Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun w/JaidenAnimations & SomeThingElseYT


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  • Cosmic Cosmo
    Cosmic Cosmo 8 hours ago +1

    Adam: wait, WAIT, you always die at this part
    James: NO I DON’T
    Adam: Yes you do
    James: NO I DON’T
    Adam: LET ME DO IT
    James: nneeeEEOOOOOO
    *cut scene to him dying*
    James: *SCREAM*

  • Minid 141
    Minid 141 8 hours ago

    I watch The whole vid

  • Wario Franchise
    Wario Franchise 12 hours ago


  • LeeLee_Da_Potato
    LeeLee_Da_Potato 12 hours ago

    That dragon doe!

  • Aliah Beltre
    Aliah Beltre 13 hours ago +1

    “Is about the journey...... not about the destiny. Is about the journey and how fast we get there”😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ahmed Rodriguez
    Ahmed Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    They are not bird there Aris

  • ari
    ari 13 hours ago

    if you think about it getting poked by a chinese bird does the same damage as being blown up by a bomb

  • Slyguy 72
    Slyguy 72 13 hours ago

    Is it sad that I watched the whole thing instead of studying for finals

  • Zippo 1234
    Zippo 1234 14 hours ago


  • Malaki XD
    Malaki XD 15 hours ago

    I watch this all the way to the end ,nice video

  • Scared Bacon
    Scared Bacon 15 hours ago

    I watched the whole thing

  • Beauty By Terra
    Beauty By Terra 15 hours ago +2

    I have found my new favorite word from this...


  • Gabe Lane
    Gabe Lane 16 hours ago

    I watched the entire video and I regret nothing

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 16 hours ago

    Jaiden is sooooo funny. I love her

  • D20 MONEY
    D20 MONEY 17 hours ago

    Let's play with matpat

  • Mackenzie Singer
    Mackenzie Singer 17 hours ago

    January 27th is the day after my birthday!!

  • Marc Yinug
    Marc Yinug 18 hours ago

    why did i watch it all?

  • Madness
    Madness 18 hours ago

    S u p e r m a r i o o d d y s s e y

  • slime/squishy tv
    slime/squishy tv 18 hours ago


  • Bodhi Running Tree
    Bodhi Running Tree 19 hours ago

    1:8:37 jaiden sounds so hurt about them fighting the bird

  • Silver Strings
    Silver Strings 19 hours ago

    I watch this entire thing in school on my phone

  • Elitebeedrill Gaming
    Elitebeedrill Gaming 19 hours ago

    When they say no one will watch this all the way through
    Me: challenge accepted:)
    P.s the Easter egg is the pearl guys

  • Lee Goodwin
    Lee Goodwin 22 hours ago

    1:36:30 thank you

  • Sophie Burd
    Sophie Burd 23 hours ago

    I legit watched through the whole thing at 2 AM great

  • Winter_Drawz
    Winter_Drawz 23 hours ago

    I have probably watched this like 100 times, i'm that bored. lmao

  • Adele Wan
    Adele Wan Day ago

    My midterm is tomorrow and I've procrastinated for basically two hours and I watched the entire video and its 1 in the morning and what is my life?

  • Hannah samsky
    Hannah samsky Day ago

    It's midnight what am I doing with my life

  • 629
    629 Day ago +1

    listen to mario

  • John Stokes
    John Stokes Day ago

    This is the only time i have heard true terror in someons voice and jaiden has shown me what true terror is

  • Nixon Tabelon
    Nixon Tabelon Day ago

    The magical dragon 🐉 that no one could ever draw

  • Daniel Daring
    Daniel Daring Day ago

    The name of the Lapras in Mario games is water bubble

  • Daniel Daring
    Daniel Daring Day ago

    Hi James hi Jayden I'm guessing is something else YT there

  • NickNatRub θ
    NickNatRub θ Day ago

    (go down)
    Read more

  • NickNatRub θ
    NickNatRub θ Day ago


    Leer más

  • eldon sefedini
    eldon sefedini Day ago

    the name sounds 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000X different

  • Mason Hockenberry

    I watched the entire thing I spend my time very wisely.

  • deirdre truver
    deirdre truver Day ago guys completed these moons/filmed this on my birthday. it doesn't matter, just sayin

  • Manuel Cendejas Cendejas

    Wow I watched the hole thing

  • Random Fandoms 26
    Random Fandoms 26 Day ago +1

    I didn't know colors could be Mexican Adam...

  • AlexThePanda 101

    I have seen it all!

  • katie ;
    katie ; Day ago

    i’ve watched this whole video 2 times bc it’s so entertaining aha

  • King Grove
    King Grove Day ago +1

    I have no life and that’s how I watched it all

  • Biggest Undertale/Delta Rune Fan


  • lolits ya boi
    lolits ya boi Day ago

    Me sitting down slowly dying as they think the name of the Lapras is dorrie, but the og main man was pleccy, from super Mario 3D world

  • That gamber 3210

    I watched all do more please 😏

  • Haven Dubroy
    Haven Dubroy Day ago

    I watched the whole thing! 🙃

  • puppet_bros
    puppet_bros Day ago +1

    Know one will like this so I will like it

  • puppet_bros
    puppet_bros Day ago

    I'm going to watch the hole thing even though I have seen the hole thing

  • Seadogs, YouTubers Fur Hire

    I suppose you could call it the ODDyssey

  • SurvivorAtHeart
    SurvivorAtHeart 2 days ago

    quenchy* or quenchiest* is the reference to avatar the last airbender when sokka drinks cactus juice and hallucinates

  • Cear Rose
    Cear Rose 2 days ago

    Jaidens commentary makes me so happy!

  • •ω• ѕєумσяє ѕσυfflé

    This is actually the 8th time I've watched this

  • Demon Panda
    Demon Panda 2 days ago +1

    21:17 Mexican? He’s Italian

  • BellaBehindAKidBehindACamera

    You all need to play mario party

  • memeyy
    memeyy 2 days ago

    Bowser came along and frozoned up the town

  • Tobenna Okoli
    Tobenna Okoli 2 days ago

    1:41:09 hahahahah

  • Höney MSP
    Höney MSP 2 days ago

    Who else watched this while they were dying because they have the flu and had to stay home....

    Just me.....


  • H. Michelle Ezazi
    H. Michelle Ezazi 3 days ago


  • xX_scrubslayer69_ Xx

    i watched the entire-thing

  • Nightmare FNaF
    Nightmare FNaF 3 days ago

    mario's italian

  • Norina Shao
    Norina Shao 3 days ago

    I literally watched the whole thing through 3 times bc it’s hilarious 😂 ily guys!

  • Tobenna Okoli
    Tobenna Okoli 3 days ago

    1:27:38 when you’re so close it hurts

  • hello there
    hello there 3 days ago

    I don't know who wouldn't watch 1 hour and 45 minutes of gREAT CONTENT
    Came for the animators, stayed for the great lets play 😤😤😤👌👌

  • Hogwarts Fam
    Hogwarts Fam 3 days ago

    I watched the whole thing, not on one go because I had school but still

  • Harrison Martin
    Harrison Martin 3 days ago

    PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN!!! I watched the whole thing and I freaking loved it!

  • Martijn Riepma
    Martijn Riepma 3 days ago

    I really want to play this but I will never have enough money for a switch

  • Leo French
    Leo French 3 days ago

    Bomb,omb battlefield

  • Janice Contreras
    Janice Contreras 3 days ago


  • Lilith Villerealle
    Lilith Villerealle 3 days ago

    Lol I watched it all

  • Sub2Xavage Animations

    Where’s the Easter egg at 1:04:12

  • Hogwarts Fam
    Hogwarts Fam 3 days ago

    My favorite apple is the Jazz apples! They are sweeter than others

  • Slime Boi Animations

    28:31 Adam:can u get me water?
    *plays again*
    Adam:can u get me water
    Background James:bye babe

  • Geoffrey Wozniak
    Geoffrey Wozniak 4 days ago

    I watch this regularly to sleep

  • Honey Bunches Of Emma Fortnite

    Adam: I like the colors in this level they look like *m e x i c a n*

  • Honey Bunches Of Emma Fortnite

    there needs to just be a shirt that says waluigi and then just a cartoon of james adam and jaiden laughing

    *W A L U I G I*

  • Darwin Trinh
    Darwin Trinh 4 days ago

    I watched the whole entire thing!!!!!!!!

  • the dragon tiger
    the dragon tiger 4 days ago

    1 hr for dis

    worth it XD (devil)

  • Mar Jimenez
    Mar Jimenez 4 days ago


  • Emily Guertin
    Emily Guertin 4 days ago

    That was hard to watch.. Especially at the end..

  • Emily Guertin
    Emily Guertin 4 days ago

    48:26 - You mean.. SOOUBWAY?

  • Jesibug *
    Jesibug * 4 days ago

    jaden, if I could draw, I would draw you that dragon 😂
    also I watched this video because I was sick and I can’t say I’m disappointed
    right after this video went off, game theory started playing

  • Josiah Butler
    Josiah Butler 4 days ago

    I don’t even like let’s plays or watching speed runs but this? This was awesome!!

  • Grey The Wolf
    Grey The Wolf 4 days ago

    Not to hate or somthing but the forest level (with the machines) is actully planet wisp from Sonic colors

  • Retugio
    Retugio 4 days ago +1

    Stay hydrated

  • Froggy Hoppers
    Froggy Hoppers 4 days ago

    I would love to see this with face cam

  • Epi Puffi
    Epi Puffi 4 days ago +4

    The beginning of the the video : peaceful, finding moons
    The ending of the video : *SCREAMING ADAM, JAMES, JAIDEN

  • BHR Master
    BHR Master 4 days ago

    January 27 is 2 days after my birthday

  • jesus Martinez
    jesus Martinez 5 days ago

    I know this a old video but i watched the whole thing

  • Kai the Red Panda
    Kai the Red Panda 5 days ago

    jaiden's birthday is one day before mine

  • Victorydelia Buenrostro

    My sister saw this 5 times(all of it) and I watched this 1 time

    BRONYKING 5 days ago

    I watched this whole damn thing instead of going to bed for school

  • Teresa Schrage
    Teresa Schrage 5 days ago

    See the bunny with the egg*ew

  • Michael Amato
    Michael Amato 5 days ago

    Watched the whole thing, semi- regretted it but nonetheless I really enjoyed it

  • Sara Chaffee
    Sara Chaffee 5 days ago +1

    Somthingelseyt: 2 hours and 36 minutes
    Me: actually it is 2 hours and 26 minutes
    jeez somthingelseyt get it right (jk lov u somthingelseyt )

    No hate I'm just saying 34+36=70 min

  • Griffin Wiriyan
    Griffin Wiriyan 5 days ago +1


  • Aulo Vera
    Aulo Vera 5 days ago

    Yay watched the whole thing

  • Spaarkles Animations

    0:26 i literally just finished my bowl of popcorn dangit

  • Emma Grader
    Emma Grader 5 days ago

    Quenchable doesn't make sense in that context. It's like saying the water is able to be quenched, not that it can quench your thirst.

  • Jose Camacho
    Jose Camacho 5 days ago +1

    The entire video is just James saying "there`s a way to"