• Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Timestamps
    00:15 Banana toffee
    00:33 Low-calorie mango sorbet
    01:13 Homemade marzipan
    01:37 Homemade Nutella
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  • Lucky Jellani
    Lucky Jellani 26 days ago

    Crafty crafty boom ya!!

    GRAHAM Ha Month ago


  • Leticia Rafaela
    Leticia Rafaela Month ago


  • ragul sam
    ragul sam Month ago +2

    Sweet potato and chocolate freckle combination 🤢🤢

  • thatonegirloverthere ;D

    Sorry but sugar free snacks....... fruit has natural sugars, coco powder has sugar in, honey has sugar in, the tart actually put icing SUGAR on top and like it's all just....... incorrect

  • Kim Nam Joon
    Kim Nam Joon Month ago

    Làm phiên bản tiếng việt đi

  • Донут зе борщ

    There aren't sweet potatoes in our country:(

  • Nikesh Kumar
    Nikesh Kumar Month ago

    2:51 chocolate don't want to come spoon forced him

  • Sam Sul
    Sam Sul Month ago

    This is pperfec

  • Fitri Yanti
    Fitri Yanti Month ago

    Aku suka aku suka nama aku adel

  • Wildey's Paranormal Place

    I am almost addictive to your video's but love it very much I am Myriam from the Netherlands or Wildeys ✌❤

  • Si Ti
    Si Ti Month ago

    ini bagus kok😀😀

  • シŚåkürå
    シŚåkürå Month ago +3

    I don’t get why they microwaved lemons to clean the microwave when they didn’t even use them, they used a sponge :/

  • Zeenat Hakim
    Zeenat Hakim Month ago +1

    7 hours in microwave wht

  • Thumalir Binth Musthaumid

    I swear if i see that wish ad again imma 😠😡

  • unknown mask
    unknown mask Month ago

    Best hack by 5 minutes craft which not yet published
    Link- usclip.net/video/f3NJoDKDzVk/video.html

  • Gogy'sCorner
    Gogy'sCorner Month ago +1

    Delicious 😋👏👏👏

  • Maverick Versus Everything

    Do you guys ever sleep? Thank you for helping to boost us - means a lot. 8-)

  • Arrofiq ARD
    Arrofiq ARD Month ago +1

    Itu semua kayak aku buat

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez Month ago +6

    They know it is repeated hacks they just redoing it for people who didn’t know

  • Anna G
    Anna G Month ago

    "Sugar-Free Desserts!!"
    *Adds 5 Pounds Of Chocolat*

  • Győzike Saras
    Győzike Saras Month ago

    I think it should be called =disgusting stuff you would never eat

  • Győzike Saras
    Győzike Saras Month ago +1


  • Győzike Saras
    Győzike Saras Month ago


  • Győzike Saras
    Győzike Saras Month ago


  • Sadri Behzadmehr
    Sadri Behzadmehr Month ago +1

    Ummmm... It was pure sugar in one....

  • SkllSession
    SkllSession Month ago +1

    They're not stupid! We just can't comprehend how B I G B R A I N they are

  • Benita Nolt
    Benita Nolt Month ago

    You need to put how much stuff goes in a recipe. At 1:50 I want to try but don’t know the measurements

  • Abhijeet Singh
    Abhijeet Singh Month ago +1

    Only repeated hacks
    No new hacks

  • asha bohrah
    asha bohrah Month ago

    Does coco powder contain sugar?????

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman Month ago


  • CiCiMusicChannel!
    CiCiMusicChannel! Month ago

    how did that boy turn into a teen

  • Akash Swami
    Akash Swami Month ago


  • Akash Swami
    Akash Swami Month ago


  • Akash Swami
    Akash Swami Month ago


  • Emmet beck
    Emmet beck Month ago +1

    I hope that they know not using sugar there is still natural sugar in the this that there using

  • Aydin Rustamzade
    Aydin Rustamzade Month ago


  • Aydin Rustamzade
    Aydin Rustamzade Month ago


  • Aydin Rustamzade
    Aydin Rustamzade Month ago +1


    PEPEN SUPENDI Month ago


  • Neng Ntie
    Neng Ntie Month ago +1

    🤤🤤 so yummy

  • Glance Doll
    Glance Doll Month ago

    Plz subscribe n support to my channel

  • Ani Sichinava
    Ani Sichinava Month ago

    14,468th 😊

  • maria eduarda Peirera


  • nachiketa yadav
    nachiketa yadav Month ago +22

    Who watch the videos of 5 minute craft but never try it hit the like button

  • Mary Jane Lacap
    Mary Jane Lacap Month ago +1

    5 minute crafts is the most beautiful video i ever watch :)♡♡♡♡

  • Sweety 7866
    Sweety 7866 Month ago +4

    No measurements though wth

  • Gigi Buehl
    Gigi Buehl Month ago +1

    Ok, what the hell is carob?

    • Gurina Bajaj
      Gurina Bajaj Month ago


  • Kushi’s Kitchen
    Kushi’s Kitchen Month ago

    Pls subscribe

  • Wenchy 9
    Wenchy 9 Month ago

    What's the name of the first song? 💯👌

  • bablu kumar
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    Hit like and subscribe 5 minutes crafts

  • bablu kumar
    bablu kumar Month ago +6

    I Love your cooking and your cooking style love you 5 minutes crafts

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    Thank u!

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    Team Vietnam

  • Mhmd ilham Yusrizal

    Love you

  • Andi Cool
    Andi Cool Month ago +1

    Ada orang Indonesia gak ya...

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Month ago +4

    Why do they use the same hacks and just put a different thumbnail

    • ツJustPeachy
      ツJustPeachy Month ago

      its Lexi yes thank you!!! 😂😂

    • its Lexi
      its Lexi Month ago

      @ツJustPeachy you are so right they just want subscribers that's all

    • ツJustPeachy
      ツJustPeachy Month ago

      its Lexi yeah, and I’m pretty sure all these are fucking nasty, all of these things LITERALLY don’t go together, I swear they make this shit up

    • its Lexi
      its Lexi Month ago +1

      Something called clickbait

  • lady bird
    lady bird Month ago

    Hii can i get some subscribers please❤❤

  • manju kuravatti
    manju kuravatti Month ago +1

    Nice🎓🎓🎓 but repted ideas same 👑👑👑

  • Isabella Dawn
    Isabella Dawn Month ago +9

    Am I the only one wondering who is gonna eat all that stuff ?