Can You Start a Fire With LED Flashlight?


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  • Ege Asan
    Ege Asan 3 days ago

    Now Its 52k lumen buy It Please

  • Dowid Kopiec
    Dowid Kopiec Month ago

    The glass got hot i think

  • Dowid Kopiec
    Dowid Kopiec Month ago

    Magnifying glass and well see

  • Daniel Kinsman
    Daniel Kinsman Month ago

    Take one for the team buddy lol

  • Daniel Kinsman
    Daniel Kinsman Month ago

    You should do a part 2 using your hand lol

  • SpaYco
    SpaYco Month ago

    i like how he just threw the leaf after getting it on fire lol

  • Killer T
    Killer T 3 months ago

    Shine it through a magnifying glass 😎

  • Kapil Pathak
    Kapil Pathak 3 months ago

    Can you make video this video at night and compare both the lights at night...

  • The unknown 476
    The unknown 476 3 months ago +2

    7:48 your welcome

  • spandan roy
    spandan roy 4 months ago

    i like all u r videos bro lots of love from India bro

  • MAGA
    MAGA 4 months ago

    Did anyone else see the wolf in the background?

  • Jorkki !
    Jorkki ! 4 months ago

    My 1000LM Fenix can set Newspaper on fire...

    CYANIXE 5 months ago

    *That Flashlight,is bright than my future*

  • Bleach
    Bleach 5 months ago


  • YeetedYeast
    YeetedYeast 5 months ago

    I bet someone to make a 32001LM flashlight

  • Art Alcatraz
    Art Alcatraz 5 months ago +1

    Stinking Russians come to our country and get rich off USclip... Build that wall!!!

  • Tushar Bhalerao
    Tushar Bhalerao 6 months ago

    $380 torch vs stones

  • Gaming Town
    Gaming Town 6 months ago

    5:07 You have kids?

  • Mix-Tup VIDEO
    Mix-Tup VIDEO 6 months ago


  • Woozi Seventeen
    Woozi Seventeen 7 months ago


  • Rusli Alhamdi
    Rusli Alhamdi 7 months ago

    "Oh wow, can you believe it?" Yes i could

  • EMP Soktas
    EMP Soktas 8 months ago +1


  • Nalini Palav
    Nalini Palav 8 months ago

    Tests everything except testing flashlight at night

  • FL
    FL 8 months ago

    Is IT possible with 960 lumens?

  • M Phothisaranasouk
    M Phothisaranasouk 8 months ago

    Safety is no.1 priority

    This isn’t safe

  • jithin n reddy
    jithin n reddy 8 months ago


  • Paul Burns
    Paul Burns 9 months ago

    could you boil water with it ?

  • Lee Yy
    Lee Yy 9 months ago

    Is this how we supposed to start a fire in 21st century?

  • yos games
    yos games 9 months ago

    It must be a Jedi weapon!
    Am i right?

  • manoj maden
    manoj maden 9 months ago


  • Nicky Mitchell
    Nicky Mitchell 9 months ago

    How could LEDs even start a fire? How strange! I thought LEDs didn’t heat up!!

  • James j
    James j 9 months ago

    I’d rather just buy a regular flash light and a lighter

  • Gavrilo Princip
    Gavrilo Princip 9 months ago


  • hanle lol
    hanle lol 9 months ago

    That’s brighter than my future

  • G Yalcin
    G Yalcin 9 months ago

    5 pounds EASILY...maybe a little less

  • nahdhan naaxim
    nahdhan naaxim 9 months ago

    Will you give it to me

  • hardskill tallent
    hardskill tallent 9 months ago

    can you make a grenade flashlight?

  • Michael Dalley
    Michael Dalley 9 months ago

    Give it or take it

  • MiniMcPanda
    MiniMcPanda 9 months ago +1

    Where’s the *boom.?*

  • Uplifter Man
    Uplifter Man 9 months ago

    My lighter cost $1

  • Matthew DeFeo
    Matthew DeFeo 9 months ago

    Can you review a Fleshlight

  • Survival Mindset
    Survival Mindset 9 months ago

    It's smoking hot and bright

  • Kayra5138
    Kayra5138 9 months ago


  • Jahirul Islam
    Jahirul Islam 9 months ago


  • Spicy Rice Cake
    Spicy Rice Cake 9 months ago +1

    This would be good in video games, you have a fire starter and you have a flashlight😂

  • ganjaman 407
    ganjaman 407 9 months ago

    "For today's video, we're going to do a quick test with the most powerful Fleshlight!" Ooooh, did he say *flashlight* ? Woops, my mind must have been somewhere else

  • Valor
    Valor 9 months ago


  • leo villa
    leo villa 9 months ago

    Dude your video got me blind 😭

  • papinbala
    papinbala 9 months ago

    yevray blat

  • T Stormer
    T Stormer 9 months ago

    Cook marshmallows

  • Raed Kashif
    Raed Kashif 9 months ago

    Wrost video

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia 9 months ago

    Show under therefore peaceful crash campaign field adoption guess Soviet.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 9 months ago

    I didn't know you could melt paper

  • The Macabre Gamer
    The Macabre Gamer 9 months ago

    Fun torture devise.

  • Ummzzyy
    Ummzzyy 9 months ago

    That thing is like the sun

  • Ley Kim
    Ley Kim 9 months ago

    I've waited for the egg to cook

  • Justin Baluyut
    Justin Baluyut 9 months ago +1

    I have a candle😁

  • I am human
    I am human 9 months ago

    Im an egg

  • Shane Ross
    Shane Ross 9 months ago

    Fold it so it has lairs .ogres have lairs do they catch on fire easy

  • Shadow77
    Shadow77 9 months ago


  • Rogue Aquatics
    Rogue Aquatics 9 months ago

    When you think he says fleshlight 😂😂😂

  • Easin M.alkubaisi
    Easin M.alkubaisi 9 months ago


  • Franklin Neely
    Franklin Neely 9 months ago

    They should have sent a extra battery with it for the price

  • Hank McStash
    Hank McStash 9 months ago

    Safety is always the numble one pliolity.

  • Alain _
    Alain _ 9 months ago

    Love it

  • Four ZeroFour
    Four ZeroFour 9 months ago

    Where do I buy it?

  • Roman Noodles
    Roman Noodles 9 months ago

    Anyone else hear "the most powerful fleshlight"?

  • IsraeliFisherman(רפי הדייג)

    Crazy russian🤣🤣🤣

  • INfiNity .
    INfiNity . 10 months ago


  • chirag
    chirag 10 months ago

    grt firestarter

  • Shadow Government
    Shadow Government 10 months ago +1

    Imagine what the military has

  • Marijausas
    Marijausas 10 months ago

    Can i use this to blind my enemies?

  • Martin Cirilo
    Martin Cirilo 10 months ago

    Almost instantly

  • Xelloss Metallium
    Xelloss Metallium 10 months ago

    Awesome !
    I suppose if you place a magnifying glass in front of the head, you can make pyrography Oo

  • J024
    J024 10 months ago

    How about putting the pan on top of the flashlight ?

  • Sassy The Sasquatch
    Sassy The Sasquatch 10 months ago

    *alantutorial is howtobasic*

  • Austin Quick
    Austin Quick 10 months ago

    He'll yeah for that same shirt bro!

    ESRB GAMING CREW 10 months ago

    Very amazing my man. 👍

  • zach siebers
    zach siebers 10 months ago

    Thats an Awesome shirt

  • Kealem Tan
    Kealem Tan 10 months ago


  • Nerf Herder
    Nerf Herder 10 months ago

    looks like a fleshlight!

  • smp biker
    smp biker 10 months ago

    Do you ride motorcycles?

  • smp biker
    smp biker 10 months ago

    What is the strongest yet smallest flashlight?

  • Old Is Gold
    Old Is Gold 10 months ago

    whats your name

  • Yellow Purple
    Yellow Purple 10 months ago +2

    *waooaw nice*

  • VIPER410
    VIPER410 10 months ago

    I'd buy it but technology is so overpriced

  • Jerald Wong
    Jerald Wong 10 months ago

    Best for starting a campfire

  • Rachel Harper
    Rachel Harper 10 months ago

    I thought his dog was a wolf

  • ShoalBear
    ShoalBear 10 months ago

    I was hoping you would close with some footage of you using it at night. You said you were really looking forward to was I...

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz 10 months ago


  • mingsanx
    mingsanx 10 months ago

    That’s crazzzyy

  • Raj Shah
    Raj Shah 10 months ago +1

    Worlds brightest flashlight vs mirror!

  • Secret Anonymous
    Secret Anonymous 10 months ago

    I am blind looking at this video 😑

  • Lord Mingeworthy
    Lord Mingeworthy 10 months ago

    i want to see this flashlight at night. It would pretty much be a semi truck headlights on the go. Lol.

  • Hoàng Trần Minh
    Hoàng Trần Minh 10 months ago

    imagine attaching this to the end of a rifle. it's like a flashbang but it last forever.

  • Trent_G
    Trent_G 10 months ago

    Do a laser reveiw

  • modified unlimited
    modified unlimited 10 months ago

    Really enjoy your videos very good product testing :-) thank you

  • Jenifer David
    Jenifer David 10 months ago

    Try that flashlight with magnifying glass

  • Gabe Darrett
    Gabe Darrett 10 months ago

    Use a convex lens with the flashlight to start a fire