Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun w/JaidenAnimations & SomeThingElseYT


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  • charlie jones
    charlie jones 18 hours ago

    i have braises too

  • Antonio Aristud
    Antonio Aristud 18 hours ago

    Amazingly, possibly EVERYONE who watched this video sat here through the WHOLE 1 hour and 45 minutes that are actually really entertaining.

  • Toe Bro
    Toe Bro 19 hours ago

    There was never a star called Board Bowser's Sub. There was a star, however, called Board Bowser's Suoub

  • WolfyGaming235
    WolfyGaming235 20 hours ago

    Am I the only one who watched the whole thing?

  • Jose Davila
    Jose Davila 21 hour ago

    You guys are the coolest UScliprs 😘

  • tormgameing7 yeah
    tormgameing7 yeah 21 hour ago


  • Frosted Flakes
    Frosted Flakes 21 hour ago +1

    I just wasted 3 hours of my life :D

  • LJ10hams
    LJ10hams 21 hour ago

    James: no ones gonna watch this
    Me after watching for the eighth time: I BEG TO DIFFER

  • Why was I not born in KOREA

    *sees the time*

    1 hour
    45 min

    *59 seconds*


  • sailor moon fan
    sailor moon fan Day ago

    Dori is my friends name lol

  • Izzie Maybury
    Izzie Maybury Day ago

    I made it to the end!

  • thekiller gamer and blogger

    My name is jorge

  • Neo LPSTM
    Neo LPSTM Day ago

    that water is so *_quenchable_*

  • Glenz Neilsen
    Glenz Neilsen Day ago

    1:27:58. Lol

  • Abby Rowland
    Abby Rowland Day ago

    That moon skip took a while

  • DoodleHasDoodles

    Can we see a Breath of The Wild Speedrun next?

  • Cayden Davies
    Cayden Davies Day ago

    this is my fifth time watching this all the way through

  • Pencilcake999 YouTube

    They had a such a good time and forgot all about Timtom

  • supergamer 37
    supergamer 37 Day ago

    Nice singing James!!

  • supergamer 37
    supergamer 37 Day ago

    Nice singing James!!

  • Dirt Empire
    Dirt Empire Day ago

    I watched the whole thing

  • Mari Duffy
    Mari Duffy Day ago +1

    I watched this all the way thought and wow

  • Jasmine Velasquez

    53:32 thats what she said

  • pablo m
    pablo m Day ago

    1:19:11 Did just James said a bad word or is my ear wrong? >:(

  • Noelle Parker
    Noelle Parker Day ago

    The amount of times they say “game theory” is great.

  • Candy Productionz


  • Dark Wokfy59
    Dark Wokfy59 Day ago

    I literally watched it to the end it was halirous

  • Derpy Dood
    Derpy Dood Day ago


  • Dark Wokfy59
    Dark Wokfy59 Day ago

    *gasp*"it's a lapris! "

  • Derpy Dood
    Derpy Dood Day ago

    Make vid about the top hat on odd 1s out channel

  • Derpy Dood
    Derpy Dood Day ago


  • SuperDude66
    SuperDude66 2 days ago

    When Mario captures them, is Cappy stealing their souls?

  • Spoopy Undertale
    Spoopy Undertale 2 days ago

    To answer Jaiden’s question, I’d think Mario’s name is Juan.

  • Linda Luquez
    Linda Luquez 2 days ago

    Why did Jayden not play for the whole video

  • Illuminati Lord
    Illuminati Lord 2 days ago

    O lol didnt even notice that tis was the o 2s out untill i finisched it

  • Luci Venom
    Luci Venom 2 days ago

    jaiden is the best part of this vid, especially at the end when she gets all panicy/ and yes i have watched this all the way through more then once.

  • LuckyDiamond Diamond

    I wonder how many calories Mario burns

  • Annika Cameron
    Annika Cameron 2 days ago

    The last couple minutes are FULL of raging and panic.

  • TheTacoCat
    TheTacoCat 2 days ago

    Greate easter egg

  • South-Karelian mapper

    Somebody actually made subtitles holy shit!
    This guy deserves a medal.

  • DerpFloosh
    DerpFloosh 2 days ago

    I watched this video so many times I can’t get over it. Just how all their own humor works together And they like the same jokes and memes

  • Ethanotor 1817
    Ethanotor 1817 2 days ago

    I watched all the way

  • pennyarnett
    pennyarnett 2 days ago

    Omg is this a real channel

  • Ty Hansen
    Ty Hansen 2 days ago

    Half the vidio, "screaming" then the other half, "that's just a theory a game theory"

  • Elias Hornshoej Skovoe
    Elias Hornshoej Skovoe 2 days ago +2

    I wished there was a face cam

    But I watched it all...

  • Ana Silva
    Ana Silva 2 days ago

    play roblox pls?

  • Daniela Vlková
    Daniela Vlková 2 days ago

    I think something is happening to me, 'cause normaly 20min video is too much for me, bit now I've watched the entire video. I think I need help

  • ChronicallyReal YT
    ChronicallyReal YT 2 days ago

    I watched the entire video I was actually screaming about it lmao

  • SaladBread
    SaladBread 2 days ago

    *In Metro Kingdom...
    "No! I'm not ready to go into the light!" Mario said, as the masses of people pushed him closer and closer to the bright doorway.

  • SaladBread
    SaladBread 2 days ago

    You can cheat the jump rope mini game in Metro Kingdom by performing a glitch withe the huge movable letters. I can't explain it, but it involves the notoriously glitchy scooter and using it to push the letters out of their boundaries, because normally, they can only be moved around in one grassy area, and try to go any further and they will hit an invisible wall that only the letters cannot pass. Anyway, once you get the letter past this invisible wall, you get it over to the jump rope, and push right onto it. You then have Mario stand on top of the letter, and, when the jump rope is at its highest point, it clips through the top of the letter just enough to have Marios feet brush it, and it counts it as a jump. I wouldn't recommend for speedrunning, though, performing the glitch to get the letter M out of its boundary is incredibly hard and time consuming.

  • DDTANK King
    DDTANK King 2 days ago

    Did you guys copy the odds1sout

  • DJ Zabelie Boss
    DJ Zabelie Boss 2 days ago

    Its Mrs.Sponge

  • Little Gacha kitten
    Little Gacha kitten 2 days ago


  • Mutant Creeper EXPLODING!!!

    Top tier speed runners: I wonder if we can get sub hour soon
    These 3: I wonder if we can get sub 3 hours

  • the_disneypixelperson

    i played mario odyssey while watching this

  • Little Gacha kitten
    Little Gacha kitten 2 days ago

    Jaiden Is the best in this

  • BazzTF2
    BazzTF2 2 days ago

    i watched the entire video help aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Smbat Sekepyan
    Smbat Sekepyan 2 days ago

    finaly I did it

  • Super Nova Studio
    Super Nova Studio 2 days ago

    I watched this entire vidoe more than two times and every single time I watched the video I would laugh at the cherry croissant bit.

  • Maura Jaros
    Maura Jaros 2 days ago

    I like watched the whole thing and I got bored in the middle of it!

  • Corroded Metal
    Corroded Metal 2 days ago

    I’ve almost watched this video two times

  • Bumble Whal
    Bumble Whal 2 days ago

    I watched the entire thing YEET

  • South-Karelian mapper

    Jaiden: "We are gonna have an easter egg at 1 hour and 45 minutes"
    what happens at that time you might ask?
    End credits.

  • Maxton Pruitt
    Maxton Pruitt 2 days ago

    The poison rabbit thing in wood kingdom is called "Spewart"

  • Sydney Harrell
    Sydney Harrell 3 days ago

    Idk about yall, but I put this on in the background while I’m cleaning my bathroom because it’s super entertaining

  • Rebecca Duncan
    Rebecca Duncan 3 days ago

    I watched the whole episode.

  • Rebecca Duncan
    Rebecca Duncan 3 days ago

    I did

  • memiliano
    memiliano 3 days ago

    *G A M E T H E O R Y*

  • Spook
    Spook 3 days ago

    I’ve watched this about 3 times now

  • ebeks16 Playz
    ebeks16 Playz 3 days ago

    JAIDEN!! they are wallnuggets! XD (its from Ari's birthday video)

  • Brodymo1
    Brodymo1 3 days ago

    *tries to skip the moon
    *spends like 10-15 minutes trying
    *skip to/does the actual level without talking about

  • ebeks16 Playz
    ebeks16 Playz 3 days ago

    i want some quenchable water now

  • Lilah Thomas
    Lilah Thomas 3 days ago

    Actually you can buy infinity moons when you beat the game.


    the bird is ari

  • Griffin Miller
    Griffin Miller 3 days ago

    Sorry but If you upload this to the leaderboard you will get 1010th place but you will sill be up there

  • Anne Dalzell
    Anne Dalzell 3 days ago

    ,fish Frick it's midnight

  • Ben Goollespie
    Ben Goollespie 3 days ago

    I have watched this 5 times all the way through

  • tungelsta psykot
    tungelsta psykot 3 days ago

    Srry but jaiden said that mario is a mexican plumber well he is actually from brooklyn once again so srry for this comment

  • Jacob Marical
    Jacob Marical 3 days ago

    I love how they made game theory jokes throughout the entire video

  • Zaney Ba Zaney
    Zaney Ba Zaney 3 days ago

    Pizza rolls ru

  • Josiah Stouder
    Josiah Stouder 3 days ago

    I stayed up till midnight watching this

  • bubsisme 43
    bubsisme 43 3 days ago

    I watched the whole thing but I'm a child and I like the odds ones out stories and jaydens pokemon so ya

  • Mystery Matt
    Mystery Matt 3 days ago

    I really hope they make more of these XD

  • MelonCupcakes
    MelonCupcakes 3 days ago +2

    1 like = 1 respecc for Bowser

  • Adum
    Adum 3 days ago

    This was a journey and I loved it

  • Zolar Side
    Zolar Side 3 days ago

    I had to watch this for 3 days because I didn’t have 1 hour time in the video

  • narwhalfluff32
    narwhalfluff32 3 days ago

    I love that jaiden went oooooo every time she saw a bird
    Oh and she also gasps

  • Aquamelon!
    Aquamelon! 3 days ago

    They were saying "who would watch this?" the whole time, but now I want to see the raw, unedited clip of this XD

  • Fur-Tastic
    Fur-Tastic 3 days ago

    The original mario was beaten faster than the time it took for you to get to the second boss.

  • Mitchell Knowles
    Mitchell Knowles 3 days ago

    10:15 fun fact the twitter birds name is... LARRY!

  • Rebecca Duncan
    Rebecca Duncan 3 days ago

    You are playing on January 27 2018

  • Ka56Super Pizza
    Ka56Super Pizza 3 days ago

    I've got a d-e-d ded toe, that's what I'm doing.

  • tressafa
    tressafa 4 days ago

    The vid ends at 1:45:59

  • AidanDoesStuff Oh No!

    Watched whole entire video it was beautiful

  • Peashooter Pizza
    Peashooter Pizza 4 days ago

    this got me into speedruns

  • Peashooter Pizza
    Peashooter Pizza 4 days ago

    1:36:17 6:10 splendid. I watched the whole thing...

  • 173.07734
    173.07734 4 days ago

    26:30 Super Mario Sunshine has amazing music, especially Noki Bay

  • Han bloxian
    Han bloxian 4 days ago

    it took me a day to beat super mario oddyssey

  • Potato Gaming YT
    Potato Gaming YT 4 days ago

    Play super Mario galaxy