Nego True - Daddy Are You Proud Of Me? (Spoken Word) [@NegoTrue] | Link Up TV

  • Published on Mar 12, 2014
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Comments • 40

  • The Wind CollectiveTrips Team

    This! really gave me some goosebumps! Nuff love

  • Brotha e Films
    Brotha e Films 2 years ago

    I can't help but cry when I hear this

  • BoyKing!
    BoyKing! 3 years ago

    look at the dirt on the mic cover... :/

  • Atlanta Mclaughlin
    Atlanta Mclaughlin 4 years ago

    This is so beautiful the words you speak are just so true x

  • HourArt
    HourArt 4 years ago


  • MiisszM
    MiisszM 5 years ago +1

    Wow! This brought a tear to my eyes. I understand!

  • ibrahim abdul
    ibrahim abdul 5 years ago


  • Giovanni Roberts
    Giovanni Roberts 5 years ago

    you spoke my words!!! true keewp up the good work! wishky im my cup holding the tears in my eyes........ love bro

  • Religion is Slavery
    Religion is Slavery 5 years ago

    Jumping on George the poets vibe, why can't man get there own shit.

    • Lk
      Lk 3 years ago

      +Hassan Iqbal safe for that & yhh I understand what you mean still i was thinking that the other day, pree my soundcloud:

    • Spartan H
      Spartan H 3 years ago +1

      +Little Kurrupt LK I just listened to the songs on ur channel, not too bad uno, u need to drop more songs tho, and I thinking the mixing of the song is a bit off coz ur voice doesn't sound as clear in some parts of the songs, but ur decent, just keep a consistent flow throughout ur songs and add a bit more emotion to ur songs, like u drop some hard bars but u don't sound as serious at times, but as I said ur decent

    • Spartan H
      Spartan H 3 years ago

      don't like it then move

    • Lk
      Lk 5 years ago +8

      How can you be saying that he is jumping on George the poets vibe, do you know how many people do spoken word? George is just the most known right now, nobody jumping on his vibe allow it.

  • Klaire Watts
    Klaire Watts 5 years ago

  • nbdissocoollike
    nbdissocoollike 5 years ago

    This was amazing,
    Poetry into Rap at its finest!
    Nice one NegoTrue!x

    NBDYISDAKS 5 years ago +1

    This is relatable and real, love it!

  • Immy P
    Immy P 5 years ago +4

    wow i couldn't watch it without tears in my eyes. beautiful. :')

  • Darnel Fuller
    Darnel Fuller 5 years ago

    This touched my heart!!!

  • Jean Constantine
    Jean Constantine 5 years ago

    Powerful. Nego True never disappoints

    PRESBEATZ 5 years ago +1

    very deep..real ish ..

  • Alex Jagne
    Alex Jagne 5 years ago +2

    George the poet and nego true!!! That would be amazing!!!

  • Aceprocta
    Aceprocta 5 years ago +1

    He listened to drake before he performed

  • skylarkofficial
    skylarkofficial 5 years ago

    Real in the field

  • StrallyMan
    StrallyMan 5 years ago

    lol I respect the concept but in all honesty this is shit, stop selling these guys dreams

  • Ammaar Mohamed
    Ammaar Mohamed 5 years ago


  • Nego True
    Nego True 5 years ago +23

    Thank You For All The Love People. Seriously means a lot!!
    This piece is available on iTunes right now!!
    Please subscribe to my USclip which is the page I'm writing this from lol and follow me on twitter @Nego True

    • Regan Ring
      Regan Ring 3 years ago

      This speaks to me so much. My dad left me and my mum and I often feel guilty about it and feel so bad for my mum. Thanks for giving me this song. Keep it up

    • PrinceArtistUK
      PrinceArtistUK 5 years ago

      keep up the good work bro!

  • I'm Narain
    I'm Narain 5 years ago +1

    This shit is deep, damn.

  • Vision Media
    Vision Media 5 years ago +1


  • Jamaal Jhenkins
    Jamaal Jhenkins 5 years ago +2

    Love this, all of it, the poetry the piano and the violin. How can I get a video like this? I think my poetry is worthy

  • manlikeplaya
    manlikeplaya 5 years ago +1


  • Seth NJ
    Seth NJ 5 years ago

    God knows, I can relate to this...
    I salute ya!

  • Nikky G
    Nikky G 5 years ago +1

    BRO this is so good it touched me bro and usually that don't happen. #REAL TALK. It's not soft talk it's brave and honest CHECK ME OUT NikkyG (rapper & video producer)

  • Brian B
    Brian B 5 years ago +2


  • Mr Shemzy
    Mr Shemzy 5 years ago +5


  • Jobey Job
    Jobey Job 5 years ago +4

    this that real

  • Saheeb Hussain
    Saheeb Hussain 5 years ago

    Deep got me sad listing to dis.. Your dad deffo proud of you.. Holla me for a clab