Thanksgiving Special - NBA 2KTV S4. Ep.10


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  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez Year ago

    She’s so hot it hurts ...


    I'd fucking smash Rachael she so damn hot id stick my thing in her

  • Vincent
    Vincent Year ago

    God rachel 😍🤤

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    happy late thanksgiving

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    have y’all updated and fixing this game?, i heard it still has many bugs and issues still

  • LT Paulius
    LT Paulius Year ago

    Invite Kristaps Porzingis 😉

  • gentlemen's handshake

    even cedi has a proper portrait... pls update wade and korver's portrait

  • Phatom King
    Phatom King Year ago

    Why can't we eat the pizza at our mycourt or go in the fridge

  • Throwing up 2
    Throwing up 2 Year ago

    Isnt he ole boy that was the first one to do drive by dunk challenge? The boy in the black and blue suit doing dunks his name jordan

  • bigbirtha698
    bigbirtha698 Year ago

    If your fucking servers

  • Will Powell
    Will Powell Year ago

    Don’t worry 2k we coming for you like EA with all those damn micro transactions

  • Gurveer Dhaliwal
    Gurveer Dhaliwal Year ago

    Can i get some Free VC?

  • Roman Abdel
    Roman Abdel Year ago

    i want better gameplay i can care less about the hood the 2ktv.... my player talking to paul george about his fish and other nonsense put effort on the gameplay every year we play the same copy of 2k

  • Arvin Borkar
    Arvin Borkar Year ago

    Xbox represent

  • Seven Nine
    Seven Nine Year ago


  • SyCo Bangers
    SyCo Bangers Year ago

    Please fix your servers I lag so much

  • CD Prod ✓
    CD Prod ✓ Year ago

    Your game is trash

  • LoberaSupreme
    LoberaSupreme Year ago +1

    1 like 1 raep rachel

  • Covet Fear
    Covet Fear Year ago

    rachel is the type of person to were makeup to play basketball

  • OG Bound
    OG Bound Year ago

    Free tshirts

  • ReX 793
    ReX 793 Year ago

    2k is dead bought the game cause it was at 27 bucks at gamestop but already hating it. Miss the old 2ks I'll just keep on playing 16 while the servers are up

  • John Rafael Sytin

    Pls fix myteam bro they make every shot
    And boyyyy dont let me talk about mycareer

  • iceman2705
    iceman2705 Year ago

    rachel a thot and 2k18 is trash

  • Jamahl Lillard
    Jamahl Lillard Year ago +1

    Hurraches in 2k??💭

  • Young Rj
    Young Rj Year ago +3

    Let's use play on rookie!!!!!!!

    WİNGER Year ago +1

    Pls remove microstations

  • IndianHokage
    IndianHokage Year ago

    Phuk Ronnie

  • leerey14
    leerey14 Year ago +1

    I like how this episode just stops at like 13:30 on my shit and I guess ima just get fucked out of the rest of the vc. Anything to be stingy with that vc.

  • Beauski
    Beauski Year ago

    We all know what happened after this.

  • EDGE
    EDGE Year ago


  • Skowalski Hughes
    Skowalski Hughes Year ago

    2k can you add ankle breakers animation were the players go flying a cross the court

  • Mondaneone entertainment

    Love your smile

  • Cam Prod
    Cam Prod Year ago

    this game is ass. u can be wide open with a 94 moving shot and still miss with hall of fame difficult shots. no wonder why LD2k left. he finally saw how shit the game and the company is

  • Murry_ CBG
    Murry_ CBG Year ago

    Game is trash how can you be on this shit with a straight face 😂😂

  • xJordan23Woodx Mattis

    This fucking game is trash and dead

  • DingoberryVLOGS
    DingoberryVLOGS Year ago

    Yo what about magurk

  • PhilipG
    PhilipG Year ago +6

    I only came here for rachel

    I KNO DE WEY Year ago +1

    fix the game smh... CAP is fuckin shit more haorstyles. update niggas. microtransactions are killin the game. just add shit instead of takin good stuff out smh yall dont care about nothin but the money

    KING ICE Year ago +1

    Basketball games for the PlayStation Vita make this happen 2K sports remastered 2K 13 for the PlayStation Vita

  • Dr. Yeti
    Dr. Yeti Year ago +2

    All you idiots working at 2k fix your damn game and make it good next year, it has gotten worse and worse as it goes on. You make some of the teams on play now so underrated and some super overrated. The playground was awful, you guys were to lazy to even make parks so you had to mash them in to one smh. #Fixyourgame

  • te2x
    te2x Year ago

    Peace out Ld2k

  • Dante Hilton
    Dante Hilton Year ago +8

    I’m here because of the thumbnail 👀🙏🏾

  • Swaggy T
    Swaggy T Year ago +25

    Leave a like if you would nut 🥜 in Rachel

  • Steve Regal
    Steve Regal Year ago

    I only watched for those legs

  • Insanity Mania
    Insanity Mania Year ago

    10:02 shammy?

  • Justise Winslow’s Son

    Just signed my contract! I’m gonna be on the cover of 2K19!

  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane Year ago +15

    Parks on 2k17 are more packed than 2k18 , just played it , had more fun than the whole two months of 2k18 ...

    • Cory Newton
      Cory Newton Year ago

      There are several parks, everyone is not on the same server.

  • Daniel Davidson
    Daniel Davidson Year ago +1

    Black Friday VC sale or nah??

  • DrippyxLegend
    DrippyxLegend Year ago

    Where's Magurk

  • Zakiy Qabir
    Zakiy Qabir Year ago

    I went back to 2k17 what a damn shame...

  • Black Prizm
    Black Prizm Year ago

    Rachel over there looking like a big creampie waiting to happen

  • HH - 1888
    HH - 1888 Year ago +7


  • Cash mann
    Cash mann Year ago

    Those ass kissing tweets get the fuck outta here this game is pure shit💯💯

  • 神Rado
    神Rado Year ago +8

    holy shit rachel u r hot

  • Melo #5
    Melo #5 Year ago

    Rachel I will not pull out

  • vramirez3027
    vramirez3027 Year ago


  • vramirez3027
    vramirez3027 Year ago +1


  • MME Productions
    MME Productions Year ago +5

    Tell me why Rachel shoot better FT's than Andre Robertson

  • BeastModeJay4286
    BeastModeJay4286 Year ago

    c. Psikotic02

  • Scottie Pippen
    Scottie Pippen Year ago

    A fucking show about a broken game....

  • ZachBimmer J
    ZachBimmer J Year ago

    Damita baaabyyyyyyyy

  • Nigga Jojo
    Nigga Jojo Year ago +6

    The girl is so cute

  • michael marrero
    michael marrero Year ago

    I vote B

  • IsWavy
    IsWavy Year ago +1

    I had a dream that they were mascots in 2k18. Bs

  • Eureka SS
    Eureka SS Year ago +7

    Please marry me please please Rachel please please

  • Mark Lian
    Mark Lian Year ago +3

    Where's ep9?

    • Hayden logan
      Hayden logan Year ago

      Episode 9 is missing and that's a problem... This should be top comment.

    LAZZER POOP Year ago +1

    Fix your serv

  • Kelly Parker
    Kelly Parker Year ago +3

    Rachel I've got a turkey baster we could have fun with

  • kyree942 the goat

    hey Rachel you should ask 2k to make the face mask available

  • De'Anjelo Mitchell
    De'Anjelo Mitchell Year ago +1

    thanksgiving clothes???

  • king kid self
    king kid self Year ago

    I'm hit 94 this week cause I hit 92 in 2 days watch out kidself1 psn

    • king kid self
      king kid self Year ago

      Im2 Saucey. I just did a lot acrobat layups a lot of double move success and tear drops💯

    • Simply Snaggin
      Simply Snaggin Year ago

      young self broo how u hit 92 in 2 days

  • Crispy
    Crispy Year ago +11

    Thot demita

  • King NBA 2K17
    King NBA 2K17 Year ago

    Add face mask to NBA 2K18

  • PwCxSupreme
    PwCxSupreme Year ago +4


  • Jarrett Maisey
    Jarrett Maisey Year ago


  • Yxusuf
    Yxusuf Year ago +4

    This man was about to risk it all 4:06

    • GC brah
      GC brah Year ago

      Smitty gave her the goods my man

    • Moaz
      Moaz Year ago

      Yousuf Ansari lololol

  • TrashRecord
    TrashRecord Year ago

    anybody swing them answers

  • Kobe The best
    Kobe The best Year ago +1

    Incoming thristy 12 year olds

  • Luke DiMarzo
    Luke DiMarzo Year ago


  • Ghost King
    Ghost King Year ago

    2ktv beats were the best

  • Kenny Tucker
    Kenny Tucker Year ago +1

    I would stuff her turkey

  • Long Live X
    Long Live X Year ago +3

    I only come here for Rachel

  • PickleNumber6
    PickleNumber6 Year ago

    Wtf is bolt3737

  • Tht Boy Snagz
    Tht Boy Snagz Year ago

    Fuck u Mike Wang

  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina Year ago +4

    lowkey Rachel is looking like a snack

  • xNED37x
    xNED37x Year ago +5

    God, Rachel is so hot

  • Erick Ozuna
    Erick Ozuna Year ago +1

    Like #nba2k18Android

  • Erick Ozuna
    Erick Ozuna Year ago +1

    Like si quieres #nba2k18Android

  • SavageAvery
    SavageAvery Year ago +6

    Rachael can u stuff my dick this thanksgiving

  • Erick Ozuna
    Erick Ozuna Year ago

    Nba 2k18 para Android @nba2k18 #nba2k18 Android

  • Jayy _
    Jayy _ Year ago +3

    He raped Scott ogaleager and the hole 2k crew

    • Jayy _
      Jayy _ Year ago

      Now Scott ogaleger has a haircut why does he still looks like he still fucks his cousins professionally

  • Chase Clark
    Chase Clark Year ago


  • Louis Rusconi
    Louis Rusconi Year ago


  • Anyanwu ballers
    Anyanwu ballers Year ago

    Can you please tell me when 2k18 comes out for Android please everybody that has an Android is waiting for an answer please tell

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving Year ago +9

    Im bout to eat Rachel Demita for thanksgiving

  • BBNxDarius
    BBNxDarius Year ago

    Magurkk hit 98 cmon 2k