Best Laughter Moments - Ocarina of Time - Game Grumps Compilation


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  • Tarryn Jacobson
    Tarryn Jacobson 4 hours ago

    "Polish pole polish." One of Arins finest moments.

  • Frick Boi
    Frick Boi 8 hours ago

    I'm gonna say the b word

  • Virnivis MMI
    Virnivis MMI Day ago

    I too does is have to know Bruno Mars is gay

  • WebbedMann
    WebbedMann Day ago

    Pickles are you going on with him tomorrow or so I gotta was a time for me too haha.
    Thanks Autocorrect.

  • help
    help 2 days ago

    Arin's voice reminded me of that guy in Girlchan in Paradise

  • PerfectCell71
    PerfectCell71 2 days ago

    “Ahh I don’t care about his biography” - Danny Sexbang

  • Atmos
    Atmos 5 days ago

    1:35 this is how Negan shoulve picked someone to kill

  • ThisGuyErik
    ThisGuyErik 6 days ago


  • Jonathan Cox
    Jonathan Cox 7 days ago


  • Mitsu WOW
    Mitsu WOW 7 days ago

    Lol still crack up at the crab

  • Jay Is Boolin
    Jay Is Boolin 8 days ago

    Hey I’m grump
    I’m not-

  • Simon Horan
    Simon Horan 9 days ago

    Zelda being a crazy weirdo at the start of the playthrough is easily one of my favorite long bits that they have ever done. Like 10 minutes of nonstop funny.

  • Clawde Everproud
    Clawde Everproud 10 days ago

    27:30 do...does arin play Kait Sith on Team Fourstar's FFVII Machinabridged series?

  • Beardman
    Beardman 14 days ago

    Take the pills always the pills consume Prilosec

  • DaringMeister
    DaringMeister 14 days ago

    From the opening "Slurmp", I skipped ahead in the video to the exact point where that clip resumed, and though I somehow broke USclip for a moment.

  • Zoe Roebuck
    Zoe Roebuck 15 days ago

    I like how in almost very game zelda has a dad, its his fault that the problem started

  • Zook
    Zook 15 days ago

    “Arin is in a great mood”
    Literally 6 seconds later

  • EBZ123
    EBZ123 16 days ago

    30:40 When your inner hoe awakens 🤪💦

  • Willi Republic
    Willi Republic 16 days ago

    "After you go forward in time, these 6 year-olds become real hotties."
    7 year time gap.
    6 + 7
    Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em.

  • Lily Grundon
    Lily Grundon 16 days ago

    Dan and arin's girl voices make me so happy adjfhdgsgd

  • emlmm88
    emlmm88 19 days ago

    Dude m&ms in cottage cheese actually sounds pretty good. Chocolate goes great with cream cheese so why not?

  • A
    A 19 days ago

    8:06 is one of my favorite moments.

  • Empress WrenFire
    Empress WrenFire 20 days ago

    Does Bruno Mars is Gay?

  • frank bivona
    frank bivona 24 days ago

    yea.. i got a gamey taint!!

  • Adam Block
    Adam Block 24 days ago

    I feel like Dan has a major crush on Suzy. From the times he talks about her in this series XD

  • Calgie
    Calgie 24 days ago

    This show makes my deku seeds pulsate with joy.

  • JackHurtsLeg
    JackHurtsLeg 24 days ago

    37:00 was the best in my opinion

  • Nathaniel D Musso
    Nathaniel D Musso 26 days ago +1

    I wonder if Arin ever found out how wrong he was about the Dark World.

  • Artikhan 't
    Artikhan 't 26 days ago

    Just leaving this here

  • blepeded
    blepeded 26 days ago


  • Michael Long
    Michael Long 28 days ago

    We need an animation of the entire child Zelda scene

  • Cipher
    Cipher 28 days ago

    When Danny doesn’t know sheik is Zelda

  • Man Dan
    Man Dan 28 days ago

    Rush sucks.

  • kinetiksilence
    kinetiksilence 28 days ago

    Game grumps are kinda....slacking now. They used to stick to a game and hump it out. It's a total slap in the face to play some, then puss out. What a waste of good talent.

  • WellSheat
    WellSheat 29 days ago

    Spoiler Alert: Sheik is Zelda

  • Piranha Garden
    Piranha Garden 29 days ago

    "Are you fucking shitting all over both of my nuts?" Best reaction to a plot twist I've ever heard.

  • sauteedbread •
    sauteedbread • Month ago

    Hey your compilations make me laugh even when I feel like I’m in a fog. I forgot to take my meds this morning and I didn’t have a chance to so I’ve been feeling like shit all day but you help so thank you.

  • Kevin Person
    Kevin Person Month ago +4

    1:58:14 - 1:58:40 God, so beautiful. What have I been gifted? Confusing feelings for one.

  • Courtney Campbell
    Courtney Campbell Month ago +1

    1:12:00 I love those videos! I'm from Ohio so its more hilarious

  • Putra Napday
    Putra Napday Month ago

    Hadir guys buat pdamin si merah jangan lupa mampir ya salkom

  • Von Solo the Oldest Millennial

    Jamaraqui being Arin’s favorite “band” means he was never into music.

  • Von Solo the Oldest Millennial

    That’s my mama was a tv show

  • Buttox Pepe
    Buttox Pepe Month ago

    Is anyone else mad that arin never got the magic and defense upgrade

  • Shade 340
    Shade 340 Month ago


  • keefegirls22
    keefegirls22 Month ago


  • Joel Mota
    Joel Mota Month ago

    Out his butt yall! Out his butt yall!! WOFWRAMRAMORM!! That gets me every single time hahahaha

  • Marisela Bravo
    Marisela Bravo Month ago

    Amazing as always.... thank you!

  • Nebby The Great
    Nebby The Great Month ago

    Fuck yer father fuck yer father

  • TailsPrower811
    TailsPrower811 Month ago

    Man, that bird is far away

    • TailsPrower811
      TailsPrower811 Month ago

      FUCKING CLAM!!!!!

    • TailsPrower811
      TailsPrower811 Month ago

      Arin: It’s hard to spell dictatorship
      Dan: I use my penis and potatoes in the water on my dictatorship

    • TailsPrower811
      TailsPrower811 Month ago


    • TailsPrower811
      TailsPrower811 Month ago

      You little tumbleweed fuck, get back here!

    • TailsPrower811
      TailsPrower811 Month ago

      All I’ve ever done was tap B all my life
      Dan: I wish I’ve tapped B my whole life

  • Nichimoon
    Nichimoon Month ago

    I love the part where Arin never takes off his hoverboots. It brought all of the wins on the table. Never not once did it never bring me the gut wrenching sorrows of wistful internal screaming.
    But to be honest I *really* liked it when he kept the Cucco in his hotbar for all eternity. That part wasn't sarcastic or sass, probably. THANKS FOR UPLOADING

  • Harry Goldschmidt
    Harry Goldschmidt Month ago

    Nice video

  • Matthew Helton
    Matthew Helton Month ago

    1:42 Eenie meenie miny moe catch a tiger by its toe if it hollers let him go eenie meenie miny moe my mother said to pick the very best one and you are definitely the not not not not not at all but maybe you are the right- my mother said again after that that she was busy and needed some spaghetti so I made her some and she was like maybe if I make some lemonade I'll be able to make a decision a little bit more better than I would if I didn't have some lemonade. My blood sugar is really low so it's hard to make decisions - *yellow*

  • Johnny Collado
    Johnny Collado Month ago

    My favorite comp. to sleep to.

  • BroMcMrChairJr
    BroMcMrChairJr Month ago

    HOLY SHIT. I pulled up the wiki just to see if Dan actually got all the Rush albums right. What a god.

  • The Crazy Lucario
    The Crazy Lucario Month ago +1

    ""If you like giving blowjobs just do it man just do it, nobody cares" -Arin Handson 2016" -Leigh Daniel Avidan 2016

  • cubansonic
    cubansonic Month ago +1

    You made me laugh so hard at the first owl scene XDDDDDDDDDD

  • Agatha Derry
    Agatha Derry Month ago

    very proud

  • Zach Acosta
    Zach Acosta Month ago

    can someone timestamp the part where they are both singing that one song together but they hate themselves for it

  • PumpedKicks
    PumpedKicks Month ago

    1:33:30 Dan calmly dismantles SJW indoctrination

  • Gamer Cadance
    Gamer Cadance Month ago

    UGH! Never, and I mean NEVER, eat or drink ANYTHING while watching Game Grumps!😆😂😫

  • Oof It’s Kat
    Oof It’s Kat Month ago +1

    I love this so much 😤❤️

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Month ago +1

    I fall asleep to these compilations every night. Been doing this for 2 years now and I don't know how I used to sleep without them.

  • Ciel1820
    Ciel1820 Month ago +4

    You have 2 and a half hours to live,

    I know what I'd do.

  • Jaques Von Straus
    Jaques Von Straus Month ago

    as a heterosexual male.....Pork me Haaarrrrrdddd

  • Connor Joy
    Connor Joy Month ago +1

    It only took Arin 6 episodes to beat the water temple.

  • TysonDaGamer
    TysonDaGamer Month ago


  • adam s
    adam s Month ago


  • fishtouch
    fishtouch Month ago +4

    46:30 I'M CHOKING

  • Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower Month ago

    I am not going to be able to make it to the meeting tonight but I will be there at the same time
    That's the make up a sentence thing

  • Veritas
    Veritas Month ago +1

    I love that Arin is SO bad at such an easy game.

  • james heerschap
    james heerschap Month ago +3

    1:02:56 thank me later

  • Jordeggo
    Jordeggo Month ago

    I’ve been having a pretty bad day. This helps a lot.

  • 8luvgrl
    8luvgrl Month ago

    aw man you little tumbleweed fuck get back here!

  • Wonrae Kim
    Wonrae Kim Month ago

    Arin's excitement when he made the polish joke will always have a special place in my heart. Along with the time he said "Eat-a-dick-imasu"

  • CloudsGirl7
    CloudsGirl7 2 months ago

    As an Ocarina Of Time veteran, I was screaming so much watching this playthrough, at how Arin kept "f*cking it up". Which is rather unfair, given that I have more experience - but holy crap...
    Oh well, as usual, a Grumps playthrough provides lots of laughter, and that's worth it. Carry on, Slurmp.

  • Chelsea Veale
    Chelsea Veale 2 months ago

    m&m’s and cottage cheese has got to be the most disgusting snack I’ve ever heard that was also so positively defended

  • Debbeh
    Debbeh 2 months ago

    I'm watching this on the bus and trying so hard not to laugh 😂🤣

  • Justin Hickman
    Justin Hickman 2 months ago

    Wasn't much of a fan of this playthrough but damn there were so many good hilarious moments, thanks for the compilation so I can enjoy all of them.

  • Plebeian
    Plebeian 2 months ago +5

    *yer a grandaaad*

  • TeeAnDees Games
    TeeAnDees Games 2 months ago

    I need a girl who watches game grumps

  • WaffleGal
    WaffleGal 2 months ago

    Thank you for this. You've done a great deed to society.

  • Daniel Rosa
    Daniel Rosa 2 months ago

    My... Goodness, that ep.5 was *legendary!* How did two men take so much fun out of an exposition dump?

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner 2 months ago +5

    "Arin, you're gonna get a lot of hate for this one." -Danny, as Arin wanders through the entire Gerudo Desert with Hover Boots on.

  • Soul of Spaghetti
    Soul of Spaghetti 2 months ago +1


  • TheSecondBeef
    TheSecondBeef 2 months ago +3

    2:06:50 I love this

  • Sheriff Ty
    Sheriff Ty 2 months ago +8

    Ok, I'm not the only one that sleeps to this.

  • arachnid gaming
    arachnid gaming 2 months ago

    Link: hmm hmm k bye

  • LittleStarSweeper
    LittleStarSweeper 2 months ago +10

    Oh my God, this is the first and only compilation that actually included the "Danny can't come see you, Audrey. Danny got sick and went to heaven." bit.

  • SorenDoesStuff
    SorenDoesStuff 2 months ago +16

    yeah i know what girls like

  • Guy Guyminheimer
    Guy Guyminheimer 2 months ago +1

    You should make a compilation of all the times Arin pretends to be a shitty boss who treats GameGrumps like a conventional company/business.

  • JackHammer 640
    JackHammer 640 2 months ago +1

    Jeffa prezz reave

  • Irish Dino
    Irish Dino 2 months ago

    I wanna have a talk with the 20 ppl who disliked this

    • Justin Hickman
      Justin Hickman 2 months ago

      People who hated the play through I guess. I mean I don't like the actual gameplay but there's so many good moments during. The fucking crab is gold.

  • kryjaku
    kryjaku 2 months ago

    These compilations bring me so much joy 😂

  • The Crazy Lucario
    The Crazy Lucario 2 months ago +4

    "Spread tartar sauce on other people's philosophies and dreams" -Leigh Daniel Avidan 2016

  • MrAnimater
    MrAnimater 2 months ago +9

    "That's my momma" is from Tom and Jerry where Tom was pretending to be a little ducks mother

  • NinSane Eevee
    NinSane Eevee 2 months ago

    Almost to 100K! Congratulations, dude! :)

  • xenojiva
    xenojiva 2 months ago +132

    that car
    e x p l o d e d

  • Sonya Thomas
    Sonya Thomas 2 months ago


  • Kro Dragon
    Kro Dragon 2 months ago +2

    30:39 is so underrated and I love it so much

  • Lochrine -8
    Lochrine -8 2 months ago

    Give it up one time for tha mas- *TUUUUUOOOOOOH*