“Bonding” with Grandma


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  • GG ✅
    GG ✅ 8 months ago +1755

    Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!

    • Will Thompson
      Will Thompson 17 days ago

      SnowCatterz mob. C

    • AFD MKD vlogs
      AFD MKD vlogs Month ago

      GG ✅ /#\_/

    • BagellPower23
      BagellPower23 Month ago

      wanna know something about my ganpapies everyone say they saved a bunch of Indiens when war of liberation (not yours, ours) happened only problem their both DEAD

    • Nik McIvor
      Nik McIvor 2 months ago

      GG ✅ L O L

    • Thomp YT
      Thomp YT 3 months ago

      How come you have 252 subs?! HELP ME USclip ;(

  • Jonathan B. Garcia Salazer

    Wow I am srry about ur grama die

  • Grace Sellars
    Grace Sellars Day ago


  • Sunem Rodriguez
    Sunem Rodriguez Day ago

    My grandparents died when I was a baby

  • miniminecart
    miniminecart Day ago

    that last part wher you said take time whit them remided me that they live acros the world sorry for the misspelling

  • Renee Martin
    Renee Martin Day ago

    Yo mama sucks not anyone else's yours

  • Bryana Liranzo
    Bryana Liranzo 2 days ago

    I mean like always

  • Bryana Liranzo
    Bryana Liranzo 2 days ago

    Would you get what you really wanted for Christmas

  • Tameisha Perry
    Tameisha Perry 2 days ago

    when i saw the title i thought ur grandma hustled u 2 XDDD

  • Redwillow
    Redwillow 2 days ago

    I love my grandmother so much, but there is a language barrier between us, so I can’t talk to her much and appreciate her as much as I want to, it makes me sad sometimes, but I’m learning the language, what more can I do? 😂 ❣

  • SSSniper _RY
    SSSniper _RY 3 days ago

    I just lost my Nan on Saturday

  • Abed Alruheim
    Abed Alruheim 3 days ago

    More grandma videos this hit home

  • Janko Kaludjerovic
    Janko Kaludjerovic 3 days ago

    Please do more of this :D As many as you can

  • The tank Boy44
    The tank Boy44 4 days ago

    My grand

  • Andy Fernandez
    Andy Fernandez 5 days ago

    I'm from Wisconsin

  • Sheep skin25 WOOL
    Sheep skin25 WOOL 5 days ago

    Lol this video wassss sooooooooo funny, but so cruel and messed up.

  • dove man
    dove man 5 days ago

    my grandma is not dead

  • Fatha the Boss
    Fatha the Boss 6 days ago

    Your grandma is the best

  • J Ritchie
    J Ritchie 6 days ago

    Cmon man don’t make jokes about your grandma doing

  • Jeffrey Mabanta
    Jeffrey Mabanta 6 days ago

    Are you dead

  • soor Afkham
    soor Afkham 6 days ago

    My mom had a dream about my grandpa saying I love you to my mom

  • soor Afkham
    soor Afkham 6 days ago

    Talk about me

  • sandste
    sandste 6 days ago

    :D 1# grandma

  • Kathy Seilo
    Kathy Seilo 6 days ago

    I LUV❤ UR LITTLE SISTER!! I'm a little sister too yep right here lil sis!!😂😂

  • Meowerific [GD]
    Meowerific [GD] 7 days ago


  • VTX Boss
    VTX Boss 7 days ago

    My great grandparents are as old as most people's in my class grandparents they're in their 80's

  • black unigalax_playz

    Well.. my grandma is kinda.. a criminal, but she only ashed me and my family gives her money cuz she begs for money

  • Sandy DiVa
    Sandy DiVa 9 days ago

    I saw man of La Mancha too! But in Nyc in 1990 something with my Spanish class in HS. The star was late actor who played Gomez in the Addams family movie.

  • Error J
    Error J 11 days ago

    I haven’t met my grandparents just one grandma

  • Logpro Flores
    Logpro Flores 12 days ago

    Alex I can always relate to your vids

    YOUTUBE FANBOY 12 days ago

    Mmm. Mmm. Chicken

  • Laura Jenkins
    Laura Jenkins 13 days ago

    My grandma said that I was full of crap.... yea.

  • Benja Boy Martin
    Benja Boy Martin 13 days ago

    Are both of your grandmas dead

  • Afon Caple-williams
    Afon Caple-williams 14 days ago

    I lost my nana when I was eleven and i didn't get to say goodbye before she passed but she was great and I miss her mashed potatoes ngl

  • Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff

    Our great grandparents are still hear

  • ana'cee
    ana'cee 15 days ago

    I never got to meet any of my grandparents 😥

  • Madeleine Galicia
    Madeleine Galicia 17 days ago +1

    THE way you describe and tell the story of your grandma is bad she loves you do better next time stupid and go to hell you said she cant because she dead ooooo wtf is wrong with you

  • Deadly TheGrimGecko
    Deadly TheGrimGecko 17 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with my mind I thought it said boning with grandma

  • Cotsia Savv
    Cotsia Savv 17 days ago

    you are the best and asame

  • Cotsia Savv
    Cotsia Savv 17 days ago

    hi Alex

  • Keelia Hunter
    Keelia Hunter 17 days ago +2


  • Jack Donnelly
    Jack Donnelly 18 days ago

    Damn, this was morbid

  • Carly Cage
    Carly Cage 19 days ago

    OMG Alex u were at the state fair?!?!?!?!? Who else is a Wisconsinite???

  • LowLCuber YT
    LowLCuber YT 20 days ago

    Alexander Clark

  • Baby driver
    Baby driver 22 days ago

    my grandma would ask me every hour if i wanna eat or if im hungry lol
    does your grandma do that to you to or only me?

  • Sarah Weiler
    Sarah Weiler 22 days ago +2

    I wanna be the kind of Grandma who orders a pizza for my grandkid who lives on the other side of the country

  • Antonietta Latorre
    Antonietta Latorre 22 days ago

    I cant... there in another country and its inpossible to see them as its too expensive and on my mums side there...gone

  • Gaby_gachawolf X0X
    Gaby_gachawolf X0X 23 days ago

    I’ve never had a grandpa in my life and my granny from my dads side is in heaven and my last grandparent (granny) IS A SURVIVOR TO CANCER I’d hug her right now but she’s in a different continent

    JR MCGRIFSTER 23 days ago

    Loved the infinity war reference 👍🏻

    JR MCGRIFSTER 23 days ago

    I sorry ur g-ma died 😢

  • Jayden Dixon
    Jayden Dixon 25 days ago

    i love you gram gram

  • DabNinja YT
    DabNinja YT 25 days ago

    My name is Alexander too!!!

  • ɯʎuɐɯǝısqoı
    ɯʎuɐɯǝısqoı 25 days ago

    My grandma reminds of your grandma
    We get along well
    But wasn’t married 4 times
    Only once. she’s still living

  • Amanda Scott
    Amanda Scott 26 days ago

    That creepy sister made a fort of presents 🎁

  • across the lake boys
    across the lake boys 26 days ago

    f to pay respects

  • eman7771
    eman7771 26 days ago

    your grandma seems so nice you are lucky that you had her!

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 26 days ago

    You met my Best Friend Ryan

  • Johanna Hernandez
    Johanna Hernandez 26 days ago

    Momo. Is. Please inmo. Momo

  • Golden fafnir
    Golden fafnir 27 days ago

    Whos better JAmes grandma from the odd1sout or alexxes grandma

  • Rebecca Brindle
    Rebecca Brindle 27 days ago

    In squad rivals I have your character that holds a wrench

  • Alice Angel Studio
    Alice Angel Studio 27 days ago

    "Bonding" with grandpa plz
    (All 4 and if they try bonding with you)

  • Shook af Gurl
    Shook af Gurl 27 days ago

    Why does ur girlfriend look like the girl from the art skool

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 28 days ago

    My gran is 72 years old

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 28 days ago

    How old is your gran

  • Teony
    Teony 28 days ago

    I love burned cookies, does that make me weird? 😋

  • Mufadzi Mtombeni
    Mufadzi Mtombeni 28 days ago

    How kuld a old person drive

  • Wolf and Husky
    Wolf and Husky 28 days ago

    Also your gonna feel her pinchs one of these days

  • Wolf and Husky
    Wolf and Husky 28 days ago

    I love you so much nana

  • XLordzGaming
    XLordzGaming 29 days ago


  • SugarBabyT
    SugarBabyT 29 days ago

    More these r so cute!!!

  • That one gacha animator

    Mmmmmmmmm coookies

  • justshirley lmao
    justshirley lmao Month ago

    I don't see my grandma but my nan is a really nice person she always spoils me

  • Natalie Funk
    Natalie Funk Month ago

    was the man of la manch named Don Quixote?

  • Danielle Naerebout
    Danielle Naerebout Month ago

    My grandparents aren't around...

    They live somewheres else

  • fizy tuberk
    fizy tuberk Month ago

    I saw the thumbnail and I thought so relatable

  • CJRH
    CJRH Month ago

    oh no no

  • Omar Abdulrahman
    Omar Abdulrahman Month ago

    Sad story
    I didn't see my grandparents because they died when I was 3 months

  • Alvin Anderson
    Alvin Anderson Month ago

    6 feet under it's over

  • shahid rafiq
    shahid rafiq Month ago

    I don't have a grandma

  • Doug Wells
    Doug Wells Month ago

    alex iz evil

  • Sean Maguire
    Sean Maguire Month ago

    Bonding with Grampa?

  • Fidin Lopez
    Fidin Lopez Month ago

    My grandma and grandfather. I never got a chance to see them

  • Kevin Montes
    Kevin Montes Month ago

    My grandparents were in Mexico

  • Thomas 1o7
    Thomas 1o7 Month ago

    I feel your pain man

  • Spilling the Tea
    Spilling the Tea Month ago +1

    Good job Shon

  • يوسف الياسري

    No there dead

  • the sternest
    the sternest Month ago

    My grandma didnt burn cookies beacouse of two reasons
    One im the one whos making cookies in the family and i don't burn them
    Some reason two

  • j j
    j j Month ago

    My G pa died in 2012 . He was such a calm guy

  • Trainosaurous Rex
    Trainosaurous Rex Month ago

    Wanna hear something awkward?

    My grandma (mums mum) is 54.......my dad is 53...

  • crystal clodsss
    crystal clodsss Month ago

    My great gramma is still alive

  • Handsome Prince
    Handsome Prince Month ago

    Idk any grandma that was more kind than her

  • Zen gaming 345
    Zen gaming 345 Month ago

    Waiting for Alex Clarke’s grandma to comment.

  • Alton towers Is the best

    Omg I love phantom of the opera

  • LucaTV And Style
    LucaTV And Style Month ago

    Alex I might of seen u I went to the Wisconsin fair!!!

  • KhatAllin
    KhatAllin Month ago

    my grandpa is turning 91 soon

  • MarvelFan.IMissYou Stan


    Your career isn’t as glamorous as I thought it was

  • Spectre1122
    Spectre1122 Month ago

    I love me grandma but I just cant, i am going crazy

  • m7md for games
    m7md for games Month ago

    Very amazing how grandma can feed you from the other side of the country

  • Cristian Kaihewalu
    Cristian Kaihewalu Month ago

    I am going to my grandma's house today to spend the night