Second Puberty

  • Published on Feb 18, 2016
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  • Annale Doan
    Annale Doan 3 hours ago

    Gabbie is looking into a mirror but her mirror changed her face but, not her voice

  • Tori D
    Tori D 11 days ago

    I'm currently going through second puberty. I rarely had breakouts. In talking one or two pimples a year! Now I have full blown acne. I used to love dairy, sugar, and alcohol. Now if I even look at it I'll have explosive diarrhea for days. I had a cookie at work yesterday, I'm fuxking paying for it today. A SINGLE COOKIE. I'm tired. I wanna be old now.

  • Ana Darko
    Ana Darko 12 days ago +2

    It’s just your body breaking down, it’s not a second puberty. Your journey to the grave is imminent.

  • rileyandjulialol
    rileyandjulialol 13 days ago

    I am 17 and I can slowly feel the transition into 2nd puberty and life genuinely hurts

  • Jade Bao Song
    Jade Bao Song 13 days ago

    This was super comforting ☺️ thought I was the only one who just kept putting on the pounds even tho I work out and eat a decent diet. And have weak joints for no good reason.

  • Ance Eisaka
    Ance Eisaka 17 days ago

    I'm not even going through second puberty and my body already hurts and all my joints crack and I'm noticing more and more allergies...

  • Jonathan Miller Music
    Jonathan Miller Music 17 days ago

    Now as a 27 year old man, I relate to this video SO MUCH MORE.

  • Jade Curran
    Jade Curran 20 days ago

    That mean I’m going through second period at age 16?!

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B 23 days ago


  • Boop Boop Dee doop
    Boop Boop Dee doop 24 days ago

    If it makes you feel better, Jenna, I was fine with eating cheese literally a month ago and now it fucking hurts. I could consume a little bit of dairy and I'll be dying within 3 minutes for literally the rest of the day. I'm 15. Why does my body hate me?

  • Gia Downey
    Gia Downey 24 days ago

    Girl legit all of these 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • yoss it's Chloe
    yoss it's Chloe 25 days ago

    I’m 14 and I already have stretch marks...

  • Lindsey Noelani
    Lindsey Noelani 27 days ago

    I’m 22 and I’ve been preparing for second puberty. I weight lift and do (some cardio) so that when I get old I can still move around. And I’ve been using sun screen and anti aging creams daily since I was 17

  • Askuma
    Askuma 28 days ago

    I can relate to 7:02 so much but i hope they don’t expect a response lmfao, then when they stare at me im like wait what did u say

  • weird falas
    weird falas Month ago

    Lol basically me but im going through 1st puberty

  • Rhiannon Willetts
    Rhiannon Willetts Month ago

    I relate so many of these. Especially the etheir burning hot or freezing cold and the non stop sweating

  • Shae Garwood
    Shae Garwood Month ago

    Jenna you sound like you smoke a pack a day

  • Bookcrazy00
    Bookcrazy00 Month ago

    "he also breathes really loud" oh sweetie we know :)

  • Abigail Stone
    Abigail Stone Month ago

    1:49 😂😂😂

  • Bailey Staggers
    Bailey Staggers Month ago

    Jenna is an inclusive angel

  • Always Mistic
    Always Mistic Month ago

    Did anyone else think of mean girls and her predicting the weather with her boobs when Jenna predicted it with her feet😂😂

  • Michelle Nar
    Michelle Nar Month ago

    Ahhw Jenna you need some medical evaluations but really I actually think you have fibromyalgia symptoms . also maybe vitamin D deficiency . (You stay inside alot and something like 90% of people in U.S. has vitamin D deficiency. I know now that I do have a severe deficency and had to figure out my own diagnosis and had to beg for a specific test because a CBC (Complete Blood Count) Should have been called a Basic Blood Count ..its very basic and misleading. now I take Vitamin D in a prescription form in the strength of 50,000 iu ! O.t.c. is 400iu.

  • Wisteria Butterfly
    Wisteria Butterfly Month ago

    I'm going through first puberty and I still have stretchmarks and I'm developing allergies to weird things so I can't wait for second one where I develop allergies to existing

    BLUE MOXIE Month ago


  • Reem xx20
    Reem xx20 Month ago

    So true 🤣👍🏻

  • Teresa Gould
    Teresa Gould Month ago

    You think second puberty is bad. Waite TIL your third lol 😂 xxxx wtf....... there’s a third 💖💖💖

  • Queenofthecreed 59
    Queenofthecreed 59 Month ago

    Sometimes I can hear someone talking but it just sounds like gibberish no matter how many times i ask them to repeat it XD

  • Claire Wolpinsky
    Claire Wolpinsky Month ago

    Why is second puberty just like my actual life even though I’m legit not out of first puberty

  • Jake North
    Jake North Month ago

    This was so good

  • Grace johnston
    Grace johnston Month ago

    I thought h sou dad more like tana mongeuea

  • pinky1068
    pinky1068 Month ago


  • Rebecca Ehlers
    Rebecca Ehlers Month ago


  • Aja Floyd
    Aja Floyd Month ago

    Grew up with cats... at 26? I’m now allergic! I can’t..
    Also got my first sunburn at 25.
    I can no longer stay up late and still function the next day.
    And last year I slept on my shoulder wrong and it made my whole arm numb, after 2 days of that I just took myself to the emergency room. I still can’t believe it..

  • Savannah H
    Savannah H Month ago

    one time, i interrupted my math class because i found cookies in my bag and i needed to tell everyone that i was crying because i was happy, not because i was sad

  • Grainger's Art
    Grainger's Art Month ago

    So apparently I'm going through my second puberty too? BUT IM 21

  • flinticus maximus
    flinticus maximus Month ago

    I'm only 20 and I'm like 95% sure I've already gone through second puberty

  • Addicted 2 Anime
    Addicted 2 Anime Month ago

    I'm 18, and this is literally me.

  • Legit Obsessed With YouTube

    Soooo. What happened to me is in grade 5 I developed an allergy to the cold... I have no idea why. IT’S SO ANNOYING! But seriously. I’m not making a joke.

  • Drew Welker
    Drew Welker Month ago +1

    The random things cracking isn’t just in second puberty. I crack my fingers, wrists, toes and neck on a daily basis

  • Peg 1122
    Peg 1122 Month ago


  • Mar XX
    Mar XX 2 months ago

    I wasn't lactose intolerant until I was 18 lmao and it's slowly getting worse lol

  • Sublime Lemon
    Sublime Lemon 2 months ago

    I'm only 20 and experiencing like, all of this,
    Suddenly I'm lactose intolerant and I hate it. I live right by Wisconsin, do you know how hellish that is

  • Blossomness Studios
    Blossomness Studios 2 months ago

    I have a problem with my left ankle, some days it just hurts so much that I can barely walk. It sucks, I'm 13.

  • The Lonely Extrovert
    The Lonely Extrovert 2 months ago +2

    My body started keeping food when I was in first puberty and since then it KEEPS DOING IT (I'm 22 btw)

  • Hannah Sunderland
    Hannah Sunderland 2 months ago

    Or like suddenly I can't eat gluten and I'm 19. Been eating bread all my damn life😂 what the actual fuck

    • Storm Martinez
      Storm Martinez Month ago

      Hannah Sunderland that’s exactly what happened to me! Pizza was my favorite food and had been all my life, but when I was 17/18 I had developed an allergy to gluten.. eating from my favorite pizza place became hell

  • Trevor Mwendwa
    Trevor Mwendwa 2 months ago


  • Kami Jorian
    Kami Jorian 2 months ago

    Ok so I’m 13 and I relate to like 90% of what you said. Just proves the paint I’m actually like 87 years old

  • Caitlin Carney
    Caitlin Carney 2 months ago

    I’m going through this right now!!! So much new acne, weird bumps and blotches, pain, more pain! Agh! And I gained all this weight and enjoy wearing mom jeans. So relatable!!!

  • Chanel Adams
    Chanel Adams 2 months ago

    I'm so relieved this is happening to others. I thought I was calling apart for no reason, no, it's second puberty

  • Allison Miller
    Allison Miller 2 months ago

    I know this is for comedic purposes, but here comes some feels no one asked for. I have a genetic terminal illness. I experience all these things, and assumed it was just me slowly dying. Like, lol, but awe, but lol? Hearing that this shit is normal if affirming that I am, in fact, just getting the opportunity to grow older... which we want. Lol

  • Nävouny Daviede
    Nävouny Daviede 2 months ago

    Does anyone have the random parts of my body are just cold for no reason like my pointer finger right now is cold as hell and the rest of my hand is warm and my nose is cold for nose reason I'm literally under a blanket and have the heat on WHY? I'm 17 btw also thank you Jenna to added in the comment about trans people I think we all appericate your acknowledgement of us.

  • Madison Falco
    Madison Falco 2 months ago

    My forehead😂😂😂

  • Murderous Grey
    Murderous Grey 2 months ago +3

    Trans people on hormones: *oh you have no idea*

  • Christian Briesmaster
    Christian Briesmaster 2 months ago +4

    i love how as a trans person i wouldnt have even thought about comparing my second puberty which has obviously sucked.. yet she thought of that and was so nice and respectful. You never fail to impress us with how smart and conscious of others you are. I love you so much, why are you such a good human being, we literally dont deserve you.

  • Ruth Merry
    Ruth Merry 2 months ago

    all of this happens to me... im 18!

  • Brittney Langdon
    Brittney Langdon 2 months ago

    Im literally only 19 and yet i experience like half of the things she said.....what does that say about me....

  • Shelby Spore
    Shelby Spore 2 months ago

    Welp I’m 12 years old and I have stretch marks😶

  • Femke Boon
    Femke Boon 2 months ago

    I've been in pain and everything cracks all the goddamn time and I'm 20! Did I go through first and second puberty at the same time??

  • Egg Trolls
    Egg Trolls 2 months ago

    Too accurate 😰

  • Maren Rønningen
    Maren Rønningen 2 months ago

    Laugh and smile lines are gorgeous

  • Jess Cooke
    Jess Cooke 2 months ago

    I didn't know about second puberty. This feels like someone tried to keep a deep dark secret from me my whole life just so they could see me struggle but now you have let me know in advance and I am terrified for the future.

  • Fresh Skele
    Fresh Skele 2 months ago +1

    Jennna please help. I related to all of the second puberty problems, but I’m a teenager and went through first puberty last year.

  • sofe 3
    sofe 3 2 months ago

    Why did she sound like Liza

  • Andrea Proulx
    Andrea Proulx 2 months ago

    Omfg my bad day has now been flipped to so happy! Also feel safe and comfy knowing that someone else is going thru this weird bullshit I've been dealing with... honestly thought I had some sort of disease! Hahaha but then the shit stops out of No where but I now know that means a new fun situation is right around the corner! Hahaha! 💜

  • misslust69
    misslust69 2 months ago

    So true I'm feeling it now at 33 😔

  • Charlotte Nuttall
    Charlotte Nuttall 2 months ago

    Just a note of sun safety: wear sunscreen! The dangerous rays are ones that don't actually burn you visibly, so it's important to wear suncream even if it doesn't look like it'll burn. Wear it regularly, ideally daily

  • Jordan Ring
    Jordan Ring 2 months ago

    *experiences second puberty at 17* my body cracks anytime I move, I slept weird and my middle back hurts. Anytime a hurricane comes my left metatarsal (foot bones) start hurting in between them.

  • TheLazyMutt
    TheLazyMutt 2 months ago

    I developed a random allergy to Pineapple ….my favorite fruit.... and at 19 too! WTH body?!

  • Daria Milovanova
    Daria Milovanova 2 months ago

    omg most of the things you've described, I am already experiencing for a year or something and I am 17 hi
    my parents literally keep pointing out that I am an old lady already

  • Katie Ledford
    Katie Ledford 2 months ago

    Why do I experience all of these and I’m 14???

  • Cleo Hedin
    Cleo Hedin 2 months ago

    What about the once-a-month puberty?? Yeah lets acknowledge the fucken moodswings, pains an BLOOD

  • SuperWinterberry
    SuperWinterberry 2 months ago

    Is it weird that I experienced most of her second puberty symptoms in my first

  • Ohh no he's hooot
    Ohh no he's hooot 2 months ago +1

    Julien: **dad noise**

  • Nyoom Monster
    Nyoom Monster 2 months ago

    I have this and have had this since first puberty.

  • Alar Lilleväli
    Alar Lilleväli 2 months ago

    Looks like Jenna is alergic to Juliens D. 🙃

  • PAUL Kessel
    PAUL Kessel 3 months ago

    sounds like me.. i’m 12.. help?

  • Segapop4
    Segapop4 3 months ago

    Is it wrong that i'm 15 and have stretch marks?

  • dog. care
    dog. care 3 months ago

    .....I'm 13....and it's sad that all these are very relatable

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 3 months ago

    Crying over all the things! Everything is just so so 🥺🥺😭😥😂😀🥰😍

  • Cody Marcotte
    Cody Marcotte 3 months ago

    This is painfully true! I turn 30 this year and it’s horrifying.

  • Bailey boo 2
    Bailey boo 2 3 months ago

    She sounds like tana

    No just me

  • Yasmine Pourseyed
    Yasmine Pourseyed 3 months ago +1

    the allergy part touched my soul. v relatable content

  • Pokadog
    Pokadog 3 months ago

    I relate to a lot of these and I'm 13.. Maybe there's something wrong with me lol?

  • Ace Vopelinsky
    Ace Vopelinsky 3 months ago

    Apparently I'm already going through second puberty and I'm 18... with 80 yEaR oLd AcHeS

  • Alex Orjuela
    Alex Orjuela 3 months ago

    Its sad that I'm 24 and I completely understand sll this things

  • Devon Rigsbee
    Devon Rigsbee 3 months ago

    i.... is it bad that I'm going through first puberty and i experience a good 3/4 of these????

  • Diane Black
    Diane Black 3 months ago

    Why do I have at least a half of these problems? And I'm only 20 (almost 21). WTF? HELP.

  • Лена Заремба

    omg, I feel so much better now! I felt like I cannot deal with life, I just don't understand how it functions

  • Lucy Marchant
    Lucy Marchant 3 months ago

    Three years later and I still watch this at least once a month. Classic

  • Heather Carey
    Heather Carey 3 months ago

    I've never seen a more spot on video in my life!

  • April Gallicano
    April Gallicano 3 months ago

    Holy shit last time I watched this I couldn't relate... now literally everything you said is happening HAha oh no

  • Meadow Martinez
    Meadow Martinez 3 months ago

    I’m 14 and I’m scared

  • Molly Stanfield
    Molly Stanfield 3 months ago

    wait a minute i thought the title was a joke and she gonna tell a story ab what she thought puberty was when she was little.......this EXISTS?!?!?! BRUH

  • Melissa Frary
    Melissa Frary 3 months ago

    My boyfriend isn't even 20 yet and he already experiences all of these things XD

  • Cable Wolvesbane
    Cable Wolvesbane 3 months ago

    Ooooooooo Jenna u sound sexy and raspy like ma butthole after a day at Wendis

  • MiniMarimbist98
    MiniMarimbist98 3 months ago

    I'm 20 and anytime I move, it sounds like my joints are made of pop rocks

  • Paper Mario
    Paper Mario 3 months ago

    I just ordered proactiv and I’m over 35 🙄

  • Cristin Live
    Cristin Live 3 months ago

    Lol love all your videos new and old! Im 35 and i havent been able to hear my fiancee or anyone else for the last 5 years... Its terrible

  • Bettie Davis
    Bettie Davis 3 months ago

    lol Yeah, I got wrinkle cream and then I got a pimple on my wrinkles. I lived in Colorado for years, never had eczema, move to Florida a humid place and wind up with Eczema along with oily & dry skin with wrinkles, pimples and freckles. WTF? And yeah, I use to laugh at older people for making noises when they would go to sit up. And now I make those noises. I use to be such an amazing gymnast and athlete in general, now I can't even hardly take a long walk without hurting something. Ah well. At least I know more, right? Also, one good thing though, I'm no longer allergic to cats anymore. So now I can be the crazy cat lady. I found out too after trying CBD oil cause it's supposed to be good for you and your aches and pains and then I find out I'm allergic to Hemp. What a dumb ass allergy. I guess I should have tried drugs as a teen? lol jk But I do rub Arnica Cream all over my body these days and order in bulk online.

    MICHELLE ROSS 3 months ago

    Jenna, I have similar hearing problems. I was sent to a neuro-otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat) who did more than regular testing to learn I have an auditory processing disorder. There's nothing wrong with my ears (hearing) but my brain has a problem with processing the sounds to make words sometimes. I hope you read new comments on old videos and this helps. You are not alone dealing with this frustrating issue.