Black Economics with Claud Anderson on The Rock Newman Show

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • Dr. Claud Anderson​, president of The Harvest Institute, creator of POWERNOMICS and author of "Black Labor White Wealth" joins us as major news outlets proclaim that there has been "No Progress for African Americans in 50 years"! During our discussion with Dr. Claud Anderson we'll talk about the state of Black America, Black Economics and his new and widely anticipated book, "A Black History Reader".

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  • T. C.
    T. C. Year ago +363

    If only we would've listened to Dr. Anderson 30 yrs ago

    • Blu X Grean
      Blu X Grean 2 months ago

      That shit cray

    • Stephen Lee
      Stephen Lee 5 months ago

      No, we are still going to get this done!!!!

      NUJK JUHM 7 months ago

      Enslaved✔ slaves❌
      Why nobody talks about "The Poor. People march MLK was planning before he was Set up .

    • Michael Freed
      Michael Freed 10 months ago

      Bama Rebel, I *agreed* that the people holding us back are Democrats - all government really. I have been told that my writing style is hard to follow. I guess you find it hard as well.
      As for the "calling people other than human beings", I'm talking about "Government", "Democrat" etc. By using those terms, we add to the illusion that the people who run government are *superior beings* that we must beg for everything.
      Again, my writing style confuses many. Sorry.

    • Bama Rebel
      Bama Rebel 10 months ago

      Michael Freed it sounds nice to say "don't call anyone anything other than human beings" but the truth is African Americans in large part and many many other people from all races identify their whole life in the party they stand with. So for those people you have to point to the parties thumb they're under to really understand most of their thinking. Why? Because most all of their talking points, beliefs, ect. come from someone on the right or left

  • Elizabeth Faraone
    Elizabeth Faraone 10 days ago

    A couple of false premises here. I have always said DOS are owed reparations. And Martin Luther King said the same thing. American Exceptionalism is BS.

  • Queene James
    Queene James 19 days ago

    So even if whites do become the minorities they will still be in control due to monetary inheritance unless we dismantle the current system.

  • Christopher Arrshmaan
    Christopher Arrshmaan 27 days ago

    How do I get the native black DOS shirts?

  • Freddy Sharky
    Freddy Sharky 2 months ago


  • MADMAN Academy
    MADMAN Academy 2 months ago

    Dr. Anderson has a wealth of knowledge. Check out my breakdown of Black Economics and the Wealth Gap

  • 7th Seed Wisdom
    7th Seed Wisdom 2 months ago

    I just love that intro music, much respect for Your channel

  • Vin
    Vin 2 months ago

    34:30mins... Incredible

  • Mark Ballard
    Mark Ballard 2 months ago

    Wrong on one point. Ann Coulter has been outspoken about the fact that immigrants are receiving benefits that were specifically intended for blacks. She's even written about it.

  • RB Colbert
    RB Colbert 2 months ago

    Kanye West tried to tell us that slavery was a choice also, but caught hell when he said it.

  • Blu X Grean
    Blu X Grean 2 months ago

    This is the rawest I've ever heard an elder speak. The most potent conversation of the modern times.

  • Makheru Bradley
    Makheru Bradley 3 months ago

    Think about the scope of what Dr. Anderson is saying in the context of the British defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Spain attempted to invade England by sea, a distance of less than 1,200 miles, with “130 ships carrying 2,500 guns, 8,000 seamen, and almost 20,000 soldiers. On July 21, the English navy began bombarding the seven-mile-long line of Spanish ships from a safe distance, taking full advantage of their long-range heavy guns. In a decisive battle, the superior English guns won the day, and the devastated Armada was forced to retreat north to Scotland. The English navy pursued the Spanish as far as Scotland and then turned back for want of supplies.

    Battered by storms and suffering from a dire lack of supplies, the Armada sailed on a hard journey back to Spain around Scotland and Ireland. Some of the damaged ships foundered in the sea while others were driven onto the coast of Ireland and wrecked. By the time the last of the surviving fleet reached Spain in October, half of the original Armada was lost and some 15,000 men had perished.”
    The Spanish Armada was thought to be the most powerful navy in the world up to 1588. They got crushed by the British. Dr. Eric Williams said at the peak of its trade with Ayiti, France employed 1,000 ships. There was no shipbuilding industry in Afrika at that time, that I know of, although Ancient Mali did build hundreds of ships to cross the Atlantic in the 14th century. Building ships to cross the Atlantic is not the same as building a navy ships armed with cannons. Even if we did build the ships, they would have to be better armed than the Spanish Armada and they would have to travel approximately 5,400 miles (Accra to Charleston e.g.), fight numerous battles, which would have required soldiers armed with some type of rifles. Afrikans had no armaments industry in the 15th-19th century. Once they fought successful battles and rescued people on plantations they would have to sail back to Afrika, meaning they would need supplies of food and water for a 10,000 mile round trip, and without being intercepted by European navies.

    Dr. Anderson's thoughts on this issue are illogical. He's apparently driven by an anti-golobal Afrikan unity agenda.

  • kbnice23
    kbnice23 3 months ago


  • Daryl Edwards
    Daryl Edwards 4 months ago

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  • rizeking
    rizeking 5 months ago

    It's about letting go of those religions. they have been keeping us divided for too long. We have commonalities that we need to focus on. We are all being oppressed

  • DrGoodfit412
    DrGoodfit412 5 months ago

    Does this mean Kanye was right? Asking for a friend.

  • AllergicToLies
    AllergicToLies 5 months ago

    While this man is a wealth of information, his opinion on African nations sending boats to save those abducted during slavery is disagreeable. The Africans themselves were attempting to defend themselves from the foreign invasion by the slavers; Combating the colonization and tyranny caused by the foreigner. While a select were aware of what was happening, the ordinary African only knew their loved one was missing, rumours and mysticism left them befuddled and helpless

    • AllergicToLies
      AllergicToLies 5 months ago

      We should be clear about this fact. Those taken by slavers were loved and mourned. Their families were left devastated and AAs are encouraged to hold onto this rather than the notion that their ancestors were abandoned. It's a falsehood that separates the melanin race

  • David York
    David York 5 months ago

    Very Powerful stuff, but here is the kicker blacks claim black power, but we're afraid of power. This is it. Now stop all that dam voting running around talking about let's go vote for someone black or white, that don't give a fuck about you and your problems, let's go vote as a independent block, Stop marching, getting down on our knees begging, singing:we shall over come, and start to demand the things that we need to help us to become better for ourselves. Thank, who does the type of bullshit we do, NOBODY, So why do we.

  • Freddy Sharky
    Freddy Sharky 5 months ago +1

    Why does my man The Doc only have a fifth of the views Jane Elliot’s video has? Whites’ ice is colder somehow- even in matters of relating to race and oppression 🤔🤔🤔

  • Great Lakes
    Great Lakes 6 months ago

    Please have Sr. Anderson debate Thomas Sowell. Sowell seems to be so anti-black i can't understand him.

    • Eumelanin I Am
      Eumelanin I Am 5 months ago

      Eumelanin (Black & Brown)
      Pheomelanin (Red)
      We are our Melanin nothing more Nothing less👊💪👊💪

  • La-Shawn E Price
    La-Shawn E Price 6 months ago

    Two things, among the many, that struck me...
    "It's not civil rights, it's not social integration that determines the quality of life.... It's what you own and control"
    "Power has no feelings about power or morality...power doesn't care about justice. It cares about who owns and controls the resources"

    NUJK JUHM 7 months ago

    Native "Black"... I must disagree with any terms using "Black" when referring to the people of Turtle Island. "Copper race, 9ether hair' "Black" has no standing in law.
    Black and White is a Status not a RACE. RACE =Competition👊👊👊

  • יומיה הרחום
    יומיה הרחום 7 months ago

    Does anyone have the source for Dr. Claude Anderson's statement the we have been locked into half of .01% of anything valuable in America? I don't disagree I'm just building my notes & would love the data source. Todah

  • Hotep Thomas
    Hotep Thomas 7 months ago

    I would truly love for Dr Anderson to clear up the confusion he has created regarding his statement that black people did not fight back, because there are ample records that prove different. And baba Neely Fuller repeatedly says taht black people need to stay on code and ALWAYS ask the PERSON who made the STATEMENT to explain themselves and give them the opportunity to ensure that they clear up all confusion they may have caused. And so with that said. Dr Anderson what EXACTLY do you mean when you say that during slavery black people never fought back??? Thank you

  • LaNisha Danielle
    LaNisha Danielle 7 months ago

    I love him. What a challenge we face. He talked about us being so forgiving. I hate to assume that's the downfall, I'm sure we should be forgiving yet demanding respect. Our nature is respectable.

  • LaNisha Danielle
    LaNisha Danielle 7 months ago

    Smart man

  • SKYRULE-49
    SKYRULE-49 8 months ago +1

    When I was 14. I always wanted to be a comic book writer. I wrote sooo many books and developed soo many characters. My dad kept throwing them away because I wasn't focused on education created by whites. I stopped when i was 15 so i can focus solely on education so i could get a diploma so i can beg a white man for a job. After i graduated at 18, I totally lost my desire and talent to write and create stories. All my books were blank. So i joined the military and now working for a white company for over a decade. If i was born a jew i would of been the next Stan Lee. The point is, black people are dumb when it comes to power and money!!!

  • GOWDER2414
    GOWDER2414 8 months ago

    "Black businesswomen and men who make a payroll every week-they're the real revolutionaries."-Haki Madhubuti

  • GOWDER2414
    GOWDER2414 8 months ago

    Slavery was a choice, just read about Denmark Vessey, & The Haitian Revolution...Riddle me this, does Dr. Anderson know or had known that while he was working with the Jimmy Carter regime that Carter is a member of the Trilateral Commission?

  • mark Johnson
    mark Johnson 9 months ago +1

    Its like what Lee Atwater said ," Instead saying Nigger Nigger use code -words such as Big Government, Crime and Welfare Queens." Wake-up my people ! M

  • Culture Freedom
    Culture Freedom 9 months ago

    BlK Econ 101 [Read One Book a Month Black People] 1. The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein 2. The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap by Mehrsa Baradaran 3. Persistent Disparity: Race and Economics Inequality in the United States since 1945 by William A. Darity 4. Toxic Inequality: How America's Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, and Threatens Our Future by Thomas M. Shapiro 5. The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality by Thomas M. Shapiro 6. How the Other Half Banks: Exclusion, Exploitation, and the Threat to Democracy by Mehrsa Baradaran 7. Black Wealth/White Wealth: A New Perspective on Racial Inequality by Melvin Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro 8. The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism by Edward E. Baptist 9. The Price for Their Pound of Flesh: The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation by Daina Ramey Berry 10. The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breading Industry by Ned Sublette and Constance Sublette 11. A World More Concrete: Real Estate and the Remaking of Jim Crow South Florida by N. D. B. Connolly 12. The Land Was Ours: How Black Beaches Became White Wealth in the Coastal South by Andrew W. Kahrl

  • Egypt Ra
    Egypt Ra 10 months ago

    I learn from Claude Anderson!

  • sandynyc1
    sandynyc1 10 months ago

    Black people talk to much but no action. Dr. Anderson gives you a blue print. Follow that NOw. stop talking.

  • J Bad 23
    J Bad 23 10 months ago

    Yes we are the Native ppl as well as the African ppl that made the middle passage. Dr Claude Anderson talks about this on the first interview he had with Rock Newmon in 2015, at the 30 min 40 second mark.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago

    Black people are so dumb

  • It's - Nyko Sef - Chan
    It's - Nyko Sef - Chan 10 months ago

    Wish Dr Anderson was around during slavery

  • Cordell Shabazz
    Cordell Shabazz 10 months ago

    Did you see how quick Dr. Anderson went to the slavery experience (in general) when Rock mentioned Elijah Muhammad at the end ??? We get off that man quick! Why? Oh time constraints 😏

    • A T Mac
      A T Mac 6 months ago

      I didn't catch that the first time I watched this.

  • point blank
    point blank 10 months ago

    thank you so much rock newman for these wonderful interviews. thank you for helping to educate our people. may god bless you sir.

  • tv tobe
    tv tobe 10 months ago +1

    We must put into practice what he's been Preaching to our people all these Decades. Better to begin now, than never. I think he's phenomenal. He's the best teacher of our People I've ever listened to with so much knowledge to spew into our Brains. But we've gotta do our part, and that is to put into action all his teachings for our Rising as a Race of People. We want Dr. Anderson to see while he's still alive, that all his Speeches have not been in vein.

  • Rascal von Manor
    Rascal von Manor 10 months ago

    As far as schools. Isn't true whites were paying more in state & County tax dollars therefore mainly funding their schools.

  • Rascal von Manor
    Rascal von Manor 10 months ago

    Everybody came to America by force. Blacks and Africans are two totally different ethnic groups. Please somebody show me anywhere in history where slave ships packed with Afro-West Eurasians headed out of Africa to America or anywhere else? That simply just never happened. Nor did Russo-Germans participate in the slave trade.

  • M.A. Arch
    M.A. Arch 10 months ago

    Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.

  • mrsbusiness1
    mrsbusiness1 11 months ago

    I worked for an establishment that documented false demographics of their non white clients and patrons as "white" when they were visibly not, example: indian, chinese,and so forth. I always wandered how there could be so many "errors" when it came to that. Also noticed that the description of African american or black was always very clearly noted and not once mistaken for white. Just made me think when Dr. Claude spoke about the advantages of the immigrant and how they are able to advance right under our noses. The secret benefits that come with the label of being white.

  • Peace Seeker
    Peace Seeker 11 months ago

    If you listen carefully to Claud Anderson when he explains why Black people are so hated, his response confirms his own sense of Black inferiority with respect to other races, then he ended his response by foolishly saying Blacks could have just said no to slavery. Specifically Claud proudly validated the feelings of hatred that whites, asians, and hispanics expressed towards Blacks. Claud has given some excellent teaching about economics but he does not grasp the depths of self hatred, even as it affects himself. This is why most blacks still will not work together for the common good of themselves. We have to teach in a more balanced way.

  • Seven Meex
    Seven Meex 11 months ago

    They should rename the video (and book) to "101 Reasons Why Black People Will Never Make it". They are so defeated.😒

  • Nona Yaa
    Nona Yaa 11 months ago

    Black is a permanent caste designation in the US, no different than castes used in the Indian caste system. This is why Africans can come and get honorary white social status even though they are phenotypically black. And I was struck by what Dr. Anderson said about when white babies are born they have 87% of societal resources available to them but a black baby has to basically start from scratch..we have to start from scratch each generation. The insult is that whites are passing down OUR economic legacy. It's money they stole from our ancestors for their centuries of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and torturous misery. I say we should take our reparations by any means necessary. We should know they will never give anything owed to us because if they do, they will divert it right back to them, just like they have with affirmative action, social services, etc...even social security..they have made sure that most black men die before they can enjoy those they continue to get free black labor..and we don't need to even mention the free black labor they are getting from the new plantation system, otherwise known as the prison industrial system.

  • John Nurse
    John Nurse 11 months ago

    Lend an ear and dare to share

  • Tyrone Wade
    Tyrone Wade Year ago

    Christianity has turned black people into economic hoes!!

  • Tyrone Wade
    Tyrone Wade Year ago

    Great interview !!!!

  • mogul mayz
    mogul mayz Year ago

    Excellent interview, this is exactly what I tell people.

  • Carretta Roberts
    Carretta Roberts Year ago

    America needs to right the wrong

  • Carretta Roberts
    Carretta Roberts Year ago

    What a man, what a man.

  • Hellfire Beats
    Hellfire Beats Year ago

    @34:30 I can’t believe he let Kanye take the fall alone on this comment regarding slavery and no one is talking about it.

  • David Davenport
    David Davenport Year ago

    Awesome!!!!!! This we should support10000000000000%✌🏾

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee Year ago

    This is exactly why every blk person should have a gun. They should STOP seek friendship, relationships or acceptance from any other race. Time to reunite.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith Year ago +1

    Ok now that we all know rock is a white man 80% European and 0% Indian he's got to be a white supremacist if he hasn't stepped down yet ain't that right Tariq

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith Year ago

    Another pissed off old man I bet he's broke probably married to a white woman he's as crazy as dick Gregory and finally he's full of shit

  • The Artikulate
    The Artikulate Year ago

    This guy made a career out of falsely scapegoating MLK.

  • jellysubmarine
    jellysubmarine Year ago +2

    What is stopping black people from writing code and algorithms? What is stopping black people from investing in the stock market? Where are the people or "system" that is preventing them from doing this?

  • Hellfire Beats
    Hellfire Beats Year ago

    @34:30 Funny Kanye saying this same shit and he getting crucified.

  • Justin Fiori
    Justin Fiori Year ago

    The only way "Black Enonomics" would work is by having Black Nation with in America. everything Black Owned and a Black Government.

  • Odysseus
    Odysseus Year ago +1

    How can such an educated man be so clueless and wrong about not only the near constant subversion and resistance of slaves, but also absolutely blind and ignorant enough to say that Africans (the people who were themselves colonized and brutalized by Europeans) didn't send a boat.
    Really Doc? They should have sent a boat? And black folk didn't speak up so that's why slavery continued?
    Did you miss the chapter on our history where we not only didn't speak the language but we were intentionally mixed with people from other regions and tribes so that we couldn't communicate with each other?
    Did you rip out the chapter in your history book that talks about torture, isolation, terrorism and the threat to murder other brown folk or your kinfolk??
    Did you skip a few dozen courses on the psychological impact of the aforementioned traumas?
    Do you think people in the colonized parts of Africa had a gps system and a few personal yachts on standby to come pick us up from slave camp on the other side of the Atlantic?
    How in the hell can someone so smart be so absolutely blind and boneheaded as to blame the victims of a system designed to subjugate them for them being subjugated?
    This is damned embarrassing, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for spreading something so painfully ignorant on the internet for others to see. One should be aware of their influence on others, and they should also take care not to spread dangerously false information to those who admire them.
    Jon Snow knows more about slavery than you do...

  • twerkingwithdastarz

    was slavery a choice

  • Emmanuel Nkuna
    Emmanuel Nkuna Year ago +3

    34:44 He is saying exactly what Kanye said about slavery "choice".

  • tpasi2020UG
    tpasi2020UG Year ago

    simply genius!

  • Averyofthemain
    Averyofthemain Year ago +2

    Black people act like they were citizens during slavery...they weren't, they were foreign slaves, they had no rights under the constitution and were due no rights.

  • Im' Black Yall
    Im' Black Yall Year ago

    The bomb .com lol

  • Anthony bwell
    Anthony bwell Year ago +1

    I wonder what his ideas are on the oppression of natives In conjunction to black ppl

  • D Blake
    D Blake Year ago

    Damn I love this brother’s mindset but why your new book $44.00? And it’s paperback???

    • Bryan Brumfield
      Bryan Brumfield 10 months ago

      D Blake
      Dr. Claud Anderson
      A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask
      Format: Paperback
      $ 27.75
      Free Shipping for Prime Members

  • 2enchant
    2enchant Year ago

    DACA for Deez nuttz!

  • Culture Freedom
    Culture Freedom Year ago

    "Deconstructing Claud Anderson's Blue Print for Black Folk"

  • khalil Antonio
    khalil Antonio Year ago

    This bro is on point .. he loves his people ... and he predicted most of the madness we facing now ... dr claud Anderson books should be read most information he speaks on .. you can apply today to what’s going on

  • Toby Potts
    Toby Potts Year ago

    Yes, Blacks may do a lot of begging, but those Asians and Latinos pass off their daughters on to the White man as if their "diluting" their own race. Asians and Latinos LOVE White folks. Blacks will NEVER be beneath any race of people.

    • Black Boston
      Black Boston 7 months ago

      Toby Potts so who cares? Why should you care about what Asians and Latinos love. That does absolutely nothing for you. Stay focused.

  • Azeem Ben Ysreal
    Azeem Ben Ysreal Year ago

    It CRAZZY why in the world do our people get them fraud degrees and never create their own business

  • Moor Bella
    Moor Bella Year ago

    Only American blacks are exceptional? This is an absurd statement!!! Slavery was abolished in the Caribbean before it was in America. Look up Toussaint Louverture. Do a show on him then tell me if you agree only American blacks are exceptional

  • iAm FreshMade
    iAm FreshMade Year ago

    Theme song???

  • Diamond Yvonne
    Diamond Yvonne Year ago

    Truth is the light! Now we know. Now we can move forward

  • Donnie Dee
    Donnie Dee Year ago +1

    Social Integration is the worst thing that has ever happened to us after that racist constitution. I’m going through so much depression living in this active tyranny as a Native-Black American man in the Washington DC area.. and the White’s, plus immigrants pouring into the country from around the world right into our communities are very indifferent towards us Native Black’s, and they all follow the perspective of the dominant white society and treat us as an hated out-group every chance they get. It almost feels like the Jews in Nazi Germany only longer standing tyranny & no one cares. With that being said much love & respect to you Dr. Anderson, you are all we have right now please stay in this fight with us we need you.💪🏽

  • DropSixteenTV Tv
    DropSixteenTV Tv Year ago

    Young blacks are fighting now.

  • DropSixteenTV Tv
    DropSixteenTV Tv Year ago +1

    Integration wouldn't have been better if blacks didn't just flat out run from their businesses. We were so desperate for the carrot, we didn't mind getting beat with the stick.... And we still didn't get that carrot.

  • Nicholas Guy White I

    He lost with with his comment about Jamaicans. Black people in the Caribbean islands and even South America came west with us during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. And for him to repeat those comments about our ancestors being "weak" for "allowing" themselves to become enslaved is something that I thought back in high school history class. It insinuates that we are the only people in history to ever been enslaved before. The more I learned about WORLD history I understood how a people become enslaved, and I learned that Europeans have periods of enslavement as well. We have to first know that our history did not start with slavery. We have a history to be proud of to say the very least. If we reject the history and people of our homeland (AFRICA), we reject the upside of our own history. You gotta know where you came from and how you got here before you know where you are headed. This will build the self esteem in our subconscious. Thus giving us the confidence to go after what belongs to us.

  • mark Johnson
    mark Johnson Year ago +1

    This interview is so powerful that the masses of African Americans need to look at this episode. M

  • Ogden John
    Ogden John Year ago

    Big up too this brother... you are right on point

  • Haki Ammi
    Haki Ammi Year ago

    Rock Newman will you discuss the 10,000 Black Men's March coming up here to DC? I know you've seen promotions around DC.

  • Frenchyk757
    Frenchyk757 Year ago +1

    Rock Newman is a REAL one for bringing Dr. Claud Anderson on the show multiple times.

  • TheDopestEthiopian1

    He's right on so many levels. That Civil Rights Movement in the 60s was a trick. The real issue was the equal distribution of wealth not integration and voting.

  • tkcduke
    tkcduke Year ago


  • Nikki Serenity
    Nikki Serenity Year ago

    I’ve been following him for years 💯

  • bobjtshirts
    bobjtshirts Year ago

    We will do nothing but talk, talk and more sound so cool do for our self and all that jazz but the reality is black Americans don't have the balls to do what it takes to make it in America!

  • David juan julio
    David juan julio Year ago

    It don't matter it will take 238 year's to catch up.

  • Music Universe
    Music Universe Year ago

    Excellent Video

  • Terry Taalib-Din
    Terry Taalib-Din Year ago

    Did you notice when Rock Newman mention the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his program of do for self---the dodge or pivot to avoid giving credit where credit is due?

  • Wilhelmina key
    Wilhelmina key Year ago

    Then there's no hope!

    • Carola E.
      Carola E. Year ago

      No. Our ancestors were proud and black and fearless. They never gave up. We can't.

  • Kithinji Kwiriga
    Kithinji Kwiriga Year ago +2

    Descendants of slaves needs a safe teritory where they can heal 500yrs of trauma.they can never do it in a country where they constantly told how inferior they are.they need to raise their children in an environment of selfesteem,confidence,bravery.with little descrimination,absence of police brutality and less is difficult to fight for an independent territory in America but africa is an option if they really want to be free.

  • Kithinji Kwiriga
    Kithinji Kwiriga Year ago

    As I said blacks in America are enemies of themselve.they had two golden opportunities to luberate themselves but in both occasions they blew it.1st of vacation 1865 during the civil war they should rose up taken arms and curved a territory of their own.instead they sat waiting for messiah to drop.up to date that messiah has never shown up.imigtating to Liberia was another wasted opportunity they African countries are doing exceptionally well. I ask them to take the opportunity and relocate to africa before it's too late.

  • Kithinji Kwiriga
    Kithinji Kwiriga Year ago

    These two just want to sell.books. all talk as usual no solution.blacks are enemies of themselves.there is no way blacks in America can go anywhere without a country of their do yu expect people who kidnaped ,sold,enslaved, raped yua granies tore families apart ever concede and bring yu to the table where yu might turn and seek revenge?The answer is absolutely not.unless black people can have a territory of their own where they can control their own destiny, being a minority America will be all the same_transformational slavery.

    • Carola E.
      Carola E. Year ago

      Our ancestors in the states never gave up; they revolted, fought fire hoses, police dogs, bullets and were never afraid to die. We aren't giving up what they fought and died for. We do have power; we have to use it. This is only for those of us who have understanding.

  • Gran Israel
    Gran Israel Year ago

    HERE IS THE WHY❗️.....
    Deuteronomy 28:15,29 KJV
    [15] But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:
    [29] And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee .

  • Jake Pettiway
    Jake Pettiway Year ago +1

    Proud to say my brother is dropping knowledge thank Mr Dr Claud Anderson 👏👏👏

  • NYC 777
    NYC 777 Year ago

    here is what happened when idi Amin expelled the Indians from Uganda... and took their businesses.. Uganda economy went down in the toilet........ so much for black group encomics////////

    • Carola E.
      Carola E. Year ago

      We live in America, not Uganda. We never answered to Idi Amin.