Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR

  • Published on Aug 10, 2016
  • Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly.
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    - Good Overview by Wired:
    -timeline of computer development:
    - Selective breeding:
    - DNA:
    - Radiation research:
    - inserting DNA snippets into organisms:
    - First genetically modified animal:
    - First GM patent:
    - chemicals produced by GMOs:
    - Flavr Savr Tomato:
    - First Human Engineering:
    - glowing fish:
    - CRISPR:
    - HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR:
    - first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer:
    first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016:
    - genetic diseases:
    - pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated:
    ( 1999 European study)
    - CRISPR and aging:
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    • John Seed
      John Seed 7 days ago +1

      Like the Pagan entities whom we have replaced as God's latest creation, these designer humans are going to replaces as God's next creation. I pray they do not repeat humanity's mistakes, our arrogance and our perversions.

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown 9 days ago

      zombies ?... Aka failed genetic modification ... and causes a mutation from bateria that cannot be stop or reversed ... because bateria can learn it could be bad if u mutate this .... but i really dont know what im talking about .... just spit balling

    • Annaiiss Victoria
      Annaiiss Victoria Month ago

      could you tell me the sources of this video?

    • Uja 2
      Uja 2 Month ago

      Kurzgesagt -

  • Dennis Bjerregaard
    Dennis Bjerregaard 5 minutes ago +1

    Uhm guys.. I think they patched this in version 2.0.18

  • Michal Kisio
    Michal Kisio 10 minutes ago

    Who, da fak, is the master behind these animations?

  • Umyah I yah
    Umyah I yah 24 minutes ago

    We all know humanity is gonna fuck up and make a genetic disease that will be thinking and shit

  • ClasRickNet JukeLy

    Regeneration and bivascular system. My Whovian dream is now possible. Now, where can I get my sonic screwdriver? I don't think I can handle having a TARDIS...

  • Gregg Octavius Muliana

    if u stop aging... earth will be full and there will be no more space for humans

  • Sumbul Siddiqui
    Sumbul Siddiqui 3 hours ago +1

    If genetically modified humans come into existence then the human race will extinct

  • олен
    олен 5 hours ago

    Like internet laws, laws for the degree of human modification would probably, hopefully, come into place.

  • Nuki DaChooki
    Nuki DaChooki 8 hours ago

    Mom says I'm -adopted- genetically engineered.

  • Nuki DaChooki
    Nuki DaChooki 8 hours ago

    would people still have different genetic *talents* ?

  • Nuki DaChooki
    Nuki DaChooki 8 hours ago

    "I've heard Mavis has a designer -handbag- baby!"
    "what a show off!"

  • Alina Zhang
    Alina Zhang 9 hours ago

    Rick and Morty ~

  • enes xd
    enes xd 16 hours ago

    10:05 super saiyajin baby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • uriel bautista
    uriel bautista 17 hours ago

    I mean if we're going to die one day why not die in thousands of years I wonder how the prison system will be lmao

  • Al13n1nV8D3R
    Al13n1nV8D3R 17 hours ago

    Genectic selection in humans would be a nightmare. People who are created in the lab are strong, tall, smart, good looking and perfect. So that makes the rest of us humans who choose the natural way of life inferior. One day those perfect cloned humans will kill us inferior humans off and because we are not perfect. World War 3 is coming!

  • Selix Relix
    Selix Relix 20 hours ago

    BBQ Syndrome and That and chocoolate and THE OTHER THING

  • jettson yt
    jettson yt 23 hours ago

    you showed the emortal jelly fish!
    they dont just live forever! do you want to see a human do what they do when they restart there life

  • CuriousEyes
    CuriousEyes Day ago

    CAS 9 is... kinda cute

  • Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl

    Meanwhile the only thing researchers care about with CRISPR is:
    'We don't have to waste years on making knockouts again!'
    Also, having done CRISPR at undergrad labs, it's not going to advance as fast as everyone things.

  • Mr Guest god
    Mr Guest god Day ago

    Does that mean... invincibility...immortality....and superpowers can be used in the next 20 years???

  • welshi megs
    welshi megs Day ago

    I want my baby to be a anime cat eared baby.

  • I will be Everywhere

    Eyyy catgirls when?

  • why are you looking at my username

    Don't let the furries find this

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Day ago

    I always wonder what an actual cat-dog hybrid would look like.

  • TheThirdSide
    TheThirdSide Day ago

    0:07 nice DHMIS reference

  • Alysson Augusto
    Alysson Augusto Day ago

    9:50 Goku approves this.

  • starstruck17
    starstruck17 Day ago


  • Sketch Plays
    Sketch Plays Day ago

    It's an amazing possibility. Human is the only creature who knows how to be. We can decide our future unlike other animals and surely CRISPR seems to be a great tool to achieve a brighter future. Misuses might happen but they had always been happening. We just need to be more sensible and life-sensitive so that we can use this tool for well-being.

  • Joe Burton
    Joe Burton Day ago

    Jurassic park??

  • garrondumont
    garrondumont 2 days ago

    Did anyone else start thinking of Gattaca?

  • Zach P
    Zach P 2 days ago

    could should would.... boooring! never gonna happen. keep dreaming.

  • EnmpErial
    EnmpErial 2 days ago

    Im gonna stay the same i dont wanna be modified it feels like im a guinea pig.

  • JJrocksniper
    JJrocksniper 2 days ago

    Lmao adventure duck

  • Flexn Rex
    Flexn Rex 2 days ago

    make a video on xenotransplantation

  • Michael Hyde
    Michael Hyde 2 days ago +1

    Love me some good Rick and Morty

  • The King's crescendo

    I've already found a way to reverse death. It's called Jesus Christ. Get some. The strength of God cannot be overcome by the "strength" of the genetically modified. Sure humans may become stronger physically, but mentally human strength will plummet all the way down to hell.

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra 2 days ago

    12:22 nice

  • masterwaylon
    masterwaylon 2 days ago

    Lollll so THAT's what "Digital Dancing" is..!

    ARCG MK II 3 days ago

    If crispr tech was invented before 1991, we migt still have a freddie mercury for the new generation

  • Ismail Osama
    Ismail Osama 3 days ago

    great video as usual. keep up the good work my man!!
    i also like that rick and morty touch;)

  • Culann Mostert
    Culann Mostert 3 days ago

    Oh so now our DNA is just a new toy for smart people. Great.

  • C to the J Cops
    C to the J Cops 3 days ago

    Damn imagine when cancer will just be something small and so easily cured

  • Jonathan Louis-Jacques

    I want my genetically engineered catgirls.

  • NinjaKitty169
    NinjaKitty169 3 days ago

    its 2018!

  • 阿誠
    阿誠 3 days ago

    "I don't want an injection. It is just a cancer."
    That's really dreams-come-true.
    And nowadays many we call "little sickness" are also matters of life and death just dacades ago.

  • William Wharton
    William Wharton 3 days ago

    That's insane

  • Løs HH
    Løs HH 3 days ago

    Me: *sees title*
    Me: so it’s like the matrix?

  • E_Lander
    E_Lander 3 days ago

    Oh, the references.

  • Andrew Caldwell
    Andrew Caldwell 3 days ago

    oh god. furies might become a reality......




    engieneered kids, LUTS GOH FUTUR


    1:44 nintendo's mario bros reference

  • Ucallit 71
    Ucallit 71 3 days ago

    A future with real Clone Troopers.. I volunteer to be their Jango !

  • Malik Tanveer
    Malik Tanveer 3 days ago

    u just summarized 4 chapter of my high school. thank you

  • Suppenhuhn007
    Suppenhuhn007 3 days ago

    if no one dies because of age the world would burst because of humans no one could live good because there isnt enough for everybody

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh 4 days ago

    3:32 I see Rick

  • Duke Austin
    Duke Austin 4 days ago

    look at the list in the backround xd 12:37

  • Duke Austin
    Duke Austin 4 days ago

    bruh look at this dude 5:38

  • itachi Theonlylegend

    When the days comes it will be the start of most horrendous days of humanity. Our intellect can't beat the natural intelligence of nature if we do something stupid with our intellect we will have to pay the price

  • misaki MEZY
    misaki MEZY 4 days ago

    aldous huxley predicted something like this in his book "brave new world"

  • Xena
    Xena 4 days ago

    CYBERPUNK 2077

  • SoTyp Me
    SoTyp Me 4 days ago

    Scientists playing around with genes = Me playing around in the Windows registry.

  • Mimi Star
    Mimi Star 4 days ago

    Foolish mortals, do you really want a "hackable," or "synthetically processed child...?"
    Afterall, it was advancements in man's experimental methods that caused problems today to grow out of proportion.
    We need to return to Our Creator (it's NOW or NEVER), for human has proven through the test of time, to not be trustworthy enough to be simulate their own (artificial) version of the world.

  • m s
    m s 4 days ago

    This is why I only buy Levi's

  • Galactic Eevee
    Galactic Eevee 4 days ago

    X-men here we come

  • Mdoggyhood
    Mdoggyhood 4 days ago +1

    Smart billionaire? Oh Elon!

  • Jamaldeen Ajibola Adigun

    3:37 RICK AND MORTY?

  • An untrue definition

    Hopefully I'll miss the gene modification for immortality. I'd prefer to be dead

  • Karma Productions
    Karma Productions 4 days ago

    Essentially we can make the clone wars a real thing?

  • Rookie Rogue
    Rookie Rogue 4 days ago

    When i see the words designer babies, i think of the movie Gattaca, and constant referencing of "The Augment War" from Star Trek.
    I hope we humans are careful about this.

  • Lulu La Saumure
    Lulu La Saumure 5 days ago +2

    M2MC Plante son drapeau (rip les boules de pierre)

  • Torpedo
    Torpedo 5 days ago

    I'm simple ! I just want to have a large Dick !

  • Shasmeen H
    Shasmeen H 5 days ago

    4:27 Harry Potter in a nutshell

  • Yrok24
    Yrok24 5 days ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee

  • Val
    Val 5 days ago

    *gucci babies*

  • Alex Salvey
    Alex Salvey 5 days ago

    omg the sign that said have a pretty baby is just wrong

  • yan li
    yan li 5 days ago

    Lol philly got a tick

  • A random otaku
    A random otaku 6 days ago

    *humans have installed BeingGod.exe*
    Nature:*i guess we have a brother*

  • mrtalos
    mrtalos 6 days ago

    Imagine I was alive in the 80's.
    Kinda easy when I was, but om

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 6 days ago


  • The One Time
    The One Time 6 days ago


  • A Dead Meme
    A Dead Meme 6 days ago

    Gucci babies in stores near you!

  • Nathan Crotty
    Nathan Crotty 6 days ago

    Is it just me or does this video have a sort of post apocalyptic vibe?

  • Vlad Kantstein
    Vlad Kantstein 6 days ago

    i want the Future, N O W ! ! !

  • Marco Arambula
    Marco Arambula 6 days ago

    i want my son to have 4 arms so he can multitask.

  • Shaker Turantula
    Shaker Turantula 6 days ago

    I'm scared

  • videogameemperor lear

    we are naturally born

  • Lloyd Zed
    Lloyd Zed 6 days ago

    I bet any aliens observing our planet are thinking "well now this is getting interesting"

  • Eraj Kamal
    Eraj Kamal 7 days ago

    12:06 what’s that 😱 I think I have seen that wrong?🤨

  • Abhishek Patawari
    Abhishek Patawari 7 days ago

    Now I now
    You want to Asgardian right 😜

  • IzotopeZ Δ
    IzotopeZ Δ 7 days ago

    Stem cells already are fighting degenerative dieses
    Crispr will fight anything WTF

  • who's who
    who's who 7 days ago

    why so long of time

  • CatQueenOf TheMemes
    CatQueenOf TheMemes 7 days ago

    2:16 wtf bro..yo thats toad

  • Veronica De Rossi
    Veronica De Rossi 7 days ago +1

    Adventure duck

  • DOGE oof Y oof oof oof oof

    what about super saiyan ??

  • Ramona
    Ramona 7 days ago

    I am so in!

  • Ufukcan Gencoglu
    Ufukcan Gencoglu 7 days ago

    I hope that stuff like genetic engineering and cloning won't lead to "Literally bred for war" type soldiers.

  • Folie Deux
    Folie Deux 7 days ago

    I'm very optimistic about these

  • kohnea aa
    kohnea aa 7 days ago

    if they had just knew this in 1991 freddie mercury had maybe been alive

  • Minionology for You!

    I thin it would be great, but I'm scared of what Japan will do.