18-core iMac Pro Review: Not a Trap!


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  10 months ago +5470

    USclip is taking its damn time processing this one

    • Mihai Nicolae
      Mihai Nicolae Month ago

      How many Rocket League games did it take?

    • juxt 417
      juxt 417 2 months ago

      Rocket league ftw. I am a level 114 legend that can't stop playing dropshot.

    • zolongOne
      zolongOne 3 months ago

      What's your internet speed by the way?

    • How-To APPL
      How-To APPL 5 months ago

      Its pretty big for 4k. Also depending on how you export it. 2GBs to 22GBs is not a surprise.

    • Nilex
      Nilex 5 months ago +1

      Nice specs and render times and all that, but what is the size of the video for example?

  • JustCarp
    JustCarp 2 days ago

    It’s not like I need a kidney anyway

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 days ago

    A rocket league update is a long time for us common folk with 20/down

  • Ashley Lahm
    Ashley Lahm 4 days ago

    Really great video mate! Subscribed ;)

  • Ryan Dela Cruz
    Ryan Dela Cruz 4 days ago

    Hey great video... what specs would you recommend for video editing 4k maybe 8k footage , 30min documentary films or 5 min videos. base model imac pro... or what configuration for imac 27inch non pro

  • VaultBoy97
    VaultBoy97 4 days ago

    lol apple.. $13k. are you serious?? Its like for millionaires only. And here I was thinking the cream of the crop for computers was a $3k i9 2080Ti 64gb PC. Performance probably wouldn't be that much different either for the massive $10k difference in price.

  • Divine Zeal
    Divine Zeal 6 days ago

    If youre a professional 10-13k for equipment is fair at the least...

  • Dimitris Theo
    Dimitris Theo 7 days ago

    Ram (base model) is 32GB

  • Got Game
    Got Game 7 days ago

    5,000 dollars lol

  • Ian 64
    Ian 64 8 days ago

    Any1 have any ideas as to when the next MacBook Pro comes out with the iMac Pro’s specs?

  • Jayakumar H
    Jayakumar H 8 days ago

    Gimme the link of your wall paper

  • Dimitris
    Dimitris 9 days ago

    I bought a used Hp Z600 workstation at 2016 for 550euros. It's 9 years old (2010 release date) but it has 2 Xeons (X5650) runs at 2.66GHz (3.22GHz on boost) with 24 physical cores and 48Gb RAM. I bought also a GTX 1070 and there you have it. A freaking beast with 1050euros!!! I'm pretty sure that my machine beats this apple crap...

  • Repulse theMonkey
    Repulse theMonkey 12 days ago

    You paid $13,000 for this! Jesus H. You must have a really good job, and no hobbies. Or a rich dad. (-:

  • Md. Muhidur Rahaman
    Md. Muhidur Rahaman 12 days ago

    Can it game??

    DEXXO 14 days ago

    I dont know what a mentality apple has, but realy on iphone no headphone jack 3,5 they say old tech haha , on new ibooks No SD reader, but on the new I mack pro has head phone and SD finaly they listen to the customers ? so then bring out all products with non removing sutch important and UNIVERSAL! Ports in any new products ohterwise for me iz totaly stupid nonsense a lmao whenn i see apple laptop users running arround with bunches of dongles hahaha

  • Hussein Mazhar
    Hussein Mazhar 14 days ago

    Forget about 128 GB ram.. I dont have 128 storage

  • ricky v
    ricky v 17 days ago +3

    Marques, this is a great video. I have a few buddies looking to change over their offices to newer computers. I've suggested iMac Pro with an external GPU. This video may help them with their decisions.
    Also, I am glad you're showing us how you are using the computer in real world workloads. Thank you.

  • Anderson Whittle
    Anderson Whittle 19 days ago

    “Not a big deal.”
    *Pays ~$13,000 for a desktop

  • sf nooner
    sf nooner 21 day ago

    You really can't tell that you spent many thousands at all because your videos all look the same. Shakespeare just used a quill pen and changed the world, Einstein didn't even have a computer and Mozart wrote out each note by hand.

  • Liam Brem
    Liam Brem 22 days ago

    That’s the price of a small car!!!!!!!! You could build a pc and buy an ultra wide for half the price and still have better specs.

  • Owy Awakend
    Owy Awakend 23 days ago

    You know you can LITERALLY buy a car and can get a international flight ticket to a country with 13000 dollars and so many other things.

  • Gordon Andersen
    Gordon Andersen 25 days ago

    I saw the iMac Pro space gray keyboard, trackpad, and mouse at my apple store. They cost just as much as the white accesories

  • Shashwat Gupta
    Shashwat Gupta 27 days ago

    Aaah that’s hot

  • Robin Fang
    Robin Fang 29 days ago

    ah that's hot, that's hot

  • Lelmut Hotti
    Lelmut Hotti Month ago

    dude the price is litteraly insane, a small family in cambodia can live a lifetime on that

  • Triton 64
    Triton 64 Month ago

    There is no such thing as a computer that is worth even 5000 dollars. You can get a much more powerful 2 to 3 thousand dollar and cheaper computer. SMH

  • Serbian Rock
    Serbian Rock Month ago

    Adobe on regular high-end iMac maybe not? WHf?

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung Month ago

    I'd say that this is the only Apple product that's really "innovative".


    it’s not a trap, but a crap! Ay, got’ em!!

  • Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch

    Fuck iMac's they're literally pieces of fucking fuck.

  • TPV Productions
    TPV Productions Month ago

    I hope everyone realizes by now you are paying for the Apple logo not performance if not then you are brainwashed AF.

  • Jon Bradley
    Jon Bradley Month ago

    "All of that runs around 1300 bucks. And I have actually really liked it"
    yeah you'd better like it, most of us can't even afford a macbook

  • Avengeron IronMan
    Avengeron IronMan Month ago

    13k is too overpriced and indeed a trap

  • B 2
    B 2 Month ago

    It’s a business machine, not an entertainment thingy for your room. I got that. So as a business machine to make a living...... $13k a small investment in money terms.
    PS my iPad 4 is becoming a pain in the arse . Been zipping along with a Sammy Note 9. Android is easy to type etc. Can you do a Samsung Tab 4 review?

  • gaurav tandon
    gaurav tandon Month ago +1

    13k to save 20 min of rendering, wow and he is saying everything is running smoothly😂, it's 13k setup buddy

    • Loreaver
      Loreaver Month ago

      imac pro starts at $5,000, plus he makes thousands of dollars ever year

    • Fuggler a la mode
      Fuggler a la mode Month ago +1

      Extrapolation. 20 minutes per day times 6 years? That's a hell of a lot of hours saved
      Edit: I'll make it easier for you and do that math myself. That's 30.4 days saved, so about a month of time

  • TFFT Muszolini
    TFFT Muszolini Month ago +1

    ............ lmao

  • Sam A
    Sam A Month ago

    This might of just convinced me to buy one ....a month before January 2019. Should I just wait for the wave of new apple products?

  • Nate Frig
    Nate Frig Month ago +1


  • y k
    y k Month ago

    $13,000 HOLY FUCK

  • Mas Umar
    Mas Umar Month ago

    i know a guy who already build a Hackintosh machine with exact same spec with this for around $7600
    that's include dual 5K monitor, a set of sound system audio, a mechanical keyboard + mouse combo
    you can use the rest $5400 for build another Hackintosh machine with that money (without 5K monitor ofcourse)

  • Akshat Kabra
    Akshat Kabra Month ago

    When he tells us the specs "Not a weird flex, a legit flex. and not ok, but FRIGGIN' EXCELLENT."

  • Jonah Mata
    Jonah Mata Month ago

    Can we just appreciate that beat at the intro 0:00

  • triada Marketing
    triada Marketing Month ago

    Does it support minesweeper?

  • Ray Sidhu
    Ray Sidhu 2 months ago

    macbook is better

  • John Davison
    John Davison 2 months ago

    Lighting makes it look like he has a uni-brow. LOL

  • James Wilkins
    James Wilkins 2 months ago

    Wow 13g’s?!

  • Jonas Leth Bach
    Jonas Leth Bach 2 months ago

    This got me thinking... what if you set up the best spec Mac Pro together with the spec iMac Pro 🤔🤯🔥
    You’re welcome 😉

  • born to sing
    born to sing 2 months ago

    Bro give a thing of u r review

  • James Crypto Bull
    James Crypto Bull 2 months ago

    Nice review :-)

  • FoxIII
    FoxIII 2 months ago

    When will the modular pro be avail?