“Bonding” with Grandma


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  • GG ✅
    GG ✅ 3 months ago +1491

    Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!

  • Diamond rose Wolfie moonlight

    This happen to me … she dead she had aSORTK

  • Conner Hoon
    Conner Hoon 20 hours ago

    Infinity war reference alex Clark is star lord

  • gemma becjett
    gemma becjett Day ago

    i half a good granmofer

  • Emotive Cashew
    Emotive Cashew Day ago

    My granpa got kidnapped. No lie never met him

  • Pokémon midoria Valkyrie

    I use to live in America

  • Katie BOWLER
    Katie BOWLER 2 days ago +1

    My grandma died this year 😭😭😭😭😭😿😿😿

  • I dare you or a truth


  • Saladin Ayyubid
    Saladin Ayyubid 3 days ago

    I would talk to my grandparent but theire chilling In Rojava

  • skrap kakeb
    skrap kakeb 3 days ago

    I wish i i could hug my grandfather 1 more time

  • Shelly Shore
    Shelly Shore 3 days ago

    My grandma is dead 💀

  • Griffin2008
    Griffin2008 4 days ago

    My grandma's dead...she used to bring me to chick fill a and we would get there at 3:00 and get out at 7:00

  • Ghost Fear
    Ghost Fear 4 days ago

    How she die?

  • Garrett's Corner
    Garrett's Corner 4 days ago

    Do “bonding” with aunt

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 5 days ago

    Haha this video is very funny haha

  • •жрегт• gамег•

    My. Name is xanda n ur alexander...

  • caydence grant
    caydence grant 5 days ago


  • Artsy Fartsy
    Artsy Fartsy 5 days ago

    I was there

    THAREAPER1002 5 days ago

    I was kidding I f****** hate that the odd ones out

    THAREAPER1002 5 days ago

    Alex Clark I like the odd ones out better

    THAREAPER1002 5 days ago

    Hey Alex what do you make USclip videos and I want to know because if you don't let me grab your sisters samurai sword it's freaking cut your neck off

  • Juan Lara
    Juan Lara 6 days ago

    Rip grandma ): 😭😢😢😩😫😔 ):

  • Sister Blogs
    Sister Blogs 6 days ago

    Picture of grandpa that you drew looked like my grandpa

  • Alkarim Uakassov
    Alkarim Uakassov 6 days ago

    My grandma is ded too


    Tomorrow morning is grandparents day at my school & I'm performing in my choir & my Mimi's chocolate chip cookies are always perfect😁😄😄

  • IixStarShinexii Xoxo

    My grandma would always buy these vanilla offbrand Oreos. When I was younger, my sisters and I would eat the cookies until we threw up.

  • skyfire shootout
    skyfire shootout 7 days ago

    My grandmother is a human squidward

  • Stick 26
    Stick 26 7 days ago

    MOOOOOORe grandmas

  • Peyton Moreland
    Peyton Moreland 7 days ago

    Were is the oddonesout

  • Stop Looking At Me!
    Stop Looking At Me! 8 days ago

    *”I’m going to hell”*

  • Emily Metzinger
    Emily Metzinger 8 days ago

    I saw him at statefair and was highkey excited

  • XxDeionxX_1234 _______

    My grandma loved taking me to the movie theaters

  • XxDeionxX_1234 _______

    She is always buying me things and taking me out to eat I love her so freaking much!

  • ainsley crossway
    ainsley crossway 10 days ago

    My grandma and great grandma and great great grandma never baked me cookies I feel like I have been cheated

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 10 days ago

    I always thought it was odd that my Grandma was a bit obcessed with sex from what I heard but it made sense because her husband's were named Dick & Rod. 😆 lol

  • :3意思喔會祭祀
    :3意思喔會祭祀 11 days ago

    My grandpa caught a baby crocodile and gave it to me... I set him free on a lake the nexy day.

  • PM The Poke Master
    PM The Poke Master 11 days ago

    alex my grama has two types of cancer and its hard to livefor me right now

  • Sunnyboy Animations
    Sunnyboy Animations 11 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR DAD AND YOUR JOKES! youre so funny

  • IsakTS
    IsakTS 11 days ago

    Yep she seems incredible!

  • Adog 180
    Adog 180 11 days ago

    I like your videos but respect your gramma

  • Catherine Le
    Catherine Le 12 days ago

    ah you people out there with nice grandparents are so lucky. My grandma is.......not very nice. At all. She abuses me and my brother and having come from a vietnamese line of strict people she doesn’t care if she gets arrested. She abuses me and my brother KNOWING child abuse is illegal and if I tell anybody my mom will abuse(she already does) me.

  • Benjamin phantom 1022
    Benjamin phantom 1022 12 days ago

    Same thing

  • FF UU
    FF UU 13 days ago

    I cries when you said the grandma was dead
    I don't know why lol

  • Can i have 1000 subs no videos

    *if ur listening...ignore the first part*

  • Harley quilt
    Harley quilt 13 days ago

    My grandma has cancer and she is probably going to die so I am going to spend time with her

  • Jeremy Thinnes
    Jeremy Thinnes 13 days ago

    Maybe you’ll go to heaven Maybe

  • Gabriela Urquiza
    Gabriela Urquiza 13 days ago

    I grew up without my grandpa(s) so i just have two grandmas and i love them very very much

  • dovar king
    dovar king 13 days ago

    6th under you mean 10ft under

  • Ennard plush productions

    It looks like he’s going backwards on the lawn more

  • 3ayano
    3ayano 13 days ago

    Sorry about your loss

  • Goku And Vegeta
    Goku And Vegeta 14 days ago

    My grandma is dead she died When i was 1

  • stan Ford Pines voice actor

    I have 2 familys and only 2grandmas not in my foster family bc im adopted and the 2 grandmas died

  • HauntedMusic
    HauntedMusic 14 days ago


  • Emilio Castaneda Pena
    Emilio Castaneda Pena 14 days ago

    You sir are a terrible grandson

  • Betty Friday
    Betty Friday 14 days ago

    I would love your grandma!!!

  • Cayden Animates
    Cayden Animates 14 days ago

    You talked about what your grandma said in the blog about your performance

  • Martim Pinheiro
    Martim Pinheiro 15 days ago

    i really like saying banter in a british accent

  • Esther Wyse
    Esther Wyse 16 days ago +1

    Hey Alex at least your grandma did burnt cookies my grandma ughhhh all of my siblings hat it when she cooks or bakes cuz SHE HAS HAIR IN ALL OF HER “CREATIONS”

  • thekenlow75ljkfkrtkied

    mine is 9 !!!

    AMYLA WALLS 17 days ago

    Sorry for your grandma

  • Tails 199
    Tails 199 17 days ago

    I live in wisconsen and i went to the state fair

  • Lance Tyler
    Lance Tyler 17 days ago


  • Lance Tyler
    Lance Tyler 17 days ago


  • Lance Tyler
    Lance Tyler 17 days ago

    yy go to my team cool ok im #??????

  • Lance Tyler
    Lance Tyler 17 days ago

    yay coool

  • Lance Tyler
    Lance Tyler 17 days ago


  • The Little Western Duo [TLWD]

    Why does this have 1.1k dislikes?

  • Animal lover
    Animal lover 18 days ago

    The Lion king, Phantom of the opra, Cats!!!!!!!

  • Eric Inthavong
    Eric Inthavong 18 days ago

    At the end of the vid it was funny when she slap 👋 you

  • Alivia Hale
    Alivia Hale 18 days ago

    was that sad or funny ??

  • Puppy Paws
    Puppy Paws 18 days ago +3

    My nana is alive but my uncle is very sick and won't make it much longer.... he was the best and I love him sooo much.... I will miss him when he goes..... Your vids really take my mind of it and I know when he goes he will be healthy in heaven

  • The Aairi Show
    The Aairi Show 19 days ago

    My grandparents died before I was born... yea I think their oldest child was 40 or 50 at the time so they must’ve been pretty old

  • Silver
    Silver 19 days ago

    The black kids head looks like a Gumba oO

  • WildLego Studios
    WildLego Studios 19 days ago

    i think "hell" isnt a place

  • Ratedstar The raider
    Ratedstar The raider 19 days ago

    I have 1 grandparent

  • Rachel Awkward
    Rachel Awkward 20 days ago

    I want to see u i live in Wisconsin

  • ImFromTheMeta T
    ImFromTheMeta T 20 days ago

    Cookies? I am now having a Happyday!
    Get the pun?

  • Lil Kim
    Lil Kim 20 days ago

    You went to fargo and i missed it!!! 😭

  • Aidan tube HD
    Aidan tube HD 20 days ago

    I'm so sorry for you

  • Endless The failed myth

    My grandma would just abuse me instead of being cool, until she was arrested for attempted murder. (She tried to kill my mom for confronting them)
    Edit: before getting mad I mean she would beat me for the slightest thing, then she'd leave marks..I'm jealous about your grandma

  • Kayla's Singing Children

    I was born there

  • ToriBeautiful13 —
    ToriBeautiful13 — 22 days ago

    Oof my grandma had cancer:/ but She’s still alive :) And I always spend time with her

  • hi i guess yay
    hi i guess yay 22 days ago

    i wish i could remove the dislikes

  • Muhammad Nawaz
    Muhammad Nawaz 22 days ago

    go to hell what your grandma did everything AND YOU SAID I AM GLAD SHES GONE!! WHO.... WHO...WHO SAYS THAT!!!!!!?

  • Juan Duaz
    Juan Duaz 22 days ago

    3:57 i never new that the iphone x was a thing that time

  • BabbyBlueYT
    BabbyBlueYT 22 days ago

    One of my grandma is dead and my other grandma live about 4 states away from me

  • this_is_me yeet
    this_is_me yeet 22 days ago


  • Hanna Torenius
    Hanna Torenius 23 days ago

    My grandma is rich

  • Ginger Bassett
    Ginger Bassett 23 days ago

    I wish I could meet your grandma she seems so funny 🙂😄

  • Caleigh Heslin
    Caleigh Heslin 23 days ago


  • Nerf Movies
    Nerf Movies 24 days ago

    I saw you show it was very good and funny

  • Shyanne Roberts
    Shyanne Roberts 24 days ago

    Your grandma sounds sweet ps / Im sure your grandma will be proud of you

  • Heather Peters
    Heather Peters 24 days ago


  • Locky Van Alphen
    Locky Van Alphen 24 days ago

    I live with my grandparents

  • A weird killer child
    A weird killer child 24 days ago

    Welp i went to the renaissance fair. :D

  • Vanessa Martinez
    Vanessa Martinez 24 days ago

    My nana complained alot and kinda bossy but still pretty nice

  • Jordan Cook
    Jordan Cook 24 days ago

    This story was good, but funny too. Aww your gram gram and you☺️😂😭❤️

  • Eli Joe Lee
    Eli Joe Lee 24 days ago

    I love my grandma shes still alive

  • The red Ninja’s
    The red Ninja’s 24 days ago

    My great grandmas still alive