E3 Ubisoft & Sony PlayStation Press Conferences - IGN Live 2018


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  • David Patheyjohns
    David Patheyjohns 2 months ago

    About time Sony designed a better engine and grafixs really look real .

  • WirelessHeadphones.com
    WirelessHeadphones.com 7 months ago

    This one is legit!

  • moviesliker moviesliker

    pls give one old playstation for me

  • Game Of Justice
    Game Of Justice 8 months ago

    Ellies a lesbian hmm now im interested lol! :D

    BGL PROS 8 months ago

    love your channel

  • Darren Djaya
    Darren Djaya 8 months ago

    i dont have a ps4 and planned to buy one. i dont have a 4k tv. which one should i buy? the slim one, the original one or the ps4 pro one? every body keep telling me to buy the pro one but im not sure which one to buy. help me pls

  • Noel John G. Quezon
    Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago +1

    What do you think if Microsoft Xbox One can Win E3 ?

  • Noel John G. Quezon
    Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago +2

    Where AVATAR 2 ???

  • 100k Abos ohne Videos. Schaffen wir es?

    The main Thing about sony is that they don't have any other games to show. Don't understand me wrong personally I found sony's presentation very interesting, it had a touch of something that many people don't understand. It was great and I as a sony fan got everything I wanted, and that's what I wantes. The core games, especially Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. I found it verrrrryyy interesting. But yeah everyone has his own opinion.

  • William Cole
    William Cole 8 months ago

    God am I the only one who keeps getting the Metro Exodus trailer before every damn video? I swear I've watched it 30 times already

  • Abdullah Abbasi
    Abdullah Abbasi 8 months ago

    They should make PlayStation all Stars battle Royal 2

  • Gotcha Banks
    Gotcha Banks 8 months ago

    Is Paragon 2 in this, by unleashed games? if soo please point it out please

    MALOW3X 8 months ago

    1er.- Bethesda: (Conferencia) Escpectaculares Juegos como Fallout 76 Gameplay, Doom Enternal, Rage 2, Wolfenstein Young Blood, sorpresas por doquier, nueva IP Starfield y Hype por el nuevo Elder Scrolls VI, + expansiones, la conferencia fue divertida y la mejor de este año.

    2do.- Microsoft: (Conferencia) Muchos juegos, mayoría indies, y Excelentes exclusivos Gears 5, Halo infinite, ori and the will of the wisps, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4 (los ultimos 3 ya mostrados en el E3 del año pasado), entre otros, ademas de varias sorpresas como Jump Force, Battletoads y el esperadisimo Cyberpunk 2077, expansiones y una muestra de inversión en varias empresas para desarrollar exclusivas para Xbox a futuro, buena conferencia.

    3ro.- Sony: (Video): Excelentes juegos viejos y nuevos, la mayoría multiplataformas, a excepción de Spiderman, The Last of us 2 y Death Stranding los 3 ya mostrados en el E3 del año pasado ademas de sorpresas como el Resident Evil 2 remake y NIOH 2, buen vídeo.

    4to.- Nintendo: (Video) Excelentes juegos nuevos pero se sintió un vació de sorpresas porque ya habían revelado días antes pokemon lets go y la falta total de Metroid Prime 4 que todos esperaban ver, y expansiones, el vídeo dejo con muchas ganas de mas.

    5to.- Ubisoft: (Conferencia) Presentación animada, Muchos DLCs de varios juegos y algunos juegos nuevos, un poco lenta.

    6to.- EA: (Conferencia): Algunos juegos nuevos, demostraciones de gameplay, demasiado deporte, servicios, dlcs, una conferencia muy aburrida.

    7mo.- Square Enix: (Video): Algunos juegos nuevos, videos reciclados de otras conferencias... Dlcs, y un gameplay, un desperdicio de tiempo total, muy mala, debieron darle los trailers a otras conferencias.

  • Paolo DiGiorno
    Paolo DiGiorno 8 months ago

    Welcome dateless wonders!

  • TheGManForever
    TheGManForever 8 months ago +1

    As soon as you portray women as warriors, and as tough and manly, you turn a realistic action-adventure into a ridiculous fantasy.

  • Hossein Almet
    Hossein Almet 8 months ago

    Dead Strangling, Beyond Good and Evil 2 are really impressive, indeed. And that 'samuray' game from Sony, Assassin Odyssey are also impressive:)

  • SS blackStar
    SS blackStar 8 months ago

    where is gta 7

  • Wolfen7 7 7
    Wolfen7 7 7 8 months ago

    I actually Enjoyed EA's presentation better than Sony's and that's saying something.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 8 months ago

    The best E3 I have ever seen in my life....I did went and lost my goddamn noodle yesterday xP


    assassins creed looks like the last game with a new name.. the menu looks the same the icons look the same even the skill tree how and why do people put up with this crap how many creed games have u been able to sail let them tell it its a brand new way to travel..... only thing they really changed was they left egypt n went to greece nice one lol u wont be getting my money thats a fact

  • diddeXD
    diddeXD 8 months ago

    Isn't Assassin's Creed about Assassin's and templars? Have I missed something?Where is the assassins's symbol? the hidden blade? the creed? The Iconic hood and outfit?

  • ray boy
    ray boy 8 months ago


  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 8 months ago

    Hello, Humans. Here's something powerful. The words of a very intelligent human. “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” ―Vernon Howard

  • Jose Melo Garcia
    Jose Melo Garcia 8 months ago

    when is Nintendo's e3??

  • lewan gillard
    lewan gillard 8 months ago

    The new Spiderman game reminds me of Spiderman friend or foe on the xbox

  • Sid Zaveri
    Sid Zaveri 8 months ago +1

    Just confirming ... No splinter cell 🤔⁉️

  • Ivan Palavra
    Ivan Palavra 8 months ago

    I don't think that dude talking during Spidey gameplay knows what risk/reward means.

  • Αγγελος ταγαρας

    I am here only for the last of us 2 all of the show was garbege

  • GunPlay 773
    GunPlay 773 8 months ago +1

    Well my opinion Xbox for life😎@not a Sony guy

  • MarioSonicDKPokeFAN
    MarioSonicDKPokeFAN 8 months ago +5

    Sony kinda bored me yesterday. so far Xbox is in the lead. not sure about Nintendo. we've already saw the Walmart leaks and they've shown us Pokemon let's go and fortnite already! we'll see if they have any surprises!

  • gucci.l r
    gucci.l r 8 months ago


  • Illuminanonymous
    Illuminanonymous 8 months ago +1

    Why name it Assassin's Creed Odyssey if it has nothing to do with the Assassin's Creed

    • W S
      W S 8 months ago

      Illuminanonymous I think it's the origin story of the Templars.

  • Haider Hussain
    Haider Hussain 8 months ago

    Ps5?? Did they mentoin it

  • Martin O Neill
    Martin O Neill 8 months ago

    Ubisoft had a good conference then demolished it with the lack (none) of SPLINTER CELL I mean read the comments under their conference so many people disappointed! Then Sony.. Mediocre conference I felt spiderman didn't live to the hype this year but where is the rocksteady game we hear to be leaked at Sonys? E3 started amazingly then went down hill..only thing keeping it going is alannah on IGN lol

    • Mason Comes
      Mason Comes 8 months ago

      Martin O Neill Im upset that we didn't get to see Splinter Cell as well

  • Colton Allgire
    Colton Allgire 8 months ago +3

    Bethesda and Microsoft still Won.

  • I:Mallia
    I:Mallia 8 months ago

    @IGN that wasn't snow or a snow planet. They were surfing over the ring around the planet.

  • Daniel Reid
    Daniel Reid 8 months ago

    Get to the press conference instead of 2 hours of crap

  • hitz networkz
    hitz networkz 8 months ago

    1k likes pleaze😀😌

  • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot

    I’m as PlayStation as it gets, that being said, Sony’s conference was poor for the most part. Almost no new games, no surprise reveals, and no ff7. I’m sorry to say that unless Nintendo brings it, Microsoft will win e3

  • Paid'nGames
    Paid'nGames 8 months ago

    90% japanese bullshit

  • TheHawaiianc
    TheHawaiianc 8 months ago

    SPC worst conference ever...

  • DeadofWinter321
    DeadofWinter321 8 months ago +2

    Most disappointing showcase so far. I'm selling my PS4 right after I finish GoW.

    • DeadofWinter321
      DeadofWinter321 8 months ago +1

      Tiago Moreira - Nope. Only game that caught my interest (only a little) from Sony's E3 was TLoU 2. But even then, like all of Sony's new IPs... Once you beat them, they have virtually no replay value.

    • Tiago Moreira
      Tiago Moreira 8 months ago

      A bit extreme don’t you think?

    • Mason Comes
      Mason Comes 8 months ago

      DeadofWinter321 get a pc my man. You can play xbox exclusives on windows 10 and also the rest of the pc games.

  • TreX Trikii
    TreX Trikii 8 months ago +3

    We need Watch Dogs 3

  • Hector Anguiano
    Hector Anguiano 8 months ago +12

    And I thought EAs conference was bad😂

  • I am Benzen
    I am Benzen 8 months ago +1

    Yow IGN did you notice that Ellie’s face in the gameplay and in the dancing kissing scene isn’t the same? That means were gonna be jumping timelines here.

  • Political Correctness Offends me

    Two of the worst press conferences I have ever seen.

  • Chris
    Chris 8 months ago

    Where do you watch that other Sony event tomorrow old boy was talking about?

  • Chris
    Chris 8 months ago

    I was hoping for red dead but I already know they always do their own thing

  • Thulasizwe Ngcobo
    Thulasizwe Ngcobo 8 months ago +20

    I have to say that I'm not a big fan of the console wars. Everything has its goods and bad's (so to say). I am an Xbox fan for the most part, but I don't go 'round undermining other platforms. Sony's e3 was good, but in my opinion, Xbox KILLED it this year.

    • Noel John G. Quezon
      Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago +1

      yeah. If the sony was bullied and trolled xbox. How does it feel.

    • Kek Kekkington
      Kek Kekkington 8 months ago +1

      What y'all have to remember is there is no such thing as an Xbox exclusive, the "exclusive games" get brought into the windows store and are able to be played on pc.

    • Jash92
      Jash92 8 months ago

      I'm a PlayStation fan and I have to agree. Much of what was shown on ps showcase was as expected and not showing of the grandeur of what Xbox has to offer this year.

    • Matt Hew
      Matt Hew 8 months ago

      I’m a ps4 fan but Xbox’s conference was real good I’m excited to see what they doin the coming years

    • Thulasizwe Ngcobo
      Thulasizwe Ngcobo 8 months ago

      Dan, true dat!

  • Muhammad Hammza
    Muhammad Hammza 8 months ago +1

    The Last of Us 2 is a Revolution in Gaming History i don't need to say it they showed it with the Demo everything is real ur choices are real uffff the combat u can go prone in this game, can lara croft do prone the level of detail is on point, Naughty Dog is innovating Gaming with TLOU2 hats off.

  • Kronixs_93
    Kronixs_93 8 months ago

    No blackout gameplay 😞 also no last of us release date 😩

  • eNVy Skurt
    eNVy Skurt 8 months ago

    No man’s sky 2 looks good

  • Cedric Tang
    Cedric Tang 8 months ago

    Sekiro: Let me show you how to make a real samurai game.
    Nioh2: Very well, I accept your challenge.
    Ghost of tsushima: Hey guys please, I come here first.

  • KevinTheGreat
    KevinTheGreat 8 months ago

    WHERE is red dead redemption 2

  • Unwntd
    Unwntd 8 months ago +2

    Should i buy a ps4 now or wait for the ps5?

  • rghghghg sarge
    rghghghg sarge 8 months ago

    Bioshock resigned

  • Marshmello مرشميلو
    Marshmello مرشميلو 8 months ago +4


  • Theboxx 04
    Theboxx 04 8 months ago


  • Ferny
    Ferny 8 months ago +3

    WHERE'S MK11??!!

  • Yuri Costa
    Yuri Costa 8 months ago +24

    Man ... the Sony games are amazing, but the presentation is so boring and wasted time with silly comments.

    • GabyGamerBoiYT !
      GabyGamerBoiYT ! 8 months ago +1

      You sure they locked us on fortnite

    • thatrainbowquickie
      thatrainbowquickie 8 months ago +2

      I feel like the presentation would only be forty minutes if there wasn't any fluff
      Plus there needs to be tension and release yknow

  • sanjit gupta
    sanjit gupta 8 months ago +2

    Sony is killing it. Cant wait for those exclusives :-)

  • Kevin A.
    Kevin A. 8 months ago +4

    Wtf did i just watch 😑😑😑😑 never wasted so much time in my life kill me now 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    STREAMIN STEVEN 8 months ago

    I'm surprised they are allowing you to play as a man and just as I say that the next game you are a skinny woman...

  • Burney HD
    Burney HD 8 months ago +23

    No claps for TLOU2 lmao

  • El Bottoo
    El Bottoo 8 months ago +17

    xbox is dead. playstation won again. Last of Us 2 is sick looks sooo gooooooddd. bye bye bots. cry hard. look at that gameplay. lmao. it literally blows everything the shitbox has away.

    • Noel John G. Quezon
      Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago +1

      I wonder if sony was trolled xbox. Try to get working some title games and you won't share company.

    • Gril Bill
      Gril Bill 8 months ago

      sony said the ps4 is entering its final phase meaning its going down in prices

    • Gabbiadini
      Gabbiadini 8 months ago +1

      unless last of us gives the player more freedom, it wont be good. First one was so linear it was boring

    • Sion thefool
      Sion thefool 8 months ago

      The games that blew me away was Last of us 2 and Ghost of Tsuhima. Forza is also a somewhat onesided game but with superb graphic and texture.
      Bethesda tho was the ones that truly went over the roof in this E3 briefing. Can't wait to see what Starfield and ES 6 gonna look like. Also somewhat interested in FO 76.
      2sik gaming

    • Sion thefool
      Sion thefool 8 months ago +1

      I say it is the other way around tho. Their pumping out titles and buy up companies. But why do we argue about it? I just gave my personal opinion. It means as much to you as your means to me. COG master

  • Seasky
    Seasky 8 months ago

    **singing Despacito**

  • Raj put
    Raj put 8 months ago

    wow lesbian lead in last of us 2. very nice

  • k man
    k man 8 months ago +80

    Last of us: the last lesbains

  • k man
    k man 8 months ago +34

    Feminism the game

  • Nicolas Carabajal
    Nicolas Carabajal 8 months ago +2

    SKATE 4

  • Jeff Cannon
    Jeff Cannon 8 months ago

    brilliant move by Sony start with a old guy playing a banjo

  • Michael Carlo
    Michael Carlo 8 months ago +3


    • Daniel Smith
      Daniel Smith 8 months ago

      Michael Carlo Bahaha Sony left us hanging right? It was super brilliant and we wanted more ^^

  • Bloody Crow of cainhurst

    Bloodborne 2!!!

  • RedShrineFox
    RedShrineFox 8 months ago

    The Last of Us: Part II

  • HybridHD
    HybridHD 8 months ago

    Ready for the 3rd kh3 trailer

  • Michael Abrook
    Michael Abrook 8 months ago +1

    We don't no the main villain yet hopefully it's venom or green goblin

    • Noel John G. Quezon
      Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago

      only have lego version is piece of toy.

      TLO JODYE 8 months ago

      Michael Abrook I disagree that would be to cliche,

  • ThomasRedstone Studios
    ThomasRedstone Studios 8 months ago +1


  • Kevin A.
    Kevin A. 8 months ago

    Sonyyyyy surprise us tonight please 😁 it starts at 9pm ET

  • Overburnedtoast
    Overburnedtoast 8 months ago +2

    Why can you put comment in a live stream wtf

  • Real_Sgt_Tom
    Real_Sgt_Tom 8 months ago

    The worst host in IGN coverage history...interrupts as bad as she does on most podcasts...ugh!

  • Alex Renteria
    Alex Renteria 8 months ago +2

    Psp2 will be more better if this happens

    • Noel Quezon
      Noel Quezon 8 months ago +1

      Yeah same like PS VITA is ruined.

  • Roshea
    Roshea 8 months ago +14

    Alanah Pearce's commentary is terrible.

    • C-Core
      C-Core 8 months ago +2

      Yeah it annoyed the hell out of me as well

    • Jon stark
      Jon stark 8 months ago +2

      Roshea jealous much lmao

  • Sutton Lea
    Sutton Lea 8 months ago

    Watch Dogs 3?

  • Cristian Valadez
    Cristian Valadez 8 months ago +8

    This sad show shameful PlayStation peope

    • Noel Quezon
      Noel Quezon 8 months ago +2


    • Peto
      Peto 8 months ago +1


    • Nemanja Charapic
      Nemanja Charapic 8 months ago

      yea, i have yet to see a xbox exclusive, but like actual exclusive that can compete to god of war, last of us hell even persona 5 :D, also dont own either of consoles,just being objective

      TLO JODYE 8 months ago

      Nemanja Charapic I feel like that's exactly what's being said 😂 you see I was called a fanboy for saying he was and Xbox fan (trolling of course) But 75% of what sony showed genuinely looks like something I could get into

    • Nemanja Charapic
      Nemanja Charapic 8 months ago

      are you honestly saying that these 4 main games they showed+ re 2 remake arent better than any of the 'exclusives' microsoft showed?

  • ABU ReNeon
    ABU ReNeon 8 months ago


  • The Roaring Rex
    The Roaring Rex 8 months ago +1


  • NeoZon
    NeoZon 8 months ago +2

    W T F......this is the Ubisoft briefing.......i want sleep

  • Tripp Duvall
    Tripp Duvall 8 months ago +14


    • Sion thefool
      Sion thefool 8 months ago

      Simon two. He is allowed to speak his mind thoXD

    • simon rylance
      simon rylance 8 months ago

      I liked it so keep that to yourself ty

    • Sion thefool
      Sion thefool 8 months ago

      It is not required of you to keep playing it tho XD You can just stop and let the people that do enjoy it still do so.

    • Lionel Kashila
      Lionel Kashila 8 months ago

      Tripp Duvall definitely agreed with that it’s not same anymore

  • Ming Ree
    Ming Ree 8 months ago

    assassins creed residentsleeper

  • informed wolf
    informed wolf 8 months ago

    Ac stuff is boring god

  • Xena Hikari
    Xena Hikari 8 months ago +9

    Ya sorry if you never played kingdom hearts you'll not know wtf is going on, hell some people who have played it don't know what's going on.

    • I Control My Fate
      I Control My Fate 8 months ago

      Evalyne Loring you dang right about that, I was the same age Sora was in the first game when iy came out and played it ever since, and ive no idea why Org 13 is back...AGAIN

    • Noel John G. Quezon
      Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago +1

      This game is similar with Disney Infinity.

    • Kevin Dragneel
      Kevin Dragneel 8 months ago

      Evalyne Loring okay, But I have played them all though, all except the 2 games that come in 2.8. And yes, they are all Canon but some people do not have the time to play like 7 games. And again, to understand the basics of the game I feel like you need to play 1 and 2(obvious reasons) and BBB because it explains you everything about Xehanort and the backstory of KH.
      And example of what I mean is: the KH 358/2 Days, is a totally canon story but you dont NEED to play it to understand 3. Like not at all. However, if one wants to know more about the world. He or she cannplay it and expands on the knowledge about the universe. Again, i have not played DDD.

    • Xena Hikari
      Xena Hikari 8 months ago

      Kevin Dragneel u most definitely need ddd, that's were most people get confused with the who nort thing. But like I said u need everything so you can really understand everything. I thought the same as you in till I played them all

    • Kevin Dragneel
      Kevin Dragneel 8 months ago

      Evalyne Loring none are filler but to at least understand the biggest overall story you need to play those 3. Idk about DDD honestly. I have never played it. But I still understand the story fine.

  • ZombieSlayerYT
    ZombieSlayerYT 8 months ago +1

    Sea of thieves 2

  • Elykim Naor
    Elykim Naor 8 months ago +79


    DZ PLAY TV 8 months ago

    Bravo 👏

  • Jonathan Brooks
    Jonathan Brooks 8 months ago

    Which show is this?

  • J.T. Hill
    J.T. Hill 8 months ago +20

    Stop with Panda Express and start the show

  • Hamskey
    Hamskey 8 months ago +11

    I would love it if they made despacito 2

    • Xaliven Karami
      Xaliven Karami 8 months ago

      Andres Inzunza It's just a meme and people are killing it in the first few days

    • Andres Inzunza
      Andres Inzunza 8 months ago

      Hamskey can you explain this saying? Or is it just a reference to the song?

  • Eric Gurrra
    Eric Gurrra 8 months ago

    Can't wait for horizon zero Dawn expansions.

    • Eric Gurrra
      Eric Gurrra 8 months ago

      Shubham Sahota yes! I mean the expansion we have right now is great but I want another one it can keep the game going and alive. Also in some areas of the map it looks like there is plans for that by the way they designed it.

    • Shubham Sahota
      Shubham Sahota 8 months ago

      Eric Gurrra Right there with you man. I am so desperately waiting for an any kind of expansion. Just want more of Aloy and the world.

    • Eric Gurrra
      Eric Gurrra 8 months ago

      Shubham Sahota no sadly they didn't I was kinda hoping they would though. It's one of the best games I've played and passed.

    • Shubham Sahota
      Shubham Sahota 8 months ago

      Wait did they announce this or what? I can't find any source saying the did

    • Eagle 4
      Eagle 4 8 months ago

      Is'nt that Sony?

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 8 months ago +39


    • Noel John G. Quezon
      Noel John G. Quezon 8 months ago +1

      Can we make Music Game.

    • Pawi Coculumba
      Pawi Coculumba 8 months ago

      Despacito means lazily and slowly, so it's going to take a while to make that game!

    • Dastan A.
      Dastan A. 8 months ago +2

      Digital Josh The Despacito of us