • Влад Погорелый

    what camera do you use?

  • Aviel Orwhatever
    Aviel Orwhatever 3 months ago

    The intro had me like "it's Britney b*tch" lol

  • Matt w/ 2Ts
    Matt w/ 2Ts 3 months ago

    Man, Marques! It still boggles my mind on WHY you are still rendering 8k projects and filming in 4k for these videos. You are truly living in the future where barely nobody watches video in 4k or 8k yet. LOL. It's almost like you have been waiting at the finish line for the past couple of years now; taping your foot and looking at your phone for the time. Waiting patiently for everyone to show up with you. We are getting there!! People that devour High Res Content on Low Res Tech. Keep on rocking these videos, man!!!

  • Leo S
    Leo S 3 months ago

    Just Amazons Camera Shot of the iMac Pro - especially in the Besinnung and when showing the ports! Nice

  • Arun Skr
    Arun Skr 4 months ago

    What software do you use to edit your videos❓

  • Voltorb
    Voltorb 4 months ago

    Apple sucks

  • Stan Kossen
    Stan Kossen 4 months ago

    Good presentation.

  • Hamza 9x
    Hamza 9x 4 months ago


  • The Original ONION
    The Original ONION 4 months ago


  • 1mezion
    1mezion 4 months ago

    WHAT!? $13000? 😣😭

  • Sidharth Murali
    Sidharth Murali 4 months ago

    MKBHD is also reptile.. Human can't be this much perfect.

  • Kelvin KMS
    Kelvin KMS 4 months ago

    I don't like it at all !! Because 27 inches is so tiny screen for today usage !!! I want iMac Pro has at least 32 inches and 40 inches options.

  • Justin Susan
    Justin Susan 4 months ago

    I mean I love the video, but 13k should be worth it? Who has that kind of money? Idk just saying, but praising a 13k machine is a little obvious

  • Zombie Rofl
    Zombie Rofl 4 months ago

    €16.000 for a computer.... O_O Holy balls. This will run Crysis! It has to!

  • JMK
    JMK 4 months ago

    13K for a Mac? You gotta be shittin me, I can't picture a scenario where a Mac beats a PC🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Pablo Monteserín
    Pablo Monteserín 4 months ago

    Man, love your tshirt, where did you get it from?

  • Laser Blade
    Laser Blade 4 months ago

    I was searching for trap nation music and found this video wtf

  • ErwinSchrodinger64
    ErwinSchrodinger64 4 months ago

    128GB of RAM! We're not in Kansas anymore!

  • no name
    no name 4 months ago +55

    you are the black son i always wanted

  • nin6246
    nin6246 4 months ago

    Space gray. Yea, you may be able to buy a nice car for the same price but space gray seals the deal, smfh.