Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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Comments • 11 879

  • acestylerr
    acestylerr 19 hours ago

    Love Arnie. His sense of humour is on point, so witty and quick.

  • AX. L
    AX. L 19 hours ago

    You bad, hero!! I am so hungry after seeing your fridge.

  • MrBrightsighed
    MrBrightsighed 19 hours ago +1

    There is the exit ->
    And don't say "I'll be back" okay?

  • The7legacy
    The7legacy 20 hours ago

    0:03 - Knock Knock
    0:05 - Sarah Connor? Yes?

  • John Fang
    John Fang 20 hours ago


  • RF Chip
    RF Chip 20 hours ago

    I think that fridge was a little staged... Need to try that beer drink.

  • Amaji Raines
    Amaji Raines 21 hour ago

    F*ck it, drop the entire egg in. Accolades to Arnold giving respect to those who inspired him. Gotta' give it to Arnold, he's one charismatic guy.

  • Runner Five
    Runner Five 21 hour ago

    Class act.

  • Keizer
    Keizer 22 hours ago

    He still fucking awesome. just throw all the egg with shell in the blender for extra calcium!

  • Ahmet
    Ahmet 22 hours ago

    insan taklidi yapan robot . Kral Arnold . :)))

  • Flowin Miwai
    Flowin Miwai 22 hours ago

    A: I'm health conscious...stay away from meat products...
    MH: do you cook?
    A: yeah steaks

    Wtf 😂😂😂

  • Robert Mac in Asia
    Robert Mac in Asia 22 hours ago

    I met Arnold at patrick Road side cafe on pacific coast highway in 1980’s what a nice person

  • Joseph Veltri
    Joseph Veltri 22 hours ago

    Dont waist your time body building if you arent going to eat meat. You will get nowhere.

  • James D
    James D 23 hours ago

    When I was a teenager, I saw Arnold in " Pumping Iron " and told my friends he was going to be in movies and be the president of the US someday. They laughed at me, then years later he bacame the top grossing actor and eventually the Governor of California. But I never imagined in a million years that he'd have someone to buy his groceries and fill his fridge.

  • Treasure_Hunters
    Treasure_Hunters 23 hours ago

    Arnold you are the Man!!!

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 23 hours ago


  • Макс Замахов
    Макс Замахов 23 hours ago +1

    Арнольд красиво и на мой взгляд, правильно состарился.Переведи кто это американцам.👍

  • Games Broke
    Games Broke Day ago

    There's gonna be so many people in that gym everyday now. They should've cut him a check.

  • Micke
    Micke Day ago

    what brand is that tart cherry juice?

  • M VGSV
    M VGSV Day ago

    4:03 Israel

  • Delorean Driver
    Delorean Driver Day ago

    Arnie is a lefty and has gone soft in his old age. That shake is delicious though! I add a handful of steel cut oats!

  • Olek Walczy POMOC DLA OLKA

    The great person and very interesting interview.

  • Alfonso Dauria
    Alfonso Dauria Day ago

    Grande Arnold..💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Jay May
    Jay May Day ago +1

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽 *TRUMP 2020* 🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Олег Игумнов


  • Amigo
    Amigo Day ago

    crossfit , yay or nay?
    arnorld : i think it´s good done , the right way

    • Nunya Dambidniss
      Nunya Dambidniss 23 hours ago

      In CrosShit-
      So could ANYTHING Ever Be Right ???

  • Mada 12345
    Mada 12345 Day ago

    Radler is not a beer

  • Seamo One
    Seamo One Day ago

    Ahhhmund Meilk!

  • TinaMarie Venditti

    We could care less what he has that he bought by paying to play. Go home Schwarzenegger you belong in your birth country

  • Hounandan R
    Hounandan R Day ago

    Don't say "I'll be back! "....! 😂

  • Indiana DIY
    Indiana DIY Day ago +1

    Looks like there some other good stuff in that fridge but can't tell what all the stuff is.

  • Fighting For Freedom

    Still looking good Arnold 💋

  • leghunter
    leghunter Day ago

    He's still bloweying ayeyere into his muskels draining his bi-dzeps and then cumming.

  • Micah 777
    Micah 777 Day ago

    Greatest body builder EVER!

  • freshwater93
    freshwater93 Day ago

    Almond milk doesn't have any protein. I drink cow's milk, but only organic.

  • юный аниматор


  • LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

    You can say what you want about him. But he done it and that's what counts. Get it done and don't give up is the key.

  • Lucille Prince
    Lucille Prince Day ago

    Inspirational video. I have always admired Arnold. Truly a self made man.

  • The Lion
    The Lion Day ago

    When you see him aged like this, the moment you realise the time passed so fast since his Terminator movies. I would really love to see cool guys like him live forever.

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee Day ago

    did he actually drink raw egg

  • Jay Booth
    Jay Booth Day ago

    You don't think the years of steroid use had anything to with health issues? Yeah, it was the red meat.

  • Cam Wylie
    Cam Wylie Day ago

    Squatting or deadlift - it's the same as eating and drinking, we need both!! What a legend

  • Reef2480
    Reef2480 Day ago

    Whole shell egg!

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover Day ago

      im telling u this is between us .. 🤣 yeahh riteee

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Day ago

    Dang, he looks great! Nice hair, and the facial hair works too. I think he's well proportioned. Not a muscle head anymore. A fit, older dude. Nice.

  • Marcus Miks de Ávila

    He's very intelligent, centered and conscious. Great actor, great politician, great man. Simply, a huge source of inspiration.

  • James Lyman
    James Lyman Day ago

    He’s so genuine. What a legend.

  • Schubert Tonarelli

    Arnold is funny...

  • Some One
    Some One Day ago

    Im kinda getting sad my fitness rolemodel now lifts alone :I
    Thanks for the positive impact Arni, Ich bin ein stolzer fan .

  • a krystal ocean
    a krystal ocean Day ago

    i love you Arnie!!

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago +1

    It's been a while since I've seen Arnold! He's aged so well though! One thing I've noticed what Arnold has to say, that applies to nearly anything, is inspiration. Go Arnold! 6:19
    (Edit: For those who're wondering, you can eat eggshells, they're rich in calcium, improves bone health and reduce osteoporosis. The risk is just getting salmonella enteritidis and 'overdosing' on the vitamins. 1:33)

  • moha bendji
    moha bendji Day ago

    Close the fridge brooo lol

  • hamza alger
    hamza alger Day ago

    Arnold sad for franco

  • hamza alger
    hamza alger Day ago

    Franco grieved in your face ,Arnold

  • Catalin Badalan
    Catalin Badalan Day ago +1

    Arnold: "I used to eat garbage from the kitchen sink"
    Former Planet Hollywood customers: "Hmmm, that will 'splain one or two things..."

  • Va Va
    Va Va Day ago

    Arnold is a cool guy.

  • Mike Latta
    Mike Latta Day ago

    Reminds me of George Carlin talking about swimming in the raw sewage in the East River. "That's why I have an IMMUNE SYSTEM!"

  • Grand Tickler
    Grand Tickler Day ago

    his fridge was too well organized, i dont trust it

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon Day ago

    😋...I'll be back!!

  • Coba Lagi
    Coba Lagi Day ago

    im telling u this is between us ..
    🤣 yeahh riteee

  • Alien Jones Savage

    What a tool! Funny how these roidheads look like the most healthy ppl in the world, yet they are all fool of unhealthy shit! Fuck you Arnie!