• Published on Apr 13, 2019
    ----- EVERY Superhero Movie After Endgame (Spoilers)
    How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers)
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  •  3 months ago +705

    0:00 - Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker (Trailer)
    1:56 - Life Like (Trailer)
    3:40 - My Spy (Trailer)
    5:51 - Valentine: The Dark Avenger (Trailer)
    7:34 - Daddy Issues (Trailer)
    9:19 - Killer Weekend (Trailer)
    11:48 - Beserk (Trailer)
    13:42 - Avengers: Endgame - Tony Stark Quantum Realm (Trailer) Extended + Scene

    • Mr. Maniac
      Mr. Maniac 11 days ago

      3:34 so basically Detroit becomes Human if it was live action and a movie.

    • LUD WIG
      LUD WIG 20 days ago

      the video is 10:35 min long dude...nice try though, thanks

    • Donovon Smith
      Donovon Smith 20 days ago

      Val nor kick ass its kick no

    • abdus sohail
      abdus sohail 22 days ago

      Where berserk

    • K Ryuga
      K Ryuga 24 days ago


  • Raul Colon
    Raul Colon 2 hours ago

    This will be the movie of the year

  • Watda Beep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plz we need more Star Wars films

  • Soy de Cuba
    Soy de Cuba 5 days ago +2

    the cost of those 8 movies together not exceed 100 dollars.....

  • James Spidey Esquivel

    “It was an intruder, I was scared”

  • James Spidey Esquivel

    emperor palpatine’s laugh

  • James Spidey Esquivel

    She saved the books he tried to burn, he wanted to kill history

  • KilbertMTZ
    KilbertMTZ 5 days ago

    Valentine is remind me of Kick-Ass

  • HoMiciDE Ru E/S Bompton 135 PiRu GanG

    After seeing all these trailers I'm voting for Trump. TRUMP 2020!

  • Kevin Gruetzner
    Kevin Gruetzner 6 days ago

    adds in the middle of trailers are fukin annoying

  • marcelo ozuna
    marcelo ozuna 6 days ago


  • Rynhardt Van Rensburg

    Star wars 7,8 and 9 are all garbage with pathetic characters!!!

  • moomin troll
    moomin troll 7 days ago

    Boring, nothing to see here.

  • Andis Voldins
    Andis Voldins 8 days ago

    I think there wont be movies to watch in future :D here is the wonder, am I getting old?? :D

  • Djinghis Khan
    Djinghis Khan 8 days ago

    SO SO much fucking trash

  • Chuck De Nomolos
    Chuck De Nomolos 8 days ago

    All these movies look like they suck except Avengers. To bad that's already out.

  • The brotherhood of the wolf

    This list of movies are terrible!

  • Dam Tanker
    Dam Tanker 9 days ago

    All looks complete garbage to me

  • Emilionare 1000
    Emilionare 1000 9 days ago

    Why does Valentine: The Dark Avenger look like a cheap movie from China?

  • Lars Janzen
    Lars Janzen 10 days ago

    Cinema is more about good looking People and sexy Bodys then Story and Atmosphere. It´s a Shame.

  • Dustin
    Dustin 10 days ago

    I been staring at actual dog shit for 10:35

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk 10 days ago

    Complete shit

  • David Hutchison
    David Hutchison 10 days ago

    By the comments, I really don't have to comment. All but Star Wars are shit. Wouldn't waste my hard earned money.

  • Janine Warrick
    Janine Warrick 10 days ago

    I tried to come out the light from kdramas and realized that is my light!

  • John Burgess
    John Burgess 10 days ago

    Dam... I guess my days of being excited to see a movie finally comes to an end 🙁

  • Kelly Jordan
    Kelly Jordan 10 days ago

    wow every single one of these movies were TOTAL shit !

  • Pactum Excello
    Pactum Excello 11 days ago

    Valentine set is in Indonesia. So this is the next Jane Taslim? Or Umi Uwais? Daym

  • Lori Ann White
    Lori Ann White 11 days ago

    Is that Nick Cannon with the cotton candy blonde hair?

  • Lori Ann White
    Lori Ann White 11 days ago

    Is Life Like based on the Jay Kristoff fantasy books?

  • heavystarch100
    heavystarch100 11 days ago

    Ok only 2. Star Wars of course and the superhero girl. The rest internet crap faux reality bullshit. Anything starring Nic Cannon is doomed to failure!😂

  • Ed Stewart
    Ed Stewart 11 days ago

    Wow they can pile crap that high

  • Anoki Sultan
    Anoki Sultan 11 days ago

    'Jewa Tools'

  • Creatively Guitarman
    Creatively Guitarman 12 days ago

    Valentine is i think a philipine movie

  • Daniel Pozzo
    Daniel Pozzo 12 days ago

    Pretty much everyone is fed up with the shit they are peddling. Does the movie industry actually think that the majority of people are a bunch of pink haired sjws or is this them trying to push it out there? Going to do myself a favour and not waste money on any of this rubbish. Release a good war film or historical piece.

  • Marco Pothuizen
    Marco Pothuizen 12 days ago

    Another 8 reasons to stay at home

  • Kyriakos Pan
    Kyriakos Pan 12 days ago +1

    Dont tret him like a human
    And what does that b*tch do
    She treats him like a human

  • dyer almighty
    dyer almighty 12 days ago +3

    wait so that lightsaber dosnt cut just pushes em into the ground.. Disney poor form

  • BladeMaster 122
    BladeMaster 122 12 days ago

    So far at of all the movie's that have been shown Brightburn is the only big one I want to see

  • Anoki Sultan
    Anoki Sultan 12 days ago

    Window Formers

  • OdinX316
    OdinX316 13 days ago

    Seriously this is NOT inspiring at all. What kind of rubbish do they think the people want to glean from the absolute drool that these glimpses of hell are!!! Its hard to even describe the negatives these clips evoke!!

  • nef pubg gaming
    nef pubg gaming 13 days ago

    Which movie this one

  • TranceSFX
    TranceSFX 13 days ago +1

    Fuck that stupid thumbnail.

  • #10b61Z5 NPC
    #10b61Z5 NPC 14 days ago

    2020 the year of trash movies, can we burn hollywood down yet?

  • Big C
    Big C 14 days ago

    lmao star wars, your efforts are futile, pathetic.

  • BigKitten ASMR
    BigKitten ASMR 15 days ago

    This is the reason I switched to watching anime. The majority of movies are going to shit.

  • Yoskana
    Yoskana 15 days ago

    Force be with You

  • Müller Volker
    Müller Volker 15 days ago

    so Hollyweird cannot get a woman into White House? Then they must get one in every lead role of their shitty indoctrination movies? Lesbian porn, really?

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 16 days ago

    5:11, Rob Schneider's Asian impression is really improving.

  • dinu Pereira
    dinu Pereira 16 days ago

    Batista sucks ......

  • Inf7cted
    Inf7cted 16 days ago

    Nothing on here looks interesting... Shit movies today are terrible. Been there done that and its just looking worse with each passing year.

  • Chuck Buhl
    Chuck Buhl 17 days ago

    Horrible movie you just stopped making them

  • Iceberg Nerd
    Iceberg Nerd 17 days ago +1

    Stop doing remakes, sequels, and comic book movies they said...

  • Tony Dumay
    Tony Dumay 17 days ago

    homo convention...these suck.

  • Texas Ag
    Texas Ag 18 days ago

    Yea. Only the Avenger movie is worth your time. Nothing to look forward to.

  • David Leonardo
    David Leonardo 18 days ago

    A robotic male sex partner? Goodbye all, done....

  • David Leonardo
    David Leonardo 18 days ago

    Watching star wars, is giving a dollar for babies killer. Where is the force goes.....?

  • Jennifer Salinas
    Jennifer Salinas 19 days ago

    Lmao if y'all don't like these movies then go make one

  • Jil' Korath
    Jil' Korath 19 days ago +1

    Daddy Issues and Berserk look interesting, in a good way.

  • James Cook
    James Cook 19 days ago

    Looks like the saga started smoking meth

  • Derek Girouard
    Derek Girouard 19 days ago

    Thanks Diseaseney

  • The Nev Potato
    The Nev Potato 20 days ago

    0:00 *Intensivly breathes*

  • Depression Session
    Depression Session 20 days ago

    These suck ass cheeks

    VIMAL NARAYAN VERMA 20 days ago


  • Afran Khan
    Afran Khan 20 days ago

    Seriously every movies are based on occult satanic and not humanity based why .....??? What the fuck happened to Hollywood industry without religion or with satanic brain....???

  • builder2000
    builder2000 20 days ago +1

    Is fast forwarding the trailers a good enough indicator of what I think of these movies?

  • Steven b
    Steven b 20 days ago

    So let me get this straight every single movie from now on is going to be gay?

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight 20 days ago

    well they all like dogshit

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis 20 days ago +5

    I almost lost it thinking I was watching a "Spawn" trailer. Ugh!!


    Bautista $500 millioniare

  • Mike T
    Mike T 21 day ago +1

    what part is the guy in the thumbnail?

  • Benny Oaks
    Benny Oaks 21 day ago

    No more gay crap. It's destroying the world as we knew it. No procreation=destruction. Stop it.

  • Jorge Andrade
    Jorge Andrade 21 day ago

    Do they intentionally make shitty movies?

  • Christo
    Christo 21 day ago

    Another ruined Star Wars

  • brianhkdk
    brianhkdk 21 day ago

    13:42 Avengers.... in a 10:35 video....

  • Jero
    Jero 21 day ago +5

    Question: "Should a Christian go to movies? Is watching a movie a sin?"
    Answer: For a Christian, the question is not so much "is watching this movie a sin?" but "is this something that Jesus would want me to do?" The Bible tells us that many things are permitted, but not all things are beneficial or constructive (1 Corinthians 10:23). It also says that whatever we say or do (or watch) should be done to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). We are to set our minds on things that are noble and pure (Philippians 4:8). If-and this is a big if-we can watch a movie or TV program that contains questionable content AND still be in agreement with these commands from the Bible, then it’s hard to see a wrong in this.
    The danger lies in (1) how what we are watching affects our heart and (2) how it affects others. For ourselves, if the scene we see brings a feeling of lust, anger, or hatred, then we have sinned (Matthew 5:22, 28), and we must do whatever we can to avoid that happening again. Often that means not watching that type of movie/scene again. Also, it can be a stumbling block to someone who is struggling with a habit or behavior that is coming between him and God (1 Corinthians 10:25-33; Romans 14:13). As members of the body of Christ, we are to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14) and a holy example of what God has done in our lives (1 Peter 2:11-12). If we are seen by others going into an “R”-rated movie, it could send the wrong message to them-that we enjoy and/or condone illicit sex and violence. That is not conducive to being a light in a dark world.
    So, how do we know for sure whether what we are watching is beneficial? When we become followers of Christ, we are given His Holy Spirit to live in us (Acts 2:38; 2 Timothy 1:14). Jesus tells us that this Spirit will guide us in all truth (John 16:13). One way God's Spirit guides us is by our conscience (Romans 1:12; 9:1). If your conscience is telling you that what you are watching is wrong, it probably is.

  • Bout Seven
    Bout Seven 21 day ago

    Life like is just a sex doll that needs rebooting

  • WB Morita
    WB Morita 22 days ago

    D J E L E K film aduh

  • IsugMasuko C2O
    IsugMasuko C2O 22 days ago

    They did not make Avatar 2 and the last Airbender?

  • stuart burrows
    stuart burrows 22 days ago

    Woke 🤮

    JERZYGRL37 22 days ago

    who wants to see a movie of sugar daddy's gross

  • Not Important
    Not Important 22 days ago

    is it really all just getting worse?... or is it just me just jading

  • Not Important
    Not Important 22 days ago

    valentine.... total crock of agenda pushing... here come all these super hero and villain girls, look at us we can fight just like men, the main villain is also a girl and it will be a "big reveal" at the end, blah blah blah

    it is really getting annoying and out of hand... at least the movie looks like trash regardless of who is actually in it, so it will die like all the other agenda manipulating attempts like before it... the 2016 ghostbusters, the ocean's 69 movie, etc

  • Hati
    Hati 23 days ago

    Nothing but substanceless degenerate filth.

  • Lucy Beel
    Lucy Beel 23 days ago

    Is scream gonna happen

  • Kris Amaya
    Kris Amaya 23 days ago

    can there be a fornite trailer??????

  • hot pockets
    hot pockets 23 days ago

    who the fuck cares about these movies

  • boobbob 00
    boobbob 00 24 days ago

    The trailer for "Life Like" , (the 2nd one I believe) , I feel it Seriously gives away the entire plot/storyline of the Entire movie. They went wayyy too far and revealed wayyy to much. Idk... Maybe it just me??

  • Kavi Kavi
    Kavi Kavi 24 days ago


  • Sigh1 films
    Sigh1 films 24 days ago

    Garbage movies

  • 1 1
    1 1 24 days ago

    Cyka nahoi blyat

  • Mr Blonde E
    Mr Blonde E 24 days ago

    I've seen better film on teeth

  • Pitt Burgh
    Pitt Burgh 24 days ago

    Nobody's going to say anything about that sex scene???

  • bobby etufan
    bobby etufan 25 days ago +1

    why are the actors so stiff nowadays?

  • jim doe
    jim doe 25 days ago

    Crap movies. Star wars is dead

  • Tommy O'Brian
    Tommy O'Brian 25 days ago +4

    @7:30 Zendaya? A previous Disney Channel child star turned into a big screen sugarbaby thot.. I like. ;D

  • Negative Ghostrider
    Negative Ghostrider 25 days ago

    Star wars is dead, and has been buried for a while. disney fucked that one up real nice.
    What a legacy
    Disney buys star wars: Ruins it first year bought.

  • Deksam101
    Deksam101 25 days ago +1

    Daddy Issues is a libby movie NEXT.

  • S.R.
    S.R. 25 days ago

    They should make Detroit becoming human into a movie and let Henry play connor.

    • hot pockets
      hot pockets 23 days ago

      S.R. I was the embodiment of garbage covered with sprinkles

    • S.R.
      S.R. 23 days ago

      @hot pockets detroit becoming human was a good game though you don't think so?

    • hot pockets
      hot pockets 23 days ago

      They are already creating garbage why would they create even more garbage

  • AZ Battle School
    AZ Battle School 25 days ago

    No one cares about Star Wars anymore. They killed off our favorite characters and made us pay to watch it. Han shot first I’m out no one cares

  • p1pending
    p1pending 25 days ago

    Ok this movie will be bad