Keanu Reeves Handprint Ceremony with Halle Berry, Asia Kate Dillon UNEDITED

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    Broll footage: John Wick star Keanu Reeves put his handprints and footprints in cement​ at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California USA on May 14, 2019 - Also in this video Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Chad Stahelski
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  • saint down
    saint down 4 hours ago

    2019 hadir

  • king
    king 7 hours ago

    Dice la leyenda que ese día el concreto murió

  • Adolfo Miguel Dorado Jodar

    Di que si Keanou las cosas bien hechas ademas si quedan para la posteridad Enhorabuena te lo mereces

  • Rosa Gonzalez
    Rosa Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Hes funny

  • Mariana moba LEGENDS
    Mariana moba LEGENDS 14 hours ago

    Wow halle berry si que se mantiene su cuerpo de diez 👍👍👍

  • Hi Baby
    Hi Baby 18 hours ago +1


  • footfoot07011988
    footfoot07011988 22 hours ago

    On ceremonies , Actors look very happy , are they happy in there real life ??!!

  • Debbie M
    Debbie M Day ago

    His hands love it. What a man. 🌹

  • 阿飛
    阿飛 Day ago


  • desymkhl Desy
    desymkhl Desy Day ago


  • Livia Grosu
    Livia Grosu Day ago

    Bravissimo attore Keanu Reeves auguri

  • Gs lee
    Gs lee 2 days ago

    키아누 사랑해요 ?since 1998

  • A
    A 2 days ago


  • The Lower Unit Store

    Keanu, please come to Minnesota and shoot some USPSA with us! You are a natural!

  • Zetzana
    Zetzana 2 days ago


  • Kissy fur Candy
    Kissy fur Candy 2 days ago

    😳😳😳Halle berry pelos de abuelita 👵 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Blanca Toro
    Blanca Toro 3 days ago +1

    My dream man .. I love you Keanu Reeves.. how I wish to meet you one day to say hi and truly say “ thank you “ for all that you brought into this life that made me laugh, cry, and so on with your movies but also for being such an amazing human being with a beautiful soul.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • francia antony
    francia antony 3 days ago


  • francia antony
    francia antony 3 days ago


  • francia antony
    francia antony 3 days ago


  • Maximiliano Ortega
    Maximiliano Ortega 4 days ago

    Es surdo ????

  • ResiWorld
    ResiWorld 4 days ago

    He's such a great guy 👍👍👍

  • juan AR
    juan AR 4 days ago

    Is the best is men

  • Abufaza3_Gam3r
    Abufaza3_Gam3r 4 days ago

    I love you Halle berry

  • o.O? Really?
    o.O? Really? 5 days ago

    Has he Parkinson's?

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 5 days ago

    Laurence fishburn tunred up in a weed green track suit. 🤣
    Halle berry turned up in amazing legs

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 5 days ago

    His hands mad shaky yo

  • Kelly Berry
    Kelly Berry 5 days ago +1

    You are precious to us!

  • Kelly Berry
    Kelly Berry 5 days ago +1

    We love you Keanu... Keep up the good work. We with you til the end!

  • Naty Robles
    Naty Robles 5 days ago +1

    Keanu tiene algún problema de salud ?? Por me preocupa como se le mueve la mano al escribir 😟

    BIG BOY PACIFICO 6 days ago +1


  • deyanira gallegos
    deyanira gallegos 6 days ago

    Que hombre tan encantador dios mio

  • Abby Cruz
    Abby Cruz 6 days ago

    Es un hombre tan auténtico.

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia 6 days ago

    His new movie "Cementrix, a concrete jungle" a world of stupid people around you know until they act and talk. By the way, Keanu fan.

  • Juan Marcelo
    Juan Marcelo 6 days ago

    Excelente ceremonia.
    Keanu es un grande.

  • Alicia Kiles
    Alicia Kiles 7 days ago


  • Arlin Salgero
    Arlin Salgero 7 days ago

    Sus zapatos 👁👁🤔😁😂😂👀👀

  • Luna Sanchez
    Luna Sanchez 7 days ago


  • An Lê
    An Lê 7 days ago +1

    *Why his hand are so shaked like that ?*

  • อาทิตายา มามี


  • Jorge Manzo
    Jorge Manzo 7 days ago +1

    Las botas de Keanu!!!
    Sorprendido con su humildad!
    Eres grande Keanu Reeves 😎

  • Artpintor
    Artpintor 7 days ago +1

    KEANU simply extraordinary.

  • Rosana Rocha
    Rosana Rocha 8 days ago


  • vladimir diaz
    vladimir diaz 8 days ago

    Todo en la vida tiene un significado me pregunto porque sus zapatos

  • vcebad cherry
    vcebad cherry 8 days ago +1

    What happen with his hand🤔 He deserve that and more ♥

  • kinster02
    kinster02 8 days ago +1

    I'm looking at Halle Berry legs in that skirt .

  • Victoria Jennings
    Victoria Jennings 8 days ago +3

    He seems to be such a nice guy. Maybe a chop sticks would have worked! So sweet! Looks good with the beard and without also. Looks good in black!

  • Manuela Gregorutti
    Manuela Gregorutti 8 days ago +1

    Keanu 👍❤💖

  • Queen Empress
    Queen Empress 8 days ago +1

    So why can't the cement block sit on a table? All that dham stooping and balancing, that's uncomfortable as hell. Thank you. K. Reeves. You are always so freaking awesome.

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen 9 days ago

    Look at his hair. It's gelled do nicely that it doesn't move.

  • Anki Prakash
    Anki Prakash 9 days ago

    Why his hands are shaking?🤔

  • Support AnimalRights

    Keanu and Laurence should dress as Neo and Morpheus everywhere they go. Or Keanu can dress like John Wick if he wants to change it up. Laurence showed up in a lime green track suit. He said I have to hit the gym after this.

  • mimzy1124 Lassiter
    mimzy1124 Lassiter 9 days ago +2

    What a sweetheart he is. 😊. There are just some people you especially want the best for, always. He’s one of those people for me.

  • sarahpedeal
    sarahpedeal 10 days ago +2

    I'm proud of you, Keanu!

  • Jennifer James
    Jennifer James 10 days ago +1

    Camera man has obvious crush on Halle Berry.

  • chief hunterrr
    chief hunterrr 10 days ago

    i don't know what the big deal he's such a shitty actor people are just fooled

  • Alexandre Henley Beaudoin

    How dare they give To our lord an order

  • Gers2550 Gers2550
    Gers2550 Gers2550 11 days ago

    Haber si le regalan un par de zapatos nuevos, porque lo que tiene ya casi se le arrancan,

  • Katy Kim
    Katy Kim 11 days ago

    Hes so precious

  • Rashad Bradford
    Rashad Bradford 11 days ago +3

    K. Is sweet, humble and all deserving...

  • Karen Sue  Pohlmeier
    Karen Sue Pohlmeier 11 days ago +4

    My gosh, I love that man and I've never even met him!

  • Riley Thompson
    Riley Thompson 11 days ago

    So amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Kk Kk
    Kk Kk 11 days ago

    Hally berryแหมือนดอกไม้ป่ามาก งดงามเกินคำบรรยาย

  • Kk Kk
    Kk Kk 11 days ago

    จอนวิค4ถ้าคีนูกับฮอลลี่ เบอรรี่คู่กันเปนอะไรที่verry good

  • Carlos Castanheiro
    Carlos Castanheiro 11 days ago +4

    I feel worried about Keanu, his hand was really shaking, I hope his health is good. Halle Berry looks amazing, wow.

  • Kirill Panakushin
    Kirill Panakushin 11 days ago

    А чего они бедняжки такие перепуганые ?

  • hj p
    hj p 12 days ago

    키아누리브즈 존멋

  • Александр Фадеев

    Киану красавчик!)))

  • jjj hhh
    jjj hhh 12 days ago +2

    B R E A T H T A K I N G

  • TheInfiniteOne
    TheInfiniteOne 12 days ago

    Halle berry ages like a fine wine...

  • Andrés Macas
    Andrés Macas 12 days ago

    La humildad lo reflejo en sus zapatos❤

  • Rosangela Viana
    Rosangela Viana 12 days ago +1

    Ator maravilhoso q Deus lhe abençoe sempre muita luz no teu caminho

  • Zakaria Dahabi
    Zakaria Dahabi 12 days ago +3

    I literally can watch this all day long

  • Anm Anm
    Anm Anm 12 days ago

    Lo amo 💋💕❤️🐕

  • Reloaded
    Reloaded 13 days ago

    he is the only one that can wear those shoes with that suit

  • spooky electric
    spooky electric 13 days ago +1

    Poor guy was so nervous. You could see his hands shake when he held the pencil. Also, he and Halle look beautiful together. Neither of them ages, either.

  • Rosa Alvarez Chilca
    Rosa Alvarez Chilca 13 days ago

    Como siempre tan guapo Keanu 😍

  • Abinandan Murali
    Abinandan Murali 13 days ago

    Why does he look so nervous 😮🤔

  • namonation
    namonation 13 days ago

    His hand was shaking. I did not expect that.

  • Gülay Demirci
    Gülay Demirci 14 days ago


  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 15 days ago

    Why do most Male actors where worn out shoes?

  • C Barrera
    C Barrera 15 days ago +2

    He is so freaking funny. Love his whatever attitud ........hahaha
    But wait is he a lefty ..?!?!
    Hale Berry. that's the shortes skirt she could find 🕵
    I guess 🤷

  • Aurora Erika Cardoso Piedra

    Beautiful soul!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Wernett
    Jacqueline Wernett 15 days ago +1

    Blessings from Jacova and Jerusalem. L'chaim

  • Impakt GamerBR
    Impakt GamerBR 15 days ago

    Wowww there was lot of pression on him. He was shaking! But he continue a gentleman in that situation.

  • A l
    A l 16 days ago +1

    He is a special man 💕

  • Vale jj
    Vale jj 16 days ago +1

    es zurdo omg :0

  • Adrián Durán
    Adrián Durán 16 days ago

    that stall aint' ergonomic at all. Just put pillow on the floor and it would be easier.

  • Roido Arin
    Roido Arin 16 days ago +2

    I want keanu reeves footage not the girl/woman
    *i dont know the name

  • FÁTIMA Rochadel
    FÁTIMA Rochadel 16 days ago


  • Iolanda R
    Iolanda R 16 days ago

    keanu no puedes con el nombre no me extranya con erse mini lapiz

  • วรรณภา สอดพลอย


  • Rasim Şerif BALKAN
    Rasim Şerif BALKAN 17 days ago

    Keanu cidden adamdır.

  • Vincent Chapman
    Vincent Chapman 17 days ago +1

    The camera guy absolutely loves Halle berry, sure shes attractive but isnt it about keanu?

  • Trang
    Trang 17 days ago

    i feel like long time he hasn't used pen :))))

  • Julia Montalvo
    Julia Montalvo 17 days ago

    I love him

  • Ilham Saputra
    Ilham Saputra 17 days ago +15

    "Keanu take a pencil"
    *The Guy who give a pencil*
    "Happy hunting Mr.Wick :) "

  • Tomme Lee
    Tomme Lee 17 days ago

    So Cut YOU Amazing

  • Meier Lee
    Meier Lee 17 days ago

    His hand is trembling

  • Dewi Suhandja
    Dewi Suhandja 17 days ago

    Hl Kena ReveS