When We Met Other Human Species

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • We all belong to the only group of hominins on the planet today. But we weren’t always alone. 100,000 years ago, Eurasia was home to other hominin species, some of which we know our ancestors met, and spent some quality time with.
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  • Some Dragon to Slay
    Some Dragon to Slay 9 minutes ago

    Could someone explain me why they were a different species if they could interbreed with us? Isn't that against the definition of species?

  • Charlotte Gill
    Charlotte Gill Hour ago

    23andme tells me that I have 311 variants of Neanderthal DNA which is 93% more than average person 😊

  • 33kaus holokaust
    33kaus holokaust Hour ago

    If today the neanderthal lived, the homo sapiens would have used them as slaves .

    We as humans cant even tolerate other races of our same species. Imagine if the species were different
    We are less evolved than our ancestors. We are more divided than our ancestors were.
    Our ancestors survived because they learned to coexist. We will die cos we forgot to co exist

  • Raymond Palmer
    Raymond Palmer 3 hours ago

    Solar system is only 24000 years old. Humans aren't even indigenous to eArth!

  • John Kotab
    John Kotab 6 hours ago

    A note on "Species"
    Species differentiation as a scientific truth is quite grey now, with all that we've learned even in the last decade. We have found hundreds of examples of species that can interbreed and create fertile offspring once geographical (ie, different side of the mountain range or ocean) or temporal (ie, different flowering times, times of mammal's heat/fertility cycle) barriers are overcome, which is quite easy to do in laboratory settings. Climate change has broken down some these natural barriers to reproduction cross-species, so that it happens in the wild. Temperate-climate bears like the Grizzly and tundra-climate bears like the Polar now have overlapping population distributions, and have interbred. Its possible that some of these more-subtle (ie, noticeable over millions of years, not over decades like in modern history) changes in climate resulted in our interbreeding with Neanderthals.

  • Tom Hansen
    Tom Hansen 6 hours ago +1

    The other interesting thought is the FOXP2 gene in Neanderthals, which affects linguistic abilities. While this is a hypothesis, I have a feeling that they may have had an influence on our languages. We'll never know for certain, though.

  • mick hanks
    mick hanks 7 hours ago

    isn't the concept of a "Tree" as analogy becoming a poor metaphor to represent life?

  • CBourn48223
    CBourn48223 9 hours ago

    The H isn't silent bruh.

  • Its2AM
    Its2AM 9 hours ago

    Are you saying there are genetic differences between the races? I thought race was a social construct

    • renge9909
      renge9909 9 hours ago

      I mean, there are genetic differences _within_ races too.

  • Kiss two Gays
    Kiss two Gays 10 hours ago

    This channel is so crazy

  • Brain Snott
    Brain Snott 10 hours ago

    3 species of humans still

  • Nate Taite
    Nate Taite 10 hours ago

    Can we all just agree humans didn't out compete them to their demise. They were killed off by a catastrophe. Probably a astroid raised tsunamis and killed a lot of them off. Especially when you think about how benefitial it is to live by the water.

  • The Brocialist
    The Brocialist 11 hours ago

    In every social group, there has to be that one crazy bastard who’ll stick his schlong into anything with a pulse. You can thank him or her the next time you don’t die from a paper cut

  • Donnie Pinns
    Donnie Pinns 13 hours ago

    Well, we may say we f***ed 'em to death lol

  • E. MAR
    E. MAR 13 hours ago

    What a waste of time!

  • Lumosnight
    Lumosnight 15 hours ago

    Interesting how a lot of these Neanderthal remains were found in the Balkans... you should do a video on the ancient Vinčan culture, located in modern day Serbia. These were some of the first European settlers.

  • Oneal the music man
    Oneal the music man 15 hours ago

    I already knew like 90 percent of this lmao

  • Caustix Soda
    Caustix Soda 17 hours ago

    What a load of nonsense

  • Blue
    Blue 17 hours ago

    sima de los
    W I S O S

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin 18 hours ago

    Human contact: the final frontier.

  • khestun banga
    khestun banga 18 hours ago


    VIVEK CHOUDHURY 19 hours ago

    The concluding lines "They live on in our genes, reminding us of a time when we weren't alone", kinda makes me sad for the Neanderthals ...

  • Wayne Mercer
    Wayne Mercer 19 hours ago

    I wonder how the presenter would surive in those times... Lol what have we become.. homopuneyous

  • Joseph Summer
    Joseph Summer 20 hours ago

    By definition, if we interbred, then produced viable offspring, then we're the same species.

  • Greasyspleen
    Greasyspleen 20 hours ago

    Did these interbreeding events shortly follow the invention of alcoholic beverages?

  • Jasonenjoysminecraft
    Jasonenjoysminecraft 20 hours ago

    2:04 sima the los huesos translates better to summit of the bones;)

  • Ryan Connor
    Ryan Connor 21 hour ago

    "the lone twig left" lol - caucasians, asians, aboriginies, negros......U saying im the same as an abo?

    • Moobles
      Moobles 11 hours ago

      In essense he is saying so, you share the absolute vast majority of your genes with these groups, the differences being in how these genes are being presented physiologically. An aboriginal may have a bigger brow ridge, darker skin and shorter build than a caucasian, but they still have vastly more similarities in function of organs, psychology and physiology than say you and a chimpanzee, our closest (known to science) living relative that is a separate species.

      So yes, you're by definition the same species as an aboriginal australian, a subsaharan african, a han asian, a caucasian, a native-american, a sami, really any living human(that is known to science).

  • Israel Vazquez
    Israel Vazquez 22 hours ago

    No such thing as other human species. All humans are the same creature with 46 chromosomes.
    Stop pushing the naturalist fairytale

  • Mike L.
    Mike L. 22 hours ago

    So many images. We never saw a single one more than once.

  • za az
    za az 22 hours ago

    Policy tellers.

  • Muteteli Harvey
    Muteteli Harvey 22 hours ago

    The first fetish ever! 😂🤣🤣

  • jason b
    jason b 23 hours ago

    We ate them.

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy 23 hours ago

    I'm proud of my Neanderthal ancestors. We are natural explorers.

  • Japaulus Hall
    Japaulus Hall 23 hours ago

    Or maybe Neanderthals never existed

    • vzbd
      vzbd 7 hours ago

      We discovered skeletons, tools and art to prove otherwise.

  • Franky Salazar
    Franky Salazar Day ago

    People have sex with everything it's the story of the human race 😂

  • Dimiitrix D
    Dimiitrix D Day ago

    You’re wrong the human species was better than they were because sub-Saharan African didn’t integrate with any of those hominids but yet still survived

  • armadillo platypus
    armadillo platypus Day ago +2

    The history we have been taught is a fraud. We have been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years.

  • misterpants666
    misterpants666 Day ago

    So being a mongrel made us smarter. Just like dogs. :o)
    I like it.

  • Drew Bartley
    Drew Bartley Day ago +1

    Travelling the NYC subways ...the Neanderthals still live among us !

  • Frisky Bottomsuuater


  • Justin Wordell
    Justin Wordell Day ago

    Id like to see an episode on the paracas elongated skulls, lots of un answered questions with the un-doubtable evidence that they were another sub human species that lived during our time, as well as the denisovans and Neanderthals.

  • N:OW
    N:OW Day ago +2

    Further proof that Europeans and Asians are completely different genetic beings from sub-Saharan Africans.

  • Qwerty Bastard
    Qwerty Bastard Day ago

    I'm not pronouncing it that way, you can't make me. The Green's are not to be trusted.

  • stefan
    stefan Day ago

    But human refers to the collective of races of human. We can meet other 'human' species today. its not hard.

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque Day ago

    What if we get results and resurrect shiva-novans and WW-III starts. Only to leave machines in control of everything.

  • M. A. Packer
    M. A. Packer Day ago

    They're called Canadians, and they're people too

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 Day ago

    Basically means humans shagged everything they could. If humans could produce offspring with sheep, I am sure that we would find sheep DNA in human DNA.

  • Nonorama
    Nonorama Day ago

    Thank you for talking a little bit slower. Benefits the video

  • Forte of Gray
    Forte of Gray Day ago

    Why are you pronouncing neanderthal like that? Also, you said the reason we know the stat2 comes from neanderTHALS because it isn't found in that specific area of Africa. Wasn't it recently found out that we didn't originate from Africa as we used to believe?

  • James Owens
    James Owens Day ago

    How do we know for sure that we got the gene from Neanderthals and didn't evolve it on our own?

  • prog rock
    prog rock Day ago

    This guy's a loser

  • Tello 64
    Tello 64 Day ago

    Aren't chimpanzees also hominins?

    • TheGeorgianCitizen
      TheGeorgianCitizen Day ago

      There's some debate.
      BUT YES, they are hominins...
      acording to wikipedia
      Rank: Tribe

  • Taurean Wooley
    Taurean Wooley 2 days ago

    We may have seen human species for years but much like a news article that was never written, we probably just forget about them if there's no actual way to state that mating with larger animals has always allowed people to co-exist in shorter timelines.

  • cristo oliver
    cristo oliver 2 days ago

    what year am i in

  • Janshevik
    Janshevik 2 days ago +1

    So Europe and East Asia (which had most succesful cultures) have most Neanderthal genes? And then they use the word neanderthal as insult!

  • Alex Schoenherr
    Alex Schoenherr 2 days ago

    who the hell dislikes this??

  • Flavius Belisarius
    Flavius Belisarius 2 days ago

    1:09 man bun 100,000 years before it was cool

  • Seventh Anubis
    Seventh Anubis 2 days ago +2

    If they can breed and produce offspring, then they aren't another species.

    • Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
      Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 15 hours ago

      Seventh Anubis Just because they could mate with us doesn't mean they were the same species as us, lions and tigers can mate, yet they aren't the same species.

    • Seventh Anubis
      Seventh Anubis Day ago

      @Josef K Other definitions besides biological species would make neanderthals even more the same species.

    • Josef K
      Josef K Day ago

      ​@Seventh Anubis I thought I was saying that having sex and reproducing doesn't necessarily qualify you as the same species. It is one qualification out of many that scientists will use to determine if they are a different species. I don't mean to argue or anything I just wanted to say some things.

    • Seventh Anubis
      Seventh Anubis Day ago

      @Josef K You are on the border...lol. According to this video, since the genetic DNA of neanderthals exists in humans today, then they are not another species.

    • Josef K
      Josef K Day ago

      Successfully reproduce, not just reproduce. And that's only one factor that determines if it should be classified as a new species. Neanderthals are on the border of should they be classified as another species or not.

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 2 days ago

    Doesn't really answer the question of where after the split the other hominid got the different genes.

  • petroglyph79
    petroglyph79 2 days ago

    I always wondered that of there were different species of humans then where did they come from. Hominid is not a human. But close enough to mate with h sapiens.different species is like mating a eagle with a chicken how does that work

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown 2 days ago +1

    I've studied a fair amount of biogeography and I've always read that one of the defining characteristics of a species is that can only breed with members of that same species. If Homo Sapiens mated successfully with Neanderthal or Denisovans (or whoever else) then they were not really different species.

  • Citizen of Earth
    Citizen of Earth 2 days ago +3

    There are still other human species among us today. What would you call Patty the bigfoot? The native Americans called them human.

  • welcome 2therage
    welcome 2therage 2 days ago +1

    This channel is amazing

  • Mich Callen
    Mich Callen 2 days ago

    What about the case for natural absorption of these two species? Why do we always assume extinction.?? TY for the upload.

  • Kiyarose3999
    Kiyarose3999 2 days ago

    Hold on,didn’t at least some of us come from Africa? I mean life in the Tropics surely had the highest chance of producing Humanoid animals.

  • Delimar Aponte
    Delimar Aponte 2 days ago

    I've always thought that Neanderthals were the descendants of the previous species of hominids that were destroyed by a nuclear disaster/war. That's why they went extinct, not been able to have an immune system to survive due that.
    Think of avant guard artifacts from the ancient history, the pyramids...

  • Decremental Bug
    Decremental Bug 2 days ago +1

    The ending was nice!

  • creemyice
    creemyice 2 days ago

    He looks like the guy from Crash Course

  • Danny Archer
    Danny Archer 2 days ago +2

    Other species of ‘human’ are entering europe every day.

    • Danny Archer
      Danny Archer 8 hours ago

      @Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Skull shape, IQ potential, and body shape do differ - Same genus, different species.

    • Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
      Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 9 hours ago

      @Danny Archer Somalis and Swedes have different skin colors because they live in different regions that have different climates. People who live in regions where the climate is warmer have dark skin because having dark skin helps in protecting the skin from extreme heat during the Summer. People who live in regions where the climate is colder have light skin so the skin can absorb as much sunlight as possible during the cold Winters.
      Somalis have darker skin than the light skinned Swedes, but I would bet you a thousand dollars that if someone placed a Somali man's skull next to a Swede man's skull you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two. That's why Somalis, Swedes, and everyone else on this planet is considered the same species.

    • Danny Archer
      Danny Archer 12 hours ago

      @Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus You cant tell the difference between a somali and a swede? You need your eyes tested.

    • Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
      Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 15 hours ago

      +Danny Archer Wrong, all humans that are alive today are the same species.

  • dothedeed
    dothedeed 2 days ago

    What are you doing here?
    Do you even sleep?

  • Perry Bird
    Perry Bird 2 days ago

    totally wrong!

  • R Koster
    R Koster 2 days ago +1

    There are no other intelligent species on this earth.

    • M E
      M E 2 days ago +1

      Like attracts like... so I guess that's why other intelligent species haven't gravitated toward you, yet?

  • RedRiver Organics
    RedRiver Organics 2 days ago

    Climate change rapidly changed their food source, numbers dwindled, natural catastrophe finished them off with volcanic eruptions near italy

  • Timothy Swag
    Timothy Swag 2 days ago +11

    Average Neanderthal ejaculatory volume was about 300 cc

    • Tony traill
      Tony traill 14 hours ago

      @Chris O Wild1 10cc

    • Axel Hastings
      Axel Hastings 15 hours ago

      I think that’s a little to much to be true but idk

    • Chris O Wild1
      Chris O Wild1 18 hours ago

      What is the average humans ejaculatory volume. How does one measure their own.

    • Pardeep Parmar
      Pardeep Parmar Day ago +1

      How do you know this

  • Rocky johnson
    Rocky johnson 2 days ago +1

    Interbreeding is what phased them out and makes the most sence and it continues today as that's how the genome gets stronger in a way.

    • vzbd
      vzbd 7 hours ago +1

      True, the interbreeding happened OVER a period of 450 000 years, a considerable lenght of time for hybrid replacement.

  • fantmclwd
    fantmclwd 2 days ago

    We are the only ones left because someone has to be.

  • Rise and Shine
    Rise and Shine 2 days ago +1

    Just 10,000 years before he was born.... meanwhile we have only had planes for 130 years... computers 80.... Imagine where we will be in 10,000 years?

  • keenan Hatfie
    keenan Hatfie 2 days ago +1

    Why are modern humans not different species? I am asking from a purely scientific standpoint since physical and genetic differences are real and apparent (while they have no bearing on the kind of person you are) I don't understand why each group of humans doesn't get its own classification?

    • renge9909
      renge9909 2 days ago

      Possibly because we interbreed without any difficulties.

  • Nicholas Joseph
    Nicholas Joseph 2 days ago


  • gasoline cowboy
    gasoline cowboy 2 days ago +2

    Science always expects belief, even though they have no problem tossing their former "facts" into the trash bin...:-)

  • Wolfkinn Playzz
    Wolfkinn Playzz 3 days ago

    Imagine if there was another continent FULL of Neanderthals. What would you do?

  • therover65
    therover65 3 days ago +1

    When modern humans met Neanderthals, of course they fought each other. This is the case today and into the future.

    • M E
      M E 2 days ago

      You could say that, but without an ounce of evidence to back it up, you might as well be saying that Moses parting the seas was something that 'of course' happened. It's your opinion, not fact.

  • therover65
    therover65 3 days ago

    Did the Neanderthals have different races? Ditto Homo sapiens of the time.

  • Green Man Diary
    Green Man Diary 3 days ago

    It's crazy to keep saying "we" and "they"; we're both part part of human evolution. It should be looked at as a merging continuum instead of compartmentalized. Neanderthals didn't go "extinct." They were simply merged into the evolving modern human, and because the product was superior, Neanderthals faded away. I'm sure Homo heidelbergensis from around 500K years ago and Homo antecessor 1 mill. years ago will be proved as our descendants as well.

  • Tom Rose
    Tom Rose 3 days ago

    dat is really quite funny as simona halep is from da romania too!!!

  • Perry bishop
    Perry bishop 3 days ago

    Why are you ignoring substantial evidence of earlier traces of human in the americas, people have been disregarding this for years now I don’t understand why

  • Al Morrison
    Al Morrison 3 days ago

    So very interesting. I think hominin divergence is still taking place up to now, now, and in the future. Phenotype follows genotype up until the point where interbreeding results in no viable offspring. Observe the cultures around you and think.

  • Random Pool Guy
    Random Pool Guy 3 days ago


  • Empowered And Overpowered Leftist Black Woman

    Guys just imagine if other homonin species have reached to AUSTRALIA, did you know that the fisrt people on Austrlia get there like 40000-50000 years ago?, years before the other hominin species died!

  • Dave S.
    Dave S. 3 days ago +4

    So basically our ancestors were getting freaky with anything on two legs

    • jmitterii2
      jmitterii2 21 hour ago +1

      Unless we find Bird Man, all the attempts with birds never worked out though. :(

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 3 days ago +4

      Yeah. Or repeatedly raped

  • Chan Uppuluri
    Chan Uppuluri 3 days ago

    ::rubs eyes and blinks twice:: ... HANK?! When did you get here? Where have I been?

  • SFgamer
    SFgamer 3 days ago

    There's only one human species, one biological human race. The world view of "multiple human races/species" is one of the reasons why racism, racial supremacism, and prejudice still thrives.


  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira 3 days ago

    So.... racism is stupid as there's only one human race. But Eurasians have Neanderthal DNA and others don't?
    hum... 3rd world war coming....

  • kipilla3
    kipilla3 3 days ago

    Scientifically if homo sapiens which are a separate species from homo neanderthalensis, went back and crossbred how are the progeny of this mating still considered homo sapiens when it is a half breed of both species. Would that not mean those offspring are a completely different species......

    A Leopon is a cross between a male leopard and a female lion, however, the offspring is a species of combined origin but it is not classified as a lion or leopard.

  • 31k
    31k 3 days ago +6

    Imagine how much more we have not found yet

  • Edwin Dennis
    Edwin Dennis 3 days ago

    There's been a recent discovery that's the gist that Neanderthals couldn't obtain as much nutrition from tubers

  • TheJohnnyJason
    TheJohnnyJason 3 days ago

    Thanks for the video I think these facts mean something really cool :-)

    I still do not get the notion of extinction here xD
    The homo sapiens was more numerous so it is logical who "absorbs" whom^^...
    As you said - they live still within us ;-) would not quite fit my notion of extinct only because there is no "pure" version left :-P

  • Derek P.
    Derek P. 3 days ago

    I would love to see what a Neanderthal-Homo Sapien hybrid would have looked like from the first generation onward.

  • Junia ginger
    Junia ginger 3 days ago

    What if we are wrong? What if from one man came every nation of men like Moses was believed to have written?

  • Crap Game
    Crap Game 3 days ago +2

    Maybe in one-hundred years or so scientists will discover that we are immortal souls that simply move from body to body over time.....or NOT!