Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR

  • Published on Aug 10, 2016
  • Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly.
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    The best book we read about the topic: GMO Sapiens
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    - Good Overview by Wired:
    -timeline of computer development:
    - Selective breeding:
    - DNA:
    - Radiation research:
    - inserting DNA snippets into organisms:
    - First genetically modified animal:
    - First GM patent:
    - chemicals produced by GMOs:
    - Flavr Savr Tomato:
    - First Human Engineering:
    - glowing fish:
    - CRISPR:
    - HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR:
    - first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer:
    first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016:
    - genetic diseases:
    - pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated:
    ( 1999 European study)
    - CRISPR and aging:
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    • Damianne Sarr
      Damianne Sarr 3 hours ago

      you should read a book called change agent

    • Black feline 16
      Black feline 16 7 days ago +1

      I thought there would be more replies...

    • Blabla maj
      Blabla maj 19 days ago +1

      dammit way to CONVNIENT

    • Noah Figueroa
      Noah Figueroa Month ago +2

      U guys should make a video of how could we terraform planets

    • dong hu
      dong hu Month ago

      How can i get the Chinese subtitle?

  • May
    May Hour ago

    Why would we want altered babies/people? That sounds awful. Making people look perfect all the time? How boring. We're all unique and if we start doing this we'll start ending up obsessed with the perfect baby/person and all look the same..

  • Pedro Fioravante
    Pedro Fioravante 4 hours ago


  • Herlof Rumfragi
    Herlof Rumfragi 11 hours ago


  • injustice xbox
    injustice xbox 14 hours ago

    What an amazing video! The study of genetics is fascinating, that's why I want so much to be something like a biogenetic engineer!

  • Black Dragon Studios
    Black Dragon Studios 16 hours ago +1

    I'm gonna add fire bending to my kids abilities.

  • TheMichellellee
    TheMichellellee 19 hours ago

    Can we talk about how Rick and morty make appearances.

  • StamperzTV
    StamperzTV 22 hours ago

    Watching this Gene editing got me thinking. What if Alien are the people from the future that have already modified their body to be able to adjust to space traveling and to store massive amount of information in their brain? Just asking please don't abduct me.

  • Nail in your coffin
    Nail in your coffin 23 hours ago +1

    True question is..
    Could I give my kid a sharingan?

  • Wyattagum
    Wyattagum Day ago

    Don't we already use vaccines without their consent? So it's okay to genetically modify the babies...

  • Julien Motteau
    Julien Motteau Day ago +1

    I hope to live long enough to see a real progress in this

  • Mr pope
    Mr pope Day ago

    interestingly, someone is going to determine the level of melanin in his unborn baby!!!! Hell No!!!!!!

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold Day ago +1

    We humans better use genetic engineering correctly and with good intentions though. Because if we made huge disastrous mistakes or if it got into the wrong hands, then there’s probably going to be one big crisis.
    Also, I’m pretty sure genetic engineering and cloning have already been perfected and are already being used. Just that the government and all the scientists behind it are just covering it up and keeping it a secret from the general public.

  • Gloria Rojas
    Gloria Rojas Day ago +1

    Wait this is great and exciting but what about human population would it not sky rocket if this works?🤔also this dose open a lot of new ideas.😀

  • Oh YeahYeah
    Oh YeahYeah 2 days ago

    i thought the muscular pigs would look cool so i searched it up, i was soooo wrong

  • Preda-12-
    Preda-12- 2 days ago

    10:03 That's how you achieve super saiyan

  • Soulless
    Soulless 2 days ago +1

    11:30 Elon Musk were looking at you here...

    • STC
      STC Day ago

      14:37, the real Elon we don't see xD

  • Miyu Homma
    Miyu Homma 3 days ago

    16mins gone so quickly......16分がめちゃめちゃ早く感じた....

  • Pink Rainbow
    Pink Rainbow 3 days ago

    did anyone see the rick and morty?

  • Jacksen Cooper
    Jacksen Cooper 3 days ago +1

    This is why I want my job to be a person that works with bioengineering. Also what is that job called? Bioengineer?

  • Matta's Account
    Matta's Account 3 days ago

    there is a defect in our livers witch makes them not produce viteman c we can use modifying for that

  • ao
    ao 3 days ago +8

    imagine looking like what your parents think is attractive...

  • Midnight Walker
    Midnight Walker 3 days ago +3

    Thumbs up for Rick and Morty!

  • Reagan Brooker Beaumont

    This is a great thing, idc if someone says well then they’ll be no colourblind people or they’ll be no people with cystic fibrosis etc. I think it’s fine if it’s only used for medical reasons, that effect someone’s life to a point where it lowers the quality of living. Because although say someone with Down Syndrome is still a lovely person, I feel so bad for them because they’ll get bullied and they won’t get the opportunities in life like what I would or what most people would. So I am a strong believer that if we want the fairest possible society in which people are equal in terms of a medical sense, I think we should either all have the same probability of having a disease or nobody should have the probability of having the disease. It is unfair on the unfortunate people that they have to go through it as a minority so for me it’s either we all have an equal chance of getting it or nobody can get it.

  • Sniperbuddy Bear
    Sniperbuddy Bear 3 days ago +3

    At 14:36 OH DANG IT'S SPECTRE it's time to call James Bond guys

  • Dragon-Like-Tendencies

    I'm scared about the designer babies. I'm no where near perfect, and honestly, I like it that way. With me not being "perfect", then i can strive to be better, just like feeling that you are fat, so you exercise. If we just made everything automatic, then we can never improve ourselves, we would just believe we deserve everything. Sure, if it was to happen, it would be good on a global level, but on a personal level, it would be catastrophic. If we are defined by perfect, but don't believe we are, it can drastic effect our mental health, leading to eating disorders or depression, never feeling good enough. Or on the flip side, we could think the whole world is ours alone, and believe we are the equivalent of gods, leading to a multitude of personality disorders such as Antisocial Personality Disorder, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. For all we know, it could turn out with slaves again, with GM people believing they are gods, and forcing non-GM people to do dirty work, for little or no pay. I'm not saying this could be the only outcome, but to me, it feels likely, and i would hate to watch it all unfold. I can survive with GM food and vaccines, but humans are my limit. We aren't meant to be perfect, and for a good reason. There is always something we can improve about ourselves, and we should strive to make ourselves better to make the world a better place.

  • Suolaukko22
    Suolaukko22 3 days ago

    smart billionaire... Elon musk? :D

  • chendaddy
    chendaddy 4 days ago

    China now has two genetically modified babies.

  • Juinha :p
    Juinha :p 4 days ago

    1:41 Nice reference

  • Wolfsblutratte
    Wolfsblutratte 4 days ago +2

    Those "Don´t hug me I´m scared" references are just perfect!

  • Luis Chaffin
    Luis Chaffin 4 days ago


  • Luis Chaffin
    Luis Chaffin 4 days ago

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 😩🔫 😠😠😠😠😠 where's a middle finger emoji when you need one.

  • Autumn Sprott
    Autumn Sprott 4 days ago +1

    Oh boy I love some of these reference's in here. You got Rick and Morty, Harry potter, and was that a dbz reference?( the kid I mean.)...I like you, you get a sub.

  • Ricky Hand
    Ricky Hand 4 days ago +2

    10:02 lol goku

  • Ricky Hand
    Ricky Hand 4 days ago

    3:33 RICK!

  • Kenny Van Bosbeke
    Kenny Van Bosbeke 4 days ago

    i'm born to early. i wish i entered the world in a few 100 years.

  • Qweblingers ATN
    Qweblingers ATN 5 days ago

    Rick and morty at 3.34

  • David Corona
    David Corona 5 days ago +1

    Maybe this technology can finally be used to get rid of the (((certain people))).

    • 서정민
      서정민 2 days ago


    • Brainloader
      Brainloader 5 days ago +1

      gays blacks and kpop fans?

  • snoxshooter13
    snoxshooter13 5 days ago


  • Chris Lance
    Chris Lance 5 days ago

    I'm with you living forever

  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom 5 days ago

    Do you think these idiots care about our futures, while the EPA is now regulating how much pesticides are SAFE for human consumption? Do you think life is about "designer babies"? People can't even take care of the ones they have.

  • Brandon Maxfield
    Brandon Maxfield 5 days ago

    These animations are awesome. As in awe inspiring!

  • EyesOfTheLion 11
    EyesOfTheLion 11 5 days ago

    Bacteria vs Virus reminds me of Alien vs Predator

  • Morgan Dax
    Morgan Dax 6 days ago

    I would rather have been aborted, or have been genetically modified to not have all these genetic susceptibilities to mental health issues. Also not having to wear glasses would be pretty cool too.

  • Kryzertek
    Kryzertek 6 days ago

    I am not in favor of creating medicines for the cure of old age, some European countries suffer from the lack of young population and if we create medicines for old age, this will extend the lives of the elderly plus more medicines for children's health. In a nutshell, that would destroy the world in my opinion, if the elderly population increased more it would cause more taxes to pay their retirement, probably I said something wrong more that came into my head.

  • Kryzertek
    Kryzertek 6 days ago

    Resident Evil

  • brady scioscia
    brady scioscia 6 days ago

    I'm working on a theory. If done correctly then maybe its possible to create new abilities for humans or "super powers". What do you think?

  • Eveo Airo
    Eveo Airo 6 days ago

    I feel like one day there’s just gonna be a website that lets you customize all the traits and DNA of your Baby and just send it to your doorstep

  • Sherrif
    Sherrif 6 days ago

    My question always is...
    How effective is crispr?
    Lets take a few examples:
    If I have a genetically carried disease, could it be fixed after I've been born? Lets say at age 21 you find yourself with genetic issues, can you fix it? Can you fix color blindness in a living adult, and how long could it take?
    Could you modify minor traits, like maybe fix heterochromia (one eye is a different color than the other) could you maybe change hair color or metabolism after you've been born?
    If somebody wanted gender reassignment surgery... could crispr be used in place of it? In other cases changing pigmentation make sense that its possible, but is it possible to have one set of tubes change into another set... somehow?
    Its just that everybody talks about "what is possible" but its hard to believe that you can do much with this technology once you've grown into more than your single cell embryo

  • Claíre Croft
    Claíre Croft 6 days ago +1

    >edit genes to never age & stay slim
    >error accures
    >become a werewolf in uv light
    Dammit, introvert werewolves

  • Mohammad Abujassar
    Mohammad Abujassar 6 days ago

    Can it be used on adults? Or just like unborn ppl

  • Eiahfou
    Eiahfou 6 days ago

    It's weird to think that pretty much all of us would be undesirable in this future. Every guy would be muscular, tall and well endowed, whilst every chick would be cute, have a perfect body ratio and no facial hair
    Also in the future parents who don't genetically engineer their kids would be the same as parents who don't vaccinate their kids today

  • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie

    This might be a stupid and uncomfortable question but, could you edit your sexuality with gene editing? Atleast in theory?

    • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie
      스테파니 조셉Stephanie 3 days ago

      +No Lol :-P understandable. But do you have any takes on the subject matter? :T

    • No
      No 3 days ago

      +스테파니 조셉Stephanie Um dude I'm gonna be completely honest I don't remember writing this 😂😂😂

    • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie
      스테파니 조셉Stephanie 3 days ago

      +No Lol I like your username because it caught me off gaurd while I was typing a response to your comment. And this was a serious question that I would like a thoughtful answer to.
      Doesn't science say that your sexuality (i.e. The gender/ sex that you're attracted to) is pre- determined by genetics or DNA or something engrained in your brain before birth and that's why you wouldn't be able to convert a person who is homosexual to be heterosexual and vice versa? So with that being said, would future generations be able to edit their child's sexual behavior before it is even conceived? I understand if no one would have a sure answer of this right now seeing that we don't even know which specific genes to edit to give a child a specific eye color. But any response that could explain why or why not would be much appreciated.

    • No
      No 3 days ago

      Please don’t ever type some random bullshit like that again, thank you.

    • No
      No 3 days ago

      스테파니 조셉Stephanie you’re by far the must special Ed Kid I’ve ever witnessed

  • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie

    Uh- oh is "Gattaca" going to become our reality in the future?

  • Isatou Fall
    Isatou Fall 6 days ago +1

    I appreciate the amount of refrences to pop culture in this video

  • mujerforalibre
    mujerforalibre 6 days ago

    super saian shoutout was great

  • susan ghimire
    susan ghimire 6 days ago

    3:33 wubba lubba dub dub

  • Hannah jay Staal
    Hannah jay Staal 6 days ago

    If they solve aging they better find us another planet other wise over population bosss😂

  • nizam88
    nizam88 6 days ago

    can this cure homosexuality?

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 6 days ago

    Stop baldness plz my dad is bald help me

  • MariuszB
    MariuszB 6 days ago

    2019 no CRISPR seen back then, any new information about CRISPR ?

  • John P.
    John P. 6 days ago +1

    genetic editing and human engineering should also come with an effective overpopulation control plan. all that progress and benefits would mean less humans dying, more people progressing into older age and that could mean OVERPOPULATION, POLLUTION, and SCARCITY OF RESOURCES.

    • A High Functioning Sociopath in the Ice Nation
      A High Functioning Sociopath in the Ice Nation 4 days ago

      You don't really know how population growth works. Basically, the more advanced a society is; the less kids are born per person. That's why in, let's say Africa, the # of children per person is significantly higher. This happens because some of the kids will die, due to the bad living conditions. In the more developed countries, modern medicine is way more available; leading to less children because we don't need them. That's why in the 1960s it was normal to have 4-5 children, but now 2 is the average. The global birth rate will keep declining as more and more countries become more and more developed. Scientists predict that the global population will end up capping at around 12-15 billion. And we have enough resources for that :)

  • caribbean frost
    caribbean frost 6 days ago

    9:51 hes gonna be goku

  • Symmetrical Grey
    Symmetrical Grey 7 days ago

    I just can’t get behind it.

  • A more common name that will get me views

    *What scares me most is when furries get ahold of it.*

  • blob fish
    blob fish 7 days ago

    the years is 2030 vegans and sjw’s have taken over, vegans have haultd medical development, you can get a girlfriend with out asking her for consents every day of your relationship, you have to have consent to walk past a person, people are changing there species and have to ask someone what they identify as to even ask for directions, we have a pig as a president and men have to get neutered.

  • Mallo Mello
    Mallo Mello 7 days ago

    I love the
    Easter eggs

  • Mr Original
    Mr Original 7 days ago

    Cyborgs and people who genetically engineer themselves will basically be like iPhone vs Android

  • CreeperDoolie
    CreeperDoolie 7 days ago

    15:12 does anyone notice that the ship is the axium from Wall-E

    • CreeperDoolie
      CreeperDoolie 3 days ago

      That stuff sticks to you like glue

    • CreeperDoolie
      CreeperDoolie 3 days ago

      Sniperbuddy Bear because that was my childhood god damit lol

    • Sniperbuddy Bear
      Sniperbuddy Bear 3 days ago

      why the hell would you remember that

    ADITYA DWIVEDI 7 days ago

    Anyone send this Video to ELON MUSK...

  • A Good Show
    A Good Show 7 days ago

    Yeah right

  • Nada de nada
    Nada de nada 7 days ago

    Can I buy a super hot girl genertic modify .

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen 7 days ago

    hi tv show 3:37

  • Jasmine Elbir
    Jasmine Elbir 7 days ago

    The book "across the universe" has a lot of these themes of genetic engineering, the positives and negatives and well as human space travel. Anyone who's interested, its an awesome read.

  • JC 8707
    JC 8707 8 days ago

    If you stop age we'll be overpopulated

  • EboyMalone
    EboyMalone 8 days ago

    0:06 Hey look a pie chart! Digital Style! Digital Dancing, hey this is fun!

  • Lolo Baumann
    Lolo Baumann 8 days ago

    The kid went super saiyan .-. Ye

  • Kaidominic
    Kaidominic 8 days ago

    we could finally eliminate anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers with intelligence-modified humans

  • El Fish Knows
    El Fish Knows 8 days ago

    If you think genetically modified humans are not already being produced by different governments around the world. Then you are not being honest with yourself.

  • Mike
    Mike 8 days ago


  • Mike
    Mike 8 days ago +2

    If you ever want to know what Kurz is really trying to tell you with their videos: turn off the subtitles and audio. You'll see.

  • Frank Wessels
    Frank Wessels 8 days ago

    6:54 lmao kids be like

  • izvarzone
    izvarzone 8 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah.

  • Hajun Lee
    Hajun Lee 8 days ago +3

    I’m a high schooler who’s very interested in the career path of genetic engineering. I have some questions and I would like someone who knows this stuff better to explain for me ! Thanks in advance!
    1. Which genetic field is the future? Plant animal human or molecular?
    2. Which college is good for the genetics field?
    3. What is the daily life of a genetic engineer?
    4. Lastly, what kind of classes should i take in high school and what major should i choose to become a genetic engineer?

    • Kizy moraes matzenbacher
      Kizy moraes matzenbacher 7 days ago +1

      Hajun Lee, you have to get your undergraduate first in Biology or Chemistry and get your master on the field of genetics engineer.

  • Supid Motha
    Supid Motha 8 days ago

    They're trying to transcend and travel to the stars which is a place we could never go in the first place. It's because these bastards want to trancend and go up into the heavens and kill God and take his throne. It's never gonna happen. These people actually think they can win that they stand a chance because of transhumanism. They think they can be God's. They aren't gonna win because God is too powerful. Knowing outerspace isn't real, these bastards are gonna try to shatter the fimament. Satan lost the first scuffle and he is laughing at these people because he has them deceived into thinking they can beat God. Get ready for the final showdown people.

    • Supid Motha
      Supid Motha 7 days ago

      +Splatfan what do you mean by what? It sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie. It's the truth regardless..

    • Splatfan
      Splatfan 7 days ago


  • Weretyu7777
    Weretyu7777 8 days ago

    6:51 Hey, CGP Grey. Nice to see you.

  • Supid Motha
    Supid Motha 8 days ago

    Now if they were to change my genetics, would I still be a human ? God made my dna the way it is, so it shouldn't be changed or altered.

  • Kattiper
    Kattiper 8 days ago

    Humans die and we are already suffering from overpopulation, imagine what immortality would do to us,

  • BEN Wilson
    BEN Wilson 8 days ago

    What about the olimpics?

  • Arvan Basir
    Arvan Basir 8 days ago

    Best presentation and animation............and funny too
    Learning and entertained at the same time..........thank you

  • Dolphins Jamaa
    Dolphins Jamaa 8 days ago

    i was a walmart tier baby :(

  • gerbullo crolello
    gerbullo crolello 9 days ago

    I will be the progenitor of a superior race. Inject me a mutagen virus ill become a huge piovra MUAHAHAHAHAAH

  • GoldenMotoYT
    GoldenMotoYT 9 days ago

    I think Gene modification is amazing! I've always fantasized about having neon blue eyes!

  • EpsilonGaming
    EpsilonGaming 9 days ago

    So could crisper cure eczema?

  • I’m trash And I’m not sorry

    Too late bro

  • Oliwier Graniczny
    Oliwier Graniczny 9 days ago

    That's an awful future. I wont't let people to do something like that. That's abuse!

    • Splatfan
      Splatfan 7 days ago

      having kids with genetic defects is abuse

  • It's Yo Boi Pencil Dick the bastards child

    Time to born myself again.

  • kakashi Hatake
    kakashi Hatake 9 days ago +2

    USS genetic engineering to make a saitama .
    He shall protect humanity

  • Black Dagger
    Black Dagger 10 days ago +3

    Everyone: How will we stop these genetic diseases?
    Me: *How will i make a carnivore plant that grows gold leaves and moves as fast and any distance as animals?*