Every Version Of The Joker Ranked From Worst To Best (UPDATED)

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • The Joker is one of pop culture's most iconic villains, and many actors have gotten the chance to take on the role. We've stacked the Jokers against each other before, but there have been a few groundbreaking interpretations of the character since then that we have to talk about. Keep watching to see how Joaquin Phoenix holds up against Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and the rest, as we rank the Jokers, worst to best.
    Despite coming in dead last on our list, the version of the Joker that appeared on The New Scooby-Doo Movies isn't unforgivably terrible, he's just flat out boring, which might be an even bigger problem. Plus, he's a complete failure, as he can't manage to even scare Scooby-Doo, a character defined by being terrified of everything.
    The only thing that's really worth mentioning about him is that he was voiced by veteran comedian and actor Larry Storch, and let's be real here: that's only really interesting if you're the kind of person who likes to get into some hardcore trivia about the cast of F-Troop.
    If you ever want to develop a whole new appreciation for Batman: The Animated Series, take some time to head back to 1977 for The New Batman Adventures, which features some of the worst character redesigns ever. Amazingly, the Joker, who was voiced by Lennie Weinrib, managed to escape that particular flaw in the show, but "he looks a lot like he does in the comics" is about the only good thing you can say about him. His major accomplishment during the show's entire 16-episode run was losing an election for President of Criminals when the Penguin invented a mind-altering substance called "crime slime." If you can't win an election against the Penguin, what are you even doing?
    In all honesty, we only included Dee Bradley Baker's turn as the Joker on this list in order to be as thorough as we can. That's not to knock the guy, but as the Joker's appearance in Son of Batman is limited to appearing as a shadow on a wall and letting out one laugh. But…it was a nice laugh at least? Keep watching the video to see this update of every version of the Joker ranked worst to best!
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    Scooby Doo Joker | 0:22
    The New Adventures Of Batman Joker | 1:03
    Son of Batman Joker | 1:47
    Super Friends Joker | 2:06
    Young Justice Joker | 2:51
    LEGO Batman: The Videogame Joker | 3:22
    The Dark Knight Returns Joker | 4:11
    LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Unite Joker | 4:50
    DC Super Friends Short Joker | 5:46
    The Dark Knight Returns Joker | 6:39
    Suicide Squad Joker | 7:07
    Arkham: Origins Joker | 7:53
    Gotham's Jerome Valeska | 8:31
    Arkham Series Joker | 9:06
    The Batman Joker | 9:52
    LEGO: Gotham City Breakout Joker | 10:44
    Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Joker | 11:18
    Gotham's Jeremiah Valeska | 11:59
    Batman: The Brave and the Bold Joker | 13:10
    Joker's Joker | 13:46
    Batman '89 Joker | 14:40
    Batman: Under the Red Hood | 15:31
    Batman '66 Joker | 16:04
    LEGO Batman Movie Joker | 16:51
    The Dark Knight Joker | 17:25
    Batman: The Animated Series Joker | 18:20
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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +400

    How would you rank Joaquin Phoenix compared to your other favorite Jokers?

  • Godwin M. Castillo

    I believe that the list is the preference of the narrator than the public's

  • Aditya Singh Rao
    Aditya Singh Rao 5 hours ago

    What dafuq do you mean Joaquin phoenix is boring?

  • tiffany curtis
    tiffany curtis 14 hours ago


  • Sxm
    Sxm Day ago

    Terrible lost

  • Beezy Maw
    Beezy Maw Day ago

    How is Jerome so far down!?!?

  • Christina Taylor
    Christina Taylor 2 days ago

    Terrible analysis 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Pretentious Ass Wipe
    Pretentious Ass Wipe 2 days ago +1

    Screw you!!!! Jaoquin Pheonix was THE BEST JOKER in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie has earned its place in my top five forever and ever. A new, creative, unique take on the joker that we’ve never seen before provided by the best actor in the world since Philip Seymour Hoffman passed

  • Closing the gosh didly darn door!

    If only Heath had a whole movie to himself.

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316 3 days ago

    The hate on Phoenix's Joker is absurd. It should be moved up at least four spots, as well as the Nicholson Joker moving up two spots.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 5 days ago

    I thinks its between heath ledger and Joaquin Phoenix

  • Billy Jolly
    Billy Jolly 6 days ago

    Sorry but Joker film performance is far superior to all of them. And they could not beat that film being close too reality.

  • _TiReD_
    _TiReD_ 6 days ago

    Bruh this list is garbage

  • ppperlaaa
    ppperlaaa 6 days ago

    this list is ridiculous and i think that this is the worst list i have ever seen!!!

  • Frederik Adlercreutz

    How is he gonna rank a LEGO movie higher than the new joker and there's much more. I hate this list

  • Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas 7 days ago

    Alright well you lost me after you put the LEGO movie joker after Joaquin Phoenix...

  • Anti-social Crisis
    Anti-social Crisis 8 days ago +2

    ...How dare you trash Jeremiah and Jerome?
    And Joaquin Phoenix

  • Reian Vase
    Reian Vase 11 days ago

    It should be Ledger or Phoenix fighting the top...not your childhood Joker because you grew up in it. What did you take your survey on? Boomers?

  • niko johnson
    niko johnson 12 days ago

    What if Matt Reeves Batman Also Has a joker in the movie .. Which is almost like the one in the comic book.. Another Iconic Joker?

  • danny sanchez kc
    danny sanchez kc 12 days ago

    I agree with mark as number 1 but think Joaquin is number 2. he wasn't a side character who stole the show he was the show and if you think the writing was bad still put in a oscar worthy performance with little to work with while being the soul focus

  • flame runner
    flame runner 12 days ago +1

    and whats wrong with explaining the origin? isnt that the whole point for this one?

  • William Stein
    William Stein 13 days ago

    Far and away the most clueless review of this movie I've seen! Wrong on every, single point!

  • James Overby
    James Overby 13 days ago

    i wish i could thumbs down this video multiple times

  • Cosmic Egdelord
    Cosmic Egdelord 14 days ago

    DKR Joker was one of the best

  • Laura Fadillah
    Laura Fadillah 14 days ago

    Heath is best, i don't like this vid

  • James McGuire
    James McGuire 14 days ago

    This list is bullshit
    okay let’s give a Actually dipiction of your list
    You ranked the jokers who were amazing and said they were the worse since they put some of the best jokers and ignored the best jokers also THE DARK KNIGHT JOKER DESERVED NUMBER 5

  • Jordy 229
    Jordy 229 14 days ago +2

    The new joker movie’s joker is one of the new best, I agree

  • Gibran Rafis
    Gibran Rafis 14 days ago


  • mercury man
    mercury man 14 days ago

    My list is Leto at the bottom as I feel he was treated like trash by the film and just had no purpose the Romero joker was good for his purpose as a campy funny joker then then Nicholson was brilliant as he can't really be compared to modern jokers as he was like a mix of Romero and ledger and I love that then Hamil was amazing I personally don't know him as much as I wasn't alive in the times of the animated series but still he was brilliant then ledger was amazing and deserves an Oscar but still isnt as good personally for me as Joaquin phoenix because he's my generations joker and the movie was amazing but that's my opinion

  • Sinan ali saatçi :
    Sinan ali saatçi : 15 days ago

    Are you an idiot

  • Kyel Fletcher
    Kyel Fletcher 15 days ago

    It doesn't matter where who is on the list...mental illness manifests differently in each individual person, so it stands to reason that each Joker will be personalized and different for each person...but always perfectly beautiful...Insanity is seeing everything so clearly that normality becomes too absurd to maintain.

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 15 days ago +1

    Hamill first, Leaf second and Ledger third.

  • Control Oz
    Control Oz 16 days ago

    I don’t say this lightly because it’s pretty mean, but you’ve put it out there for critique so whatever. You seem to like children’s cartoons a lot and that’s fine, but to place Joaquin Phoenix so low is ridiculous. If anyone was to take the crown from Heath it is him. You also glossed over Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson as vague mentions. Nicholson has said that to play this character you have to be very careful because you will immerse yourself in it and have a hard time getting back out. Maybe you don’t have the intellect to really understand what Joaquin did in this groundbreaking film. I feel sorry for you dude.

  • How2Do Aki
    How2Do Aki 16 days ago

    Jared leto should be last!

  • LoganJames210
    LoganJames210 18 days ago

    Dex, I have to say, you are talking completely out your arse when it comes to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.
    He should have been placed equally with Heath Ledger as the best Joker.

  • James R
    James R 18 days ago

    Your reviews are horrible

  • Uncle_Jamie
    Uncle_Jamie 19 days ago

    Whoever wrote this list neither understands the character nor what's important in a Joker performance. To not have Heaths Ledger at the top is criminal, as is having Romero above Nicholson and Phoenix. I'm sad I can only dislike this once.

  • Manu Janardhanan
    Manu Janardhanan 19 days ago

    All of you who disagree that Hamill is the best joker don't understand the joker character at all. Everytime I read a comic about the joker the only image that comes to my mind is Hamill's joker. The costume, laugh, voice and the performance. And a true joker fan would understand that the best thing about the joker is the mystery if his origins, no one really knows how and why the joker came to be and that's why he is the best. An agent of chaos, the clown prince of crime.

  • TurtleClown
    TurtleClown 19 days ago


  • CTB O50180
    CTB O50180 21 day ago

    I think Heath Ledger's joker is the best

  • Darrian Naicker
    Darrian Naicker 21 day ago

    Wheres Suicide Squads Joker?

  • WoodFiredMemes
    WoodFiredMemes 21 day ago

    Ledger all the fucking way

  • sajjad maleki
    sajjad maleki 22 days ago

    Let me make st clear juaqin'joker has much longer performance than others and he nailed it

  • Slayer and Green Day Fanboy

    My Top movie jokers:
    1. Heath Ledger
    2. Joaquin Pheonix
    3. Jack Nicholson
    4. Mark Hamill

    Jared Leto didn't deserve a place.

  • kelan james
    kelan james 23 days ago

    My list
    1: Heath ledger
    2: the veleska twins(not picking one over the other since they represent different aspects of the joker)
    3: Arkham series joker
    4 Jared Leto
    And 5and up doesn't matter to me as I haven't seen the movies and shows to be able to properly rank em

  • Ken Lang
    Ken Lang 23 days ago

    "No matter how compelling you find Phoenix's performance, a lot of the dialogue will make you roll your eyes." IT DID NOT. I didn't roll my eyes. If I find his performance compelling, why would I roll my eyes that doesn't make sense. And it did NOT strip the mystery away from the character. Don't walk out of the theater, this time stay and watch it all the way through. It left a lot of unanswered questions.

  • Pure Pip
    Pure Pip 23 days ago

    Yeah that’s a fascist list

  • Pure Pip
    Pure Pip 23 days ago

    Ooo I see lots of dislikes, time to get popcorn.

  • Brent Ratcliffe
    Brent Ratcliffe 23 days ago

    I’m sick of people who say Heaths performance was elevated due to his death.
    Uhm no it wasn’t, it’s just one of the best performances of all time regardless.
    Plus, this list seems to downgrade performances due to not liking certain aspects of how good the ‘movie’ were.
    Joaquin’s is 2nd best all time IMO after Heaths.
    This list is pretty inaccurate even if it is opinion based lol

  • Sebastian Rios
    Sebastian Rios 23 days ago

    Crappy video

  • David Atayev
    David Atayev 24 days ago

    BTAS gets too much credit..
    Like it's animated after all.
    acting in a live action takes much, much more, and Heath Ledger just nailed it and gave all of his soul to that one roll... literally *HIS SOUL*

  • shehrozoo rozoo
    shehrozoo rozoo 24 days ago

    My favourite joker is the dark knight joker

  • Dex
    Dex 24 days ago

    1. Ledger's
    2. Phoenix
    3. Hamil's
    4. Nicholson's
    And everyone else's comes after. Simple.

  • Liam AGN5
    Liam AGN5 24 days ago

    No one beats heath
    (I fuckin hate this list)

  • Slayer Repentless
    Slayer Repentless 24 days ago

    What a shitty list. The top 3 should've been ledger, joaquin, and hamill

    McDOODAL 24 days ago

    I think it’s Batman Arkham knight’s joker

  • Jusbert Meza
    Jusbert Meza 24 days ago

    Ledgers performance I think is fawned too much. Yes I think it was a good joker but I didn’t like that version of joker in all honesty. Phoenix take on joker humanizing him and improvising so much to me was so awesome. Loved every sec and never found myself looking away or getting distracted. I put it with Logan with my all time fav comic movies.

  • Joe David
    Joe David 24 days ago

    You guys must be on some serious shit

  • John Wick
    John Wick 24 days ago

    Everyone’s talking about how they trashed talked Phoenix for showing us backstory then put cage higher then him but can we stop for a moment and eknowledge that they put Cesar Ramaro higher then both of them Jesus

  • MJ M
    MJ M 26 days ago

    1. Joaquin 2. Heath 3. Cameron 4. Jack